Dear Spanish 1 and 2 Students,

Dear Spanish 1 and 2 Students,
We have just completed all four years of Spanish, having gained knowledge and vital
experience. We want to share a little of what we learned with you. Never take one second
for granted. Whether the second be in the Spanish classroom or at home, use every
resource and every moment that you possibly can to further your Spanish skills. You will
always have the feeling that you have more time to learn, but the truth is that the end
comes quicker than expected. We cannot stress how important every vocabulary test,
current event, or conjugation quiz truly is. All of the things that you learn in the earlier
years of Spanish will later come together to create your ability to speak Spanish. If you
are worried don’t be, you have friends and a helpful teacher along with you the whole
Vaya Con Dios
Arcilla y Memo
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