Out of the following journal projects select 1 to complete.

Out of the following journal projects select 1 to complete.
1. Magnetic Poetry:
 Cut random words out of magazines and/or
newspapers, and create a poem or short story as
you would with magnetic poetry. Or use actual
magnetic poetry and photograph your poem/story
that you write on the board.
 Afterwards, shoot 5-10 photos that are inspired by
the poem or short story.
 Create a journal page using your written poem or
story, at least one of your photos and/or cut-outs
from magazines, newspapers, color paper, etc. You
may also paint or draw into the piece. It’s up to you
how simple or complex you make the page.
2. Portraits of Duality—Two sides of 1 person:
Your challenge is to show 2 different aspects of one person
(either yourself or someone else). You may show the fancy
you and the one that does the laundry, perhaps mom the
'enforcer' and mom the 'playmate' or as Marian does in her
awesome portrait: "sweet little angel", show 2 very different
personality traits in one person. A person’s face does not
necessarily have to be in the photograph. This may be done
in camera and/or in Photoshop.
3. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt:
Seek out subject matter that visually represents a letter
of the alphabet. You may choose to spell out your
name or another word. You must shoot at least 5
different letters. If you want to partner with another
student(s) in order to find the entire alphabet, you may
do so. Be creative, have fun, and look at your world
differently! For examples, look at:
4. One a Day:
Shoot one picture a day for 30 days. Find whatever interests you and fits your mood that
day. Think of it as a journal entry for the day. Experiment. Perhaps don’t even look through
the viewfinder for some images. Be creative, have fun, and look at your world differently!
They can be taken night or day. You may use file>automate>contact sheet to assemble
them all on one document to print. Glue or add to your journal in some manner.
5. Photo Expansion:
Collect a photo and glue it
anywhere on the page. Now
expand it by “drawing” past
the edges. Use any materials
you want to expand it.
6. Environmental Art:
Drawing inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy's work or John Pfahl’s altered
landscapes, create your own environmental or altered piece and
photograph it in color or b&w. Take several photos from different angles
and distances to document your piece. You may choose to work
individually or in pairs to create the piece, but make sure you each
photograph the creation in your own way. Consider the message you
want to convey. Look at the following links about Andy Goldsworthy:
Also, do a search on YouTube to view videos of Goldsworthy
constructing some of his pieces.
Look at the following link about John Pfahl: