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Lab Report Grading Checklist – Characteristics of life
___ Typed
___ No personal pronouns
___ Format – 1-inch margins, 12 font
___ Each section clearly labeled
___ Title – good title – brief phrase that identifies the experiment (not a copy from lab sheet)
___ Background Information
___ Used own words
___ Written paragraph – all characteristics of life described
___ Purpose
___ Used own words
___ Stated what was to be observed during the lab
___ Materials – listed all materials used in lab
___ Procedure
___ Used own words
___ Listed as numerical steps
___ Included all steps of procedure (including questions asked of each specimen)
___ Observations/Data
___ Chart of lab observations
___ Answers to analysis questions
___ Conclusions
___ Each characteristic of life was mentioned
growth & development
energy use
___ Description of how an organism showed that characteristic was mentioned
for each characteristic