Viewing Guide for “Genie-the Wild Child” Name _____________________

Viewing Guide for “Genie-the Wild Child” Name _____________________
While viewing the video, develop a picture of Genie and the impact on her
ability to walk, talk and interact with others. Jot down examples/evidence in
the right hand column to illustrate the concept listed on the left.
1.Isolation can limit physical development.
2. Contact and stimulation from caregivers
helps the brain to mature.
3.” Imprinting” with a caregiver helps
develop a secure personality.
4. Language development must occur
during the critical period.
5. Children raised in isolation may develop
atypical behaviors.
6. Children raised in isolation are not able
to express emotion.
7. Excessive testing may cause anxiety.
8.APA ethical guidelines for
experimentation require participants leave
the experiment unharmed.
9. Failure to follow the APA ethical
guidelines can lead to legal consequences.
10. Traumatic experiences may cause
Examples/evidence from
“Genie- the Wild Child”