Please have map out for checking! What do you know about Jamestown?

Please have map out for checking!
What do you know about
Which country controlled the pink land?
Which country controlled the blue land?
Which country controlled the olive land?
Which country controlled the purple land?
 England watched with envy
as Spain gained riches from
its American colonies
 With Queen Elizabeth’s
permission, Sir Walter
Raleigh raised money to
outfit a colony in North
 In 1585, about 100 men set
sail across the Atlantic
Sir Walter Raleigh
 The colonists landed on Roanoke, an island off the coast
of present-day North Carolina
 The colonists had run short of food so John White
returned to England , leaving behind 117 colonists
 (Because of war), White returned 3 years later
 He found no one there and only the word CROATOAN
(a nearby island) carved in a tree
 20 years after the
failure of Roanoke,
King James I gave
a charter to the
Virginia Company
of London to settle
between the
Potomac River and
present-day North
 In Spring of 1607, a
group of 105
colonists arrived in
 They began
building homes
and named their
Jamestown after
their king
 Jamestown was located
in a swampy area, the
water was unhealthy,
and mosquitoes
spread malaria
 Many settlers died
from disease
 The colony also had
problems governing
themselves and was
close to failure by the
summer of 1608
 John Smith noticed the
colonists were NOT
planting enough
crops…they only wanted to
look for gold
 Smith set up stern rules
that forced the colonists to
work if they wished to eat
 Smith also visited Indian
villages and got Powhatan
to supply corn to the
 Many conflicts
between colonists
and Indians erupted
 Peace was restored
when John Rolfe
married Pocahontas,
daughter of
 John Smith returned
to England in 1609
 Desperate settlers
cooked dogs, cats,
snakes , and
toadstools to survive
 They burned houses
for firewood
 Jamestown’s economy improved after they started
growing tobacco, which they learned from Natives
 To attract more settlers, the
Virginia Company sent a new
governor with orders to
consult settlers on all
important matters
 Many settlers could elect
burgesses (representatives to
the government)
 Representatives met in an
assembly called the House of
Burgesses, which made laws
for the colony
 The House of Burgesses
marked the beginning of a
representative government
in the English colonies
 During the early years of
Jamestown, only a few
women made the journey
 In 1619, about 100 women
came to Jamestown
 The women quickly found
husbands and the Virginia
Company charged each
marriage 150 pounds of
 Women had to make
everything from scratch
 At least 15 black men and 17
black women were already
living in Virginia by 1619
In 1619, a Dutch ship arrived
with 20 Africans
The Dutch sold the Africans to
the Virginians who needed
laborers to grow tobacco
About 300 Africans lived in
Virginia by 1644
Some were slaves for life,
others worked as servants
Some Africans were free
In the late 1600’s, Virginia laws
allowed colonists to enslave
Africans for life
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