FST: Investigating Linear Inequalities Exercise

FST: Investigating Linear Inequalities Exercise
Objective- To investigate graphing linear inequalities and make a conjecture through analyzing and comparing your
results with others in the class.
Evaluate the following points and determine if they are a solution to the inequality your group was given. If the point is a
solution, plot the point in one color on the coordinate plane. If the point is not a solution to the inequality, plot the point in a
different color on your graph.
Group 1: y ≥ 2x – 3
Group 2: y ≤ 2x – 3
Group 3: y ≤ -2x + 3
Group 4: y ≥ -2x – 3
Group 5: y < 2x – 4
Group 6: y > 2x + 4
Group 7: y < 2x + 2
Test and Plot each Point:
(-4, 0)
(4, 5)
(0, 2)
(-3, 4)
(1, 0)
(-4, -2)
(2, 0)
(5, 0)
(1, -1)
(4, 2)
Analyze and Interpret:
a.) The inequality your group was given is your boundary line. Replace the inequality symbol with an equal sign and
graph the line on the coordinate plane.
b.) Test a point on your line by plugging in the x and y coordinates from the ordered pair in your group’s inequality. If
the point your tested makes the inequality true, graph a solid line. If the point you tested does not make the inequality
true, represent your line with a dashed line.
Make a Conjecture:
Compare your results with the class. Which inequalities had a solid line vs. a dashed line? Which inequalities had solution
points above vs. below the boundary line? Make a conjecture using your results regarding how to graph linear inequalities?