ART III - STENCIL (PART 2) NAME:_______________________ LESSON FOCUS:

This lesson focuses using spray paint and your stencil design to create a portfolio of prints.
Negative Space: The area around the objects in a painting, sometimes called the background.
Positive Space: The objects in a work of art as opposed to the background or space around the
Space: An element of design that indicates areas in a painting (positive and negative); also, the
feeling of depth in a two-dimensional work of art.
Stencil: A method of producing images by cutting openings in a mask of paper, wax, or other
material so that paint or dye may go through the openings to the material beneath.
 Once your stencil has been approved and any necessary changes made, begin experimenting
with spray paint and paper.
 Don’t be afraid to experiment with color, texture and placement, it’s ok to lose your image to
create a new one.
 You may prepare paper ahead of time using paint, fabric or any other traditional or nontraditional materials.
 Once you’re finished an image, carefully carry to the drying rack and let dry overnight.
 Make a folder using 24”x 36” paper and write your name on the front. Store all your dried
prints in the folder.
 You must turn in 5 good prints, 1 collage (created from ugly or unsuccessful prints) and your
mounted stencil (it may be mounted on plain or prepared paper, whatever looks best).
Remember, do not mount your stencil until you are completely finished spray painting!!! Once it
is mounted, you will not be able to use it again.
 Write your name on all prints being turned in.
Assorted papers
Assorted spray paint
Glue and scissors for collage
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