Tips for Taking Online Courses – Part 2

Tips for Taking Online Courses – Part 2
 Read, read, and read some more – This was on the first tips, but I can not
stress this enough. Make sure you are reading all information under each
tab. Watch all videos, listen to all audio recordings, and participate in all
interactive activities. It’s also very important to read the directions
carefully to each assignment. You can always go back and re-read content,
even after the Module Exam is complete.
 Teacher Feedback – When your teacher grades an assignment, there may
be feedback left. You can access this by clicking on the assignment grade
under the “Grades” section. This will be very helpful as you continue in the
course. Be sure to READ the feedback for each assignment.
 Retries – Students are allowed retries at the discretion of the teacher.
Remember that communication is vital in the online environment. If you
have questions about an assignment, please check with your teacher.
 Due Dates – Most assignments are due at the end of each week. You do
not have to wait until the due date to turn in assignments. It is to your
advantage to turn in assignments as the week progresses. This will allow
your teacher to provide feedback for you throughout the week.
 Communication – Please stay in communication with your instructor. She is
an excellent resource for you during this course; not only giving feedback
on assignments, but helping you understand the language.