Grade Science 8 Mrs. Erica Hays

8th Grade Science
Mrs. Erica Hays
(270) 628-3800 ext. 2110
[email protected]
Course Description
This is an exciting year for science. The state of Kentucky has adopted new science
standards, and we will be implementing them. This year, we will cover a wide array of topics
such as geologic time, reproduction, natural selection, ecosystems, natural resources, human
impact on Earth’s environment, and engineering practices. We will be utilizing new
technology, performing many hands-on activities and demonstrations, conducting research
on various topics, and creating several engineering projects during the course of the year.
Class Expectations
The following rules are displayed in my classroom and will be taught and expected on a daily
1. Be respectful – I live by this and expect my students to as well. You will be
respectful to me, each other, and yourselves.
2. Be on time – We have much to cover this year and little time to accomplish our
goals. I expect you to be in your seats when the tardy bell rings. If you are not in
the classroom when the bell rings, a tardy will be given. The only exceptions will be
those students with a note from the nurse, office, or another teacher.
3. Be prepared – Expecting you to be prepared will best prepare you for success in
future classes. All you have to bring each day is a pencil. Your composition
notebook stays in the room unless you need it to study.
4. Be encouraging – This somewhat goes along with respectfulness but takes things a
step further. None of us know everything (myself included), so I would like to create
an environment where we “cheer” each other on. I feel it creates a safe, positive
learning environment where potential is extraordinary.
5. Have school spirit – Be proud to be a Comet! I want you to be proud of who you
are and where you come from. Being a Comet has meant a great deal to me over the
years. Carlisle is a great place to grow up and learn! Comet Pride!
School policies will be followed in enforcing these rules as well as rules for dress code and
cell phone use. Please consult the Student Handbook for further details and a chart of
violation consequences.
Absences and Assignments
If you are absent, missed work must be obtained from me. It is your responsibility to ask
me what you have missed. You will then have 2 school days for every day absent to turn
the work in to me.
Late Work
Every effort will be made to work with students who choose not to turn in assignments.
However, students must take responsibility for getting the work in on time. Late work will
be accepted within 3 days of the original due date, with a letter grade deduction for every
day it is late unless other arrangements have been made. Absences will be handled as
explained above.
8th Grade Science
Mrs. Erica Hays
(270) 628-3800 ext. 2110
[email protected]
Grading Policy
100 – 90%
89 – 80%
79 – 70%
69 – 60%
59 – 0%
Laboratory Safety
Throughout the year, we will be conducting small scale labs and demonstrations. The
safety rules will be reviewed prior to starting any lab or demonstration. It is extremely
important that you follow ALL safety rules and procedures. Safety goggles, aprons, and
other necessary equipment will be provided for you. It is your responsibility to conduct
yourselves in an appropriate manner. There may or may not be a warning for
inappropriate behavior during labs. Please realize some situations will result in no
warnings and you must sit out immediately for your safety and the safety of others.
Parents will be contacted if this occurs. We will not be performing extremely dangerous
labs. In fact, most of the labs could be conducted at home with chemicals you have in your
pantry. However, everyone’s safety is extremely important to me, and I will enforce the
safety rules to the letter.
8th Grade Science
Mrs. Erica Hays
(270) 628-3800 ext. 2110
[email protected]
Please sign and date below that you have read and understand this syllabus. Your
child will receive a grade for returning this signed. Only return this sheet to
me. Students – Please glue the syllabus into your science notebook for future
reference. Parents – Please do not hesitate to call me with questions or concerns.
Email is the best way to contact me, but if I am not teaching, I will be happy to talk
to you over the phone.
Also, I would love to see parents in my classroom! If you get a chance, drop by and
see what your child is learning! Communication is a top priority to me, and I plan
for you to hear from me at least twice a month. Please sign up by texting @905d to
(575) 915-1311 to receive updates from my classroom. I will not see your cell
number nor will you see mine. You only have to sign up once. It is going to be a
great year!
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