Week of: November 24

Week of: November 24th
Math: This past week in math we learned many strategies for
solving multiplication problems. Please continue to use the fact
cards I sent home and log on to www.xtramath.org to practice
your facts.
We also spent yesterday and today on the distributive
property. I have attached step by step directions on the next
page. Please use this to help with homework. The property is a
great strategy if you do not know your facts for the bigger
Day 4- Library
Bring your Books!
Language Arts: In language arts next week we will be using
Thanksgiving themed stories. We will be comparing and
contrasting, looking at maps, and learning about the history of
Thanksgiving. We will also be doing a Thanksgiving Webquest
in which we will visit a variety of websites to view pictures,
read articles, and watch video clips of Plymouth Plantation and
the first Thanksgiving.
Social Studies- Monday I will be senting home a timeline
project. This will be due December 12th. Each child is asked to
create a timeline about their life to share with the class.
Timelines are a part of our Social Studies Chapter.
Day 1- Gym
Wear Sneakers!
Thursday No School
Happy Thanksgiving!
No School
Special Events/
Have a
Questions? E-mail: [email protected]
Write: Send a note to school!
Day 3- Art
December 12th Timeline Due
Phone: 215-855-4331