User Experience Task Force

User Experience Task Force
Response from Dorothy Gilbert, Auditor General’s Office 12/2/2013
Questions for the Subject Matter Experts
Regarding your current website:
 When did you start your transparency website?
Our Web site was first brought on-line around 1996.
 Who is the target audience?
Our Web site was initiated to provide the public with an alternative manner in which to receive our audit reports
(alternative to e-mail or hard copy).
 Why did you start your transparency website and why is it important to your audience?
See answer above.
 Where is the source of the data?
Our Web site contains our published audit reports and the reports issued to local entities by local CPAs within
Florida (“e-Filed” with our Office).
 Do you correlate the data you receive?
These are audit reports, not data.
 Do you enhance, enrich, clean or limit the data in any way?
See answer above.
 Is the data real time, or is it refreshed? How often?
No. No. See above.
Regarding the future:
 What would you do differently if you were to start today?
Our Web site meets our needs. It provides access to audit reports. It does not provide data.
 What would you like to see in a consolidated system?
I do not think this would apply to our content.
 Are there any limitations to your ability to achieve what you’d like to see (ie. statutory changes,etc)?
See answer above.
Questions for the technical website managers
What format is your data in? (EX: PDF, XML, etc.)
User Experience Task Force
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User Experience Task Force
Our Web site does not provide data. It is used to publish written materials. The audit reports are published in
PDF format.
How often is this data updated?
We add new publications as needed.
Is there an API for this data?
No. Our Web site does not provide data.
Please send a report on what people search for on your website.
Our Web site does not provide data, nor a mechanism to search it.
Have you looked into using an open data vendor to make this data more easily accessible and ability to
Our Web site does not provide data.
Please send an analytical report (derived from a tool such as Google Analytics, WebLog, etc.) showing traffic for
all pages on your site.
We do not have such a report.
User Experience Task Force
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