Owensboro Convention Center College Marketing/Sales Internship

Owensboro Convention Center College Marketing/Sales Internship
The Owensboro Convention Center, proudly managed by Global Spectrum, has an immediate opening
for a part time college Marketing/Sales Intern. This internship opportunity is for college or graduate
students wishing to receive college credit through the completion of a full or part time internship. No
financial compensation will be provided for any internship position and housing/transportation are the
responsibility of the student. Intern will report directly to the Director of Sales and Marketing.
Applicant must be a college Junior, Senior or graduate student seeking to satisfy a class credit
requirement. Applicants must be willing to get involved in projects with varying degrees of difficulty,
and work in a fast-paced environment.
Customer service oriented, professional, and able to participate during normal business hours, nights,
and weekends based on event calendar.
Marketing and/or graphic design experience preferred.
Ability to use Microsoft Office applications required.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills a must.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Research target markets for potential events, create promotional and marketing collateral, and
develop and implement creative marketing and sales strategies
Assist with website content development and updates
Assist with all media announcements and updates including email newsletters, social media sites, press
releases, and maintaining and updating media outlet contact lists
Participate in creating and maintaining convention center sponsorship opportunities program
Assist in maintaining and updating database of existing group or core customers using sales software
Gain knowledge of the sales process including show selection and processing orders for clients
Support in brainstorming sessions dedicated to developing new and innovative marketing strategies
Perform all other duties and responsibilities as assigned
For more information regarding this opportunity please contact:
Mary Higginbotham
[email protected]
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