CUSD #95 Learner Objectives Science for Fifth Grade

CUSD #95
Learner Objectives
Science for Fifth Grade
List biotic and abiotic factors that affect populations
Construct and label a food pyramid
Describe the adaptive, competitive, and survival potential of an organism
within an ecosystem
Predict how changes within an ecosystem will impact populations
Describe how conservation and management practices impact populations
Describe how forces affect motion
Explain the relationship of forces to motion in terms of action reaction
Describe how variability in forces affects variability of actions reactions
Demonstrate how energy is transformed in various situations
Record and discuss local atmosphere’s conditions daily
Use cloud and atmospheric conditions to predict weather conditions
Identify weather patterns based on atmospheric conditions
Identify dynamic weather events and describe how they impact the earth
Identify on-going changes to the earth’s atmosphere (global warning)
Describe the impact of change to the earth’s atmosphere
Identify factors that cause seasonal change
Match body structures with functions
Describe how parts of a system work together
Describe how a design leads to many uses
Identify career related to the study of science
Explain how technological advances have improved our potential to
predict weather more accurately
Identify simple weather instruments and their uses
Identify technological developments that impact population
Design and build a potential energy vehicle