Fix the following passage to use parallel structures.
My husband wants me to diet, quit smoking and regular exercise. He hates my normal
routine which is to sleep during the day, pounding the keyboard all night to finish my
essays. I told him that I think better at night when there are no distractions from the
telephone, television, and someone ringing the doorbell. He said that I was so noisy that it
was impossible for him to sleep at night, and besides, he was tired of sleeping with the
cat. He offered me two alternatives: either change my routine or we could get separate
bedrooms. In the end, we compromised. He unplugged the telephone, made me a set of
dark blinds and a "Do Not Disturb" sign for our front door. I can now work during the
day without distractions. I have also quit smoking, and we go for a walk every evening.
There's only one problem: now the cat is angry with me!