NUMBER: FCMN 2.10(formerly BUSF 5.50) SECTION:

FCMN 2.10(formerly BUSF 5.50)
Facilities and Transportation
Motor Vehicle Use on University Grounds
July 16, 2003
November 19, 2015
Policy for:
Procedure for:
Authorized by:
Issued by:
Columbia Campus
Columbia Campus
Vice President for Facilities and Transportation
Facilities and Transportation
The purpose of this policy is to improve and maintain the appearance of University landscape
and hardscape by managing and limiting vehicular access to campus.
It is the intent of this policy to exclude and/or limit vehicles from the landscaped areas,
sidewalks, patios, lawns and all other University grounds areas except for drives and designated
building access areas. Pedestrian safety is of the utmost concern in this matter. Additionally, the
University has a commitment to the preservation and beautification of campus grounds.
Deterioration of landscaping and walkways due to excessive vehicular weight, soil compaction,
fluid staining, tire ruts and damage to lawns and ornamental beds detract from the overall
appearance of the grounds and increase the costs of grounds upkeep.
It is recognized that exceptions will have to be made to this policy from time to time. In such
cases, permission to drive a motor vehicle(s) or other equipment across University grounds must
be secured in advance from the University's Landscaping Manager. Emergency vehicles in
performance of official duties are exempt from this policy.
Routine services requiring vehicular access to University buildings will be made by utilizing
designated service vehicle parking spaces. Exceptions must be made when heavy materials are
to be loaded or unloaded. Parking of service vehicles must be in designated service parking
spaces. Outside contractors working for the university will use designated spaces as outlined in
project documents/contracts. In the case of outside contractors working on University grounds,
the contractor is responsible for physical damage and hazardous material spills or leaks. Nonuniversity delivery vehicles must use designated spaces in parking lots and garages to make
deliveries. Exceptions to these requirements are the same as listed above.
Some areas of campus will be physically protected with steel bollards. Keys for accessing
bollard areas may be checked out from Parking Services. If a key is lost or not returned, the
contractor or responsible party will be charged $75.00 for re-keying a bollard. University
supervisory personnel will be issued bollard keys and will be responsible for returning bollards
to their upright position and locked upon leaving the area. Abuse of bollard keys may result in
disciplinary actions and/or fines.
Campus Vehicle Expectations
All motorized vehicles on the University campus are expected to travel and park
on roadways and/or in parking stalls.
All motorized vehicle traffic on USC walkways must first receive the Landscape
Manager's authorization. Violators may be subject to the fines and penalties.
All motorized vehicles that leak or drip liquids are prohibited from traveling or
parking on walks or landscaped areas.
Contractors, vendors, and delivery personnel are required to obtain prior parking
authorization before parking in a designated space. Violators may be subject to
fines and/or penalties.
Drivers of equipment or motor vehicles that damage university hardscape or
landscape will be held personally responsible for damages and restoration
Vehicle drivers who park on landscape or drives must be able to produce written
evidence of need or emergency requiring parking on same.
All vehicles parked on landscape, hardscape, or in the process of service delivery,
must display adequate safety devices, i.e. flashing lights, cones, signage, etc.
All drivers of equipment and vehicles will be respectful of university landscape,
equipment, structures, fixtures and signage.
All incidents of property damage will be reported to Parking Services or the Work
Management Center.
Reason for Revision
Policy content, organization and accuracy reviewed in October 2015; Language and cost changes
have been made.
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