African Tribes -

African Tribes
10 popular African tribes:
• Maasai
• Zulu
• Yoruba
• San Bushmen
• Xhosa
• Hausa
• Himba
• Oromo
• Kalenjin
• Chaga
• Your group will choose an African tribe.
• Your group will research the African tribe it
has selected, focusing on that tribe’s
• “CULTURE is the characteristics and
knowledge of a particular group of people,
defined by everything from language, religion,
cuisine, social habits, music and arts.”
Objective (cont.):
• Each member of the group should focus on a
different aspect of the culture specific to the
chosen tribe. For instance, one person could
focus on food, another person could focus on
language, another on social habits, etc.
• The group will prepare a presentation to show
what it has learned about the tribe it chose.
Getting an “A”:
• To be considered for an “A” on this project, a
group must somehow demonstrate each cultural
finding to the class in a realistic, hands-on
manner. For instance, a group that shows pictures
of food and describes the ingredients can only be
considered for a “B” or lower. A group that talks
about the ingredients, where they are from, how
the food is made, and actually makes the food to
share with the class will be considered for an “A”.