Metalwork and Jewelry Nature Inspired Set

Metalwork and Jewelry
Nature Inspired Set
Lesson Focus: This lesson will focus on inspiration and derivative when you create a two
piece set using landscape and nature as an inspiration.
 Think about nature. What types of things are in nature? Landscapes, animals,
greenery, etc. What are some things that interest you?
 List a few things that you find interesting about nature.
 Choose one and decide how you are going to show this in jewelry.
 You can do something literal- like a leaf, or something that is abstract and touches on
an aspect of nature.
 Decide what you are going to create for the two piece set- bracelet? Ring? Pendent?
Earrings? Pin?
 Create sketches for each of these pieces.
 You may use any combination of metal and any combination of techniques that you
have learned in class this marking period.
 Once you have your sketches, create a mock-up for each piece.
 Once I have seen your idea, you may begin.
 Inspired by some aspect of nature.
 Choose the color to go with the design.
 Two-piece set.
 Professionally finished piece of jewelry- cut, filed, sanded, polished, soldered
connected well!