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Good Morning Child Development
Please accomplish the following today…
 1. Go through power point and take notes
 2. Complete the apply what you know – you were
given a white paper on Thursday, write answers on the
paper, I will check on Monday
 3. Complete Page 10 in packet- Understanding
 Remember that you will have a quiz Tuesday on
Development during the first 2 years
Review questions- answer on white
paper from yesterday
What are the 3 ways kids develop
What are the small white bumps found on the face of
a neonate? Why are they there?
What color are neonates eyes? Why? When do they
The grasp reflex is also know as…
Why do they test babies reflexes?
Motor Sequence During the First
 Complete chart in packet to the best of your ability
 ( period 4 you have already done this)
 We’ll go through this on Monday
 Temperament – quality and intensity of emotional
 Passivity- how actively involved a child is with his/ her
 Activity- Level of movement
 Irritability- tendency to feel distressed
 emotional connection
 Starts within the first few months
 Strengthens between 8 and 12 months
Separation anxiety
 - when a child gets upset if a caregiver is leaving
 Peaks between 13 and 15 months
Apply what you know
A mother has a choice to go back to work when her child
is 6 months old or 12 months old. Thinking only
about attachment, how would the child react to the
mother leaving, would it be easier for a 12 month old or
a 6 month old? Why?
( answer on white paper)
Harry Harlow’s Attachment Theory
 While watching this video, think about how important
it is to have someone warm and caring in your life
 What did this experiment prove
 (answer on white paper)
Cognitive Development 0-2
 Children are learning through their senses
 Smell, touch, taste, hear, see
 Deferred Imitation Watching someone’s behavior and then acting out the
behavior later
 Object permanence
 - realizing that things still exist even if you cannot see
 Develops at about 8 months
Cognitive development ( continued)
 Language by age 2
 Telegraphic speech
Begins once a child reaches 200 words in their vocab
Two word phrases common for 2 year olds
Apply what you know
Dana often hits her baby dolls and yells at them. Would
this concern you- explain why.
Jimmy says “my milk” . How old is he, how many words
does he have in his vocabulary?
Baby Greg watches TV for 6-8 hours a day. Baby Joe does
not watch TV, he spends most of his day finger
painting, dancing to music and building with different
textured blocks.
 Who will develop faster- why?
All done the power point 
 Complete the review questions page 10 in packet