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American Cultures 6.0, Mr. Gutsche
25.3: WORLD WAR II, THE HOMEFRONT (P. 760-766)
Families in Wartime
1. What strain did the war place on marriages and families? What trends emerged as a result of
these strains?
2. What social problems developed on the home front as a result of the war effort?
The Internment of Japanese Americans
3. What actions were taken against Japanese Americans during World War II?
4. What reasoning did the United States government use to justify the internment policy?
5. Identify & explain: Korematsu v. United States
Civil Rights and Race Riots
6. Identify and explain: “Double V”
7. Why was the goal of fighting for democracy in Europe viewed as hypocritical to most African
Name: ____________________________ Per: _____
American Cultures 6.0, Mr. Gutsche
8. What was Roosevelt’s reaction to the demand for civil rights? What actions did Roosevelt take?
9. Identify & explain: A. Philip Randolph
10. What were the respective goals of CORE and the NAACP during the war?
Zoot-Suit Riots
11. The Zoot Suit Riots: Who? What? Where? When? Why
Popular Culture and “The Good War”
12. How did the war effort affect popular culture?
13. What themes were stressed in music, film, comics and fashion?