25.6 THE LAST STAGES OF THE WAR (p. 778-780)

25.6 THE LAST STAGES OF THE WAR (p. 778-780)
Objective: Explain the diplomatic and military challenges facing the United States in the final stages of the
The Holocaust
1) What was the Holocaust and what groups did Hitler target with his action?
2) How did the United States government and the news media handle information on the Holocaust?
3) Why did the United States military refuse to take action against the extermination camps?
4) How many people died in the Holocaust?
The Yalta Conference
5) Why would the goals of the Atlantic Charter be difficult to achieve?
6) Who attended the Yalta Conference and what agreements were reached at the conference?
7) What happened to President Roosevelt in April of 1945?
The Atomic Bomb
8) In what way did President Roosevelt’s death make cooperation among the Allies more difficult?
25.6 THE LAST STAGES OF THE WAR (p. 778-780)
9) What agreements were reached at the Potsdam Conference?
10) What was Truman’s opinion on using the atomic bomb?
11) Identify & explain: A) Hiroshima –
B) Enola Gay –
C) Little Boy –
D) Nagasaki –
E) Fat Man –
12) What were the military and foreign policy issues that influenced Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb
on Japan?