2014-2015 EXCEL Guidelines

2014-2015 EXCEL Guidelines
A student qualifies for EXCEL in one of two ways. We follow the guidelines set forth by
the Georgia Board of Education.
A copy of the Georgia Board of Education guidelines is available here:
F:\1ELCA 2014-2015\EXCEL\Gifted Evaluation and Eligiblity.pdf
EXCEL Continuation Policy:
Continuation in the EXCEL program requires that a student maintain satisfactory
performance in the gifted program and the regular education program as noted by
regular attendance, active participation, completion of assignments and acceptable
achievement. Guidelines include maintenance of an overall academic average of “A” in
the core subject areas for each grading period at all levels.
2nd Grade Core Subject Areas:
Math, Phonics, Reading and Spelling
3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades Core Subject Areas:
History, Language, Math, Reading, Science, and Spelling
Standardized Test Scores:
All currently enrolled EXCEL students must maintain adequate progress on their test
~ Total Math or Total Reading at 90% or higher