Objectives: TSWBAT recognize the role social media plays in rape and

TSWBAT recognize the role social media plays in rape and
sexual assault cases and discover how to protect themselves
by analyzing current court cases through videos,
worksheets and class discussion.
Sexual Assault
◦ Any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs
without the consent of the recipient
◦ Forced sexual intercourse
◦ Unwanted aggressive behavior that involves a real
or perceived power imbalance
◦ behavior intended to disturb or upset, and it is
characteristically repetitive
PA State Law http://www.pameganslaw.state.pa.us/CrimeCod
What is Megan's Law?
◦ provides a means of protecting the public, especially
our children, from victimization by sexual offenders.
◦ tracks the whereabouts of convicted sexual offenders &
provides notification to the public of the presence of a
sexual offender in their community.
◦ Helps to develop constructive plans, safety programs, &
victimization prevention strategies to prepare for the
presence of sexual offenders in their neighborhoods.
◦ "Social media, or any kind of statements made on a
phone, on a computer, are fair game for law
enforcement," Centre County District Attorney Stacy
Parks Miller said. "They're absolutely usable and we use
◦ Parks Miller sees case after case where social media has
led investigators to find incriminating evidence against
a defendant.
ESPN Outside the Lines
On the worksheet provided:
◦ On your own complete the first two boxes
◦ After completing the first two boxes:
 Choose one partner (or group of 3 if necessary)
 Complete the 3rd and 4th boxes together
◦ Return to your seats when you have completed the
worksheet and complete the last box on your own.
Be prepared to possibly share you thoughts and opinions
with the class after completing this worksheet.
How did this make you feel? What did you
learn from this case?
What could have prevented this?
Social media – helped or harmed?
What can schools do to help students prevent
or deal with these situations?