Midterm GUM Review  Identify and fix these types of errors in the sentences listed below.   RO­­Run­on sentence ​

Midterm GUM Review Identify and fix these types of errors in the sentences listed below. ● RO­­Run­on sentence​
: Two independent clauses fused together OR joined by a comma alone. Independent clauses must be joined with a comma and FANBOYS or a semicolon. ● SV­­Subject­verb agreement error​
: singular subjects need singular verbs; plural subjects need plural verbs. Ignore decoys when finding the subject. ● PA­­Pronoun­antecedent agreement​
: pronouns must be in the same person (first, second, third) and number (singular, plural) as their antecedents. Remember each, every, ­one, ­body, and ­thing are singular. ● MM­­MIsplaced or dangling modifiers​
: Descriptions need to be placed next to noun being described Each sentence has one of the errors listed above. Identify the type or error and write it on the line provided. Repair the sentence. 1. ____Studying non-stop for days, midterms are extremely stressful.
2. ____Georgie is a cutie pie, he has a bright smile and cherubic dimples in his cheeks.
3. ____The semester is over our time is up.
4. ____Nothing is more important than family, our family supports us through our darkest
5. ____I brush my teeth after eating breakfast with Crest toothpaste
6. ____I spotted several half-eaten apples walking through the cafeteria.
7. ____We cannot have a celebration if no one brings in the food they agreed to supply.
8. ____The teacher, along with the students, feel relieved that the research project is
9. ____ Nothing fills the heart with joy like a snow day, it is one of life’s great pleasures.
10. ____A box of stale crackers are the only thing left in the pantry.
11. ____ Here is Greg and Jane with our morning announcements.
12. ____ Faith is important, it can keep us going through hard times.
13. ____ Is anybody willing to share their lunch with Frank?
14. _____Most of us know how to be tactful, but sometimes you don’t know how to break
bad news without hurting someone’s feelings
15. ___Yesterday in the school parking lot, somebody left on their car lights.
16. ____ A student who thinks high school teachers “don’t teach” will really see what
learning on their own is like when they get to college.
17. ____The anguish of the victims have gone unnoticed.
18. ____One should never talk on the phone while they are driving.
19. ___ Filled with loose change and Pop Tart crumbs, I rummaged in the pocket of my
backpack looking for my keys.
20. ___ The philosophical difference between the two candidates are extreme.