Mrs. Kirk: Book Report Directions FORMAT AND COMPONENTS:

Mrs. Kirk: Book Report Directions
1. Appropriate class heading on left; title and author of book centered
2. MLA citation of book:
Author’s last name, First. Title. City of publishing: Publishing co., year published.
3. Five paragraph essay focused on a specific THESIS. Topic ideas include
o character change (character initially, CAUSE of change, character at end)
o theme (message) conveyed in the book (three incidents/characters that contribute)
o significance of novel’s title (note: do not pick if title is not symbolic)
o character analysis (dissect the character’s main traits and how reader should feel about
him/her overall)
o symbolism or foreshadowing in the book
o persuasive essay convincing someone to read the book
o see me if you have any other ideas 
 catchy hook that links to your chosen topic
 summary of book *5+ sentences; be sure to mention title and author!
 thesis statement that reveals topic and blueprint of body paragraphs
Three DISTINCT Body paragraphs to support your thesis, each including:
 clear topic sentence that includes a transitional phrase and links back to thesis
 examples from the book, including at least one cited quote per paragraph
 clear explanation of how examples link to thesis
 a “bookend” or clincher sentence to wrap up the paragraph
 USE TIQA format and EMBED your quotes!
 summary of thesis and main points
 your personal evaluation of the novel *5+ sentences describing what you liked/didn’t like about
characters, book’s message, author’s writing style, and to whom you’d recommend the book
GRADING--100 points :
Grade determined by how well writer followed directions; successfully utilized five paragraph style;
and incorporated interesting, relevant, and well-explained content. Two point penalty for each error in
grammar, mechanics, usage and spelling.
Complete typed draft due:_________________________________________
Final draft due:___________________________________________________
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