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Part 1: Turn in your paper with the 10 questions on it. Make sure you complete it by answering all 10 questions
first . (10 points)
Part 2: Look at your unit 1, 2 and 3 packets in your notebook. Each heading and topic below relates to drug and
alcohol use in some way. Use your own words to EXPLAIN how the topics from Units 1, 2 and 3 relate to drinking
alcohol and doing drugs. (20 points)
Chapter 1 lesson 3
+ risk behaviors
+ lifestyle factors
Chapter 2 lesson 1
+ health skills=life skills
+ refusal
+ health behaviors checklist
Chapter 2 lesson2
+ values
+ decision making
H (healthful)
E (ethical)
L (legal)
P (parent approval)
+ goals
Chapter 3 lesson 1
+ mental and emotional health
- Resilient
- Self-esteem
Chapter 3 lesson 2
+ personal identity
+ character = traits of good character
+ demonstrating positive values
+ develop a purpose in your life
+ avoid unhealthful, high risk behaviors
Chapter 4 lesson 1
+ perception
Chapter 4 lesson 2
+ stress management
Chapter 4 lesson 3
+ coping
+ traumatic event
Chapter 6 lesson 1
+ relationships
- character and relationships
Chapter 6 lesson 2
+ Respect for yourself
- personal identity
- values (page 68 in your unit 3 reading packet)
Chapter 8 lesson 2
+ positive peer pressure
+ negative peer pressure
- manipulation
+ assertive refusal
- refusal skills
Part 3: Use the links provided by Mrs. Vogel. Choose a link to a personal story and read it. Answer these questions
based on the story you read. (10 points)
What link did you choose? ______________________________________________
What was this person’s story?
Why did you choose this story?
How does drinking and doing drugs affect a person’s overall health?
What impact does it have on his/her life? Give one example from each side of the health triangle
o list one physical effect
o list one mental/emotional effect
o list one social effect
Explain how a person’s whole LIFE is affected including that person’s relationships with others and that
person’s future).
Part 4: Write a letter to a loved one about their drug/alcohol use. Explain how their choices hurt you. You may
use a “fictional loved one” as in the person from the story you read in Part 3, or someone you care about in real life
(you can keep that person anonymous if you wish) (10 points)
Part 5: Answer the questions from Part 1 again but use websites and reputable sources to find your answers and
1. Why do teenagers do drugs?
2. Why do teenagers drink alcohol?
3. How does it affect their lives?
4. What legal problems does a teenager face for underage drinking?
5. What legal problems does someone face if they are underage and caught drinking and driving?
6. What amount of alcohol is accepted by law in the state of PA for anyone under 21? Do you know the name of the
7. What legal problems does a minor face if caught doing drugs?
8. What drug use do you believe is most common? Why?
9. Using medicine in any way OTHER than the way it was prescribed or by anyone who is not prescribed the
medicine by a doctor is illegal. It is called medicine misuse and abuse. Which medicine is most commonly
10. What would you do to help your little brother or sister, best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend if he/she started
drinking and/or using drugs and you knew it was hurting him/her (and you and everyone else who cared about
that person)?
Guidelines and grading: For parts 1, 3 and 4, you will complete it on your own, as an individual. For parts 2 and 5
you can work in a group of 2 or 3 (groups may NOT have more than 3 people). Each student is responsible to turn
in all 5 parts to Ms. Young on the due date. If the group is not finished by the due date, every student in the group
earns the same grade.