Tracker Responsibilities

Purpose: To provide guidance and
support for World Class Scholar
students. To assure that the students
meet the requirements of the WCS
contract by doing the following:
1. Communicate with students as needed (usually 3-4 times a
year) by a postcard, telephone, letter, or in person, to make
sure their portfolio is being completed each year. Keep an
ongoing list of who completed the portfolio year to year. Sign
and date the student’s portfolio check off sheet.
 Encourage attendance to the work sessions
 Inform students of any activities, community service
opportunities, etc.
2. Complete tracker check-off sheet at the end of each school
 The list of students completing the yearly requirements is
given to the school coordinator
 Report any problems or concerns to the lead tracker for
the grade level or the school coordinator
3. Send yearly completer list to college coordinator
4. Organize and chaperone 10th-11th graders to attend GHC WCS
Day in May.
5. Work with GHC Coordinator to provide presentations and
information sessions to WCS students.
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