Master Course Outline NR 158 Work Experience Seminar

Master Course Outline
NR 158
Work Experience Seminar
Course Description: This five week seminar will prepare the student for the cooperative work
experience required for the Natural Resource program. We will explore options for positions as summer
intern through research on the internet, local agencies and other conventional means. Students will
learn to complete a job application, edit, revise or create a resume, prepare a cover letter, establish
personal references and learn proper interview techniques. Lectures will be designed to provide the
foundation for these documents while the students will apply this in a real life situation with the desired
outcome of securing a summer internship. This course fulfills a requirement that may be used for the
completion of the AA (Specified Elective), AS and AAS degrees.
Credits: 1
Prerequisites: ENGL 095 or placement in ENGL& 101; or instructor permission
Recommended Preparation: N/A
Co-requisites: N/A
Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
Employ various techniques in job search and analysis.
Practice methods of properly filling out both optional and required forms for prospective
Demonstrate how to conduct an interview.
Define basic terminology associated with career placement.
Employ proper communication skills during interviews.
Recognize the difference and value of applications, references, resumes’, and cover letters.
Develop a list of goals and objectives for completing an cooperative work experince.
Identify potential employers through research of information such as: mission, location,
compensation, benefits, and relevance of experience.
Formulate questions for prospective employers when applying or interviewing for jobs.
Compare pros and cons to various prospective internships in relation to goals.
Employ methods of how to properly accept or reject job offers.
Recognize how personal choices reflect on your career, educational institution and employer.
Develop interpersonal and leadership skills through class participation and interaction.
Utilize a variety of media sources (i.e. books, periodicals, newspapers and internet) to obtain
information on prospective intern work experience
Demonstrate the use of writing programs to present documents that are professional in
Evaluate the role of information resources in making sound decisions.
Course Resources/Textbooks/Website: None
Academic Integrity: All forms of cheating, falsification, and plagiarism are against the rules of this
course and of Grays Harbor College. Students who are unsure what constitutes academic dishonesty are
responsible for asking the instructor for clarification. Instances of intentional academic dishonesty will
be dealt with severely.
Disabilities: Students who have documented disabilities that require accommodations in compliance
with the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the Disability Support Services coordinator as
well as the instructor of the course in order to ensure that together we create an optimal environment
for educational achievement.
W Day, the final day to officially withdraw from a course, is the Thursday of the seventh week (Thursday
of the fourth week for summer quarter). Students who do not withdraw by that date will receive the
grades they have earned, regardless of whether they are attending the course or completing the work.
Students who are considering withdrawal are strongly advised to consult with the instructor, advisor and
financial aid prior to withdrawing. The only withdrawals allowed after W Day are complete withdrawals
from all courses.
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