Master Course Outline HIST 272 History of England

Master Course Outline
HIST 272
History of England
Course Description: This is a survey of the history of Great Britain with an emphasis on England and will
deal with a variety of historical approaches; social history, popular culture, institutional and legal history,
as well as political history. The class will start with prehistoric Britain and move through the various
waves of conquerors until Great Britain emerges. It will review the impact of nationalism, imperialism,
colonialism, especially in Ireland, wars in the 20th century, and the rise of the modern English welfare
state until the Thatcher years. 5 lecture hours. Satisfies social science distribution area “A” requirement
or specified elective for the A.A. degree.
Credits: 5
Prerequisites: N/A
Recommended Preparation: READ 090 or placement in READ 120; ENGL 095 or placement in ENGL&
101; or instructor permission. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in ENGL& 101 recommended.
Co-requisites: N/A
Learning Outcomes:
1. Understanding the development of England and Great Britain in western society and the
changing value systems, cultural traditions, social structures, religious traditions, and politics
2. Integrating British history with other cultures to gain a sense of "global history"
3. Comprehending the role of the great personalities, ideas, works of art, and philosophies from
the British Isles
4. Recognition of how events and ideas are shaped by their historical context
5. Understanding the discipline of history and using this to interpret the past
6. Identifying bias and perspectives in primary and secondary sources
7. Using technology and other sources to obtain information
8. Selecting and evaluating information for use in ethical research
9. Engage in logical, evidence based discussions of British history
10. Show independent thought, mastery of information, and analysis of said information
Course Resources/Textbooks/Website: To be determined- check the GHC Bookstore
Academic Integrity: All forms of cheating, falsification, and plagiarism are against the rules of this
course and of Grays Harbor College. Students who are unsure what constitutes academic dishonesty are
responsible for asking the instructor for clarification. Instances of intentional academic dishonesty will
be dealt with severely.
Disabilities: Students who have documented disabilities that require accommodations in compliance
with the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the Disability Support Services coordinator as
well as the instructor of the course in order to ensure that together we create an optimal environment
for educational achievement.
W Day, the final day to officially withdraw from a course, is the Thursday of the seventh week (Thursday
of the fourth week for summer quarter). Students who do not withdraw by that date will receive the
grades they have earned, regardless of whether they are attending the course or completing the work.
Students who are considering withdrawal are strongly advised to consult with the instructor, advisor and
financial aid prior to withdrawing. The only withdrawals allowed after W Day are complete withdrawals
from all courses.