Bruce Johnson, Chair
Tracy St. Claire, Vice Chair
Linda Beaven, Trustee
Shelley Clarke, Trustee
Walter Huebert, Trustee
Ginny Manning, Trustee
Linda Van Alphen, Trustee
Wendy Hyer, Superintendent of Schools
Bonnie Roller Routley, Secretary-Treasurer
Dave Burgoyne, Assistant Superintendent
Pam Butters, Director of Instruction
Danny Francisco, Director of Information Technology
Doug Gorcak, Director of Facilities
Don MacIntyre, Director of Instruction
Maureen Maywood, Director of Finance
Daphne Adey, Executive Assistant
Chair Johnson called the meeting to order and thanked Past Chair Ginny Manning for her years
of service to the district.
Beaven/Van Alphen that the agenda be adopted.
“Creative Approaches to Keeping Kids in School – Community Partnerships” –
Todd Manuel, Vice Principal; Michelle Glibbery, Counsellor; and Tanya Behardian,
Executive Director, Penticton & District Community Resource Society (PDCRS)
Penticton Secondary partnered with PDCRS to pilot a summer outreach support
program. Through funding secured through PDCRS, Pen High’s youth worker was able
to support a number of at-risk students through July and August. This continuity of
support has had a powerful impact in keeping students connected with school. An
overview of the program was provided by Mr. Manuel, Ms. Glibbery, and Ms. Behardian.
Working with partnerships in the community (Ministry of Children and Families,
Pathways, Interior Health, South Okanagan Victim Assistance Society, PDCRS, Child
and Youth Mental Health, RCMP, and Boys and Girls Club) and funding from Civil
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 2
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – December 9, 2013
Forfeiture, Ministry of Justice, the Mike and Vicky project and website was developed as
an interactive resource designed to stimulate conversation about the choices that youth
have when facing drug and alcohol use. The presenters also highlighted a youth
outreach program which ran over the summer months with great success and provided
results of interviews with 100 Penticton youth aged 13 to 18. One of the conclusions of
the report was the severe lack of resources for youth in Penticton and almost no free
youth activities during the summer.
Appreciation was extended to the presenters for their efforts for youth and for sharing the
story with the Board.
Presentation by David Snyder
Mr. David Snyder, a retired teacher from Penticton Secondary School, attended the
meeting to promote the book he has written regarding the school. The book covers the
100 years of Pen High, covering both the history of the school and Penticton. A book
launch will be held on December 12 and books are available at the school as well as
other businesses in the downtown area. Profits from book sales will go to the Penticton
Secondary Schools Bursary and Scholarship Foundation.
In response to a request to purchase 50 copies for use in the district, Mr. Snyder was
advised that due to budget restraints this would not be possible at this time.
Manning/Van Alphen that the minutes from the regular meeting held on November
4, 2013 be adopted.
Chair Johnson reviewed the following items which were discussed at the closed meetings held on
November 4 and 29, 2013:
November 4, 2013:
 Received correspondence;
 Received information related to a request regarding a school field;
 Received information related to a staff position;
 Received a follow-up on information sent to the Ministry;
 Received information related to teacher bargaining;
 Confirmed teacher and support staff changes;
 Received information related to CUPE bargaining;
 Received information related to student suspensions; and
 Received a report from recent BCPSEA and OLRC meetings.
November 29, 2013:
 Information and direction provided to the CUPE bargaining committee;
 Confirmed that a media release related to CUPE bargaining be provided to the media
and all employees.
Letter from British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA)
A letter from the BCSTA regarding the BC Government Core Review.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 3
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – December 9, 2013
Summary of Copies of Letters to the Board
Copies of the letters to the Board listed below are available in the trustee reading file:
School District No. 57 (Prince George) to the Minister of Education and Minister
of Finance advising their board believes that employees are due a fair wage
increase but also believes that wage increases for all employees should be fully
funded by the Ministry of Education;
School District No. 20 (Kootenay-Columbia) to the Minister of Education advising
their board believes that all employees deserve fair compensation and
maintaining their previous position that government should fully fund all wage
and benefit increases;
School District No. 57 (Prince George) to the Minister of Finance asking the
Minister to remove the compensation freeze that applies to non-union
employees, exempt managers, and executives;
School District No. 69 (Qualicum) to the Minister of Education regarding regular
replacement of buses and ability to order propane vehicles;
School District No. 39 (Vancouver) to the Ministers of Education and Finance
regarding the increased costs to school districts that government is not funding –
leading to cuts in staffing and programs that will erode the quality of public
School District No. 39 (Vancouver) to the Premier and Cabinet regarding the
Recommendations of the Select Standing Committee on Finance and
Government Services with respect to the 2014 provincial budget;
School District No. 47 (Powell River) press release regarding BC Ferries’
decision to cut ferry runs and the impact this will have on students;
School District No. 5 (Southeast Kootenay) to the Minister of Education to include
language in new upcoming legislation regarding local government elections that
would allow the Minister flexibility to approve setting aside a by-election when
requested by a Board; and
School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan) to the Minister of Education endorsing
the recommendations from the Select Standing Committee on Finance and
Government Services.
St. Claire/Van Alphen that the correspondence be received.
Education Committee
Trustee Beaven reported that the education committee visited Carmi Elementary School
on December 3, 2013, witnessed a school in action, and observed students having fun
while doing math, spelling, and signing. The grade 2 music drama class engaged all
students, and students and teachers were modelling and practicing positive and
enthusiastic behaviour.
Beaven//Clarke that the report of the education committee be received.
Curriculum Development Advisory Committee
Trustee Huebert reported regarding the curriculum development advisory committee
meeting held on December 5, 2013:
Aboriginal Cultural Connections 12
District Principal of Aboriginal Education Anne Tenning presented details of this
course intended to be a 4-credit offering. Ms. Tenning indicated that she was
involved in the original design of this course while working in the Victoria school
district. The request for the course came out of consultation with community while
engaged in the renewal of the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement in their district.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 4
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – December 9, 2013
The committee reviewed some of the activities and experiences that are listed in
the course description and Ms. Tenning advised that many of these same activities
are being undertaken by local students. This course would fit with the goals of the
district’s Enhancement Agreement and is organized in a traditional way with the
use of the medicine wheel: the aspects of Physical, Socio-emotional, Spiritual, and
Intellectual and centered on leadership for the purposes of this course. Students
would be able to begin to accumulate documented hours of activity over a one to
three year period and would receive four grade 12 credits once the course is
completed. It is based on 100 hours of documented activity that must reflect each
of the areas identified in the medicine wheel. It is hoped that this course would
enhance the value of aboriginal culture in SD67 schools and would be available to
any student in the district. It is hoped that it might one day be one of a number of
themed courses that our students could access. Committee members asked some
clarifying questions regarding the accumulation of hours, when students could
begin the course, and whether activities outside the school year could contribute to
the course requirements. Ms. Tenning confirmed that any relevant activity could be
counted and that students could begin the course as early as grade 10 or as late
as grade 12.
Weight Training 11
Principal Doug MacDonald, ConnectED, presented Weight Training 11, a course
currently approved as a 2-credit offering and being suggested as a 4-credit course
and described the process by which the request to move from 2-credit to 4-credit
had occurred. He then gave the committee an overview of the typical student who
would take the course which would be a combination of logged activity hours and
face to face meeting with a teacher at the school. This supports the needs that
some of our students have to create flexibility in their timetable. The example of
students engaged in swim, soccer or hockey programs was offered. It reflects the
move towards more personalized learning opportunities for students and provides
a bridging course for teachers who are involved in these programs. It becomes a
blended learning timetable for students who attend bricks and mortar schools as
well as participating in online and logged learning. When students are registered
through ConnectED, the school receives additional funding for each student taking
a course which allows for some staffing support at the school level to provide a
teacher contact for each student taking a blended program. This operates much
like the current work experience courses. Committee members asked questions
about having coaches or appropriately experienced parents signing off on log
sheets. It was stated that these people can sign off on activity logs, but students
must be registered with a teacher and all assessments must be provided by that
teacher. This type of learning also has the capacity to expand based on student
Both courses were recommended by the committee for use in SD67.
Huebert/Van Alphen that the Board of Education approves the following
courses for use in School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha) schools:
Cultural Connections 12
Weight Training 11
Financial Report
The director of finance reviewed the quarterly financial report to November 30, 2013
provided in the agenda package, indicating that spending is in line with where it should
be for this time of the year.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 5
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – December 9, 2013
Statement of Financial Information Report (SOFI)
Director of Finance Maywood advised the Statement of Financial Information report for
the year ended June 30, 2013 has been prepared as required by legislation. The SOFI
report identifies payments to vendors for more than $25,000, trustee remuneration, and
all employees who make more than $75,000. The report is required to be sent to the
Ministry prior to December 31, 2013 and posted on the Ministry website.
Huebert/Beaven that the Statement of Financial Information report for the
year ending June 30, 2013 be received by the Board of Education.
Appreciation was extended to Ms. Maywood and her team for preparation of this report.
Superintendent’s Report of Student Achievement
The School Act requires that the superintendent prepare a public report to the Board of
Education on the progress of improving student achievement from the previous school
year. The report is intended to ensure transparency and accountability for each school
district in terms of its responsibility for improving student achievement. Superintendent
Hyer noted that trend data indicates numeracy skills for intermediate students and both
reading comprehension and writing skills for primary and intermediate students have
shown steady improvement over the past five years. As well, trend data indicates the
school district’s six-year completion rates for male and aboriginal populations continue to
improve. Despite the improvements in reading, challenging areas include reading as
there are a number of students who are not yet meeting or minimally meeting
expectations in reading. Of equal concern are the six-year completion rates as, even
though the rates are consistently at or above the provincial averages, the rate has
plateaued and there is still a gap between completion rates for all students and aboriginal
students. The superintendent reviewed the Response to Intervention (RTI) model to
provide support and/or service to students and their families. The RTI model is based on
a three tiered intervention structure intended to systemically scaffold the interventions
across the K to 12 spectrums. The model offers primary, secondary and tertiary
interventions providing on-going intervention based on the needs of the individual learner.
Ms. Hyer advised the school district has much to celebrate and the district and school
staff are working diligently to improve the life chances for all students. She thanked staff,
parents, community partners and the Board for their collective effort and commitment to
enhancing student achievement in School District No. 67.
The full report is available on the school district’s website.
Manning/St. Claire that the Superintendent’s Report of Student Achievement be received.
Field Trips
Director of Instruction MacInytre reviewed the listing of field trip requests circulated with
the agenda package, two of which had been approved by the superintendent pursuant to
district policy.
Huebert/Van Alphen that the field trip request for May 7 to 10, 2014, for 55
grade 8 band students from KVR Middle School to travel to Edmonton,
Alberta, for a spring band tour be approved in principle.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 6
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – December 9, 2013
Superintendent Hyer reported that enrolment as of November 30, 2013 showed 6,017
students in the district, an increase of 13 students from the previous month.
2014-15 School Calendar – Pro-d Days
The assistant superintendent reviewed a request from the Okanagan Skaha Teachers
Union to move professional development days for 2014-15 throughout the school
calendar rather than having all pro-d activities in August. If accepted, the calendar must
include maintaining the two-week spring break by adding additional minutes of instruction
to each school day. Mr. Burgoyne added the district supports the OSTU rationale that
continuous ongoing professional development is much better than five consecutive days.
He also outlined the impact five less work days would have on different employee groups,
affecting some employees but not others and noted that workshops and training could be
offered to CUPE staff on some of these pro-d days. The impact on parents and families
by maintaining a two-week spring break and including the five days in the school
calendar was also recognized. Mr. Burgoyne reviewed the consultation process which
would be considered prior to the calendar coming to the March 10 board meeting for final
Beaven/Van Alphen that the Board approve in principle the request by the
OSTU to move the 2014-15 pro-d days into the school calendar and
increase the daily minutes of instruction per day in order to continue to
accommodate a two-week spring break; and move the calendar forward to
public consultation.
School Concerts
Superintendent Hyer extended an invitation to board members and district staff to attend
school concerts as listed on the information sheet included in the agenda package
Notice of Motion
Trustee Huebert gave notice of the following motion to be presented at the next regular
meeting of the Board of Education on Monday, January 13, 2014:
“That all students who apply for Late French Immersion for the school year 201415 be placed in the program.”
BCSTA Trustees Academy
Trustees reported on their attendance at the BCSTA Trustees Academy held on
December 5 to 7, 2013, in Vancouver, at which speakers included Eli Mina on board
governance and the Minister of Education who spoke about shared services. Trustee
Manning advised she had invited the Minister Fassbender and Deputy Minister Rob
Wood to visit this district to see firsthand the district’s technology in action and how this
district provides shared services to other groups within our community.
BCSTA Thompson Okanagan Branch Meeting
Trustee Van Alphen advised that at the BCSTA Thompson Okanagan Branch held on
December 6, 2013 in Vancouver, the Branch determined trustees will be working on a
vision plan for the Branch.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 7
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – December 9, 2013
BCSTA Provincial Council Meeting
The deadline for BCSTA to receive provincial council meeting motions of an emergent
nature is January 17, 2014. The provincial council meeting will be held on February 21
and 22, 2014. Trustee Huebert will attend.
BCSTA Thompson Okanagan Branch
The resolution committee chair of the BCSTA Thompson Okanagan Branch has
requested that the “Top 3 District Areas of Concern” be provided to the chair prior to
December 17, 2013. Each trustee is requested to provide their suggestions to Trustee
Van Alphen.
Date of Next Meeting
 January 13, 2014, 6:30 p.m., Regular Meeting, School Board Office
Recognition of Student Success
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha) extended congratulations to the students and
groups for outstanding examples of success as shown on the listing circulated with the
agenda package.
Recognition of Student Artwork
Congratulations were extended to the students from Wiltse Elementary School for their
artwork currently on display at the school board office.
Trustee Comments
Trustees provided comments related to district activities including the presentation by
District Principal Anne Tenning on residential schools, the continuance of the Children’s
Festival in May, and acts of kindness by McNicoll Park students.
Questions/comments from the audience included the announcement by DPAC Chair Derek Hurst
that all parent advisory councils have now completed their membership requirements for
BCCPAC. Additionally, Mr. Hurst requested that the PAC chair be invited when the education
committee visits the school. Clarification related to the school calendar was also requested.
St. Claire/Beaven that the meeting be adjourned at 9:20 p.m.
Bruce Johnson, Chairperson
Bonnie Roller Routley, Secretary-Treasurer
December 24, 2013
Ref: U:\SBO-ST-Data\DA\2013-2014\00100 - 00999 - Admin\00300-05 Minutes Open\2013-12-09 OP Minutes.docx
“Working Together for Student Success”
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