HELD ON MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2012, AT 6:30 P.M.
Ginny Manning, Chair
Linda Van Alphen, Vice Chair
Linda Beaven, Trustee
Shelley Clarke, Trustee
Walter Huebert, Trustee
Bruce Johnson, Trustee
Tracy St. Claire, Trustee
Wendy Hyer, Superintendent of Schools
Ron Shongrunden, Secretary-Treasurer
Dave Burgoyne, Assistant Superintendent
Pam Butters, Director of Instruction
Don MacIntyre, Director of Instruction
Doug Gorcak, Director of Facilities
Daphne Adey, Executive Assistant
Chair Manning welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Clarke/Beaven that the agenda and addendum be approved.
National Science Fair and Elementary Science Expo
At the Regional Science Fair held at UBC Okanagan in April, four students from School
District No. 67 (Meg Cumming, Breanna Gowe, Vincent Combret and Joshua Gowe)
were selected to compete at the National Science Fair in Charlottetown, Prince Edward
Island. All students provided a brief description of their projects and shared their
experiences. Meg and Breanna were congratulated for receiving bronze medals for their
projects. All students expressed appreciation to the Board for their support of the science
competitions and their trip to the nationals in Prince Edward Island.
Teacher Raja Gupta and Director of Instruction MacIntyre accompanied the students to
Prince Edward Island and provided their impressions of the event citing it was a
tremendous opportunity for the students as the organizers handed out nearly a million
dollars in scholarships. More than five hundred students participated in the national
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 2
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – June 11, 2012
event. Shona Becker, a teacher at McNicoll Park, highlighted the recent science expo
which helps to encourage science activities in the younger students and expands the
enrichment of the older students as they act as judges.
Appreciation was extended to the presenters along with best wishes and success for
future science projects.
Presentation from Student
Linda Worden, a student from Penticton Secondary School, spoke to the Board regarding
the petition she is running to keep an effective Family Life program in SD67. To date,
she has obtained 320 signatures in support of the petition. Ms. Worden provided her
comments on why a high-quality Family Life course is a necessity; why a professional
needs to teach the course; why the professional must not see the student on a daily basis
such as a core curriculum teacher; and how can we get those who do not want to teach
family life to teach it effectively.
Ms. Worden was thanked for her presentation and for putting together this initiative.
Recognition of Groups for their Contributions to District
The Board of Education recognized and thanked outstanding groups for their
contributions to the school district, in particular:
Meals on Wheels – Penticton Regional Hospital Auxiliary – Breakfast Club (Judy
Jeffries, Sandra Henderson, Erin Beck, Sherron Tierney). From September 26 to
November 30, they served 2,022 breakfasts to students (750 volunteer hours).
West Bench Elementary, Columbia Elementary, and Queen’s Park Elementary
schools benefitted from this program.
Penticton Secondary Schools Scholarship & Bursary Foundation – Len Cox and
his wife, Lorna. This foundation was started in 1985 and today has an
endowment fund of over one million dollars. The scholarship and bursary funds
go towards helping students pay for post-secondary education. With over 25
years of service to the foundation, Mr. Cox has created a legacy for decades to
come to help assist students for both Penticton Secondary and Princess
Margaret Secondary schools.
Notice of Appeal – Family Life
A parent of two children attending school in SD67, Erica McDowell, appealed to the
Board that the Board reconsider its decision to not replace the family life position saying it
will significantly affect the education and health of students.
Chair Manning thanked Ms. McDowell for her presentation and stated that changing the
delivery model of the family life program will be delivered was not an easy decision;
however, the change was necessary due to declining enrolment and reduced funding.
Beaven/Johnson that the minutes of the regular meeting held on May 14, 2012 be
Chair Manning reviewed the following items discussed at the closed meeting held on May 14,
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 3
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – June 11, 2012
Approved three contracts;
Received a report from the finance and management committee and the education
Approved changes to an educational program;
Confirmed teaching and support staff changes;
Received information on teacher bargaining;
Received information related to the long service recognition/retirement dinner;
Received information related to an upcoming meeting;
Confirmed principal and vice principal appointments;
Received a principal resignation;
Received information related to principal/vice principal competitions;
Received information related to student suspensions; and
Received information related to a meeting of the British Columbia Public Schools
Employers’ Association.
Letter from Minister of Education
A letter from the Minister of Education in response to the Board’s letter to the Minister
regarding savings incurred from the recent BCTF strike action. A letter sent by the Board
to the Minister was attached as well.
Letter from Student Services Team at Summerland Middle School
A letter forwarded by the student services team at Summerland Middle School
expressing disappointment at the elimination of the position of family life district helping
teacher and requesting the Board reconsider this important decision.
Letter from Grandfather
A letter forwarded by a grandfather, Henry Stern, regarding the family life program.
Letter from Teacher and Parent
A letter forwarded by a teacher and parent, Lesley Lacroix, regarding the family life
Letter from Special Education Association of Okanagan Skaha
A letter forwarded by the Special Education Association of Okanagan Skaha urging the
Board to reconsider the elimination of the position of the family life district helping
Summary of Copies of Letters to the Board
Copies of the letters to the Board listed below are available in the trustee reading file:
School District No. 52 (Prince Rupert) to the Minister of Education expressing
desire for a positive resolution to the dispute over Bill 28 and Bill 33;
School District No. 64 (Gulf Islands) to the Minister of Education supporting the
development of early childhood education by encouraging the provincial
government to assign responsibility and targeted funding for all early childhood
programs to the Ministry of Education;
School District No. 64 (Gulf Islands) to the Minister of Education supporting the
Salish Sea Statements: Cycling and Rural Mobility; and
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) to the Deputy Minister of Education regarding
the changes to the Education Guarantee announced on May 1, 2012.
Clarke/Huebert that the correspondence be received.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 4
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – June 11, 2012
Buildings, Grounds, Safety and Transportation Committee
Trustee Huebert reported on the buildings, grounds, safety and transportation committee
meeting held on May 30, 2012:
Parkway Elementary Traffic Safety
Principal Kelly Jones accompanied by Aaron Moore and Shauna Janzen from the
Parkway PAC provided information on what the school is doing to promote traffic
safety near the school. The school PAC has launched an “Adopt a School Zone”
program as a proactive approach to create awareness and make school zones
safer, including providing traffic signs, pylons, and partnering with the local RCMP
to encourage them to patrol the area regularly. After much discussion, including
consultation with the RCMP and education ministry officials, the school believes an
investment in speed reader signs would be one effective means to slow vehicles
down and to better ensure students’ safety. The speed reader signs cost
approximately $8,000 each and the school parent advisory council has committed
to raising the funds with the help of local businesses and service groups in the
community. It was noted that this topic will be discussed at the upcoming joint city
and school district meeting. The group requested endorsement of the project,
either verbal support or whatever way possible, to help promote the program,
which could be used by all other schools in the district. It was requested that
relevant documentation regarding traffic incidents or near misses be kept for the
coming year and it was noted that it will be necessary to work with city officials as
the school district does not have jurisdiction to place speed reader boards.
Appreciation was extended to the representatives for their presentation and for
their efforts towards traffic safety.
Dog Parks
It was noted that the City of Penticton, after consulting with the school district and
hearing concerns expressed by the school and district, has dropped plans to
develop an off-leash dog park adjacent to the Wiltse Elementary property.
Huebert/Van Alphen that the report from the buildings, grounds, safety and
transportation committee be received.
Finance and Management Committee
Trustee St. Claire reported on the finance and management committee meeting held on
May 30, 2012:
Trustee Indemnity
Secretary-Treasurer Shongrunden reviewed that as per Policy No. 150, trustee
indemnity rates are to be reported to the Board each June for consideration. It was
further noted that trustee indemnity rates were not increased for approximately 10
years and in 2005, it was decided to build in increases according to the CPI index
for the previous 12 months. These increases, however, were declined on a
number of occasions. Following discussion,
St. Claire/Huebert that an increase to trustee indemnity rates equal to the
CPI index rate for the previous 12 months be declined for this year and that
this topic be discussed further in June 2013.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 5
Technology Update
As a follow-up to discussions at a previous meeting, the secretary-treasurer
reported he had visited all but two school parent advisory council meetings to ask
their opinions about wireless at the elementary schools. Not one naysayer, group,
PAC, or person, said no to the installation. Some parents expressed their desire
that the district is getting value from computer use at the elementary level. It was
noted that BCCPAC does not want new Wi-Fi installations at schools and some
districts have banned the installation. Mr. Shongrunden added that over 25,000
studies have been done to date and that some of the latest reports were provided
to trustees with the agenda package. During discussion, trustees confirmed that
the district continue with Wi-Fi at the elementary level and that the district continue
to monitor the effects of wireless. It was also noted that schools and principals
want to be involved with which products, such as projectors, are placed in the
schools and that individual schools will decide how they want to proceed with
technology installations.
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – June 11, 2012
St. Claire/Clarke that the report of the finance and management
committee be received.
Education Committee
Trustee Johnson reported regarding the education committee meeting held on June 5,
District Literacy Plan
Joan Chambers, Coordinator, Literacy Now South Okanagan-Similkameen, and
Dawn Renaud presented an overview of the South Okanagan District Literacy
Plan. These plans are multi-year, annually updated, and are developed by means
of community wide processes. School districts are one of the many partners, and
boards of education are required, by legislation, to prepare and submit to the
Minister of Education a District Literacy Plan with respect to improving the literacy
of all citizens within the district. The goals and plans for the 2012-13 year were
presented to the education committee. Goal #1 is to increase awareness of
literacy programs for adults in the South Okanagan. Goal #2 is to have successful
one-to-one tutor programs for all grade 1 students who need support in reading.
Goal #3 is to provide organizations and businesses with the information they need
to support literacy programs.
Johnson/Clarke that the District Literacy Plan be accepted and submitted
to the Minister as required by the School Act.
School Improvement Plans
Superintendent Wendy Hyer and Director of Instruction Don MacIntyre presented a
brief overview of the district process used to develop School Improvement Plans.
In 2009, the focus of school plans changed to an inquiry based model; however,
the plans must continue to fall within the district goals. The School Improvement
Plan from Summerland Middle School was reviewed with the Board and Director
MacIntyre outlined the key components of the plan. Superintendent Hyer and
Director MacIntyre informed the trustees that all reports have been reviewed and
meet the necessary requirements. They will be posted on our district website upon
Board approval.
Johnson/St. Claire that the Board of Education approve the School
Improvement Plans for every school in the school district.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – June 11, 2012
Community Link Funds Community Link Funds
Director of Instruction Pam Butters reviewed the allocation of CommunityLink
dollars in the schools in our district. Director Butters advised the amounts that are
allocated to the Brown Bag Lunch program, the Queen’s Park Hot Lunch Program
and the Pen High breakfast program. In addition, CommunityLink pays for Family
Support Workers at Penticton Secondary, Princess Margaret Secondary,
Summerland Secondary, and ConnectEd Junior and Senior Alternate Schools.
Funding is also provided from CommunityLink for counseling services that cannot
be provided by district personnel. Other programs that are supported through
CommunityLink dollars include hearing screening for kindergarten students, the
Hand-in-Hand Daycare, and the SAFE program at Queen’s Park Elementary to
support at-risk families. Most years the entire allocation is spent; however, if there
are surplus dollars, they are carried over to the next year.
Page 6
Johnson/Beaven that the report of the education committee be received.
Financial Report
The secretary-treasurer reviewed the financial report to May 31, 2012, provided in the
agenda package, noting the finances are in line with this time of year. It is expected the
district will have some savings which can be carried forward to next year.
2012-13 Capital Plan
The Minister of Education has requested information for a 2012-13 Capital Plan
submission. During the past few years, the district has submitted for one project and we
would like to do extra planning on this one before the submission deadline of October 15,
2012. As well, the Ministry advised there may be funds for minor capital envelopes and
for funding under the Carbon Neutral Capital Program.
Board Meeting Dates
The secretary-treasurer reviewed proposed Board of Education meeting dates for the
2012-13 school year. Based on a monthly meeting being held on the second Monday of
each month (with adjustments for statutory holidays), the meeting dates for the 2012-13
school year as well as dates for the finance and management committee, buildings,
grounds, safety, and transportation committee; and education committee were proposed
as follows:
Board Meeting Dates
September 10, 2012
October 1, 2012
November 5, 2012
December 10, 2012
January 14, 2013
February 4, 2013
March 11, 2013
April 8, 2013
May 13, 2013
June 10, 2013
Finance and
**September 5
September 26
October 31
December 5
**January 9
January 30
March 6
**April 3
May 8
June 5
Grounds, Safety
**September 5
September 19
October 24
November 28
**January 9
January 23
February 27
**April 3
May 1
May 29
*The Education Committee list does not include Education School Visits.
**Committee meetings on these dates will begin at 11:00 a.m.
“Working Together for Student Success”
September 25
October 30
December 4
January 8
January 29
March 5
April 2
May 7
June 4
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 7
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – June 11, 2012
Clarke/Huebert that the proposed dates for board and committee meetings
be approved as above.
Capital Amendment Bylaw
The secretary-treasurer advised that the Ministry of Education has announced that, as
part of Phase 3 of the $8 million capital program to fund playground equipment for
elementary students, the district will receive an additional $25,000 for the repair/upgrades
at Trout Creek Elementary. A board resolution is required to adopt Capital Project
Amendment Bylaw No. 126347B for a total amount of $150,272.
Manning/Beaven that following the first reading of School District No. 67
(Okanagan Skaha) Capital Project Bylaw No. 126347B approving a total
maximum expenditure of $150,272 related to playgrounds, the Board of
Education passes the bylaw.
Manning/Beaven that following the second reading of School District No.
67 (Okanagan Skaha) Capital Project Bylaw No. 126347B approving a total
maximum expenditure of $150,272 related to playgrounds, the Board of
Education passes the bylaw.
Manning/Beaven that following the third reading of School District No. 67
(Okanagan Skaha) Capital Project Bylaw No. 126347B approving a total
maximum expenditure of $150,272 related to playgrounds, the Board of
Education passes and adopts the bylaw.
District Achievement Contract
The School Act requires each board of education in British Columbia to prepare and
submit to the Ministry of Education, an Achievement Contract with respect to standards
for student performance and plans for improving achievement in the district. This report
must be submitted by July 15th of each school year. An overview of the district’s
Achievement Contract was provided by Director of Instruction MacInytre who noted the
report outlines the district’s commitment to an inquiry-based model for improving student
achievement, focusing on two goal areas – literacy and school completion/transitions.
The report reviews the process used to develop school plans, explains the inquiry-based
model and school-based inquiry questions, and describes the process used to approve
school improvement plans. For the 2012-13 school year, the district will focus on literacy
at the elementary and middle school grades, and will work to increase the likelihood that
all students will successfully complete their educational programs with a positive sense of
optimism, purpose and control. Once final data additions are made, the district
achievement contract will be available on the district’s website.
Clarke/Beaven that the Board of Education submit its achievement contract
for the school year to the Minister and make its achievement contract
available to residents of the school district and to parents of students
attending schools in the district.
As part of the discussions, trustees requested that the district achievement contract be
reviewed in the coming fall.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 8
Field Trips
The director of instruction reviewed the listing of field trip requests circulated with the
agenda package, a number of which were approved by the superintendent pursuant to
district policy.
Beaven/Huebert that the field trip request for July 8 to 29, 2013, for 25 to 30
senior students from Princess Margaret Secondary, Penticton Secondary,
and Summerland Secondary to travel to and participate in a humanitarian trip
to Arusha, Tanzania be approved in principle.
The superintendent of schools reported on enrolment as of May 31, 2012, noting there
were 6,326 students in the district.
Family Day – February 11, 2013
The Premier has announced that B.C.’s Family Day will take place on the second
Monday in February each year, beginning in 2013. The second Monday in February falls
on February 11, 2013 and schools will be closed for that day. This change is reflected in
the school calendar.
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – June 11, 2012
Date of Next Meeting
• September 10, 2012, 6:30 p.m., Regular Meeting, School Board Office, or at the
call of the chair
Recognition of Student Success
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha) extended congratulations to the students and
groups for outstanding examples of success as shown on the listing circulated with the
agenda package.
Recognition of Student Artwork
Congratulations were extended to the students from Queen’s Park Elementary School for
their artwork currently on display at the school board office.
Trustee Comments
Trustees provided comments on a number of district events including the Naramata May
Day, the success of the Penticton Secondary girls’ rugby team, and the resounding
success of Penticton Secondary’s 100th Anniversary.
Comments/questions from the audience included:
Appreciation to all staff and volunteers for the services they have provided to students
during this school year;
Questions regarding the learning improvement funds and if these funds could be used to
hire a family life teacher;
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 9
Minutes of Regular Board of Education Meeting – June 11, 2012
Comments related to the family life program;
A question from Joe Fries, Penticton Western, related to when the Statement of Financial
Information (SOFI) will be ready;
Questions related to the district achievement contract;
A question related to the number and nature of students suspensions;
How individual trustees voted on the family life program; and
A question from James Miller, Penticton Herald, asking why Michael Rynoski was not
included on the Wall of Fame.
Clarke/Beaven that the meeting be adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
July 6, 2012
Ref: U:\SBO-ST-Data\DA\2011-2012\00100 - 00999 Admin\00300-05 Minutes Open\2012-06-11 OP Minutes.doc
“Working Together for Student Success”
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