Larry Little, Chair
Ginny Manning, Vice Chair
Connie Denesiuk, Trustee
Shelley Clarke, Trustee
David Perry, Trustee
Tom Siddon, Trustee
Linda Van Alphen, Trustee
Wendy Hyer, Superintendent of Schools
Frank Regehr, Secretary-Treasurer
Dave Burgoyne, Assistant Superintendent
Ron Shongrunden, Director of Finance and Information Technology
Pamela Butters, Director of Instruction
Tom Schimmer, District Principal
Jane Owen, Executive Assistant
Chairman Little welcomed district staff, guests, and representatives. A special welcome to the
new Superintendent, Wendy Hyer; Assistant Superintendent Dave Burgoyne; District Principal
Tom Schimmer; and Director of Instruction, Pamela Butters.
Denesiuk/Manning that the agenda and addendum be adopted.
Summer School 2009
Summer School Principal Lisa Edwards submitted a report to the board as well as a
visual presentation on the 2009 Summer School program. This program was held on
July 6 to 17 at KVR Middle School with close to 300 students attending. Many of the
same programs for the Kindergarten to grade 11 students were similar to last year with
the addition of one named “Newspapers for Kids”. This program allowed kids to produce
their own newspapers. Another collaboration from primary teachers for the elementary
and middle students involved the students with a Robert Munsch theme.
Lisa Edwards thanked everyone who was involved in organizing the program as it was
put together quite quickly. Suggestions and recommendations for next year included a
suggestion that an elementary school be used for primary/intermediate students.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 2
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
Following a number of questions and comments from trustees, Chairman Little thanked
Lisa Edwards for attending and for all her hard work with summer school.
Literacy Now Community Program
Naomi Ludington, Literacy Now Coordinator, provided an update on the various activities
this program has to offer. Naomi deals with all types of service provider groups in the
region as well as the school district. Their literacy plan is based around the entire
community which includes workplace, health and family literacy. From babies to seniors,
their focus is to educate the public as to what they can accomplish in the way of literacy.
A literacy directory has been printed (2,000 copies) to provide as much information on
what is available throughout the community. Naomi advised she has attended and
spoken at festivals and children’s festivals and with health care providers and local
businesses. Various advertising has been in placed in newspapers and newsletters. As
well, she has participated in networking activities. The directory has also been translated
into the Punjab language to provide information to that market. Many sub committees
are working with Naomi to assist with suggestions, recommendations, and concepts to
raise awareness that supports literacy throughout the Similkameen. She discussed plans
for Family Literacy Day and an Adult Spelling Bee Contest as two examples of events.
Several questions and comments were put forward by trustees. Chairman Little thanked
Ms. Ludington for attending and providing the presentation.
Perry/Clarke that the minutes of the regular meeting held on June 30, 2009 be
The following items were discussed at the closed meeting held on June 30, 2009:
Received reports from the Shatford liaison committee and discipline committee;
Confirmed teaching, excluded, and CUPE staff changes;
Received information related to construction at Penticton Secondary School;
Received information related to a property matter;
Confirmed a vice principal appointment;
Received information related to student suspensions;
Approved excluded staff labour market adjustments.
Letter from Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen
A letter from the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen inviting School District No.
67 (Okanagan Skaha), No. 53 (Okanagan Similkameen), and No. 58 (NicolaSimilkameen) to attend a joint meeting of the boards and staff for an open discussion to
identify areas of common interest and to establish stronger working relationships.
Letter from War Child Canada
A letter from War Child Canada thanking teachers and student in our district for raising
nearly $2,000 in support of children affected by war.
Letter from Local Government Program Services
A letter which acknowledges receipt of the final report and financial summary for the 2005
School community Connections Program – Phase 3.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 3
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
Letter from British Columbia School Trustees Association
A letter from the British Columbia School Trustees Association enclosing a cheque for a
2% refund of the 2008-09 membership fees and announcing a 0% increase in the
district’s 2009-10 fees.
Letter from British Columbia School Trustees Association
A letter from Connie Denesiuk, President, BCSTA, providing an overview of advocacy
work done by the BCSTA with respect to recent announcements by the Ministry of
In reviewing the letter from BCSTA, trustees acknowledge the work of BCSTA to address
the funding issues.
Letter from the Minister of Education
A letter from the Minister of Education to board chairs and superintendents encouraging
schools to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of National Child Day in November 20, 2009.
Summary of Copies of Letters to the Board
Copies of the letters to the Board listed below are available in the trustee reading file:
School District No. 73 (Kamloops/Thompson) to the Minister of Education
expressing their board’s concern regarding the delay in the annual facility grant
funding for the 2009-10 fiscal year;
School District 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) to the Minister of Education requesting that
the Minister consider funding distributed learning secondary students enrolled in
a graduation program in remote areas at 1.0 FTE rather than by course due to
the difficult circumstances of providing a variety of elective courses;
School District No. 28 (Quesnel) to the Minister of Education expressing concern
with respect to the 2008-09 annual facilities grant and the drop in the per student
formula funding;
School District No. 39 (Vancouver) to the Coalition of Physical Punishment of
Children and Youth;
School District No. 39 (Vancouver) to the Minister of Education expressing
concern with respect to the 2009-10 annual facilities grant and the district’s
urgent facilities needs;
School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) to the Minister of Education regarding
the board’s view on education funding in British Columbia;
School District No. 28 (Quesnel) to the Minister of Education regarding
cancellation of the annual facilities grant;
School District No. 72 (Campbell River) to the Minister of Education regarding
the recent non-payment of the final AFG for 2008-09, the cancellation of the $1.3
million AFG for 2009-10, the non-payment of a $112,000 lease with CSF, and a
$41,000 pull-back of population redistribution monies already paid;
School District No. 57 (Prince George) to the Federal Minister of Finance
requesting that boards be provided a tax-free status as are local governments
and agencies;
School District No. 38 (Richmond) to the Minister of Education requesting a
meeting with the Minister regarding the cancellation of AFG funds.
Letter from Gary Doi
A letter of resignation from Gary Doi regarding the 2010 Summer Leadership
Denesiuk/Van Alphen that the correspondence be received and that
Secretary-Treasurer Regehr work with the RDOS to arrange a meeting as
requested in 7.1.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 4
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
Buildings, Grounds, Safety and Transportation Committee
Trustee Perry reported on the buildings, grounds, safety and transportation committee
which was held on September 2, 2009:
Carbon Neutrality
Secretary-Treasurer Regehr reviewed a memo describing the intent to establish
revised heating and cooling standards for school district buildings. The district has
recently signed an agreement with the province committing to initiatives to reduce
our carbon footprint. The memo described a specific reduction plan to change the
heating and cooling temperature settings at levels requiring less energy
consumption. Specifically, the temperature settings planned are:
re Set
School in
Gyms in
Current Heat
22C to 23C
20C to 23C
18C (20C
24C lag to
24C lag to
22C to 23C
20C to 23C
No cooling
24C lag to
Mr. Regehr noted the ability to achieve these temperature standards will vary
depending on school HVAC systems but will serve to support the goal of reducing
energy consumption. The committee discussed the proposal and did not
recommend changes.
While presenting these minutes, Trustee Perry noted the importance of reducing
temperature settings as one way to reduce the carbon footprint.
Plans for Site Development near Ellis Building
The committee was provided with three reports reviewing the conditions of the
trees at the front of the Ellis and Shatford buildings. The condition of each tree was
reviewed by CropHealth Advising & Research which identified practices which
would improve the health of the trees and a number of trees that needed
replacement. Suggested practices for the trees included greater setback of
replacement trees from the overhead wires, adequate spacing between trees,
techniques to reduce compacting of soil at the base of trees, and improved pruning
practices. In addition to work to improve the health of the trees along Main Street,
Mr. Regehr advised work is in progress to finalize a landscape plan for the front of
the Ellis building including irrigation and new lawn. The committee commented on
the thoroughness of the report and supported the removal of trees identified in the
report along with the commitment for replacement for the trees.
Queen’s Park Elementary – Parking Lot Construction
Secretary-Treasurer Regehr advised that the parking construction on Orchard
Street is nearly completed and will provide for 20 spaces plus a walk area. During
the construction, the school district had a concrete footing built on the outside edge
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 5
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
of the courtyard. This footing will be the base of a chain link fence at this time and
could be used as the base of a new wall in the future.
Joint Use Agreement – City of Penticton
The committee was provided with a draft of a revised joint use agreement between
the City of Penticton and school district which provides for the sharing of facility use
between the parties. The existing agreement was entered into in 1989. Changes
include the removal of free access to the school district for the Penticton Trade &
Convention Centre and Memorial Arena as these buildings are now managed by
Global Spectrum. The committee supported the recommendation that the modified
agreement be approved.
Annual Facility Grant Funding
Secretary-Treasurer Regehr reviewed the announcement received from the
Ministry of Education on the evening of August 27 advising that no funding will be
provided for the 2009-10 AFG. The AFG has been funded for over 10 years as a
supplementary grant to the annual budget. It is intended to fund minor building
projects (under $1.5 million) that will meet Ministry criterion such as extend the life
of a building, replace existing components, or improve building efficiency. School
District No. 67 recent project examples include the Summerland Secondary School
front entry and office renovations, Giant’s Head Elementary and Queen’s Park
Elementary HVAC upgrades, and the KVR Middle School roof replacement.
The committee was advised that the AFG funds are in addition to the operating
budget for the district and that the district currently employs a number of tradesmen
to work on projects funded from this grant. Since receiving the letter on August 27
that funding will not be forthcoming for 2009-10, a series of six meetings were held
with CUPE on August 28 and 31. Layoff letters were given to nine tradesmen and,
to prepare for possible bumping of other staff, a further 33 custodial, grounds, and
bus driver staff were also given notice of layoff.
Further to the report, Chairman Larry Little called for the Trustees to discuss their ideas
and comments regarding the Annual Facility Grant Funding that has been focused on
around the province. It was felt this would be a good opportunity to develop a strategy on
how to move forward with a plan to deal with the cut backs the district has been faced
A summary of points that were put forward included:
This public education system is already chronically underfunded and has been for a
number of years
Have School District No. 67 take a stand of leadership with other districts
Boards do not have full control on how they use their operating dollars
Funding hasn’t kept pace
Cutting 1.7 million is deplorable
How will proper maintenance of the buildings be kept up, now – in 5 years?
We have stories to tell that are powerful
We collectively as a large group have to voice our concerns to the government
It takes a personal commitment for each one of us
The community should be involved not just the school district, BCSTA CUPE, OSTU,
BCPVPA, etcetera
Parents are the strength and should be completely informed by a public meeting
Sports teams/involvement will be considerably effected
How funding cuts effect DPAC and PAC’s within the schools
Has an effect on the trust between the ministry and the education system
An outrage with no consultation from the government
Craft a letter of signatures from all presidents and heads of various groups
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 6
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
Chairman Little concluded that the discussion was a good start to the troublesome
budget and that groups should work together as a unified voice to government (CUPE,
OSTU, BCSTA, BCPVPA, and DPAC). Chairman Little suggested and trustees
supported that a letter be proposed as soon as possible to the Minister of Education.
Student Transportation – Twin Lakes Route
Director of Finance Ron Shongrunden advised that prior to school start-up, a bus
route covering Twin Lakes/White Lake area will be reorganized. Currently, the
Twin Lakes area has a late morning pick up and an early drop off in the afternoon.
Mr. Shongrunden advised that the route would be planned for September to have
each half of the route having one early and one late drop off.
Student Transportation – 15-Seat Passenger Vans
Mr. Shongrunden advised that a new service at the Penticton Community Centre
will soon offer transportation for students using a 15-passenger van. Mr.
Shongrunden noted the Ministry of Education has recently clarified that school
districts may use 15-passenger vans for student transportation but when doing so
should follow a number of safety practices. It was also noted that although the
Ministry currently allows this use, our district practice has discouraged their use.
The committee discussed transportation safety and if the use of 15-passenger vans
is to be considered that operating practices need to be established.
Perry/Siddon that the report of the buildings, grounds, safety, and
transportation committee be received.
Finance and Management Committee
Trustee Manning reported on the finance and management committee meeting held on
September 9, 2009:
2008-09 Financial Statements
Mr. Jonathan McGraw, CA, and partner with BDO Dunwoody reviewed the audit of
the district’s year-end financial statements. Mr. McGraw reviewed the procedures
for statement review and to test the accuracy of the financial records. In
conclusion, Mr. McGraw advised the statements reflect the financial position of
School District No. 67 in accordance with Canadian accounting principles.
Additional detail was provided regarding the accrual of capital invoices.
The committee expressed appreciation for the hard work of the district staff, in
particular Patti Ponech and Alicia Martin with the preparation of the financial
Manning/Clarke that the report of the 2008-09 financial statements be
Natural Gas Contract
Director of Finance Ron Shongrunden reported that for two years the school district
has purchased a contract for natural gas. Natural gas pricing is at the lowest price
level in seven years. The contract was recently renewed for a three-year period at
a price of $6.40/Gj, down from the current price of $7.95/Gj.
Ministry of Education August 28 Funding Changes
The committee held a general discussion on the Ministry’s lack of consultation on
funding reductions including the annual facility grant in the amount of $1,315,000;
$48,767 from the 2008-09 block funding holdback; approximately $120,000 for the
building lease of Ecole Entre Lacs; $22,500 for MSP premium increases;
cancellation of the literacy innovation grant; and a reduction in the Ready, Set,
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 7
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
Learn grant as well as other grants such as BC School Sports. Trustees will
address these concerns to the Ministry of Education and other partner groups
including parents, MLA’s, school districts, and affiliated organizations.
Summer Leadership Conference
The committee reviewed and questioned items related to the 2009 Summer
Leadership Conference. As per previous minutes, trustees confirmed that the
review of the Summer Leadership Conference will be held September 14, 2009
Board of Education meeting.
Chairman Little suggested that in light of the resignation of Gary Doi as Conference
Coordinator that they move this discussion on to the open Education Committee meeting
to review the holding of the 2010 conference.
Clarke/Van Alphen that the report of the finance and management
committee be received.
Penticton Secondary School Reconstruction
Secretary-Treasurer Frank Regehr gave an update regarding the Penticton Secondary
School construction.
The Ellis building was open for students the first day of school. An occupancy permit
from the City of Penticton was received and a limited number of deficiencies remain. It
was fortunate to have had bus loading and the parking lot completed for the first day of
school. Some landscaping, lighting, and finishing work still to be completed. Trees and
irrigation in front of the Ellis/Shatford buildings are in need of repair and it is hoped
landscaping issues can be dealt with this fall.
Summer Maintenance Projects
Secretary-Treasurer Regehr reviewed a lengthy list of summer maintenance projects
prepared by Director of Maintenance John Hickling. A variety of renovations were
completed at most schools over the summer including Summerland Secondary
renovations, set up and take down of Okanagan Hockey School at Queen’s Park, new
fields at McNicoll Park Middle School, Penticton Secondary millwork and roofing at four
buildings. Mr. Regehr recognized the quality work of the maintenance department to
complete the projects. Trustees commented on how pleased they were with the parking
lot completion at Queen’s Park Elementary School as it is a considerable improvement.
Chairman Little and trustees also requested the options for the placement of the
Penticton Secondary School telescope be reviewed. It was decided that topic could be
brought up at the next Buildings, Grounds, Safety and Transportation Committee
Student Achievement
Children in Care Initiative
The superintendent of schools gave a review on recommendations made by the
report entitled Kids, Crime and Care (Health and Well-Being of Children in Care:
Youth Justice Experiences and Outcomes). An update regarding implementation of
the recommendations was also provided.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 8
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
A section of this report indicated that children in long term care (children who have
been removed from their home for a long period of time) graduated at a significant
lower rate than those who remained in care of a parent. This report had several
recommendations including that every school in the province assign a single staff
member to oversee education planning to monitor student achievement. Boards
are expected to develop an implementation plan by October 30, 2009.
Superintendent Hyer is to report to the Ministry of Education by December 15,
2009. Superintendent Hyer was pleased to report that implementation of the plan
has already been started.
Communication and Access
Field Trips
The superintendent of schools reviewed information related to the planned field trip
to Japan on September 26 to October 8, 2009.
Vice Principal Jeff Guy from Penticton Secondary School, who is coordinating the
trip, indicated through an email on September 3rd to Superintendent Hyer that the
contact in Japan mentioned four schools had closed in the area due to the H1N1
virus. The concern was whether the trip to Japan should be postponed. An
investigation was conducted by Superintendent Hyer, District Principal Tom
Schimmer, and Jeff Guy to make an informed decision. It was determined that
once more information came to light that the refund would be in jeopardy if a travel
advisory had not been issued. Doctors’ recommendations were discussed and
several days later the school in Japan was reopened (the students had recovered
and were doing well). It was noted that if students were infected with H1N1 they
would be well looked after. It was recommended to reinforce to the parents that
any students with any medical issues ensure they bring their medication with them
on the trip. The decision was made to approve the trip to Japan.
Manning/Denesiuk that the field trip request for 21 students from Penticton
Secondary, Princess Margaret Secondary and Summerland Secondary
schools to travel to Ikeda and Tokyo in Japan be given final approval.
Other Items
Assistant Superintendent Burgoyne reported that enrolment numbers as of
September 11, 2009 were not finalized. Efforts to confirm the numbers have been
slowed by BCeSIS and the need to contact all families with students registered to
start school. In the next couple of weeks, finalized numbers will be made available.
Class Size and Composition Report
Assistant Superintendent Burgoyne reminded trustees and staff of the annual
process of Bill 33 each year. Teachers and Administrators will go through
consultation meetings. The Administrators must consult with the teachers of every
class in their schools that have more than 30 students or more than three identified
students. Within those 15 days the Administrators must also consult with School
Planning Councils and the Administrators would then produce a report to the
Superintendent of Schools on a proposed organizational plan due on September
28, 2009. The Superintendent of Schools must report to the board by October 1,
H1N1 Review and Update
Superintendent Hyer updated the board on the H1N1 situation. In June of last year
James Gorman from the Ministry outlined a procedure regarding school closures if
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 9
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
staff or students were infected with the virus. At that time school closures occurred
as information about the virus was not fully known. The ministry of education and
public health officials have since developed a protocol for H1N1 which does not
anticipate school closures. The outbreak was not as serious as originally
anticipated. Care should be taken in reminding the public of hand washing
practices to avoid the spread of the virus. For up-to-date information, please have
staff refer to the website. All districts will be designing a pandemic response plan
in anticipation of a resurgence of the H1N1. The district education team and
operational staff have already met and are starting to develop a plan. This plan
would consist of three phases:
Pre Pandemic Phase – emphasize prevention
Pandemic Phase – designed to minimize rate of illness
Post Pandemic Phase – focus on restoring normal operations/services
Superintendent Hyer advised this information would be included in the crisis
Health behaviour in School-Aged Children Study: 2009-10
Canada has been invited to participate in this international health survey. Two of
the schools have been chosen to participate. This particular survey is conducted
every four years and will be conducted through Queen’s University. The benefit is
to understand health practices of young people at the school level but also in
Canada. Each child completes a questionnaire (one class) in grades 6-10 with
regards to sexual health. These questions can be removed at the request of the
board. Queen’s University is requesting permission to conduct the survey at the
two schools. Superintendent Hyer recommended the Education Committee review
the survey and advise how they would like to proceed.
Chairman Little requested the Health survey be reviewed at the next Education
Committee Meeting.
Masters Research Action Research Project
Wiltse Elementary school teacher, Christine Setters, is seeking permission to
conduct an action research project as a partial requirement of a Gonzaga
University Masters program. The Administrator of Wiltse Elementary has
supported the research project. Superintendent Hyer recommended the project
go ahead.
Van Alphen/Perry that the request from Christine Setters to conduct an
action research project related to numeracy be approved.
Superintendent Hyer visited a number of schools and wanted to pass on her compliments
to the board and staff for the great efforts made in the 2008-09 school year. She noticed
a very positive tone with the students and staff in the start up of the school year.
District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Meetings
DPAC meetings for the 2009-10 school year will be held as follows:
September 22, 2009
October 27, 2009
Chairman Little
Vice Chair Manning
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 10
November 24, 2009
January 26, 2010
February 23, 2010
March 23, 2010
April 27, 2010
May 25, 2010
June 22, 2010
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
Trustee Clarke
Trustee Perry
Trustee Siddon
Trustee Van Alphen
Chairman Little
Trustee Denesiuk
Trustee Clarke
All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be held at the school board office.
BCSTA Provincial Council Meeting
The BCSTA Provincial Council Meeting will be held on October 24, 2009. The board
asked Trustee Manning to review the motion regarding funding reductions that was put
forward by Trustee Siddon.
BCSTA Okanagan Branch Meeting
The BCSTA Okanagan Branch Meeting will be held on October 16 and 17, 2009. School
District No. 67 will be hosting the meeting in Penticton.
Date of Next Meeting
• October 5, 2009, 6:30pm, Regular Meeting, School Board Office
Recognition of Student Success
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha) extended congratulations to the students and
groups for outstanding examples of success as shown on the recognition sheet included
with the agenda package.
Recognition of Student Artwork
Congratulations were extended to the following students from Parkway Elementary
School for their artwork currently on display the school board office:
MacKenzie Howse, Grade 3
Sukmit Toor, Grade 3
Nicolas Eacott, Grade 1
Karman Grewal, Grade 1
Tommy Mansell, Grade 3
Hannah Mann, Grade 3
Chris Koster, Grade 3
Watercolour abstract triangles in various colours /
some felt pen designs
Watercolour abstract triangles in various colours /
paler tones
A headshot of a little boy with crazy brown hair
and surprised expression.
A serpent (or Ogopogo) weaving in and out of the
water in watercolour paint and felt pen
Six purple tall stemed flowers in watercolour
framed in green and purple
Colourful individual squares with circles within
circles in watercolour paint and pastels
Bright cheery sunflowers framed with black paper
in water colour paint
Trustee Comments
Trustees wanted to let Daphne know a message collectively be given to her expressing
sympathy for her and her family.
Trustee Clarke commented that seeing all the children being so happy in school makes it
all worthwhile.
“Working Together for Student Success”
School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Page 11
Minutes of Regular Open Board Meeting of September 14, 2006
Trustee Denesiuk visited some of the schools and was thrilled to experience the excited
faces of the students and teachers starting school.
Trustee Van Alphen visited the StrongStart booth recently. It was noted so many parents
spoke very highly of the program and how pleased they were on the type of education
StrongStart provided. Two new StrongStart Centres are opening this year at Carmi
Elementary and Columbia Elementary.
Questions and/or comments from the audience included support for the board’s approval to lobby
for education funding, Summer Leadership Conference finances and organization, and
clarification of CUPE layoffs due to loss of Annual Facility Grant.
Manning/Siddon that the meeting be adjourned at 9:30 p.m.
September 30, 2009
Ref: U:\SBO-ST-Data\DA\2009-2010\00100 - 01999 Admin\00300-05 Minutes Open\090914 OP Minutes.doc
“Working Together for Student Success”
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