The Killer Angels Name: Period:

The Killer Angels
June 29, 1863 Quotations Organizer
Collect quotations connecting to characterization, theme, or plot
Chapter 1 (pp. 3-16)
Chapter 2 (pp. 17-32)
Find quotations that characterize the spy, Stuart, and
Characterize Chamberlain and keep an eye on him. He starts
with pretty big ideals. Watch what war does to him.
Chapter 3 (pp.33-48)
Chapter 4(pp.49-68)
Find quotes containing references to:
 the importance of the high ground
 Buford’s vision
 the angel that Buford encounters in the cemetery
Find quotes containing:
 any references to Longstreet’s children
 any reference to Longstreet’s opinion of the war or the
Confederate Cause
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