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Leading Through Innovation
lead ing
u c ati on
The Plano Independent
life-long learning skills, and they are bolstered by a community that values
School District is pleased
providing the best facilities and technology for its students.
to present this 2009
Annual Report which
provides you, our
community, an overview
On behalf of the Plano ISD Board of Trustees, administrators, faculty and staff,
I invite you to celebrate the successes of our district, which are published
throughout this report, and I wish you another successful school year as we
work together to continue to support our outstanding school system.
of the 2008-2009
school year.
We believe that a
The new Douglas W. Otto Middle School is scheduled
to open fall 2010. See other “2008 Bond Program”
projects on pages 8 and 9 of this report.
successful school
district not only serves
its students and their parents, but directly impacts the entire community.
Doug Otto
Superintendent of Schools
A community’s vitality is dependent upon its public school system. We are
proud that, for more than 100 years, Plano ISD has delivered upon its
promises to meet the high expectations of its community.
The 55,000 students who attend our nearly 70 schools (grades PreK-12)
excel due to an outstanding curriculum and instruction that is delivered
consistently district-wide with the mission that all students will receive an
excellent education.
Among the many statistics and achievements outlined in this report, you
Mission and Goals
Community Collaboration
will find information about how our community’s neighborhoods have been
Vision Statement
revitalized through the impact of capital bond projects. Our most recent 2008
Quick Facts
Education Foundation
Major Donors & Programs
bond program is well underway with new school construction, major school
Class of 2009 Profile
Student Achievements
renovations and improvements district-wide.
National Merit Semifinalists
Professional Pride
In addition to the results of the capital bond projects, Plano schools benefit
Financial Stability & Ratings
Employee Recognitions
from having a dedicated faculty and staff who are providing a leading edge
2008 Bond Program
2009–2010 Initiatives
education to our leaders of tomorrow. From our youngest preschool learners
to our senior high school graduates, Plano ISD students are empowered with
“Leading Edge Education” Annual Report
Published December, 2009, by the Plano ISD Communications Department
For a summary of this publication in Spanish, visit our website at
www.pisd.edu or call (469) 752-8150.
Dr. Douglas Otto
Superintendent of Schools
Deputy Superintendent
Plano ISD has two major goals:
• Ensure continued improvement in student learning
• Ensure that Plano ISD efficiently uses its financial resources/budgeting
Board of Trustees
Duncan Webb, Doug Otto
of schools) John Muns,
Brad Shanklin (vice-president),
Mary Beth King, Lloyd “Skip”
Jenkins (president), Missy
Bender (secretary) and
Marilyn Hinton.
Danny Modisette
Richard Matkin
Associate Superintendent
for Business Services
Jim Hirsch
Associate Superintendent
for Academic and
Technology Services
Karla Oliver
Executive Director
for Government
and Community Relations
Denise Gillespie
Executive Assistant
to the Superintendent
and Board of Trustees
Area Assistant
Superintendents: Roxanne Burleson
Central Cluster Schools
Mike Collinsworth
East Cluster Schools
Patty Meyer
West Cluster Schools
Nine Plano schools made the Texas Business and Education Coalition’s 2009 Honor Roll. The award
recognizes academic performance, honoring schools that win their championships in the classroom.
Congratulations to Andrews, Beverly, Haun, Mathews, Saigling, Skaggs and Wyatt elementary schools;
Rice Middle School and Plano West Senior High School
The mission of the Plano Independent School District is to provide an excellent
education for all students.
Leading Through
mission and
plano isd v ision
Participating in Plano ISD schools empowers students to be able to adapt to new learning opportunities
throughout their lives, collaborate with, and contribute to, the global community and to be creative and
disciplined in their thinking.
Strategic Goals
Guiding Principles
Student Learning
We will provide an innovative curriculum with instructional programs and
services that develop each student’s potential to graduate prepared for
post secondary experiences and the challenges of a global society.
• We will model and encourage cooperation and teamwork.
Community Connectedness
We will proactively inform and engage our community to promote social
responsibility, understanding, involvement and support of education to
ensure student success.
• We will encourage, develop and support bold, responsible
leadership by all.
Capacity Development
We will provide professional development for all employees to continually
develop their professional and interpersonal skills to maximize student learning.
We will work to acquire and manage appropriate resources to maximize
student learning.
All programs, support services and facilities will be continually evaluated
to promote successful student learning.
Data-Informed Decision-Making
We will analyze and use relevant data to improve student achievement
and district operations.
Leading Edge Education
Annual Report
• We will encourage and be responsive to high community expectations
consistent with our mission.
• We will strive to ensure a safe, nurturing and orderly environment
conducive to learning.
• We will focus on academic and life-long learning skills.
Plano West Senior High School Orchestra Director Jo Wallace-Abbie’s
students have earned the State Honor Orchestra title for five of the past
10 years. Read more student achievements beginning on page 16.
quick facts
Plano is a multicultural community located 20 miles
north of Dallas in a high-technology corridor and
is home to corporate giants like JCPenney, HP
Enterprise Services, Bank of America Home
Loans, Frito-Lay, Perot Systems and Alcatel.
Early Childhood (PreK)
Elementary (K-5)
Middle (6-8)
High (9 & 10)
Senior High (11 & 12)
Special Programs (K-8 & 9-12)
Total Number of Schools
Head Start Program
Plano Family Literacy Program
Administrative/Service Facilities Athletic Stadiums
School Principals
Assistant Principals
& Other Instructional
Higher Education
Collin County Community College District,
SMU-in-PLANO, University of North Texas,
University of Texas at Dallas, Texas Woman’s University, University of Dallas
Educational Attainment
of Citizenry*
Collin County has the highest
percentage of college degree
holders in Texas.
Graduate/Professional Degree Bachelor’s Degree
Associate’s Degree
Some College
High School
Less than High School
Elementary (PreK-5)
Middle (6-8)
High (9 & 10)
Senior High (11 & 12)
Students served i n Bilingual
and English as a Second
Language programs
Total Number of Students
Education Aides
Interpreters & Other
Instructional Professionals
School Nurses
Educational Diagnosticians,
Speech Pathologists, Psychologists
and Social Workers
Superintendent, Deputy,
Associate & Assistants
Non-Campus Professionals
Auxiliary Staff (Food Service,
Transportation, Purchasing
and Distribution Services)
Total Number of Employees
Median Household Income
Top Employment Industries*
Arts, Entertainment,
Recreation and Food Services
Retail Trade
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
Educational, Health Care
and Social Assistance
Professional, Scientific, Management
and Administrative
U.S. Census Bureau 2008 American Community Survey
Kindergarten student Trinton Babers won first place
in the Forman Elementary School Recycled Costume
Contest. As an environmentally-friendly neighbor,
Forman offers its school community curbside
recycling of aluminum cans, wire hangers and
plastic bags.
Plano Independent School District
Nine Plano schools made the Texas Business and Education Coalition’s 2009 Honor Roll. The award
recognizes academic performance, honoring schools that win their championships in the classroom.
Congratulations to Andrews, Beverly, Haun, Mathews, Saigling, Skaggs and Wyatt elementary schools;
Rice Middle School and Plano West Senior High School
plano schools and communit y
class o f 2 0 0 9 pro f ile & college
readiness indicators
Plano ISD students’ scores on college entrance exams increased again in 2009, remaining well above
the national average in every ranking class group. The incomparable performance of Plano ISD students
on these exams gives them a competitive edge for college admission and college success.
“In addition to exceptional college entrance exam scores, a significant
number of Plano ISD students are challenging themselves by taking Advanced
Placement courses and participating in the International Baccalaureate program
and Collin College concurrent enrollment,” noted Paul Weaver, director of
counseling and guidance.
“The results of this report are the envy of any school district,” said Plano
1150 “The practical arrangement of
ISD School Board Secretary Missy Bender.
these nationally accepted college readiness measures and the impressive
accomplishments of our students make the College Readiness Indicators
report a very valuable tool for the district.”
ACT scores increased in all subjects - English, math,
reading and science reasoning.
The ACT composite score also
increased from 25.2 to 25.5 from 2008 to 2009. This compares to
the statewide composite score
of 20.8 and a national composite score of 21.1. Some 1,446 Plano ISD
students took the ACT in 2009
as compared to 1,379 in 2008.
“These statistics indicate a strong dedication
of our teachers and counselors
to work diligently to get more students enrolled and involved in honors and
advanced courses,” said Mr. Weaver. 950
2009 ACT Composite Scores
2009 College Readiness Indicators
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Test
(ACT) scores continue to go up
and far exceed state and
national averages in reading,
math and writing.
The Plano ISD SAT composite score
(reading and math only) is 1,165,
a 9 point increase over the 2008
composite score.
2009 SAT Composite Scores
Leading Edge Education
Honor Graduate Alexandra Nichole Elam
was selected to provide a motivational
speech to her peers at Plano Senior
High School’s 2009 Graduation.
Annual Report
Some 7,513 Advanced Placement (AP)
exams were administered to
students at Plano ISD’s three senior high schools in 2009. While the
number is slightly less than in 2008,
this may be an indication that more
students are enrolled in concurrent
college courses.
Certified as an IB school in July 1995, the Plano East program carefully
screens students on the basis of academic potential. All students admitted
to the International Honors and the IB programs are full diploma candidates.
In 2009, Plano ISD boasted 68 full diploma candidates through its
International Baccalaureate program and 44 IB diplomas were awarded.
Morgan Hansen, Plano East Senior
High School Student Senate
parliamentarian, inspired fellow
graduates at her 2009 graduation.
AP test-takers at the high school level (grades 9 & 10) increased to 1,109
in 2009 from 1,082 in 2008, while the number of tests taken increased
from 1,150 to 1,192.
At the high school level, 64 percent of students scored a 3 or higher on
AP tests. In alignment with district goals, Plano ISD has opened the door
for many more students to take AP and honors courses. For many of these
students, 2009 was the first year to take an AP test.
Middle School AP Spanish testing resulted in 80 percent of student
scores rating a 3 or higher. These young students will begin ninth grade
with 4 high school Spanish credits.
International Baccalaureate Program
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is a rigorous course of study
designed to meet the needs of highly motivated secondary students and
to promote international understanding. To qualify for the International
Baccalaureate Diploma, students took examinations in six subject areas,
participated in the Creativity, Action and Service program, and wrote an
extended essay.
The diploma candidates also enrolled in a unique course known as
Theory of Knowledge. In this course, students explored the connections
and similarities between the various subjects and learned to think and
apply interrelated concepts.
Many students earning the IB Diploma were awarded advanced college
credit at prestigious universities around the world. Many highly competitive
colleges and universities recognize the IB Diploma for admissions and/or
advanced standing.
Concurrent College Enrollment
Beginning with the 2006-2007 school
year, qualifying Plano ISD juniors
and seniors have taken classes
with Collin College, which count
as high school graduation credit
as well as college credit.
Juniors are able to take one Collin
College class each semester, and
seniors have the opportunity to take
two classes through Collin College
each semester. Successful
completion of these classes allows
students to graduate from high
school with 18 hours of college credit
through Collin College.
Since fall 2007, when Plano ISD
initiated the concurrent college
Logan Borgsmiller, Plano West Senior
enrollment program with Collin
High School Student Congress
College, the number of students
vice-president, addressed his peers
at the 2009 graduation ceremony.
enrolled has nearly doubled from 374
to 701, a strong indication of
the success of the program and students’ post-secondary readiness.
Students earned concurrent enrollment through Collin College in the
following courses: U.S. History, Government, Economics and English IV.
Plano Independent School District
Graduates in the Class of 2009, representing all three Plano ISD senior high schools, earned
scholarships totaling $35,146,980.00 to further their studies at higher education institutions.
With 3,911 students taking AP tests for college credit, Plano ISD’s AP program is one of the largest in
the nation.
Eighty percent of AP test scores of senior high school students were
3 or higher allowing them to receive
college credit.
Plano ISD students entered the International Honors (“pre-IB”) Program
at either Clark High School or Williams High School in the ninth grade
followed by the two-year IB Program at Plano East Senior High. IB students
may also have participated in the Advanced Placement Program in grades
9 through 12.
Advanced Placement Enrollment & Scores
2 0 0 9 national merit
One hundred twenty-eight senior students achieved Semifinalist standing in the 2009 National Merit
Scholarship Program based on their performance on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. These
academically gifted students are among 16,000 of their peers nationwide who represent less than one
percent of high school seniors. Those who advanced to Finalist standing competed for 8,200 National
Merit Scholarships worth more than $35 million.
Plano East
Senior High
Uzair Alaidroos
Reem M. Ali
Joshua Beeman
Garrett C. Blackwood
John Y. Chen
Jaclyn S. Chou
Kevin N. Do
Genkai J. Huang
Srinivasa K. Kadamati
Tarang Kapoor
Erin N. Mastenbrook
Jananie Ramesh
Rahul Sangal
Rebecca M. Scaduto
Neha Sharma
Alexander H. Spitzer
Catherine K. Tieu
Christina Vo
Logan C. Wright
Jae Eun Yoon
Plano Senior
High School
Zeenat Abdulali
Robert Britton
Elizabeth Brogdon
Joshua Buffington
Stephanie Carlsen
Hannan Chapman
Jeana Chen
Zephan Chen
John Clark
Sarah Conard
Linnea Coveney
Rupak Dhoot
Stephen Feronti
Neil Goeckner-Wald
Tiara Hlaing
Xinyue Hu
Rex Huang
Nick Hughes
Juanyao Jiang
Hrishikesh Joshi
Jordan Krieger
Gary Lee
Megan Liao
Eugene Lim
Jennifer Liou
Laindy Liu
Melinda Liu
Shijia Liu
Taylor Morrow
Jordan Naumann
Krista Oleson
Aneesh Rai
Monica Remmers
Justin Sheu
Jean Shiao
Jonathon Shipman
Usama Siddiquee
Gursimran Singh
Anusha Sivakumar
Srivastava Sonti
Swarna Sunkara
Jennifer Tang
Kathy Tian
Taylor Tope
Howard Tsai
Timothy Tsang
Michael Tu
Belal Wang
Leading Edge Education
Yifan Wang
Wenfei Wei
Sinclair Wu
Vivian Wu
Yang Wu
Crystal Xia
Kevin Yan
Albert Yang
Jamie Yang
Qiongqiong Yang
Jeff Yao
Jeremy Ying
Richard Young
Arnold Zhang
Linhao Zhang
Julia Zhu
Maria Zhu
Plano West
Senior High
Matthew W. Andrus
Sue Hyon Bae
Matthew J. Burnham
Joseph H. Chien
Choi, Stephen H.
Michelle S. Chu
Justin C. Chung
Stephanie D. Goldstein
Yixin Gu
Henry B. Han
Nicole E. Ho
Charlotte R. Hockens
Ashley L. Hsu
Michelle J. Kukielski
Ching-Yin N. Kwan
Marissa L. Lamoure
Annual Report
Ni Lang
Jiesu Lee
Karen J. Lin
Amanda J. Lu
Jennifer Ma
Jared A. Meek
Scott M. Miesse
Victor A. Pham
Neeraja Prabhakaran
Alyssa N. Quan
Austin T. Rogers
David Roohy
Evan H. Rosenfield
Daniel Seol
Nikita A. Singh
Amreen Z. Sitabkhan
Daniel A. Stack
Jason T. Stevens
Michael J. Teng
Laura E. Terrell
Stephanie Tsang
Nicholas Tycom
Shiv H. Venkatasetty
Allen F. Wang
Kevin Y. Wang
Dawn C. Zhao
James Z. Zhu
Pictured are the 2009
Valedictorians (top) Jananie
Ramesh from Plano East
Senior High School, (left)
Jeremy Ying from Plano
Senior High School and
(right) Amanda Jane Lu
from Plano West Senior
High School. Salutatorians
were Tarang Kapoor from
Plano East Senior High
School, Shijia “Jessica” Liu
from Plano Senior High
School and Dawn Zhau-sal
from Plano West Senior
High School.
f inancial
As a founding member and president of the Texas Schools Coalition,
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Doug Otto has affected positive change
throughout the past few decades by working with the Texas Legislature
to offer relief from the state’s “Robin Hood” system of school funding for
Plano ISD and other coalition member school districts.
Superior Financial Results
• Annually, Plano ISD undergoes careful financial scrutiny from an independent auditing firm Weaver & Tidwell, LLP. The company delivered “an unqualified opinion” of Plano ISD’s financial services and records for 2008-2009.
• For 26 consecutive years, Plano ISD has earned a “Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial
Reporting” by the Government Finance Officers Association of the U.S. and Canada.
• Plano ISD has earned, for six consecutive years, the highest rating of “Superior Achievement” through the
Texas Education Agency’s Schools FIRST (Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas) program.
• The Local Government Assistance and Economic Development Comptroller of Public Accounts presented Plano ISD with a “Leadership Circle Award” gold seal, a mark of success indicating implementation of financial transparency.
2009-2010 Financial Data
Assessed Values
Local Funds
State Funds
Operating Fund Appropriations
Salary & Benefits
Other Expenses
Operating Fund
Cost Per Pupil**
2009-2010 AREA TAX RATES*
Wylie Allen McKinney Rockwall Mesquite Lewisville Frisco Carrollton/FB Richardson Plano Garland $1.5900
*Per $100 of assessed home value
Flow-Thru Costs
Recapture Payments*
TIF Flow-Thru
Beaty Early Childhood
School student Poojah
enjoyed stacking blocks
to learn about the
concept of patterns.
*During the past two decades, Plano ISD has paid more than $1 billion in tax dollars
to the state to educate students in other state school districts through the “Robin Hood”
system of school finance.
**Based on projected enrollment of 54,256
YEAR 2004-2005
*Per $100 of assessed home value
bond program
Schedules for most of the bond projects are contingent upon bond sales.
Construction planning is continuing, however the interest rate and timing
of improvements in the market will determine actual bond expenditures.
Pre-Funded Projects Schell Elementary School Employee Child Care Center Land Acquisitions
Construction complete summer 2007
Building purchased and opened fall 2008
Capital Improvements – Instructional Sara Isaacs Early Childhood School Barron Conversion New Elementary School Dr. Douglas W. Otto Middle School McMillen High School $140,855,112
Construction completed fall 2009
Construction completed fall 2009
Planning and construction TBD
Construction to complete fall 2010
Planning underway, construction to complete fall 2011
Renovations (Elementary Schools) Bethany
Planning to start in third phase
Planning to start in fourth phase
Planning to start in fourth phase
Planning to start in fourth phase
Planning underway, construction to complete fall 2011
Planning to start in second phase
Planning underway, construction to complete fall 2011
Planning to start in third phase
Planning to start in third phase
Planning to start in second phase
Additions/Modifications Plano East Senior High School Science/Kitchen & Dining
Vines High School Fine Arts & Science Addition
Plano West Senior High School Kitchen & Dining
Haggard Middle School Fine Arts Addition
Plano Senior High School Fine Arts Addition
Forman Elementary School Addition – Classrooms
Guinn Center Addition – Classrooms/Kitchen/Serving Line
Construction scheduled to complete winter 2010
Construction scheduled to complete fall 2010
Beginning planning
Planning to start in fourth phase
Beginning planning
Construction scheduled to complete fall 2010
Construction scheduled to complete fall 2010
Capital Improvements – Instruction Career Education Physical Education Lockers
Fine Arts Equipment Science Labs
The brand new 75,000-square-foot Sigler Elementary School
replaced the original campus built in 1963. The $12 million facility,
which was funded by the 2004 bond program, has revitalized the
school’s neighborhood.
Leading Edge Education
Annual Report
In progress
In progress
Adrian Valdez and 600 of
his preschool peers attend
classes in the district’s
newest facility, Isaacs
Early Childhood School,
built with funds from the
2008 bond program.
Department Requests Safety and Security
Food and Nutritional Services Transportation
Additional Capital Projects Bird Education Center Parking Project
Energy Efficient Lighting Water Conservation Irrigation Upgrades
Athletic Capital Improvements
District-wide Capital Projects
17 of 24 sites
Systems and Compliance
(Capital Improvements – 47 Sites) District-wide facility upgrades/replacements
for security systems, roofs, flooring, HVAC,
energy management, fire alarms, fire lane parking
Curriculum and Technology
(Capital Improvements – District-wide) $66,090,996
Replacement Program
Classroom Technology Initiatives
Digital Visual Presenters (K-12)
In progress
PC operating and productivity systems upgrade (K-12)
Digital Cameras (K-12)
In progress
Web-based enterprise applications
Curriculum Specific
Art (K-5)
Career and Technology Education (6-12)
In progress
Elementary (K-5)
In progress
Foreign Language (6-12)
In progress
Health and Physical Education (K-12)
Learning Media Services (K-12)
In progress
Mathematics (6-12)
Science (6-12)
In progress
Special Education (K-12)
Speech (9-12)
In progress
Theater Arts (6-12)
In progress
Central/Auxiliary Services Initiatives
Food and Nutritional Services
In progress
Technology – upgrade wireless infrastructure
In progress
Total Bond Program
Aya and Adah enjoyed
“cooking” in their Beaty
Early Childhood School
Young participants
in the Plano Family
Literacy Program learn
English literacy skills in
a fun, family-focused
Schimelpfenig Middle
School’s Rachel Palet,
Erienne Terpak and
Mary Monjaras Ibarra
designed a drug-abuse
prevention poster
together during National
Red Ribbon Week.
Plano Independent School District
S chool & communit y
Excellence in education is best achieved through a shared vision and the cooperative efforts of schools,
parents, community volunteers and business partners. These community stakeholders donate their time,
talent and treasure to Plano’s most valuable resource — its students.
Plano ISD Council of PTAs Donates
Historic Gift in Celebration of Texas
PTA’s 100th Anniversary
The Plano ISD Council of PTAs celebrated the centennial of Texas PTA with
a gift to Plano ISD’s historic classroom located at the Cox Building on Avenue
H in downtown Plano. A historic PTA scrapbook is now showcased in the
classroom, which is toured by fourth grade students each year.
Plano ISD Council of PTAs President Cara Mendelsohn joined fellow Council
officers and past-presidents at the November, 2009 school board meeting
where trustees recognized the PTA gift. Karla Oliver, executive director for
government and community relations, noted that the PTA’s historic scrapbook
is a “special treasure overflowing with notes, letters and memorabilia that
focuses on a period of the district from 1951 through 1958. In addition, there is
a separate PTA program from 1932-1933 that lists board members with familiar
last names such as Mathews, Harrington, Haggard, Haynes and Schell.”
Plano ISD’s Karla Oliver
(foreground), executive
director for government
and community relations,
is joined in Plano ISD’s
historic classroom by PTA
Officers Angela Miner,
Cara Mendelsohn, Debbie
Rynas and Gretchen Abner.
Beverly Elementary School student Brett Pladsen thanks Allen Police Department
officers Sam Rappamonti and Gerald Marshall on September 11, 2009, during Plano
ISD’s first annual “Call to Action” on the National Day of Service & Remembrance.
Plano Schools Celebrate National Day of
Service and Remembrance
Plano ISD embraced “A Call to Action” as it celebrated the first annual
observance of the National Day of Service and Remembrance on
September 11, 2009. On this day, which was established by the U.S.
Congress, all campuses and departments engaged in activities that
embraced volunteerism and community service.
School projects included blood drives, food drives, clothing drives, supply
drives, card and letter campaigns and student-made gifts for various
organizations. “Camp Central” was erected in the lobby of the Plano ISD
Administration Building and overflowed with donated items such as new
sleeping bags, winter coats and jackets, flashlights, rain ponchos and
personal care items for fifth grade students to use at Collin County
Adventure Camp.
Leading Edge Education
Annual Report
A Welcome for New
Plano ISD Teachers
Plano ISD partnered with the Shops at
Willow Bend to host the annual New
Teacher Event; this year a luncheon in
the mall’s grand court. EDS Credit Union
and UDR sponsored this event.
Emily Huechteman, a new teacher at
Hughston Elementary School, won a
door prize at the New Teacher Luncheon.
Memorial Elementary School Receives
$10,000 Gift from The Medical Center of Plano
Students and faculty at Memorial Elementary School are the recent recipients
of a $10,000 gift from The Medical Center of Plano. The donation will fund art
supplies and science lab materials. “The Medical Center of Plano has been
a business partner with Memorial since 1991,” noted CEO Troy Villarreal.
“This donation will provide additional resources for teachers and students in
support of Memorial’s goal of becoming an exemplary school.”
Memorial Principal Maricela Helm said that the Medical Center’s most recent
gift will help the school purchase beneficial programs for students, including
a large Grand Canyon exhibit to correlate with the science curriculum. The
Medical Center also purchased Plano ISD spirit
shirts for the entire Memorial staff through the
Plano Principals Association, the sales of which
also benefit local student scholarships and area
nonprofits serving the community.
annual Stay-in-School Assembly, holiday gift giving, and the Center’s
employees serve as mentors and volunteers at school events like the
fall carnival and spring field day.
Medical Center of Plano Marketing Director Mary Jo Dean (left) and CEO
Troy Villarreal were briefed by Principal Maricela Helm (seated) and Assistant
Principal Katie Armstrong about science programs that would benefit from
the hospital’s $10,000 donation.
Medical Center customizes its giving by inquiring
about the school’s needs, providing every
student with printed planning/calendar agendas
for the school year and numerous supplies and
backpacks. The hospital sponsors Memorial’s
Since its inception in 2001, Plano ISD’s eSchool program has enabled more than 19,000 students
to take high school courses online, on their own time, wherever access is available to the Internet
and a computer.
Enjoying a gift bag filled with goodies from The
Shops at Willow Bend stores were (l-r) Chiharu
Allen and Jessica Dieke, licensed specialists in
school psychology.
2008-2009 Major Donors
VALEDICTORIAN $50,000 - $100,000+
AT&T Foundation
Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy
EDS Foundation
Employees of Plano ISD
Texas Instruments Foundation
Salutatorian $20,000 - $49,999
Aegon Direct Marketing Services, Inc.
Capital One
Dollar General Foundation
Gay, McCall, Isaacks, Gordon & Roberts, P.C.
Medical Center of Plano
Park Place Lexus Plano
Texas Instruments Incorporated
Achievement $10,000 - $19,999
Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano
City of Plano
Ebby Halliday REALTORS®
EDS Credit Union
Plano Arts & Cultural Endowment, Inc.
Wachovia Foundation
With Honors $5,000 - $9,999
Abernathy, Roeder, Boyd & Joplin, P.C.
ATMOS Energy
Central Market of Plano
Innovative Solutions for Education
Plano ISD Council of PTAs and Local PTAs
SHW Group, LLP
ViewPoint Bank
plano isd
education foundation
In 2008-09, the Plano ISD Education Foundation raised $1,100,000 in private
donations supporting quality education in Plano schools, made possible
through an annual “Ski Plano” gala, Plano ISD employee donations, a parent
and community annual fund drive and gifts from corporations, foundations
and individuals.
As a result, more than $900,000 was gifted to the Plano
ISD for priority programs that enhance student learning;
ensure all students are college ready; recruit, retain and
recognize the very best teachers; and support the role
of parents and families in students’ learning. The
Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
governed by a board of 32 business and
community leaders.
AT&T Awards $50,000
Grant to Plano ISD
Education Foundation
The Plano ISD Education
Foundation was gifted a
$50,000 grant from the
AT&T Foundation to bring
Destination: Graduation,
a successful high school
dropout prevention program
run by the United Way, to Plano
ISD middle schools for the first
time. By involving students in
Destination: Graduation earlier
in their education, school
officials hope to help at-risk
youth transition to high school
ready for success and with a
strong understanding of what
graduation requires.
Destination: Graduation students are pictured with Dr. Doug Otto,
Plano ISD superintendent of schools; Holly Reed, AT&T regional
vice president of external affairs; Gary Godsey, president of United
Way of Metropolitan Dallas; Beth Webb, president of Plano ISD
Education Foundation; and State Representative Jerry Madden.
New Foundation Initiatives
Beth Webb, Plano ISD Education
Foundation president, announced
the Foundation’s alumni initiative
to 7,000 faculty and staff members
at Plano ISD’s Employee
Convocation 2009.
Alumni Association
In 2008-2009, the Plano ISD Education
Foundation began two new initiatives to
broaden the Foundation’s reach in the
community. The Foundation started the
Plano ISD Alumni Association. The Plano
ISD Education Foundation hopes to
raise awareness and support among the
thousands of Plano ISD alumni. The Alumni
Association will have a website, quarterly
newsletter and annual “giving with class”
campaign to encourage alumni to support
the future alums of the district.
As part of the alumni initiative, this year’s
Ski Plano event’s honorary chair was Plano
ISD alum Brad Leland Williams from “Friday
Night Lights.” This year’s event netted a
record $200,000 to support Plano schools and was attended by more than 850 people.
Students who
captured the
Thrill of the Grill
5K top three
finishes were
Chris Buxton,
Shepton High
School (third);
Sam Tillery,
PWSH junior
(second); and
Matt Miller,
PWSH senior
Thrill of the Grill 5K
The Foundation also kicked off the inaugural “Thrill of the Grill” 5K. In April
2009, more than 300 runners ran in support of Plano schools. Superintendent
of Schools Dr. Doug Otto was the honorary chair of the event. The Foundation
hopes to grow the success of the new annual event.
Jasper High School faculty and staff members were among the greatest
contributors to the 2009 “Touch the Heart of a Child” employee giving campaign.
Employees ‘Touch the Heart of a Child’
The employees of Plano ISD made the most significant contribution to the
Plano ISD Education Foundation in 2009, validating the importance of the support
the school district foundation provides Plano schools. As a result of an employee
funding drive, more than 3,200 employees made a collective donation to the
Plano ISD Education Foundation of nearly $115,000.
Plano Independent School District
Foundation Funds $68,000 in
“Grants to Educators” Program
In 2008-2009, The Plano ISD Education Foundation funded $68,000
in grants for innovative teaching programs through its annual “Grants
to Educators” program. In November, 2008, Foundation volunteers
and program sponsors visited schools across the district, distributing
awards to teachers, as a “Grant Patrol.”
The “Grants to Educators” program is intended to help Plano ISD
educators enhance instruction in schools and classrooms across
the district. Teachers had the opportunity to complete applications
for grants for programs for their classes, schools or joint programs at
multiple schools.
Funding for the 2008-09 grants was made possible by the generous
contributions of the following sponsors: Park Place Lexus, Nortel,
Plano ISD Council of PTAs, Andrea-Mennen Family Foundation and
Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation.
Also sponsored
by the Foundation
• STEM education improvement
• Student scholarships for
economically disadvantaged
students to attend fifth grade camp.
Plano ISD’s annual teacher of the year gala, recruitment open house, new teacher dinner and employee
• Emergency grants to Plano ISD
employees experiencing
short-term crisis.
Funding for Plano ISD pilot programs that hold promise of bridging student
achievement gaps and ensuring all
students are college ready.
Margarita Rodriguez and daughter Emeli
Ordonez are among family members served by
the Plano Family Literacy Program.
• Funding for family service and
literacy programs.
2008-2009 “Grants to Educators” winners from Pearson Early Childhood School
were Mindy Schoen, Brittney McGee, Cheryl Kraemer and Molly Schulte.
The Foundation sponsors approximately 700
students to attend Collin County Adventure Camp.
Foundation Executive Director Monica Shortino (left) is pictured with
Ebby Halliday REALTORS sponsors at the Plano ISD Recruitment Open House.
Leading Edge Education
Annual Report
forgotten but the desire and thirst for knowledge and the love of learning last
forever,” and she hopes to instill that in her students. Michele’s classroom
is truly electric.
The two winners each earned $5,000 cash awards and $5,000 for classroom
technology and professional development from the Texas Instruments
Foundation. Four additional Plano ISD teachers were honored as STEM finalists.
Stephanie is a talented and nurturing teacher who has enhanced student
achievement and increased student interest in math. When you first walk into
her room, there is no mistake that she is a math teacher—student work is
displayed and colorful vocabulary words brighten the walls. Her principal
said it best: “Her caring, ‘can do’ spirit seems infectious as students remain
hopefully on task pioneering the difficult world of fractions, decimals
and probability.”
Michele works to provide a classroom in which her students are safe to
learn and express themselves; she encourages critical thinking, creative
expressions and questioning. Michele’s philosophy is that, “Facts may be
Stephanie Schinnerer and
Michele Poovey (seated), STEM
award winners, are pictured
with fellow STEM finalists and
awards presenters (standing, l-r)
Torrence Robinson, TI director
of public affairs; Finalist Whitney
Evans; Dr. Jim Wussow, PISD
secondary academic services
executive director; Finalists
Susan Appleton and Kelly
Reichenberger; Monica Shortino,
Plano ISD Education Foundation
executive director; Finalist Kathy
Fritz; Dr. Jim Wohlgehagen,
secondary math coordinator;
and Linda Flack, secondary
science coordinator.
Each year that the award has been given (18 consecutive years), Plano ISD has received a “What
Parents Want” award from SchoolMatch® of Columbus, Ohio, the nation’s largest school selection firm.
Only 16 percent of the nation’s public school districts have been so recognized for meeting the needs
of families choosing schools through the consulting company.
Teachers Stephanie Schinnerer and Michele Poovey are recipients of the
2009 Texas Instruments Foundation Innovations in STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math) Teaching Awards.
2009 Texas Instruments Foundation
Innovations in STEM Teaching Award Winners
S tudent
Secondary Science & Engineering Fairs
Beal Bank Dallas Regional
Science & Engineering Fair
800 Plano ISD Entrants (Grades 7-12)
All Four Grand Prize Awards (Junior Division)
Lisa Michaels – Renner M.S.
Pradyuman Vig – Rice M.S.
Dylan Hunn – Frankford M.S.
Ari Gao – Rice M.S.
Three of Four Grand Prize Awards
(Senior Division)
Abby Holbert, Jacob Deutsch, Alex Spiride, Lauren Bouvier and Narahari Bharadwaj
earned grand prize awards at the North Dallas Regional Elementary Science Fair.
Science Research
Elementary Science Fairs
District High Point Awards
Campus Fairs
Harrington E.S.
7,171 Entries (grades K-6)
Frankford M.S.
158 1st Place & Grand Prize Awards
North Dallas Regional Fair
District Fair
103 Qualifying Entries
Grand Prize Awards
Jacob Deutsch – Saigling E.S.
60 Awards/Total
Rachel Friedman – Centennial E.S.
Lauren Bouvier – Aldridge E.S.
Shriya Das – Frankford M.S.
Emi Rinkliff – Centennial E.S.
Highest Participation
Abby Hobert – Hedgcoxe E.S.
Hickey E.S. – 67.25%
Alex Spiride – Hughston E.S.
Bowman M.S. – 72.24%
Narahari Bharadwaj – Renner M.S.
Jacob Deutsch – Saigling E.S.
Most Projects
Grand Prize Sweep
Thomas E.S. – 399
Bowman M.S. – 242
Leading Edge Education
Annual Report
Brian Truong and Rohan Shah – Clark H.S.
Ryan Alexander – Clark H.S.
Adeyemi Adewuyi – Williams H.S.
Ryan Alexander, Clark High School,
captured a “best in category” award
at the international science fair.
ExxonMobil Texas State Science and Engineering Fair
Plano ISD students brought home more than 100 awards, including scholarships
and special awards, at the ExxonMobil Texas State Science and Engineering
Fair. Performing extremely well against very competitive projects, both the
junior (middle school) and senior (grades 9-12) students earned grand prize
awards and numerous first place awards.
Texas Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
Students Edward Strecker, Shepton High School, and
Jean Shiao, Plano Senior High School, advanced to the
National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium,
following their award-winning oral research
presentations delivered at the
Texas symposium.
Shepton High School Sophomore Tess
Michaels was among 15 finalists and
one of two science researchers selected
to be ambassadors of the BioGENEius
international science competition.
Ms. Michaels’ research project “Diet
and Longevity” earned fourth place
at the contest and a $1,000 award.
International Science & Engineering Fair
Science researchers from Plano and Plano East senior high schools and Clark,
Shepton and Williams high schools earned accolades at the 2009 International
Science and Engineering Fair. Attending the event were 1,563 students from
50 nations. Students received top honors at regional and state science fairs to
advance to the international fair.
Best in Category & Special Awards
4th Grand Prize
Navaneeth Ravindranath and Amruth Venkatraman – Clark High School
Special Awards
Ryan Alexander – Clark High School
Janice Zhang – Plano Senior High School
U.S. Coast Guard Award
Brian Truong and Rohan Shah – Clark High School
Young Epidemiology Scholars Competition
Visakha Suresh, Plano West Senior High School junior, was awarded a $15,000
college scholarship in the Young Epidemiology Scholars (YES) Competition,
sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and administered by the
College Board. Miss Suresh was among 60 high school students selected out
of more than 560 entrants nationwide to present their projects to a top panel of
epidemiologists in Washington, D.C., and one of 12 National Finalists selected at
the competition, in which nearly $500,000
in scholarships were awarded. International Sustainability World Project Olympiad
Plano ISD students captured numerous awards at the International
Sustainability World Project Olympiad. Joining students from
34 different countries, Plano ISD students presented their
science research projects in the areas of environment,
energy and transportation.
Senior Division First Place Awards
Academic Decathlon Regional Champions
Plano Senior High School teammates won the 2008-09 Academic Decathlon
regional competition for the sixth consecutive year, capturing 37 individual
medals and 27 team medals. The team’s Maria Zhu was the meet’s overall
leading scorer. Plano East placed second at the tournament, and Plano West
also qualified to advance. All three teams competed at the state tournament.
National Ron Brown Scholar
The nation’s leading scholarship program for AfricanAmerican youth, the Ron Brown Scholar Program,
selected Carolanne E. Sanders, a senior at Plano
Senior High School, as a 2009 Ron Brown Scholar.
Chosen from more than 10,000 high school students,
Miss Sanders is one of only 12 African-American students
from across the country awarded this honor for her
outstanding academic and musical achievements.
Elisa Lin and Mary Yang – Plano West Senior High School
Texas Geography Awareness Poster Contest
Ryan Alexander – Clark High School
Plano ISD students captured five of 16 top awards in the 2008-09 State
Geography Awareness Week Poster Contest, “Mapping the Americas:
Exploring People, Places, Environment, Culture and Landscape,” sponsored
by the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education. The contest attracted 25,000
entries across the state of Texas.
Param Jaggi – Clark High School
Plano Independent School District
S tudent
For the 12th consecutive year, a Plano ISD orchestra won the top prize in the
Texas Music Educator’s Association (TMEA) 2009 Honor Orchestra Competition.
There are four categories in the contest, and the following Plano ISD orchestras
— Plano East Senior High School Chamber Orchestra, Plano Senior High
School Symphony Orchestra and Robinson Middle School Orchestra — won
three of the four categories. These three honor orchestras were invited to
perform at the TMEA state convention. Also invited to perform at the
convention were the Plano Senior High School A Capella Women’s Chorus
and Plano ISD’s 62 all-state student musicians.
Sixty-two Plano ISD students were selected by TMEA judges to coveted
positions in the 2009 all-state music groups, including band, choir and orchestra. Students spent three days in intensive rehearsals with outstanding guest
conductors and performed a concert before the TMEA membership
at the annual conference.
Three Plano East Senior High School student
artists placed in the national Congressional
Art Contest. The original artwork of students
Katerina Paletykina (1st place), Stacy
Bloodworth (2nd place) and Mary Valker
(honorable mention) traveled to Washington,
D.C., for a one-year display in the U.S. Capital
Building’s Cannon Tunnel. In the State Visual
Arts Contest, 69 student artworks from Plano
ISD rated “exemplary.” Nine of 127 “gold seal”
top awards were earned by Plano students.
Artwork by Stacy Bloodworth
Plano ISD teams from Aldridge Elementary School and Plano Senior High
School placed first in their challenge and level at the Global Destination
ImagiNation Tournament held during a six-day tournament at the University
of Tennessee. 10,000 students from all 50 states and eight additional countries
competed. A record 20 Plano ISD teams advanced to the state DI competition.
Leading Edge Education
Annual Report
JROTC Cadets Earn ‘Gold Star’
in Triennial Inspections
All three of the Plano ISD Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)
Battalions underwent detailed formal triennial inspections in 2009 by former
military personnel, with all units earning the required points to be eligible for
the coveted Gold Star. The designation of “Honor Unit with Distinction” is the
highest possible designation for a JROTC unit and is indicated by the wearing
of a gold star on the cadets’ uniform. This designation also means each school
is in the top 10 percent of all Army JROTC units world-wide. Currently there are
1,645 Army JROTC units in U.S. high schools.
History Fair
With more than 250 entries in the Regional History Fair, Plano ISD students
placed first and/or second in all categories in the junior division and first place
in historical papers, individual documentary and group performance.
Race Relations
Sarith D. Levi, Plano Senior High School junior, was awarded with The
University of Princeton Award on Race Relations. She earned $1,000 and
was invited to Princeton to meet with faculty, alumni and community leaders.
Maggie Holman, Vines High School student, won the prestigious 2009 Words
of Women International Essay contest with her original essay “The Most
Influential Woman in My Life” written about her grandmother.
Hickey Elementary School third grade student Kate Hilton earned highest
honors in the 2009 WordMasters Challenge, a national language arts
competition entered by approximately 230,000 students annually and
consisting of three separate meets held during the school year.
PTA Reflections
Plano students captured 34 awards from the Texas PTA for their entries in the
2009 PTA Reflections art contest. The visual arts entry of Michelle Cepelak,
Plano West Senior High School, advanced to the national level.
Culinary Arts
Plano East Senior High School Culinary Arts classes competed at the
SKILLS USA State Competition. Meghan Andrewartha won a gold medal
in commercial baking and received a $12,000 scholarship from the Culinary
Institute of America.
HP CodeWars
Plano Senior High School
students Taylor Morrow,
Fredrick Robehmed and
Hrishikesh Joshi (pictured with
teacher Cindy Gallatin) won first
place in the advanced level of
the Hewlett-Packard CodeWars
programming contest for high
school students.
Career Education
A record 260 Plano ISD Career and Technical Education students advanced
to the state level in their respective competitions.
Bus Safety
Kalifornia “Kali” Bolton and Sharon Jiang, Hickey and Mitchell elementary
school students, respectively, won 2nd place awards in the state level of the
National School Bus Safety Week Poster Contest.
Sports Achievements
Plano West Senior High School boys doubles team of Ben Guthrie and
Matt Andrus won the doubles state championship. Plano West team tennis
finished third at the state team tennis tournament.
Plano Senior High School boys swimming won the state 200 yd. and 400 yd.
freestyle relays, and Paul Leonhardt won the state championship in the 100
yd. butterfly. Plano Senior High boys and girls swimming won district crowns
with the boys finishing second at the state meet. In the Swimming World
magazine’s “mythical” team rankings for the Boys National High School
Championship, based on times swum during the 2008-09 school year,
Paul Leonhardt tied for third in the 200 yd. freestyle and eleventh in the
100 yd. freestyle while also swimming the lead-off leg of both relays.
Plano and Plano West senior high school baseball teams were
co-district champions and advanced in the playoffs. Plano East
baseball made it to the third round of the baseball playoffs.
PSHS Boys Soccer State Championship Team
Plano East Senior High School softball advanced to the final four and
finished third in the state. The Plano Senior High School softball team
won its second consecutive district championship.
Plano Senior High School and Plano West Senior High School football
teams highlighted their seasons with trips to the playoffs.
Plano West Senior High School girls and boys basketball won
district championships.
Plano West Senior High School won the district championship and advanced
to the regional tournament. Plano East advanced to the regional tournament
and played in the finals for the right to advance to the state tournament.
Track & Cross Country
Plano West and Plano Senior High School girls cross country advanced
athletes to the state meet. Plano East girls track was district runner-up. At
the state meet, Toddrick Allen, Plano East, won second place in high jump;
Rachel Johnson, Plano, placed second in the 1600; and Sirron Warren,
Plano, won third in the 800.
Plano West boys won the district title.
Plano Senior High School boys won the state championship, a record 6th
state championship for Coach Bob Weir and the Wildcats. Plano Senior High
School boys soccer team boasted the “Gatorade National Boys Soccer
Player of the Year,” Dillon Powers. Plano East girls soccer won the district title
for the second consecutive year.
pro f essional
Competitive Starting Salaries
Bachelor’s Degree, Beginning Master’s Degree, Beginning
Professional Teacher Profile
Higher Education Degrees
Average Years Teaching Experience
Teachers Highly-Qualified as defined by
federal No Child Left Behind Law 34%
Plano ISD hired 402 new employees for the 2009-2010 school year.
This includes approximately 242 new teachers.
Employee Benefits
• On-site professional development
• Master’s degree program for career enhancement
• Teacher mentor program
• Bilingual stipends
• 401(a) retirement savings
• Comprehensive health program
• Employee assistance program
• An education foundation which raises funds for
teacher grants and recognition
Among the presenters of 2009 back-to-school employee inservice sessions were
Plano ISD educators Karen Black, Mary Swinton, Lisa Wellborn, Kaci Nhem and
Jessica DeFrang.
Leading Edge Education
Annual Report
Leadership Development - Curriculum
Quality learning in Plano ISD classrooms is directly related to promoting
innovation and improving professional and organizational development.
Opportunities for teachers to master a variety of instructional strategies
are aimed to address the diverse needs of learners.
• Team leader academy to train teacher leaders
• Principal training to develop first- and second-year principals
• Beginning administrator training for new assistant principals and interns
• Job fair recruitment with emphasis on selecting a highly-qualified, diverse
staff and on recruiting Plano ISD graduates to return to teach
• Diversity awareness training for all employees
• Targeted professional development to close the achievement gap
• Teacher-driven curricula development
School principals, assistant principals and some district administrators
are participating in McRel Balanced Leadership workshops focused on
balanced leadership that works, developing a purposeful community,
managing change and choosing the right focus.
The iLead (Instructional Leadership Education and Development) academy
for school principals focuses on further developing leadership in the areas of
instruction and management. Workshops feature curriculum, instruction and
assessment; communication; teacher development; and a Power Walkthrough
pilot, a resource designed to specifically build principals’ capacities to be
strong instructional leaders.
Teacher Team Leader Academy
Hundreds of Plano ISD classroom teacher team leaders have attended the
school district’s summer team leader academies each year since 2007. New
and veteran leaders worked through a variety of learning experiences to
sharpen their leadership, communication and management skills. A special
focus was on the role teacher-leaders play in helping all students achieve.
National Center for Educational
Achievement Higher Performing Schools
Plano ISD Employees Vote School District
“Best Place to Work”
The National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA) recognized
37 Plano ISD schools as part of its 2009 Just for the Kids Campaign for
Higher Performing Schools in Texas. NCEA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan ACT
organization whose mission is to help K-12 students reach college and
career readiness. NCEA conducts the Just for the Kids Campaign to identify,
celebrate and share insights from higher performing schools nationwide.
NCEA celebrated the following Plano schools in 2009:
Representatives of Plano ISD’s 7,000-member employee work force attended
an awards luncheon in celebration of area businesses and organizations
whose employees voted them among the “2009 Best Places to Work” in the
Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Tamira Griffin, executive director of human
resources, received notification of the award from the Dallas Business Journal,
which conducts the annual online survey to poll local employees about their work
places. This year marks the third time employees have voted Plano ISD
for the award. Previously, employees voted Plano ISD among the best places
to work in 2006 and 2008.
Andrews Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science
Barksdale Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science
Bethany Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science
Beverly Elementary: Mathematics, Reading
Boggess Elementary: Mathematics, Writing
Bowman Middle School: Mathematics
Brinker Elementary: Mathematics, Reading
Carlisle Elementary: Reading
Centennial Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Writing
Clark High School: Mathematics, Social Studies
Frankford Middle School: Reading, Social Studies
Gulledge Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Writing
Haggard Middle School: Reading
Haun Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Science
Hedgcoxe Elementary: Mathematics, Reading
Hendrick Middle School: Mathematics, Reading, Social Studies
Hickey Elementary: Mathematics
Hightower Elementary: Reading
Huffman Elementary: Reading
Jasper High School: Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies
Mathews Elementary: Mathematics, Reading Writing, Science
Miller Elementary: Mathematics, Reading
Murphy Middle School: Reading, Writing, Social Studies
Plano East Senior High School: Social Studies
Plano Senior High School: Science, Social Studies
Plano West Senior High School: Science, Social Studies
Renner Middle School: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Social Studies
Rice Middle School: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies
Robinson Middle School: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies
Saigling Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science
Schimelpfenig Middle School: Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies
Shepard Elementary: Science
Shepton High School: Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies
Skaggs Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science
Stinson Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Science
Williams High School: Mathematics
Wyatt Elementary: Mathematics, Reading, Science
Pictured at the “Best Places to Work” luncheon were
Danny Modisette, deputy superintendent, and Doug Otto,
superintendent of schools (standing); with Saul Laredo,
Carlisle Elementary School principal; Dee Sampson,
human resources coordinator; and James L. Thomas, III,
student and family services coordinator.
emplo y ee
2009 Teachers of the Year
Beth Renshaw, Mendenhall Elementary School fifth
grade teacher, and Pam Clark, Vines High School
English teacher, captured Plano ISD Teacher of
the Year titles at the school district’s annual gala
“Thursday Night Fever” celebrated by 1,400 guests
in May 2009 at Plano Centre.
The gala honored 68 experienced teacher of the year nominees and 61
beginning teacher of the year nominees. Highlighting the evening were
surprise announcements of 10 experienced teachers and two first-year
teachers who captured “Excellence in Teaching” awards.
Excellence in Elementary Teaching
Paula Diaz – Daffron Elementary School
Beth Renshaw – Mendenhall Elementary School
Hannah Shorey – Sigler Elementary School
Lisa Veteto – Harrington Elementary School
Shonda Winkler – Wells Elementary School
Excellence in Secondary Teaching
Pam Clark – Vines High School
Brian Henson – Murphy Middle School
Aimée Ratliff – Plano Senior High School
Stephany Wall – Jasper High School
Karyn Wynne – Frankford Middle School
Excellence in Beginning Teaching
Ashley Ohl – Jackson Elementary School
Thanh Duc Nguyen – Carpenter
Middle School
Plano ISD Teachers of the Year
Beth Renshaw and Pam Clark
Texas Counseling
Supervisor of the Year
Distinguished credentials and a superior ability
to advocate for the counseling profession are
among the traits that Paul Weaver, Plano ISD
director of guidance and counseling, possesses
and that enticed judges to select him as 2009
Supervisor of the Year for the Texas School
Counselor Association. Mr. Weaver was also
awarded by the Texas Association of Counselor
Education and Supervision.
Superintendent’s Service Award Winners
Winners of the 10th Annual Superintendent’s Service Award, announced at the
school district’s 44th Annual Service and Retirement Celebration in
April, 2009, were Bill Grego, Transportation
Department bus driver; Valerie King,
Thomas Elementary School Food
Service manager; Kathy Bressler,
Hightower Elementary School
Physical Education assistant,
and Sharon Danielson, Bowman
Middle School English as a
Second Language assistant.
Also recognized at the
event were 15 retiring
employees and
approximately 300
employees with
15, 20, 25, 30
and 35 years
of service to
Plano schools.
Achievements & Awards
Jana Fry, Williams High School AP World History and Humanities teacher,
won a 2009 “Outstanding Teaching of the Humanities” award from
Humanities Texas / National Endowment for the Humanities for exhibiting
exemplary leadership in her field.
Laura Mullen, Schimelpfenig Middle School National Junior Honor Society
advisor, captured the “Edward Rynearson National Advisor of the Year Award,”
sponsored by the National Honor Society and the National Association of
Secondary School Principals.
James Thomas III, student services coordinator/homeless liaison and
25-year Plano ISD employee, was presented with a 2009 Educator Award at
the Plano Community Forum’s 28th annual awards banquet. The Forum
promotes cultural enrichment and community involvement among
African-American citizens.
Karen Wilbanks, speech teacher and coach
at Plano Senior High School, was inducted into
the Texas Forensic Association Hall of Fame.
Plano ISD Diversity Advisory Committee
Leadership Awards were presented to
students, community leaders and staff
members, including Cindy Woods and
the Williams High School
Multicultural Club and Beverly
Elementary School’s
ESL Department.
Lisa Hale is pictured with 2009-2010 theatre students cast in the play “EAT.”
State Theatre Teacher of the Year
Lisa Hale, Plano East Senior High School Theatre director, captured the 2009
High School Educator of the Year award presented by the Texas Educational
Theatre Association for her impressive 27-year career in the field of theatre
education, including 24 years at Plano East. Her theatre casts have earned
numerous district, regional and state awards.
“My goal is to instill a love and respect for the art and craft of theatre. I hope
to inspire students to explore their creativity, discover their talents and realize
the boundless possibilities of individual and group expression,” said Ms. Hale.
Among the hundreds of students she has taught, her former students who
are now theatre teachers hold a special place in Ms. Hale’s heart. Three
of her former students teach theatre in other Texas school districts.
“My greatest reward would be to meet one of them at contest and
they’d beat us. That would make me so happy!”
Chrissi Cawthon, Carpenter
Middle School English as
a Second Language (ESL)
teacher, won the 2009
Bilingual/ESL Secondary
Teacher of the Year
award from the Texas
Association for
Bilingual Education.
Plano Independent School District
Twenty-three Plano ISD schools have captured the prestigious National Blue Ribbon Schools of
Excellence honor, awarded by the U.S. Department of Education. A few Plano ISD schools have
been twice honored.
T. Ann Jackson, district truancy officer, was honored by Collin College with a
scholarship bearing her name, the “T. Ann Jackson Community Scholarship,”
for 25 years of grass roots community volunteer work. She was also honored
by the Altrusa International Women’s Club of Richardson as a nominee for its
“Woman of Today” award in the education category.
Goal: Ensure continuous improvement
in student learning
Community Connectedness
Momentum Initiatives
• Research additional forms of communication as an outreach
to the community better utilizing technology and the district’s
Web site.
Capacity Development
New Target Initiatives
• Study alternatives to provide additional professional learning opportunities
to teachers.
• Continue to communicate the successes and news of the district to internal
and external audiences while seeking tools to best manage information.
• Implement a pilot program utilizing the concept of instructional rounds in
education as a network approach to develop a shared practice of
observing, discussing, and analyzing learning and teaching.
Data-Informed Decision Making
• Consider new program offerings and delivery models at Williams High
School for the 2011-12 school year.
• Implement a new special education Web-based IEP system to improve
individualization of program and access to data.
• Identify and study best practices in new employee orientation, support
and training.
• Analyze and monitor individual student achievement growth and use the
Plano Effect Score (PES) for school and district improvement.
Momentum Initiatives
• Design and implement professional learning activities that move from
a workshop-driven model of delivery to a job-embedded model.
New Target Initiatives
Student Learning
New Target Initiatives
• Continue replacing and upgrading the district’s software applications with
open source and Web-based solutions where appropriate, including large
systems such as the district-wide library circulation system.
• Implement wireless network infrastructure upgrade.
• Coordinate the development and/or revision of local policies, receipt of
legal revisions and maintain the district’s policy manual.
• Implement AVID program for Jasper High School, Robinson,
Schimelpfenig and Rice Middle Schools.
• Target all iLEAD training and professional development for 2009-2010
and 2010-2011 on “instructional leadership” through use of McREL’s
• Participate fully in the Texas Virtual School Network (HB 3646).
• Initiate a district Professional Development Committee to increase the
communication and coordination of staff training across departments
and the district.
• Initiate a diversity training program for district staff to assist them in
gaining a better understanding of other people’s ethnic, religious and
other diverse backgrounds.
• Study multilingual (ESL and bilingual) staffing and instructional programming.
• Implement new accountability bill (HB 3) requirements.
• Develop and implement secondary core courses and transition courses
for special education students.
Momentum Initiatives
• Examine secondary grading practices in support of better instruction.
• Continue to develop, improve and maintain a guaranteed and viable
curriculum that meets the needs of diverse learners.
• Develop a student-directed goal setting process for learning, measured
by the MAP assessments.
• Continue the implementation of Response to Intervention, based on the
delivery of effective reading, mathematics and behavior programs, that will
Leading Edge Education
Annual Report
result in improved student performance and fewer children requiring
special education services.
• Monitor campus staffing ratios to determine effectiveness, financial
impact and comparability with peer districts.
• Continue to develop and support differentiation strategies and resources.
• Continue district participation in the District Awards for Teacher
Excellence program (D.A.T.E.) for the 2009-10 school year.
Community Connectedness
• Continue to research, study and implement best practices in
instructional strategies.
New Target Initiatives
• Continue to develop and implement the grades K-4 mathematics
program changes focusing on increased student achievement and
support for the grades 5-8 mathematics initiative.
• Implementation of myPISD.net by all teachers will be completed by
the beginning of the second semester.
• Expand the Student and Family Services Department initiatives aimed at
prevention of and intervention in bullying behaviors exhibited by students.
Goal: Ensure that Plano ISD efficiently
uses its financial resources/budgeting
Capacity Development
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the Summer Feeding Program that is now
operated by PISD.
• Develop a comprehensive marketing and awareness plan for the
education foundation to increase visibility in the community. This plan
will be designed around the foundations strategic planning outcome.
• Improve use of TV Studio and increase the number and quality of Web
cast videos including Plano ISD Board of Trustees’ meetings.
Momentum Initiatives
• Continue use of survey tools via the use of technology to gauge internal/
external perceptions.
• Maintain momentum and growth of the Plano ISD Education Foundation,
meeting the goal representing a minimum of 4% revenue increase in
New Target Initiatives
Data-Informed Decision Making
• Determine the benefit and cost effectiveness of an in-house
legal counsel.
• New Target Initiatives
• Implement State Textbook Ordering System.
• Implement TEAMS Online PASAR Registration.
• Document time lines and estimated costs for each PISD event assigned
to Communications Department.
• Reach existing and new audiences using multi-platforms of communication
tools to publicize key messages about the district using a candid and
informative style to produce timely responses.
• Implement TEAMS Time and Attendence FANS.
• Implement Year One of Stimulus Funds.
Momentum Initiatives
• Implement the financial module of TEAMS.
• Continue development on the performance management portal to include
department-specific information.
• Successful transition to TRS-ActiveCare for employee health insurance.
• Transition some payroll functions from CIMS date processing system
Momentum Initiatives
• Expand training opportunities for campus staff in campus financial
• Increase initiatives and implement additional avenues for production
of revenue through district athletic events: marketing, advertising and
use of athletic facilities.
• Study the possibility of developing a program to financially support and
encourage Plano ISD students to enter the teaching profession and return
to teach in Plano ISD.
• Continue efforts to reduce the district’s annual electric consumption
by five percent by using cost per square foot as the measure.
Student Learning
New Target Initiative
• Incorporate Web-based productivity tools into the myPISD portal.
P l a n o I n d e p e n d e n t S c h o o l D i s t r i c t 25
Williams High School sophomores participated in a “small learning communities” orientation program. Getting
to know one another through a variety of fun activities were (front) Rachael Na, Fizza Mahdi, Amy Vo, James
Sweetman, Justin Wong and Kevin Nhan and (back row) KC Nwora, Sheena Geevarghese and Malina Patel.
Plano Independent School District
Communications Department
2700 W. 15th Street
Plano, TX 75075
le adi n g
ed GE
u c ati on
Leading Through Innovation
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