2016 Superintendent Service Award Honoring Plano ISD Support Staff Members

2016 Superintendent Service Award
Honoring Plano ISD Support Staff Members
Someone you know is eligible for this award. Take a moment to celebrate their
dedicated service by nominating them for the Superintendent’s Service Award.
The Superintendent’s Service Award is designed to honor support staff members who go beyond the call of duty as they
perform their job responsibilities. The following positions are eligible, but the award is not limited to these positions:
 FANS – managers, assistant managers, cashiers, specialists, paraprofessionals and assistant specialists
 Transportation – bus drivers, lead drivers, bus assistants, dispatchers, paraprofessionals, mechanics, route designers
and safety trainers
 Distribution Services – supervisors, foremen, paraprofessionals, distribution processors, mailroom and copy center
 Purchasing – buyers and paraprofessionals
 Facilities Services – technicians, auxiliary support personnel, paraprofessionals, building engineers at senior high
schools and facilities services warehouse
 Paraprofessionals – at campuses and central offices (all pay grades 700 to 790)
 Campus Support – teacher assistants, CTAs, technology support, athletic utility assistants, sign language interpreters
and real time captioners, employee childcare auxiliary and paraprofessionals
 Technology – senior network technicians, network technicians, technical support assistants, help desk technicians,
network engineer assistants, network and repair drivers and library services paraprofessionals
 Employees at or above the 800 level are not eligible for this award
 Prior nominees should not be nominated again the following year
Nomination Process and Judging Process
 The process is open to anyone who would like to nominate a district employee for the award. To begin the nomination
process, the nominator should inform the nominee’s supervisor.
 An individual may nominate no more than one person. The completed nomination form must have the signature of the
nominee’s supervisor.
 Up to four awards may be given to recognize auxiliary staff members and paraprofessional staff members with
consideration given both to those who have frequent or daily contact with students and those who do not.
 Each nomination packet must include the application form from the nominee, the nominator’s form and letter and
information that includes the supervisor’s signature.
 Judges may include representatives of the business community, parents, Plano ISD staff and the Superintendent of
Schools or his designee.
Criteria for the Award
Performs basic job in an outstanding manner.
Goes above and beyond the basic job duties.
Demonstrates outstanding commitment and loyalty to the organization.
Has worked in PISD for at least two years, including at least one year in his/her current position up to the nomination
The Award and Recognition
All nominees are recognized at the Salute to Service event. At this event, all nominees receive certificates and the surprise
winner(s) receive plaques. The 2016 event will be held at 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 7, at Southfork Ranch. Additional
recognition includes a photo displayed at the Administration Building and recognition in district publications.
Superintendent’s Service Award Nomination Packet
Nominee Application Form
To be completed by Nominee: Please email with nominator’s form (also included in this package) to Barbara
Monroe, [email protected] in the communications department by Wednesday, March 16, 2016.
Name pronunciation:
Email address:
Home address (optional):
Years of experience with Plano ISD:
Do you work directly with students on a daily basis?
Pay grade:
Describe employment history with Plano ISD:
Honors/recognition received in the past five years (community or job-related):
Briefly list or describe your proudest accomplishments during your service in Plano ISD (300 words):
I hereby give my permission that any or all of the submitted materials, or photos and
video that may be taken of me can be used in promoting the Plano ISD Superintendent
Service Award in a variety of media.
Superintendent’s Service Award Nomination Packet
Nominator Form
To be completed by Nominator. The completed application must be e-mailed to the Communications
Department to Barbara Monroe [email protected] by Wednesday, March 16, 2016, along with
both the nominator’s and the supervisor’s signed, scanned nomination forms.
Nominator Information:
Nominee’s name:
Nominee’s school/department:
Nominee’s position:
Nominated by:
Email address:
Nominator’s position:
Nominator’s school/department:
Nominator’s phone number:
Superintendent’s Service Award Nomination Packet
Nominator Form (continued)
To be completed by Nominator. On this page, describe how the nominee has consistently
demonstrated dedication in an exemplary manner to the Plano Independent School District.
Superintendent’s Service Award Nomination Packet
Nominee’s Supervisor Signature Form
To Be Completed by Nominee’s Supervisor:
I am aware that:
has been nominated.
*If the nominee is a dual employee, the signatures of both supervisors should be included.
This can be completed in an e-mail acknowledgment.
Please email this digital signature page, along with the nominator’s and nominee’s application forms to
Barbara Monroe ([email protected]), Plano ISD communications department by Wednesday,
March 16, 2016. The forms must be submitted together.
Awards will be announced at the Salute to Service employee event to be held at 5:00 p.m. on April 7,
2016, at Southfork Ranch. All nominees will receive an invitation.
Superintendent’s Service Award Nomination Packet
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