The Foundation Grayson College Ushers In New Era of Leadership Fall 2012

Fall 2012
Foundation Board
President, Lana Caswell-Garcia
Joann Bohm-Adair
Nancy Anderson
Karen Black
Dale Bonner
Sharon Brazeal
Darlene Brown
Pat Dannel
Ken English
Horace Groff
Janice Howell
George McGahren
Ben Munson
Betty Roether
Charles Schweizer
John Spears
Brad Underwood
Janet Ventura
Janis Walters
Barbara Woodroof
Advisory Board
David Bayless
Steve Cook
Warren Jamieson
Mary Knox
Martha Lattimore
Jim Lindsey
Tim McGraw
Jim Mehaffey
Susie Munson
Lola Sanford
Sue Smith
Linda Wood
Ex-Officio Board
Grayson College President
Dr. Jeremy McMillen
Faculty Representative
Dr. Wade Graves
Treasurer, Giles Brown
Trustee Representative
Ronnie Cole
Foundation Staff
Executive Director, Dr. Roy Renfro
Director of Annual Giving
Tina Dodson
Executive Assistant, Cynthia Perez
Grant Development Specialist
Janis Thompson
The Foundation
Grayson College Foundation, Inc.
Grayson College Ushers In New Era
of Leadership
Grayson College’s new president, Dr.
Jeremy McMillen, believes the Grayson
College Foundation is a bridge builder
whose role in student success is vital for
the future of both the college and the
community. By partnering with GC, the
Foundation supports efforts that help
students build bridges that make their
dreams a reality.
“As bridge builders, we transform the
lives of our students,
their families, the faculty
and staff, and even those
involved in the foundation,”
McMillen said. “To anyone
who gives their time and/
or resources to the GC
Foundation, I thank you
for your involvement in
our great work. It is an
affirmation that what
happens at Grayson College
is special in ways that only
a few might imagine, and
I look forward to working
with you for many years to
sustainable structures that recognize
the power of collaboration with clear
performance expectations.”
McMillen’s road to becoming Grayson
College’s fifth president began in Fannin
County. A graduate of Bonham High
School, McMillen received a bachelor’s
degree and a master’s degree, both in
sociology, from what is now Texas A&M
University-Commerce. He returned to the
McMillen is no stranger
Dr. Jeremy McMillen and his wife Toni (foreground, right)
to Texoma or to Grayson
visiting with College employees during an afternoon
College. A native of Bonham,
reception shortly after his mid-July arrival on campus.
he has seen firsthand the
importance of the college to
area residents. His wife, mother, sister institution to earn a doctorate in higher
and cousins all have attended GC; his wife education.
also was a faculty member in GC’s English
department several years ago.
“Grayson is known for its continual
pursuit of excellence, and I know the
“Because we have so many fond memories administrators, faculty and staff are
of GC and this beautiful community we call committed to providing quality learning
home, I am thrilled to be the new president experiences for its students,” McMillen
of a college that has meant so much to us,” said. “Purposeful
student success
McMillen said. “I am passionate about the strategies are an integral part of GC’s
community college mission and I want to operations. Creating an atmosphere or
build upon Grayson’s past successes by ‘vibe’ on campus telegraphs that Grayson
bringing passionate educators together is ‘the place to live and learn.’ The GC
to work collaboratively. The reality of Foundation’s support is crucial to our
today’s environment of perpetual change mission.”
demands that leaders focus on creating
Area Leaders Leave a Legacy of Lasting Generosity
“All we will ever have
some day is what we
give to others.”
~ Mr. Bill Wilcox
W. E. Wilcox
The story began in the early 1960s when the vision
for a community college was proposed by a group
of progressive leaders of Grayson County, Texas.
One of those visionaries was Wilson Edison Wilcox
(Bill) of Denison, Texas. Bill not only supported the
establishment of the College, but was one of the
original Trustees of Grayson County College. He
the remaining years of his life
serving and supporting
the College in all of its
various initiatives.
Grayson College
Foundation was
established, he
was one of the
Peggy Munson Wilcox
Bill Wilcox with his son, John.
first donors to establish
a scholarship program in
honor of his wife, Peggy
Munson Wilcox. And,
when the historic T. V.
Munson home, Vinita,
was acquired to become
a permanent part of the T.
V. Munson Memorial, he
was one of the very first
donors to assist with its
restoration. In death, just
like in life, Bill continued
to support the College by
leaving a most generous
gift to the Foundation to
assist with scholarships to
assist students in achieving
a college degree. One of
Bill’s guiding principles
in life was his belief that
all we will ever have some
day is what we give to
Charles & Charlotte Spears
Another of the visionaires for Grayson College was
Charles A. Spears of Sherman. He worked tirelessly for
several years to make the College a reality, and was also a
founding board member of Grayson County College. His
wife, Charlotte, also became a fan of Grayson and was
instrumental in getting the Grayson College Foundation
established to serve the College and its students. Her wit
and especially her enthusiasm were contagious and served
as a shining example of what philanthropy should be
about. Numerous Spears Family scholarships have been
established to continue the caring and concern of the local
Charlotte and
Charles Spears
Charles A. Spears
Memorial Scholarship
was established by
Charlotte R. Spears
in memory of her
husband in April,
2000. Charles, who was one of the original Trustees of
the College, and the Spears family members have long
been pillars of the community. Charles and Charlotte
Spears formerly owned Grayson Bank in
Susie V. Guess Memorial Scholarship
was established by Charlotte R.
Spears and her family in 1997,
in memory of their former
housekeeper and dear friend Susie
V. Guess. The annual award is
generated from the endowment
of this fund, and is presented with
preference to a minority female
student. Recipients are selected by the GC
Foundation Scholarship Committee.
Charlotte R. Spears Achievement Scholarship
was established in 1999 by Charlottes’ cousin, Harriet
Halsell, Trustee of the Martin W. & Bettie J. Halsell Foundation
Trust. This scholarship was in honor of Charlotte R. Spears,
long-time resident of Grayson County and strong supporter
of the College and
the GC Foundaiton. Charlotte was the
founding member of The GC Foundation Board of Directors
and served as its President from 1991 until 1999. She
served as Chair of the 1999 Scholarship Campaign for the
Grayson College Foundation.
Charles A. & Charlotte R. Spears Memorial Valhalla
was established in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Spears,
long-time residents of Grayson County and strong
supporters of the College, by their children; Charlotte was
the first president of the Grayson College Foundation Board
of Directors. In February, 2009 - shortly following the
death of Charlotte Spears on June 20, 2008, their children
merged the two scholarships in memory of both of their
John & Patty Spears Scholarship
A pending endowment, established in March, 2012 by
John & Patty Spears of Sherman, TX
Jennifer Odim
2012-13 Guess
Scholarship Recipient
Amber Lindsey
2012-13 Spears Scholarship
Hugh &
Mary Louise
After spending a lifetime in
Denison, Texas, Hugh and
Mary Louise Chesnutt chose to
leave a legacy by establishing a
scholarship program to assist
deserving students at Grayson
College. They loved their
community, and wanted to help
others achieve their goals in life.
Hugh “Chick” Chesnutt
was born in Amarillo,
Texas on June 10, 1911. He
attended the University of
Texas at Austin where he
joined the Pi Kappa Alpha
Fraternity. He served his
country in World War II,
as a member of the Signal
Corps of the United States
Army, spending three years
in the South Pacific Arena.
After the war, he married
Rena Mayfield and resided
in Denison, Texas.
His care and concern for
others led him to start his
insurance firm, the Hugh
Chesnutt Agency in 1939.
Mary Louise Childress was
born in Fort Worth, TX on
Feb 1, 1920. She graduated
from Paschal High School
in 1936. She then went
on to attend TCU where
she majored in Fine Arts
and was very active in
the University’s Drama
her marriage to Mr. D.H.
Snyder Jr., the family moved
ticket holders to the Dallas
Summer Musicals for many
to Denison, TX. Mary
Louise devoted her
time there to raising
two children. She
was a Cub Scout
and a founder
of the Denison
Mary Louise,
both widowed
in the early
60s married
in 1966 and
spent 35 wonderful years
together in Denison, TX.
Hugh retired from the
business in 1993, after 54
years of service.
He had a passion for great
especially jazz,
and for great cuisine. He
could often be found in the
kitchen creating a fabulous
dinner, singing a Big Band
Era melody in his beautiful
Louise was a Life Master in
duplicate bridge and was
known for hosting elegant
Hugh passed away at the
age of 89, on Feburary
13, 2001. Following her
husband’s death,
Louise moved to Fort Worth
in order to be closer to the
family. She passed away at
age 91, on Nov 17, 2011.
yet very competitive
bridge club parties.
The Chesnutts loved to
attend the symphony
They were season
Ashley Hill, granddaughter
of the Chesnutt’s, attended
the Morrison Banquet and
received a crystal award
commemorating the Chesnutt
legacy of giving.
Grayson College lost two great friends this past year
Honoring the Memory
Bobby Brown of
the value of an
serving in the U.S.
Marine Corps, he
left a long-term,
successful career in
the oil business in
1975 to continue
business of Brown
Lumber Company.
Bobby J. Brown
earned an accounting degree by concurrently attending
Grayson College and Texas A&M University-Commerce.
He graduated GC in 1977 and TAMU-C in 1978. When
he took the comprehensive, four-part exam to become a
certified public accountant, he passed each section on the
first try with high marks.
L o n g t i m e
Grayson College
Foundation board
passed away June
13, 2012, after a
brief illness. The
oldest son of Mary
Margaret “Peggy”
Munson Wilcox
and Wilson “Bill”
he was born and
raised in Denison
John Wilcox
and was a member
of St. Luke’s Episcopal
Parish. He attended St.
Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, where his work as a
young artist drew the attention of fine art galleries there.
He earned a bachelor of fine arts degree from Colorado
College in Colorado Springs, completing commissioned
work for the college’s Packard Hall of Art and Music.
Brown’s go-getter attitude and work ethic permeated every
aspect of his life both professionally and personally. In
business, he started his own successful CPA practice and
served as an officer or director of numerous church, civic,
and community organizations. Personally, Brown and his
family enjoyed extensive traveling in the United States and
around the world. He was an avid photographer and pilot.
Wilcox enjoyed a long career as an artist working in
acrylics, oils and other media. He worked for what is now
the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth during the late
1970s. He moved to New York in the 1980s and exhibited
his work with Fawbush Gallery in New York City and Barry
Whistler Gallery in Dallas. Returning to Texas in 1990, he
worked out of a studio near Fair Park in Dallas, and spent
most weekends near Denison, painting and enjoying the
family home on Lake Texoma.
Brown’s commitment to the college didn’t end with his
graduation. He served on GC’s Board of Trustees from 1997
until his death on March 15, 2012. He also contributed
to the Grayson College Foundation’s annual scholarship
campaigns, previously serving as its chairman.
“Bobby was a leader by doing,” said Dr. Alan Scheibmeir,
who was GC president during Brown’s tenure on the board.
“He was very devoted because he and all his family went to
Grayson College. He appreciated and valued the College.”
As his work received more attention, his pieces were
shown in New York, University of North Carolina, the
McKinney Avenue Contemporary in Dallas and Artpace
in San Antonio. John’s work is included in the permanent
collection of the Dallas Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine
Arts Houston, The University of North Carolina, as well as
many important corporate and private collections. Wilcox’s
iconic, detailed paintings and drawings earned critical
acclaim. Throughout his career, Wilcox met, worked with
and befriended numerous well-known artists.
Endowed Scholarships Continue to Assist Students
In Achieving Their Goals
Dr. Ramon Aleman Memorial Scholarship
Altrusa International, Inc., of Sherman Scholarship
C. Rachel Anders Dental Assisting Scholarship
Dr. Pamela Anglin Achievement Scholarship
Red Baugh Memorial Scholarship
Win Bayless Memorial Scholarship
Joann Bennett Memorial Scholarship
Orvetta & Gene Biddle Scholarship
Irma Blackburn Memorial Scholarship
Raymond A. Blalack & Mary Elizabeth Blalack Memorial
Scholarship Fund
B.K. & Betty Bledsoe Scholarship Fund
Joann Bohm Adair Scholarship
Isabel Shaw Bomba Memorial Scholarship
Thelma Braun Scholarship Fund in Fine Arts
Sharon Broiles Memorial Scholarship
Mavis Broomfield Scholarship in Dental Assisting
Giles & Carol Ann Brown Scholarship
Bruns Scholarships
*Stella Bryant Memorial Scholarship
Clay & Jewel Bursell Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Dale & Jackie Butler Nursing Scholarship
Mary A. Carter, Jessica Elaine Carter & Jesse B. Carter, Jr.
Valhalla Scholarship
Betty Jo Caywood Scholarship
Hugh & Mary Louise Chesnutt Valhalla Scholarship
*Children of GCC Employees Scholarship Fund
Dr. John Chumbley Family Scholarship
Churches of Christ of Grayson & Fannin Counties Scholarship Fund
Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin Scholarship
Betty Cox International Student Scholarship
Kathryn Crenshaw Memorial Scholarship
*Criminal Justice Achievement Scholarship
Whitney McKinney Curtis Leadership Scholarship
Denny Dallas Leadership Scholarship
T.A & Mary E. Dickson Scholarship
Shep & Bonner Dorset Memorial Scholarship
Linda Adams Ellis Achievement Scholarship
Robert E. B. Fielder Memorial Scholarship
Juliette Rathbone Finch Art Scholarship
*James S. Folk Memorial Scholarship in Criminal Justice
Barry & Laura Fontaine Valhalla Scholarship
T. O. Fulce Memorial Scholarship in Paramedicine
Porfirio & Margarita Garcia/J.I. Caswell Memorial Scholarship
Bruce & Dickie Gerig Scholarship
GNSA Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
*Dr. Harold Grant Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Everett & Joanne Grantham Scholarship
Grayson County Sheriff’s Posse Woody Blanton Memorial Scholarship
Grayson County Sheriff’s Posse Dr. Don Freeman Memorial Scholarship
Grayson County Sheriff’s Posse C.J. Cordell Memorial Scholarship
Grayson County Sheriff’s Posse Jim Cantrell Scholarship
Dorothy Marie & Gus Green Valhalla Scholarship
Susie V. Guess Memorial Scholarship
Fred & Mae Guilloud Scholarship Fund
Mary Spears Gurak Memorial Scholarship
E. Peter Haas, Jr. Memorial Scholarship for Viticulture & Enology
Mary Ellen Hall Memorial Scholarship
Ronald & Jeanie Hardin Scholarship
Captain H. T. Hastings Charitable Endowed Scholarship Fund for
Aviation & Space Science Majors
Duchess Hatley Nursing Instruction Fund
Herrera-Nicholl Memorial Scholarship
Audra M. “Tooter” Herriage Memorial Scholarship
Dale & Margaret Ann Hill Leadership Scholarship
William H. Hill Memorial Scholarship
Howell Family Scholarship
Independent Bank Endowed Scholarship
Glenn D. Jaco Memorial Scholarship
Jennings Scholarship Fund
*Rubin Jones Memorial Scholarship
L. C. & Ellen Kemp Memorial Scholarship
Lester & Stella Kestell Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Chuck Kraemer Scholarship
Jack & Virginia Kretsinger Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Martha Lattimore Scholarship for Viticulture & Enology
*Preston & Thelma Lawrence Scholarship
Lough Management, Inc./Jim & Delinda Lough Distinguished
Achievement Scholarship
Shauney Lucas Memorial Scholarship
Cecil Joe Matthews Memorial Valhalla Scholarship
Billy Mayo / Rubin Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund
McFatridge Family Scholarship
Joan S. McGahren Memorial Scholarship
*Dr. Jeremy & Mrs. Toni McMillen Scholarship
Jim & Jacqueline Mehaffey Valhalla Scholarship
R. C. & Pauline Eppler Mehaffey Valhalla Scholarship
Dennis P. Meurer Scholarship in Nursing
Juanita Milner Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Ray & Mary Morrison Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ray & Mary Morrison Transfer Student Scholarship Fund
Dr. Mary L. Moses Scholarship in Health Sciences
John Mumm Memorial Scholarship
Percy W. & Pauline H. Neblett Scholarship
Dan O’Dea Memorial Scholarship in Musical Arts
Mary Lois O’Neal Art Scholarship
Gary & Sue Paikowski Achievement Scholarship
Ruben Anderson Parker, Jr. Scholarship in Nursing Education
Dr. John & Nelda Partin Dramatic Arts Scholarship
Dr. Martha Payne Scholarship in Office & Computer Technology
Ruth Pierce Memorial Scholarship
Justin Pittman Memorial Scholarship
Mary Ann Pittman Memorial Scholarship
Ron Plyler Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Roger Alex Powell, Jr. Academic Scholarship
Roger Alex, Jr. & Patsy Kemp Powell Academic Scholarship
Roger Alex, Sr. & Doris Johnson Powell Memorial Scholarship
Lisa L. Powell Endowed Scholarship for the Visual Arts
Endowed Scholarship listing continues on next page
Endowed Scholarships, continued
Dr. Bryce R. & Bobbye J. Putman Medical Scholarship
PVES - Douglas Q. Martin Memorial Scholarship
Elias & Hanna Regensburger Foundation Scholarship
*Roy & Evelyn Renfro Scholarship
Dr. Roy & Helen Renfro Scholarship
Dr. Roy A. Riddels Memorial Leadership Scholarship
Opal M. Roether Scholarship in Education
Cynthia Arden Sanders Memorial Valhalla Scholarship
Bob & Lola Sanford Scholarship
Dr. Alan & Barbara Scheibmeir Scholarship
Charles & Darlene Schwiezer Valhalla Scholarship Fund
Mabel & Thomas E. Sears Scholarship
Sherman Radiology Associates Scholarship in Nursing
Siebman Achievement Scholarship
Clara Blackford Smith and W. Aubrey Smith Scholarship
Scott B. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Charles A. & Charlotte Russell Spears Valhalla Scholarship Fund
John & Patty Spears Scholarship
C. W. Stafford Achievement Scholarship for DAAC Students
Ellen M. Talbott Memorial Scholarship
Tee Gee Scholarship
Texas Star Bank Scholarship Fund
Stephen & Rhonda Thornhill Valhalla Scholarship
Blake Utter Achievement Scholarship
Priscilla Smith Vandygriff Scholarship in Elementary Education
*Marvin & Josephine VanNatta Memorial Scholarship
Buddy Wagner Scholarship
Jeffrey Kent Wattman Memorial Scholarship
Mary Louise Dusek Wedel Scholarship in Visual Arts
Dr. Truman & Edna Wester Presidential Scholarship
Rachel Katherine Wieser Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Bill Wilcox Valhalla Scholarship
Peggy Munson Wilcox Valhalla Scholarship
Petronilla M. Wilde Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students
Q.D. & Ruby Jo Williams Scholarship
Gloria & Wendell Williams Scholarship
Wilson N. Jones Community Foundation Scholarship in Nursing
Joe Wolfe Memorial Leadership Scholarship
Captain Arthur Plato Wright Memorial Scholarship
Plas Wilson Wynne Memorial Scholarship
Wysong Scholarship Fund
*Pending Endowment
GCC Employees Offer Generous Support to Students
Employee Giving
Fiscal Year 2004 - 2011
Grant Paves Way for New Technology
Center on South Campus
In January 2012, the
Grayson College Foundation
requested permission from
the Economic Development
Administration to amend
a $2 million grant award
previously awarded for a
project in Fannin County.
With the Van Alstyne
campus located only 10
miles from the Fannin
County line, the relocation
of the Career Training
Center to the South Campus
would permit expansion of
new workforce programs
offered to residents in
south Grayson and Fannin
The goal originally stated
for the Fannin project
had not changed: Grayson
College was committed to
provide industry-driven
“just-in-time” career and
technical education for the
region’s targeted clusters,
accessible to and inclusive
of all residents located in
the college’s service area.
During the preparation
of the grant, the college
aggressively began to work
on plans with its architects,
SHW Group, and engineers.
Finally, on July 13, 2012,
the college received the
financial award notification
of $2 million from EDA to
be matched by the college
by $2 million for the
construction of the new
Career and Technology
Training Center on the
South Campus in Van
Once again an aggressive
calendar of new
construction activities
was revitalized. With
the transition of college
Presidents also occurring in
July, new college President
Dr. Jeremy McMillen was
immediately updated, and
the architects prepared
plans and specifications
for review by EDA officials.
Faculty and instructional
leaders researched high
demand job opportunities
for inclusion in classroom
design, laboratory
requirements, and
equipment needs.
Programs planned for this
new Technical Training
Center include a medical
lab technician component
with a dedicated classroom
for 36 students; welding
lab with up to 18 welding
stations; an OSHA
training lab to be offered
in collaboration with
Southeastern Oklahoma
State University; an
electrician apprenticeship
program; and a computer
lab. The building, to
be located east of the
current building, will be
approximately 18,000
square feet.
Construction Manager at
Risk, Plyler Construction,
was selected by an
approved EDA bid process
in October by the GC Board
of Trustees. It is estimated
that the new Career and
Technology Training Center
will be completed in late
fall 2013 and ready for
students by January 2014!
EDA’s programs help
provide distressed
communities and regions
with comprehensive
and flexible resources to
address a wide variety
of economic needs that
lead to the creation
of jobs and enhanced
private investment. The
programs are designed to
support local and regional
economic development
efforts to establish a
foundation for durable
economies throughout the
United States. Through
these programs, EDA
supports bottom-up
strategies that build on
regional assets to spur
economic growth and
resiliency. Partnerships
with Workforce
Solutions Texoma, area
Economic Development
Organizations, Texoma
Council of Governments,
Grayson College Center for
Workplace Learning, local
Chambers of Commerce,
and business and industry
will provide ongoing input
to advance new ideas and
creative approaches to
address rapidly evolving
economic conditions.
TAPS and Women Rock Team Up to Help Students
As Breast Cancer Awareness Month wrapped up, TAPS
Transportation announced a cooperative program with
“Women Rock” by wrapping up one of their buses - in
You can learn more about TAPS & the pink bus at: tapsbus.
com/pink-bus-2/ To learn more about “Women Rock”
visit their website at:
You’ll soon be seeing the TAPS “Pink Bus”
around town and every time you see it you’ll
know that the money paid by the sponsors
on the “Tree of Life” will be going toward
an endowed scholarship fund through the
Grayson College Foundation. These dollars
will provide scholarship assistance to GC
students who are either victims of Breast
Cancer, or who have been affected in some
way by someone they love who has suffered
from Breast Cancer.
A special presentation ceremony was held
at TAPS when the director for “Women
Rock!” announced a fabulous new program
in conjunction with the Grayson College
Grayson College Grant Office Has Banner Year
Janis Thompson, the Grayson College grant development
specialist, has been on the lookout for outside resources to
help the college implement new initiatives. This year, the
College has been able to start a recycling effort, add to the
already popular Welding Rodeo, purchase promotional
items for the Alumni drive and help the new Culinary
program start a composting project. The Grant Office also
helps with state grants such as the Skills Development Fund
and TEA funding (*). Help us celebrate the receipt of these
Department of Commerce - $2,000,000 Economic
Development Administration
(South Campus Career Training Center)
National Endowment of the Arts - $10,000
(3rd Annual Welding Rodeo and Art Show)
Coca Cola and Keep America Beautiful - $4,080
(42 Recycling Containers for College Campus)
Scotts Miracle Gro - $500
(Culinary Composting Project)
One by One 4imprint - $500
(Promotional Magnets for Foundation)
Elias & Hanna Regensburger Foundation - $5,000
(Endowed Scholarship Support)
*Texas Education Agency-Adult Education - $39,215
(Supplemental Award)
*THECB Carl Perkins - $433,478
*Skills Development Fund - $187,515
(Texoma Medical Center - RN Employee Training)
*Skills Development Fund - $88,770
(Denison Industries Employee Training)
*Skills Development Fund - $7,525
(Grayson Home Health Employee Training)
Grand Total - $2,776,583
High school welding
students wait for the
results of their team
competition to be
announced at the 2nd
Annual Welding Rodeo
Annually Funded Scholarships Provide Support
Texoma AAUW Leadership Scholarship
American Bank of Texas Dean’s Honor Scholarship
Jim & Nancy Anderson Achievement Scholarship
Art Students “Purchase Award” Prize
ATMOS Energy Scholarship
B.A.G. Corp. Leadership Scholarship
Bank of Texas/The Private Bank-Bank of Texas
Leadership Scholarship
Sharon Bonner Bayless Valhalla Scholarship
Jimmy Jack & LaJean Beale Scholarship
Black Family Achievement Scholarship
Debra Boren Achievement Scholarship for CADD
Don & Sharon Brazeal “Winners for Life” Scholarship
Bringhurst-Williams Achievement Scholarship
Betty Jo Brown Memorial Scholarship
Caterpillar Global Mining, LLC Scholarship in
Welding, Drafting & Accounting
Robert L. Cherry Memorial Scholarship in Criminal
Children of GC Employees Scholarship
Ronnie & Rita Cole Leadership Scholarship
Downtown Denison Renaissance Scholarships in
Arts / Culinary Arts / Viticulture & Enology
John Dannel Memorial Scholarship
Fannin Bank Leadership Scholarship
David & Statia Fourrier Leadership Scholarship
Steven L. Froese Achievement Scholarship in Music
Stephen Eugene Garner Music Scholarship
Jerdy & Anne Gary Scholarship
Uva M. Gary Elementary Education Scholarship
James H. & Doretha Gosnell Memorial Valhalla
Grayson Colleague Scholarship
Grayson County Farmer’s Union Scholarship
Grayson County Retired School Personnel Scholarship
Gary Hensler Scholarship
Holbrook-Cardinal Valhalla Scholarship
Cooper-Holbrook Valhalla Scholarship
William & Winnie Cooper Valhalla Scholarship
Home Builders Association Leadership Scholarship
Grayson County Humane Society Achievement
Ralph & Janelle Jones Leadership Scholarship
Landmark Bank Leadership Scholarship
Alan McAdams Welding Scholarship
Mitchell Jay Merrill Memorial Scholarship
Newsom Scholarship for Viticulture & Enology
Non-Traditional Gender Scholarship
J. P. & Blanch Norman Memorial Achievement
Old Settler’s Association History Award
Old Settler’s Association J.N. Dickson Memorial
History Award
PRESCO Family Scholarship Fund
Bill & Becky Rasor Scholarship
A Little Ray of Sunshine Scholarship
Republic Emergency Services Leadership
Republic Hospitalists Services, PLLC Leadership
Pat Richardson Memorial Scholarship
Julia & Herman Ringler Scholarship in Nursing
Christopher Ryan Ritchie Memorial Scholarship
Patsy Jean Sexton Memorial Scholarship in Health
Smith Foundation Career & Education Scholarships
Willie B. Smith Memorial Scholarship
South Grayson Community Scholarship Fund
Stoolfire Leadership Scholarship
Kim Teel Scholarship in Secondary Education
Howard & Judy Thornton Valhalla Scholarship
Brad & Mandy Underwood Scholarship
Frank & Janet Ventura Leadership Scholarship
“Viking Challenge!” Scholarships/Athletic Fund
Viking Scholarships
“Dare to Dream” Scholarship
Welding Technology Association Scholarship
Patsy Ann Taylor White Memorial Scholarship
David & Linda Wood Achievement Scholarship
George & Barbara Woodroof Leadership
Winners for Life Scholarships
Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence Program
The GC Foundation has
initiated an Endowed
Chairs for Teaching
Excellence Program.
Based on the premise that
quality of instruction
is fundamental to GC’s
mission, this program
recognizes, promotes
and rewards outstanding
teaching and provides a
means for distinguished
faculty to further
contribute toward the
excellence of the College.
Endowed chairs support
instruction and study,
thereby enhancing teaching
and learning throughout
the College. Funding
for an Endowed Chair
begins with a minimum
commitment of $25,000.
There is no maximum.
Investment earnings allow
an annual payout from the
endowment. The Endowed
Chair carries the name
selected by the donor.
The purpose of the
Endowed Chairs Program is
to recognize and encourage
excellence in teaching,
enhance the quality of
instruction available to
students, and promote
awareness throughout the
College and community
that outstanding teaching
is highly valued at Grayson
College. The goal of the
Foundation is to establish
ten Endowed Chairs in
various disciplines by 2015
– the 50th Anniversary of
the College.
teaching excellence, please
contact the Grayson College
Foundation Office at (903)
463-8716 to discuss your
Chairs may be endowed
in any degree program.
We currently have three
fully-endowed chairs –
two in Nursing, and one
in Business. Examples of
other academic programs
might be endowed chairs in
Criminal Justice, Education,
Theatre Arts, Mathematics,
Computer Sciences,
Welding Technology, etc.
GC Professor Recognitions
If you are interested
in endowing a chair in
Lori Hoover
Dorothy Woodard
Connie Heard
Marty Richardson
Deena White
Rondi McManigell
Shelby Garner
Sandi Metcalf
Joanna Barnes
Carleen Moore
Deena White
Susan Holt
Amaryllis Mathewson
Carol Pace
Donors, Volunteers & Students Honored at
the 2012 Annual Morrison Banquet
“Altrusa International
of Sherman Valhalla
Scholarship” was
recognized. Sherry
Young (President)
with Altrusa
members, accepted
the award.
“Don and Bobbie
Hays Scholarship”
donors Don and
Barbara Hays
The following scholarships were also recognized
throughout the evening:
“Bill Wilcox Valhalla Scholarship”
representative David Wilcox with student
recipient Lisa Perales.
Altrusa International, Inc., of Sherman Scholarship
Red Baugh Memorial Scholarship
Thelma Braun Scholarship in Fine Arts
Clay & Jewel Bursell Memorial Scholarship
Hugh & Mary Louise Chesnutt Valhalla Scholarship
Kathryn Crenshaw Memorial Scholarship
Porfirio & Margarita Garcia/J.I. Caswell Memorial
Dr. Harold Grant Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Ronald & Jeanie Hardin Scholarship
Don & Bobbie Hays Scholarship
Howell Family Scholarship
Joan S. McGahren Memorial Scholarship
Justin Pittman Memorial Scholarship
Stephen & Rhonda Thornhill Valhalla Scholarship
Priscilla Smith Vandygriff Scholarship in
Elementary Education
Bill Wilcox Valhalla Scholarship
Student re
cipient Ra
ndell Morr
Bert & Lan
ow (center)
a Caswellmee
Garcia, wh
the “Porfiri
o endowed ts
o & Marga
rita Garcia
J.I. Caswe
ampaign C
ra &
and Barba
The 2012
Brad &
George W
Jimmy Jack & LaJean Beale Scholarship
Danna & Gerald Bennett Leadership Scholarship
Downtown Denison Renaissance Scholarships
in Arts, Culinary Arts & Viticulture
Grayson County Retired School Personnel Scholarship
Mr. & Dr. Gary & Amy Hensler Scholarship
Bill & Becky Rasor Scholarship
Smith Foundation Career & Education Scholarships
TAPS & Women Rock / Susan Hicks Memorial
Brad & Mandy Underwood Scholarship
Frank & Janet Ventura Leadership Scholarship
George & Barbara Woodroof Leadership Scholarship
Elizabeth and George McGahren accept
recognition for establishing the “Joan S.
McGahren Memorial Scholarship”.
Class Notes
Tell us a little bit about yourself and how GC has been your “Stepping Stone
to Success!” We have profiled a few students who received Foundation
scholarships ~ see how they made a difference!
Jimmy Adamcik - 1967/1969
In 1970 joined the ranks of the Dallas Police Dept.,
Married my wife Sally and have three children, in 1977 accepted a position with the Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Denver, Colorado. In 1982 was promoted to the position of Resident Agent in Charge in Baton Rouge, La. In 1986 promoted to HQ Staff position
and ultimately became the Special Agent In Charge of the Explosives Division. In 1990
transferred to the Division Office in Chicago, in 1992 transferred to Los Angeles and in 1997
transferred to Dallas and retired in 2001. In 2002 accepted a position with Homeland Security as the Assistant to the Agent in Charge of the Federal Air Marshal’s Service in Dallas.
Retired in 2007
am in the process of trying to attend UTD to further my education so that I can help as many
people as possible.
Elom Akibode - 2006/2007 I am single and still going to school. I am currently attending
University of North Texas. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and hope to graduate by
summer 2010.
Jana Garner - 1990/1995 I set up the Stephen Eugene Garner Music Scholarship after
my husband who passed away in 2007. Both my children are attending GCC currently. I
worked at GCC for approx. 3 years and enjoyed every day of it until the grant money ran out.
Abullahd Alharoun - 2007 Divorced, No Kids, Pharmacist, Like to travel a lot, Tri-Lingual
Mr. Stephen H. Gentry - 1973/1976 Proud member of Sigma Theta Epsilon at Grayson.
Married 36 years. Two sons: Matthew (31yrs.old) and Aaron Gentry (27 yrs.old). Retired
from Johnson and Johnson after 20 years (Special Projects Supervisor). Disciplinary Alternative Education Program Lead Teacher for 18 yrs. Lifetime member of the Selective
Service Board for Texas. And two grand-daughters from my son Matthew.
Janice Armstrong - 1984 Currently employed part time due to health conditions.
Keith Atkinson 2009-10 Guilloud Scholarship Recipient
“I am an Assistant Manager at Rave Motion Pictures in
Hickory Creek. Majoring in Business Economics with a
minor in Marketing. I’m also a Student Director with the
Professional Leadership Program...The scholarship was
helpful in easing a bit of the financial burden. The Fred &
Mae Guilloud scholarship was not the only award I was
given from GCC, I was also a recipient of a PTK $3000
scholarship which was also very helpful and I’m extremely
grateful for.”
Lornna Bates - 2007 Single, still finishing school and soon to be joining the workforce. Ask
me at a later date and I will be much more informative.
Jimmy Jack Beale - 1967/1968 Married, Four Children, 43 Yr. Career as a Stockbroker
with AG Edwards, Merrill Lynch, Wachovia and Morgan Keegan. Former Sherman City
Councilman. Ex-Marine having served in Vietnam. Awarded National Silver Service Medallion for service to Boys and Girls Club. Recognized as an outstanding Sherman High School
Alum by the Ex-Students Assn. Helped raise $900,000 for the various Boys and Girls Orgs
in Sherman, Denison, Pottsboro, etc. By chairing the NFL Alumni Golf Tournament. Will
soon get degree in Bible from Liberty Univ. Have traveled all over Europe, Ireland, Scotland
and Israel.
Shay Cavender 2010-11 Guilloud Scholarship Recipient
Thanks to a great start at Grayson College, I am in the BSN
nursing program at Tarleton State University in Stephenville,
Texas where I am currently attending clinical three times a
week in Cleburne, Stephenville, and Waco, Texas. The Fred
& Mae Guilloud Scholarship enhanced my collegiate career
by allowing me attend college full-time without relying on
student loans. Upon transferring to Tarleton State University,
I completed the L.E.A.D.S. certification, which is a selective
program that provides skills to become an effective leader. With the help of this
scholarship, I have made the Dean’s list every semester of my college career; and
recently became invited to join Alpha Chi, an honors society that is by invitation
only and is only offered to the top ten percent of all students enrolled at Tarleton
State University. I plan on utilizing this extra knowledge base and skills in order
to continue my education into a Master’s program following graduation and
certification as a Bachelor’s prepared Registered Nurse.
Gwen Denton – 1965-1967 Got BS at Texas A&M Commerce (ETSU) and Masters in
Education at NTU. Teacher at Van Alstyne. I’ve taught school for 42 years. I still work ½
days there with struggling readers.
Tangelia Douglas - 2006/2007 Married with 3 children.
Christopher Emerson - 1992/1995 Married, Two Daughters
Kristien Felt - 2004/2007 I am married and have 2 step-kids. I am pursuing a counseling
career. I have an AS in Sociology and an AAS in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling, and
Patricia Foster - 1970/1972 Retired teacher
Mrs. Elizabeth Fulce - 1981 I have one son, Garrett Wesley Fulce, who also is a GC
alumni. Currently, he is pursing a bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at Austin. I
am an award-winning writer but I consider my finest achievement to be the home-education
of my son.
Jeannette Gray - 1975/1977 Married 31 years, 4 children.
Horace A. Groff - Has 3 children, Mark Lockridge, Tesa Lockridge and Tama Groff.
Don Griffin - 1965/1971 Married, 2 kids, professional boxing and MMA judge and referee.
Chrystal Grove - 2005/2007 I have been married for almost 15 years now. Shane and
I have two daughters Alexis, 11, and Jossleyn, 10. Currently I am taking classes at Collin
County Community College while waiting to start my Masters in Criminology this fall at UTD.
We moved into our first house this past December.
Mr. Carl Hudman - 1986/1989 Former US Marine
Mr. Stephen Keel - 1983/1985 Wife: Sue, Children: Anthony, Serena and Vickie, US Marine Corps 1979-1983, Sing with the Golden Spread Barbershop Chorus Work for the Boy
Scouts of America
Mr. Steven Kemp - 1982/1984 I have 3 daughters. I am divorced.
Ms. Delores Loedel - 1985/1988 Currently teaching Accounting courses at the Community
College level. I’m married with three children. I have fond memories of my time at GCC
and my involvement with the PTK organization. GCC was instrumental in my success and I
frequently call upon this experience as I currently teach at MiraCosta College (Community
College) in Oceanside, CA.
Mrs. Shannon Maulding - 2004/2007 Married 21 years, 3 children (22, 16, & 13), and
plan on applying for Teacher positions next school year. I currently help teach English as a
Second Language in ESL at Sherman High and love it. I have traveled to Russia, Romania,
and Austria. I am currently in Kappa Delta Pi. Many previous accomplishments; however,
working toward the future accomplishments. This past school year we have had our ESL
group go on a tour in October 2011 and there was another large group that just recently
attended a tour last month. We have GCC information in our classroom for students and we
encourage them to make GCC their first step in their college career.
Mr. Chad McKee - 1995 I am a reserve police officer with the City of Southmayd and a
EMT/Firefighter for the City of Southmayd. I am certified MEMS.
Mr. Samuel Mochoge - 2007 Married with three children.
Mr. Brad Morgan - 1990/1992 Wife Nicole with 3 kids (Emma, Cooper, and Piper)
Mrs. Susan Mussachio - 2006/2007 Married with two boys, 21 mos and 5 mos.
Mrs. Melissa Neal - 1999/2003 Married, 2 children, 1 grandson
Mallory Parker When I was a freshman in college I received the “Fred & Mae Guilloud
Scholarship”. The receipt of this scholarship helped me achieve my educational
goals and jump start my college career. The scholarship helped me determine my
very successful choice of attending Grayson County College. With the funds of
the scholarship I took over half of the courses needed to obtain my Associate of
Science in Business Administration. After graduating with this degree in the spring
of 2012, I transferred to the University of North Texas. I am currently attending
the College of
Business at UNT
to receive a
with a major of
Marketing. After
receiving my Bachelors degree I will
continue my education and work
to complete a Masters of Business
Administration with a major of
Marketing. I have many goals to obtain
a bright future and I am very thankful
that I had the “Fred & Mae Guilloud
Scholarship” as a starting point for my
Mr. David R. Pena – 1965/1967 22 years,
USAF, Retired 2007; Lt. Col., Chaplain,
Trainer, Applied suicide intervention skills
Mr. Robert Richardson - 1969/1971 Married, 2 children, both attended Grayson.
After 30 years retired as the only Court
Administrator for Grayson County, Texas
(replaced with 5 court coordinators in 2005)
Mrs. Cherie Rivera - 2009/2011 Married,
three daughters, lived in India and Hong
Kong, traveled Singapore, Philippines,
China, Bangladesh. Served as Four Corners 4-H Club manager for over 10 years
working with Fannin County Youth, involved
in youth leadership development and community service.
Ms. Daniella Rivera - 2009/2011 Currently
a junior at SMU, School of Journalism.
Ms. Felicitas Rivera - 2007/2008 Single,
currently completing SMU’s Language
Therapy Certification program, then Master’s degree to be a certified Dyslexia
Mr. James Rivers - 1981/1983 Married
to Sylvia, 2 children Elliot is at Rice University and Emily is at Sherman High School.
Transferred from GCC to Baylor and completed a BBA in Accounting. Became a CPA
in 1988. Worked in public accounting and
industry. Currently working for Grayson
County as the Grayson County Auditor since 1993.
Mrs. Stacy Robertson - 2007 Married for
10 yrs with 2 boys. Received my Associates
in Psych and Soci in 2010. Currently attending GCC LVN program and will graduate in
July 2012.
Mrs. India Sample - 2002/2004 Married
for 6.5 years. Mother of two kids, Zachary
age 5 and Zoe age 21 months. I’ve worked
in surgery the past 6 years.
Dr. Sherry Scott - 1982/1986 Lived in San
Antonio sixteen years, before returning to
North Texas. Had the opportunity to work
as pediatric palliative care physician within
the pediatric hematology/oncology dept. at
[email protected] Antonio. Married with four
children/oldest son is currently deployed to Afghanistan as Sgt. in the Marine Corp. Published first book in May 2011, The Year My Mother Died/ a memoir. (theyearmymotherdied.
Ms. Mary Seale - 1980/1981 Single and 60!!! Grandmother of two wonderful boys, ages
11 and 17. Mother of one Grayson College Graduate in 1995(?) named Jennifer Alyce (Dilbeck) Nunley. Earned Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and was named 2004 Student of
the Year for the National Association of Social Work; Treasurer of the Student Government
Association and President for 2 years of the Campus Social Work Club. I have been a nurse
for 30+ years and hope to retire on the beach somewhere soon! Meet and greet high school
students to let them know what college offers. I encourage everyone young person I meet to
take some courses on the community college level first as it can be quite overwhelming to go
straight from high school to a four year university. The demands there are great. Emphasize
the courses offered that relate to their desired major and remind them of campus activities
that are not only fun but look real good on a resume!
Mr. Jonathan Shultz - 1997/1999 Actually I’m back in school to become a Doctor or Chiropractic.
Ms. Anjana Sigdel - 2007/2009 I went to GCCC from 2007-2009. I finished my ADN and
started working in Medical center of McKinney as an RN. I love being a Nurse. I have a 2 yr
of Son. Me and my husband love to travel and explore the world.
Mr. Howard Smith - 2005/2007 Married; 4 children; oldest daughter is a homemaker,
oldest son is an attorney in Wash. D.C., youngest daughter is a missionary in Peru, youngest son works with me at Grayson Compressor. Travelled over most of the world when
employed by Reedrill/Gardner Denver (now Caterpillar Mining). Business Owner, serve on
numerous boards.
Mrs. Margaret Swindell - 1978/1980
worked for Cigna 18 years.
Married, one son who attends Grayson. Have
Mr. Robert Sylvester - 1972/1974 Married Karen Delaney, have 4 children, 1 grandson.
Enjoy family, travel, sailing, scuba diving
Mr. Jim Vandagriff - 1983 I offer a 1,000.00 Scholarship to a senior in Grayson for outstanding volunteer work. The Hazel and Harold Wright Volunteer Scholarship. We do this
every year funded by a chili cookoff at the Livestock Show at Loy Lake.
Mr. Abner Vann - 1969/1970 The two best instructors I had while in college were both at
Grayson. Neil Baker for U. S. History and Bill Terrell for Gov. Both filled the classroom with
much more than course information.
Kaila Delka 2009-10 Guilloud Scholarship Recipient “I am
Currently attending University of North Texas in Denton. I
am studying to become a kindergarten teacher. I am also
a full time teller supervisor at Northstar Bank of Texas.
This scholarship was very beneficial to my education. I
was lucky enough to get two years of schooling out of the
way before moving on to a University and I wouldn’t have
done it any other way. I can’t say thank you enough for
the help I received.”
Mr. Bevan Vaughan Recent graduate of Texas State University interested in working in
government. While at Grayson I was awarded Outstanding Criminal Justice Student award
and was president of the criminal justice club. I spent 3 semesters at GCC before earning
my AAS in CJ.
Dr. Patrick Vaughn - 1984/1985 Married 23 years, no children; we have fostered, and both
my wife, Candice, and I have been in education as our careers; Candi in all levels of public
school and adult education, and I in community college and some four year experience. We
travel to Texoma each year for Christmas with family. Our latest out of country travel was to
Banff Canada. And, I have had the opportunity to guest lecture at Hunan Normal University
in Changsha, China. My major accomplishments have been contributing to the communities
I have call home.
have 3 sons, Cody 27, and Cory and Cole
are 23. Cody graduated from Texas A&M
and works for the W Hotel in Washington,
D.C. Cory is currently on the Dean’s List at
Texas A&M and Cole is attending Blinn College and will be attending Texas A&M in the
fall. Twila works at the Van Alstyne Middle
School in the front office and I have been in
the telecom industry for the past 32 years.
Ms. Betsy Wiggins - 1973/1975 I am a
widow. I lost my husband 6 years ago. I
have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. I have
taught kindergarten at Van Alstyne Elementary for 27 years. My dad is Roy Jackson,
who began teaching history at GCC when
the college opened, and was the athletic
director when he retired. Two of my three
children also attended GCC.
Mrs. Donna Williams - 1965/1967 Widow,
Pastor’s Wife, twenty years, Three adult
daughters, two grandchildren. Member of
first full graduating class at GCC. Careers:
Banking (branch manager, commercial loan
officer), Sales (Territory Manager, Johnson
& Johnson, Northern California), Federal
Government (Bank Liquidation Specialist,
FDIC), Education (Library/Teacher), Community Outreach (Site coordinator, afterschool & summer programs, San Francisco
Western Addition), Inspirational Speaker/
Teacher; member of advisory board First
Lady Conference (FLC), workshop facilitator/counselor, 2008 FLC conference banquet speaker (
Mrs. Jami Wilson - 2009/2010 I am married with five children. I attended Grayson
College from August 2009 to May 2010
when I earned my Associate of Science
degree in Psychology Magna Cum Laude.
I was President of the Psychology Club and
an officer for Phi Theta Kappa Spring of
2010 semester.
Ms. Sareaza Wilson - 2003/2005 I am
single with two children. A young boy age 6
and little girl age 5. Their father is very active in all of our lives. My goal is to become
a Registered Nurse by the time I am 30yrs.
old because this has been a long life dream
of mine and I am determined to grasp it. I
plan on moving closer to my work, and
also soon become a RN at Baylor Frisco
over time. Travel to world with my children
and introduce them to more than just their
hometown. We attend Daniel-Gray CME
church of Sherman Texas were I volunteer most of spare time helping, assisting,
coordinating programs, working with the
children, and just being there for my church
family whenever I can to lend a hand.
Michael A. Vaught - 1965/1967 Retired after 26 years, BISD AP Chem/AP Physics. I have
been active in restoring the lodge and other buildings which were constructed in 1939 under
the RRA at Lake Fannin, north of Bonham.
Ms. Gwendolyn Westbrook - 1986/1987
I was an ALL-REGION basketball player on the women’s team when I attended GCC. I have
lived in Australia since 1991 where I continued playing basketball. I have recently moved
back to Dallas with my 3 children.
Go Vikings!
Mr. Byron Whitaker - 1974/1976 I have been married to Twila for 32 years this August and
Students Demonstrate the Difference that Scholarship Support Makes
Careers Start Here!
Since my graduation from the Radiology program at
GC I’ve been working at Wilson N Jones Medical Center
as a Radiologic Technologist. I thoroughly enjoy what I
do! I can’t thank the scholarship department at Grayson
enough for all of the help they gave me with my education.
The costs of education can be challenging but with the
assistance I received I made it across the finish line and into
a great career! ~ Chance Glover ’12
I majored in the Electronic Engineering Technology Program
at Grayson College, and the scholarship assistance I received as
a student there contributed greatly to my success in achieving
my career goals. I transferred to UT-Austin to complete my
Engineering Degree, and then joined Newfield’s Rocky Mountain
Business Unit as a drilling engineer in May 2011. After working
in both the Williston Basin and Uinta Basin drilling teams,
I transitioned to production engineering. Prior to
joining Newfield, I spent 8 years with ExxonMobil in
facilities and drilling engineering on both domestic
and international projects. Within drilling, I have
experience throughout Texas, the Rockies, and
in deep water Angola. I hold a bachelor’s degree
with honors in Mechanical Engineering from the
University of Texas at Austin and a Master of
Science degree in Global Energy Management
from the University of Colorado, Denver. ~ Ryan
Johnson '02
“You have brains in your head.
First, thanks to God and all the
angels who selected me to receive the
John Mumm Memorial Scholarship.
Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management is my educational focus
with plans to become a personal chef. As a successful culinarian,
I will be promoting healthy cooking. Without hesitation, I lifted
my hands and voice to Grayson College Foundation. This kind
of love deserves a response. My famous culinarian, my mother
always taught me two words to say to everyone, anywhere and
everywhere I am, in the grocery store, rush-hour traffic, and the
local restaurant - THANK YOU! ~ Jacqueline Nellams-Oliver
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction
you choose. You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
And YOU are the one who’ll decide
where to go...”
― Dr. Seuss,
Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
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Charles & Margo Rice
Rad & Marty Richardson
Don & Barbara Riedl
Herman & Julia Ringler
Joe & Glenda Ritchie
Ron & Kathy Roberts
Roberts Decorator Supply
Mary Margaret Robinson
Robert & Millie Rodgers
Thomas Roesler
Phil & Betty Roether
Jim & Pat Rountree
*Bill & Judy (Gosnell) Rowton
Jade Ruiz
Sean Ruiz
Matthew J. Rush
*Bob & Lola Sanford
Mr. & Mrs. John Satterwhite
Claude J. Saunier
*Alan & Barbara Scheibmeir
Charles & Darlene Schweizer
Bernie & Trisha Sethaler
SH Sports
Joyce & Pancho Shadid
Sher-Den Realty, Inc.
Sheridan School District #2
SHW Group, LLP
William & Jill Siler
C.L. & Mary Simco
Diana Simco
Susan Simco
Harold & Mae Slankard
Chelsea & Robert Slocum
C.J. & Willa Dean Smith
Mike & Sue Smith
Tom & Judy Smith
Clara Blackford Smith & W. Aubrey
Smith Charitable Foundation
The Sonship Sunday School Class
of Harvest Time Assembly of God
Southeastern Foundation, Inc.
Southwest Auction Co, Inc.
John & Patty Spears
Jeff & Julia Spencer
Donna & John Spies
State Farm Companies Foundation
Tom Steinbeck
Betty & Ray Stephens
Stanley & Patricia Stewart
Karen & Bruce Stidham
Art & Bobbye Wynne Stoolfire
Thomas & Rose Sulistio
Jon & Beverly Talbott
The Talbott Foundation
Linda & Michael Tarzis
Team Bonner Chevrolet Cadillac
Kim Teel
Randy & Sherrie Tew
Texas Instruments Foundation
Texas Star Bank
Texas Wine & Grape Growers
Texoma Health Foundation
*Bobby Thomas
Ray & Elizabeth Thomas
Janis Thompson
Jerry & Lois Oleta Thompson
Stephen & Rhonda Thornhill
Howard & Judy Thornton
Tyson Foods, Inc.
Brad & Mandy (Ray) Underwood
John & Sandra Underwood
Gerald & Sherry Vance
Patrick Vaughn
Frank & Janet Ventura
Visble Light Investments, Inc.
Curry & Barbara Vogelsang
Johnny & Carol Waldrip
Keith & Regina Walraven
Billy & Janis Walters
Stan Ward
Waterproofing & Construction
Solutions, LLC
Jack Webb
Wells Fargo Educational Matching
Gift Program
Gary & Karen White
L.T. & Betty White
R.J. & Lee Ann Whitmire
Whitmire Container Corp.
David Wilcox
John G. Wilcox
Wilcox Family Trust
Debra Richard Wilder
Denise Johnson Willard
Don & Beth Bringhurst Williams
*Ruby Jo Williams
Susan Wills
Kevin & Stacey Wilson
Winners for Life Foundation
Linda & David Wood
George & Barbara Woodroof
Ron & Cheryl Woodworth
Harold Wright
Don W. Young Living Trust
Marti Zavina
Vina Zavina
Sandra Wolfe Zulawski
of Scholarship Awards
Students benefitting
Students Benefitting from
Academic Year
Recipients AVG Award
$53,900.00 81
$62,611.00 127
$131,252.00 257
$172,965.00 329
$164,920.00 281
$138,144.00 218
$121,650.00 175
$137,295.00 221
$183,603.00 208
$235,169.00 256
$284,657.00 314
$282,258.00 294
$286,099.00 321
$336,062.00 380
$396,606.00 403
TOTAL AWARDS $2,991,491 3892
2012 “Viking Challenge!”
The Winning Teams
1st Place
Ronnie Young, Sydney Youngblood, Jay
Thompson, Laura Glass, Scott Hailey, Jerry
2nd Place
Frank Winfrey, Bud Means, Kelly Milam, Bill
Parker, Mike Hurley, Ray Stone
3rd Place
Chris Dobbs, Brian Stiles, Joe Barnard, Johnny Bullard,
Tommy Crosby, Jeff Butts
Food, Fun & Prizes
Bonner’s Burgers
were served under
the new covered
pavilion at the GCC
Golf Course. It was
delicious - thanks
to Dale & his Team!
Dale Bonner, Tournament Chair
127 golfers enjoyed beautiful weather while
raising funds for student scholarships.
Mike Goolsby wins
Split-the-Pot drawing
Team Bonner SHOOT OUT! Winners
Chris Douglas
placed the
best shot
on Hole #10
to take first
place in the
Team Bonner
2nd place
Ken Gutshall
3rd place
Cody Evans
Special Thanks to our Tournament Sponsors
The 16th Annual “Viking Challenge” benefit golf tournament raised $18,600 in scholarship funds for GC students. Special thanks to
Dale Bonner of Team Bonner Chevrolet Cadillac, in Denison, who has served as the Tournament Chair for the past 14 years. GoldLevel Scholarship/Hole Sponsors - Atmos Energy * Tom & Regue’ Chick * Ken & Lauren English * Landmark Bank * Merrill Lynch/
Brad Morgan * SHW Group… Silver-Level Scholarship/Hole Sponsors - American Bank of Texas * Estes, McClure & Associates * K.W.
Gutshall & Associates/Damian Caruso * Spears Family * Tyson Foods… Major Sponsors - A-1 Printing * Bayless-Hall Insurance * Blake
Utter Ford * Team Bonner Chevrolet * Choctaw Career Development Program * Dr Pepper * Herald-Democrat/Shopper * Next Media
Group * Plyler Construction… And Other Sponsors - American Bank of Texas * Casa Vieja Tex-Mex * City Limits * Cleveland Golf * Closets &
Garages Self Storage * Comfort Inn & Suites/Lake Texoma * Dairy Queen * Dodson & Associates Real Estate/Skee & Tina Dodson * Feast On This! * Fossil
Creek Liquor * The Golf Club at Twin Creeks * IHOP * MG’s Restaurant & Mom’s Bakery * Sandra Palmore – In Memory of J.D. Palmore * Drs. Chuck
& Jeannine Hatt Phelps * Red River Truck Repair * Roy & Helen Renfro * Roberts Decorator Supply * Betty Roether * Wal-Mart/Denison * Winstar Golf
Course * Woodsong Institute of Art
Wall of Honor Acknowledges Donor Generosity
Shooting Stars
Million Dollar Donors: Ray and Mary Morrison
Distinguished Benefactors ($50,000 - $999,999)
Alcoa Foundation * John & Alice Anderson * Ben Blackburn * Raymond & Mary Elizabeth Blalack Estate *
Team Bonner Chevrolet Cadillac * Narcadean & Andy Buckner * Dr. & Mrs. Robert Carrel * Hugh & Mary Louise Chesnutt Estate *
Churches of Christ of Grayson & Fannin Counties * Coca-Cola * The Dorset Foundation * Estate of Frances “Duchess” Hatley * Gregg
& Virgie Holbrook * Lattimore Foundation * Thelma Maresh Trust * The Oliver Dewey Mayor Foundation * Jim & Jacqueline Mehaffey *
Dennis P. Meurer * Ray & Mary Morrison * Mona & David Murray Munson, Sr. * W. B. Munson Foundation * Estate of Dorothy Ann Parker *
Plyler Construction * Bob & Lola Sanford * Charles & Darlene Schweizer * Clara Blackford Smith & W. Aubrey Smith Charitable Foundation
* Charles A. & Charlotte R. Spears Estate * Jon & Beverly Talbott * The Talbott Foundation * Texoma Health Foundation * Dr. Truman &
Edna Wester * W.E. “Bill” Wilcox * Winners for Life Foundation
Major Benefactors
($10,000 - $49,999)
A-1 Printing & Graphics Center * R.E. & Dr. Donna Finch * Altrusa International, Inc. of Sherman * American Bank of Texas * Patricia
Baugh * Sharon & David Bayless, Jr. * Win Bayless Family * B.K. & Betty Bledsoe * Thelma Braun & Bocklett Family Foundation
* Jackie & Dale Butler * J.B. Carter Estate * Confrerie des Chevaliars du Tastevin * Bessie Faye Dalton * Denison Service League
* James Park Fielder, III * Barry & Laura Fontaine * Bert & Lana Caswell Garcia * Glaser Family Charitable Foundation * Grayson
County Home Health * Grayson County Sherrif’s Posse * John Gurak, Ph.D. * Ron & Jeanie Hardin * Hastings Charitable Trust *
Herald-Democrat / Grayson Shopper * Roger & Betty Herrera * Dale & Margaret Ann Hill * Hope Concrete - Gerald & Linda Hope
* Charles W. & Mary J. Hotchkiss * Independent Bank * Emilie Collins & Troy Jaco * Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc. * Johnson &
Johnson Foundation * JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA * Jim & Mary Knox * Gerald Knox 2 Fund of The Greater Cedar Rapids Community
Foundation * Kwikset Corporation * Landmark Bank * Barbara Lee * Gayle Lockridge * John Allen Maki & Joyce Acheson Maki * Tim
& Judy McGraw * Ben & Nancy McKinney * Jean & Thom Metcalf * Charles Cranfill Munson * Munson, Munson, Cardwell & Keese
* Percy & Pauline Neblett * Betty O’Dea * Old Settlers Association of Grayson County * Mary Lois O’Neal * Gary & Sue Paikowski *
Roger & Patsy Powell * PRESCO Polymers, L.P. * PVES Foundation * Elias & Hanna Regensburger Foundation * Helen & Roy Renfro
* Phil & Betty Roether * Bill & Judy (Gosnell) Rowton * Roger, Arden, Rebecca & Alexis Sanders * Bucky & Nancy Sappenfield * Alan
& Barbara Scheibmeir * C.J. & Willa Dean Smith * Daniel & Debra Stenger * Mark & Cynthia Taylor * Terex Reedrill * Texas Star Bank
* Texoma Medical Center * Stephen & Rhonda Thornhill * Blake Utter Ford * Bob Utter / Bob Utter Ford - Lincoln – Mercury * Gail Utter
* Wachovia Securities Educational Matching Gifts Program * Robert Wedel * Wells Fargo Foundation * Wilcox Family Trust * John G.
Wilcox * Gloria & Wendell Williams * Wilson N. Jones Community Foundation * Linda & David Wood
($5,000 - $9,999)
AAUW-Sherman Texoma Branch * Pamela Anglin * Sam & Cathy Atkins * Dwayne & Kay Barber * Benton Family * Melvyn Bertrand *
The Boeing Company * Bonham State Bank * Don & Sharon Brazeal * Giles & Carol Ann Brown * Robin Reynolds Burns * Caterpillar
Global Mining, LLC * Betty Jo Caywood * Tom & Regue’ Chick * Denny Dallas * Skee & Tina Dodson * Linda Adams Ellis * Dickie &
Bruce Gerig * Grayson Crisis Center * Grayson Nursing Student Association * K.W. Gutshall & Associates/Damian Caruso * Robert &
Cheryl Herriage * William H. Hill Estate * Home Builders Association of Grayson, Fannin & Cooke Counties * Patricia M. Hotchkiss *
Janice & Curtis Howell * Internet Texoma, Inc. * Ralph & Janelle Jones * Marilyn Kretsinger * Jeff & Rhonda Baugh Lewis * SH Sports
/ Jeff & Jennifer Lightfoot * Lough Management, Inc. * Magni-Power Company * Raymond W. Matthews, Tax/Financial Services * Bill
& Wilma McFatridge * George McGahren * Ben & Judy Merrill * Methodist Dallas Medical Center Auxiliary * Family of Juanita Milner
* Dr. Mary L. Moses * Next Media Group * Jack & Texanna Norman * Nelda & John Partin, Ed.D. * Bennie Sue Peterson * David &
Rita Peterson * Justin Pittman Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. * Ramey Chevrolet Cadillac * Rad & Marty Richardson * Joe &
Glenda Ritchie * Bernice & Gerry Rohlich * SBC Foundation * Sherman Radiology Associates * John & Jo Ann Shoulders * Clyde &
Carol Siebman * Mark A. Smith, D.D.S. * Mike & Sue Smith * John & Patty Spears / Spears Family * David & Frankie Sprowl * Kevin &
Lisa Stacks * C.W. Stafford Estate * Art & Bobbye Wynne Stoolfire * Texas Instruments * Tyson Foods, Inc. * Ron & Cathy Velten * E.J.
“Buddy” Wagner * Gary & Karen White * Ruby Jo Williams * Sandra Wolfe Zulawski
2013 Annual Scholarship Campaign Begins:
“Supporting the Dream”
is a Pottsboro Director on Landmark
Bank’s Community Board and serves
as a Director on the Preston Volunteer
Emergency Services Board.
Campaign Co-Chairs
Betty and Phil Roether
Betty Roether retired from JC Penney
Corporate as a Senior Designer with
the company’s Arizona Jean Company
line. Betty has served both as a board
member and President of Denison
Performing Arts as well as a board
member and President of the Women’s
Crisis Center in Sherman. She is a Friend
of the Pottsboro Area Public Library, has
served as a member of the Texoma Health
Foundation Volunteer Committee, and is a
board member of International Women’s
Club. She has volunteered for the Boot
Scootin’ Ball in various roles, two years
serving as a co-chair. Betty also serves on
the Grayson College Foundation Board and
served the Preston Volunteer Emergency
Services board as a board member and
Secretary. Betty was named Pottsboro’s
Citizen of the Year for 2011.
Phil and Betty have two children and six
In 1999, after living in Plano for 34 years,
Phil and Betty Roether retired from their
respective corporations and moved to the
Pottsboro area.
2013 Annual Campaign Plans are Underway
Phil Roether joined the Raytheon Company
in 1997 as a Vice President. Prior to
1997 he was a Vice President at Texas
Instruments with a career that spanned 30
years, serving in numerous engineering
and management positions. More recently
Phil served as President of the 5,000
member Chicago-based Association for
Manufacturing Excellence, where he
continues to provide consulting support.
Mr. Roether has served as a Director on
the Texoma Health Foundation board
and Chairman of the Grayson County
Airport Board. Phil served on the Grayson
County Planning Board, and currently
serves as Chairman of the Grayson
County Airport Zoning Commission. Phil
The 2013 Annual Campaign Team Leaders have set a goal of $300,000
in scholarship gifts and pledges during the February-March volunteerdriven phase. Volunteers in nearly every Grayson County community
will be busy visiting with prospective donors to encourage their support.
Annual Campaign Goal: $300,000
Lauren Bolin Roth, Sherman
Lynda Anderson, Whitesboro
Connie Snider, Denison
Sharon Brazeal, Van Alstyne
Diana Williams, Pottsboro
Narda Goodson, Whitewright
Barbara Woodroof, Gunter
Johnny & Carol Waldrip, Bells
Let us know if you would like to be a member of any of these great
teams. Our 2013 Annual Campaign Kick-Off Party will be Thursday,
January 31, and we hope you will join us as we strive to
“Support the Dream” of so many Grayson College students.
Grayson College Foundation Annual Campaign
Suggested Scholarship Giving Levels
This chart illustrates the various endowment levels and the annual award each level
generates. The annual award levels are also the amount it takes to establish an annually
funded “named” scholarship. Your contribution may be designated either as a “general”
scholarship, or you may specify limited criteria (ie: academic program, minimum GPA, etc.)
One-time gifts, in any amount, are also greatly appreciated and will be pooled in the
Foundation’s Viking Scholarship Fund for distribution to GC students with financial need,
who may not be eligible for any other scholarship support.
Dean’s Honor
To Endow $ 35,000
$ 25,000
$ 15,000
$ 10,000
Annual Award
$ 1,600
$ 1,250
$ 750
$ 500
$ 7,000
$ 5,000
$ 350
$ 250
Watch for the annual campaign brochure coming in the mail soon!
Non-Profit Organization
Denison, Texas 75020
Permit No. 96
Grayson College Foundation
6101 Grayson Drive
Denison, Texas 75020
The Grayson College Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit
tax exempt 501(c)3 Texas corporation
For more information contact:
The Grayson College Foundation, Inc.
6101 Grayson Drive, Denison, TX 75020
PH: 903-463-8717
E-Mail: [email protected]
PH: 903-463-8716
E-Mail: [email protected]
Printing of this annual report generously provided by
Grayson College.
GC is an equal opportunity institution.
The GC Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in March 1991 as a 501(c) 3, non-profit, tax-exempt entity formed solely for the purpose of support of
Grayson College. Every donor becomes a member of the Foundation regardless of the amount of your gift.
GC Alumni Information
Please update your info! Receive a free magnet!
Visit and click on Alumni-Foundation in the Quick Links or
update your information on this form and return it to us at the address above.
Go Vikings!
Full Name When You Were A Student at GC
Your Major Area of Study at GC
Maiden Name (if applicable)
Graduate from/Transfer School(s) you attended (if applicable)
Mailing Address: Street
E-Mail Address
Home Phone
Current Employer
Cell Phone
Other info you’d like to share?
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