I, ________________________________, make an oath and state as follows:
(Name of sponsor)
1. I am sponsoring a student applicant.
2. I presently have in my checking/savings account the minimum sum of $16,500 US to
meet tuition, room, board, books, and miscellaneous expenses while the student is attending
his or her first year at Grayson College.
3. I have attached an original bank statement or a bank letter (not more than three months old)
reflecting a minimum current balance of $16,500 US. (USCIS requires the three most recent
bank statements for processing changes of status or reinstatements within the U.S.)
Note: A minimum of $3,300 will be available to the student at the time of initial registration. An
additional $2,765.00 is required if living on campus.
Oath or Affirmation of Sponsor
I swear (affirm) that the above statements are true and correct.
Date: _________________________________________
Name of sponsored student: ______________________
Signature of Sponsor: ____________________________
Sponsor’s information
Address: _______________________________________
City: __________________________________________
State/Province: __________________________________
Postal Code: ____________________________________
Country: _______________________________________
Telephone #:____________________________________
Email: _________________________________________
International Student Office: 903-463-8749/fax 903-415-2560/email [email protected]