EPCC General Education Outcomes Assessment Task Force  April 8, 2011  ASC A‐400   

EPCC General Education Outcomes Assessment Task Force April 8, 2011 ASC A‐400 Present: Bobby Ortega, Eugenio Galindo, Maria T. Gomez, Myshie M. Pagel, Alejandro Vasquez, Paul Finster, Tony Juarez, Barbara Yancy‐Tooks, Gabriel Mendoza, Baldemar Perez Absent: Pat Islas, Russell Myers, Marvin Coates I. Bobby Ortega called the meeting to order at 2:07. II. Minutes for February 25 were approved by consensus. III. Letters to Graduating Students a. Pat Islas and her staff will follow up the letters with phone calls. b. Maria T. Gomez brought up the possibility of having more than 50 students take the test, but we have only ordered 50 cords. By consensus, the task force agreed that we would not order any more cords, but enter the students in the drawing for the iPods. IV. Token of Appreciation a. Bobby Ortega will be purchasing the shuffles through his account and then get reimbursed through Dr. Brown’s account. b. The task force will have the drawing at our next meeting, May 6. Myshie Pagel will send the names of the students who took the test to Bobbie by May 2 so that his office can make the slips of paper for the drawing. We will need the names and then on a separate paper, the scores without any identifying markers. Myshie will talk to testing to see how to do this. c. The cords will be mailed by Bobby’s office as well. Barbara Yancy‐Tooks brought up the possibility of hand delivering the cords as a gesture of appreciation. The task force discussed it and decided since there were 50, to mail the cords and use the personal delivery option as a backup. V. THECB Core Curriculum Assessment Report Update Maria gave an update on the Core Curriculum Report that was submitted to the state on April 1, 2011. VI. Definitions The task force reviewed these and made the following revisions. The revisions are in italics. Reading – Reading competence at the college level means the ability to analyze and interpret a variety of written materials. English – Competency in writing at the college level means the ability to produce clear, correct and coherent prose adapted to purpose, occasion and audience. Mathematics – Competency in Mathematics at the college level means the ability to correctly use and interpret numerical, geometric, and measurement data and to communicate effectively in the language of Mathematics. Critical Thinking – Competency in critical thinking means the ability to analyze, evaluate, interpret, and apply information. VII. Future Agenda Items a. Set benchmarks for the general education assessment. b. Summer graduates will be offered the chance to take the assessment with the fall cohort. c. Other means of assessment in addition to the ACCUPLACER. Maria suggested using embedded questions, statistics and speech. Balde mentioned that ENGL 2342 was a literature class, but the students do a lot of writing and the course could be used to get a writing sample as well as assessing reading, and critical thinking. VIII. Future Meetings May 6, 2011 No summer meetings Submitted by Myshie M. Pagel April 11, 2011 
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