“News on the Lane” Indian Lane Elementary School

“News on the Lane”
Indian Lane Elementary School
Date: Friday, May 20, 2016
R1, R2: Live from Media, PA, it’s News on the Lane.
R1: Good morning, I’m Baily K.
R2: And I’m Lukas D., reporting from the Rosemary Angelina Broadcast
R1: Today is Friday, May 20, 2016. It is day 2 of the 12-day cycle.
R2: Our Pledge of Allegiance will be led by Mrs. Burke’s third grade class.
Please stand, face the flag in your classroom, and put your right hand over
your heart to recite the pledge.
R1: Please remain standing for a moment of silence.
R2: ((Count to 10))
Please join us in reciting the Bobcat Pledge. We pledge to:
Be ready, respectful and responsible.
Offer a helping hand.
Be a friend to everyone.
Care about feelings.
Accept differences.
Tell an adult.
Stand up for what is right.
R1: Please be seated for some news and announcements. ((Wait for
camera person’s cue)) Today, the BIG story on the lane is the Indian Lane
Spelling Bee taking place today at 2:15 in the cafeteria.
R2: Good luck to all of our 5th grade students who are participating….P-AR-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-I-N-G….participating.
R1: We have four birthdays to announce for today. Happy birthday
greetings go to Maya Le, Riley Signor, Kain Walker and Mrs. McMorrow.
R1, R2: Happy birthday everyone!!!
R1: Today is the first day to hand in books to participate in our second
annual Book Swap. For the next week, we will be collecting gently used
books in good condition from students in kindergarten through 5th grades.
R2: The actual book swap will take place in June.
R1: Poetry Cafe begins today! Please arrive at the library ready to wow our
R2: If possible, practice your poems in the classroom before you come
R1: Next week looks like another exciting one. Many classes will be able
to share their poems with each other as the poetry cafe continues.
R2: On Monday, Fifth graders will visit Springton Lake.
R1: The May Birthday Bash will be on Tuesday.
R2: Lastly, there will be field trips for many grade levels next week.
R1: And now it’s time for Funny Friday. Lukas, what do you call a pig that
knows karate?
R2: I don’t know, Baily. What do you call a pig that knows karate?
R1: “A pork chop!”
R2: Good one, Baily.
R1: And now, weather reporter Andrew M. is here with his report. Andrew,
what’s the weather like today?
SR: Thanks, Andrew. (Read special report)
SR: Back to you, Lukas.
R2: Thanks, Andrew, for that special report.
R1, R2: For all crew members and special reporters,
R1: I’m Baily K.
R2: And I’m Lukas D.
ALL: Have a fabulously fantastic Friday.
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