Board / Authority Authorized Courses Okanagan Skaha 67

Board / Authority Authorized Courses
District Name:
Okanagan Skaha
District Number:
Developed by:
Melissa Berrisford
NCCP triathlon trained coach,
Head Coach of TriPower Triathlon Club
Date Developed:
January 2010
School Name:
Princess Margaret Secondary School
Principal's Name:
Mr. Don MacIntyre
Board/Authority Approval Date: February 8, 2010
Board/Authority Signature:
Course Name:
Elite Sport Training – Triathlon Focus
Grade Level of Course: 11/12
Number of Course Credits: 4
Number of Hours of Instruction: 120
Special Training, Facilities or Equipment Required: PMSS weight room, community pool, bike and
Course Synopsis:
This course offers male and female students the opportunity to learn about and explore the world
of elite sports with a focus on the exciting sport of triathlon. It will increase their knowledge and
fitness and provide valuable experiences through exposure to career opportunities, elite training
concepts, and participation in triathlon sport training. The students will learn advanced skill
analysis, mental and physical preparedness, motivational insights, goal setting, injury prevention,
nutrition, and effective athletic training. Students will benefit directly by learning about and
developing core strength, speed, agility, and endurance. They will receive training in NCCP
triathlon coaching theory, and participate in an athletic triathlon-based training program. They
will also learn the value of community involvement through an integrated volunteer component
of the course that allows students to work with a variety of age groups in the local sports
community. Elite Sport Training – Triathlon Focus is an action-packed course geared to students
who enjoy fitness and the world of sports!
SD No. 67 Board / Authority Authorized Courses
Adapt the following categories according to the structure of the course. For example, the course may be organized
into topics rather than units, or the learning outcomes may be grouped under suborganizers, with suborganizers
grouped under curriculum organizers. This section of the template serves as a guide to ensure the course contains
all required components.
The sport of triathlon has emerged as an integral part of our regional culture. It is a natural progression to
provide secondary students the opportunity to learn, explore and experience the fantastic world of
triathlon and all it has to offer to them now and in the years to come. This Elite Sport Training course will
promote a positive, healthy outlook on life while fostering valuable lifelong lessons through the study of
Organized Structure:
(units, topics, modules)
Unit 1
Introduction to the Sport of Triathlon (history, ethics, trends, philosophy)
15 hours
Unit 2
Principles of Program Planning
15 hours
Unit 3
Technical Skill Foundations (swim, bike, run, transitions)
18.75 hours
Unit 4
Principles of Training
25 hours
Unit 5
Triathlon-related Careers
7.50 hours
Unit 6
Community Outreach (Volunteer at races; coaching younger athletes)
20 hours
Unit 7
Personal Goal Setting and Training
18.75 hours
Total Hours
Unit/Topic/Module Descriptions:
(A short description and the curriculum organizers and learning outcomes of each unit/topic/module.)
Unit 1:
Overview: Introduction
Students will be able to:
Unit 2:
identify the history and current structure of Triathlon in Canada
outline the reasons and benefits for people to participate in sports
develop their values, attitudes, and beliefs regarding sports and themselves as athletes
Overview: Principles of Program Planning
(macro or season planning and micro or weekly and daily practices)
(phases of a seasonal program)
(components of an individual practice)
Students will be able to:
Unit 3:
to the sport of triathlon in Canada
identify the key components of program planning for triathletes
design coaching plans for a triathlon program that apply the principles of training
develop an individualized one-season training plan
design and implement a one-day training session for a group
Overview: Technical Skill
Students will be able to:
Foundations (swim, bike, run, transitions)
outline the methodology to analyze performance in the three sports
analyze the components of triathlon specific skills at a basic level
perform the three sports (swim, bike, run) to a proficient level
SD No. 67 Board / Authority Authorized Courses
Unit 4:
Overview: Principles of Training
(progression and regeneration)
(frequency, intensity, and volume)
(nutrition, injury prevention)
Students will be able to:
Unit 5:
demonstrate an understanding of the prevention of injuries
demonstrate an understanding of good nutrition and how it affects performance
analyze and design basic training plans for novice triathletes
plan and participate safely in triathlon-based training sessions
participate safely and demonstrate good sportsmanship while training with a group
Overview: Triathlon-related Careers
(Athletes, Coaches, Event Organizers/companies)
Students will be able to:
Unit 6:
demonstrate an understanding of the various opportunities in triathlon sport
through many activities, field trips and guest speakers
Overview: Community Outreach
(Volunteer at races; coaching younger athletes)
Students will be able to:
Unit 7:
identify careers related to the sport of triathlon
perform volunteer work in the community
organize and coordinate a triathlon event for younger students
recognize the importance of giving back to the community through volunteer
Overview: Personal Goal
Students will be able to:
Setting and Training
develop a plan to maximize personal performance for themselves
set personal goals and achieve them
participate safely in individual and group training sessions
demonstrate the importance of positive attitude and perseverance to attain goals
Instructional Component: Lectures, Guest Presentations, Group work, Video presentations, Training
sessions, Field trips.
Assessment Component: * Projects (e.g. developing training programs for novice triathletes), group
presentations, training performances, community involvement, tests.
Learning Resources: Triathlon Canada resources, NCCP resources, Videos, Computer, Guest speakers,
Community resources, handouts.
Additional Information:
Guest Speakers (series of professional triathletes & coaches, former Olympic swimmer)
Local triathlon races (May & June)
Ref: SUP/00650-20/Admin/District Forms/Board – Authority Authorized Courses 04Jan21
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