School Board Policy
Reference: Administrative Regulation #6162
Elementary and Secondary
Instructional Services
[Volunteer Aides] School Volunteers
[In order to provide teachers with more time to teach and allow students to benefit from the
diverse talents and skills within the community, the North Penn School District shall maintain
an active program of school volunteer assistance.
While volunteers shall not be asked to assume the professional responsibilities of the school
staff, carefully selected volunteer aides may be used to help classroom teachers and other
professional employees in the district schools so long as the students involved are under the
general supervision of the teacher or other professional employee. Under these conditions,
a reasonable degree of supervision over the students may be exercised by the volunteer
The superintendent shall maintain supervisory control over the program and shall provide for
the development of administrative guidelines in the implementation of volunteer service.
General administration of the volunteer program in the district shall be the responsibility of
the coordinator of volunteer services. An advisory committee of community persons and
school employees shall assist in the administration of the program.
The principal (or designee) shall assume the same general authority over volunteers as in the
case with other employees of each school. A community person, known as a building
coordinator, shall work with the principal in recruiting and assigning aides.
Basically, the requirements of a school volunteer are general good health and moral
character, a sincere interest in children, a belief that they can learn, and a genuine desire to
help in the schools. When training is needed it will be provided by the district.]
The board recognizes that community volunteers can make valuable contributions to the
educational program. The use of community volunteers is endorsed by the board, subject to
legal requirements and administrative procedures.
The board authorizes the selection and use of parents, community members, and others as
volunteers to assist and supplement regular district staff. The board defines a North Penn
School District Volunteer as an adult individual who provides a service to students, staff or
school/district operations without compensation. Examples of volunteer activities include
chaperoning field trips, assisting at classroom or school events, reading in classrooms,
shelving books in the library and office support with photocopying.
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A volunteer is not considered an employee of the school district. A volunteer shall receive
no wages or other consideration which has a monetary value for the performance of
volunteer services. The volunteer position is not a right, but rather a privilege that is
conferred by the board and the administration. As such, any volunteer position or volunteer
may be eliminated at any time.
Volunteers do not assume the responsibilities of school district staff but may, under the
direction of the school principal(s), teachers, or coaches, provide assistance in an approved
and appropriate school level activity such as tutoring, demonstrating, chaperoning,
monitoring, speaking, reading, athletic activities and similarly appropriate activities.
Clearance Requirements
Effective immediately, new volunteers must submit the following clearances to the district for
review prior to commencing their volunteer service:
PA Child Abuse History Clearance;
PA State Police Criminal Background Check; and
Either a North Penn School District Volunteer Affirmation or a Report of Federal
Criminal History Record (fingerprinting)
Upon review of the submitted clearance materials, the district will make a determination as to
whether an individual is properly qualified to serve as a volunteer. Volunteers must obtain
and submit updated clearances to the district every 36 months.
Effective July 1, 2015, the only individuals who will be authorized to serve as volunteers are
those whose background clearances have been submitted, reviewed and approved by the
district and anyone who has been approved by the superintendent to serve as a Provisional
Provisional Volunteers
The board authorizes the superintendent to approve, on a case-by-case basis, individuals to
serve as provisional volunteers without requiring them to submit background clearances
pursuant to this Policy. The superintendent may only approve provisional volunteers to the
extent permitted by law. An individual may not be approved as a provisional volunteer if that
individual’s service as a volunteer will include being responsible for the welfare of a child,
providing for the care, supervision, guidance or control of children or having routine
interaction with children. Provisional volunteers who enter a district school as part of their
volunteer service shall be required to submit to all security protocols required of other
school visitors and shall be accompanied by district staff at all times.
Adopted: October 18, 1971
July 15, 1976
September 19, 1991
Amended: ________2015
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