The Importance of Play reaches, crawls, runs, walks, climbs, jumps,

The Importance of Play
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Physical or gross motor skills: a child
reaches, crawls, runs, walks, climbs, jumps,
throws, catches and has a sense of
balance. Examples:
2. Fine motor skills involves hands and fingers:
a child handles toys, scribbles, draws, cuts
with child-safe scissors, and puts together
smaller pieces into larger ones. Examples:
3. Mental skills: problem solving and can
demonstrate cause and effect; able to
say smaller words and then into simple
sentences; uses words for playthings;
communicates with others; follows
directions. Examples:
4. Social and Emotional skills: plays well with
others and learns turn taking, how to work
through other’s feelings and participates
in role-play activities; follows rules and
Self-esteem is part of Emotional skill
development, as one’s long term
happiness and success, the ability to work
with others, and sharing the spot-light
helps us to work together and still feel
Creativity and use of imagination for
pretend play, allows one to learn about
the world about them, role-playing and
opportunities in the future, such as “what
do you want to be when you grow up”?
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