Name: ________________________________________ date: _______________ period: _______

Name: ________________________________________ date: _______________ period: _______
Environmental Issues and Solutions Study Guide
1. What are fossil fuels?
2. Give 3 examples of fossil fuels.
3. Compare renewable and nonrenewable resources.
4. Give two examples each of the above resources.
5. Water is changed into steam to run a turbine in a nuclear power plant.
How is the heat generated to so this?
6. Is uranium a renewable or nonrenewable resource?
7. What hazardous waste is produced in nuclear power plants?
8. Define the following vocabulary words:
a. Extinction
b. Recycling
c. Pollution
9. Carbon dioxide and methane gasses in the atmosphere are causing
global warming. Give three causes of global warming.
Define the 3 processes in the water cycle.
a. Evaporation
b. Condensation
c. Precipitation
What type of water makes up most of the water on Earth?
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