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College of San Mateo
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October 2013
Inside Small Prints
Thanks also to the following volunteers who
worked with the staff to make the evening a
success: Nicole B (the Ice Woman), Katherine
& Dorey (the Balloon Enthusiasts), and the
Clean-up Crew of Heidi, Chris C., Dorey, Troy,
Narcy, Will, Katherine, Matthias, Yudi, Ana,
Anselmo, Victor, and Itzury.
Classroom A Curriculum 2
Story Walking
Virtual PreK-Rm A
Volume 1, Issue 1
Classsroom B Curriculum 3
Virtual PreK-Rm B
Staff Development
Center Highlights
Special points of interest:
Virtual PreK Home Activity
Tips for Reinforcing Math
at Home
Literacy Curriculum
Calendar of Events
Small Prints
Family Fall Fest! Everyone worked up an
appetite during our family Zumba session.
Thanks to John who inspired us to move our feet
to the rhythm of the beat!
Once we were settled with full plates of burritos, salad, and Sushi (donation from Crystal’s
family), we opened the special envelope and
initiated conversations amongst our table
mates. Families exchanged such diverse stories
of how they chose their children’s names. We
topped off the evening by enjoying refreshing
seasonal watermelon for dessert—a special
thanks to Baraka, Elizabeth, Nicole C., Lisset,
and Lucina for making the watermelon platters.
Healthy Eats, Active Feet Funded by Sequoia Healthcare District’s
Healthy Schools Initiative
Healthy Eats, Active Feet is an
early intervention program
that contributes to all of our
children’s healthy, lifelong
eating and exercise patterns
before poor eating habits
and sedentary behaviors are
Children are born to move! In
order to gain confidence in
their motor skills, we have
developed a motor education
program with the long range
goal of children becoming
competent movers throughout
their lives.
We also provide plenty of
opportunities to influence the
lifelong health of the children
in our program by helping
them learn about nutritious
fresh fruits and vegetables,
whole grains, low fat dairy
products, and lean proteins.
Small Prints
Page 2
ROOM A: Literacy on the Move. Introducing Mo Willems!
After graduating from Tisch
School of Arts, Willems spent
a year traveling around the
world drawing a cartoon
every day, all of which have
been published in the book
You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When it Monsoons.
Returning to New York, he
started his career as a
writer and animator for
Sesame Street, where he
earned six Emmy Awards
for writing during his tenure
from 1993 to January
2002. During this period
he also performed stand-up
comedy in NYC and recorded essays for BBC Radio along with making a
promo for Cartoon Network
and animating the opening
for a show on Nickelodeon.
for young children, many of
which have garnered significant critical acclaim. The New
York Times Book Review
referred to Willems as "the
biggest new talent to
emerge thus far in the
00's"— and to his pigeon
character as "one of this
decade's contributions to the
pantheon of great picture
book characters."
Since 2003, Willems has
authored numerous books
Three of Willems' books
have been awarded a Caldecott Honor.
Javier reading to DJ and Jordan.
Asking the time:
“How old is your
Lamees (4)
This past year, the focus of
our staff development was
on supporting dual language
learners. We all participated in a series of four
workshops through the San
Mateo County Office of Education,”s Early Childhood
Quality Improvement Project.
One amazing strategy that
we learned is called
“Storywalking”. Through the
“Storywalking” process, we
choose books to focus on for
the week. Each week, we
introduce new vocabulary
words that we also encourage families to use at home
in their conversations during
the week. Some of the favorite words have been
“marvel, wise, plover, disguise,
and emerge.“ We often hear
the children using these new
words in their conversations
with each other! This has made
our story book reading experiences more meaningful as the
children are better able to
understand the contents of the
Room A:
Virtual PreK: My Collection!
Research shows that counting collections everyday improves overall
school performance. Invite your child to collect 2 or 3 different kinds
of small items from around the house or outdoors. Help your child sort
them into groups by the type of item. Ask “Which pile has more?”
Next, count them together to find out! Then, name the group. High
quality mathematics education in preschool is broader than just practicing counting. Children learn math as they explore more and less,
make comparisons, and create patterns.
Classroom Collection:
Eating Utensils from Our Homes
Volume 1, Issue 1
Page 3
ROOM B: Literacy on the Move. Introducing Eric Carle!
Clark and Marlowe
Sharing a Reading Moment
Eric Carle Eric is an American designer, illustrator, and writer of children’s
books. He was born in 1929 to German immigrants Johanna and Erich
Carle in Syracuse, New York. When he was six years old his mother,
homesick for Germany, led the family back to Stuttgart. He was educated there and graduated from the local art school. Always homesick
for America, Eric dreamed of returning one day and moved to New York
City in 1952 with only $40. There he landed a job as graphic designer in
the promotion department of The New York Times. He was drafted into
the U.S. Army during the Korean War and stationed in Germany with the
Second Armored Division as a mail clerk.[4] After discharge he returned to
his old job with The New York Times. Later he became the art director of an advertising agency
Educator and author Bill Martin Jr. noticed the illustration of a red lobster Carle had created for
an advertisement and asked him to collaborate on a picture book. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What
Do You See? was published by Henry Holt & Co. in 1967 and became a best-seller. This began
Carle's true career; soon he was writing and illustrating his own stories. His first books as both
author and illustrator were 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo (1968) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, 1969).
Staff Professional Development
On Sept. 28th, Oct. 26th,
and Nov. 16th, the staff will
participate in a PreK Math
Content Training. We will
increase our math content
knowledge while engaging in
meaningful and interactive
activities that we can implement in our classrooms. We
will build our understanding
of the essential math topics of
number sense and geometry
as well as how young children
learn math concepts. Thanks
to the San Mateo County Office of Education with their
Early Learning Support Service and the STEM Center.
During the summer, one of the
staff also participated in a
professional development
early math seminar with
teachers from preschools
through third grade. It was a
collaborative effort with
UCLA and Stanford University.
Chase Game in
Lower Yard:
“I too fast. I say
come get me and I
too fast.”
Lizzy (2)
Room B:
Virtual PreK: Taking the Next Big Step!
Help your child compare different items ands put them in order, estimate their
sizes, and then measure to find out the length,! First, trace the foot or shoe of
each family member. Write the person’s name inside his/her foot outline and
compare the smallest to the biggest! Children learn math as they make comparisons, sort, and measure objects while exploring shapes in space. There is so much
more to math than just counting!
Classroom/Home Collaboration :
Measuring the Family Feet
Mary Meta Lazarus Child
D eve l o p m e n t C e n t e r
1700 West Hillsdale Boulevard
San Mateo, CA 94402
September/October : Parent Teacher Conferences
October 8: Fire Drill Practice w/ Children 10:30 am
Phone: 574-6279
Fax: 650-650-378-7354
Email: [email protected]
October 17: Earthquake Shake Out Drill with Children
10:17 am
October 30th: CSM Bookstore Party for Children 11 am
October 31st: Pajama Day all day and at 12 noon
Harvest Carnival w/our Middle College Friends
November 14: Kindergarten Readiness Workshop
For Families 3:00 pm
November 4th: El Dia de los Muertos Celebration 11 am
December 5th: Family Holiday Celebration
The Newest Addition to Our Center Family: Buster!
Nada’s Stencil Painting
Camila’s Watercolor Painting
“Just as the spirit of the artist is in the things the artist makes, the spirit of the child is in the things the child makes.
True education helps children discover and revel in that spirit” Friedrich Froebel
or as Nico says: “It is getting pretty impressive. Mommy is going to like this picture that I built.”
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