NORTH PENN School District Permission Form Dear Nash Family:

NORTH PENN School District Permission Form
Dear Nash Family:
Every year students participate in several student field trips, which occur within
the boundaries of the North Penn School district that require district
transportation. These trips are for events or programs, which are, offered at the
high school or other district school locations, which are educational in nature.
Prior to each event, parents will receive information about the trip and any
special requirements needed for the day, such as a packed lunch. In order for us
to plan these trips we are asking that parents review the list of trips below and
indicate your willingness to have your child participate. These trips are directly
related to the school program and are therefore very valuable to those who
participate. Students not participating in these trips with their class will be given
alternative, meaningful work at school.
Planetarium trip to the North Penn High School ( select grades)
Reading is FUNdamental program at the High School (1st grade)
Band, orchestra, or chorus rehearsals (select students)
Bus Safety Program (kindergarten only)
Suzuki Violin Program (select students only)
Student’s name:
Teacher’s name:
Permission is granted for my child to participate.
Permission is denied
Parent Signature:
Please return this form promptly to your child’s teacher.
Nash Elementary School
1560 Liberty Bell Drive
Harleysville, PA 19438-3099
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