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Tuesday, October 9, 1979
SOt Will Ease
Uptown Library Crowding
Albany's Grandmaster Of Defense: Jack Siedlecki
by Paul Schwartz
Jack Siedlecki was talking about
his favorite subject. Without
hesitation, he began explaining the
defense. Every part of it. The
nuances, the techniques, the
philosophy behind his Albany State
defense. And as he spoke, he
c o n s t a n t l y d o w n p l a y e d his
importance in the success story.
But Sicdlecki's words eventually
belied his modesty. Through his
analytic view of defensive football,
Siedlecki simply confronts the \
problem at hand, and using his vast
technical knowledge, he arrives at a
solution that should work. And it
almost always docs. Albany's Head
coach. Bob Ford, has called the
f o o t b a l l field " a
chessboard." If so, for defense,
Siedlecki is a grandmaster.
This season, his moves have been
flawless. The Danes have allowed a
mere six points in their first three
contests, and the defense ran up a
string of 11 consecutive shutout
quarters before Hrnekporl finally
managed to score. Opponents have
found moderate success throwing
the ball on Albany, but against the
run, the Danes have been
with Ithaca. It was a crucial game for
the Dane's playoff hopes, and
Siedlecki readied his troops for the
Ithaca offensive juggernaut in
spectacular fashion.
"The things we look at is — what
arc their strengths," explained
Siedlecki. "Then you have to be able
to evaluate yourself - what are our
strengths, what arc our weaknesses.
Then, to defend people, you have to
decide how much you've got to give
up — how much gambling you have
to do to stop them. Against some
teams, wc can sit in our base (4-4)
defense all day long, and they won't
move the ball against us because
they aren't good enough to do it.
"A team like Ithaca, they're going
to move the football if you sit in your
skepticism on the player's part, as
far as we want that player to believe
in what we're doing, and have the
confidence in what we're doing, so
he's just going to go. because he
knows we're right. And it's
confidence in the coaching staff
more than anything, confidence that
we're making the right decisions."
The Danes line up in a 4-4
defensive setup, a formation they
have used for the team's 10-year
existence. This goes hand in hand
knew he couldn't throw the ball real with the entire football philosophy
well so wc took advantage of that by at Albany. "We use it basically
bringing an extra guy up to defend because of the kids wc recruit,"
Siedlecki said. "If you take a look at
the option on the outside."
Even the finest gameplan can be our schedule, we play a lot of
thwarted if it is not executed physical education schools, and they
properly. Here is where five days of get more pure athletes than we gel.
really playing games with people
and seeing if they can pick up your
"You have to evaluate what is
going to be effective. We knew the
roll-stunt was going to be effective
for us in that ballgamc. We knew if
we came down and pressured that
if we could execute
the stunt properly and get down
there and put pressure on, that he
would have problems. And he did.
He had tremendous problems. We
athletes who will work
like hell to become
better, and that's what
we've done, and
we've been
their strengths. Then
you have to be able to
evaluate yourself - what
are our strengths, what
are our weaknesses."
"Union was a very poor football
school," remembers Siedlecki.
"They were nowhere near as serious
as other schools. They just aren't as
competitive. They played some good
football schools, but they're geared
more to the private, academic
i n s t i t u t i o n s t b a t also play
intercollegiate sports."
This did not suit Siedlecki at all.
After spending a year at Union,
where he played both ways iuebaeker and running back, it was
time to move on. "I wasn't happy
there. I felt there wasn't really very
much competition athletically," he
Division I Miami of Ohio was
Sicdlecki's next stop. Football was a
challenge again. He took on a new
position, monsterback, and a new
major, phys ed, but suddenly a new
problem arose. "There wasn't any
challenge academically," Siedlecki
said. "It was a joke. I had about a 3.5
cum. and 1 didn't do anything."
practice come in. The doctrine thai
Siedlecki and the staff devised is
ingrained into the players' minds.
The junior varsity squad becomes a
"look" team, taking on the
formation of the Dane's next
opponent, and the lessons, slowly
and painfully, are learned.
" D u r i n g , the week, we do
recognition drills, and problems will
come up. They'll go in motion, and
we arc in something, and well say
'look, wc can't do that." Wc have to
iron these things out before we get
into a ballgamc, so that you don't
have players standing out there with
question marks in (heir minds
during a game. That's a eoachesjob
a teacher who is trying to
e l i m i n a t e any q u e s t i o n s or
A shift in several SUNYA schools
has precipitated the movement of
volumes of books from the uptown
library to the downtown annex.
According to Acting Library
D i r e c t o r J o h n F a r l e y , the
movement of various schools
Including the Schools of Criminal
Justice, Social Welfare, and Library
and Information, prompted the
of a collection of law and related
volumes to the downtown llawley
Farley said the action, a decision
made by SUNYA President Vincent
O'l.eary. would help alleviate a
space problem at the uptown
library, while providing close access
of library materials 10 tl W M
downtown schools.
Many law students, faculty
members, and oilier users of the
collection me unaware of the
change.Law collection cards in the
uptown library's card catalogue
have n ot recording the move.
Senior Reference Librarian John
Mielke said the library was against
the move, Citing that most of the
users of the collection find the
uptown campus more convenient,
Mielke saitl, 'Things were moved
downtown which never should have
been." He udded .hat the library was
now in the process of "doublemoving" those materials back.
Ihe llawley Library will currently
Downtown's llawley Library, where volumes of hooks from the uptown library will go
house a more thorough law
continued on iHIxi' five Senior Reference Librarian John Mielke: "Things were moved
We get a smaller brand ol kid. Thc44 is geared to protecting the people
who are standing up. The only two
big people wc need are the two
defensive tackles. Oilier than that,
our ends and outside linebackers are
all the same type
good athletes
who arc in the linebacker category.
We have to get good athletes who
will work like hell to become better,
Siedlecki got a tasle of coaching
and that's vvhfll we've done, and while still al Union. During die
we've been successful."
summer, he worked as (he head
coach for the Glove City Colonials,
It's no surprise that the 2K-year- a semi-pro team in Johnstown. But
old Siedlecki has been successful. this was not his first taste. He had
His background is filled with the been around coaches for his entire
traditional markings
excellence life, hoth on the field and in his own
in athletics, a sports-minded family home.
- yet there is something more. liven
"My dad coached at Johnstown 1
a grandmaster must work ut his
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nomine Kulakojl
October 12, I'>7"
Vol. I.XVI No. .17
Jury Chosen In Waterbury Trial
Multiple Indictments Against Albany Cops
by Mil Int.- Israel
Final j u r y selection was
completed Thursday, as two Albany
policemen, accused of extortion and
alleged thefts, went on trial in the
Albany County Court.
Michael Buchanan, .11, and
Richard Vita. 26. have both been
charged with grand larceny in Ihe
first degree, robbery in the second
degree, burglar) in the
third degrees, and
Charges of physical abuse of one
robbery victim have also been made.
The trial officially began ai It)
a.m. today.
Charges stem from incidents
which occurred last March in
SUNYA's Waterbury Hall.
On March 21. tin officers entered
Ihe dorm between 10 p.m. mid 11
p.m.. siealing $20 from student
S. Anthony l.cskicwic/. lie was
apparently subjected lo physical
harassment and verbal threats.
Ihe men gained entry by
identifying themselves as police
It is alleged Ihal on the same dale.
Ihe officers robbed Student Craig
Kellam of $60 and marijuana.
On March 2tt. ihe same pair stole
Albany Courthouse, where two Albany policemen are heing tried.
II 'imesses inelmle seven or el/jltl Albany students.
Photo! Jell Sass
$50 from Waterbury resident J.I..
According lo District Attorney
Dennis A c t o n , p r o s e c u t i o n
witnesses will include six Albany
policeman. Iwo University police
officers,and seven lociglu students.
If found guilty, Acton said, ihe
judge can sentence the officers up in
15 years in jail. He added,however,
thai this is unlikely since ihe officers
have no prior record. In addition, no
vinlenl acts were involved. "There
continued on pilfie live
UAS To Select New Student Reps
Seventeen Seats To Be Filled
Alter dropping out of school fora
year. Siedlecki made a few decisions.
He would go back to Union, lie
would play football at Union. And
maybe for the first time, he would
play football simply because he
enjoyed it. "I did well academically,
and I played a tot of football. 1
played both ways and enjoyed it. I
didn't need the competitiveness of
Division I. At Union, we were 5-4
one vearand 4-5 another year, which
are two of the belter records they've
had in the last 15 years, But I
enjoyed it. I was enjoying playing
college foot hall. I returned kicksand
kick of fs and played linebacker and
runninghack. There were about
three of us who played both ways,
and it uas fun."
For Siedlecki. a gameplan
represents a challenge. If he can
choreograph his player's movements
to counteract the opposition,
Siedlecki feels his defense is
prepared. Perhaps the greatest
example of this is last year's game
base defense, there's no question,
They've got a good offense and good
people. The thing you have to be
able to evaluate is how far do you
stretch yourself. How muchttoyou
have to gamble and still he able to
win the game. We gambled a lot
against Ithaca last year. We came
with a lot ol stunts, attacked certain
things. Their quarterback was a
great runner, hut he could not pitch
the ball worth a damn. We carmaker the quarterback
forced him
to pitch the ball, and he threw three
pilches away that night, and we
recovered two of them. He couldn't
throw the ball real well - they
weren't a passing team, so we played
nine people up front
our black
coverage, so we were in a 4-S-2. It's
is - what are
Siedlecki was an outstanding
athlete. At Johnstown High School
he c a p t a i n e d the f o o t b a l l ,
basketball, and baseball teams, and
predictably, was offered athletic
scholarships to a number of colleges.
His father wanted him to go Ivy
League, Harvard perhaps, and
Siedlecki himself realized he was not
big enough for big-time Division I
football, so as a sort of compromise,
he chose Union College, a school
with a reputation for losing many
football games.
As the Dane's d e I e n s i v e
coordinator. Siedlecki is the main
cog in a large wheel. The defensive
staff consists of John Kralovie.
Kevin Callahan, think Hughes,and
Mike Welsh, and each coach works
with a different defensive position.
Siedlecki couches l he inside
linebackers, bin (he task that
distinguishes him is that he calls all
the defensive plays during a
"I enjoy calling (lie plays," said
Siedlecki in an interview on l-'riduy.
"I enjoy die pressure ol it, and that's
what we're here for
(o make
decisions under pressure. It's easy to
make the in
when you're
Despite the obvious importance
of play-colling during a game.
Siedlecki sees another aspect far
more critical. He approaches a
fanatical state when it conies to
preparation. The menial approach
to football fascinates him. On
Sunday nights, Siedlecki and the
defensive staff devise a gameplan,
utilizing computerized scouting data
to learn every offensive tendency of
Albany's next opponent. On
Monday, the coaches give the word
to the players.
"We have to get good
"The thing we look at
by Andrew Carroll
UAS General Manager E. Norbcrt Zahm values student Input.
"Students relay the desires of the University community. " Steven Nigra
by Put Brunlcy
Seventeen student repfasentuiives
will be selected to (ill vacant
positions nil the University
Auxiliary Services (DAS) Hoard ol
Directors, according to SA
President Lisa Newmark.
Students will be chosen from an
application pool of 40 within a week,
l i n a l appointments will he
approved by Central Council.
"I will select those who arc bright,
outspoken, and representative ol the
various types ol students found at
the University,"said Newmark.
"Those selected must be willing to
invest a great deal of lime to the
committment and be interested in
providing a heller corporation for
students," added Newmark.
The 33 member board, composed
of II faculty iiiul administrative
m e m b e r s and 2 2 s t u d e n t
representatives, is the ultimate
policy making hotly ol UAS
UAS provides such MM \ ices as
bowling, lood service, billiards,and
vending machines.
UAS board members arc
re.sponsihlc lor electing hoard
directors from its standing
membership, as well as approving
and the budget.
All members, students, faculty
and administrators have equally
weighted vnlcs. saitl UAS General
Manager. I . Norbcrt Zahm.
"Student input on the board is a
vital component because they iclay
Ihe desires of Ihe Universit)
community," lie added.
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Slate UnlnnHy ol N«w Yortc vt Albany
Nautilus Builds Up SUNYA's Strength
Albany Slixtom P r a u Corporation
{JTorld Jfews B r i e f s )
Fidel Castro To Address UN
New Y o r k (AP> Fidel Castro, shielded by 2,000 police and
dozens of his own guards, spent his fin t day in New York
City in 19 years apparently holed up in the Cuban mission in
a soot-begrimed, 13 story red brick building preparing his
speech to the United Nations. The Cuban President, who is
to address the General Assembly late Friday morning, was
clad irr familiar green fatigues and had a cigar stilt in his
mouth ns he arrived Thursday night on a jet flight from
Havana. He was whisked into seclusion at the building at
38th Street and Lexington Avenue, seven blocks from the
United Nations. Noling that it was costing the city tens of
thousands of dollars to play host to him, Castro gleefully
remarked during his flight here: " I am not planning to spend
a single penny." About 2,000 officers, many helmctcd and
wealing bulletproof vests, joined Secret Service agents and
security guards from Havana in throwing a protective ring
around Castro's local headquarters, where he passed his first
day without showing himself.
Marine Midland Making k Big
B U F F A L O , N.Y. (AP) Marine Midland Hank, the nation's
12th largest, has reported continued huge increases in its
earnings. Marine said Wednesday that third quarter income
before securities transactions was $ IJ .28 million o r ° l cents
a share compared with S6.99 million or 55 cents a share for
the third quarter of 1978. Net income after securities
transactions was $10.04 million or 80 cents per share
compared with $8.74 million or 70cents a share in the third
quarter of 1978. For the nine-month period ended Sept. 30.
/ income before securities transactions totaled $29.62 million
or $2.37 a share compared with $16.51 million or $1.31 a
share in the first nine months of the previous year. The ninemonth net income after securities transactions was $27.08
million or $2.16 a share compared with $19.57 million or
$1.56 a share for the first nine months of 1978. Hoard
Chairman Edward W. Duffy said the
" p r o v e n , inquartcrlycarnings-rcflcctsan
quality loans and investments."Comment,ngonthcFedcra
Reserve Board's recent steps to curb the growth of money
sunn V Duffy said. "Marine Midland Banks endorses the
Federal R - ' - e ' s moves to curtail the alaiming trend of
inflation in America."
Was He The Oldest?
H A R T O W , Kla. (AP) A specialist from Cornell University
lopes to beable to verify ihcagcofCharlicSmith, whodied
„ , what was believed to be the age of 137. by_.esUngsma
bone fragments obtained during an autopsy. Sm th said he
was kidnapped from hisnalivcLiberia, Africa,,,, I 4 a. age
12 and was sold on a New Orleans auction block. I k said a
Texas rancher named Charlie Smith bough, him and gave
him his own name. The Social Securily Administration,
which listed Smith as the nation's oldest person, said ,t found
records of Smith's purchase and other documents to verify
his story Dr. Ted Brown, of the Cornell Medical College
Division of Human Genetics in New York City, said
Wednesday he thinks he will be able lo tell Smiths age
within five years or so after analy/ing bone bus. I he tesis
involve analysis of bone protein and amino acids within the
protein. However. Brown said, that procedure usually is
performed on teeth. Smith lost his last tooth two years ago.
"We're not certain it will work." Brown said. " I n principle,
we should be able lo. We jusl have lo scl up the lesl and
standardize It."
Mid-East Quarrel Over PLO
(AP) Israel and Egypt quarreled publicly Wednesday over
who was holding up a solution lo the Palestinian question,
whether Israel could re-occupy Arab land alter it became
autonomous and whether Europe should help solve the
Mideast conflict. Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Duyan
warned that the Israeli army would rc-invadeihe West Hank
of the Jordan River and the Gaza Strip if the areas lurried
into Palestinian guerrilla strongholds after becoming
Lust Tuesday marked the llrsl in a scries of energy
presentations sponsored by the SUNYA Coalition against
Nukes ( C A N ) . The gruup, which stalled this year, is
planning lo hold similar presentations to educate SUNYA
students and the community on nuclear power, nuclear
weapons, and alternate forms of energy,
Sex Rights March On D.C
This Sunday. October 14th. the S.U.N . . A . lesbian and
Gay Alliance will participate in a march on the Capital to
demonstrate for gay rights. The group's stand is thai "sexual
behavior between consenting adults must be free from
governmental repression and is a fundamental part of civil
Record Coop Boosts Prices
N E W A R K , N..I. ( A P ) In a novel operation, doctors al
United Hospitals Medical Center used microsurgical
techniques to create pupils in the eyes of a bah) who was
destined lo a life without sight. Paul Hitchuk of Garfield was
born blind .lone 17. Due to an cmbryologicnl defeel, lie was
born without pupils
which control the amount ,>r light
lhal can enter the eyes, said Dr. Anthony C'apulo, the
pediatric opihalmologist who performed the delicate
operation. The procedure is believed lo be the lust nl Ms
kind. A l birth, Paul's eyes were swollen and leaking, snid his
mother, Lucille. " H e opened them once iua while, hut I soon
realized I hat he didn't follow me with his eyes. He was always
crying and was very cranky." After Ihe operation, performed
last month, the infant began lo see and his entire personality
changed, his parents said Wednesday tit a news conference.
"We put him In his crib and he looked al the mobile above it,
He laughed and giggled and staned playing with it," said
Paul's father, Philip, 3 1 . a foreman foi a Rutherford
chemical firm. Capulo said Paul was born wilhancxtrciucl)
rare congenital disease called Co, ectopia. Pa ill's pupils were
occluded and were located upward and inward toward ihe
nose hidden by ihe eye litis.
Concerned ubotil conservation'.1 You will soon he able lo
air your ideas. A sub-committee ol the alternative encrgj
sector of NYP1KG is planning I " pill suggestion hoses on
the quads and in i h c S A o f f i c e . Anyone who litis an idea foi
culling down on energy
especially ill SUNYA
encouraged lo submit them.
The suggestion box is part ol an energy conservation
project sponsored by the alternative encrgj and
environmental decisions committees ol M I ' l K ' i
Dorm Fire-A Sticky Situation
Constant Supervision Necessary
A student working out on the new Nautilus mulll-excrclser.
Tlie move will strengthen
Pinna: Sue Taylor
A student group ill Ihe Slate University at Albany will call
upon Albany's Common Council lo enact major revisions in
local housing codes. The Oil Campus Association has
developed specific proposals lo deal with problems faced by
student tenants and rcsidenlsol'lhc Pine Hills neighborhood .
nl Ihe cily. Developed in cooperation with Ihe Pine Hills
Neighborhood Association, ihe proposals ure aimed in
rectifying problems brought to light by recent newspaper
articles on student housing in lhal neighborhood.
Ihe group has called a press conference lor Monday
October 15 al noon to publicly announce their proposals miii
their strategics lor implementation, Ihe press conference
will be held In front of the University's Campus Center(neur
the fountain),
Grease was the apparent cause ol n lire at
Waleibmy cnfeteriil on A l u m n i Una.I last Siindii) I He
smiled in ihe oven nl 10:45 H.m.. immediately nelnrc Sunday
brunch. Ii wns quickly brought undei control, and was 01
completely by 11:05. No damages were reported
SUNY Gets Humour Magazine
Hey you guys, let's gel funny! "Ilm Serloml) ' " " , 1
Till' Humour
a new segment ol / < » " ' ' " '
Magazine, is for "people who lake their liunioi seriously;
The SA funded publication is co-edited by Scull llenjaniin
and Marc l.ubuihin. Contributions in Ihe forms "I unifies
ami cartoons may be submitted lo Ihe SA oil ice." I hose ts ho
lire offended by the humor magu/ine will be provided Willi
an apology, free of charge." Benjamin siiid.
(Siuiya JVcws Brief*)
by Laura Fiorenlino
The S U N Y A Physical Education
Department recently opened its new
m u l t i - e x e r c i s e r . N a u t i l u s , to
S U N Y A students.
According to Assistunt football
coach Mike M o l t a , the Nautilus
; q u i p m c n l arrived d u r i n g Ihe
summer but was not installed until
laic S e p t e m b e r , because o f
difficulties ill finding a location for
" I l took time to determine where
to put it. We wanted lo make il
accessible to both men and women."
added M o l t a .
The m a c h i n e , w h i c h is a
combination of a hip and back,
compound leg. pull over, and chest
apparatus, was originally used by
S U N Y A athletic teams,
football, basketball,
s w i m m i n g , and tennis teams'
members were at* first the only
students allowed to use Ihe facility
i because they had supervision. But
now, since we have an official
supervisor in Ihe weight room,
anyone can use the equipment," said
According lo Facility Coordinator Bill Schicffclin. Ihe delay in
opening up the Nautilus lo all
S U N Y A students was precipitated
by a lack of a supervising staff.
"We had to wait until we found
someone who could supervise Ihe
usage of Ihe Nautilus, We had logel
someone who could help people olll
and Instruct students about the
machine, so no one would gel hurl.
The possibility of vandalism or theft
was also a reason for delay. If we
opened the room right avvav without
a n y s u p e r v i s i o n , damage to
equipment might have resulted,"
said Schicffclin.
In order to use the Nautilus,
students must present their S U N Y A
I D cards to the supervisor. "The
Physical Education Department has
just started this policy in all its
facilities. Wt are trying to keep •
outsiders away so that equipment is
more available to the students,"said
The Nautilus is presently open
every night from 5 lo 11 and is
located on the third floor of the
Physical Educution building, next to
the weight room.
"1 here will be a seminar open to
all students on strength training on
Oclober 24 at 7 p.m. in the weight
room. It will explain Ihe use of the
machine and iis benefits. Students
will also be taught lo organize their
own programs and record their
progress." said Motla.
SUNYA Energy
Solar House Tests Design
by Peggy Thlni
The freshmen of tomorrow may
not be able to endure the harsh
Albany winters if alternate sources
of energy are not
thoroughly today. Yearly heating
costs ol over $900,000, shortages of
oil. gas. and other fuels, as well as
strong opposition to nuclear energy,
all combine lo bring solar energy
into focus as a possible solution to
our energy problems.
S U N Y A can already boast of llic
solar healed Alumni House on
campus, I he building, built in 1976,
uses a solar energy healing syslcm.
employing 2200 square feet of solar
collectors mounted on its roof. It
supplies part of the healing for the
building's 7000 square feel of floor
space. The system uses two heating
pumps, a water to water heat pump
which boosts the output of the solar
collectors and an air to water pump
which is capable of w o r k i n g
independently of the solar heating
The Alumni House is n facility
which allows for testing and
research and is able to accommodate
the testing of newer heal pumps, as
S U N Y A students have again been hit with inflation. I larecord co-op has raised the regular price of its records to
$5.17 — a full 38 cents higher than last year. The record coop, a non-profit organization, reportedly is only reacting lo
the wholesale price increase ol records.
Gym Goes Public On Nautilus
Surgery: Sight To The Bind
Saving Energy? Write NYPRG
No-Nuke Group To Organize
C A N is currently negotiating a date to present former
Defense Department affiliate John Cut to. Previously
involved in the making of nuclear weapons, Culro is now an
active member of ihe anti-nuclear movement.
Ihe coalition is also planning a speaker's forum at which
participants in the Scabrook occupation will tell of their
experiences and how successful ihe occupation was. As
members of the group become belter educated on nuclear
issues. C A N hopes lo conduct Us own leach-ins in addition
to outside speakers.
autonomous. Clearly annoyed, Egyptian' M inistcrfbr*'
Foreign Affairs Butros Ghali retorted thdt the Israeli fortes
could not return once the I.I million Arabs or the territories
elected their own leaders. The two traded public
recriminations during separate addresses here to i|,c 21nalion Council of Europe, the oldest European post-war
institution, which promotes cooperation in many riclcfs
They also bickered during a later news conference. If q,0
territories became P L O "bases for terrorism in our own
backyard, we will not tolerate it. We will send our [roons
back there," Dayan said in front of the reporters. Ghali
countered: "Once you arc out, you do not have the right to
come back. The Israeli withdrawal is definitive, and no
Palestinian group will ever accept any form of protectorate "
Ghali charged that Israeli settlements and land purchases in
the West Bank and Gaza were deterring the Palestinians
from joining the peace talks. Dayan disagreed, saying Ihe
.moderates were staying away from the bargaining loble
because they feared the P L O would assassinate them
they become available.
Despite the existence ol this
campus solar energy facility, the
S U N Y A Plain Department is not
currently considering the use of
solar energy for the university.
Niagra Mohawk PowcrCompuny
spokesman Bob O'Brien said thill
the use of solar energy for the
production ol electricity will not be
considered before Ihe year 2000.
" N o l only would Ihe eosl be
phenomenal but many environmental problems would be met." lie
lidded, however, thai (here are
alternative systems.
An active heating syslcm which
involves pumping water through a
solar roof collector and distributing
energy to various parts of Ihe home,
would eosl the average homeowner
$20,000 to $30,000 to instilII.
O'Brien said lhal a passive syslcm
could he substituted for tin active
o n e , c o s t i n g the c o n s u m e r
approximately $1000, In addilion.it
could he used lo reduce the
c o n s u m p t i o n of other energy
resources. This system would consist
of strategically placing witter pumps
behind a solar panel or window, thus
SUNYA's solar healed Alumni House, located off of I'erliiicler Road.
Niagara Mohawk Power Company Not he/ore the year 2(1110.
using sun lo heal the water.
Another nltcrnnlivc would be lo
utilize daytime sun to heal up a wall
or lank.. Ileal from these retainers
would heal up a room at night.
There is Ihe possibility that solar
healing systems may become more
economically feasible within Ihe
next five years. The New York Slate
Etlcrgy Research and Development
Authority, an organization financed
by an assessment of public utilities,
is currently working on alternate
I'm ins of energy.
Ihe organization spends its
$6(81.000 budget lo initiate solar
energy projects, such as a recent
Enc.rgy a n d
C o m p e t i t i o n . Designers and
builders were asked to submil
designs for solar energy systems lo
he used in New York State
Photo: Karl Chan
residential homes. Ihe competition
was used lo increase an awareness of
Ihe solar field on the part of
designers and builders. A similar
event was sponsored by Ihe federal
New Y o r k
Research Group has formed a
committee in which alternate forms
of energy arc discussed.
Homecoming Parade Slated
Weekend Events Begin Today
In hopes of having a successful
Homecoming Parade, all live quads
have combined efforts lo organize
Ihe event, according lo Colonial
Quad Vice President Becky I utile,
I n t e r - Q u a d C o u n c i l , an
organization composed of quad
board executives, is coordinating
the parade. Fraternities, Sororities,
and dorms are also involved in
organizing events.
According to Colonial Quad
Board President Mark Baldwin.
"This is the I'irsl lime nil the quads
are gelling togcthet foi it big event."
"We want II real homecoming
parade. I'here ureal least fout flouts
and some banners," added Tuttlc,
Scheduled events include a pep
rally, a parade, and a party.
Homecoming will begin a seven Ibis
homecoming was nol well organized
lust year. "No organization look Ihe
initiative lo organize the event,
I'here was very little advertising. We
want to try and hike up school spirit
through homecoming."
Quad board meetings and posters
have Informed students of the event.
I mile explained thai Student
Association grants each quad $300
for tlielr programming lines. Part of
Ibis money will be used to fund
homecoming activities.
Both Tuttlc and Baldwin hope to
utilize Inter-Quad Council for
organizing future event. In the past,
the Council coordinated limited
"We wanl more universify-widc
planning. We'll continue to work
through Ihe Council to build up
student spirit, " said 'funic.
A "Winter Weekend" is being
planned for nexl semester.
"We hope a lot of students gel
involved. Inler-Quad Council can't
get spirit itself," said Tunic.
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Tender deep fried clams are the stars
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includes choice of potato, tossed
salad, garlic bread, lemon wedge and
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Kcislior M„
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Egg Salad _ _
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Tender veal lightly breaded, covered
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Vi\b. of Choice Ground Beef with
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O n T h e Side
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Homemade Cake
Polnlo Klllslu'S
Lightly marinated and broiled to a
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The newest most exciting fun spot in the area.
3 Mi. North of Latham Circle on Rt 9
electronic games foozball.etc.
Rental extra, $1.25 all sessions/ No charge Wed
Sun. Afternoon 1:30-5
Wed., Family night 7-10
Thurs., Ladies' night 7:30-11— 2.75
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Saturday 7-11:30
New starting this Sunday
ADMISSION ONLY $2.00 with I.D.
Sunday, College I.D. reg.
night 7:30-11
with I.D.-2.00 tax
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any Sunday
The Jokesters
profits" tax, now being considered
in the Senate, is based 'on
deregulation going forth. A move to
block this process would have made
the tax proposal meaningless and
would have been a major blow to the
president's energy program.
Alter the vote, foes of deregulated
crude oil prices lowered their sights
and r e g r o u p e d a r o u n d an
vimthntt'il from page one
collection, while all New York State
law materials will be found uptown.
Publications of the West
P u b l i s h i n g c o m p a n y , which
includes documentation of nearly
every law report, will be downtown,
while the more selective and
analytical publications of the
I itwyer's Cooperative will remain in
the uptown library.
voniinuetl from /nt$p one
Defense attorneys F. Stewart
was some pushing bin no one was Jones Jr.. representing Buchanan,
a ml Pa ul F. C h e e s e m a n ,
Acton siiggesicd that a scientific representing Vita, were opposed to
lesl he made on ihe alleged stolen Ihe lest, citing reasons of no
marijuana. " I his is a precautionary previous notice.
Acton siiitl they should have
method, ll is to say yes. the
substance was chemically tested, so realized this in advance and that its
lhat the people will know." he said.
10% Discount
students and
faculty until
April 1, 1980
with french fries
and cole slaw
'Best French
Restaurant in
Boston Real Paper
c l i p & save
Quocchy U k e , Canaan, N.Y. 518-781-9994
Open Daily 5 to 10:30 Sundays 4 til 10
Every Wednesday and Friday $3.49
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108 Quail St.
Basketball Shoe Sale!
Disco and Drink Emporium
255 New Karner Road (RT. 155)
Albany, N.Y. 12205 456-3371
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Enter Drawing for Free Shoes!!!
Some Running and Raquetball Shoes on Sale
OCTOBER 12, I''7')
This week thru Saturday Oct. 13
.la tw>
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monthly apodal! shsef Sand now and find
out how to buy current 67.98 lilt tp's for
t3.69. Sterao Clearanca Houaa Dspl i ED27
1029 Jacoby S i . Johmtown, Pa 15902.
Phono Quotai B14-6381S11
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the L o w e s t Priced
a c r o s s from W e s t e r n Ave. SUNYA Entrance behind Dunkin D o n u t s
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B.B. Books
jSoortshoes-State Campus\
Monday-Friday 12 noon-8 pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
maximize ihe benefits of its limited
resources and provide services the
student community will utilize.
Student involvement tells us exactly
what is needed."
Newmark and Znhm expect
meeting of the UAS board to begin
by the end of October.
Tendersweet Clams
or Filet of Rounder
"their delliciency".
UAS Fitting Empty Seats
aintllitwit from /'</.cr nut*
Zuliiii explained. "I order to slay
in business. UAS must sell. It must
Stuyvesant Plaza
Farley emphasized the inconvenience and problems of having two
libraries, but insisted that the move
has been made "in the most
equitable way". "Certain necessary
volumes will, of course be purchased
and duplicated for both Jibraries",
said Farley. "And the library is still
keeping an eye open for comments
and suggestions."
Cops9 Trial To Commence
All You Can Eat
Howard Johnson's
amendment by Rep. Peter H.
Kostmcyer, D-Pa., that would
rqimpose price lids on home heating
oil and diesel fuel for the coming
House Speaker Thomas P.
O'Neill predicted a closer vote on the
Kostmayer amendment than on the
more-sweeping measure offered by
Library Moves To Save Space
French Cuisine and Provincial Cooking;
clip & save
Best of luck
Mflcaium Sa.ij
Meats and Salads sold by the pound or half pound.
Cream Cheese Spreads by the pound or half pound.
M e a t s Are C o o k e d o n Premises!!!!!!
Fresh R o a s t Beef-Fresh Turkey Breast-Romanian
Pastrami-Picketed C o r n e d Beef
A n d All C o o k e d T o Perfection
Dorm Parties are Welcome
No Party Too Large or Small
pockets of big oil companies at the
expense of U.S. consumers.
Imported crude oil. whose price is
set by members of the Organization
of Petroleum Exporting Countries,
now costs around $23 to $24 a
barrel - roughly twice the average
controlled price of U.S. oij.
Dm White Mouse allies in the
House argued that despite the added
burden on consumers, the higher
prices triggered by deregulation
would conservation and encourage
the search lor new U.S. oil supplies.
A coalition of Republicans and
conservative Democrats joined
forces with the administration in
defeating the move to hlock the
phasing nut of controls on crude oil
Ihe vote removed the most
sei i0us ohstacIe to C'arter*s
deregulation plan, which has never
been in serious jeopardy in ihe
Senate. It also reversed a nonbinding voic by House Democrats
last spring lhat renounced Caller's
oil pricing policies.
Carter began lifting price controls
under a l°75 lavy giving the
president authority to do so without
seeking further congressional
Carter's proposed "wi ml la II
Hut Ihe late of a second challenge
to Curler's oil pricing policies
remained to be decided. It involved a
proposal to rcimposc lids on the
price of home heating oil and diesel
fuel for the coining winter.
The crude oil vole came as the
House considered legislation
authorizing Department of Energy
programs lor the fiscal year that
began Oct. I.
House liberals argued that the
price control phase-out that Carter
began on June I was lining the
Dear Bird,
onion, garlic, plain, sail, sesame, poppy, pumpernickel, cinnamm raisin
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[WASHINGTON ( A | ' ) The House
ihundod President C a r t e r a
Hjjniflciinl energj victory Thursday
B*y voting In uphold his decision to
j permit u phasing out of government
iprice controls on crude oil.
, . By 11 257-1.15 margin, the House
Decided to lei stand Carter's plan for
Mowing the price of domestically
produced crude oil to rise to world
hiiirkel levels by mid-l98l. The
president has said this is a crucial
elenicni in his drive to reduce U.S.
reliance on imported oil.
Representatives Pass Energy Bill
10 Wolf Road
A l b a n y , N.Y.
jCarter Wins Major Victory In House
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Fuller Rd.
Chinese Students Stage
Boycott Against Military Senate Reprimands Sen. Talmadge
Simchas Torah
Services and Celebration
It all begins Saturday night
at 8:30, at Chapel Houseacross from gym, up on hill.
Hove you been
thinking about taking
a vacation?
all your travel needs.
Call STEVEN J. POPPER at 457-4762
and let the experts help you plan
dream vacation.
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Pre-regislrafion is coming!!!!
" ^ \
i fake? /"'..
Between 500 and 1,000 soldiers and other facilities,
— forcing
.. 0 ..™...™
commute to
to the
the college instead of
are estimated to be using the lto0 commute
university's dormitories, class- living
' " on campus.
rooms, dining rooms, auditorium
ignored their demands that army
troops be removed from the twothirds of the campus they are said to
still occupy.
For help •« *&**<* a « M r w
or career in mafli talk fo
main professors
Tues. Oct. 16 in the Dutch Quad
Penthouse 8PM
Wed. Oct. 17 State Quad Anthony
Lower Lounge 8 PM
Topic: Practicalities of Aliyah
Speaker: David Weiss
O c t . 15lh, 7pm
(PH 129)
PEKING (AP) Calling for an end to
" w a r l o r d s . " 2,500 university
students and teachers boycotted
classes Thursday to dramatize
demands that the army vacate their
Students said they would
continue the boycott at People's
• University, occupied bynrmy troops
since 1972. until the soldiers"give us
back our land." said Cchcn Chich
Chiang. 2ft. an English teacher.
The boycott was one of two
protests by students at Chinese
campuses. At nearby Peking
University, students criticized what
they called slum-like living and
studying conditions and threatened
to strike next Monday if university
officials do not agree to campus
"We want soldiers of the people
not warlords." said a banner strung
outside the gales of People's
University, occupied by China's
second artillery force since 1972.
when the school was closed. The
army occupied many campuses
throughout China and closed many
schools during the last decade.'
The People's University was reopened last yearand thcarmy wasto
have left by August 1978. Hut the
soldiers are reluctant to leave
berau.se of the shortage of living
ice in he capital.
.vanl officials' to see our
don. tues and kitchens - would
they dar bathe in our bathrooms?"
said a postci H "lie nearby Peking
University campus.
Neithur protest was reported by
China's official media nor have
Chinese leaders ct.mmcnted publicly
on the disputes.
The boycott at P e o p l e ' s
University followed a two-hour sitdown protest by 2.000 students
Wednesday in front of the ornate
gate at Chungnanhai. the entrance
to C o m m u n i s t P a r t y a n d
government offices. The sit-in.
which drew 1.000 onlookers, was Ihc
largest such protest of the year at
government headquarters,
Students said Chinese officials
Handles Funds Poorly
WASHINGTON (AP) lite Senate
voted overwhelmingly Thursday to
denounce Herman H. Talmadge.
one of its most senior members, for
" r e p r e h e n s i b l e " handling of
'government funds.
The KI-15 vote culminated
months of investigation by the
Senate Ethics committee and it brief
debate on the Senate floor, ll was
the first time the Senate has used the
word "denounce" in expressing
disapproval of the actions of one of
its members.
Sen. Adlai Stevenson ill, d-ll I.,
chairman of the ethics panel, had
urged (he Senate of "discharge a
disagreeable duty" and accept the
panel's resolution of denunciation
against the Georgia Democrat.
While Stevenson listed the
charges against Talmadge. the
Georgia Democrat sat quietly in the
Senate chamber with his lawyer.
After detailing (he charges of
financial misconduct against the
senator. Stevenson urged the Senate
to "characterize his conduct as
reprehensible and denounce that
Immediately after the vote,
Talmadge took the floor to say Inhad made mistakes of negligence
and that he regretted them.
However, he added that the Ethics
Committee had found nothing to
indicate his actions were willful.
"I accept the committee's criticism
because I believe lii.il senators
should he held lo much higher
standards Ihttti is commonplace,"
lalmadgc said.
"In the past. I have leveled heavy
criticism at others. I also know how
lo lake it."
lalmadgc could face further
F o r information call:
H a r r i s 438-3249
needed to
for upcoming
Refreshments will be served
Sandy 7-7786
E n e n 7-8363
$tarent£ Wttktnb
at tlit
Cue Students
Ron (Mr. C) Cherry
Jrrnlil Sminilrri
. K * * *
Robin QuKttlebaum
Eddy Harrii
Itad guitar
Eugene Clark
rhythem guitar
Tommy Ford
Billy Helton
drum J
You Must Make Your
Preregistration advising
appointment by
Tripping and
seeing The Dead
go together in
Aspects. See 3a.
October 17.
the six piece jazz-disco band presenting selection by:
Doobie brother*-
Evelyn King
Ronnie Lawi
Kool and the Gang
20 & 40'
At last, Encare."
Call 457-8331
M tfjitf parent* Wttktnb
Jfrfoap antr &aturtraj\ October 12 anb 13
6 p.m. — 1:30 a.m.
Come in to the information
Neat, compact, no bigger than your
fingertip, Encare is fastbecoming
the most talked about contraceptive
we have today.
Free from hormonal side effects,
Encare is available without a
prescription. And it might well be
the easiest method of birth control
you will ever use.
Simply simple.
You simply insert Encare with the
tip of your finger. There's no iffy
measuring, notubes.no applicators.
And no messy paraphernalia to
clean up afterward. Each tiny insert
contains an exact, premeasured
amount of the clinically proven
spermicide, nonoxynol 9.
spermicide was found to be highly
Simply safe.
And if you ask your gynecologist
Simply effective.
about Encare, you'll be reassured to
hear that Encare cannot harm your
Very simply, Encare works by neutralbody the way the pill or IUD might.
izing sperm. When used properly,
Which means, you simply won't
Encare melts and gently effervesces,
be worried about those
spreading within
your vagina for
protection against
for maximum protection, it is
essential thai you read and follow
directions carefully and, if
Even under very
ind'f atc-d. consull your physician.
rigorous testing
No blnh control method is
guaranteed lo prevent prc-Knancy.
conditions, Encare's
Birth control, simplified.
Itniueraitu Auxiltaru Beruicea ttymtuureu
discipline from D e m o c r a t i c
members of the Senate, who could
strip him of seniority and of his post
as chairman of the Agriculture
Committee and as second-ranking
D e m o c r a t on t h e F i n a n c e
Committee. But such action
appeared unlikely.
Sen. Harrison Schmitt, R-N.M.,
the senior Republican on the ethics
panel, said that based on historical
precedents and constitutional
principals, he believed Talmadge
should be censured, not denounce.
In the first hour of debate, there
were no speeches in Talmadge's
defense. Hul Sens. John Stennis,
D-Miss.. a longtime friend, and
Sen. Daniel Inouyc, D-Hawaii,
asked Stevenson a series of
q u e s t i o n s focusing on the
importance of testimony by Daniel
Mine hew. Talmadge's former
administrative aide and chief
M i u c h e w, w h o has h e e n
sentenced in serve four months in
prison on charges similar to those
made against Talmadge. has said he
gave Talmadge cash from a secret
bank account which included
campaign contributions and false
Senate expense funds.
Stevenson said the com mil ice
found lalmadgc had failed to report
more than S 10,00 in campaign
contributions, but it did not find
that he personally benefitted from
the illegal conversion of (he funds,
lalmadgc, who is running for iveleclion lor u tilth Senate term, has
si cad fa s( Iy ma i u la i ned h is
innocence of any wrongdoing.
A move by Schmitt lo recommend
thai Talmadge be censured was
rejected. Censure has historically
been the toughest penally, short of
expulsion, that the Senate could
Seven other senators, including
Thomas Dodd, a Connecticut
Democrat, have been censured
Dodd was censured in l%7.
OCTOBER 12, 1979
Want gambling
legalized in New
York State?
Check out this
week's Aspects
for some information you can
bet on.
Dear Ellen,
Welcome to SUNYA,
I Love you,
Tower East Cinema
The SUNY Albany
Tournament for the benefit of the
Easter Seal Society will be held on
Saturday and Sunday Oct. 20 and21
at Westland Hills Park, Colvin Ave
• Play is based on single elimination AI.'HA |_g
medium pitch Softball rules.
Umpires m be
Maureen Stapleton & Diane Keaton
Oct. 12th and 13th
Fri. and Sat.
LC. 7
7:30 and 10:00
$.75 w/TEC $1.25 W/OUT
•Your team must torn in $100 in p.rcoe-s in ordei tc
play. A trophy will be awardec to the * nr ng tearr
and any team raising S150 will reoe ,e '-•-- is.
• AH the scheduling will be done ; • : • :: the
sign up sheets
John DeMartini 4S2-6010
D. EDun 7-5115
Cocaine Anonymous
In the wake of success of groups
such as "Alcoholics Anonymous"
and "Pol-Smokers Anonymous." a
New York drug counselor has
launched (what else but?) "Cocaine
J o h n Burrell says he has
organized a special treatment group
for coke users after finding (hat
thousand of people fear they are
abusing the drug, yet have nowhere
to turn.
Burrell says he does not believe
that the use of cocaine is addictive,
bul adds that
in his words "Psychologically it can he habitforming and cause people a lot of
trouble/ 1
A c c o r d i n g l o B u r r e l l , the
problems that arise f r o m Ihe
excessive use of cocaine can be as
simple as burning nostrils or as
complex as complete psychological
Gas, Water and Disco
Disco music may soon he used
against rioters.
A South African f i r m has
announced plans to market a special
anti-riot vehicle which broadcasts
disco music through powerful
loudspeakers in order l o soothe the
emotions of demonstrators.
For rioters who do not appreciate
the music, the dark-blue vehicle is
also equipped with a water cannon
and tear gas.
Hoffman Hits Hayden
F o r m e r y i p p i c leader a n d
"Chicago Eight" defendant Abbie
Hoffman has let loose with a strong
verbal attack against another
member .of the "Chicago Eight,"
activist Tom Hayden.
Hoffman, in a telephone call to
the AVtr York Post, has accused
Hayden of being "dangerous and
sub\ersi\e." calling Hayden "the
Henry Kissinger of the Left."
During Ihe rambling phone
i n t e r v i e w . H o f f m a n reportedly
accused Hayden of putting his own
p o l i t i c a l a m b i t i o n s ahead o f
everything else, and charged that
Hayden is attempting to "eoopt"tinam i-nuc lea r movement nationally
for his own political ends.
The former yippic leader has been
hiding out underground lor the past
five years following his arrest on
cocaine charges.
Hoffman. Tin* POM says, placed
the call shortly alter he saw Hayden
and Jane Fonda speak during an
anti-unclear rally in New York city.
The newspaper says the rift
between Hoffman and Hayden has
been growing ever since Hayilcn
failed to appear at a "Bring Ahbie
Home" rally in New York last year.
Hayden was reportedly the only
Chicago defendant not on hand lor
that event.
e\xExciting Theatres Under One Roof
^ —
A T E fit-JQWS T O N I G H T I
Start off y o u r
w i t h a BaugS
D r . George Rinard o f the
University o f Denver Research
Institute invented the typewriter for
use by stroke, Cerebral Palsy and
arthritis victims who are unable t o
use their hands.
' " & Sdf '"!''» i" midnight
Hoffman alleged that Hayden
decided against appearing at the
pro-Abbic Hoffman rally because
"It would have hurt his political
Phonogram Incorporated and
Mercury Records arc coming out
with two new albums that work
Instead of the needle being set at
the edge and slowly moving inward
as the record spins, the two new LP's
do just the opposite. The needle is to
he placed near the center of the disc,
where most records end. and then it
will play the lanes as the arm moves
According t o the newspaper.
Hoffman at one point stated in the
interview (hat T o m Hayden
"couldn't get elected dog catcher
without having Jane Fonda as his
Hoffman stressed that he had
n o t h i n g against .lane l o n d u .
however. He is quoted as saying that
Honda is okay
"except for her
taste in men."
Tlw Post says it was able to
confirm through reliable sources
that the call did. in fact, come from
The special glasses are equipped
with a tiny camera, mirror and
flashlight. The typist, in order to
type a letter simply looks at a certain
dot and the mirror reflects light from
the user's eye into the camera which
then tells t h e c o m p u t e r i z e d
typewriter which key to strike.
The t y p e w r i t e r is c u r r e n t l y
The records are titled "counter-" being tested by quadnplcgis at
revolutions in rock" and "counter Denver's C r a i g R e h a b i l i t a t i o n
revolutions in R & H."
Hospital. It will cost about $2000.
Females Out
Stones Keep Rolling
Disco Dies!
Interest in some o, the earlier
recordings by Ihe RollingStones has
increased dramatically this past
year, thanks in pail l o ihe
appearance of the Stones' music in
the movies "Coming Home" and'
"Apocalypse Now."
Disco may not he dead yet, bin
according to the music Hade papers,
many people are beginning to
abandon what some call "a sinking
Deejay and I V pcrsonalit)
Wolfnian .lack, for example, has
abandoned the all-disco formal of
his televised " D i s c o
"Wolfnian Jack's Disco Party" has
now been renamed " W o l f n i a n . lack's
Dance Party."
In Europe, the 1'orincrl) all-disco
"Radio Luxembourg"
the station
with Ihe largest audience in lUuope
has dropped ils disco formal in
favor of I'M-slylc album rock and
top-40 nines.
In New York city, the number ol
rock and roll dance clubs continues
to grow, apparently ai ihe expense
ol' the disco clubs. A i ihe end of lust
week, there were al least eight dance
clubs that were catering exclusively
to rock Ions in the Big Apple.
OMNI magazine reports that t o
work the typewriter, the typist wears
a pair of special glasses with nine
dots on one lens. The dots arc codes
for letters, punctuation marks and
Roll 'n' Rock
London Records says thai many
prc-1970 Stones' albums lime
enjoyed 20 percent jumps in sales,
I wo Rolling St ones'songs appear ill
"Coming Home", and "Satisfact i o n " is featured in "Apocalypse
Efforts by women to become
Texas Rangers have been tihot down
W - D Wilson. Director of the
Rangers told an International
A s s o c i a t i o n nf Police Chiefs
conference in Dallas, that hiring
women would make ranger's wives
angry and that the wives are his
biggest backers.
Said Wison, ' T h e re are no
li hinges in the rangers, t o o l around
and you lose your job. The wives
appreciate that."
London Records says il has been
forced by the new interest to rerelease " S a t i s f a c t i o n " to radio
stations across.the US.
Eyes Have It
A Colarado scientist has invented
a typewriter that
are you ready
lor this
allows you to type with
your eyes.
mm ^^
^ • j r T l V r W
Great Danes
Football vs.
Buffalo Sat. at
1:30 Be There!
C o m f o r t " ' & Rocks
C o m f o r t " & Cola
C o m f o i T " & 7UV
Comforl" & Milk
C o m f o r t " & Juice
a different M.1 o f j a w
Walk with the Great Danes in the
if omeeomiug Parade on October 12,
7:0© P.M. at the Circle. A pep rally will
follow with free refreshments to those
who check-in at the Circle and
participate in the parade.
Support the Great Danes when they host
Buffalo at University Field Saturday
at 1:00.
Bleed Purple!
Comfort:00 delicious just over ice. Superbmixed
So smooth. Easy to sip. Delicious.
That's Comfort® Southern Comfort
tastes good just poure-d over ice.
That's why it makes mixed drinks
taste so much better, too. Try it
with cola, tonic, 7UP, fruit juices,
etc. Beautiful! That's Comfort?'
Nothing's so delicious as Comfort® on-the-rocks!
5 4 1 0 / - NOHIHWAV MA1I
OCTOBER 12, 1979
Southern Comfort
• » " • w COMFORT
_ ~ "
„ „ „ „ . „ „ „ cn.tnnBBnnFlintlEUR.ST
Issue and Debate
The Real Truth?
Casino Gambling
To the Kditor:
The position adopted bv I ru valsilifu 111
his commentary ol Octobei ' "Truth-iii.
I esting: I he Negative Vicwpoin " is mil mil;,
negative; it is misinformed
well Hi's
assertion lhal "there will he nn and.ildi/a|
lest administration" in this i,n ^ false and
unnecessarily alarmist HLt>>
graduate students panic and i'i-iii' up ai
Greyhound counters lot then lii fts In stales
which do not have a Irulh-in- -nng Inn, I
suggest an examination ol the I, i- //ie\™
Yttrk 77/mw published .11. . ide. " I M
Publishers See Dmppuig nl I ins." which
neatly outlines the projected .- cquences nl
the N.Y.S. law. vvithiiui recontsi "lispeihole
or hyslcrics. I h e most relevant points lot
S L ! N Y A students ate:
I.The bill does not tukeeffect 111 • lunuaiv I.
1979. A l l regularly scheduled sums will he
given up to thai dale. units* innounced
by Jeff Morgenstern
unquestionably be fashioned so asm preclude
A n undoubtedly heated debate is c'.pcctcd mob influence,
in the upcoming New York State Legislative
Session c o n c e r n i n g a c o n s t i t u t i o n a l
The main argument contravening the
amendment for the legalisation of casino legalisation of casino gambling is that it is a
gambling, the controversial issue, which has social and moral evil. I his is the claim ol
only come into being in two stales (Nevada several organizations, including the N.Y.S.
and New Jersey), needs the approval of both Council of Churches. They fuel thai the
houses in two separately elected legislatures, presence of casinos will be accompanied byan
and then of the slate's voters in a referendum irillux of organised crime, loan-sharking,
before it can become law. However, several drugs, and prostitution (Can you imagine
details remain to be resolved before the legalising prostitution?),
legislature can present an amendment lo the
The New York State OH-1 rack Helling
Corporation does not wanl competition and
public in November. I9KI.
There arc several valid arguments, boih pro has denounced casinos. I nw income
and con. lo consider first in debating tins homeowners feel thai they will he displaced
and abandoned h i hotel owners and
speculators. A large number ol low income
/// Favor Of
Gambling has developed inln one ol the workers will pmhahly be participating and
most populai lorms ol cntcrtainmcnl in oui will unconsciously be losing mouev so that
society, but it isstill ncvcrlhclc-ssu business. In the) inn) have nothing led loi necessities,
fact, it is big business in America today. Asa Mnuc) losi ciuuiesv ol the siale is unjust,
case in point. Resorts International. Inc. spenl opponents feel. Besides, why should (he
about S-45 million lor the buying and government have lite rigid lo conduct a
refurbishing o f land in the construction of its lucrative enterprise which everyone else is
AtlanticCit) hotel casino. I h e l i r s l c
plele linhiililen in conduct'.1
vcar lor Resorts brought in .1 mere SeMHI
•Ultlilitinul IUH kjirntnul
million. Recent figures show thai its daily
S11e1nlug1e.il anil economic sitidies leveal
grnss income is surpassing SotHUHHI So. 11 is sonic inleresling points, Casino gambling is
apparent that casino gambling can provide .1 .111 inlctioi good, which means thai as
new and necessary source ol revenue foi lite pel MIM.II 1111 nine uses, people vv ill gamble less
Stale government, even il 11 weie in he a i.iihei lb,111 more,
p.iiinet m the casinos,
I n ilu- powerless 111 oui society, life is veiv
In addition, casino gambling would provide
thousands ol new inhs anil wnuUI conduct in
curtail unemployment
It would also
indirect)) revitalise areas designated toi1
casinos thai ma) need an econont
spiritual 'Mini in the a i m ' '
Another possibility is tli.it the state will cut
back on income taxes, given a new source ol
revenue. II not, laves mi gambling winnings
could also be reduced; such laves are
regressive because thev lake awav a larget
percentage from the impecunious gamhlet
Most importantly, casinos will give Sew
York State a new inurisi attraction I lie stale
now has formidable competition in that area
from Atlantic City. Ihis could he a maim
impetus foi adoption. Anolhet main motive
ol proponents is that gambling must he
snatched out ol the hands ol organised crime
I he leder.il
• eminent estimates that
between S~5 and Slim billion is bet illegallv
rar. most of which is engineered b y t h e
complex ami k i m i i i l l i intractable I ad) link
provides an escape from reality; it is a
harmless past link in which the gamble) leels
he can control his own fate Social disarm)
lias led in a ilei line in respect lot prikjuclivc
work d m social values ami mores h i m also
changed. U liai was unheard ol years ago is
aeeepleillnil.lv Society simply wants In have
new experiences Wc can also assume thai
belling dollars will be lined awav from nlhei
tvpes nl leisure such e novics. spnits. ,,i
vacationing Dissenters feel thai casinos will
mil) hnnsi the economics nl the communities
lhal beemue gambling centers, and thai ihe
ninh will luiil a wav in no nutltci who's in
control I'o adopting casinos, the) snnplv sax
"No Dice"
Ciovcrnoi Care) appointed a Casino
Gambling Sliuh Panel last seal lo conduct
preliminary research and ' make general
recommendations. According i n the panel.
gambling has virtually overcome all questions
of morality and organised crime cnnlrn.. and
is recommended to be operated in private
hands. Casinos should be limited in number
and confined In resoil areas. Ihe Panel
I he Panel's initial report estimated lhal ihe
siale would gain ahoul S5II million in revenue.
Assembly Speaker Stanley l i n k leels lhal this
is an inadequate amount lo receive il the slate
should veniure lurlher into Ihe gambling
world. Kink conflicts with Ihe governor in that
he would only supporl stale- ,penned casinos
Any proposed amendments v, ill surelv need
the backing ol both ol these leaders.
Meanwhile. Senate Republicans are either
apathetic or uncnthusiasttc. Senate Majority
Leader Warren Anderson would prefer
privately-run casinos, il anything, finally, ihe
latest volcis' poll shows thai the public is
divided on Ihe issue.
Ihe questions thai remain in he answered
aie: Will casinos he lice standing ill in hotels'.'
Will 1 Iji'j be privalel) run or stale controlled'.'
II siale controlled, to what extent'.' Whal sues
will be selected'.' ( I bus l a i . the Calskills.
Cone) Island. Ihe Rockawavs. I nng Heaeh.
and Niagra falls have been suggested.) Down
in New York Cit) a 111.111 named I d Koch
senses legalisation in the neat future, and he
w.i ills lbe"Hig Apple" In-gcl a piece ol the pie
loo". I he lllavni will slmnglv siippnrl casino
gambling as long as Manhattan hotels arc
considered as possible sues
2. Mans nl the most cnmmnnlv lakeiu'Miniv
are still expected in be adn
I ii New
York Siale a l l c l Ihe law !...
! ..
include Ihe G R I ( A I M I S \
nd SA1
3. Twenty-six exams, hotl il
esoteric Ileitis and m l , . '
hi idvl
applications, are expected ti
in New York. I hese 1
Analogies I est. ihe I ) .
and ihe New Medical <
I est. I n r a complete list .1; .
would reler an) coiKv
Times ariiele nl Octobei •
I urge Mr. Salsingt r I
"Anyone interested in
take a verv careful lo •
Testing is and what 11 dot
In the previous legislative session, three
constitutional amendments were proposed,
I he) pmvuleil Ini the legalisation nl casino
gambling, the pus.iic operation nl casinos in
resorlsi ami Ihe slate control nl casinos in
lesmls What remains In be seen, is wllelller
the legislature leels thai ihe state is read) lor
such a levisinn II il does, casino gambling
could have a 111:11111 social impact on New
) nikeis. as well as incrensi„ t ,,,. „ m e ranee
nl Inuiisls lhal contl In ihe siale l-ut those To the Lditor:
who have nevct been in I as Vegas, Reno, or
Atlantic City, believe me. the slot machine, contemplation I decided
the roulette wheel and ihe blackjack table can recent letter lo the I ditoi
d o m i n a t e the eveulav
lives n l an
It saddens me when I i
overwhelming nunibci nl people
where a Sluyvcsanl shopp
I leel lhal New York Siale will eventually nil hv an incident such .1- 1
see casino gambling. Il will add an intriguing can't help but think nl I In
dimension toanalread) diversified wav nl hie in nine and cost to pro
in New 1 nik. I mil then. 11 is a most pedestrians and all m i n i p,
significant issue that will demand close Sluyvcsanl Pl.i/a
Shopper's Saga
a item ion 111 the coming year. Yon can bet your
•bntlnni ilnllai on that
II there is
niplc xiiies
pRewcT we /=*=>
TTicT 90OS
601 CK>r
66T AW/V
FRfX T\\e
"011? 0 M # S
AW(7 tHcT
ive* Mown me mCARS r\w ww-mtep
' OF e$c&e..
' D**M<0<^-
Page 3a. .
Graduate Jewish
Students Group
Invite you and your friends to a
Cider & Donuts Coffeehouse
Last' year S.A. overspent its
budget by $14,000. Let's keep
an eye on Our Money.
Central Council
On October 10-12
Vote For KALB
Vote For S t a t e Quad
Sunday Oct. 14
8:30 pm
SUNYA Campus Center
room 375
* « *
Live Entertainment
Heard Vfeeknighh at 9:00 P.M.
U * M a l l from UnhawHy ReW:
3-0) vs. Buffalo Stale (3-2) ( U J C D J j )
Saturday-1:20 P.M.
n i JTJJ
SA fowled
7:30 PM
The Albany State
Pre - Law Association
Parent's Weekend
October 13th and 14th
Tickets Now On Sale
'Continental Breakfast
President O'Leary"
Speak to representatives from
Harvard, Yale, Georgetown,
SUNY/Buffalo, Syracuse, Case
Western, Boston University, Albany,
University of Connecticut, Villanova,
Pace, Temple, Brooklyn, American,
University of Maryland, Western New
England, University of Detroit,
California Western, Franklin Pierce,
and many more.
In addition, representatives from
Stanley Kaplan, Adelphi, and Sexton
LSAT Preparation Centers will also be
$2.75 each at the Contact Office
in attendance.
The Student Notebook: They were the
champs of the world,
and they captured our
hearts. That was last
Ml.it i s
season, which is ancient history. The New York Yankees are
watching the series on T V this year and
their fall is both poignant and tragic. 4a.
Feature: A personal
odyssey on the bus to
a kaleidoscope world
of chemical saturation, over the Whale's
road, through the land
ol the Dead, into tne valley of the Golden
Arches, and out into the Headland. The
story molecularizes on Page 5a.
October 12, 1979
The Student Notebook: You're sitting
down reading this, j
You wonder about
last week's Le Cafe '.
American. Why sot
mean, Steve? This week, the other side of
Registration Retaliation. Also, in Hot Licks
Eb and Flo search for a meaning to life. 4a
Centerfold: Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City
are all raking in Big
Bucks from casino
gambling. Now NY, to
boost its economy,
considers allowing casinos in some areas.
The wheels are in motion and odds are
that NY will spin them soon. Page 6a.
|Sound & Vision:
'I just sing songs"
Steve Forbert arrives
at Albany with
I full entourage.
Blondie proves
is possible to bougie and consume
stuffs at the same lime, though it isn't
neat. Both .ire found on Page 8n.
Sound & Vision:
He's terrified us with
Carrie, Salem's Lot,
and The Shining. Now
in his most perfectly
crafted psychic-horror
novel, I he Dead Zone, Stephen King
wields his black arts to conjure a story of
unmitigated suspense. Paqe 9a.
Fiction: His name is
Sal. His mother is a
whore who once had
dreams. She loves the
kid, but ...And the kid
oi-nws up, learning
how to survive in a cold world. This week's
fiction piece is called Bastard Man by
Robin Goldberg, on Page 10a.
THE ©ISS®SK) OF . . .
AND CHARLES WflONlli, SUITEMATfS AT 105 i m « i t « i
Sound & Vision:
Have the Eagles hit
their limit? Are they
gliding on their reputation? It's been three
years since Hotel California and on T / i e |
Long Run, their newes. release, the tagles
ascertain at least one thing: finally, the
Eagles have landed. Page 8a.
Sound & Vision:
Starting Over is a
flawed but engaging
film with Burt Reynolds, Jill Clayburgh,
Candice Bergen. It's
an adult comedy about love, marriages
divorce. Director Alan Pakula succeeds in
creating comedy without being cynical. 9a
Diversions: Introducing, a new puzzle
to tease, taunt, and
.tempt your teeming
intellects. A treat to
titillate your tameless thinker. A twister to tantalize your
tempestuous thoughts. Along with all the
rest of the fun on 11a, The Logic Puzzle.
The Editor's Aspect
A Lead
Pipe Cinch
It would be great stuff to be Cary Grant. To be sleek,
and refined, and cool. To play a sharp hand or two of
Blackjack at the tables In Monte Carlo and walk away
with a few hundred grand jingling in a Tux pocket; and to.
drive off in an emerald green Mazurati with Grace Kelley.
It would be terrific to handle things; problems,
homework, love affairs, angst. But life isn't like that. Luck
isn't that willing to serve our desires. So we cheat. We're
playing against the house odds as it is, and if we have to
mark the cards a bit to gamble on getting some small happiness, well, what of it. Besides, it's a lead pipe cinch that
in the end the house is going to win. So we cheat. We
capture a little part of Monte Carlo when we go to the
track and lay down a bet. It's exciting. The action, the
danger of losing. The kick when you win. The risk!
Whether the wheel spins in the Casino Royale or the
basement of Temple Beth Sholom on Nostrand Avenue
the thrill .a the same - and where it stops nobody knows.
So we cheat, and light a cigarette, and wink at the fat little
cabbage that's become Grace Kelley for the night because
she's female and she's willing.
And when the going get's tough the tough get going,
etcetera "And when the homework brings you down
we'll throw it on the fire and" take the magic bus
downtown to pillpopper's paradise - the non-materialistic
egg world of kandy kolors and pie in the sky lunacy.
Drugs. Voices coming out of floating crystals - being sucked into clouds by nightmavens and airwielders. Paranoiaschizophrenia on the IRT to oblivion. Anyplace but here.
So we cheat, and watch T.V. which is the same thing
without the risk. But in this week's stories on Tripping and
Gambling etcetera, it is, for those that do, the risk that is,|
Editor's note: The young man used In the photographs for last week's centerfold, Wild Child Perry, was hired as a model to be used for the lay out. The
child posing in the photographs is not the subject of the story.
Spiritual G r a f f i t i
"Heaven loves ya
Clouds part for-ya
Nothing stands in your way
When you're a boy."
—David Bowie
"Heads I win, tails you lose."
—Abbott and Costello
Stuart Matranga
11 AM - 330 PM
Design & Layout
Jay B. Gissen
Breakfast Begins:
In SUNY/Albany's
8:45 Ballroom
9:30 CC Cafeteria
10:00 Patroon Room
Campus Center
For Information call
Brad Rothbaum 457-7937
WWWWWWMWW^-tRWW^W^* 5 * 8 *'
Gissen and Matranga
Columns: Richard Behar, Bob O'Brian, Steve Oster
Staffwriters: Bob Blau, Rube Cinque, Jim Dixon, Adrienne
McCann, Kathy Perilli, Bob O'Brian, Mark Rossier, Cliff Sloan',
Laurel Solomon, Audrey Specht, Hy Stadlen, Craig Zarider
Graphics: Evan Garber, Lisa Gordon, Aitana Majerfeld
Diversions: Vincent Aiello
Page <!a
The Student
Fall. Leaves turn colors and make their
yearly descent to the ground. Winds pick up
as they chill the air. Frost forms on windows in
the morning and sweaters are resurrected
from their summer-long slumber.
To some, it is a beginning; to others an end.
As words such as professors, papers, exams
and textbooks return to our vocabulary, we
renew some friendships and loose others to
graduation. The limbo state known as college
encompasses us, our last stop before the "real
world". Will we retain the values of our youth
as we grow older? Will we remain simple
through life's complexities and cynicisms?
in the last fall of the 1960s we are children.
The times they are a changm1, wails [Dylan.
Woodstock, man. Neil Armstrong and giant
leaps for mankind. The Mers are amaan'.
As we dose the 197lTs we are no longer
children. There isn't a Vie! Nam was but there
is a chance some people will have to decide
between food and heating oil this winter. We
look to saviors to solve our woes, be they from
Rome or Massachuesetts. Old dreams fade.
No town allows Woodstock II. Skylab takes a
giant leap backwards and scares all mankind.
The Mets are for sale and the Yankees are
watching the World Series on television.
Fall also symbolizes the end of another
season for the summer game, baseball.
Baseball. A game to some, a religion to
^others. Inside the stadium, all of the problems
besetting the world are unimportant, «»«•««»»
The Fall
Of The Yankees
days stars trod upon the same turf as latter
legends. Nuryev cannot match the ballet of
double play. Nor can a Manhattan skyscraper
march the sheer majesty of a ball soraing Into
the bleachers.
Roger Kahn wrote that once you enter
baseball's mythical world of fandom, you are
again a nine year old child.
1976. Twenty freshman children assemble
to watch the America League championship
game on the 15th floor of Eastman Tower.
The old black and white T.V. set receives
a fuzzy signal, but everyone can recognize the
pinstripes of the home team. The Yankees. To
many, this team represented the passion of
their earliest days; a passion which was returned with frustration and defeat, but always fed
by the ancient credo "Wait till next year".
A Yankee lead is vanquished by a George
Brett home run and the fans begin to wonder if
victory will ever be tasted. Chris Chambliss
steps up in the ninth and sends one soaring in-
_ sudden death playoff, the greatest game|
played. Yazpopsltup, Nettles under it...
Xhomas Martelte ;ever
the mountain is conquered and the rest is
to the stands and the rejoicing begins, only to
be silenced by a big red machine In the fall
Didn't anybody realize, the following year
that those folks crowded around the bar at the
Rat watching the championship game were
nine years too young to drink? The Yankees
enter the last inning of the last game behind by
a run. The fans, finding instant friendships
through their common allegiance, are unconcerned about midterms and anything that
doesn't have to do with this ballgame. A box
of popcorn is passed around to all Yankee
fans, most of whom are so nervous that it is
impossible to garner even one kernel with their
trembling hands. The Yankess pull it out in
magnificent style and go on to Reggie Reggie
Reggie the Dodgers for the world's championship.
We are on top and we love it. The next
year, there is more brilliance in the Bronx. The
miracle season. Yankees beat the Red Sox In
easy. Oh, life Is good now and we are spoiled.
Victory Is now expected, no longer the surprise it once was. We have lost our innocence
As quickly as it began, the joy ride ends.
There Is no World Series at Yankee Stadium
this fall. The confrontations take place In such
distant lands as Baltimore and Pittsburgh.
And that wonderful team which linked our
childhoods to college every fall is dismantling.
Sparky and Mickey are In Texas, Roy and
Bucky probably have seen their last days In
pinstripes and Catfish will spend his summers
in North Carolina now.
Though it Is certain that the passion will
begin anew in the fabled "next year", It will
never be quite the same again. The nine year
olds have seen the fallibility of the men they
build myths around. They have seen that
these men are just that - men, with flesh as
fragile as yours and mine.
You see, in the fantasy world of baseball
fandom, the leader and soul of your team Isn't
supposed to suddenly die. It sobers you Into
thinking how unimportant the hits, runs and
errors really are. You are thrust Into the real
world when you expect It the least.
And when the flames of that airplane which
never reached a runway In Ohio killed Thur
man Munson this summer, a part of the child
'- us died also.
.—.._ •
Hot Licks And Rhetoric
EbAnd Flo: Existential Errands
• • ^ ^
™ ™ ™ ^ ™
Eb had been obsessed with the meaning of
life for as long as he could remember and one
day, as New York City teetered on the verge
of financial collapse, Eb decided to avoid the
ibyss, take a Greyhound to Albany and find
out exactly what it was *
Convincing Flo to go with him was no small
task for she was fairly content with Hobbes'
definition of life, which, as he said in
Leviathan, was "brutish and short."
"Life is brutish and short, 'tis true", espoused Eb, "but so is Mickey Rooney," and with
that, Flo deserted all previous plans of going to
the WaveTly to see Mammy with Al Jolson.
"Who wants to see an old movie about
some bozo with an Oedipal complex,
anyway?" mused Flo to herself. By 6:45 p.m.,
Flo sat on a Greyhound bus abreast of Eb.
earing red licorice, and staving off overtures
from one of the most decrepit looking men she
had ever seen. The old man sat in the seat
behind Flo. He was distinguished in a
weathered sort of way. Years of hiding inside
a bottle concealed a face and character that
was not without some semblance of what we
call "class".
Vicious trading off of male and female
voices and the rhetoric of whys and
wherefores filtered indifferently through Eb's
consciousness as the two fought for their
right to occupy the seat. Eb addressed the old
man again.
"1 asked you the meaning of life because
you are old and wise to the ways of the world."
The bus stopped and t he smell of diesel fuel
permeated the air causing an annoying
thickness in the old man's nose.
• "Don't you think that's a generalization?"
the old man queried. "Remember what Oliver
Wendell Holmes said."
The only thing Eb could think of that Oliver
Wendell Holmes might Ve said was, "order in
the court." After all, to say thai Holmes, a
prominent figure of American jurisprudence,
ever uttered such a phrase would hardly be
presumptuous, just as it would not be
presumptuous to assume thai Holmes said,
"please pass the butter" at the dinner table or
"Gee, my undergarments are slicky", on a
hot summer night.
am struck by the seeming fact
there icis ™
. _ that
a... .u™,
Right, no Wrong, no God, no gods, no Left,
no Right, no Truth, no Beauty, no Justice.
There's no such thing as good music, fine
wine, art - that in this age of holograms and
3-D projections, nothing can possibly be real,
it never was. We only strive for tributes etched
in gold on a stone somewhere - ah, Mortality!
This is not a manifesto. It Is not written in
anger, this is not a panacea. It is written in
anxiety. ItIt should
should not
not be
be classified.
classified. Leave that
to the classifiers..."
"I feel sorry for this guy", mumbled Eb sympathetically.
"Too didactic", said Flo without opening
her eyes.
The bus pulled into the Greyhound station
in Albany. Eb looked out. "Albany must be a
depressing place," he said.
"Let's go home."
Steve Oster
Le Cafe Americain
You are trembling; sweat pours from your
hand and collects in an inky puddle on the
drop-add card. With a surge of disgust, you
thrust the card back into the blank red-eyed
"What did Oliver Wendell Holmes say?"
waste of a face that sees to be falling on you
Eb finally asked.
i W j ^ from somewhere beyond the blessed barrier of
"I'd love to run barefoot through your hair."
class cards.
he crooned to Flo evenly. Bo contemplated damn, including this one*." The old man
You are trying to make this face understand
the ramifications of a 140 lb. man running
that you cannot help it if it won't help you first.
barefoot through her hair and curtly
It seems incapable of even the most primitive
language, and you immediately recognize it as
"Fuck you."
a student. Perhaps a small calibre bullet to the
The old man probably would've remained
base of his brain will stir him.
silent for a good part of the trup had not Eb
A quick glance at the clock tells you that in
turned around, his head and voice shaking
bones ache, my back aches, I wake up in the exactly fifteen minutes you will be released
from the bumpy ride thorugh Paramus.
from this comic strip heaven.You make a
"What is the meaning of life?" posed Eb in morning with phlegm in my toothless mouth. 1 mental note to never again let yourself be talkdon't have enough money for food, let alone a '
ed into sitting behind a desk at registration.
The old man looked out the window. Trees pair of glasses that might allow me to see this
You study the student, who by now has
whisked by, rudely interrupted by strings of desolate world. Nobody wants me. How the retreated into a small, wedge-shaped crevice
rowhouses where, perhaps, hundreds of sor- hell would 1 know anything?"
between two desks. He avoids your stare, as if
Eb whispered to Flo that the old man must
did lives were concerned, nurtured, and
you do not know that he is now deciding how
tailored to fit somebody's idea of respectable be very shallow. Eb was still far from satisfied.
to lie his way around you.
adulthood. The old man wondered if his life Everyone to whom he'd asked the meaning of
As if he could?
life, assumed he was being cynical and threw
had been so conceived and so dedicated.
You watch him casually step out of the
things at him. Someone suggested that he be
"Why do you ask me?"
Eb was reluctant to continue. A young garroted. Eb put his head in the crook of his gym, ostensibly on his way to track down five
woman, about Flo's age, had been listening shoulder and was about, to sleep when he different professors (the only people you find
more intolerable than students are profossors)
and pounced on this opportunity to impart her noticed something on the floor of the bus. It
knowledge and wisdom to every passengeT on looked like a magazine and was totally black from remote parts of the campus, get their
except for the word, Angst printed on the signatures, and return within teji minutes.
the bus.
He thinks you're a bastard because he tried
"Jesus is the meaning of life!" bounced her cover above a print of "The Cry" by Edvard
Munch. Eb reached above and turned on the to cram a week's worth of legwork into fifteen
retort like a steeplechase across the padded,
reading lamp, feeling like Diogenes. This musl stoned minutes. You cannot believe that he
reclining seats.
be an underground publication at Albany would think you so stupid as to be unaware of
"Jesus loves you!"
Slate, he discerned. Eb opened it up and read: this. You cannot believe that he will think he
"Ha!" snorted Flo with measured disgust.
"Angst: A Preface."
can fool you with his bottomless bullshit.
"He doesn't love you, it's only physical." She
You decide that he just doesn't think about
He looked down at the part about
then closed her eyes to sleep. At that point, a
you. You are not a person when viewed from
greasy-haired man wobbled down the aisle existentialism.
"To me, it read, "existentialism is walking his twisted perspective, one that sees instituand his eyes settled on the young, bom again
tions and concepts and right and wrong. You
Christian. Wiping the sweat off his brow with down the street and thinking; do I like Voltaire
are of a chunk of the system. You conclude
an oil-stained sleeve, the man stood patiently because I'm supposed to? Or Sartre for that
matter? Are my clothes a product of my that such status is worse than being reduced to
and reminded (hegirl that, like she and Jimmy
upbringing? My libido? My values? And as the a nine digit number.
Carter, his seat also had been saved. He
Now you spy him swaggering in your direcfire hydrants start dancing in my periphery 1
asked her to remove herself.
tion from across the gym floor, staring you
down with mockingly cool eyes. His hand
clutches class cards and a kleenex.
You face a decision. Should you refuse to
accept the obviously forged signatures, putting
the grinning idiot through the hell he deserves'
Or should you shrug it off on this Friday afternoon, sparing yourself the needless aggravation?
As you watch him stride towards you, you
are torn between revenge and release. On one
hand, you realize that he will probably be able
to bullshit his way out of this gym regardless of
what you do. Someone higher up in the
machine will be sympathetic to his lyrical
tongue and compelling eyes. You decide that
he will be received by the system better than
Yet you burn inwardly, ashamed at your
submlssiveness. Why make his life any easier
when he treats you like so much flotsam? You
decide that you will not be bowled over this
time, that you put him to the trouble of going
over your head for exit. Chalk one up for you
Except that, when he hands the bogus
signatures to you, you watch yourself okay
them, file them, and hand the beaming jerk his
precious class cards.
Because you have no sense of Instrumantality. Ydu know that he will get through
anyway, and that you will be viewed as a
nuisance by all Involved. Machines don't complain.
Because you have a charming daughlei !«'
Because in a strange way you Identify with
him as a victim of dehumanizing bureafrai i
He deals with its Incomprehensible jargon
and you must serve e.s liaison between
badgered students and a cold Institution I he
blame lies elsewhere
And you do it because you have more i lass
than he does.
Page 5a
Dead On The Freeway
heSky Was Yellow TheSunWasBlue
Fear and loathing In Lake George? Driving
30 mph In an olive green 7 1 Oldsmoblle that
Mark dubbed the "Green Whale" In keeping
with the Hunter Thompson tradition • Joe, the
owner, though, stubbornly Insists on using the
car's baptismal name, "Tennessee Jed" - going to see The Dead at the Glen Falls Civic
Debbie Gail
The fear was on the part of sweating
shopkeepers who paced the sidewalks, watching their wares, as drug-crazed dead-head
hippies crowded their small town.
Brian, 19, was wearing his "Disco Sucks"
jersey. Mark's hard lenses replaced thick,
horn-rlmmed cats-eye glasses. He'd combed
his hair. Although his mustache was growing
In and his grub of a beard obvious, the fumanchu style was long since gone. I was wear-
"According to
square, consisting of thick bluish lines on a
one and a half Inch by a quarter Inch strip of
"The guy who sold It to me said, 'Happy
trips man'", Mark said, while distributing the
Vitamin A. Joe and I split one hit, taking
another half hit each an hour later. Keeping It
on the tip of my tongue, I felt It still dissolving
when the lights went out.
Joe hesitated, holding the hit In his hands
for a while. "Is It really acid? If It Is, will It freak
me out? After all, we bought It from a
stranger." Pictures of his house full of fuckedup people and no sense of order, and past
memories of a mesc trip scared him into
hesitation. As per usual he remembered his
head spiralling into one of the most paranoid
schizophrenic states known to the drug user-mescallne, little, tiny, purple pills, $2 a hit.
Tripping, gazing out the window, he saw an
Inanimate mass of purple and red dots coming
In from black outside..."something like the
people on Star Trek, right before they
Looking Into darkness when very stoned,
balance and falling backward, meshing lights
with the music, I felt myself throbbing.
"Mark, do you feel anything?", Brian asked. Mark shook his head no. Brian thought
Mark had a higher tolerance to acid. Mark
wasn't finding the celling as fascinating as
Brian stood open mouthed, staring, enthralled with Jerry Garcla's super fast picking
during "Eyes of The World". I was still bouncing, Jumping up as Bob Weir leapt In mid air
during "Around and Around". Lights, music,
whippets,... satiation. Intensity. Great
amounts of thirst. Turning to Brian with hands
cupped, I took a drink, sighed, and passed
him this drink. Raising cupped hands to his
lips, he drank, and passed it back. Smiling, I
passed the "cosmic drink" to Joe, whose freely flowing thoughts had just termed the music
"Intellectual rock".
No encore. Lighters and matches flickered
out as the house lights brightened; colors clapping, hands moving fast together, lights dimming, crov' i roaring. Falsel They brighten again
reaching full intensity, remaining on.
Kesey," Brian
said* " A d d is
best w i t h a large
crowd listening
to good music
bulging, small goggled eyes coming out the
top. His other hamburger remained uneaten.
Brian made a pleasurable grlmmace; a girl
with huge breasts was on line. "Where? I don't
see any tits? Where?", I asked, and kept staring at her turned back. Necks craned to see,
then lost interest, v
Taking out my verm hairbrush, I began to
brush my hair, leaning to one side, pulling the
brush harshly through the stringy thickness.
Picking up a paper cup of orange-tinged
water and thrusting It In quick motions towards
Brian, 1 mockly threatened, then simply let go.
Seemingly hesitant water splashed through
the air, landing on his lap spreading darkness,
as the jeans absorbed the water on his thighs.
Streams with Intermittent Ice covered the
"Why do you have to do things like that11",
Joe asked, disgusted, turning awak.
Nasty, grinding, whrrrrrs spun my head.' I
felt bad. Felt bad. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Both
Brian and I pouted, unnoticed.
On the way out the door, Brian turned and
commented on the Ice cubes, water covered,
littered table. Disarray to the extreme. "See,
now you know why people don't like acidcrazed hippies In their establishments."
Tennessee's groaning was alarming Joe,
who did whippets while tripping and driving
back to the cabin In Diamond Point. The Dead
were put on the Technics stereo. Combinations of pot, numbing coke, alcohol, but
especially acid and whippets produced
hallucinations of flashing color patterns, synchronized with the music, with closed eyes.
Whippet Rock.
place than at a
glowed p r e t t i l y ,
as detachment
standing in
We walked to
the Golden
What better
the eigth row?"
Ing my baggy white painters pants, and red
geraniums barretted In my hair on the left side.
Geraniums growing by the side of Route 9N as
a part of the Olympian Motel's display were
more accessible than roses. Walking from the
parking lot to the Civic Center, . we felt
"straight" in comparison to the Dead Heads
milling around; overalls with the American flag
as fabric, shredded jeans, large suede hats
pulled forward on brows, armfuls of beer, long
hairs loudly yelling, as opposed to us, with
trimmed hair, combed.
No frisks or pocketbook checks. Through
the doors of the Civic Center, Mark's worn bell
bottom Jeans concealed a whippet cannlster
stuffed In his sock. It slipped from the outer
side to In between his legs, causing walking
difficulties. He held his head high, leaning
backward slightly, gazing from side to side,
seeing just above our planes of vision. Walking
on his toes bobbing along, he felt Inconspicuous.
Brian and Joe, their socks heavily laden
with whippets, which Joe was sure clanked at
100 decibels, walked quickly in, tickets held
out. Dry-throated with greatly sweating palms,
Joe felt relief, Security missed at least one
over-sized bag, a vinyl Pierre Cardin
"suitcase" carried on my left shoulder, smuggling in a carton of grapefruit juice. A previously
added pint of Smirnoff added potency.
"According to Kesey," Brian said, "Acid Is
best with a large crowd listening to good
music. What better place than at a Dead Concert, standing In the eigth row?" Some acid
was scored. "This has to be good acid," he
said to Mark, "It's professionally made." Each
of the four hits came on a small perforated
Joe can still see those red and purple dots,
though they have long since lost their
threatening quality. "Well, here goes," he
thought, as he took the acid, spitting It out
before it dissolved completely.
The concert started. The whippet cannlster
was passed around, a joint smoked. Brian
traded with a shaggy looking girl and a thick
haired, black bearded guy two rows up; whippets for some raw cocaine. Numbed the gums.
During the "Loser" jam-out, Joe experienced the nitrous oxide whippet rush using the
previously smuggled In cannlster, losing all
touch with reality for a short period of time.
The music became Increasingly loud, minute
details In sound became audible. A pleasant
partlcapatory feeling ensued.
Brian felt a creeping tingle; he grew detached. Soaking up the "pyramid energy" emitted
by the Dead's triangular light show fixtures,
Joe saw his red and purple friends floating at
him In a light stream from the bulbs' alternating
colors. Bouncing on the balls of my feet while
standing on the chair, occasionally losing
"Boooo!" Finally people begin to leave, to sit,
to rest. We were conslous of unbearable thirst.
The grapefruit juice carton lay punctured,
fill)m-ii by stamping feet. Most of Its contents
had split. Leftover liquid, warm, was unsatisfying.
Outside, streetlights glowed prettily, as
detachment grew among us. We walked to the
Golden Arches. Sensory overload Inside.
Lime-green plastic walls, mirrors, green and
white synthetic unlfornts creating visual overdose. Shock.
"It's done to fuck-up all the heads that come
In here," Joe said.
Waxy paper cups of MacDonaldland large
cokes were quickly drained. I went up to the
smiling face wearing repulsive green at the
lime formica counter, and asked for a refill of
"Look, she gave me orange water!", I exclaimed, sliding Into a booth next to Joe. He
was having a confrontation with his hamburger. With great difficulty and lacking coordination, he ate one. He kept envisioning
overload inside.
plastic walls,
mirrors, green
and white
creating visual
Symmetrical white glowing diamonds,
rotating in time to "Row Jimmy" with familiar
red and purple dots In the spaces between
them were a part of Joe's Imagery. He felt the
slow, melodious Dead tunes.
Brian, lying on the frazzled, faded, celerycolored couch in the cabin's dampness, did
four whippets consecutively. Higher, higher,
higher, higher...ahhhhh
"Don't talk to her, she hasn't come back yet
(whippet rush)," Mark said. Bright red,
geometric shapes moving swiftly from right to
left through soft melting blackness, spirals of
green and yellow, Escher-llke, were several
Images speeding through my head.
Everything had a gold, glowing aura when
eyes were opened. Floating back, 1 sat
upright, smiling. "Now,'.' turning to Joe, "I
understand the Dead."
On Gambling
m& Taking A
Politicians learned last year what many
Americans have been saying for quite a while:
Americans are tired of paying high taxes, and
they are tired of seeing their money wasted by
Howard Margolin
Our nation has been struggling economically for the past few years. The effects of recession and inflation have hit hard at every wageearner's Income. States and localities have
also been hit hard. Skyrocketing unemployment means less revenue through taxes for the
government. That leaves less money to meet
monetary responsibilities and commitments to
social works and improvements. Since the
people have already been taxed intolerably,
Recently a special study panel, appointed
by Governor Carey to investigate Ihe
practicality of casino gambling in New York
State and to determine its implementation,
announced its findings. According to Ihe
panel four areas in New York should be
allowed to run casino gambling operations:
Niagra Falls-Buffalo region, the Calskill, Long
Beach and New York Cily. Three cities in The
City were recommended: the Rockaways,
Coney Island, and the West Side of
Manhattan. Other Manhattan all the
areas are in economic or physical decline.
Wary of the likelihood that Manhallan would
dominate casino aclion, the panel suggested
that only one-third of Ihe total casino
gambling space lie located in Manhallan.
Cuney Island, Ihe panel decided, because of
revenue and, through Ihe construction of new
u .u^^nncii-iirtinnof
casinos and hotels, ihe creation of about
100,000 new jobs.
Despite the pollyana optimism of the panel
many politicians have queslioned the reliability
of Ihe report. Bernard Rome, former head of
Ihe Off-Track Betting Corporation, and a long
time critic of casino gambling, called the
revenue estimates "baseless." Assemblyman
Saul Weprln of Queens also doubted the
revenue estimates of the panel, nevertheless
he supports casino gambling In those areas
where it would lead to economic development. Mr. Weprin's view is the common view
of many stale legislators. Many New York
pols do not give serious credence to Ihe anticipated Utopia * of casino gambling but,
possibly afraid of being cast in the role of a
doubting (nomas when the easier) gambling
bandwagon starts to gailiei steam, their
criticisms have been reserved.
"he panel recommended that a Casino
Gai .ollng Commission be established lo
license, regulate and oversee the operation ol
casinos. The commission, each member appointed by the Governor with the advice of the
State Senate, would have enforcement
powers and could revoke licenses if rules are
There Is a widely held fear, and a wellgrounded one, that the mob is itching to move
in on the new New York casinos like they did
in Las Vegas, where they alledgedly run the
town. The recent and brutal murder of ganster
Carmine Galante this summer Is believed to be
result of territorial disputes over existing
gambling rackets in Atlantic City and the anticipated ones in New York. After all, whoever
runs things In Far Rockaway, dealing mostly
with petty drug rings and prostitution, stands
to collect a mint when gambling comes to
town. All the considered sites are now prime
territory for the mob to feud over and the battle for control of them will definitely become
increasingly Intense.
Attempting the impossible, to restrict crime,
the study panel included that a special department of law to investigate criminal matters
related to gambling be a necessary requirement. Again, the Governor and the state
senate would appoint a director. Diehard opponents to the casinos make their strongest
point in criticizing the government's impotence
Reno on the Half Shell
by Steve Osier
Out of Ihe godless Nevada desert'and into the neon Sodom that is Reno. A slick con
crete ramp lakes the visitor over the outskirtlng slums and into the heart of ihe night lhal
never ends. A dollar lo park and you are on your way (complete with a coupon
redeemable lor a 25 cent slot machine token).
Walking down the strip with the Nebbish and we are discussing strategy. It is 2 a.m. (as
if the lime mattered here) .on a slifllngly hot Sunday morning in July. We have driven
eighteen non-stop hours from Wyoming and we must kill ten more until we can secure ac
comodatlons, but at once we realize that this Is the place to do it.
Strategy. Two reasonable products ol the most highly selective public university in the
universe should have no problem avoiding the pitfalls of irresponsible gambling. Awed ,il
Ihe electricity which seems to surround us, we do not take heed of the pawn shops ami
Ihe wedding rings which line ihe numerous windows.
The Nebbish & I agree that we must watch our finances closely, as we're in Ihe middle
Nevada a n d New Jersey are cashing in o n Revenue f r o m casino g a m b l i n g . N o w N e w
Y o r k w a n t s t o get a piece of the a c t i o n .
and, as last year's lesson ot California's Anti- its limited shorefront space is not yet ready to
Property tax referendum (Proposition 13) in- build casinos. Surprisingly, the panel
dicates, they are certainly not willing to be tax- recommended the construction of new hotels
ed anymore. Other ways of collecting revenue for all casinos, except in Ihe Catskills. The
hotels there which would want casinos would
have to be used.
Since after World War 11, Nevada has been have to undergo at least 10 million dollars
raking in substantial profits from its casino worth of renovation.
Restricting casino operations only to new
gambling. Other states, including New York,
have been using lotteries, horse racing, Jai hotels in Manhattan brought immediate
Alai, or other types of revenue producing protests from current hotel owners w h o .
games to fill Ihe state's pocketbook without wanted casinos in their hotels. The panel also
directly taxing its people. Recently New Jersey suggested that the casinos all be located midhas been attempting to revive its decaying town, in the forties >.\wA fifties along the
resort areas, such as Atlantic City, by legalizing Hudson. And that a casino be built in Battery
casino gambling and hoping to attract all the Park.
The Parrhan Company which owns a
Vegas glitter and gold and to lure spendthrift
tourists, ready for a quick thrill at the craps nucleus o( lintels in New York as well as in
Florida, MK\ other states, I D S already started
Gambling, especially casino gambling, is the construction on a new jumbo hotel with a
most attractive and lucrative form of raising built-in casino. Oilier projects are in ihe
money for the state. Firstly, the fact that a planning stage and more will follow
before a gambling law has been passed, But,
sizeable population does gamble, legally or
not, is a reality which to ignore would be as has been seen in the past, New York's big
naive. Secondly, not to tap on to this gold businessmen have amazing p r o p h e t i c
mine (liberal estimates of billions spent each powers. Once they start putting money into a
project needing legislation, it's almost a sure
year in illegal gambling of all sorts are often
thing that that legislation will soon be passed.
heard) would be to forfeit it completely to
The study panel advised a 20 percent tax
organized crime and the bookmakers, who
on all casino revenue before expenses, and
pay no taxes and declare no income. Thirdly,
that a fee of $1,000 per slot machine pei yeai
the building and operating of casinos would
be collected from the casinos. The estimated
create thousands of jobs as well as spur more
revenue from gambling wavers around ihe -i
Jobs in related Industries such as restaurants,
billion dollar a year mark. The state's share,
theater, hotels and small retailers. Idealy, the
not including the increase in corporate taxes,
argument for legalized gambling offers a sales taxes, property taxes, and individual
panacea for all our economic ills. The new income taxes, would come to about six
monies collected at the expense of the Big hundred million dollars per year. A grace
Losers in the casinos could go towards easing period of several years would give both the
the tax burden without sacrificing the ac- public and the casinos time to adjust to this
coutrements of civilization; our fire and police new situation. The panel predicted an
departments, public works, schools and aid to eventual "sky'sthe-limit" ceiling on projected
the poor programs.
of. a crosscountry journey not designed lo end here. No problem.
The picture of cool, we confidently step into Harrah's casino and Resaurant.
I walk up lo a one-armed bandit, slip it a silver dollar, and pull its thing. Three cachunks later I am staring at watermelons across the board and ten fat coins are noisily
descending into my cupped palms. The Nebbish & I are jumping up and down like crazed
jacks in the box - something for nothing! The Great American Dream has affected (and infected} us and we are ready to roll...
Twenty minutes later we are yelling obscenities at each other across Ihe strip, seventy
dollars poorer and feeling lower than low.
Looking back, 1 find It hard to recall iust what actually happened. I remember signing a
slew of Iraveler's checks in such rapid order that the ball on my unbreakable Bic jammed,
remember the bustling casino, with its lack of exit signs, clocks and windows. 1 remember
realizing just where the money lo pay what must be mountainous electric bills comes from.
But mostly I remember pulling queens on twelve, rolling sevens and Ihe nauseating
sight of our money being swept away and with It, weeks of California sun.
It was not until San Francisco that the Nebbish and I mentioned our night in the jaws of
greed, and even then, our sentences were clipped by disgust. Of course, thai didn't slop
us from hitting Vegas on the return trip.
States stand t o harvest e n o r m o u s p r o f i t s f r o m casino g a m b l i n g if the M o b a n d (he
c o r r u p t p o l i t i c i a n s don't get t o it f i r s t .
Yet, despite these drawbacks, the popular
at controlling the Mafia. The Attorney Genera)
of New York Sate, Bob Abrahms, has stated consent among the people of New York,
that he could not support gambling unless especially those In the proposed gambling
there was "tight regulations and restrictions" areas, has been in favor of casinos. In fact,
on the activities of the casinos. The study local communities are pushing hard for
panel claims that the mob would have minimal passage of a casino gambling bill.
New Yorkers have looked westward, to
Infiltration, but past experiences are hard to igNevada, and seen that though Vegas may be
The boys in black are not the only hawks a capitalist slum, a phony pleasure paradise
perched, ready and waiting to sweep down offering flesh and fantasy to hordes of middleupon the yet to be born casino laws. The class Americans, for whom Vegas had
threat of politicians succumbing to the tempta- become the Mecca of the Western World;
tions of both the mob and their own greed is though Vegas is something out of an Eric Von
very real, very present. We also know from Strohiem nightmare, Vegas Is making a bunpast experiences that politicians tend to have dle. Atlantic City, which was previously
flexible moralities and if a particular area need- known for two things, salt water taffy and this
ed a new casino, or if a casino needed an Miss America pageant, is now fast becoming
"oversight" on some silly restriction or other, it the Vegas of the East, while New York City
probably won't be hard to find a pol who collects dust on its dust.
Historically never a city to sit Idle when
wants to have his or her picture taken with
Frank Sinatra or win at roulette once in a there's money to be made, New York and
New Yorkers have decided, by and large, to
To stave off this type of political corruption casl their lot with chance, and will, if current
the panel advised that political contributions indications are reliable, gamble on gambling.
As for the sharks in the crystal waters of the
from any casino or any individual Involved
with casinos be prohibited. That the public, gambling tide, New Yorkers tend to ignore
them. One Far Rockaway resident, David
after being exposed to political scandals of
every type In the width and depth of human Flnketsteln, typically accepts crime and cortransgressions, will buy that kind of preven- ruptlon as natural and realistic side effects to
any money making ideas, "Crime is already
tative restriction seems unlikely.
The panel, in general, although it has made here," he said. Besides gambling will spur property value in the projected areas. Some, like
good suggestions, seems to have glossed over
Alexander Taub of Far Rockaway, believe lhat
the real biting, recurring problems that will Inthe miles of the beach front there is just being
evitably dog casino gambling. Facl: the ex"wasted" without casinos. In Long Beach,
Istence of gambling will increase crime, mostly
David Marsh hoped that casinos would
in the form of robbery, prostitution, graft, and
loan sharking, Fact: to protect casino locals renovate that area. Citizens In the Buffalofrom crime, muncipalities will be forced to in- Niagara and Calskill regions also support
crease police protection, thereby reducing the Casino gambling lo "increase property values
revenues that the government would receive. and create jobs."
Areas such as Far Rockaway and Coney
Fact: the cost of even the most superficial
methods of controlling organized crime will Island have deteriorated over ihe years and
are now beach front slums. New glamorous
also draw on the new revenues from gambling. Fact: casino gambling will hurt both atten- casinos there will undoubtable boost up the
dance and betting at race tracks. The increase area - or maybe it'll just throw a coat of varnish
in revenue to the state from casinos would be over the ruins. In any.case the casinos will atpartially offset by the decrease in revenue from tract the middle-upper classes, the only ones
racing. There are also fears among many with enough stash to get In and to play. There
citizens that New York City will become a would then exist the very real problem of what
to do with the millions of poor who inhabit
huge Las Vegas. There are fears that
these neighborhoods. Nobody seems to know
neighborhoods will become gambling strips.
the answers.
And there Is the fear of whether the revenue
So it seems the choice is ours. If not this
estimates are to a reasonable degree accurate.
November, then certainly the next, a casino
Many feel that the panel overestimated the
gamling referendum will appear behind the
benefits that casino gambling can bring and
that the cost of operating casino gambling voting booth curtain and millions of hands will
grip the lever and pull. Jackpot?
might be too high.
Las Vegas Wow!!!
by Stuart Matranga
My uncle was there one night on his way to China, l i e amazingly won and incredibly
lost five thousand dollars! Notice the use of the exclamation point in the preceding
sentence. I think it is impossible to mention LAS VEGAS without using exclamatory
remarks; Amazing, Incredible, Tintillating, Oscillating, Illuminating, Stimulating, Fantastic, and exhausting.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The thing is L A S VEGAS Is in another dimension. Some place in the twilight zone.
Trapped in a space warp and a time lapse, LAS VFGAS exists beyond the scientific principles of natural law. Yes, there Is no time in LAS VFGAS, No time but the present. All
sense of reality is lost when you first walkthrough the airport terminal. Because when you
pass through those glass encased, air-conditioned to a point comparable lo the mean daily
temperature of Yakutsk, Siberia halls (with the deserl melting tutside) you enter a world
of high balls, thousand dollar chips, "Celson," and half-naked girls dressed In feathers and
"There's a sucW bun, every mmute," said P. I. barnum. and n 0 w, ihanksToTTve.
chance r C a k e i r "
" i 0 n 8 °' * " * " "
t m
n C V
" " ""'
glittering sequins.
And the heal goes on. Endless daynighls. Missy and Lucy looking lost without their
pompoms, skirt ihe strip In a red and black Trans A m , looking. Jimmy Joe and Bobble
Lou fresh from the Corn Belt putting on Ihe Hit/., or the Stardust, the Troplcaria, the New
frontier, The Hacienda, The Silver Slipper, Dunes, Caesar's Palace, and on and on, and
It Is an electric town. And lights! A n army of merciless lights. There are no shadows
ever. Lights; a consistent and overbearing bombardment of multi-colored neon crafted into extraordinary monstrocltles; gigantic, deformed serpents strangling ihe sanity out of being in this non-stop, 24 hour amusement park, the lights in LAS VEGAS must surely outshine the sun as they lure in the trade. And they come, the trade, not because they have
to, because they want to have what ihey missed when it could have been real. They want
to eat the candy their mothers wouldn't let them eat thirty years ago. They want to stay up
late and play forever and not get older and not go to school and not listen to anybody, just
play. LAS V E G A S , hometown of Flash Gordon and Peter Pan.
Then there Is the noise of LAS V E G A S , non-stop, 2<1 hour noise. 1 mean noise, man.
Not music exactly, more of a mixture of murmurs, the total effect of which is to put you into a mesmerized, hypnotized, tranquilized state of semi-consciousness between dice and
throws. O h , the ubiquitous homogenous drone of the canned music, plus mumblings and
sobbings of the Losers, who roam parking lots, and the Winners (rarer) who sing and howl
In the euphoria mixed from the excitement and the liquor.
And that, I think, Is LAS VEGAS.
Pick a c a r d . L a y y o u m o n e y d o w n . Place
i h Satan. A l l you've got i o d o is w i n .
Bless the V i r g i n o r make a pact w i
Aspects ]
Extended Flight
Eagles Dare
It's been a long time since the Eagles' last
album, and a lot has happened to them since
then. Joe Walsh has made himself feel right at
home, Randy Meisner has left the band to be
replaced by Tim Schmit, and their recording
talents have atrophied from disuse.
Rube Cinque
The new album, The Long Run, is an L.A.produced houseraising, with friends like
Jimmy Buffet and David Sanborn around t o
help out. Each cut is credited to two or more
composer/lyricists, which calls attention to
the lack of effort put into the album. Could it
really have taken three people t o write "The
Greeks Don't Want Np Freaks"? Also,
Jimmy Buffet does no more than a backup
vocal on that cut, and all David Sanborn
brings along is an uninspired solo on "Sad
The Eagles were always good with lyrics;
The Long Run's only bright spot are the lyrics,
and even they are not what one would expect
of the Eagles. "King of Hollywood" drones on
with a movie mogul's rap to a young starlet,
Page 80
and "Disco Strangler" offers us a retread of
Looking for Mr. Goodbar. The title cut and
"Sad Cafe" are the best lyrics on the album;
although they, too have old stories to tell, they
at least steer clear of the mundane phrase.
The music on this album Is, to be blunt,
lame. The Eagles are known for being laidback, and maybe as a reaction to that Image,
they come out rocking, but It doesn't make It.
Don Felder's percussion Is Just too basic to put
in a hard-rock context. There Is no drive to the
music. "In the City", Joe Walsh's reprise to
"Life's Been Good", Is not as strong as the latter, and a lot of the cause Is this lack of drive
which plagues the album. The talk among
musicians says that the life of the Los Angeles T h e Eagles (left to right; Timothy B. Schmit, D o n Felder, G l e n n F r e y , D o n Henley, and
studio men takes the grit and grime out of their
Joe Walsh). Overweight.
music; well, then It looks like the Eagles went
and got some clean grit.
rock marketplace long ago. With the excep- deficiencies.
The Eagles have been away from music for
There Is a tendency among music critics to tion of this album, they have produced music
equate simplicity with commercialism and a with the necessary hooks for airplay, and a while, and It shows. The worst thing they
lack of talent, and so one might think that enough Idiosyncratic elements to Identify their could do would be to hibernate for another
these complaints are nothing more than I sound as well. On The Long Run, these Iden- two years. Right now, their music has all the
sophisticated potshots. Actually, It would be I tlty elements are all but burled In a last stab at impact of a 250-pound Muhammed All, and
pointless to accuse the Eagles of "going com- rock'n' roll, disco, or funk (take your pick). there are a lot of Larry Holmeses In the rock
mercial". They staked out their territory In the Even on a commercial level, these are serious ring.
.Soundiand. Vision
Page 9a
Love And Marriage
Three's Company
In the past I've often complained about
movies that are cliche and predictable, but that
Isn't always a bad thing. Cliches become
cliches because they get used a lot because
they provide some kind of Interest - they have
the ability to move people In some way. Figuring out the ending, even before you see the
movie, Is alright as long as the way of getting
there Is Interesting - after all in a two hour
movie the ending only last two to five minutes
and while Its the last thing we see it shouldn't
be the entire basis for judging the work as a
whole; there's still an hour and forty-five
minutes of drama that go before It. Finally,
cliches can be effective If they're done right,
that Is, no one pretends that they're not cliches
and only concentrates on making sure they
appear new, different, or at least entertaining.
All of this Is my long winded way of saying that
despite It's flaws I enjoyed Starting Over ImJ mensely.
[Mark Rossier
In many ways this Is an amazing film,
• because Its flaws are serious but the sheer
rcharm and energy make them seem less Imp o r t a n t . Most of the fault lies with James L . '
Brook's script. For the past ten or so years,
, Brooks has worked with Mary Tyler Moore's
.company as producer and writer on both her
Bleached Blondie
H o p To T h e Bop
After the phenomenal success of last year's
Parallel Lines, many fans became curious as to
the musical direction Blondie was steering
towards. The album contained "Heart of
Glass," a song which somehow managed to
make It to the number one position on both
new wave and popular music charts. Blondle's
new album Is now out. It Is called Eat To The
Beat and It serves as a means of analyzing
both the maturation of the group and the
direction they are headed In.
Al Baca
A n electronically structured craft w o r k ,
Eat T o The Beat is more technique than
Blondle's first album established the group
as an Important entity In the world of New
York City underground music. It was superb
both lyrically and musically, exhibiting a raw
power which, combined with bltlngly sarcastic
and streetwise lyrics, made the album the
epitome of what Is now called "power p o p , "
"new wave," "punk rock," or whatever. One
of the album's superior qualities was the
unrefined voice of Debbie Harry. Her vocals
made many of the songs work. Just listen to .
" X Offender," or "Rip Her To Shreds" and
you'll see what 1 mean.
The group's second album, although not as
significant as the first, was Important because It
rooted the band In the new wave world as one
which was definitely moving toward success,
which of course, was achieved with the release
of the third album, Parallel Lines. The cut,
"Heart of Glass" was unique because It appealed to both disco and new wave fans. Yes,
It was heavily polished and slickly produced,
but It still managed to retain that certain edge
which distinguished the song from other disco
Eat To The Beat is an Important album In
the career of Blondie. In recording It, the
group had three options: attempt to retain the
national following they gained through the
success of "Heart of Glass," continue their
reputation as a supreme being amongst new
wave bands, or going for some combination of
both. Unfortunately, the group opted for the
latter choice, thus resulting in It's contents
bordering somewhere between confusion and
Blondie, In attempting this synthesis of
styles, has lost those ingredients which made
them unique. The band seems to have spent
more time Indulging In the technicalities of
production techniques, a procedure frequently used in the disco Industry, than in the basic
construction of the songs themselves. This Is
evidenced by looking at the lyrics of some of
the cuts. They have lost their satirical tone and
are, for the most part, incidental and relatively
banal. The group may have realized this for
they did not enclose a lyric sheet with the
album. This situation of lyrical simplicity can
be best exemplified by looking at the words to
"Shayla," one of several slow ballads on the
album: "Shayla worked In a factory. She was
in history. She was a number. One day she
got her final pay and she went far away." This
Mix a deep southern heritage with a gospel
twang and skillful guitar, and the result Is an
easy combination to remember; Steve Forbert
Is his name. His style, well, I guess that Is put
best in his own words, "...folk, rock & roll
country, rockabilly, soul, pop, gospel blues
music...American music with the accent on
the songs." Whichever you choose, Forbert
has arrived, and on his own terms.
Ron Levy
The transition from performing as a wefrmup act to a sell-out headllner Is probably one of
the most difficult In music. Some, such as
Aztec Two-Step, lack the polish or uniqueness
that might set them apart. Theirs Is the
kingdom of the, "Appearing with..." label.
A n d until this past year, It was Forbert's domain as well. Alive on Arrival, his first album,
was the boost that put him to the top of the
marquis. Released about a year ago, radio stations soon found there was, as Steve said,
"something for everybody."
Forbert's material is entirely his own both In
music and lyrics, the latter an Intense and
sometimes autobiographical Journey Into the
artist's birthright. Hailing from Meridian,
Mississippi and hardly older than us at 24,
there becomes quickly evident an Insight and
compassion for those working up from the
bottom. The South isn't known for being kind
to those who want to climb; It continuously
throws out obstacles to hinder success. Forbert
has made the climb, nor worse for the wear,
and Is looking back for those who are unaware
of life's Injustices.
It was thirteen years ago that Steve Forbert
learned to play guitar. He went on to Join up
with a number of rock bands on the high
school and college circuits while himself Intermittently attending Junior college. Realizing
that his future was going to be stifled by the
limitations of his surroundings, Forbert packed
up and traveled to Ni'W York, (Schrafft's
East"). That was In 1976.
It took two years of on stage conditioning
before he was refined enough to be taken
seriously. In an electronic era, this was a man
stepping on stage with only an acoustic guitar,
a harmonica and a gravelly twang In his voice the last two being mutually exclusive. Danny
Fields and Linda Stein became his managers,
within a month they arranged a recording contract with Epic Records.
From a last visit to his girlfriend ("Goln'
Ctown to Laurel"), to arrive in the big city j
("Grand Central Station, March 8, 1977,"
and "Big City Cat") and those recurring pangs
of homesickness ("Tonight I Feel So Far Away
From Home") Forbert's performance in concert retains the warmth and personality of his
album. Unlike the days of playing a solo
warm-up act, Steve Is touring with his complete studio band for accompaniment. (That
was bass player " H u g h " McDonald they were
chanting to). All seasoned musicians from the
southlands, the band has been together long
enough to Joke and Improvise with the audience, yet Steve's control Is unmlstakeable.
Midway through the show the stage was emptied except for Forbert and Robbie Kondor on
accordlan, to play two less dramatic love
Picking up the tempo again were a number
of songs from Forbert's upcoming album tilled
Jaclcrabbll Slim. The story Is gone, replaced by
simple rock & roll tunes played to a much
broader, or non-exlstant, theme. "Romeo's
Tune" and "Say Goodbye to Little J o " appeal
more to a driver listening on the freeways than
one seeking the aesthetics of his first album.
The only folk story told Is "January 23-30,
1978", a mirror Image of "Grand Central Station", In telling of his return shortly before his
break into success.
Steve Forbert plays " A m e r i c a n music
with the accent on the song."
John Simon, former producer for The
Band, worked on Jackrabblt Slim with
Forbert. His Influence In the live unvelllngs Is
apparent. Simon may have found the combination Forbert needs to continue his climb
from a star to that final plateau, that of a
superstar. There was something captivating In
last Thursday's display at Page Hall, a candid
view Into another person's reflections on life,
something not to be missed if the opportunity
presents Itself again.
show and Bob Newhart's. In both programs he
when, In the second meeting at a divorced
was content with letting poignant moments
men's group the whole cast Is wearing exactly
stand on their own without worrying about gowhat they wore In the first meeting, despite the
ing for the laugh, but for some reason he won't
fact that we saw them all leave. I don't know
do that here. Only one scene, a fight between
why It happened, but In a production of this
caliber there Is no excuse for It.
Phil Potter (Burt Reynolds) and Marilyn
Holmberg (Jill Clayburgh), the first serious
In the long run what lifts Starting Over
woman In his life since his divorce from Jessica
above other films In the genre is the acting of a
(Candlce Bergen), Is played completely
letter perfect cast. Mary Kay Place, as one of
straight. Don't get me wrong, most of the film Renyold's first dates, Charles Durnlng (who I
Is very funny and It's nice to see some of the usually hate) and Frances Sternhagen as his
scenes, especially the early ones between brother and sister-in-law give strong, funny
performances. Burt Renyolds has finally
Clayburgh and Reynolds, played for laughs.
The problem Is that we have to look behind become the romantic leading man he's wanted
the jokes and extrapolate to find out what the to be for so long, and It's a welcome change to
see him playing something other than a good
characters are feeling.
This is particularly true of Reynolds. ole boy. It seems silly to this his best performance since De/luerance because Its his only
Clayburgh and Bergen Joke about their InHooper,
securities so we see what bothers them, but performance since Deliverance;
Smokey and the Bandit, and The End were •_<.-< .•
Reynolds Is never given any kind of outlet
and, while we basically undertand how he only "fun with Burt and Sal". But here he has " " " * " 9 < W Burt Reynolds realizes
feels, his character Is never given the chance to play a grown-up, three dimensional adult the end of one love affair and trys to
kindle another.
continued 011 page 10a
to express what he thinks of his situation. I also
resented the way all of Jessica's feeling are
reduced to bad song lyrics. Brooks makes It
seem notable In her last scene, that Jessica
temporarily feels things deeply, but they only
views them as Inspirations for a song. I don't
like it, but I think I know why Brooks does It.
He paints himself Into a corner because
despite her spacey eccentricities Jessica Is
quite likeable, In some ways just as nice as
Marilyn; If nothing else she's not the bitchy exwife we usually see In this kind of movie (she,
however, causes the divorce by committing
adultry with her husband's boss, but her
reasons for doing so are never explored).
Being scared Is one of the American fiction ed to see things he doesn't want to. He
Brooks has to do something to make one reader's favorite pastimes. As if to prove it, becomes, much against his wishes, a voyeur
more attractive than the other, so he makes it teacher-turned author Stephen King has once Into the subconscious minds of people around
seem that Jess will be able to pop back and again gotten himself on the best-seller list by him.
survive - something that seems doubtful from scaring people. The Dead Zone, now number
After carefully establishing all this through
her previous behavior. Marilyn is much more two on the New York Times best-seller list, Is an episodic but effective and well-written sethe survivor. The move was really totally un- King's fifth novel.
quences, King then puts Smith, (and us) into
necessary since most of the audience is
the trlghtenlng situatuion ol realizing that a
fastrlslng p o l i t i c i a n w i t h p r e s i d e n t i a l
already rooting for Marilyn and all It ultimately
possibilities is a potential Hitler, apt to start
serves to do ts unfairly reduce Jessie to a
The Dead Zone, like most of King's other World War III. Smith knows this, but his
parody of the unmarled woman previously
works, examines the Increasingly popular (and evidence (images that flashed through his
played by Clayburgh.
Most of Pakula's films {All The President's believable) field of psychic phenomena, mind when he shook the candidate's hand)
Men, The Parallax View, Klute, and Comes a E.S.P., telekinesis, and especially things that Isn't apt to convince anyone else. What does a
Horseman) are dramas with few, If any, com- go bump in the night. In The Dead Zone, the mai do In a situation such as this? If you could j
edic touches, but here, in his first fullfledged bumpee is one Johnny Smith, English teacher go back In time and kill Hitler before World
comedy, he proves his sense of humor Is as and all-around likeable guy who reawakens War II and The Holocaust, would you do it?
The climax Is tense and suprlslng.
good as his sense of the dramatic. Pakula is from a four and a half year coma to find he
King of course has it made now, as The
the kind of director who doesn't let you know can see the future and read minds.
Naturally, Smith's life has been shattered; Dead Zone continues a fast upward climb on
he's directing, at least not In obvious ways, but
the best-seller list. It wasn't too long ago that
here he draws laughs by doing small things, his girlfriend has given up on him and gotten
King was a seven thousand dollar a year high
like having a close-up of Renyolds' feet during married (and pregnant), his mother's religious
zeal has become a lunatic mania, his job is school teacher, depressed because "only
the usually romantic morning after scene.
editor's cousins got published". His first novel,
This Is not really a director's picture, but gone, his legs have atrophied; the world has In
Carrie, changed all that. The lucrative movie
general progressed without him.
Pakula keeps things moving and makes the
sale that followed Its publication (though
E.S.P., Smith finds, Is more of a curse than
movie funny at the expense of no one; It,
modest by Hollywood standards) assured King
thankfully, lacks the cruel tone of many a blessing. He Is a freak. If he foretells of financial security and future publications.
modern comedies. There Is one un- anything, he is stared at and in general feared. Since then, he has written four other novels,
characteristically sloppy moment however, He has no control over his power, and Is forc- {Salem's Lot, a modern day vampire story;
King Of Fright
Fear A n d
Jim Dixon
Alive And Kicking
Forbert A r r i v e s
i not the style that made Blondie more than
just "a man among m e n " In the world of
music. Compared with the likes of " X Offender," the style Is much less appropriate to
the nature of the group.
Another ballad on the album in entitled
"Sound Asleep". It Is reminiscent of a
children's lullaby. It chronicles the thoughts
running through the mind of an Insomniac, a
good Idea which falls short of perfection due
to the problems of overproduction. As Is the
case with many ol the songs, Debbie Harry's
voice Is synthesized and overdubbed to an unfathomable extent. This Is absolutely unnecessary since her vocal range Is strong
enough to be of merit without the use of electronic gadgetry which ruins thai raw energy
which makes her voice so appealing. As It
sounds on this album, it is too slick and polished. The use of background vocals also contributes to the ineptness of the production.
They are unnecessary and even burdensome.
There are, however, some swing graces to
the album. "Living in the Real W o r l d , " for example, deals with ,1 woman who prefers to live
In a magazine w o r l d of
and,,,calendar watches" rather lhan existing
In the real world. The sung moves along both
musically and lyrically, reminiscent of the
ISIondlo we mal In the first album, "Die Young
The Shining,
another story of psychic
phenomena, also sold to Hollywood; The
Stand, about the ultimate confrontation between good and evil, and The Dead Zond) and
published Night Shift, a collection of short
7 h e Dead Zone, S t e p h e n King's latest a n d possibly his best n o v e l . It's a h a u n t i n g ,
powerful narrative and a guaranteed fright.
Slay Pretty," as the title suggests, tells the story
of a girl who would rather die young and retain her beauty than grow old and lose It. Debbie Harry's voice shines on this cut, for It Is
perfectly suited to a song such as this. It is Interesting to note that nn these two tunes, the
production Is not as slick as on the other
songs. Blondle's razor edge is captured, making for a successful sound.
Whether Eat To The Beat will Increase,
decrease, or have no effect on Blondle's audience remains to be seen. The album,
though, tends to overextend itself In trying to
please everyone. The combination of ballads,
popular tunes, and rockers Is too blatant an attempt al a synthesis of styles and ends up in
taking away precisely those qualities which
made the band something more lhan usual.
One of the things that makes King so much
fun Is his sense of the times we live In. King
manages to Imbue The Dead Zone with a
sense of "seventies nostalgia" by giving us a
cram course In It through the eyes of a man
who slept through Watergate. As with his
other books, King shows a fondness (and a
talent) for using multiple points of view.
Without warning, characters appear suddenly
throughout the novel. This keeps Interest and
suspense high. (You never know who might
turn out to be an ax murderer.) This also
allows us to see the main character as various
other people see him. In the case of Johnny
Smith, this can be deliciously unsettling. (In a
scene In which Smith meets a new presidential
contender from Georgia named Jimmy
Carter, It's also fairly amusing.)
If The Dead Zone Is not King's r p ° s l
frightening novel, {Salem's Lot probably takes
that honor) It is perhaps his best-written and
most perceptive. King Is not one of the great
writers of all time, but he Is a good, solid, cons t a n t l y entertaining commercial novelist, and
there does seem to be a shortage of these,
continued on p i w Ida
Page 10a
Bastard Nan
Prince waited nervously for them In his
room. The television played, but he didn't
watch. Instead, he added to the growing pile
of cigarette butts in scattered ash trays. His
broad Hispanic frame rose from the bed and
perched on the back of an armchair. Reaching
for the phone, he dialed four digits and replaced the receiver. A car door slammed: he raced
to the window to see If It was Franny's cab.
The first two times It wasn't. Then he saw the
top of Franny's golden mane bent over a small
bundle. Running his hands through a
chocolate mass of curls, Prince's heav., browri
eyes settled on the young fair skinned girl he
had been living with.
Finding out about Franny's pregnancy,
Prince took a harsh whip to her. It was only
after she lied, and told him he was the father
that he finally stopped.
But It was a muggy July night the Sal came
to be. For four years, Franny suppressed her
desires for motherhood, until an anonymous
blonde stranger came Into her life. Aware of
her own beauty, Franny knew that a product
of her's and this newcomer would be exquisite, and so before performing that night,
she removed her diaphragm. She never Intended to hold him responsible. All she
wanted was a child, and she needed a man to
give her one she'd be proud of.
Franny trembled as she approached Prince.
"Whao" ya grab the wrong kid?"
"No, Prlnro, he's mine."
"Yours? Yours and whos? Yousays he was
mine? Mine wit' blonde hair? Get ourta here,
whore! Take your bastard kid, and get the hell Robin Goldberg
ourta here."
"Aw, Sal, honey. I'll find a way. Don't window.
"Gimme whad ya got."
worry love. Mama'll take good care of you
"Jack. You know, your timing was pretty
always. Good care."
"Get the hell out of my life, you, you...Ugh! shitty."
"I know, y6u was lalkln' to the kid."
Just get out!" Sal's eyes bloomed In amaze"The kid, Is my kid."
ment. "I hate you, Sal. Hate you. I have you
"Yeah, 1 know. So, whenever you're
because I was a tramp, and I never got to be
nothing else because' of you. For the last 15 ready."
years, because of you, I've laid a different guy
"Maybe I won't be. What'd you say to that?"
almost every night." Her outrage suddenly
"I'd say you'd better be." Franny's thin
subsided, and quiet sobs replaced them. Sal eyebrows arched and Jack brought two $10
remained quiet in the corner, "if only Prince bills from his pocket. "Ready?"
.didn't throw us out. We mlghtta made.it.
When I found out 1 was pregnant, 1 kept work- Sal took off from beneath the window, and
ing. The tricks klnda liked It, and 1 needed went into the bar on the corner. He had been
you. I couldn't give you up. You were going there for about a year. Sometimes Hank
something I knew would always be mine, and would let him sweep for $5. There were two
I couldn't get out because It was the only way I men, a couple, and a girl sitting at sparse
tables. The aroma of hard liquor intrigued
could give you the things you needed."
Sal's physical maturity appeared to Franny him. So did the people and their conversawith Incredible speed. At 15, he was 5'9", tions. He usually listened to the track talk
weighing 170 lbs. His face was developing the who was dealing what drug, and what had the
gruffness of a man's and what had been "baby best market value.
"Hey, Hank. How's It goin'?"
fat" a year before, was now forming strong
"Okay. How's II wltchya?"
muscles. Franny was mystified by the young
Sal shrugged, and poured himself a long
man who sat across from her. It had become
harder for her to accept the 16 and 17 year glass of scotch. It pleased him that Hank
old boys who came to her now. She'd have thought he was older than he really was, and
the maternal urge to send them away, yet respected him
Sal leaned over the bar, and stared Intently
she'd let them stay because she'd need the
at the multitude of assorted bottles. His eyes
were locked on the rainbow of bronzes,
Finally, Sal spoke,
"What was my Dad like? You never want to browns, clears, reds and oranges staring back
at him. The center black spots flared against
talk about it."
"There's not too much to tell. Your Dad the sharp blueness of his eyes as they grew
was handsome, like you, and he was gentle, larger and heavier each moment. He felt
throbbing heat on his temples; he pictured his
like you."
mother and Jack together. He saw himself
"Did you love him?"
Franny paused for a moment. "Baby, 1 pointing a knife at Jack's throat. Then he
hardly knew him, but yeah, 1 loved him. He remembered his mother's soft voice: "...he
was gentle like you."
gave me you."
The crash of glass and the Initial pain of Ice
There was a sharp knock on the door.
"Franny, ya In?" A harsh male voice called on his skin brought him back to time.
The two men always did that when they
from the other side. Franny looked over to Sal
talked about women. Most of the time he
who was already on his way out.
didn't listen, but these men wanted the atten"See ya Mom."
tion. They were drunk, laughing, choking,
' "Bye. Sal? I love you."
"Me too." Sal opened the door. He looked and calling for a refill on their pitcher every ten
directly up, half squinted his eyes, and with minutes. Sal delivered the pitcher of Molsons
completely straight, tightened lips he shook his In his hand, and stopped to listen.
"Ya know, 1 had a great one last night.
head softly, arid-said - nothing.
He was down stairs, and outside when he Great. Sexy too."
"Eh, w'ts her name. I'll look her up."
heard the harsh voice, from the open 3rd floor
works except for The Stand are In softcover
editions, available everywhere.
This Halloween, do yourself a favor. Get
continued from page 9a
Horror and suspense fane who haven't ^ t t J I T * t t C J U I l l
stumbled onto King are missing something.
Anyone In the mood for good Halloween
reading should run to any bookstore and grab continued from page 9a
any Stephen King novel they have. If you can with real emotions, and he does It beautifully.
handle the eleven ninety five being asked for His facial expressions are a little repetitious,
The Dead Zone, do It. .You won't be sorry. If but basically It's a mature portrayal by a charyou're a paperback buyer only, all of his other ming man who has been type cast for far too
plorlng the soda can he had been sipping
before she joined him. His Ignorance of her
was so perfect, she thought It was a fright
holding him back. Not a word had been said
between them, when he turned to her and
"Are you ready?" she asked not knowing
what to expect.
They walked to her room. It was on the first
floor of an old building. Paint chips slid off the
wall as their steps vibrated In the hallway.
There was a dying light at the end of the corridor, whose glow didn't reach as far as their
path. Candy turned the knob on a door with a
fist sized hole centering It. The room was dark,
only the lights from outside were able to sneak
In. there was a large bed In one corner, and an
old blue and orange arm chair with loose springs In another. The smell of day old tuna fish
lingered in the air. Sal remained steady, while
a huge lump rose from the pit of his stomach.
He turned to find Candy already on the bed
with most of her clothes off. She came to him
peeling off his layers of Jackets and sweaters.
As she reached for his belt buckle, he pulled
"What's ya scared of?" she asked him. "It
doesn't hurt the boy you know. Only the girls,
an' only If they never done nothln' before.
You don't have to worry 'bout that with me."
Candy pulled the blanket down on her body
even further, exposing her breasts. She laughed loudly, and Sal headed for the still open
"Ya sure, honey? I'll make ya (eel real
"No." Sal ran out of the apartment, hearing
Candy call to him from the window
"Franny, third floor, three doors down."
"You little punkl 1 shoulda knew you was
Sal grabbed his collar, connecting his fist
be a tease. I don't know why
with the man's face. His lip swam In a pool of S ° n n a
Hank came to pull him bothered, why I wasted my time with ya in the
fresh blood When i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
first place. You don't know nothln'
away, Sal's punch landed In the center of the
Sal glared back at her. His eyes pierced the
man's gut. As he backed off, the man collapsnight. "I know more'n you think."
ed, crashing into his beer glass.
"Bastard kid! Get the hell outta here.'
"You dirty scum. Look-a whad ya done to
ma buddy. Where'd ya come off doin' that?
His long legs took him faster than they ever
Where the hell-"
had before. He cut through the night as he ran
"Calm down mister. Sal, get out - now!" against the water on the West side of ManhatHank pulled the beaten man ^up with his tan. Sweat dripped down his forehead and
muscular hand.
onto hts face, neck and arms. He had left his
Hut ManKr"
n e was"1 said get out. I shoulda thought right )acket at Candy's place, and the wind felt
soothing against the bare, flesh
^ _ of_ his_ arms.
^ _ He
.-.-._ ...i—
i U ' j J ! soothlnq
when i1 /,._,
first —._u.„
metchya. iI .shoulda
knew you was no good. You're a bastard kid ran straight up to his apartment building. He
and I don't wantcha in here no more. Unders had never felt more like a child in his life. The
only thing he wanted right Ihen was the com
^ _ ^ ^ ^ _ ^ _ _ _
fort *of his mother's arms, and her soft voice
Sal's throat was still warm from the scotch He wanted to cry to her, and he needed her to
he had a. Hank's. The blustery November calm him The door was locked and his keys
weather swept h.m from side to side, and his had been '" " - - . pocke He
to knock, when he heard his mother talking.
blond hair hung damp from the late night mist.
Few people were still on the street when Sal
"Listen Jack. 1 tol' ya. I'm gonna quit. 1 real
got there. A soda vendor was packing up his 'y m e a n "
For the kid?"
cart on the corner. He was talking to a girl,
"For my kid. Jack, he's my life."
who Sal pinned as a cheap hooker.
"Screwlng's your life. You know it."
Sal played a game with people on the street
"No. Not anymore."
whenever he felt like being annoying. He pick"Without It, how're you gonna get dough
ed out a person and stared directly into his or
her eyes until they looked away. He knew It for that kid to have?'.'
"Jack, I mean It. This was the last time."
bothered them, and he thought It was funny.
"The last?." Jack's hand reached deep into
He began to do this with the girl, but she was
too Involved in her conversation with the ven- his pocket.
"Another twenty?" She looked at him quesdor to notice.
"So, whatch ya got up tonight Candy?"
"Not much, know of anything?"
"Okay, but thls'll be the last."
He shook his head and dropped ui,other
"I know ya Franny. It'll be the last until
unsold cooked frank Into the garbage.
another trick comes along with another twenWhat about him?"
"Ya jokin', right? He's a kid."
Sal slowly went down the stairs. He passed
Candy raised her head high and came to
Sal. She rested her arm on his shoulder. Their Hank's and saw all the lights were down. Then
heights were Identical and when Sal turned he remembered that Hank didn't want him In
around, he was gazing Into wide brown eyes. there anymore. The pre-wlnter chill finally set
Black mascara was smeared around her eyes, into his bones, sending him shivering Into a
red lipstick around her mouth. First he turned racing flash. He sped along the water again
away, but didn't move her arm. Long freshly this time even faster than he had earlier.
The door was as open as he had left It an
painted nails scratched the back of his neck. It
hurt and It tickled. Chills spun through Sal's hour before, and she was still on the bed. His
bones. Candy hadn't any Idea of the sensa- knock started even himself, but before he
tions going on within him. Sal stood erect, ex- could take it back, Candy knew he was there.
Jill Clayburgh Is everything that is warm and
wonderful. She moves through a variety of extreme emotions with the grace of a swan
gliding over a crystal clear pond. We see the
• ulxK ' lv - ""' Insecurity and fear of being re
jected that lies just beneath the surface of
everything she does, but at the same lime
there's the absolute giving of a loving, intelligent woman who could act as a tranquilizer
to a world gone mad. The real Joy of the cast
though, Is Candlce Bergen, who finally gets a
chance to prove that her brilliance In Carnal
Knowledge was not fluke. This has been a
good year for Intelligent, well rounded women
on the screen, and Bergen Is no exception.
She can be hysterically funny, as when she
. comes on to Renyolds In a hotel room and she
can be pathetically sad and alone, as she is in
her last scene, when she realizes, finally, that
the marriage Is really finished. It's also a very
courageous |ob. I don't know how many actresses would be willing to make an ass of
themselves just for a movie. This Is the kind of
acting Supporting Actress Oscars are made of.
Concert Corner
liY§ $tM©y%
age 11a
Nevte Timetable
100 Blows
To Kill A Mockingbird
Albany State Cinema
Heaven Can Wail
Tower East Cinema
Cine 1 2 3 4 5 6
When A Stranger Calls
Breaking Away
Young Frankenstein
Starting Over
Sleeping Beauty
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Fox Colonic
• 7:30, 10:00'
7:30, 10:00
7:30, 10:00
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7:20,9:30, 11:40
7:30, 9:30
7:20,9:40, 11:50
6:30, 8:30, 10:30
7:15, 9:30
Norlli Dallas Forty
Apocalypse Now
The Frisco Kid
Mohawk Mall
Slotting Over
When A Stranger
7:00, 10:00
7:00, 9:10
7:30, 10:00
7:45, 9:45
7:30. 9:30
The Logic Puzzle
by Howard P. Alvlr, Ph.D.
This logic puzzle contains 5 book reviews.
Movies, Mommies, Messages, Moguls, and Makeup.
Morrow Books has recently published'live books about
movie stars. Each book is illustrated with candid
photographs and with incensored history. From the clues
given below can vou match up the authors, the titles, the
movie star, and the theme o/ each book?
1. Listed alphabetically by title, the books are the one by
A.E. Holchner, the one by Christian Crawford, the one
aboul Tyrone Power, the one about ErrolFlynn, and the one
whose theme was photo-biography.
2. One author wrote about her mother wilh the same last
name hut avoided the theme old the long ruad to
:t. Hector Acre and Michael Freedland did rv i write the
book aboul Sophia I.oem; Instead, one ol the b uks one ol
them wrote had the theme ol In sexual drama,
-l Mil lia.-l Freedland did not write aboul Joa Cr.iwluid
(ii LivUllmanoi Tyrone Power; his book did not onlalnlhe
Ihemeol alcoholic child abuse,
Ihel ol lovable
ui abiiiii anyol the
i aboul Ts onePowei
I I he
'I he I
about H i Crawford
the long road to motherhood.
ui Oulerbridge did nol wrile SECRET LIFE,
Acredfc nol wrile WITHOUT MAKEUP or TWO LIVES.
J.B. Scott's
Oct. 12
Oct. 16
Oct. 18
Oct. 19
Oct. 24
Oct. 25
Nov. 7
Nov. 13
Oct. 20
Nov. 17
Nov. 29
Commander Cody
City Boy
James Montgomery
James Cotton
David Bromberg Band
Jorma Kaukonen
Robin Williamson
Jeff Lorber
Utah Phillips
What's Happening
Saturday, Oct. 13
1:20 p.m. Great Danes Football
Homecoming game. Albany vs. U.
of Buffalo.
5 p.m. Rebroadcasl of this week's
episode of The Shadow "The Chill
o( Death".
8 p.m. "Front Row Center". This
week on our live concert series: Be
Bop Deluxe.
Sunday, Oct. 14lh
2 7 p.m. "Crossreference" Music
from the Third World. Reggae,
Calypso, African and more.
711 p.m. "Blasl From The Past"
Great Oldies hum the 50's & 60's.
II p.in. "Sunday Niyhl Taped"
91FM's own comedy show.
Monday, Oct, 15
9 p.m. "The Evolution ol Rock"
continues... 1961.
Marlon Brando
Chalice veil
48 Common Latin
Seat of Suffolk
County, N.V.
50 Russian and Czech
1 Yield
language family
8 Lynn's sister
Raw recruit
54 Youngster
15 Reveille, e.g.
Spanish money
16 Set apart
Fit for tillage
17 Abbott and Costello
Calf catcher
57 "
a Fugitive
musical (2 wds.)
Practical person
from a Chain Gang"
18 Degree of comIs under the weather
60 Harvard's 1s high
63 Duncan of dance
19 Viper
and Old Lace" 36Ginger ale additives
20 Bete
66 Signs of body
22 Part of some
science courses
"Treasure Island"
67 Vacuum tube
23 Notorious equesmonogram
6B Foemen
In a bit
25 Quartz variety
Dress fabric
28 Matterhorn, e.g.
Nora Helmer's
31 Actress
1 Hiss Teasdale
2 "Trinity" author
53 Desist
33 French pronoun
Oe Laurent!is
3 Nickname for "High 55
34 Less done
Noon" star
57 "Arabian Nights"
37 Spiritual ruin
39 "The Sheik of
5 Exploiting
5B English composer
40 Vocal pauses
6 Political attitude 59 Part of e=mc 2
41 Well-known English
7 Work with hair
60 One of a retribution
8 Conversely (2 wds.)
42 Name for a German
61 Suffix for strict or
W W weapon (2 wds.) 9 Fresh
44 Flight part
11 Walter
Disney 62 Suffix for planet or
45 On the
12 Professorial leave
46 Swing around
13 — Anne de Beaupre 64 Vague
47 Zodiac sign
©Edward J u l i u s
Collegiate CW
Trivia Time
This week TRIVIA TIME has
decided to go to the polls, and lake a
stand on a political issue. So below
you will find a list of ten presidents of
the United States, and what we are
looking for are the names of the
persons who ran against them.
Some may have more than one
answer, so good luck and don't
forget to vote!
1. Harry Truman
2. Theodore Roosevelt
3. Woodrow Wilson
4. Grover Cleveland
5. William Henry Harrison
6. Millard Fillmore
7. Abraham Lincoln
8. William McKinley
9. John Kennedy
10. Herbert Hoover
Answers to last week:
East of Eden
2. Carrie
3. Maltese Falcon
4. Animal House
5. Love Me Tender
6. Fastbreak
7. Mandingo
8. Meatballs
9. Tommy
10. Murder In the Valley
Write your answers down and bring
them to CC 334 by 5 P.M. Monday.
All winners will receive a free
personal in the ASP,
attempting assassination
of Francis Cappola
after reading
reviews of
"Apocalypse Now"
I W A 1.
n R 1, r N G
B 1) I T O|R
Aj (i N A
1- B N
E 1) 1) V
A 1.
(1 0
M p
T 0 B It
p I N
i; C T
fi 0
I N fi
N 1) S
0 I
nE S
U s
0 R•
D 0
• >l
N Ej N
I! R I
S C I!
II 0 S
A s
1 R
li E
E It
Speaker's Forum Presents
as a part of Parent* W e e k e n d
F. Lee Bailey
general public, as is the nature with
Stuvvcsunt I'la/a, I loci il is transgressing a
purely financial pc.hu of view for a more
rewarding experience of creating tin
atmosphere thai is both sale and pleasant to
the individual that chooses to shop here.
I genuinely appreciate all those who shop at
Stuyvesant I'la/a and ask that they accept the
fact that although I cannot always he
responsible for the actions of all our
employees, it is not our policy to he abusive.
Our interest, again, is the safely and well
being of all our shoppers.
Stuyvesuiil I'la/a Manager
Nix on Noise
"Defense Never Rests"
Oct. 13 8:30
Oct. 13 8:30
beneath the surface of the mask with which
our society (and ev cry ol her society) covers us
stands to he rewarded with understanding and
friendship. We suggest that in his article.
Robert Hlau has not even scratched the
Man Louise Meade
Monique Haran
Russian Roulette
Grouping Up To Vote
The Anti-Grouper law must go. It is an antiquated form of discrimination against
(lie students who choose to live off campus, formed under the pretense that if more
than three unrelated people live together in the same place, they are committing an
amoral act that will be detrimental to themselves and the neighborhood they live in.
None of this is true, of course, but the law still exists, and if enforced, can cause a
majority of off campus students an unnecessary grief.
Students of Albany State have been responsible citizens of this city, stimulating the
local economy with valuable business, and populating the community with,
responsible members. Most off-campus accommodations require at least four people
to fill Ihe place, forcing students lo break a lawsimply to live as friends and study at the
University together. Nothing could be more wholesome, more healthy, than college
students learning the ways of living on one's own.
You might he templed to say that Ihe possibility of being evicted does not exist. But
it does exist, and living with the leaf that eviction could legally come at any moment is
enough lo warrant quick action.
Unfortunately, these students arc helpless in trying lo bringaboul a revision in the
law and this brings to mind another problem. Albany legislators feel free lo ignore the
qualms of students, because they know thai the .students don't vote in Albany, and
have absolutely no power as a voting block.
Off campus students: Register to vole in Albany! You arc in this community lot four
years, anil you arc much more affected by Ihe legislators in Albany thnninyoui horn*
town. These men will listen to you if they know the power you have as a voting block
Without il. we arc at their mercy, when it could be the other way around.
Before the Ahli-Cit'ouper law cvicls you and the friends you arc living with, go out
and become a v oice. for it is such a sllttmeto nol lake advantage of the chance lo have a
say in Albany polities. Especially now. when we so need thill say.
.I.H.I i.
To the Editor:
I would like to convey my thanks lo Robert
Bluu for Ihe benefit of his insight regarding the
Soviet students at SUNYA this lull. I would
like to thank him for pointing out to mc thai
the advisor lor the Soviets, "Ms, Kulakovc"
(sic), is "tough looking hut allraetivc with her
thick red hair"nnd has the unique assets inher
repertoire as advisor of "Hashing her teeth and
Hexing her crow footed eyes." I most sincerely
wish to thank Mr. Hlau for guiding me to a
true understanding of these Soviets; they have
"throaty bellows" and thes snicker; iheycan
be "cool and coy": their favorite commercial
advertises diapers, However, I suppose I
should not be thanking Mr. Hlau for these
gems ol knowlcgde, I should thank the
"American." the fourth person in a lounge ol
an uptown quad, who was able in the short
time before dinner to have an open discussion
with the Soviet a hi it ihi' important thingsin
Il scents that of all the experiences which affect us during our slay on this island, the
least discussed is the reason, orut least the excuse, I'orour being here. Talk around the
Mi. Hlau doe? deserve pan ol m>
gratitude, howevei jlc did gn lo M.V tin1
Podium, or in off-campus laundromats, or out on the Weekend will circumnavigate
Soviet lie did talk with litem about various
around c - . carefully avoiding, most ol the time, the ideas, Ihe thoughts which, if you
things, \ml be has provided me with new
listen carefully lo the walls in class rooms, can he heard lo rcvcrhcrale.dimly.slighlly.
tiilhiis ol knowledge; ihe wheal crop. Sialin.
Grades are discussed til the words drool out of quivering lips and fall in syrupy puddle
defectors and dissidents, censored hunks and
on ihe car. Hut e—, never.
exiled writers, and the problems ol Jews, Bin
Amazing I hi tigs lull mil of hooks sometimes, You could lie innocently daydreaming
inosl ol all. I would like Incomes mv thanks when, suddenly, "intersecting parallel lines." or "Negative Capacity" drop out of Ihe
lo Mi. Hlau |tit showing me that lhe.se seven
mist. Names in chalk-Keats hearing a nightingale and thinking of death. Newton
Soviet vmiiig men are able in bundle
dinning the Universe. I insiein searching lor God in algebraic equations. Wordsthemselves ipiiie well in Ihe face ol Mi. Hlau's
brand ol American ignorance, arrogance and worth seeing into the life of things. ShakespeareIt's great lo have an idea, or meet someone with an idea that reflects Us spurt in you.
disregard ol fellow human beings wheievei he
Only lulling in love is belter. When we are stunned in class, or in a hook, or movie, or
finds ihem. It should prove to be a valuable
lesson in their future roles as "inuipielois"
record.'or on a'sTrcct cornet winching Ihe leaves lake on ihul glorious il/.ureplummnge
we should scream, even if to ourselves, thai litis is it. man. litis is life, this is Beauty,
Man I Men I arson
this is Truth. -We should gel exciled.
- S.M.
feam-Tencher ol the Soviei l-.xcliange
To the Editor:
My heart Is going Thump! Thump! Thump!
And now I feel the thumping in my stomach
and head, too! Why'.' Because I 'in sitting in the
State Quad Cafeteria listening to the pulsating
noise coming from huge boxes that certain
students cany to lunch.
Don't get me wrong: 1 love music. Hut
certainly not while I'm trying local. If they
want to hear their music that badly, then I
suggest I hey gel a box lunch and eat il in their
The kind of music they're playing has little
to do with il. (Although I'm sure thai if
someone turned on classical music they'd he
bodily thrown out of the cafeteria.)
The'cafeteria isa meeting place, It's the only
time 1 gel to sec my friends; the only lime we're
all together. Hut it is becoming increasingly
difficult to talk over the rtu/r noise. Once one
group starts, another tries to play over them.
A noise war commences. Well it's time for
peace negotiations.
1 have tried talking to these people. I've
been very polite, with no result. I'm sick ami
tired ol getting up and down lo ask these
people to lower their music. Nil Motv!
It's time to lake this in hand before it gels
blown out ol proportion, lust, ask ihesc
people lo turn it down. He polite. Second,
write more letters to the editor. Now it is also
lime lo go lo Quad Hoard. II enough people
start complaining we can vole the music out ol
the cafeteria.
A lew complaining students is not enough.
Let's gel together at Quad Hoard.
Andrea Dathowsky Editor's Note: Mr. Hlau went to see the
Russians with no preconceptions except lodo
tt feature story on them am/ their im/iressions
of America. He arrived to lath with f/iem andTo the Kditor:
immediately jell thai, here, he was ihe
A writer who cannot even command the
outsider, the "stranger. " His first question to
hyphen or semi-colon should not have
them was ah out as -innocent as either Ms,
attempted a tricky combination of creative
Utrson or Ms. Meade amid want. "How do
writing and political reaction within the
you like the I'.S.'.'"he asked, ihey replied that
framework of what would have been more
ihey saw us as a "trade partner," tin
informative as an objective, unbiased
unfriendly, ij'not insulting, remark. Instead of
interview. Mr. Hlau has succeeded only in
{logging the Soviets in a political dehaje, Mr.
giving a distorted, negative view ol guests of
Hlau ihen asked them ahold music. Again he
litis university in his article "I he Russians tire
pursued his original intention of exploring
Here". Even worse, the author has
what these Russian students are like.
p e r p e t u a t e d the u s u a l A m e r i c a n
However, instead of easing off their rigid
misunderstandings about the Soviet Union
party line, lite Russians were almost always
and its citizens.
snide and sarcastic. Comparing our two
If, for example. Mr. Hlau fell il necessary to countries they said thai they had all we had
resort to subterfuge by "changing the names except "whorehouses,
( 'oca-i 'ola. an,I
lo protect the innocent", he might at least have slums." They're right ahout the Coke, 'they
spelled them correctly.
have Pepsi. And finally ihey say thai the
Of course the Soviets sound_cidieillous in difference hetween their constitution and ours
ihe description of commercial-watching: the is that theirs is "not only hcautiful, it is true!"
commercials themselves are ridiculous,
If after reading this article, American
especially lo those who have not been students gel a "negative view "of the Russians,
inundated with litem since early childhood. it is ilue not to what Mr, Hlau wrote, hut to
Ihe Soviets have been exposed to different what the Russians said. He do not mean to
things that seem ridiculous to us. It is had harass the Russian students. On die contrary,
form lo laugh at each other in print without we wish m welcome ihem here and hope that
explaining the joke.
they will truly learn what America is uhoui,
Mr. Hlau left several points unexplained, good and hail, ami not just accept the
which is dangerous in such a nebulous, propaganda they've heen weaned on.
subjective interview, lie left Ihe reader al Ihe
Mr. Hlau concludes with ihe Russians and
mercy of the author's own inferences, which
himself in comrudcrie, playing ping pong,
were unite limited, judging bv the questions talking ahout girls and getting drunk
posed, lo draw a comparison, imagine an human, noi political activities. And die irony,
American being interviewed by a Soviet who which A/.v, Larson and Ms. Meade mistake haasks questions onlv about our nation's sore ••misunderstanding,"
is actually
points: unemployment, racial problems, or "American" comparing American and
the Vietnam War. Il would be understandable Russian "luck-tips "and realizing thai perhaps
il a person becomes resentful of such the only difference heiween us is that
questions and turned his attention elsewhere Americans have hecome cynical and
lifter a while.
disillusioned in iheir country, and the
Ihe most damaging misunderstanding Russians, hecause their knowledge is so
created by this article concerns the character prepared and limited, are still idealistic
of Ihe group itself. Anyone who scratches
Russian Rage
T h e nation's most distinguished trial lawyer h a s defended Patricia Hearst,
Dr. Sam Sheppard, Capt. Ernest Medina, and the Boston Strangle!-.
8:30 PM Sat October 13
Albany University Gym
wilt be on safe in
and Contact
Oct. 8 - Oct.
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$ 1 . 5 0 with tax card
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'Community Service Orientation
[please come t o ULB-66 Immediate-
Found- Mechanics Exchange Savings Bank checking account with
cash. Call Dave 482-6830.
Room(s) needed Immediately within ,
walking distance of Alumni. Call
Lisa 455-6888 or Dlna 455-6890.
Needed- One roommate for 3
bedroom apt. - $91-mo'utllltles.
Contact 438-3038 or 482-0806. Ask
for Chris, Howie or Larry -114 Winthrop Ave.(near busline).
Roommate Wanted: 3 Bdrm. apt.
$90 per month w-o utilities, 1082
Wash. Ave. 459-8859 after 6:00 P.M.,
non-smoker, Grad. student pref.
1974 Chev. Mallbu, 43,000 miles,
good condition, asking $1,500. Call
Maria 785-6608 after 6 P.M.
Pair B-C Formula 2 speakers. Excellent sound and condition $100.
For Sale: '73 Chevelle Station
Wagon, 92,000 miles, V-8,350 cln
Engine asking around $400. Call
Steve 455-6985.
j ^ * ^ ^ ^ ™
C Rides
Ride Needed - two girls, Long island
area, Suffolk County, weekend, Oct
19. Call Joanle 7-8050, Bethanne
(Personals J
Pod and Stephanie,
The world Is still locked.
I he "why are you awake on Saturday morning" survey team.
Okay, but we're friends!
Being the fool that I am, I've put up
with you for this long...and I'm still
crazy about you. After all, there are
advantages t o being president of
your ever-expanding fan club. Happy two year anniversary,
All my love, Marlene
To my S & M partner,
Our concise relationship is fine, but
I'm r e a d y f o r s o m e
d i s c l o s u r e ! ! ! How about some
toes? It's been fun!
Love, V l r g '
Dear Rod,
Hope you have a Happy birthday,
this year and always.
Love always, Jame
Blue eyes, backgammon, circus pictures, and showers. Happy 20th birthday.
Your little sister from the garage
Domino's Pizza
delivery boys!
has the cutest
Thanks again, wish me luck.
Deb and 1602,
Please don't be mad at each other Farley,
You look cute with short bangsl
I hate to see people I care for grow
Love, you friends on 21 apart over childish things!
Love. Carol Dearest Susan,
I love you... This Is the beginning t o CUE STUDENTS:
Advisement appointments for
a great weekend together.
Always ypurs, Don by October 17. Call 7-8331 or come
P.S. Happiest of blrthdaysll
to the Information Counter in CUE.
State Quad Board
Join the Ira Somach Fan Club. Call
A vera special
New Year's Eve Party
Big Ugly,
Sat. Oct. 20, B P.M.
You know you always have a friend
State Cafeteria.
In me.
Love, Lll Ugly
Cum One, Cum All
To the
We got ours, now you'll get your's!
Annual Animal Manual
Tonight - madness takes lis toll!
Beat off contest
R. H.'s Groupies
Tonight In the Anthony second floor
Great Britain,
R. A. l o u n g e .
I concede. How about that pitcher?
The Morning Line
Accuracy - Terrach 3-1
Dear Dane,
Lenght -Gerber 1-10
I love you. I hope we will stay
Quantity - Erlcman 8-5
together forever.
Distance - Dud 7-2
Taste • Wit (ask Pattl) 3-2
Alby Bowlnkle,
For a rare piece o l meat, you're the
Tim, Randy, James, Bob. and Wally, most well done I've ever seen - even
Thanks for making my birthday so If I don't like moose.
special. You guys are great!
Love, Michael
Love, Spam
Donna, Leslie, Linda, Mlchele, If you think " D o n " can keep I up,
Evelyn, and Lynne,
you should see "Brent"!
Thanks for everything! It was a
great birthday.
Love, Spam To our Co-D.A.,
Who do you think supplies us!
Sweet Jane form Schylervllle ot
Your loving suitees
Alumni Quad; I like your style.
Pete Donna,
Thought it was lunny, did you?
Free Jerry from Food Crimes
Well,.we know your drug secrets!
Love, the druggies of 207
The Society
Puppy dog,
One day I n Albany and al'eady a
rv.ole to share apartment already
personal! Glad you could come, I've
rented. Prelerably older or Graduate
Even a good-penny fairy needs a
missed you. Hope you have the best
student. Call 489-4873 Immediate
sanctuary once In a while. Not only
time ever.
does she have a place t o hang out
Love, your little redhead
but now she has a beautiful arrow
to replace her old wand, a backgam- Dutch Quad
mon set, a chemistry tutor and a Elect Irene Blelwelss to University
backrub and you're stuck with her Senate at dinner. Make your vote
Models Wanted
for life. Better watch outl Thanks a count!
Photographer (API) needs models
lot (or everything. I love all you Wanted: lonely directive typist lookfor part-time work (individual &
Ing tor another lonely directive
group) poster, gallery, & commercial
typlstist. Objective allocation. Call
"A Real Swell Guy"
- mostly figure - nude, semi and
-Matthew Cox
silhouette studio and location former Asp News Editor
mostly outdoor. Long hair (neat) &
dance/yoga exp., helpful but not "ThiTbBSt marTfor the Job, and the
required, write lor rates and releaso
When I'm down and troubled and I
best job tor his resume."
requirements to M.R., Box 22794,
need a helping hand-Thanks.
-Thomas Marlello
Watch our lumberjacks and Faber 'Albany State Ruggers Rock vs.
SUNYA Station, Albany, NY 12222
former Asp Editor
Love JAW College - The Fuckln' A's are gonna' Albany Med., Oct 2!
Wanted: Part-time Interviewers.
P.S. Hookers make better lovers.
Dear Mitch,
kick l u c k l n ' asses.
Vote row " G "
Evenings, Own t r a n s p o r t a t i o n
Good-luck on Saturday. I'm with you
Bob Gardner tor Central Council
necessary. Pleasant telephone (paid for by former ASP editors for all the way.
Hall and Oates aren't the only peo- I miss you so much when you're
Bob Gardner)
Love ya. B.B. ple who can make beautilul music away. This weekend will be forever
voice required. Call 454-5419, 9-5
Dear Flud,
You're all the greatest- 303, you've together. Right?
I love you always, Eddie
You're the bestl I love you.
Double bass player wanted. We
play fiddle-guitar; bluegrass, imDavid in Melville,
to kill, oh yeah.
Butch -8 wasn't worth it.
provisation, folk, rock. We make fun
The Lush How are things In Michigan? Have
you lorgotten about me?
and $$$. Todd a n d J e a n n e :
What we shared was too beautilul
Love, your friend who Is 5 short ot Dear A d a m , Beth, Donna and
to let go. Please come back soonl I
being a fox
love you muchly!
Just cos I'm a murderer, doesn t
Fans Wanted lor the Hamilton
Thank you for making " 1 7 " so
Your Tallstuff
mean I shouldn't get'a good evalua- Dear Mitchell,
Hound's Softball team. No exwonderlul for me. I love ya.
tion right?
perience needed. Above average
Love, Anne
chocolate pudding, lobster, or youI leel really lucky to be living with all
salary. Write lor Info: Colonial Box
Karen know-what. As JT says "the secret
OhTMr Bill,
times roll.
Help us please!! We're pretty and
We are going to kick your ass on Fri- thank you for opening up mine. horny. Help Mr. Bill.
Love, Marie
day! Be there!
Lei's thank our "mutual Irlend" lor To contact us write "Rosanne
Don't Worries making us both so happy. Hoping Rosannadanna" In the ASP.
Well, maybe the 3-year plan does
for a year of good grades, good
PassportAppllcat'on Pholos, $4 for work. You're doing some really nice
how I feel, but dope,'good sex, and a lot o l 12-8 Sue^
two; 50 cents eacn thereafter. Mon.
running. I'm very proud of you. Keep
(on weekends prelorably). Thanks lor being such a super
4 Tues. 1-2, University Photo SerI want you to know that you make
it upl
Happy 19th birthday!
sister. Whenever [ n e e d a shoulder
vice, 7-So67. ask for Bob.
me super happy. H.A.
Love, kisses, and a lew neckgasms, to lean on, you're always there. !
Hunk's Chick
love you!
Expert typing. 40 cents per page.
Mohawk 902 Andy,
Guaranteed in 2 days. Call Kppa
"...give and it will be given lo you;
planes does your existence inDelta * One typing pool. Ask for good measure, pressed down,
P.S. Congratulations on your proDish,
shaken together, running over, will
Lorln or Mary Beth at 7-7903.
Even though you made a Freudian
be put Into your lap. For the
slip, I understand. Demit blame
Davey on Stale:
Small typing service, call Mary Beth measure you give will be the
Bear, she Is Innocent. It's the Passport-Application Photos
WHat are you driving at?...
at 463-1691 days, or evenings betore
thought that counts and I love you $4 for two; 50 cents each thereafter.
Thanks lor everything.
Can you say molest? Hmmm?...
9 p.m.
Mon. & Tues. 1-2. University Photo
tor It. U 2 Bear!
Love ya, Cynde
Sure you can...
Your avian pal, Fourteen inches Service, 7-8867, ask (or Bob.
Now get out of the neighborhood!
TYPING: Prompt In-home service. Na,
Love and kisses, Debbie on Dutch
E x p e r i e n c e d i n a l l areas of With our respective similarities, It's
A, (My dumb Iroshman),
secretarial work. Resumes, disser- either sadness or euphoria.
Kappa Delta plus 1,
Advisement appointments lor
tations, letters, research papers. No
It's been a great six months. Hope It Check out services.
|ob too small or too large. 371-2975. Nanci,
lasts forevor!
The Phantom strikes again by October 17. Call 7-8331 or come
Wishing you a beautiful day filled
D. Doar Franklin, the orgasm, alias the to the Information Counter In CUE.
Rush Typing Jobs done by legal with sunshine and love... Happy
swlzel stick,
secretary. 6 yrs. experience. Minor 19th!
We may not always keep In touch II you go drlnky-wlnky In the middle Gerard, Welcome to Albany.
editing and spelling corrections. Love, Janice, Barby, Joan, Alison
but that doesn't mean I don't love ol the weeky, you'll hit the blankyand Ellen
Neatness and accuracy count. Call
wanky, early-wearly.
Theresa at 439-7809.
To the Guy In seal B102 at Steve
Love, Your Suilee-Weetles Suite 803 Dutch,
Forbert's concert,
Joanle, Debbie, and Nancy,
P.S. Look In next week s ASP lor There once was a suite o l 6 guys,
Who thought they were really wise.
Can I please have my pen back?
Thank you ai! lor your support in my seconds.
Late one night,
(senlimental value)
personal conflict, and (or putting up
They started a light,
Andrea 457-7805
with it! Well, on to bigger and Det- CUE STUDENTS:
y ur And now they're In for a surprlzel
I n n o v a t i v e c o m m u n i t y - b a s e d I got popcorn under my eye!
Beth appointments by October 17. Call The girls on the other side,
Nice to meet you,
program for mentally ill adults seeks
Won t become latent and hide.
Good lo
7-8331 or come to the Information Our revenge will come soon,
. - know
. , _ you,
_ ,
Paltl and Nancy,
sensitive, dedicated persons to work „ , .
part-time and full-time. Good Glad you were able to come.
You Iwo are the best roommates Counter In CUE.
By ihe light o l the moon,
one could expect to get, I'll never
opportunity for experience and
And you guys will be swept by the
Olf Campus Students,
forget the great times In 1234. I'll To Mary's Boys,
advancement. Send resume to
Today Is the last
miss seeing Paltl thrown In the Good luck tomorrow. Show us Just
Rehabilitation Support Services, Inc.,
Last chance
shower and you'll miss my phone how last you arel!
75 New Scotland Avenue, Albany, NY
To vole
Love, Mary and her girls Bon, Nane, Et, Dl, Ta,
calls lo Scott. Come visit. I'm "-5I
Eric Olson
Thanks for caring and helping me
far away.
Jeff (No. 19L
Into the
irow up. You showed me the light. I
sexiest body on In- ust pray the bulb doesn't go out.
University Senate
Robin S.
With passionate lust,
I'll always love you even though I'm
To some guys we like a lot,
A Secret Admirer Zeta Psl 310,
Household Furniture, appliances,
so far away. A phone call helps, but
Even though we'd much rather be
and dishes. Call Mike 7-5299.
going to the football game on Saturthe sight of you Is even better. This Evan,
Zeta Psl 309
Audio Outlet Discounters, run by day, we'll see If we can drag
Get your own rooml
will be one hell of a weekend that
students for students, Is happy to
ourselves to Schenectady to watch
we'll always remember.
Diane F. (on State),
announce that we're expanding!
you guys run around. If we do show,
The only thing that stands between
Love ya, Bonnie Evan,
It's only because we want to see the
Now offering even more brands o l
Smerd! Smerd!
our friendship Is Ihe podium.
legs on the guys on the other
all types of HI-FI products at even
Ro^ln S. (on Dutch)
teams. Good luckl Hope It rains!!
I'm sure everything is going to work Evan,
lowerprlces. Call Jamie 438-4253 or
J o T l n V.C. 102,
Kath, Sept., and Marilyn out ust line.
Gel a job!
your Quad rep.
I want, I need, I love your fuckln' a--.
Love ya, 19
Forever, Ellen
7 2 Olds Delta 88, 4 Door, 63000 rPrlncess,
Dear Steven pal,
miles, 1 owner, regular gas, $800,
Soft as rain
Attention Foxesl
Happy birthday,
Welcome to Albany State!
David 7-7804.
Warm as sun
Word Is out that one of our foxAnd lots of luck,
Days which bring you
shirts has gotten Into the hands of
If you're nice,
Clogs, t w o styles, latest look.
You still smell bad
Round and round
an Albany State Japl Action must
I'll let you and Shirley....
Limited sizes. Great buyl Don't wall
Turning down
• call 438-7588, Abby.
P'Pal be taken...
Times without you
y o u r DG:
An " o r i g i n a l " Fox
And I know I've never |ourneyed
1977 Kawasaki _• KZ860 - excel.
OK, raise your hand II you think
This path before
appointments by October 17. Call Next time you want something to Pete Is gay: raise both hands If you
unun, " ,
And I know I've never passed
7-8331 or come to the Information
LS think he Is bl-sexual.
$1600. Days: 785:6625, Eves':
This way before.
Counter In CUE.
( WantecQ
C Services)
Albany evangelical Christians Fellowships, shurinu anil worship
CC .175. livery Fridu) night from 7-1^. For info, mil 7-j«2s.
JSC'-lflllc! Traditional Sabbtilh Services. Ever; l-'riduy night jn
6:30. and Saturday mornings at 9:30. In Chapel House. (Across
.from gym. mid up on hill). For info., call 7-7508.
JSC-Illllcl Liberal Friday Niglu Saints. I \ m week. 7:.l(l in
Biology Building Lounge. 2nd floor. For info, call 7-7508.
Club News
Club News
Synchronized Swim Become another Esther Williams! Beginners
are Invited to join! Practice at the University pool Mon-1'inirs iimil
Oct. 27. Mon-l-'ri. thereafter 3-4:30 p.m.
WC'DB Production Department Meeting. Mandatory meeting lor
all personnel of the Production Department. Tuesday. October 16,
al d:00 p.m. in the Live Studio. For info.. cull 7-5262.
WCDB Music and Programming Depl. Meeting. Mandatory
meeting for the entire Music and Programming Department,
Sunday. October 14 al 7:00 p.m. In I.C I1), l-'or into., call 7-5202.
WCDB News Department Meeting, Mandatory meeting lor all the
members l , f tile News Department. Monday. October 15 at 7:30
p.m. in tlie Live Studio. For info., call 7-5262.
Chemistry Club SUNYA SUNYA's Chemistry Club Forum
presents Dr. .1. Eric Noidlaiidei.'lhol. of Chemistry at CaseWcslcrn-Rescrve to speak on Graduate School in Chemistry,
Monday. October 15 ill .Chemistry 151 III 4:00. For info., 4K2-(,')2').
JSC-IIIIU'I Social Action Committee. Planning for future events. In
Social Sciences 145. October 15 al 7:00 p.m. I'm inlo coll 7-7508,
JSOHIIIel Trip lo Lower East Side. Prices Includes bus lour, feriy
ride, am! lour of Ellis Island. Free time forslioppingandealing. Bus
leaves 7:45 a.m. Sunday. October 2 Id. Pi ices aieSS. ISC member. So
lax caul. $7 others. I ickcis on sale in CC lohbey October 15-17 III
a.m.-3 p.m. For info., call 7-75im.
JSC-Illllcl Parent's Day. .ISC will hold a reception I'm both
students and their parents. Also. Panel discussion entitled. "Hello
College, Goodbye Judaism". Kcfrcshmcnls lo lollovv. I t 375.
Sunday. October 14. al 2:30 p.m. l o r inlo. call 7-750H.
JSC-Illllcl Simchas-loiali Services followed by celebration.
Chapel House, (across from gym. up on hill) Sanuday night. Oct.
13, al 8:30. For info, call 7-7508.
, '
JSC-IIIIU'I Students lot Israel Commiiice. Chun Allyah f o r people
considering Aliyaii (moving to Israel). Topic: l'ruciiailitic\ <>/
Aliyah". In Ihe Physics Lounge. Monday October 15. 7:00 p.m. For
Info., call 7-7508.
.ISC-llillcl Israel luloimaliiut table, with information on Israel trips
and programs. Also world Jewry information, CC Lobby table.
Mon-1'i.i Oel. 15-19. 10 a.in, lo 3 p.m. For info., call 7-7508.
Conflict Simulation Society Weekly Meeting. Dungeon
Exploration, Miliiaiv Gaming and M I ' K l i l K among club
members. All are welcome. Campus Center 373. Sunday. October
14. (i-IO p.m. l o r into, call 7-7757.
Judo Club I he .halo Club meets every Thursdaynight from 7-9 p.m.
ami every Sunday afternoon from 1-3 p.m. Al! persons including
beginners ate welcome. Loose, durabel clothing should he worn.
SUNYA Wrestling room, l o r inlo. call 489-1752.
Itallci Club Ballet club meets every Friday from 12:30-2:00. Some
prior experience needed, For info., call Andrea. 7-7805.
Albany Student-Worker thilon/Vci' Kuri'ii Cartwnwr! This
inscription bus been appearing allovcrcanipus. Find out who Karen
is and why ii is important toall SUNYA students that she he freed.
Come to mil next strategy meeting and learn the truth. Thursday
Oclobei 11, al 8:011 p.m. in Physics 234. All are welcome.
Campus Scouts First meeting ol' the year, open to all students,
scouts, anil non. who have something lo share with area youth, New
Members are welcome. CC 358 I uesday October Id. al 7:30. For
inlo.. call 459-8571,.
Psl (.anuria Sorority Kcgtllar Meeting. Van Ben. Sunday Oct. 14.
7:00 p.m. l-'or inlo. call 7-7724.
Psl Camilla Sorority Allium! Brunei). Meet in section 11:15. Alumni
House. Sunday Oclobei 14. 11:30 a.m. f i n into., call 7-7724.
C Films
A M HA An informative hint lireukiim the Ihnuh deiilln_t with the
conditions liieiny black people in nietti physically iithihited-llnetii
relationships iluo lo biannual stuck speculation, A question period
will follow. I t'2(), Sunday Oel, 14 7:0(1 p.m. l o r inlo., call 7-7K50,
Pre Mi'd/Di'iil Club A short lilin. Amino Transferases and
Cytochrome / ' Damage will lie shown nod a sltorl discussion on the
subject ol establishing hetiei grades and class Mitiullngs will follow,
All Interested arc ioviicd toalteod; refrcslioieoiKWill bes >L.I I t
.1. Tuesday Oel. 10, 7:0(1 p.m. l*oi info., call 7-7K51).
University Counseling Center hill 1979 Regional College
Counselor's Association Meeting. "Creating Groups to Provide a
Surrogate Family in Our Institution. Dr. Walter Lifton. Counseling
Psychology Depl., SUNYA. Alumni House, Friday. October 26,
1:45 p.m. For info, call 7-K652.
I'rc-I.aw Association Capital District Prc-Lnw Fair.
Represent il lives from Harvard. Yale. Georgetown, Boston
University, Albany. Syracuse and many more. Also reps from
l.SAT prep centers. Campus Center Ballroom. October 20.
Saturday, 11:00a.m. - .1:30 p.m. For info., call 7-7937.
Music council New Music Series Contemporary Artist Alvin
Curran in Concert. In the Recital Hall, Oct. 25. tickets at FAC Box.
Info, call 7-8MH..
Music Council Concert ol Romantic vocal music with Flly Amcling,
Internationally acclaimed soprano. Benefit reception following.
•-Page Hall. Sunday Oct. 21 7:30 p.m. Tickets al PAC Box.
JSC-IIillel SIlAKlY's is coming. Info., call Sandy. 7-77H6 or
l-llen. 7-K.Vi.V
JSC-Hlllel Needed: Talented performers to audition for
coffeehouse, Call as soon as possible. Ellen. 7-H.163 or Sandy 7-7786.
Albany Stale University Black Alliance For Mothers and
Daughters. The patently of Black Women's week begins with this
Daitee-Tlieiilre production written and directed by Howard F.
Lewis. Page Hall, Downtown Campus.'Oct. 13 (Sal). H p.m.
Oct. 14 (Sun), 2 p.m. For info, call 7-3360.
Center for UndiT|;raduiilc Education Workshop tin Decision
Making Skills, 1 •rcshincn ami sophomores arc invited to attend a
workshop on Decision-Milking skills (Chousing a major, career
plans, etc.) lo he held I hursday, October 25 from 7-8 p.m. in the
Slate Quad Hu_trooin,iunl I horsdny, November I from 7-8 p.ni, at
Colonial Qlliid. Moms Hall Pit, I or inlo.. call 7-8831.
Comiminit) Service Oiienlnlion. Anyone who missed Community
Service Orienialion, please come lo Ul IJ-66 down the Mails
helwcen Administration and the I Ibrnry, as soon as possible, l o t
mine inlo.. 7-K.VI7.
Trl-Cil) Woman's Center .la// ('ale. A wonderful nlghl ol enjoying
yotu favorite ja// while sampling wonderful b'odoiierves anil
desserts. $3.00 includes loud. heuTuyesttre extra, A woman's event.
All women are welcome, lri-cil> Women's center, 132 Central Ave,
Oclobei 12, 9:00 p.m. I in inlo. call 449-9991,
Telethon HO. WalkathonOO h 79) please bring nil cash io CC 130;
cheeks may he mailed to Box 22649 SUNYA Kluiiiin..3 Groups with
most money collected by Oel. 19 wins 2 kegs each, hot inlo, call
Nancy, at 7-7975.
I Legal Services
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
-Jack Lester1
office Hours:
Monday 6-10 rim
Tuesday 12-4 pm
Wednesday 12-4 pm
Thursday 2-6
Friday 12-4 pm
l W e handle:
SA Office
Criminal misdemeanors
Rm. 116
consumer and
student-university disputes.
J o b s """)
( F o r Sate")
OCTOBER 12, 1979
for a trip to the
Lower East Side
on Oct. 21
bus leaving the circle at 7:45 am
Free time for
& eating
Includes Bus tour,
Ferry ride & tour of
Ellis Island.
$5 JSC members
$6 tax card
____ ..__
$7 general
. Evey 482-7055
Janice 457-7786\
Tickets on sate In the CC lobby OoUB-Qctn,
OCTOBER 12, l<>7<)
Friday and Saturday
7:30 and 9:30
October 1 1 , 12, 1 3
Lecture Center 18
1.00 w/tax 1.50 w/out
Fuiulnl by SA I
Sports Editor Returns As Author
sent to bookstores in the
northeastern U.S. In addition, the
in touch with him after that."
book is available by mail order.
After the agreement for the book
The conversation died down as
was made, Salant went to work. He
the action between the Great Danes
enlisted Wolfson, who caught for a
and Utica picked up. A popup to
baseball team Salant managed, to
short right Held eluded the. Dane
help with the research. The two
right fielder uftcr he had called the
buried themselves in baseball
second baseman off the play. The
archives rooms the summer of 1978
ball was catchablc, but the vind
ami came up with some gems,
pluyed a role as the player
including the original scouting card
desperately lunged as itreturnedto
on Lou Gehrig. Wolfson researched,
earth. Utica scored on the pluy,
Salant wrote and set out to talk to
which became the margin of victory
Yankee players past and present. He
after a Dane player clubbed a three
struck gold at the 1978 Oldtimcr's
run homer in the bottom of the final
game when he met former pitching
great Vic Raschi, who introduced
The wind was really whipping
him to all of the old Yankees who
now, and Salant looked around the
were assembled.
campus from his vantage point near
That Old Timer's game is the best
the field. The Albany wind was not
remembered for the dramatic return unfamiliar to him. "This is a great
of Yankee manager Billy Martin. school," he said.
Martin, who had tearfully resigned
"I thoroughly enjoyed myself
after a feud with Stcinbrenner and
here. I really can'l put u value on it or
slugger Reggie Jackson earlier that
a price tag or really put it into the
week was introduced as the Yankee
right words."
manager for 19K0 to a stunned
He glanced back at his good times
erowd of over 50.000. The crowd
at Albany State, of past games such
had been chanting for Martin all
as the classics between the (treat
day, and when he appeared it
Danes basketball team and Sienii. a
touched off a sustained standing
rivalry which unfortunately ended
ovation which rocked (he Stadium.
the year after Salanl left this school.
Salant was one of the lew people "Can you imagine 4000 people
who knew about Steinbrenner's
dramatic plan. "1 had overheard it.
It was hard to believe, Hut you better
believe I didn't tell anybody about it.
I would Ve been court marshaled,
shot and sent to the Russian front."
I he first manuscript was
completed in November, and the
book was released in June of this
year. He totaled 401 pages, much
larger than its Red Sox counterpart.
To dale, over 10.000 copies were
Danes Host Buffalo Tomorrow
screaming 'Siena Sucks".'" he said.
Salnnt's future may include some
more books and he. hopes a career in
continued from page twenty
sports law. He is awaiting word on
first game, 32-25, to Brockport.
the results of his bur exam.
Then came perhaps the Hull's most
Salant is still actively interested in
sports at Albany, and in the sports telling contest. Trailing Waynesburg
2H-.1 in the third quarter, Buffalo
pages he once was in charge of.
"They'll do good if they can came roaring back, and pulled out
straighten out their pitching," he an incredible 29-28 comeback win.
said of the baseball team, "And the Next came last week's loss to
football team won today loo, and..." Canisius.
Every game the Bulls have played
Somebody give him a typewriter and
send him to the ASP office, and he has been close, but they did not
could write about the most up-to- ' usually start out that way. Without a
date Danes. It's as if the old sports douht. Buffalo is a second half
hallclub. and they are customarily
editor never left this place.
trailing at fmlftimc. While they have
managed only 2.1 points in the first
half of this season, the Bulls have
amassed 75 second half points. It
works the other way around as well,
The Albany Slate l.agerheads as I he Buffalo defense has allowed
opened this year's season with an
exciting win over Cobleskill. After
regulation time had expired, the by Mike Naclcrlo
Last Saturday the Albany Rugby
score was tied at I7-I7, The score
remained tied through two Club traveled to Schenectady and
regulation and one sudden death suffered their first loss of the season
overtime period, and then with only 11-4 to Union College.
The home side scored first in the
minute remaining in the second
overtime period, Pete l-ckbeig hard fought match when they
connected for a goal on a corner pushed the ball over the goal line for
throw. The final score: Albany IX. a four point try but missed the two
Cobleskill 17. In the second game, point conversion. Union scored
the l.agerheads suffered a defeat another three points and Albany
against Syracuse University.
Water Polo Squad
Beats Cobleskill
60 points in the opening half, and
just .18 in the second.
Fourteen days since their lust
contest, the Danes enter tomorrow's
encounter without the services of
one starting player. Defensive
halfback Don Bowcn sprained his
ankle against Brockport. and will
not suit up uguinst Buffalo.
Freshman Mark Flanagan will stun
in place of Bowcn.
Another factor could be those two
weeks off. Ford sees two possible
occurrences. "We could go stale, or
wc could continue to improve,"
F'ord said. "We're kind of fortunate
that we have n good game coming
up. in that it has a tremendous
amount of meaning for us,"
Tough Week For Women Netters
by Maureen George
The Albany Slate women's tennis
learn did not fair well this past week
us they participated in the Eastern
Collcgiatcs last weekend and faced
St. Lawrence University on
Tuesday. This limited success.
however, should not- overshadow
the experience the netters gained
participating in these matches.
The weekend Eastern Collcgiatcs
saw .19 colleges from the east
compete, and Princeton University
emerged victorious. All was not lost
for Albany, however. Lisa
Dcncnmark. one of the besi
competitors to ever play at Albany,
faired remarkably well. Dcncnmark.
Albany's captain and number one
Pirates Win!
Series Even l:fl
Ruggers Lose To Union, 11-4
countered with a four point try by
Paul Donahue to make it 7-4 at the
Albany had ample chance to catch
up in the second half but failed lo
score from the Union five yard line
and later hud two scores by
Donahue called buck due to
The Rugby club will host Albany
.Med tomorrow at 12:10 p.m.
Top off your
Parent's Weekend:
Refreshments follow
All Are Welcome...AII Is FREE.
sa funded
for info call 457-7508
(CantpuS Center
IJntrooit ivooni
Thanks to all those who
attended the grand re-opening
of the Mousetrap this weekend
Uuc l o a prior committment w e will b e
c l o s e d n e x t w e e k e n d b u t w e will b e b a c k
o n O c t o b e r SSOtli w i t h ( J a p p a c i n o ' s .
Hope t o see y o u there!
UAS sponsored
Umvsnity Concert Board
Panel discussion:
'Hello college. Goodbye Judaism.
The First Move
to an NSACareer
Throughout the match Albany losing record' so far this season
failed to win a set. Anne Newman would have to be the tough
was swamped 0-6, 0-6 by Sue competition they have faced. Many
Wahkungo, who is originally from weaker schools ha.ve been
Kenya. Elise Solomon lost to Dale eliminated from the schedule. But
player, reached the quarter finals of
Borrelle and Chris Rodgcrs were Ferguson 5-7, 1-6. Cathy Mayer Mann appeared o p t i m i s t i c
trounched Albany's Amy Fcinbcrg, concerning future matches for the
consolation by beating players from both defeated.
Trenton State. Skidmore. and
In another match this past week 0-6. 1-6. And Sue Bard dropped remainder of the season. "I just hope
Buffalo. She was then defeated by an Albany lost to St. Lawrence identical sets .1-6, 3-6 to Anne to finish the season before the snow
covers the ground," she quipped.
opponent from Colgate in three sets. University 7-0. A week before Dcrrcy.
(i-4. 4-6. .1-d.
Albanv' found themselves on the
The Albany netters overall record
"Lisa played the best tennis I've opposite side of the score when they stands at 2-.1. Mann, who has been
Tomorrow, the squad will travel
seen in a long lime." remarked swamped Potsdam 74). Two inches with the tennis team since it lo Union and Tuesday they will be
Albany women's tennis coach Peggy of snow covered the ground at Si. originated at Albany, has never home to face RPI. The States will be
Mann. "The others did not fair well, Lawrence Tuesday morning when experienced a losing season. The held indoors at Rochester on
but they gained good experience and the v isiting team set out for Albany. possible explanation for the netter's October 20-22.
will be ready lo compi
in I' • Mann decided lo play the match on
Stales ai RochesterOctobei ' ' •>
iikioor courts.
Alsodefeated was AnneNev an.'
Dcncnmark lost in two straight
Albany's number two player,
•els m St. Lawrences number one
Two Albanv doubles teams . layer, 1 nngdon. 4-6. 2-6. l.angdon
participated, number one doubles is lop seeded ami was number one in
team Sue Hard and Lisa McKignev
the slate competition last year.
and the number two leant Sandra
Dcncnmark is now sealed eighth.
Corner of Lake and
Washington Avenues.
We're on the busline '/?
block from Draper
with Special Guest
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Needle Work Supplies
Thurs 10-7pm
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68 Central Ave.
Albany, N.Y. 12206
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challenges of exciting, demanding careers.
The first move is yours! To qualify
(or consideration, you must compete
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on November 17,1979. You must, however,
register for the test by November 3, 1979.
By scoring well on the PQT, you will
be contacted regarding an interview
with an NSA representative. We will
discuss the specific role you will play in
furthering this country's communications
security or producing vital foreign
intelligence information.
The PQT helps to measure your
potential for career opportunities in
such diverse fields as:
Programming — NSA's vast
communications analysis projects need the
management of peopfe who are intimately
involved with the latest developments In
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computer hardware/software.
Languages — Foreign languages are
valuable, vital toots used at NSA for
research and analysis. Advanced training
can be anticipated as welt as the possibility
of learning another language.
Information Science — A field, drawing
upon a multiplicity of disciplines, involving
the collection, storage, retrieval,
interpretation and dissemination of
Communications — Scientifically devised,
tested and managed cryptographic systems
ensure the maximum decree of security in
transmitting sensitive information
around the globe. Since cryptography is
a rather unique pursuit, the training of
new employees is extensive and
Other Opportunities — A limited
number of applicants may be selected
for management support areas such as
Personnel, Security, Logistics and
Resources Management.
An Equal Opportunity Employer.
_ _
Sunday, Nov. 4 t h
Register Now For The PQT
Pick up a PQT bulletin at your college
ttacement office. Fill out the registration
orm and mail it before November 3 in
to lake the test on November 17.
at the
There is no registration fee,
' Those individuals graduating with a
Bachelors or Musters degree in Electronic
Engineering, Computer Science or Slavic,
Near Eastern or Par Eastern languages
may interview without taking the PQT.
Mathematicians, at the Masters degree
level, are also exempt from having to
qualify on the PQT and may sign up for
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For NSA career positions, U.S.
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8:00 pm
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National Security Agency
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Fort George G. Meade, Maryland 20755
October 12, 1979
$1. WITH TAX CARD $ 1 25 W/O
OCTOBER 12, 1979
$5.50 w/tax card $7.50 general public
1 ticket per tax card
6 tickets per person
Batmen Lose h 10 To Siena, 7-4
j^GriddersWin On Late TD.
by Bob Bellafiore
The Albany Slate J.V. rootball
learn, alter a lackluster first half,
came back in the second quarter and
defeated Union College 7-0 Monday
at Union.
Split end Tony Walker got the
game's lone touchdown on a 35-yard'
reverse play.
• The first liali .was sloppy,
according to Albany J.V. football
head coach Tom Mayer: "The
defense was good, but the offense
stalled." That offense gol on track
just enough though, and on the
Dane's initial possession of the
second half. Walker used his speed
and key blocks by John Durantand
Pave Kresko, to turn the corner for
the score.
Chat was all that was needed as
the nunc defense refused to budge,
giving up only one first down in the
second half, and that on a penalty.
"We expected I hem to throw more
Albany's J.V
than they did, "said Mayer. "The key
lackluster first
Sinkers Win
continued from page nineteen
didn't play very well," she said. "IT
we played as well as we could, we
would have killed Idem."
The Albany women's volleyball
team played Williams College in a
best of three games last week, and
dropped the third game, 16-14 in
overtime. "That was the most
intense psychological game I've ever
played," Heals said. "But against
New. Paltz we had a rather
disappointing start but we pulled
through in the last game."
Miller felt that. "When we piny a
better team we play better. We don't
play at our own level. We seem to
adjust and play up to the opponent's
The Alban; quad travels to
Pittsburgh State tomorrow to face
the Cardinals.
—-Music Council Presents—^-
was that wc won the first downs.
That enabled us to bring in the extra
defensive back and shut down their
passing game." The coach pointed
out that the entire defense played
superbly, but cited the secondary of
sophomore Bruce Hriggs. junior Joe
Cillis. and freshmen Tom Capuano,
and Walker as being above the rest.
On offense, quarterback Tom
l*ratl had another steady game. Out
of the wishbone. Pratt led the team
in carries.
"They use the exact same defense
that we do. Mayer continued. "They
had the outside covered and that
gave Tom room to shoot through."
Fullback Sam Brown also bad a line
The jay\ec's record is now 2-1.
,'l'he loss to Hudson Valley
Community College earlier in the
season was negated, and turned into
a Dane victory as it was revealed
thai one of IIVCC's players-was
The Danes travel to face tough
Middlehury on Friday.
January 4,1980-January 12,1980
Engleberg, Switzerland
price includes:
Boaters Beat Union
continued from page twenty
"I consider them our biggest rival.
It felt good to beat Union."
commented Ne/aj.
The Booters will try and remove
the kinks from their offense when
they travel to Potsdam tomorrow.
The Bears will not he as tough as any
of Albany's last five opponents.
Nonetheless, the [Janes cannot
afford a loss or tic. which would
hamper their chance at an NCAA
playoff spot. At this point, five
games remain on Albany's schedule,
four of which they must win. A loss
tomorrow would put them in a
position of having to defeat both
Kcenc State (7-1-1) next Wednesday
and Division I St, Francis on
October 27.
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October 12, 1979
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459-5110 for reservations and we'll take
care of the rest.
Danes' potential is immeasurable.
Skecl commented, "They know
they're a good ball club and now
Albany is building that kind of
reputation around the league. The
team's victories are no longer just
Such a splendid appearance
provides Skecl with optimism
towards the future. "This team is
gellingand they're hungry for wins,"
said Skecl. Certainly, this game and
the double-header sweep against
Hinghumlon that preceded it will
attest to that fact.
Against Hinghamton on Monday,
Albany won 9-8 in the.first game.
Skecl started Ron Woods, who
pitched for five inningsand then was
taken out as purl of a calculated
move by Skecl. Mike Clabcaux
replaced Woods, but he had a poor
outing and was replaced almost
immediately by Gary l.aConture.
I.aConture did an excellent job in
relief ol Clabcaux.
Offensively, the hitting was
supplied b\ Bruce Rowlands, the
team's holiest bitter, who blasled a
three run home-run.
In the second game, the slory was
Mike I-sposilo. behind anexl-emely
solid defense and a supportive
offense, i-sposilo burled a great
game, shuuiiig out Hinghatnlon. 6t).
Wiib the two wink HI Hinghamton
and the loss to Siena, the Danes'
record stands ai 4-4. in ils division.
Skeel now looks towards Osweg •
tomorrow in hopes thai bis team will
eontinue to ploy quality ball.
Wailirn Ave. ALBANY
remainder of the game.
The Danes battled throughout the
ballgame. In the fifth,inning, Albany
was down by two runs. After a
d o u b l e s m a c k e d by Bruce
Kowlands, who now has produced
anama/ing 13 hits in 18 times at bat.
third baseman Hobby Arcario belted
a two-run homer to tic the game.
Afterwards, Arcario said, "1 wasn't
thinking homer, but he took
something off the fastball and I felt
Arcario also played a fine
defensive third base, making a
spectacular catch in the top of the
Another Tine catch was turned in
by eentcrficlder Malt Aniaiek.
According to Skeel, Allalek is one of
I he best ccnlerlielders in the
conference. Skecl remarked that he
has nol seen any heller eenicrftcldcrs
than Am.tick on any team thai
Albany has laced thus far.
Hut, nonetheless. Albany did lose
the game on a tenth inning three-run
round tripper ol I 'Ticrncy. I he blow.
of course, spoiled an otherwise
impressive performance by the
rookie lefthander. Ticrncy attributes
his outstanding initial success to his
coach. Kick Skeel. "When I came
here. I had no idea I would play lor
the fall varsity baseball team. I
thought I was a pitcher but beta ugbi
me bow lo be a true pitcher. He
taught me to think."
Kurt her mo re, 1 iernej looks
forward lo spending lour years
under Coach Skecl because he feels
as do his fellow teammates thai the
6:20 pm
12:30 pm
12:30 pm
6:55 pm
6:35 pm
One-Way Round-Trip Depart
3:30 pm
New York
9:00 am
5:15 pm
2:40 pm
3:30 pm
Queens Village
(p ices subjec l 0
Figuring that the Siena hats
would jump all over a strong fastball
pitcher, Skecl went with this small.
off speed and breaking ball, hurler.
Essentially, the key lo 'Henley's
success was his coolness and
confidence, Constantly. Ticrncy was
under the pressure of Siena's hitting
attack, yet he did not succumb to it
at all. With men on base, for
example, he was able to keep the bull
low, forcing Siena to hit into inning
ending force outs almost every lime.
Skeel praised his young pitcher,
"Ticrncy did one hell of u job."
Ticrncy, a pensive pitcher, said
alter the game. "I wauled lo throw a
lot of breaking stuff the first time
through the order, so they'd be
Freshman Jack Ticrncy, making his Albany baseball debut, pitched a'strong thinking and looking for oil speed
game Wednesday, holding the Siena bats at bay. (Photo: Bob Leonard) pitches I he next time around. Ilui
then. I'd throw more straight speed
Having recognized thai he was
trying lo place the hall too much in
the early innings. Ticrncy relaxed
and threw very naturally during the
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Sunday, October 21 at 7:30 P.M.
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program includes music of the
Romantic Period.
By Marc Haspel
Exceptionally cold weather, a
tough opponent, the pressure of a
varsity debut — one may expect that
a young player, especially a pitcher
would falter under such adverse
conditions. However, when Albany
Stale baseball coach Rick Skecl
culled upon freshmen Jack Ticrncy
to take the mound Wednesday
afternoon against Siena College, the
young lefthander pitched nine
innings of excellent baseball.despite
the eventual 7-4 loss in the tenth
game, as did the entire offensive line.
"As long as the guys go into the
game mentally, we can play with
anybody." added Mayer. "In the
second half, wc went after people.
I'm, U firm believer' in positive
thinking. When wc decide to go after
people, we can do a job."
OCTOBER 12, 1979
56 W.'JI Road
Serving Daily & Sunday
459 5110
An Old Sports Editor Returns As New Author
low." .,
The next pitch was a fastball and
appeared to be knee high. "Ball!"
by Thomas MartelKT
repeated the ump. "There, that
In the window of Barnes and
pitch!" Salant shouted, pointing.
, Nohlc in New York City is a display
"That pitch was a strike, but he just
featuring the top sports books and
wasn't in good position to see il.
novels for sale today. In the middle
That shouldn't be. It can make a
of the display sits a book which
difference in the game."
surely catches the eye of any New
Nathan Salant then talked about
York sports buff. Titled "This Date
Nathan Salant, obvirtusly one of his
in New York Yankee History", it
favorite subjects.
proclaims that it will take you from
"When 1 was here, I was at every
the beginning of this ball club to the
single soccer game from 1972 to
1978 championship year.
1976, except for two, and that was
Upon closer examination inside
when I had pnuemonia. 1 saw every
the bookstore, the author dedicates
basketball home game when school
the book lo ten people and "the
was in session, and every home
do/ens of others who made Albany
football game when there wasn't a
State the best 4 years of my life."
soccer game."
That is the same line Nathan'
In addition to being spoils editor
Salant used in his farewell column as
of the ,iSI'. Salant was president of
sports editor for the Albany Student
AM1A, a Central Council member
Press three and a half years ago.
and did play-by-play of the New
Salant has written and compiled a
York Islander home games on the
veritable bible lor New York Yankee
campus radio station. Those were
baseball fans. The book features a
the days when going 1-M was an
day-by-day history of the Yankess
unlikely dream, and a carrierfrom 1903 to 1978 and just about
current station called WSU A served
everything and every record a
as this school's broadcast medium,
Yankee fan would want to know.
"That must've been Ihe only
One can find features such as every
.carrier current station to carry
trade the Yankees over made,
major league spoils," Salanl was
nicknames of Yankee players, men
who only played one game as a
"We were the first college radio
Yankee, the ballparks the Yankees
station in the nation to broadcast
played in and even tips on how to get
major league sports." he corrected.
good seats to a game and how to
The broadcasts were sel up by
obtain autographs from ballplayers.
Salant, who wrote the Islanders a
Most of the book is statistical and
letter and pushed for the rights. His
some of the writing could use a little
play-by-play broadcasts included
tightening, but in ihe era of energy
the semi-finals of the Stanley Cup
crises, Salant has created enough
fuel lo keep hot stove leaguesburning
Albany Stale sports were his main
lor many a baseball off season.
interest here, however. As a Central
Along with Carl Wolfson. an
Council member. Salant said thai he
Albany Stale freshman who worked
was able to persuade someone to
as his research assistant. Saliuil
change her vole and break a
scoured Ihe archives ol Yankee
deadlock on a bill which would have
Stadium and the Uaseball Museum
sliced $40,000 from intercollegiate
in Cooperstown lo conic up witb
athletics. " I h e men's program
Miinc a m a / i n g t i d b i t s of
would have been utterly destroyed,"
information, including a lew
he said.
photographs of a 1908 spring
Alter graduating in 1976, Salanl
training which the Baseball Museum
went on the Boston Univcrisly Law
didn't even know it had.
School, where he continued his
Salant returned lo Albany State a
few weeks ago and participated in
doesn't bend low enough behind the sports writing and broadcasting.
"Utica. We killed Ihcm Ihe first
While in Boston, he came across a
what was his favorite past time while
catcher to sec Ihe low strike."
game. Their pitcher isn't really that proclaimed. "Look at that guy." he
book tilled "This Dale in Red Sox
he-was here
attending a varsity
said, pointing to the Utica pitcher. Attention was focused on the home
History." With a life long yearning
sports game. The Great Danes
"He's just too slow with his kick. Me plate ump. a rotund gent of about
much against him."
write a book, and a hie-long love ol
baseball learn was engaged in the
should be easy to steal off." an 60. The CJreal Dane pitcher winged a
the Yankees, Salant wrote the
seeond game of a twin-bill with
Albany rally fell short and the Danes curve ball which skidded into the
Utica College. Salanl stood by the and a wind whipped through the took Ihe field.
dirl. "Ball!" the umpire bellowed. publisher a letter. He told them that
he would like to do a book on the
Danes* dugout, clapping his hands
"I don't know where they got this "That's not what I'm talking about,"
to keep Ihcm warm.
Yankees.primarily on the Yankeeas he scrutinized the action.
umpire from."Salantcontinued."He Salant said. "That really was loo
Red Sox rivalry, the fiercest in
"Who's winning'.'" he was asked
American sports. A letter came
hack from the publisher, Siein and
part of civil liberties. We are
Day. They were Interested in a book
Before his a s s a s i n a t i o n , San
on Ihe Yankees, however, ihcy
supporting this march because
Francisco Supervisor and SUNYA
wanted it in much the same style as
a national showing will encourage
the Red Sox book. Salant had to
alumnus Harvey Milk spoke of
the passage of the Waxmenprove two things to Ihcm: that he
his wish for a national march
could write and that he knew people
Weiss civil rights bill which,
on Washington to demand civil
in the yankce organization,
when voted into law will make
A tenure as a reporter on the
rights for Lesbians and Gay
our drive to secure basic civil
Rockland Journal News took care
men. The SUNYA Gay and
of Ihe first stipulation. The second
rights for Lesbians and Gays
Lesbian Alliance, wishing to
was born out of an ill-fated attempt
here at SUNYA unnecessary.
to watch a doublcheader at Yankce
perpetuate the memory of that
m u r d e r e d gay a c t i v i s t , is
"We went down from Stale to see
We need your support, and
participating in the Oct. 14
a doublcheader. but Ihe games were
will be asking for it from now
rained oni." Salant said. "I knew
March on Washington for lesbian
on. Whether you are Gay or
someone in Ihe Yankee clubhouse,
and Gay rights. It is our
and we had passes to gel in. There I
conviction that sexual behavior
met George Steinbrenner (the
p e t i t i o n s . Help us s e c u r e
Y a n k e e o w n e r ) . We t o Itl
between consenting adults must
Steinbrenner thai we had come all
basic Civil r i g h t s for all
be free from g o v e r n m e n t a l
the way from Albany to see the
repression and is a fundamental
game. He said thai anyone who
comes from Albany must really be
fans ami then he told us I > slay
The SUNYA Gay and Lesbian
Overnight at Ihe Slaller Hill'
expense and see the game
Alliance meets Every Tuesday
day. There were ten ol us. I re-' iicd
at 9:00 pm in CC 373.
continued on / " « ' ' sixteen
"Dedicated t o
Dennis £., Bill S.,
Dong L., Marshall R.,
Dave C , Dr. B o b P.,
"Doc" S., B o b O.,
Lenny G., Dick S.
. . .and t h e dozens
of o t h e r s w h o
made Albany S t a t e
t h e best 4
years of
my life."
OCTOBER 12, 1979
Women Spikers Down New Paltz
Dichl. sophomores Rcba Miller and
by Jeff Sehndoff
Before a small crowd of loyal fans Jylle Mcnoff, junior Anne Carberry
| os i Tuesday night, the Albany Slate and senior captain, Allison Bcals.
Rounding out the squad are
women's volleyball team took the
court against a rather mediocre freshmen Donna Chaiei. I.ori
Cohen. Michelc Moreno and Tonia
group from New Paltz Slate.
After five grueling games, the Priestley; sophomores Elizabeth
Austin. Joan Fischctli and Lynn
home town favorites pulled away
with a 3-2 games clinch of the
The two learns seemed to not be
contest. .
The first conlcsl began Willi the able to control the game, yet New
Albany women jumping to a 5-f) Paltz came out the victor in the first
lend. The Dane Spikers showed contest, winning 15-K.
Regardless of ihe loss. Albanydid
some line performances in setting up
Ihe hall lo Ihe front of the net so the not seem to lose their composure.
middle hitters could get maximum Bcals, commenting on her position
and how she maintains control of
velocity on their hits.
Starlers for the Danes arc ihe team's spirit, said. "Somebody's
freshmen Kalia Netto and l.isu gotta keep I heir head together on Ihe
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With Albany d o w n 14) in games,
the Albany squad mounted a
balanced attack with Bcals at the
helm, setting up hits, time and time
again, to 5*10" middle hittier Dichl,
whose hitting was tremendous.
Combining on the win was Netto's
serving and Rcba Miller's serving
the last four points for the win.
Netto has a most unusual serve in
which she serves the ball with her
back to the net. bringing her right
arm around her body, giving the ball
intense rotation as it goes over the
Subsequently, rfic Danes won the
second game 15-7. tying the games at
one a piece.
Again, Albany won the third
co"tesl by a score ol" 15-10 with
Millci playing frantically at the net
The Albany Slate women's volleyball squad beat New Paltz In five game* at
and serving the winning point. This
University Gym Wednesday. ( P h o t o : Suna Steinkamp)
left the games at 2-1, favor of
their record al 5-1 in Division III the loss of confidence in" the girls.
Last F r i d a y a g a i n s t W i l l i a m s
Albany dropped the fourth game
and 7-.1 overall.
15-K, tying the games at two each.
C o m m e n t i n g o n h i s g i r l s ' College {Massachusetts) wc had
The Danes jumped out to a n H-2
performance, women's volley ha II them game-point. W e rotated twice
we blew a d o / e n
lead as the teams switched sides. It
coach Put Dwycr said. "None of around and lost
tinned out to be too late for New them really played well. We should serves. It was really unbelievable.
They're still recovering from that,
P a l l / a s Albany rolled to a 15-4 win.
have beaten them pretty easily. 1
but nonetheless. I'm happy we won
gi\iug Ihcm ihe triumph, improving
guess the main problem tonight was
An important part of the Dane
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attack was Dichl, and she reflected
on Ihe team's performance. " W e
lontimtvtl on /Ht#e sixteen
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OCTOBER 12, 1979
Friday, October 12, 1979
F. Lee Bailey Addresses SUNYA
Assails U.S. Legal System
"Buffalo Has Our Full Attention Tliis Year"
Best Passing Attack To Date Awaits
Danes At University Field Tomorrow
by Paul Schwartz
A l best, the Dane's 15-3 loss to
B u f f a l o last year c o u l d be
considered a valuable lesson
learned. At worst, it was purely and
simply the most damaging defeat in
the history of Albany State football.
The shocking setback taught the
Danes the dangers of underestimating an opponent, and more
tangibly, it was the reason Albany
was not selected for the playoffs,
At University Field tomorrow
afternoon, any selling short of
Buffalo and (he 3-0 Danes could see
history repeated. The Hulls are 3-2,
mid have a potent passing offense
that is apt to put points on the
"There's no question that most of
the team realizes (hat if Buffalo had
not beaten us last year, we would
have made the N C A A playoffs,"
said Albany head football coach
Hob Ford. " A n d there's also no
question that Buffalo has our lull
attention this year. They didn't have
our full attention last year."
The main reason for that
attention is Buffalo's explosive
scoring punch. The Bulls are a
throwing team, and that's where J i m
Rodriguez. 16-1. IK5) comes in. The
senior quarterback is a passing fool;
he has already piled up 7()K passing
yards this season. A week ago,
Rodriguez threw 35 times and
connected on 17 for 145 yards in u
21-IK loss to Canisius. Me was the
I 11
quarterback in the east last year, and
is on his way to improving that
standing this season. "Rodriguez is
the best passer we've seen this year,"
said Albany outside linebacker
coach Kevin Callahan, who along
with Dave Height and Hank Hughes
scouted the Bulls a week ago.
Rodriguez's targets are as
numerous as they are talented.
Flanker Frank Friee (5-11, 170) is
Buffalo's ace receiver with 19 grabs
in five games. In addition. Price has
garnered five touchdown catches,
and is averaging over 19 yards every
time he links up with Rodriguez, At
split end. CJary Quatrani, (6-1, 175)
is just a notch behind, although his
9.3 speed in the 100 will have him out
ahead much of the time. Quatrani
has used his blazing qui. kness to
corral an K5 yard scoring pass cat Iiei
this season. Kevin Pratt (6-1, 200)
lines up al tight end, and despite
unspectacular statistics, still is a
threat. "The only reason Pratt hasn't
caught the ball more is that they
have the two other great receivers,"
C a l l a h a n said. " I I you start
overplaying Price and Quatrani,
they go to Pratt,
"Overall, this is the best offensive
team we've played, because of their
ability to pass and score at any time.
Al any minute, they can put points
on the board. One mistake and It's
six points,"
Buffalo's ground game is used as
more of a decoy than anything else.
Halfback Mark Maier(5-9, IKS) is a
transfer from the University of New
Mexico, and is the Bull's major
rushing threat. "They come al you
with a powerattack, nothingfancy,"
Callahan added, "and wc cannot
afford to ignore the run. They run on
the first down to keep the defense
honest. What we must do is stop the
run, so we put them in situations
where we know they are going lo
pass, and then we can use our pass
coverages to our advantage."
by Nancy E. Petrlak
Attacking today's law schools and
the inadequacy of the American
legal system, defense attorney F. Lee
Bailey addressed a crowd of 1200 at
University Gym Saturday night. A
sellout crowd attended the Speakers
Forum-sponsored lecture as pan of
S U N Y A ' s Parents' Weekend
Baikv injected his remarks with
references lo airplanes and piloting,
a hobby of his.
" I f we were an airplane, we would
crash." said Bailey, drawing an
a n a l o g y between f l y i n g a n d
I he Bulls netted only 92 rushing
yards against Canisius, and part of
Buffalo's inability to establish their
ground attack could be I heir
offensive line. The size is there, but
with that size conies inexperience.
Tackle Jim Vatix (6-2, 245) is a
quality performer, bin overall, the
line is an area the Danes will attempt
to dominate.
" I hey do a fnir job protecting the
quarterback," Callahan said. "But
Rodriguez is an excellent scrambler,
and when he runs he picks up
positive yardage. When he runs
sprint out passes, though, he wants
to throw the .hall."
I he Buffalo offense has scored 9H
points in their live games, but have
allowed 97, and this reveals their
team's nature. I he Bulls can score,
but they can also be scored upon.
I heir 5-2 defense is led by two
linebackers, Shane Curry (6-1. 210)
and Mark DiTrancesco ( 6 - 1 . 200),
and they are the leading lack lets on
the squad. Tackle Dave Florek (6-4,
260) Is the Hulls largest player, and is
"they key on their defensive line,"
according to llaighi.
In the back lines, the Bulls shape
up strongly. "Their secondary is real
strong," added Haight. "Canisius
threw the ball an awful lot last week,
and Buffalo did a good j o b
del ending the pass." Defensive
halfback Frank Herraluto (5-11,
include internships and apprenticeships, before a student becomes a
lawyer. 'The training ol lawyers here
is on-the-job training."
Bailey contrasted his views on the
American legal system with praise
lor the integrity of the British
"Rich and poor get a good defense
in England, There are no prejudiced
witnesses. And there ate no corrupt
judges. No one would think of
approaching a judge,"
" N o heroin peddlers or rape
offenders." saiil Bailey, when asked
about the types of cases he is willing
to represent. " I do take murder
eases. You must take every case
whether the defendant is guilt) or
Bailey did agree lo defend " p u n k "
rock star Sid Vicious, who allegedly
killed his girlfriend while under the
influence of h e r o i n . Vicious
committed suicide before his case
came lo trial.
But money is nol an important
'motive lor Bailey, who often lakes
cases for very low fees.
" I call it pro bono (loi the public
Attorney F. l.ee Builey speuking in the S U N Y A gymnasium.
"Law scliools should include interns/tips. "
f'ho/o: Mike
welfare)." he said.
Bailey voiced his solid belief thai
the civilian court should he more
akin to the military court system.
" I n the military, two-thirds ol a
jury can convict a criminal." he said,
'"If lite jury is less than iwo-thirds ol
a g r e e m e n t , the d e f e n d a n t is
" I l makes sense thai njurycanask
questions during the trial. Thejurors
believe the witnesses, drawing
inferences from what issaid.There is
continued on page livt
Wharton on
Alumni Reps
Members of the Albany State football team at practice for tomorrow's
contest with Buffalo ut University Field. (Photo: Sunn Steinkump)
ISO) I.as already intercepted three
passes this year, and he teams with
freshman Shawn Kowal (6-1, 18ft).
"Their entire secondary comes up
and bits people." said l l a i g h i . who
coaches Albany's offensive line.
"They arc stronger on defense
against the pass than they are
against the run. They are not (hat
outstanding up f r o m . "
As far as specialty players,
B u f f a l o has t w o
performers. Joe Licata, a reserve
split end, is the kick return specialist.
and had shown his danger with a 79
yard punt return lor a touchdown
against Brockport. On the other
end, the Hull's kicker. Steve Pawluk.
has not missed an extra point this
season, and is live-for-six in
A look at the Hull's season todate
gives an indication to (he personality
of (he Buffalo squad. After gelling
off lo a quick start with victories
over Cortland (17-13) and John
Carrol (9-3). Buffalo dropped their
continued on paw .fourteen
Booters Raise Playoff Hopes With Third Shutout
W i l l i 14:57 left lo play l.uis
Arango slipped a pass to Robert
Dahah as he sprinted into the center
of the Union defense. Dahah simply
dribbled past two overmatched
Albany Soccer eoaeh Hill
defenders, and as Union goalie
Doug Crawford came out to
In gaining their second straight
challenge. Dahah pushed the ball
"must w i n " game, an (inartistic 1-0
underneath him for his first goal of
triumph over Union College on
the season.
Wednesday, the Alhanv Slate soccer
"1 saw two men coming on me,"
team has proved (hey can win
described Dahah. "As I dribbled
important games despite nol plav ing
past them. I saw the far corner open
their besl soccer.
and I knew I had it. As he
I he Danes looked sloppy and
(Crawford) came out I put it past
hesitant on offense in the first hall.
him with my left foot."
I heir passes anil one touch control
It was now up to Albany defense
skills which have become their
to hold off the visitors and preserve
II ad e mark were nol effective.
their third shutout of the season,
However, one had to look no further
In a desperate attempt to lie the
than the m a r o o n - c l a d
score. Union forced ten men into I he
defenders to find the reason.
Albany end of the field. I he
"It was hard tor us to play our game
Dutchmen continually lotted long
because thev were physical and
balls into the penalty area where
disruptive. The) forced us into a
their considerable height advantage
faster paced game than we wanted."
allowed them to win most high halls.
sajd Albany center forward A f r i m
I hey managed (o turn three of these
into dangerous shots each of which
"They were all over the field."
Alberto Giordano was equal to.
noted Matt Parrel la, "Obviously we
At the 5:30 mark Union finally
had much more skill than they did
took a shot which Giordano
but at limes we forgot this and got
couldn't stop, but fortunately for the
away from our game."
Hooters, it missed the net. Keith
H f : Indeed, the Dutchmen defenders
Miller hit a swerving Tree kick lo the
did play with intensity throughout
right of the Albany goal which
Albany's soccer (cam, shown against l l a r t w l c k , raised its record to 4-2-1
the game yet ihey had one lapse
Union's Shea controlled and shot
will) a 1-0 win over Union Wednesday. (IMioto: M i k e Farrell)
which cost them the match,
by Mike Dunne
"Tills was a real hlg win for us.
We're in good position with a 4-2-1
record and Jive games left to play,"
lawyering, " I f there is a lack of
t r a i n i n g , there is a lack of
competency. Practicing law is
practice law."
An attorney in the famous Patty
Hearst and "Boston Slrangler"
eases, Bailey is besl known for his
courtroom theatrics and for his
book. The Defense Never Rests.
Comparing the American and
British systems of legal training,
Bailey finds legal education in the
United Slates totally unsatisfactory.
" I l lakes seven years in an English
law school lo become a trial lawyer,"
said Bailey. "The British law schools
realize the ncc6 for lawyers to know
t e c h n i q ties o f
crossexamination, The U.S. law schools
do not recognize ibis need. I hope
you don't end up at age 50 with
nothing bin the money."
Bailey was only three months oul
of law school when he first
represented a client facing the death
penalty on murder charges.
"'There is no way you can tell il an
innocent man is going lo j a i l . " he
emphasized, shaking his lingernt the
ceiling. " I he law schools shotdd
past the sliding Dane keeper, only to
have il roll inches wide,
" I was wailing for the net lo
move," said a disappointed Union
coach Hob MaGee.
Up to this point both sides had
some run-ins with the iwo referees,
whit were quite light on their foul
However, when they ejected
Albany's Alex Pagnno from the
game with live minutes to phi) they
lost all control ol the match, I he
referees and players held shouting
arguments on the field with I he clock
running down. Fouls and red cards
were given out w i t h o u t
timekeeper, seorekeepcr or coaches
being notified.
"They lacked the maturity and
experience lo handle a game ol this
caliber." explained Sehiellclin. " I l
certainly detracted from the game,"
Union mentor Bob MttGeeagreed
that the officials could have hail
"tighter control of the game."
Strong control by the officials was
very important in a heated local
riVilli') such as this one. Alhanv was
oul to avenge twin losses ti the
Dutchmen last season,
" I l was a renllv cmutiona 1
We've been looking forward
since last year." said Allen : u v .
who was a member of last year's
continued <"' page sixteen
Oclobi'r 16, 1979
V o l . l . X V I N o . .IS
^ j
Albany Officers Face Six-Count Charge
by Millii-lr Israel
'Three of 15 prosecution witnesses
testified T'riday and Monday as the
trial of two Albany police officers
continued in the Albany County
S U N Y A students A n t h o n y
l.enkiewic/ and Craig Kellam and
Albany police officer Lieutenant
Murray testified against officers
Michael Buchanan, 31, and Richard
Vita, 26.
The officers have been charged
with grand larceny in lhe first
degree, robbery in the second
degree, burglary in the second and
t h i r d degrees, and two petty
Charges stem from incidents
which occurred last March in
S U N Y A ' s Waierbury Hall,
On March 2 1 . the officers stole
$20 from l.enkiewic/ and also
K e l l a m ol $60 and
The same pair allegedly stole &50
f r o m Waierbury resident ,1.1 .
Steenwerlh on March 2K.
According lo District Attorney
Dennis Acton, l.enkiewic/ and
Kellam, victims of the robbery,
relayed their versions of the
incidents which look place on
March 21 and 2S last spring. Murray
elaborated on how the police
department work.s in terms of rules
and regulations.
Acton added thai six to eight
student witnesses will testify today,
and the (rial will run through to the
end of the week. Me said that the
defense may put on character
Kellam refused to comment
claiming his views "may impeach
what others arc saying."
lie added that while he has
completed his testimony, he was
supposed to testify al tin earlier dale,
"The lawyers are good at the a i l of
According lo Kellam, Acton does
not want to speculate on the results
of the trial, but is hoping for a long
jury deliberation.
On T'riday. both the prosecution
and defense presented opening
statements to the jury.
Acton explained that all of the
witnesses presented would testify
honestly. "Victims will say they were
involved with marijuana," referring
to the marijuana stolen from
l.enkiewic/ and Kellam.
In addition, members of (he
Albany police force would explain
"whoV allowed lo perform what,
what police rules and regulations
are, particularly with regard to
controlled substances, which, ol
c o u r s e , i n c l u d e ma r i j u a n a . "
Testimonies regarding department
activity and uniform work aie also
While presenting a summary ol
the incidents to jurors, Acton said
the officers never filed the marijuana
with the narcotics bureau nor did
ihey lag the stolen money. "Nothing
was ever said," Acton explained.
Buchanan's Defense Attorney !:..
Stewart Jones, Jr., said, "The
presence in this court of Michael
Buchanan and Richard Vita is an
out i age," citing reasons of illegal use
and possession of drugs by the
Defendants Richard Vila (center) and Michael Buchanan (right).
Witness: "The lawyers are good delay artists.
Photo: Jon
not only
were d r u g
for college
students but also for young
teenagers at the LaSallc School foi
boys." The school is located across
the street from Alumni Quad.
In his statement, Jones said a
"young adult" informed the officers
of the sale of drugs in Waierbury
Hall. "Not only marijuana was being
sold but hallucinogenic drags were
being sold. Acid was being sold."
Dele use A t to r ney Pa u I E.
Chceseman. representing Vila, said
Ihe officers wanted "a chance to
become narc officers. They were
behaving like Starsky and Hutch."
Both Vita and Buchanan were
denied acceptance into the police
department's Narcotics Bureau.
"Here was a chance, then and there
Jo do something and fight against
d r u g s , " said Chceseman. The
officers apparently intended to
purchase drugs from students.
Chcesemnn added that the
students joined forces lo "fabricate
stories lo save their own,necks."The
officers appeared at Walerbuiy at
(wo different dales lo"sel up a buy."
According to Jones, the officers'
intent was to set up a criminal
prosecution and to confirm the
information received from their
Chceseman added the students
converged after realizing Buchanan
and Vila were police officers, not
potential buyers.
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