At t h e e n d of last semester I F G Cinema Scope
rewrote its constitution a n d redeAfter
fined its s t a t u s as a campus activity, screen is installed in Page Hall, I F G
T h e need for a general reorganiza- will present films in the auditorium
tion was felt early in t h e year, in order to eliminate double showwhen t h e enthusiastic support of ing on Friday evenings. T h e schedt h e s t u d e n t body g u a r a n t e e d success ule includes several cinemascope
for t h e new Friday night program, ftatures, an experiment m a d e posBesides scheduling problems and sible by our new lens.
questions, t h e query, New F e a t u r e s
" W h e n is I n t e r n a t i o n a l Film Group
Tonight in Draper 349 at 7 and
goins international? started t h e 8:30 p.m., I F G will present "On the
bail rolling. Should there be one Riviera," a zany musical comedy in
or two groups? W h a t name is a p - which D a n n y Kaye plays the dual
Should S t u d e n t Tax role of a French lover and an
F u n d support the group?
American entertainer. K a y e exhibits his extraordinary skill a t
pantomime and also does some imMost of our troubles were grow- personations of Maurice Chevalier,
ing pains and were easily alleviated. Sir Harry Lauder, and Jimmy DurT h e members decided to retain I n - ante. Working with a troupe of
ternational Film Group as a narns Jack Cole dancers, Kaye performs
for one organization with a dual an amusing number entitled, "Popo
function: (1) to present historic and the Puppet," and actually is susa r t films, <2> to show popular pended by ropes like Howdy Doody
movies. T h i s semester I F G will and Pinocchio. His actions are conoperate independently of the S t u - trolled by eight puppeteers, who
d e n t Tax F u n d ; a s t a n d a r d admis- employ a sy.stem of counter-balance
sion fee will be charged at all films weights to operate t h e ropes which
to cover expenses.
direct the performers.
19, 1 9 5 8
Council Elects Campus Commission Rules
New Officers Use Of Student Facilities
Warnings shall be issued for violations of regulations by C a m p u s
Commission members a n d tryouts.
- Mailbox regulations:
1. Use a note t h a t is a t least 2"
2. No books are to be put in the
3. No mail is to be placed on top
of boxes.
4. Outside of note must c o n t a i n
n a m e and d a t e .
Residence Council h a s recently
5. General notice may be p u t on
elected new officers for t h e coming
t h e outside of t h e boxes only
year. Dolores Havens '59 President,
with permission of C a m p u s
a n n o u n c e s t h a t t h e following hold
6. Mailboxes will be cleaned every
Davis; Secretary-Treasurer, Frieda
two weeks: any mail not picked
B a c h m a n ; Members of the Judicial
up within t h a t time will be reBoard, Barbara Dressier, Roberta
Taylor, Margaret Neil and also the
B. Draper Lounge Regulations:
officers. All are members of the
1. No eating a t anytime.
class of '59.
2. No card playing at a n y t i m e .
Residence Council legislates, in3. This lounge is for quiet study
terprets, and enforces the mea-ures
and talk; no excessive noise is
t h a t regulate life in women's gror.p
Activities Day Is scheduled for
October 11, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.,
4. Committee meetings, play reaccording to Rhoda
Levin '60,
hearsals may be held only with
C h a i r m a n . Heidi Berbary and Judy
Judicial Board
the permission of the D e a n of
T h e Judicial Board receives all Skocylas, Sophomores, are in charge
reports of infractions of Residence of publicity and a r r a n g e m e n t s , re5. Only fully authorized persons
rules except those t h a t demand spectively.
may remove objects t h a t a r e
automatic nenalties as set forth in
Tentative plans for the day inthe property of student associathe council's regulation;. Serious elude an informal meeting in Brution.
violations are considered before the bacher game room with t h e presi
determines dent of each group explaining his C. Commons regulations
1. Only milk, soft drinks, a n d
penalty in accordance with the seri- group's functions. S t u d e n t Union
candy bars may be eaten in the
cusness of the violation.
Board will serve refreshments
2. Ash trays are to be used for
cigarettes and m a t c h e s only.
ENGLISH: slow train engine
3. T h e Commons is to be kept
* G ( . ISH:
clean at all times.
art 0f
4. Commons may be decorated by
SNQLISH: P e any organization if the a p Oratuitu
" o d f C a / for
proval of the Commons c h a i r Wrenes
m a n is secured, and if the dec >rations are for a college function or recognized holiday.
a. Nothing may be taped or nailed
to the walls.
D. Cafeteria regulations:
1. T h e cafeteria is to be kept
clean at all times.
2. Card
areas only from 10:30 to 1 :30
E. Lost and Found regulation-:
1. Lost and found b:>x is l o c a t e !
in lower Draper.
2. Found articles are to be p a c e d
in the box.
3. In case of a lost article, the
loser should list his n a m e and
a description of the lost a r t i c l j
on tlie cards provided. In case
there are no cards, write t h '
information on a piece of paper
3" x 5" and place it in tire box.
4. No notes are to be placed on
the bulletin board.
5. T h e box will be opened daily by
a Campus Commission member
or tryout, according to the
posted schedule.
F. Poster regulations:
1. Organizations and individuals
are permitted to put up their
own publicity, following stated
2. Posters must be of college level.
No crayons, no jobs accepted.
3. Any color poster may be used,
4. Size is regulated to: no r u n n e r s
longer t h a n 8' and posters, with
the exceptions of cutouts, must
be at least 9" x 12"
fi. Posters may be placed only m
peristyles and cafeteria
(i. Masking tape must be used mi
walls and tacks on 11111,11(1111 :
7 No organization or individual
may remove a n o t h e r organizations' publicity
!i. Posters must lie signed by organizations or individual involved.
0. All organizations must
down own publicity when event
Speak Knglish all your life and what does new Thinklish words judged best -and
is over mi day following
it gel you? Nothing! But start speaking we'll feature many of them in our college
10 Campus Commission reserve.,
the nghl to remove all posters
Thinklish and you may make $25! -Just ads. Send your Thinklish words (with
not following regulations and
put two words together to form a new land Knglish translations) to Lucky Strike,
t hal have tun many
much funnier; one. Example: precision Box 67A, Ml. Vernon, N. Y. Knelose
11 Failure to follow regain! ions
will result in a warning, and
flight of bumblebees: Swurmatiun. (Note: name, address, college or university, and
upon second ol tense, reinov al ol
the two original words form the new class. And while you're at it, light, up a
poster privileges.
—the funniest, easiest way yet to make money!
MAKE 25!
one: swarm I formation.) We'll pay $2f>
each for the hundreds and hundreds of
Lucky, (let the full, rich taste of fine tobucco, the honest taste of a Lucky Strike.
Get the genuine article
<U *• T- CV.
Z- 4 6 3
F R I D A Y , SEPTEMBER 2 6 . 1 9 5 8
G e t t h e honest taste
Product of ijfig, JV»tviiic«/n
— JoQwxo
is our middle name
Fraternity Jewelry
Badges, Steins, Rings
Jewelry, Gilts, Favors
Stationery, Programs
Club Pins, Keys
Medals, Trophies
171 Marshall Street
Syracuse 10, New York
UK 5-7H37
Carl Sorenson, fVlgr.
XLII. NO. 18
Student Union Board Sponsors President's Reception;
Annual Event To Take Place In Bru Lower Lounge
Chairman Plans
Activities Day
Lucky Strike presents
State College News
Chairman Announces Time
Schedule, Suitable Dress
The activities of the Student Guides will culminate
tonight with the President's Reception from 8 to 10 p.m.
in Brubacher Lower Lounge, announces David Mead '60,
acting Chairman of Student Union Board. At this time
each student guide will introduce his appointed Little
Brother or Sister to the administration.
Refreshments Served
Afterwards refreshments will be served by
of the board and tryouts under the direction of
Kadet '59 and Mariellen Wineberg '61. At this
administration will have a chance to meet the
on a more informal basis.
time the
< i ac Schedule fur the Event
President Collins with typiral cordiality
night's Reception.
will a g a i n greet the new student's of S t a t e College at to-
Sororities Hold
Beanie Bail Marks Initial
Endeavor Of Freshman Class Open Houses
For Frosh Girls
T h e a n n u a l Beanie Ball will take
place tomorrow night in the Brubacher Hall dining room from 9 to
12 pen. Admission is by beanie. No
upperclassmen can attend.
Music for the evening will be lurnisherl by L^nni Rienrdi and his
band from Schenectady.
The freshmen thai volunteered for
the various committees a r e : Susan
MacFarlane, Cindy Parsons, Band;
Patricia Balassone. Marcia Linendoll. Invitations; Marshall Smith,
UN President
Speaks Here
Sir Leslie Mil 11 10. K.C.M.G..
K.C.V.O.. President ol the twelfth
General Assembly of the United
Nations, will be Forum's first speaker this U'nr, according to J o h n Cocia 7)3, President ol the organization.
All student.- who have an interest
in current events and problems of
the national and international aflairs should attend the assembly in
Page Hall Wednesday al 1 p m.
The I'.N. From the President's
Sir Leslie, who served simultaneously as New Zealand's Ambassador
In tile United States and Permanent
Representative to the United Nations, as well as serving on the
Trusteeship Council and a hair tune
delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, Was elected President ol the twellth General Assembly in S e p h i n b e r , 1957
In the capacltv ul President he
has more than once proven his diplomatic abllllv and elleclive ncgol laimg abllll les 'I he topic ol Ills
spec h will be "I he U N From the
Presldelll s Podium
Distinguished Uaekground
k'xpellelice as a lawyer, a radio
ciiiiillieiilalni a loiirilall I. and Dean
ul t]it- I-'urull.v wl Law al the University ol Auckland, and active parI icipal ion in educational circles,
gave Sir l.e .lie a line background
lor Ins s e n ice l.i I lie world
In !!),)| Ihe Hulled Stales n u l l e d
Sir Leslie In make a stud.v ol our
politics, foreign policy, AU<.\ university education Shortly afterwards
lie was awarded Iwo most distinguished Idle b\ Ihe CJucep ol England, i. al "I Knight Commander o|
the Order SI
Michael and S|
George i l l u ' Kiiiaht ' 'ouiinaiidei ol
the lloyal Vi- lui'la o r d e r
Arrangements; Rosalind Newcomb,
Publicity; Rita Gosnell, Gidget Math usa, Ellen Meyer, Decorations;
Lorraine Bolanowski, Name T a g s ;
Nancy Mulkmus, Judy Nissim, Entertainment;
Clean-Up; J a n e Phillips
Morris I. Berger, Assistant P r o fessor of Education, and Mrs. Berger.
accompanied by Paul Schaeffer, Assistant Professor of Mathematics,
and Mrs. Schaeffer will chapcrone
the dance.
T h e frosh are requested to dress
casually and to wear their beanies.
Anyone dressed in bermudas will
not be admitted to the dance
F r e s h m a n women will be able to
slay to the end of the dance. However they must return to their
dorms by 12:15 a.m.
T h e Beanie Ball is the initial attempt on the part ol the lreshinen
lo sponsor an activity of their own.
Tile members of the committees
must work hard and fast to put on
the affair on the scheduled dale. So
Irosh, lend them your support and
be there. You'll probably even enjo.v
With the advent of Rushing in
the near future, sorority
houses are planned for the next
walk in older to introduce the
freshman girls to the groups on
Open houses are scheduled for
Thursday and Friday of next week.
Each sorority will be open one evening only.
R e l r e s h m e n l s will be provided by
the Inter-Sorority Council; they will
be served at tin- last house each
girl attends
Attendance al the different houses
ha.-, been scheduled as follows:
I hursday
7 p.m. lreshinen from A - F al Chi
Si .ma Thela, G-L at K a p p a Delta,
M-H al -iginu Alpha, S-Z at Sigma
Pin .Sigma; 7:40 p.m. S-Z at Chi Thela, A-F at Kappa Delta,
O-l . I S.gina Alpha, M-R at Sigma
Pi,I SlgMia
ii:_u p.m. M-H at Chi Sigma T h e la. S-Z al Kappa Delta, A-F at
Sigma Alpha. G-L at Sigma Pin
Sigma; 11 p i n . C-L at Chi Sigma
l In I ., M-H at K a p p a Delta. S-Z
al .-igina Alpha, A-F at Sigma Phi
College Offers
Make-Up Tests
A testing program for new freshmen and transfers who were absent
on Monday and or Tuesday, September 15 and ill. because ol lute
admission, Jewish holidays, illness,
or any other reason will be held in
Drupei 349 al the following limes
Monday. September 23, I rum 3-f)
M nil.e < Ictober li. In • u .1-1 p in
I'urpose And Content
'I lests include the Kiliiei In \eiitoiy Test anil a p e r s o n a l i s lesl
I he inloiination secured Iroin the
tests is interpreted by Mis T h o m son ol the Student Personnel <)lI'lce in order to determine what an
individual's strong and weak subjects are, and be able to counsel
lliein in the selection o| a major
and minor
Students will be able lo gel the
results ul these tests In the ileal
future, Please contact Mis Thomson it you are not able to take the
tests because of classes at the hours
'1 lie schedule begins with Ireshmen
liom A-F at G a m m a Kappa Phi,
O - l . al Beta Zela, M-H at Psi G a m ma, S-Z at Pill Delia; 7:40 p.tll
S-Z ai G a m m a Kappa Phi. A-F al
Bela Zela, G-L al Psi G a m m a ,
M-H al Phi Delta.
t!._,j p i n M-H, al G a m m a Kappa
Pin. S-Z al Bela Zela, A-F at Psi
(lamina, G-L at Pin Delta; 9 p.m.
O-l at (lamina Kappa Pill, M-H ill
Bela Zela. S-Z al I'sl G a m m a . A-F
al Phi Delia
II i.', essential thai the girls ari n c al i aril house on time in order
In allow siillicicnl Utile al each
pliu e and I line lo move around
rieshiiiaii gills are advised to
\ 1 II each house 111 all lall'lless to
llK in ,eh e.s. tilt") Will then obtain
a 111, re complete picture ol Ihe sororities and sorority life.
Sorority Addresses
'I In addresses ol the sororities include
Kappa Delta, 380 Western
Avenue, Psi G a m m a , 113 Smith Lake
Avenue; Chi Sigma T h e l a , 354
We lei n Avenue; Sigma Phi Sigma,
.it) Washington Avenue; G a m m a
Ka ip.i Phi, 410 Hudson Avenue,
Beta ZUa, 4U3 S t a l e Street; Phi
Leila. 27ii Western Avenue, Sigma
Alpha, 2113 Western Avenue
All upperclassmen are urged to
a :ide b tin- following schedule, ac' '.ling to their last name, so t h a t
i '• Length of the waiting lines may
be diminished as much as possible:
Active Rivalry
Begins Today
E rlsn Huntress '00. announces
that the Rivalry debate between
the l r e s h n e i i and Sophomores will
be held today at 4 p.m. in Page Hall.
This debate promises to be an interesting cue, the topic being 'Educational TV., As Now Being Use:i al
Albany State College for Teacher.-,
should be curtailed "
.'• -E
I -K
8:G0- 8:30
8:30- 9:00
9:00- 9:30
ippropri ite Dress
All persons are urged to dress
u.l-.i ;.\ : girls in dark dresses or
sen.;, hiil. heels, and gloves; boys
m while shirts, ties, and dark suits.
Tug Of War
Tomorrow, a »ruellina III ; of war
will lake place on Dorm Field al 10 ; roeedure
a.m. Many special surprises are
planned for all participants, and evll is suggested that upperclassmen
eryone is assured ol having an in- p n cede their ireshmen, introducing
teresting time
l list themselves and then their
iieshmen to each person in the
due. Fatuity and g r a d u a t e students
an- ul.-.o invited tu attend.
Points will be awarded lor ihe activities as fellows T h e winner ol
the debate will receive Iwo points.
and the survivors ol the tug ol war
will also receive Iwo points. One
puinl will be awarded to Ihe clas..vhich lias Ihe best cheering s e d a n .
SCT Provides
For Interviews
'I he members ol kivairv Column tee have worked exceeding!. hard
lo ma'-.e tins year's compctltl n a
mashing success. Along wnh limitless, the ciimuiittee boasl
..1 Jon
Green 7)9, Mildred Boyd, and Monica '1 I'askus. Juniors
Directory Seeks
Cover Design
Grace Engels '(ill, Editor ol the
19i>8-.r)9 N Y S . C T .
looking fen a cover design lo use
on the new Directory. T h e Directory
includes the names, class, home and
s honl
numbers ol all State College students. A copy ill this publication Is
given to each student.
Each v ear a cover design is drawn
in the class colors i I the graduation class Anyone interested in mis
i v pa ol draw ing i urged lo subuiu
his dniwin • i i Grace Kngels ibroiigh
t-llldeill Mall or at Ihe Gumma
Kappa Pill house betore Oclooei I I
l-'ueulty Committee Choose.-. Design
'I he design should be d. lie on
while paper 8'a x 11 Mill green In •
uia ink A cover will be chosen In • n
ine entries b.v a lac.'In committee
and II member ol i ach lass
An, students inleresled ill working mi the stall ol the H i n d o o
,nc invited lo allelid a ineeling ul
Ida ba her oil Sullll'du.v. , ( ictober 7.
al l pin Also loo'i L i- si 'ii-up
sheets which will be posted on the
c l i . s bulletin boards b> the caleI r.a
Si ite CoLege lor Teachers will
n , i piovide ollire facilities for sec.iri n oigiiniiulioii representatives,
b i will nuke available space in
win-.i students, upon their own in: i i I e, . a n interview religious as
\. 1 as other advisors.
I I lev n en. interested laymen and
i 1 . ,e official. met yesterday in
i lie • . : Evan R Collins, Presi n - : l i I Ihe College, to discuss the
i • i. m i.i light of a legal opinion
, linn John C, Crary, Jr., counsel to
II c Slate University of New York,
I cg.ility
( T a n expressed belief that the
i liege ma', not legally turn over
'.lii-e-i i i sectarian
l l u o r g h their representatives. Howev. r, II may assign available facilities for use ol students for personal
c oiisirialions which may include
ihosc in which they seek religious
Pi ior in i his tlie First Unitarian
Chvrch, the Jewish
('ei ii il, and several ol her orgalii i,i| n li i I , pposcd the w llllllgness
. '
ai ailabie l i 1'ellglolis counselors
\ ill i h l c
I re uli ni Collins announced that
. : i u in the lower corridor ol
1 : nei Hall w ill be divided into two
'interview cubicles'' within the next
i AO i' three weens s t u d e n t s may
me, i I here with religious counselIII- oi with such advisois us lawyers
oi in, iocs H oius will also be avail,, I, lor interviews between Seniors
, ml prospective tinploj ers.
j. e II ore- lor Initiating u practical
1 ii v n i ihi- framework of law.
L i e pice, ding has been partially
quote.! imiii the Times Union.
Something Old . . .
/fep tied KafieM
A Jlo-L&cuf, 9a ZuftjOfve
Once upon a time, a marvelous panacea was derived
By G e b h a r d t a n d Barbagelata
to improve the efficiency of our student government. For
years people have been screaming that the political big Since it h a s become t h e vogue to
wheels could not do justice to their student teaching and open each new column with an
the various activities in which they participated without « g > &
S h i r k i n g o n e Or t h e O t h e r .
t h e R i v e r Kwai-This
quarter and leave the first semester open to carry out the ' l a m H o l d m a s ° r v i l l e F " ubu . s ' *
• i.M-ii
1-- i- i i 4. J
4. i
fast moving melodrama filmed on
responsibilities which they accepted when they took office. P o r m o s r t ln blazing monocoior. This
U n f o r t u n a t e l y , t h i s is n o t t h e Case. I t m u s t b e Obvious
i. •
movie was taken from t h e best sell-
ing novel. Every Day is Christmas
by s h e r m a n
roaches m leading movie houses all
to be quite cozy. We will no longer have to meet in an a c m s s t h e C0Untry.
activities room; a closet will suffice.
If we sound bitter and annoyed it is because we are. P A L A C E
True, some officers have to teach first semester, but the s »J£? Ganger* b-abbles h?wa~y"
majority do not. The administration has always gone out through this first class loser with
of their way to help students with a real need to adjust theu l grace
and poise of a fully
t h e i r S c h e d u l e s SO t h a t
.. . . . . .
their academic requirements
, ,, .
operation Madbaii—Tins movie is
«» example of the rubbish which
wllfeVthey run out of'thrilling tVenage monster spectaculars.
The second feature Decision at
sun Down has played to the cock-
"Some people a r e slobs."
Common - StcUel
"Good now, play one scene of excellent dissembling, a n d let it look
a n d e q P P d deep sea diver. Second | i k e perfect honor." Shakespeare
smash nop is T h e Missouri Traveler.
other responsibilities may both be met.
T h e papers say
.. this
ls V0U1. kinc , T A X I N G ,
I t i s t o o l a t e t O d o a n y t h i n g a b o u t i t t h i s y e a r , b u t of movie about your kind of guy".
Now that registration lines have been beaten back, we find t h a t a
c e r t a i n l y t h e J u n i o r s W h o Will b e e l e c t e d t h i s F e b r u a r y Thay
hasotopened in the Co-op. After standing in line for three
lote t hnow.
a n t n iWe
s o n have
T V aseen
t Mllnebetter new oirenshe
have a dutyJ to the student bodyJ to arrange their student »
- <•»**• *' «"»»>• « trough the door only to find that the books we
, .
.. , , .
° .
wanted were "fresh out. For $.79 we could purchase an assignment book
teaching for the last semer r oi their Senior year. Foi STRAND
tu w r l t e d o w n Lhe w o r k we a r e u n a b l e t0 d o a n d a ruier-wieiding
the efficiency and the continuity of government this is a Damn Yankees— Owen Verdon sentinel carefully guarding the one remaining pile of books for a course
serious obligation, and one which we hope will not be dis- mow 175 years old) a n d Tab called "Introduction to College."
Hunter ijust turned 131 pair up HI THERE HOW ARE YOL?
missed in the future.
to re-create this broadway hit into
Pre-rushing is off to a good start amid the peace a n d serenity oi
the cafeteria and student union. From t h e bottom of mothball boxes
have sprung sweatshirts, jackets and other p a r a p h e r n a l i a typical of the
true spirit of the Greeks. Girls return to the dorms nonchalantly s h o u t ing sorority songs. Men get locked in lavatories with fresh m e n . Even
Last Wednesday, Senate appointed Nancy McGowan
new faculty member:; are invited to "get to know'' these organizations,
to fill the Junior vacancy in that esteemed body. This sings two songs three notes off key £ iternities serve buffet dinners to sorority girls. Sororities invite m e n
, . , . , , , ,
i . L . i
J : „ 4 . and is saved from being laughed ,for coffee at one o'clock. We understand t h a t there is a movement
editorial should not be construed as a crusade against off , h( . s c r e e n o n l y through the afloat to send Nelson a bid if he wins in November.
Miss McGowan, but rather in the way she rose to fame efforts of veteran actor Ray REORGANIZATION AND EARLY SORROW
"His eye is on the sparrow" and on the S e n a t e floor. Constitutional
and fortune. Wasn't there more than one person who was Waiston.
changes will be necessary to get Myskania to organize the freshman
qualified for the position? Oniy one name was brought DELAWARE
class once more. A publications board will probably be set up to be
up for the vacancy on Senate—and, incidentally, for lab movie
seen n othis
a n d -we
we know
t h - • s u r e t h e young U. H. Lawrences' remember to sign their own n a m e s
assistant in the mimeograph room.
bout it. P.S. T h e ad didn't not S. C. T.'.si to their publications.
True, this is only a temporary appointment but it hav< my pictures in it. So we say, EFFICIENT ENFORCEMENT?
We should like to issue a blanket warning to t h e frosh, and t h a t
should be pointed out that Miss McGowan will have an the Hell with it. If you want to sei warning
is: Beware oi the Seniors. You see, Seniors have special preobvious advantage over her opponents in the November ii t h a i - , your business.
rogatives, and some of these Seniors, indeed ourselves, shall issue w a r n replacement elections due to her appointment. Was it so Ed. Note: For tree autographed ings with amazing abandon, and for infractions other t h a n those termed
G e b h a r d t and Brabagclata rules. We shall issue warnings for:
momentous to the well-being of Senate that the office be pictures
write to Kapital Kapers, care of
1. Engaging m conversation groups on stairways, in hallways, and
filled immediately? We've had openings before and the this newspaper.
even in herds ol three.
Senate managed to struggle on.
2. Singing the School songs in such disagreeable voices and so willAnd one last question: upon reading the constitution
lully without a sense of propriety.
:i. Not doing the things that are forbidden you.
we find nothing under the duties and powers of Senate "
-1. Occupying O l ' R chairs in the cafeterias, the Commons, and t h e
that approximates this action—so where does the consti- QcU^L^PLliL&tLCr £iCL*l.A. Library, grouping so noisily and early on Dorm Field, and lor being
tutionality of this appointment rest 0
\^v*wrn>t*ri>iL>u>v<.u-tl>Q, freshmen in general.
We are coming to feel that freshmen should not be granted admisTo the Editor:
sion to this college, and we may, il provoked further, send you all packing
"Frosh Weekend", for most oi us A (OMEI)V OF ERRORS
freshmen was really great, thanks to
One of the disadvantages of being the mistress of cere- the
We witnessed, on Friday last, another of State's All College reviews,
counselors, I feel thai this weekmonies at an event you have chairmanned is the obvious end served its purposes ol intro- an.I we were rewarded with a truly magnificent performance T h a t
in the blue and white leotards was impressive; it is u n f o r t u n a t e
fact you can't congratulate yourself on the wonderful ducing u.s to upperclassmen. tradi- creature
i hat her lights wen- light in the places she wasn't. T h e dog act, not
job you did. This is unfortunately the case of Terry tions, and college life m general. quite brand new on Stale's stage, posed tin.' problem of deciding which
Thursday we came, most ol ol the Iwo principal performers had been trained for the act. Beyond
Kerwin who was chairman of the All-College Reception us"The"
were a little hesitant and very this, though, we hope to witness more pantomine and to hear more
last Saturday night. Naturally the State College News much ill awe over everything we
would not let this oversight go by for another minute. came up against.
The job Terry did was great -as was the show—and she Some nl us were fortunat-e enough I'OI.K
T h a t raw scar in 11out ol Draper shall soon lx' commercialized into
in have iiur bin sister or big brother
deserves a very hearty thank you for her fine job.
here in meet us a lew minutes after a parking lot exclusively I'm students Any faculty members caught
i iti- arrival. If he or she wasn't parking their ears there will have In make a public apology to t h e
here we were met by one ol the student bod\ ii,0 will be forced in drive away from OUR lot on allies.,
counselors and had our initial view tires.
ol college life.
The many welcomes we receive*.!
were impoi taut in helping us dispel
E S T A B L I S H E D MAY 1916
our lirsl qualms of being away Irom
To Connie Ohvio, Ainu
First Place CKPA
Second Place ACP Uave, and our woiidertul
September 2(i, 1958
No. 18 counselors. I say thanks lor making FRIDAY, SEI'I FMIJER :!ti
Vol X U I I
us I eel at home
i lii-il M . i i n l . i ' .
I HiII-•.(lay u i u l
Mc-mbers «[ Hit- Nfc'W.S
•1 DO p in Hivalo Uebate, Page Hall
1' 11 / i i . i l i l . k 1 ii l ill
/Mill 2 - 7 U 3 I ) .
(rum 7 l" II |J I" .ii 2 33211
Nora Junes
U -00 p.ill 1'ie i, lenl's Hecepllon, Brubacbei Lower Lounge
hi,.'.<:.,!.,- ilur
T h e uiKtci Hr.i'lu .l>- n • •'•
il,,NKW.S lluuril
l u r Hi,- H l m l i a i l
imbluhti'l tvury Krlduy "I
To the lulltor:
1) Ul) p i n . Beanie Ball, Bruoai her Uiinng Room
This is a r e s o l u t i o n p a s s e d Ijj
7 30 p i n . 1) .V A tryoalb lor Tiger at the (.ate, Richardson
Senate 27-0, Wednesday niglit.
M.m.iiiliis Editor
One to the long lines hours ol WEDNESDAY, OC TOHER 1
Uieliii-xi, AdvcrlUliii Editor
< \1|U)I.
1 no p.m. Sir Leslie Monro speaks, Page Hall.
AitDiH'Utr Editor walling, and t h e general contusion
l l . V V i n IKI.I)>IA.N
•I 00 p i n Margaret Stewart, Assistant Professor of Biology .peaks,
MAIUT J K . V I O I T M l . s l S
AsNOultitt Editor that existed in the book line this
llu. led 100,
,V&MJI'l.tll Editor
Assm-Uti- Editor year, we, the member-, ol Student
7 30 p i n . U ,V A tryouis, Richardson 2!U.
JAMES Milll'Cill
.IsMiriutt* Editor Senate, strongly recommend t h a t in
M.IZAHKTI! SI'I'.M I K,- Editor Die tuture, books be sold in some THURSDAY, Ol TOHER 2
7 00 p.m Soroiitj o p e n Houses. Chi bigina Thelu Kntpim Delta, Sigma
;in il
JOHN <jl l l l l i
' " ">"1 ' 'l'( : wU u u l U H ; ' " " l » , 'luring
lli-Ulhiiih Editor
Alpha. Sigma Phi Sigma
Co-Spur tu Editor
' '"'
''".VS ol school
C o - S u o i l . Editor
7 30 L E O presents Open oily," Uniper 34y
We lurtlier recommend that conKOIU U T KAMTJ
( o n null ant
S p o r U •odltoi slderutlon be given to the idea ol
I RID.AY Ol"I'OItl It 3
I In ul.illiai i:xi li.uiji,. Edllo
using the Commons lor t h e
7:0,) p.m. Sorority Open Hon es, Oa.uma Kappa, Phi, P s | (ium.ila, Beta
i-iioioi.uveiiv "
l ' l i - I cillusc I'lioto Sorvli/ e t a , Phi Delta
of selling books during the first two
A., , en,,,, u'.luli . .-.Iiu'i
u-t uc- Mum,-.-, oi three days ol school''
a mediocre movie. T h e story is
about baseball and T a b Hunter
should have been benched before t h e
picture even started. He mouths
his way through some good jokes,
Something New . . .
Something Nice . . .
College Calendar
/. . . , Ill- A . l l . r l l l </l, I I'llUl: t
! lit i l j i U . ' i l l ' , i o . ; m - . - , ,,;,'. II II .
i n II . . < • ! . 1 / t u l l e I I1 , H u W i
l a t S ' l A l K VOLUME
NfWH . • nun-.-, no r»i>|ioii>>lullily
lolijiiin., i/i i-'iiiimuiil iiliuii, ,i
Mi, i, i.-ji|)n:.-.M<)ie, du IMII
I'resiiienl <»f Student Asstx ialion.
IFG Presents Satirist Speaks Of Wisdom;
'Open City!
Proffers A Vengeful Frog
Lists Schedules
i d e a t h a t i n O r d e r f o r i t t o b e s u c c e s s f u l t h e p o l i t i c a l b i g - stirring civil war drama stars Alec
W i g s S h o u l d d o t h e i r p r a c t i c e t e a c h i n g t h i r d 01' f o u r t h Guinness as R h e t Butler, with Wil-
to the freshmen who attended the government convocation
last week that there were some people of prominence missing from the ranks. The blithe explanation given was
t h a t these officers were off to pre-student-teaching conferences and were about to embark to points unknown the
following day. Cabinet was perhaps the most poorly represented group there since it consisted of two people where
once there were ten. With about five cabinet members
gone this quarter
it looks as if our meetings are going
Let's face it gang—this paper doesn't
And so it was decided by the elders that January-to- deserve us.
January elections (held in February incidentally) would M A O I S O N
solve this problem. Of course, implicit in this plan is the B r i ( l g e o n
FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 2 6 . 1 9 5 8
On J u n e 16 a t 10 a.m. t h e T. S.
Empire S t a t e I I I embarked on its
a n n u a l training voyage into t h e
great unknown. Aboard t h e ship
were 450 cadets, fifty crew members,
and ten guest s t u d e n t s from t h e different
around New York State, yours truly
being one of t h e latter, representing
Albany State.
We, meaning the ten special students, were chosen by m e a n s of a n
essay contest and other qualifying
requirements to represent our r e spective colleges. While on t h e ship
we would live witli t h e cadets a n d
work with them while they were
performing the duties necessary for
Lie upkeep of the ship.
AIL r the last goodbye was sounded, we settled down to t h e duties
a' hand We had a meeting with
the executive officer and f was a s signed to Division II, Section I of
the deck crew. This m e a n t I would
be painting, scrubbing decks, coiling rope and performing m a n y other
After spending three hectic sailing days- which included a little
work, a Utile play and a lot of sea
sickness we finally arrived in B e r A student irom Plaltsburg S t a t e
and myself left the ship in t h e Utile city of St. George on T h u r s d a y ,
J u n e io, and caught a cab to Hatnillon, Bermuda.
Being Thursday, all t h e stores
and schools were closed. I t is very
similar to our Saturday. Cars a r e
very small h e r e ; lhe speed limit is
Ped Requests
Senior Proofs
'I lie Pedagogue is requesting t h a t
final a r r a n g e m e n t s concerning pictures lor t h e yearbook be taken
care of.
All Seniors who have not h a d
their pictures taken lor t h e PJ5S)
issue are asked to contact Teresa
Kirwiii '(>;), through S t u d e n t Mail.
Schedules ol classes should be
iiic.udi d m the note in order thai
an appointment may be made.
Those Senior.-, who were photographed, bill who have not returned
their prools a r e a^Kcd lo bring 111.'
prools to t h e r-'rumkin Studio i i
i.entral Avenue
sorority Fledges
Miss Kerwin n quests t h a t any
ill'lS who were p.e.i eil lo sororities
after sorority composite pictures
were taken, ami would like their
pictures included with tin' sorority's,
also contact her through Student
Tlie Pedagogue
The Pedagogue appears each year
in lhe Spring Willi various segments
ol lilt' around t h e eallipUS. II operates as a student project a n d is s u p pin ted by lhe student activity lee
The purpose ol lhe book ls expiessed a a desire "to present a
true picture ol Lie school year."
II also call pi o\ ale valuable e x p e n i n e e l o 111! H i e l e a l IllTS W h o tllll.V b e
railed upon to ail as advisors to
high seiiool annuals
Biology In Europe
Highlights Speech
Margaret .Stewart. Assistant P r o lessor ol Biology, will give a talk
,.n lhe highlight-, ol her vacation
ol biological interest ln Europe d u r ing tlie summer I Ins talk Will be
,,l particular lo those Students who are associated with bln.ogy ol liny ol lhe biological sciences Also included m Hie program
will he a IS minute movie having
:,oiiie biological significance
The meeting will fake place in
Busted 100, Wednesday afternoon.
al 1 j) m All lreshmeii are welcome.
"One time," said Uncle R e m u s - de vengeful frog. Now d o n ' you go
adjusting and laying aside his S t a t e roun' tellin' dis to evryone, cuz a h
College News (Sept. 19, 1958)—"one don' know fer c e r t a i n d a t it's true,
thirty miles per hour; and they
time, way back yander, To you wuz but anyways, dat's w h u t Ah wuz
drive on t h e left h a n d side of t h e
homed, honey, 'fo enny u n us wuz told."
horned, all de creeturs romed de
"Did all of t h e new frogs t a k e
Friday we rented a cab a n d took
woiT and wuz happy as catfishes. their h u r t s to h e a r t a n d grow up
a tour of the island. We saw such
All of d e m wuz happy, d a t is, chile, vengeful?" asked t h e boy.
famous spots as Elbow Beach, t h e
'ceptin' one."
Uncle Retnus looked out from u n St. George Hotel, Fort S t . C a t h e r "Who was that, Ur.cile R e m u s ? " der his spectacles a t t h e eager a n d
ine, t h e Devil's Hole a n d many other
able new freshman a n d said, "Le's
asked t h e boy.
interesting places.
'Why d a t . honey-chile, wuz a hope not, son, le's hope n o t ! "
Bermuda's only means of acquir111' frog what's n a m e wuz Peter. You
ing fresh water is through its rainsiv, Peter a n ' 6,208 other lil' frogs
f.ill. T h e roofs on t h e houses are
i41,884 female, 12,338 male, and 7
m a d e in a stair-like formation and
misc. i all lived in a great big p u d oated with lime for purification.
die a n ' dey wuz all happy dere 'Ul
T h e rain water is then collected off
one day dis big bear come 'long a n d
toe roofs by m e a n s of troughs and
bv axii.ent done slept on Peter's toe.
stored until needed.
Now dis bear didn't m e a n to do no
h a r m to no one, but Peter wuz h u r t
The ship left Bermuda on J u n e 21,
anyways. So on account of he wuz
and we arrived m Belfast, Ireland
so small, he didn't tell no one about
on July 3. Tom, the boy I was
nis hurt a n ' kept it all in hisself, G. Bulletin Board regulations:
lraveling with, and I left t h e ship
1. All organizations are r r p o n an,! he waited and waited."
al 2 p.m. and thus began t h e I'ulsible for t h e i r own material on
• What happened t h e n ? " asked t h e
liL'.ntnt of a dream we never
the boards.
thought would come true. We were
2. If a n y organization wishes to
• Ah wuz jes' comin' to dat, chile.
out lo see Europe, and it was up to
change the position or size of
Well, alter three years of keepin'
u i to make the best of it.
a board, permission must be
dis hurt inside hisself a n ' pretendin'
We strolled around Belfast and
obtained from t h e G r a n d Mardat done happened, his fairy godthen caught a steamer to Glasgow,
mother came a n d turned Peter
Scotland later in the evening. T h e
3. Campus Commission will superinter a bear. Now dis frog-turnedsteamer docked in Glasgow at six
vise t h e I F C & ISC, Rides, and
b i a r wuz a vengeful one a n ' when
in tlie morning and we proceeded to
S t u d e n t Exchange a n d H o n he see'd d a l h e wuz a bear, he d e look around. T h e night before the
oraries boards.
cided to git even fo' did h u r t he
Queen had been there and the
a. All notices must be on a
gotten 3 years befo'! So he r u n over
place was in somewhat of a tur3" x 5" or 4" x 6" card.
to de great big puddle a n ' jumps
moil. It is strictly an industrial city
b. S t u d e n t Exchange notices
on in a n ' commences lo t h r a s h
with very little historical value confor t h e sale of books are
about, all de time rationalizin' to
nected with it.
not to be posted while t h e
hisself dat he wuz doin' dis to keep
Book Exchange is in operall he new frogs on dere toes,
At 2 p.m. we left lor Edinburgh.
i Which he didn't have ta do anythe capitol of Scotland. When we
ways, cuz de new frogs wuz already
4. Campus Commission reserves
arrived, we set up residence in t h e
en dere Iocs! I
tlie right to supervise all boards.
10 al YMCA for $1.12, or 8 shillings,
So bimeby he niaiiged to step on H. Assembly regulations:
a night plus breakfast. Tlie food is
the feets ol all de new frogs inde
1. Notices will be placed or. Page
{datively inexpensive in t h e United i F r i i i . e e i
puddle a n ' oen he went away conHall entrances during convocaKingdom and also very good.
April 9- -Odd Man Out i British <
tent. An' dat, chile, is de story ot
April 2 3 - D u c k Soup I U . S . I
After eating supper a t tlie local
2. Out of common courtesy, do not
5 and 10, (Woolworth's to be exact),
cross the back of Page Hall
we took a walk around the city a n d Senate:
while an assembly Ls in progress.
later m the evening went to hear
a band performance m t h e park.
1. Students shall conduct t h e m The next morning we took a tour
selves in a m a n n e r befitting a
of t h e city and managed to get a
college student.
glimpse ol Lie Queen who was in
2. No books or rubbish are to be
residence to open up t h e Edinburgh
left lying around locker rooms,
holiday season. We visited Edinand no wearing apparel or
burgh Castle, the Palace of Holybooks are to be left in Comroodhouse where the Queen was
mons, Lounge, or Cafeteria or
Senate officially met direction of Myskania r a t h e r t h a n
St. (iiles
C u t h e d r a 1 Wednesday evening a t 7:3;l p . m . the President ol t h e Junior Class as
halls. All material found will
and lhe famous Princess Street, con- although a lew Senators jumped lhe is presently lhe case.
be placed in Lost & Found.
sidered Lo be t h e most beautiful
3. There shall be no eating in any
The other bi I contained:
street in t h e world also tlie most
part of t h e school building ex1. Creation of a publication coinlhe invited few, t h a t is!
exp; nsive.
cept in the Cafeteria and in t h e
mitlee lor the purpose of reviewNew Appointment
Commons as stated in C - l .
ing content and organization of
O i Sunday we bid farewell to
First on tlie agenda was the a p 4. Willful destruction of property
Edinburgh and caught a bus for
publications on campus.
proval of Nancy McGowan '60 to
is prohibited.
1. iiulon. a city of cities.
2. T h e bringing of Ouling Club,
lill a va ancy as Senator from that
5. Tables in the halls may be used
i To be colli inie-d next week i
class. New Senator New Spirit
only with t h e permission of the
More Ash Trays . . . Seriou-ly. the jurisdiction of the physical eduG r a n d Marshall or Hall Chair,
though, congratulations, Nancy We
know you'll do a fine job.
6. Smoking is allowed in al! halls
S e n a t e then went on to refer a n
having concrete floor with t h e
First Reading of Bills
appropriation from s u r o l u , a m o u n t exception of Page Hall, first
Next, lliree bills were presented ing to S41 IJIi for the College H a n d floor of Draper, Hawley Library
m their first reading. AH will be book to us Finance Committee.
and Hlisted.
referred to committees and brought Seems il cost more t h a n expected
7. Smoking restrictions will be r e back lo Senate next week lor con- but more informed frosh require
applied if cigarettes, matches,
bigger and belter hand-books, you
etc., are found on the floors or
The lirsl dealt with a change m know!
students misuse the privilege.
lhe Student Association ConstituWilliam G a r d n e r all President ol tion calling for t h e or-'anizalion of Resolution To Recommend
Dramatics and Arts Council, a n - lhe freshman class being under the
Due lo the inefficiency resulting
Three warnings within a semester
nounces t h a i Slate College T h e a t r e
from the purchase of books, Senate with t h e exception of t h e poster
will present lhe lust major propassed a resolution to recommend penalties will, in the case of any
to the administration a n d l h e Co-op individual, result in the removal of
duction ol t h e lOaK-ai) seasos on
manager thai a more effective a selected activity from tlie student
November 7 and H. at 8:3.) p.m m
method be looked into. Ii was n i g - tax card. In t h e case of organizaPage Hall. T h e olay. Tiger a t the
gested that the Commons be con- tions, after three warnings, Campus
l i a t c , will be directed by J a r k a
sidered as lhe location foi1 selling Commission will review t h e record
Durum, Assistant Professor of Engthem. So into the Commons go and t h e penalty will be left to t h e
Slide's Outing Club is planning a books oui of the Commons come discretion of Campus Commission,
Broadway Success
and within t h e jurisdiction ol C a m canoe trip to Fish Creek Pond in ' o n know who!
This plav, which was written by eoiiiunction Willi the Biology Club. Appointments
pus Commission.
J e a n tiirnudoux, and translated by October 3 to 5.
Warnin ;s will be sent t h r o u g h
On the technical side. Senate a p Christopher l'T\, had a silceesslul
student mail and may be appealed.
year's run mi Broadway is 1955-50. Faculty I'liaperonage
Charlotte Miers '59, President Bachinan 59 as lab assistant in tlie
11 is a willy comedy about the
t h a t members ol the lillineo loom John Yager, lhe Presie , .its leadin ; i i lo the Trojan
ilnl ol SA, also announced lhe
surve as chaperones lor appointment of (trace Ellgels as
War. and concerns t h e eltorts of
inHector, lhe Trojan hero, lo avert
editor ol the Student Directory for
terested is welcome lo attend
li e ail 'IT of lhe ( h e c k s
lhe current school year
Permission Necessary
Catherine Antonucci '60, a n n o u n Mem' ers Of Cast
Undergraduate girls must receive Announcements
Many and varied l a c e s ol stu- ces t h a t the Social Calendar for t h e
I'le ie are t weiil y-1 our number., wriiten permission from their paryear 1958-1959 lias been completed.
in the ca -I seventeen men, nil.I ents for tlie weekend in order lo dent activities were b r o i u l u under Those wishing to have a social event
seven women Among the characters allend.
s 'iiis that parking for S t a t e students placed in t h e Calendar must see
II-e llc'en ol Troy, Ulysses, Paris, lilt! I'OSt
will soon he enforced by the use oi Miss Antoipicoi before f|l)ll)U cards
Ajax, Cassasdia. and Andromache
The cost ol the trip Will be shared : I a k e r s m t h e near future .
pr asserting any date.
by everyone who goes oil the IITp
opep houses will remain as sched/Lo,
are the sevenScripts On It itsrvt
i i lhe Campsite.
and any PUSH house which has
Tryuiils will take place on TuesThose who would like to sign up
previously beun cancelled will nql
day and Wednesday from 7:30 t i lor this outing may do so op t h e
be rescheduled,
!) p m in Hi, hardsoii 201 All stu- CuLng Club bulletin board in the they seem to have gotten lost
lliu\be they're on the seoiui floor of
dents of S l a t e College a r e urged lo peristyle of Lower Draper.
Office makes out the Calendar from
For further and more complete school somewhere?
come to Hie tryout.s. Copies ol the
Hie f l e d cards, it 1« necessary t h a t
script will be on reserve in the information, anyone may contact slips?
they be filed Immediately,
Miss Miers through Student Mail
library todas through Tuesday.
Film Footnotes
The International Film Group
opened it's fall program last week
with a double showing of "Genevieve." This unexpected "double
feature" was necessitated by an
error in t h e distributor's schedule.
All films on I.F.G.'s Friday schedule
were incorrectly entered for 1958-9
by t h e ordering d e p a r t m e n t . F u b licty on this series of popular American films will be released as soon
as the schedule is confirmed. T h e r e
may be changes in the list as
announced last spring and these
changes will be fully publicized in
Foreign Films
This season's schedule of foreign
films to be shown on alternate
Thursday evenings in Draper 349
Beverly J. R a h n '59 this year's president of I.F.G. states, " T h e group
has selected t h e finest films available to us this season and is looking
forward to its most successful year."
Next Thursday at 7:30 p.m. "Open
City" will be presented. Oilier a t tractions a r e :
Oct. 2—Open City i Italy i
Oct. PL Drole de D r a m a i F r e n c h i
Oct. 3.' - Q u e Viva Mexico i Russian i
Nov. 13 Uge'su i J a p a n '
Dec. 1 Magic House 'Russiani
J a n . H Ninotchka (U.S.i
Feb. 5 Alexander Nevsky iRu-s
Feb. 19 -Murderers Among Us
i German >
Mar. 5
Dream ilJ.S.i
Mar. 19—Beauty and the Beast
States Rules,
Lists Penalties
Senate Presents Three Bills;
Gives AppropriationToHand book
College Theatre
To Present First
Play Nov. 7, 8
Outing Club
Plans Picnic
Chairman Finishes
Social Calendar
FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 2 6 . 1 9 5 8
Testing Service
Reports Dotes
For Law Exam
T h e Educational Testing Service's
Law School Admission Tests will be
given four times (his year a t more
t h a n one hundred centers throughout the United Sl.ites on the m o r n ings of November 8, February 21,
April 18, and Augist 1.
Candidates must make separate
application fcr admission to each
law school of his choice and should
•n line of each whether it wishes
him to take the Admission Test and
when. Usually, candidates for admission to next year's class are ad\ isad to take either the November
or the February test.
i r formation
t h e Admission Te.-.t leatures objective questions measuring verbal
r a t h e r t h a n acquired information.
S. mple questions and information
leg.irding registration for and administration of the test are given
in a Bulletin of Information.
T h e members of Sigma Alpha sorority are now installed in their G r a d u a t e Examinations
new house a t 283 Western Avenue.
T h e Service also administers tests are required of applicants for
S i g m a L a m b d a Sigma
G a m m a K a p p a Phi
admission to a number of graduate
Sigma Lambda Sigma fraternity s.hools. It will be given on NovemJ o a n Anderson '59, President, a n nounces t h a t the G a m m a K a p p a Phi will hold a date party tomorrow at ber 15, J a n u a r y 17, April 25. and
Park, announces
J o h n July 11.
J u n i o r s will hold a party for the T h a c h e r
Monday. Mugs
are C . c c a V;9, President. Arnold R o t h Again, the candidates should instein 'fc'C, Vice-President, is G e n reauired!
t uire of the school of his choice
eral C h a i r m a n for the event.
B e t a Zeta
which of the exams he should take
Shirley McGuirl '61 was elected Alpha Pi Alpha
and when.
Alpha Pi Alpha fraternity will
Sports Captain, announces Theresa
move into its newly
purchased Registration
Vitale '59, President.
1: JUS < at 135 South Lake Avenue,
A Bulletin of Information and
Sigma Alpha
Sigma Alpha sorority has recently according to F r a n k K; ivo 'CO. Presi- legistration procedures for the tests
moved into its new residence at 283 dent. S i i u e meals will not be served may be obtained from Educational
Western Avenue, according to Irene until the second semester, tliere will Testing Service, 20 Nassau Street,
be living conditions for 32 men.
Princeton, New Jersey.
Pcgonowski '59, President.
<7/te OuUide WMd
By The Bystander
Universities and colleges throughout the world are frequently refcricd to as 'ivory towers," institutions
where a person may find refuge
from the hustle a n d bustle of the
world about him, and devote four
or more years of his existence to a
study of the ancients and the masters of knowledge.
Note Alliteration
Delving deeply into his studies,
our world-shunner frequently loses
s k h t i.i ti.e i i a i.y beyond t..e wails
of Draper. This is where tlii; particular column enters the coUegiate
p.cture at State. It is our intention
to break away fro.n the frequent
sti.dlous atmosphere at the college
—to climb clown from our "ivory
t , u \ . ' , so t speak, and to take a
quick glance at the world about us.
However, the intention of "The
Outside World" should not be misconstrued. We do not plan to serve
as a Stale College Time magazine:
lather, we intend to discuss some
. f the news behind the news some
of th ' world's happenings which do
not iiui.e the front pages of the
n.ore literate newspapers.
i n e Intention
At times we hope to amuse you.
Sauers Announces
Lockers Available
end at times we hope to raise your
i . j enough so t h a t you will per. a p . C.'* wJ,^na with us via t h e
editor's mailbox. No a t t e m p t s h a d
be m a d e on this writer's side of t h e
page to shield personal opinion, a n d
we shall expect criticism—pro a n d
Garciamen Face FDU In Bleecker Opener Tomorrow;
Rookies, Promising Freshmen Replace Lost Veterans
""•[ CPU'. 1 3 I 1*1. ,'21 ,i-i»» i; !
A light workout is expecte I to
mark the final day of preseason
practice this afternoon as the Peds
prepare for their 2:30 p.m. opener
at Bleecker S t a d i u m against F a r lei h Dickinson tomorrow
Facing the team that beat them
by a 2-1 score last year, coach J o :
V7( 11, <'m mechanics are explained.
D i ciin i down from your ivory towe HL-.-.t ri'idav morning for a peek
i: La: ' O u t s i d e World."
Music Groups
Need Singers
Tne Music D e p a r t m e n t of S t a t e
C > h:6e announces that it needs
migcrs for some of its groups.
The Women's Chorus will meet
.•'• onday and T h u r s d a y at noon;
th • Collegiate Singers, Wednesday
Richard J. S U I T S . Assistant Pro- . nd Friday at noon.
l'esser of Phy.ii al Education, a n il' -iice.i that tnere aic a number .-talesmen and Choralettes
of lockers now avail ible for both
/ , n . o n e who is interested in singmen and women.
.iM with the S t a t e s m e n or C h o r a l Tlio e studem , wh i arc without i LLC3 IS asked to contact Karl A. B.
locker facilities and wish l:> rent i i Tson, Associate Professor
tr.em . !i Ju 1.1 contact Sauces during Music, in Richardson 390. or attend
1 c IT hours Wednesday mornings ;cieae.-als. T h e Statesmen rehearse
;: :ir. 13 a in. U, 12 noon. The locker lucsday evenings at 7:30 and the
Choralettes Tuesday at noon.
i. lit ,1 f c is $2.C0.
Squad Shows New Strength
As lor my anonymity, call it egotism if you desire. T h e r e is no a c ,u:.'.,.n lor it. A few of you,
n a -lip of the tongue (or
., , a ready know my identity.
. . . t , . a t\ it your information as a
. euet between us—at least for two
oi there more columns.
Horse Sense
«**.*£ '•":
RACE VA FOR T H I S ONE: Lou Delsignore, Oils Tillman a n d Hank Boehninj;, beginning their final
year of varsity soccer, r o m p across Bleeker Field in anticipation of tomorrow's opener.
KB Battles For
League Laurels
As the AMIA football league swings into lull gear on
Monday, Kappa Beta will again assume their perennial
role as spoilers. This year, however, they appear to have
a much stronger team and Captain Phil Shepherd has
assured this writer that KB will cause plenty of trouble
especially for defending champions, Potter Club.
Returning backfield men, Tony Corcella and Bump
LaValle, will make up the nucleus of the team. Bill Hohn
and Garry Lynch are being counted on to fill the two
halfback slots and Shervvin Bowen will be operating from
one of the wing positions along with John Eckelman. The
middle of the line will be filled in by Steve Hoover, Phil
Shepherd and Jerry Mitchell while the defensive team will
be bolstered by Joe Gilbert, George McGaughey and Tom
Rourke. Although this team will be rather weak in reserve
strength, they are sure to carry away many laurels.
From The Sports Desk: Soccer, off-campus teaching
and a number of misplaced houses are hampering APA
this season. These reasons and the loss of 7 of last year's
starting 9 has left doubt in many minds as to whether
APA can field a strong team in the AMIA league where
they are usually championship contenders. . . Look for
2 or 3 Bluejays in the starting line-up for the varsity
soccer team tomorrow. .
Support the Peds.
53 N. Lake Ave.
Near Washington Ave
We Aim To Please
'Twas the night before the
trots and all through the pub
not a bookie was betting on a
IK r e t h a t would flub. T h e barflys were h u n ° by their Hedrick with care in hones that a
winner would soon be there.
Man, now there's some square
jibe! B u t speaking of square*,
I've been told t h a t about a cool
quintet of geometric figures is
liguring to invade the premises
up here at Saratoga tomorrownight and it's enough to cool mv
oat bucket. Probably will cool
their bread baskets, too. CanT
see why they don't stay at State
and stand in book lines instead
of standing in front of the two
dollar window. These intellects
are supposed to have more
brains t h a n the average "books,"
but t h e n they may be reilly
lucky. Tell you more about il
next week after their day at the
track. Hope they don't bet on
me, man, I'm a real loser!
Sauers Summons
Diamond Talent
From This Vantage Point:
Drug Co.
!17 Western Ave.
An innovation in the Ped sports
scene this year came about as the
fall scene was marked by the sound
of bats and balls smacking in mitt-,
and gloves m Bleecker Stadium.
The reason lor the sudden turn to
spring .-ports was the first oi what
coach Dick Sauers hopes will become an a n n u a l week of fall baseball practice.
Aimed mainly a' the freshman or
upperclassmen without playing experience, it provides an opportunity
for Ped Baseball coach Dick Sauers
to look over the material that will
greet him in t h e spring.
Garcia's golden boys wi 1 take t h e
Held with a highly revamped lineup. Gone from the backfield will b3
All-American Carl Maxson and injured Merle Miller; from t h e lin.',
the Peds loose Bobby Backer a n d
Warren D u n h a m . Paul D a m m e r , an
other backfield m a n . will also be
missed by everybody but t h e opposition.
I'pperclas.sman shine
There are some freshmen to m a k e
up for this, however, and a pair of
upper classmen who stood cut in a
scrimmage last week. Lou Wolner,
a sophomore from Homer, New
York, h a s shows the effect oi p r a c tice a n d h a s strong possibilities oi
m.iking his presence felt on the
field. Marty Borko m a d e some good
plays in t h a t game and as t h e Ped
attack clicked Frank Fallace came
on witli a n as i t on a goal scored
by Ed Koubeck. Ed is a senior who
comes from Long Island with F a l lace. a sophomore who also lives on
the sandbar.
Playing most of the scrinima e
game was a freshman, Dan Huif.
and along witli him. Russ G e r t s e n berger and Fran/.
Either or both ma\ be m the s t a r t ing lineup tomorrow
Giving Kuff competition for ih •
wing spot may be Dave C o l b r r n .
who showed some good play in the
same scrimmage. T h e frosh Acre
backed in the game by the ex •• e ence of such men as Lou Dclsi i ere.
a back who. along with Gus ' M i lium, co-captains the team.
No full refunds on Text Books will be made
after Wednesday, October 1, 1958.
Albany, N. V.
Phone (i-:i«10
— 1YJKAL Tit K i n s —
$5.50 value for $5.00
Good Only After W P.M.
209 Central Avenue
You MUST have the adding machine tape
AND your cash register receipt in order to obtain a refund.
Books which show excessive use or have been
written in will be accepted for return ONLY at
Catalogue Used Book prices.
Clothes Driers
Molding Hooks
Study Lamps
Contact Paper
Qvei'-the-Door Hungers
Special Discount for s t a t e I mictions
313 Central Avenue
ejuoa Liuaeri & Mveitu TOBACCO Co.
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 6 . 1 9 5 8
»«l"w <J"«II Street
The Co-op wishes to take this opporunity to
THANK YOU for your patience and cooperation
during the book rush.
Financial Crises
T o say there were numerous financial crises is no exaggeration, for
it is on record t h a t on one occasion, both Rossellini a n d M a g n a n i
sold all their clothes in order to
carry on production a few more
T h e film deals with Italy during
the days of G e r m a n occupation in
World War I I . Nearly all scenes
were shot on actual location with
only Gestapo h e a d q u a r t e r s fictionali.ed. Graphic in its depiction of
torture scenes, OPEN CITY balances
i t ; tragedy with comedy in illustrati n ; everyday life in occupied Italy.
.Umosphere Of Rome
This was t h e first movie made in
liberated Italy a n d it h a d only one
purpose—to recapture as faithfully
as possible t h e atmosphere a n d incidents of Rome during G e r m a n oct u p a t i o n with special emphasis on
T h e first meeting of C a n t e r b u r y
t h e work of t h e Italian Resistance, c l u b took place last Sunday night
a t St. Andrew's Episcopal Church,
T h e picture stars Manfredi as t h e Marked by t h e largest turnout in
resistance leader, with A n n a M a g - the history of the club, t h e evennani as his fiery betrothed. T h e ing's activities took place under the
sensitive role of t h e frightened priest able leadership of William Turnbull.
who encourages others is h a n d l e d by
Featured were a supper an evenA!do Fabizi. Harry Feist tackles ing prayer service, a n d the first in
the role of t h e sadistic Gestapo a series of discussions on love a n d
marriage, led by t h e Club's advisor,
the Rev. Ralph Carmichael. After
s us
- ' c Important
the discussion, an informal social
Music plays a significant p a r t by hour
took place in order to acquaint
its very sparseness and was eompos- the new members with everyone.
ed by Rossellini's brother, Renzo.
Canterbury Club is open to all
This a n d other technical devices Episcopal college students, a n d all
m a r k OPEN CITY as a milestone in others who are interested. Last week
Italian cinema, and t h e film is said the meeting was enlightened by the
t.i have set the tone to future movie presence oi two foreign students.
production in Italy for many years. Methodist Students Will Meet
T h e first meeting of Trinity Fel, s U g r e a , i s m T h j s d r a m b a t l c a n d lowship will take place a t (i p.m. this
poignant episode seems but a brief Sunday evening a t Trinity Methodextract from the characters' corn- ist Church. Everyone who is interested is cordially invited to attend.
plete lives.
An Zye OH "Ike, GanwU
By J O H N Q U I R K
. . . Booklines a n d general disAll is not lost, though. T h e excrder . . . professors returning with hibit will adorn t h e walls of t h e
a new slant for t h e aged students gallery until October 17.
. a flurry of pink slips by the L a u r e | s
conditioned upperclassmen a n d the
Mr. H a r r y Lane, whose works a r e
cretin-like eyes of 768 new faces on on display, is an artist of n a t i o n s
campus. Yes, it h a s been a pretty r e k n o w n a n d i s p r e s e n t l y residing
mixed-up week for all of us.
in S t a t e Line, Massachusetts. He is
AND YET . . . one of t h e few o p - represented in t h e p e r m a n e n t colportunities for intellectual a n d vi- lections of t h e Metropolitan M u sual
was seemingly seum, the Worcester Museum, t h e
scorned earlier in the week. It was Boston Fine Arts Museum, as well
the reopening of the S t a t e College a s the Berkshire Museum in P i t t s Art Gallery.
field. Murals by Mr. Lane a r e loAn excellent show consisting of cated in Port W a s h i n g t o n , New
a n d Oakdale, Louisiana. He
e j g n t 0 J I paintings a n d two pencil York
- . . and
. _Paris,
sketches opened for t h e first time 1 as studied in -Munich
this past Monday between the hours
With an eye to the above achieveof 3 and 5 p.m. I n addition to the ments a n d t h e excellent qualities of
show, the students and faculty had the works now being shown, it's a
the opportunity to p a r t a k e of a must t h a t students a n d faculty alike
frosty cool punch and a delectable get over to t h e gallery to see Mr.
Lane's work.
repast of canapes.
Artist Present
And on hand for the gala affair
was the artist himself. But where
were the people? . . . Booklines? . . .
P.nk s ips? . . . Professors?
See the Chevy Show, Sunday night on NBC-TV and the weekly C
Air conditioning—temperatures made to order. Get a demonslra:
You'll find t h a t while Mr. Lane
paints representationally, his u n i que technique with his paint a p p.ications and the textural delicacy
he creates imbue his work with t h a t
structural a n d eye appealing .something t h a t we find so lacking in
m a n y of our contemporaries.
His choice of scenes and t h e a r tistic license he uses to a d v a n t a g e
gives many of his works a ' h a u n t ing u n n a t u r a l quality," exciting the
mind's eye and leaving t h e viewer
with extremely positive feelings for
his works.
A debt of gratitude i.s owed to
Messrs. Lane a n d Cowley. To the
former, our t h a n k s for iiis generosity in giving the college t h e opportunity to display such a fine group
of works.
And to Mr. Cowley, many t h a n k s
for his efforts in procuring the
show a n d t a k i n g t h e poor initial a t tendance in his stride. It was a bad
wee!; m many respects.
Open Saturday
Youll get the best bug on Americas best seller!t
9:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.
This new Chevrolet is attracting a bigger share of America's passenger car buyers than over before
. . . and for bigger- than-ever reasons. It's the only honest-to-goodness new car in its field. New
throughout! Yet in many models it's actually the lowest priced of the leading low-priced three/"
HE N O . l v
F i v e to choose, from
— including" t h e
lowest priced 9-passenger model you
can buy!*
y :
y :
¥ :
There' s a ehinre of Jive
h i u, h -'• II III /> 1 e s s ion
Chevy \ H\!
ant'i:;ri;,!a;lrs; 11
tlie l i n p a l a C o n v e r t -
j I
. , i n '
I I A I > 1- l i w l l
/ c
Chevy's «JLJ§) sells like nobody else's
l,h III, „„,J Hi lilm
ill' 1/(1.-'
ij, I
ll jl
DIAL 4-1125
/•'.' urn II •iilr Hi, in,i I mil "f a
College Florist for Years
, ill, II pi rkl „,.-.< Hull ,!<„• Hi, „i pin, 1,1.
*Basod on liit pricei.
Fraternity Jewelry
See your local authorized Chevrolet dealer for quick appraisal—prompt delivery! S* ;;;;fA"D
Senate Defeats AmendmentSets Up Publications Board
S t u d e n t Senate m e t promptly a t
7:34 p.m. Wednesday evening. All
S e n a t o r s were there—new S e n a t o r
was there, and oh, yes, Myskania
was also there.
Third Reading Bills
A bill calling for a constitutional
change of t h e freshman class under
the direction of Myskania r a t h e r
t h a n leaving it a t t h e discretion of
the J u n i o r class President was d e feated 16-12. as it d e m a n d s a vote
of 19 for passage. T h e S e n a t o r s
realized t h a t they are devoid of
clairvoyant powers, so they a r e r e signing themselves to changelessness for t h e time being.
A second bill requiring a committee comnosed of students a n d
faculty members to review publications of the College was passed.
Also, t h e bill to bring equipment
of AMIA, WAA a n d Outing Club
under t h e authority of the Physical
Education D e p a r t m e n t was u n a n i mously passed. However, Outing
Club is still out in t h e cold- frozen
budget, t h a t is.
Handbook Appropriation
T h e appropriation of $41.96 for
t h e handbook was also approved by
the absent finance committee which
met last week.
First on the a n n o u n c e m e n t s was
t h a t due to such a packed social
calendar, Senate would not go to
Dippikill this S a t u r d a y as was previously planned.
Open Houses, parties, Rivalry,
parties, dances, parties, have not left
time for Difpi-killing! Oh. yes, it
was the Senate who decided . . .
wasn't it?
Other thoughts for the evening
included ways to keep t h e Minister
of Culture bus;-, a n d t h e s t a t u s of
the Faculty Student Corporation.
It appears t h a t if you p u t money in
the juke box run by this corporation you may be contributing toward a group house fund. But—
nowadays, houses are almost as expensive as hotels!
Proposition from Union
Ro Walsh reported on a n offer
from the director of Union College
closed radio circuit. T h e station,
WRUC would like to have some
State College talent with it. This
should menu good public relations,
so if . ou want to go to Union just
come along with us. . . .
Myskanlna Decision
it was brought out t h a t Myskania
feels t h e a p p o i n t m e n t of the new
Senator unconstitutional. Does it
finally have a case on its h a n d s —
initiated by t h e President of SA, n o
less, within constitutional powers!
Residence Council
It was announced t h a t S t u d e n t
Senate would meet in conjunction
with Residence Council next W e d nesday evening a t 7:30 p.m. ( I t s
were urged to bring up a n y ques- Z - 4 6 3
tions they may have p e r t a i n i n g to
residence rules a t this time. It
should prove interesting. . .
I'se Of Brubacher Lounge
Student Union Board noted t h a t
the lower lounge a t B r u b a c h e r Hall
has been left in poor condition quite
frequently d u r i n g this p a s t m o n t h .
Coats are not to be left lying a r o u n d
nor is anything nor anyone else . . .
Check Those Lists
One final word . . . T h e lists of
14 and 17 have not been completed
yet. Our President is diligently
working on them a n d should have
them ready soon. P e r h a p s we will
have an S.A. President a n d Veep
next year. . .
2.5. Anyone?!
' 9 * *
" 1 ° e OF &'
V O L . XLIII NO. 19
Brubacher Holds Open House;
Entertainment Includes Orchestra
Tomorrow evening from 7:30 p.m. until midnight the women of Brubacher will
hold their fifteenth semi-annual Open House, announces Beverly Burke '60, Dormitory
Vice-President and General Chairman of the of the event.
All rooms in the residence will be open for inspection by Statesmen and other
guests until 9 p.m. After 9 p.m. dancing to Steve Anthony's eight piece orchestra will
be the attraction in Brubacher's Main Dining Hall. Refreshments of punch and cookies
wil be served during the evening.
Steve Anthony
Steve Anthony and his band have played at functions
on the campuses of, among others, Syracuse, Dartmouth,
Cornell, and Yale. In its thirteen years together the band
has done numerous tape and radio recordings. A 45 RPM
recording will be released later this month under the Mark
each oilier, in quantity a n d quality, label with the orchestra accompanying soloist of five years,
Rivalry Sing Commences Today;
Field Events Follow Tomorrow
Alas, dear Sophomore, t h e score
is three to two! And with this with an original alma m a t e r and
D a k Tobin, in Yours Sincerely.
thought, more Rivalry news begins.
St ve Anthony himself played with
a semi-original fight song and song
Charlie Spivak's orchestra for someto the rival class.
Sing and was also a member of
Today in Page at 4 p.m. t h e RivalDi k Stable's orchestra which presTrack
ry Sing will s t a r t . Both freshmen a n d
ently is playing for Dean M a r t i n
Sophomores will try to out-sing
S a t u r d a y at 10 a.m. on Beverwyck
on TV. He got his s t a r t playing all
over the world with the United
field t h e Rivalry track meet will
T h e International Film G r o u p h a s States Coast Guard Band.
commence with both classes vicing
recently announced a revised sched- Committees
for the desired 3 points.
ule for the showing of this year's
Nancy Leighton '61 will head the
films, according to Beverly R a h n . j n Vjta tion Ccmmittee. Under h e r
The girl's events will consist of '59. acting president of t h e group.
will be Patricia NofTsinger '01, Linthe sack race, with 20 entries from
da Catania, Barbara Hudson a n d
each class; t h e three-legged race, Several Cinemascope Showings
Shirley Miczuek, freshmen.
T h e list includes twenty films.
Two State College a l u m n a e have with 10 people from each class;
and the co-ed wheelbarrow race, Three of the showing will be in Hostesses
recently been honored with g r a n t s with 15 boys a n d girls.
Anette Dutchin, Natalie Clarke
for foreign research and teaching.
and Judy Cobb, freshmen, will serve
T h e boy's will run around Beveras official
hostesses under t h e
Tlie new schedule i.s:
Evelyn G. Appletofft
wyck in a relay race, having 15 Oct.
c h a i r m a n s h i p of K a r e n Neil '61.
3—On the Waterfront
Evelyn G. Appeltofft, who was a stations of 100 yards apiece. To Oct. 1 7 - The Dav the E a r t h Stood Refreshments
g r a d u a t e s t u d e n t here last year, h a s vary t h e race each boy will be
Audrey Hartc, Paulette Schwartz,
freshmen, a n d F r a n c i n e Valvo '59
been awarded a scholarship u n d e r required to twirl a hula hoop five g e t . 24—Desert Fox
will be in charge of refreshments.
the terms of t h e Convention for t h e times before going on to the next Oct. 31—East of Eden
Promotion ol I liter-American Cul- station. For this event there will Nov. 7- Teahouse of the August Publicity
be a team of 15 boys from each
Beverly Caccaval '62, C h a i r m a n
tural Relations.
class, and, if there is a .sufficient
(.! the Publicity Committee, will be
Miss Appeltofft will study a n d number of able bodied men, there
aided by committee members Marcia
5 S t u d e n t Prince
Halliday, Doris Edelstcin, Shelly
carry on research in the held of will be a second team also.
Kc.leriuen, freshmen, a n a Marcia
Literature a n d
9 - S t r a n g e r s on the T r a i n
Naughty, Naughty
Marion '61.
Education while m Chile.
Hi Bus Stop i Cinemascope i
T h e Rr,airy Committee decided J a n .
6 Love I.s A Many SplendorDukene Zervas
that there shall be no more overly Feb.
Sandy Palmer '62 will handle ali
ed Thing
•natters related to hospitality.
Dukcne Zervas, recipient last year enthusiatic disturbances, such as
13 G r e a t Man
ol a Bachelor of Arts Degree, h a s mud-slinging without a d u e forfeit
Feb. 20- Desk Set (Cinemascope)
a French
G o v e r n m e n t ol points.
Chapcrones for the evening will
27 Treasure oi Sierra Madre
award to serve as lecteur in a public
be Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garcia, AsWith lew exceptions, this year's Mar. 6—Captain's Paradise
school in Chart res, France.
sociate Professor of Physical EduRivalry is running very smoothly. Mar.
Mar. 13 The Day the Earth Stood cation, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin W.
This a p p o i n t m e n t was received The Beanie Ball was a huge sue- April 10 'the King and 1 (Cinema- H a t h a w a y , and Mrs. Anna Christhrough application to t h e I n t e r - cess with t h e freshmen
scope i
tod ulu.
national Institute of Education in doing all t h e work idifferent, huhVi. A p r i l 17 Had Seed
All Statesmen are cordially invited
Music Council will present a wide New York City. She was informed of If the Crush keen this up. anything A p r i l 24 The Solid Gold Cadillac
and urged to attend.
variety ol musical programs designed to appeal to every taste in music
during its 1958-1959 season, a n nounces F r a n k Favat '59, President
Season Schedule
The following program is .scheduled: Cozy Cole Jazz Conceit, S u n day, October 2(i; K'Ugene Istollllll,
Friday. October 31; Music ConvocaEach year the Radio Corporation
tion, Friday, December 12, Roger
ol America oilers scholarships to
Wagner Chorale, Monday, February
u n d e r g r a d u a t e s who are majoring
16, Faculty Concert. Friday, March
m the s. lences or m a t h e m a t i c s aim
20; Music Convocation, Friday, April
who are preparing to teach these
24; and the Spring Concert, Friday,
subjects. Two S t a t e College students
May 8.
have recently been nominated for
Other IMaiis
these awards according to Caroline
Additional plans ol Music Council
A. Lester. Prolessor of Mathematics.
include assisting the Albany S y m 'the nominees are Robert Wiggin,
phony Orchestra and t h e Albany
'59, and Clyde Beardsley, '61.
Civic Music Association in presentChosen By Faculty Committee
ing their concerts scheduled for the
T h e students nominated were s e coining season.
lected by a committee composed of
one member from each of the
Music Council's I unction
tcience d e p a r t m e n t s a n d the m a t h e Music Council's main purpose is
matics d e p a r t m e n t .
to promote an interest in and an
D e p a r t m e n t s Itccomiiiend
appreciation of music among S t a t e
students. To do this the Council
Those nominated were selected
sponsors a wide variety of programs,
from a group which was recomincluding guest artists. Jazz concerts,
mended by the various science a n d
music convocations, faculty concerts,
m a t h e m a t i c s d e p a r t m e n t s . T h e other
lectures, and productions by all
students considered for t h e scholState College music groups. New
ar.-lnp were: Lewis Biolsi, William
Members are elected
to Music
SMILE I'RKTTY G A N G ! Members of t h e SUtti College Nevis Board for 1958 a r e : first row, l-r, Monica Herrnkind, Albert Maiwald, C h r i s Council on the basi.s of a try-out Iraskus, Marlene Ackerinan, Kary FiUpatrick, Mary Ellen Johnson, M a r t h a Lesick, Elizabeth Spenser; Una Noring, Peggy Rollins, a n d
second row, J a m e s Mcllugh, Jack Lewis, David I'eldaian, J a m e s Dougherty, a n d Robert Kampf.
Sharon Wenzel, Sophomores.
IFG Releases
New Schedule
State Graduate
Wins Award
Council Plans
Fall Program
Of Concerts
*< m o r e people? a r c b u y i n g C h e v r o l e t <t
26, 1958
Religious Clubs
Hold Meetings
I n t e r n a t i o n a l Film Group's first
Italian film this season will be t h e
celebrated ROMA C I T T A APERTA
(OPEN C I T Y ) . Produced despite
great financial a n d technical difficulties,
- ' " - - t"h e picture
'" t"h e great*
talents of Roberto Rossellini a n d
Anna Magnani.
••• ipm&nsM&i&stMffl
Badges, Steins, Rings
Jewelry, Gifts, Favors
Stationery, Programs
Club Pins, Keys
Medals, Trophies
171 Marshall Street
Syracuse 10, New York
(ilt 5-7887
Carl Sorenson, IVJgr.
RCA Offers
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