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Student Senate Hearing Packs In Crowd; Collegians Discuss Question
Close Vote Determines Fate Of "Primer" o n c e r n i B R o Jf K o p P K U g e
On Wednesday eve, a local p h e n o m e n a occurred when Senate performed before a packed house!
T h e r e was standing room only as
the audience anticipated the night's
drama, "The Primness of
t h e Primer.
T h e r e was a slight
among the crowd with the late
e n t r a n c e of Art Plotnik, editor-inchief of t h e Primer. Plotnik s u b mitted a letter to the Senate which
explained his best intentions in
apologized for w h a t was a misjudgement in taste, a n d requested
c" copies for himself.
T h e question before t h e S e n a t e
was w h a t to do with the copies of
Primer not yet distributed. J i m
Dougherty's solution to t h e problem
was to withhold these copies from
circulation. T h i s motion was d e feated 13-12 with 3 abstentions. Discussion was long with m u c h a u d i ence participation. W h e n it a p -
Latest Statistics Show State
College Fashion Preferences
W h a t is Joe College of Albany
S t a t e wearing this spring? According to a survey tabulated by Donald Mayer and R. J. Banfield,
Seniors, Joe and his female c o u n t e r p a r t have shown a preference for
"s.mple, practical clothes" and a
"neat and conservative appearance."
W h a t the Men Wear
Statistics show t h a t ninety per
c n t of the men at S t a t e wear white
shirts for dress. Fifty-five per cent
wear no tie. Only thirty-five percent of those observed were button
t o w n collars.
T h e Sport Coat
One hundred sixty out of two
hundred men were without spurts
coals, while eight percent wore suits.
Eighty-one percent of our boys
prefer to go without sweaters, while
the rest wear crew necks, v-necks
a n d cardigans.
Khakis captured the attention of
t h e observers; they have a sixtyseven percent majority over black,
brown and check slacks.
T h e Distaff Side
On the better-looking side of
the campus, we find dresses and
skirts and blouses in competition.
Full-skirted dresses lead the race
comprising fifty percent of the
taste of State's girls. T h e modren
chemise had only a t t r a c t e d three
out of one h u n d r e d seventy-one
t.ii\s on the clay t h e survey was
Point of interest: almost eighty
percent preferred high necklines,
favored solid colors, and
ninety percent wore cotton dresses.
Pleated, gathered and
skirts are more popular on c a m pus t h a n s t r a i g h t or wrap arounds.
425 to 171 skirts are preferred
over dresses. O n e last note 125 out
if 175 girls wear bangs!
peared t h a t many observers were
only at S e n a t e for a show and
possibly a farce, Yager quite forcibly put discussion back in place. A
show of n o n - s e n a t o r s showed t h a t
at least 95'" of those present wanted
P r i m e r to be distributed.
T h e second scene opened with a
motion by Don Donato to distribute
copies of the literary magazine to
S. A. members only, and t h a t this
distribution should not be interpreted as either S e n a t e approval or
this edition of
Interestingly enough, when the
c u r t a i n fell on a r a t h e r mild performance,
bother to see the next bill of fare.
As Yager announced discussion of
a possible constitution change, t h e
mass exodus to t h e snack bar
drowned out his speech.
It seems t h a t this flash audience
valued a play of personalities more
t h a n discussion of our constitution
—good taste?
T h e present
academic average requirement for
S. A. presidential c a n d i d a t e came
u n d e r fire again with a proposed
constitutional a m e n d m e n t t h a t S. A.
president may not be on academic
probation a t the time of his election. This a t t e m p t to c h a n g e the
constitution was quite vehemently
discussed with the same worn arguments. Ex-Myskie member Bob Kopecek, did point out t h a t the S e n a tors were considering this motion
with themselves in mind, but t h a t
the majority of voters would look a t
the qualifications of a candidate,
not "who" he is. When t h e merrygo-round of a r g u m e n t stopped, t h e
constitution emerged victorious, and
the motion was defeated.
Student Medical Insurance
$7.25 - JUNE 15th to SEPT. 15th - $7.25
Senators, C a m p Board members,
the College administration, and a
vary few interested s t u d e n t s g a t h ered in Page Hall last Friday to
discuss t h e budget of C a m p Dippikill. T h e alleged purpose of this
meeting was to have c a m p board
explain to S t u d e n t Association their
proposed budget of eight thousand
do.lars, however the major p a r t of
the meeting was devoted to a
l a t h e r undirected discussion of the
purposes and uses of the proposed
T h e a n t i - c a m p bloc asked m a n y
questions which can be synthesized
into one premise—why have a college camp? To answer this question
the p r o - c a m p contingent tried to
impress upon the meeting t h a t a
major.ty of students get very little
out of t h e present S. A. budget ar.d
t h a t if t h e C a m p could be developed it is believed t h a t a great segm e n t of these students could find
uses for it. T h e a n t i - c a m p bloc
asked a n o t h e r question—why have
t h e college camp? Because in its
present undeveloped s t a t e about
a h u n d r e d different students used
a n d enjoyed t h e c a m p this year,
was t h e answer. The cons next asked
President Collins if the S t u d e n t Association could sell t h e c a m p site,
and the President answered t h a t it
was t h e s t u d e n t s ' c a m p !
Finally, t h e anti-group proposed
t h a t it might be a wise course not to
a p p r o p r i a t e any money to the c a m p
for one year and let the c a m p use
this period to gether interest. One
of t h e senators adequately stated
t h e folly of this proposal—the question of t h e camp must be met.
Arena Theatre
Slates Auditions
Open auditions and interviews
for t h e S t a t e College Arena S u m mer T h e a t r e are being conducted
today, according to Paul Bruce
Pettit, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Arena
Summer Theatre.
All those interested in acting and
working with t h e Arena T h e a t r e this
s u m m e r should meet in Richardson
291. Interviews will begin there at
7:30 p.m.
T h e Arena auditions are open to
all S t a t e College students, whether
they will be attending
school or not. Auditions are also
open to interested members of the
faculty and staff and to all residents of the Tri-City area.
Library Announces
Holiday Hours
Aiice Hastings, College Librarian,
a n n o u n c e s t h a t the College Library
will be open .Saturday, May 111
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., as usual, l i
will be closed Memorial Day. May
It is hoped that the s t u d e n t s
will take advantage of this opening
to study lor their
examinations. For those of you
that, haven't seen the new layout,
it's different.
T h e meeting d e m o n s t r a t e d t h a t
t h e C a m p Board and S. A. do not
have a c o m m o n u n d e r s t a n d i n g of
t h e underlying principles
which t h e c a m p should be developed.
Proposed Budget for 1958-59
S 250.00
Capital Construction
Coverage Is Good Anywhere!
Seniors Bid
Last Farewell
After recovering from an exam
induced h a t e period, we can, if
given to such things, indulge our
period dedicated to the s o o n - t o g r a u u a t e " G r a n d Old Seniors."
I h e hallowed halls of ivy take on
a warmer g.ow a t g r a d u a t i o n time,
and 1 suppose a few tears will help
diffuse t h a t glow, help soften the
ivyless bricks, and dull t h e sheen
of success, the glint of pride of a c complishment
t h a t each
shows. Its very proper to be wistful and a little sad at g r a d u a t i o n
time, but a great deal of s a d n e s s '
moisture comes from s t r a i n e d eyes.
Underclassmen are stronger t h o u g h ;
its not they who have to go, there's
still pleasant time left for t h e m ,
and fewer upperclass examples n e x t
year to set t h e m examples.
Seniors have to say goodby too.
1 hey bid underclassmen flip or
p o i g n n a n t farewells, d e p e n d i n g on
phrase heartfelt goodbyes to ins t i u c t o r s who have A-graded t h e m ,
nodding casually to those
didn't. T h e cold, cold world looms
larger when they bid Minerva's
academic piotection goodbye, instructors pay s t u d e n t s in grades,
deans in advice, but School Boards
,.ay money.
Some of the nicest people I know
a r e Seniors a n d I shall h a t e to
see t h e m go. To whom t h e n shall
I turn fur unasked advice, wasteful
shortcuts, and profitless mistakes?
I shall have to turn to myself, and
in my tui'ii do these things for any
underclassmen who m i g h t ask of
me the questions I did of Seniors.
Actually, Seniors a r e not t h e
i ase I make against them, and besides, there's nothing they can do
about their being Seniors. Somebody
has to do it, lor few, if any, colleges
come with only three classes. T i e '
Seniors I know, both of t h e m , are
perfectly acceptable here as well, 1
trust, as anywhere. T h o u g h they
might act slightly superior and
somewhat cynical, 'due, doubtlessly,
to their advanced experiencet they
appear as normal as you or I.
Seniors are dependable, too. They
can be trusted to break t h r o u g h
winningly m almost any given .situation, for haven't they successfully
broken rules, traditions, and a few
records for four long years? in t h e
end, Seniors will out; they're almost out now, tethered here only by
a lew weeks' time.
I shall be almost bereaved at
final d e p a r t u r e . T h e r e
something comfortably solid about
knowing that a Senior Class still
s t a n d s between yourself and "out
there " I don't want, them lu go,
lor I know I shall have to replace
Hut they will go, and I
genuinely hope Dial my wish for
their lasting success goes with them.
Gerald Drug Co.
217 Western Ave.
Albany, N. Y.
PIwne 6-3010
College Mortal for Years
Send This Ad And Your Name To
ART KAPNER - 75 State St., Albany, N. Y.
Felicia's Beauty Shop
53-A No. Lake Ave.
(Near Washington Ave.)
" J I M M Y " - H u l l - Stylist
Telephone 3-9749
53 N. I,like Ave.
Near Washington Ave.
We Aim To Please
J°£ OFj£
MAY 3 1 . 1 9 5 8
XLM| NO. 16
Classes Move Up At Traditional State Ceremonies;
Page Hall Skit, Sing To Conclude M U D Activities
DIAL 4-1125
You Do Not Have To Be In School
State College News
All Student Cast Stages
Popular "Play Ball" Tonight Press Bureau
Awards, Speeches Highlight
Morning M U D Ceremonies
Major League baseball comes to the stage of Page Arlrl
Hall tonight at 8 p.m. as "Play Ball," the Moving-Up Day " u u
stage spectacular, is presented for the student body and Mary F i L p a t r i c k '59, Editor-intheir guests.
Chief of ' h e State College News, a n "Play Ball" is a story about the fictitious baseball team nounced t h a t t h e following have
elected to positions with the
known as the Albany Atomics at Albany State College for been
newspaper by the News Board.
Baseball. The team is struggling to keep in last place when
Shoeless Joe arrives from Texas to help the team. Mr. Associate Editors
Wayne, the owner of the team, tries to break Joe away T h e Board has elected M a r t h a
The oldest traditional event in recorded State College
history was re-enacted again this morning as Page Hall
was the scene of the annual Moving-Up Day ceremonies.
Formation of Lines
Following the formation of the class lines, the Grand
Marshall of Campus Commission, Barbara MacDonald, lead
the procession down the Draper steps. Directly behind her,
Miriam Sanderson, Miss New York State; Sally Harter,
Campus Queen of 1958, and the Senior Myskania escorted
Directors Post
Counselor List
Connie Olivo and David Youst.
Juniors, announce the following as
officers and counselors at Frosh
Serving as Assistants to Miss Olivo and Youst will be Anne King '59
and Robert Helwig '60. Secretary is
Marcella Van Leuven, and Estelle
K a u f m a n serves as Treasurer. Both
are Sophomores.
T h e Executive Committee is composed of the following: Marion Silverstein. C a t h e r i n e Rosso, Allen J a quays, F r a n k Krivo, Stanley Mylinski. Sophomores, and Ross Miils
Female Counselors
From the Class of 1959. t h e following will serve as Counselors:
Charlotte Brown. Brenda B u c h a n an, Marcia Cogiey, Delores Giglio,
Natalie Leinoine, Corrine Marro,
Grace Palmissano, Marion Sciortino, J u n e Showernian, and Winnie
Sophomore Counselors are C a t h erine Antonucci, Kay Belknap, Joan
Cali, Harriet Dent, Donna Harris,
JentoftNilsen, Estelle Kaufman,
Kerwin. and Martha Lesick.
Also Nancy McGowan, J o a n Novak, K a t h e r i n e O'Connor. Nancy
Walsh, and Marcella Van Leuven
Freshuian Counselors a r e : Virginia Denhert, Barbara Gladysiewicz, Lucille Jacobson, Su;' James.
Joan Hey wood, J o a n n e Hobson, Rose
Kverek. Nancy Leighton, Barbara
Lewick, Earline Merill, Eileen Mullen, Marilyn Ryan, Alene Rabe,
Mary J a n e Sheperd, Judy Skocylas,
Ann Minie Suiidstrand. and Lois
Alternate Counselors are: I n u l a
Mandel, d a l l e Rogers, .Sharon Sanders, anil Julie Kleiner, ireshmen
Also. Lorraine I.alia J u n e Alexander. M a n i a Cavanaugh, Barbara
Huvti'ii, Ann Fleming, Ann Foley
S phoinures
.Male Counselors
Serving as Counselors lor Ihe in
coming Dlliejays are Hei man All
man. Jack Lewis, Gary Sabln Michael Cn\|e Frank Canni/./o. J a m e s
Kolley, and Richard Bailey
Also. Haul Hooker. Eric Kalka,
David Mead, Charles Nile. Arnold
IC ihstein. Hei berl Wallhers, Richard Bennelt, T h o m a s Galim. David
Feldman, J a m e s Dougherty, I ee
Upcralt. and Edward Whalen
Appointed also to serve as Counselors are Donald F c a i i n a n . J a m e s
Watson. J a m e s Cluvejl, Charle.Fovvler, Paul Harris Charles Reeesso, Walter K-hater, Arthur Strassle,
Jay Hui'lbul, Alex Capasso, B a r n
Jamason, Alan H a w s , Joseph DlCllacoiuo. and Donald Donato
Alternate Counselors are
Balllield, Ronald Short. L. Fred Williams, Juniors; Joel Smith '60; Michael Meader, Clayton LaValle, Anthony Dimperio. Robert Montgomery, David Murphy, Ireshmen
from his girl Sully by m e a n s of
Josephine, the romance wrecker.
W h a t h a p p e n s and how everything
works out is for you to come and
Lesick and David Feldman to the
) osition of Associate Editors. Both f »
are Sophomores.
S o n i O r C
_ •
• l ^ ^ t
Elected to co-author of the "Comm o n s t a t e r " column for the first
YVhv Is Joe Shoeless?
semester of the next college year a r e
T h e Class of 1958 h a s elected
There are twelve musical numbers Carolyn Olivo and J o h n Ormsbee. Patricia Gearing to serve as its
which include a variety of unique
Alumni Councillor, according
songs, dances and production n u m Ronald Alexander, retiring Senior
bers. You will want to find out why Pedagogue
Shoeless Joe is shoeless. Your heart
Retiring Editor-in-Chief of the Class President.
will be melted away by Josephine Pedagogue, Dukene Zervas '58, a n as she slithers through her song nounces these a p p o i n t m e n t s to the Alumni Association
number. You will see a baseball yearbook staff:
Miss Gearing will work closely
player and cheerleader ballet. Such
Dolores Russel, Editor-in-Chief;
songs as "Goodbye, My Girl" and Teresa Kerwin, Assistant Editor; with the Alumni Association as the
"Sally Dear" will lift you out of Jerrv Banfield, Business Manager; representative of her graduating
your seats.
Laureen Dewey, Managing Editor. class. During the next year, she
Radio City's Rockettes have n o t h Also, J u d i t h Pearlstone and B a r - will write to members of t h e Class
ing on our Cheerleaders. See the l:ara Lewick. Assistant Managing
unusual production number, "We'll Editors; Josephine Pietruch, Typing of 1958 for information of interest
Never Lose a Game," and the clev- Editor; Mildred Pasek. Assistant to their classmates.
er opening number, "At. a Good Old Typing Editor; Nancy
This will regularly be printed in
Baseball Game." Hear George Har- Layout Editor; Gale Kleinman, I n the Alumni Quarterly, the journal
ris' superlative overture, and the dex Editor.
blending of the best voices at State.
of the Association. She will also
Yawn during the "Seventh Inning Press Bureau
keep class members informed of
Stretch," cheer during "Heart," and
T h e new director of Press Bureau, Alumni meetings.
laugh during "Give It All You've
Got." Siii'iing, dancing, sets, cos- the student body's publicity agency,
.•Myskania Member
tumes, and fun all go into a de- is Patricia Kovaleski '59.
Serving as her assistant will be
lightful two acts of musical enterWhile at State, Miss Gearing was
Barbara Hublak. Treasurer is Mary a member of Myskania, Secretary ol
Bordiuk. Both are Juniors. Press
Ihe (list
Bureau's Secretary is Josephine Pie- the Senior Class, Vice-President of
WAA, and President of Phi Delta
T h e cast of the musical extrava- truch '(it), while Rochelle Hoch 'til
ganza includes: Mabel. Grace Nes- llll the rapacity of Publicity Direc- sorority.
bitt; Gertrude, Rosalie Walsh: Mr. tor.
Wavne, Richard Erbacher; Clara
Mae, Audrey Hard; Ella Rae, Mar- wood, Carole Waldron, and K a t h garet Darzano; Sally, J u n e Alexan- arine O'Connor.
The Joe "Fingers" C a n ol S t a t e
der; Joe, Thomas Watthews; Benny, K e n n e t h Kadet; Scooter, Joseph College will provide the piano a c Fosegan; Slim, Stephen Hoover; ompanilnenl. His name? George
Ace. Royal Nadeau; Stumpy, Dennis Harris
Burst; Anabolic Newsy,
'>; Rocky,
Newman Club: President, David
Robert Fox; Curl). Donald Rein- Behind the Scenes
furl : Josephine, Frances Fleck.
in the past two weeks, and who you Seckner; Secretary, Jean Mershon;
Page Cheerleaders
won't sec on stage tomorrow a r e : Treasurer, Douglas F r a n k ; PublicThose who are in competition 'lechnica] Stall J o h n Lucas. Wil- ity. Henry Albrecht; Inter-Religious
with the Radio City Rockettes are li, n Gardner. Ginger Weinberg,
Sue James. Joan Call. Elizabeth Audrey Hurd, K a t h a r i n e O'Connor.
Spence. Louise Tornatore, Franzes Margaret Darzano. Louise Beals, Raven.
Pavllga. Frances Lislon Joan Hey- and Stephen Huo\ er
Lull n a n
VicePresident Linda Rehrig; Secretary,
Hi ins. Publicity, Lois Ague
5 8 Councillor
Religious Clubs
Elect Officers
College Honorary Societies
Announce New Officers
New ul lifers lor Stale College
honorarles loi 195H-a9 are
Alpha IJisilon i Education' Mary
Hastings, President , Sue Goodrich
Secretary; and Sue Carinlehael.
Kappa .Mil F.psilon i M a t h e m a t i c s !
President, Ri berl Wiggiu.
VicePresident, George Harris. Corresponding
Sei iciaiy.
Luippold; Recording Secretary, Barbara 'llilele, Treasurer, Kurt Nielsen,
and Faculty Sponsor, Dr
Ralph Heaver.
Kappa I'hi Kappa (Education*:
President, Michael Van Vranken.
Vlee-t resident. Lee DeNikc; Secretary, Walt Hems; Treasurer, Richard Gascoyne; Historian. La Verne
I.ibberl; Faculty S p o n s o r . Mr.
Charles Haughey
.Mil Lambda Alpha i Modern Language! Margaret Wellzner. President; Gisele Boulais, Vice-President . 1 ilhan Caltorini, Secretary
f r a n k Carrino. Faculty Advisor
I'i G a m m a IMu iSocial Science! :
President, Janice M a n n i n g , VicePresident. William Turnboll. Secretary. Marl li' Cohen. Treasurer,
Hurls Wormuth
I'i Omega I'i i Business Education! President, Ralph Spanswick;
Vi e-Pre-idcnl, Vivian Clowe; Secletary, Joyce Sandige;
Barbara Hublak; Historian, P a t r i cia
Tail Kappa Alpha i Speech i : Corrine Marro and J o h n Yager, J u n iors; Richard Clifford, Grad. Mr.
Samuel Pilchard will be the advisor to the honorary
President, Ronald Short. Vice-President, Richard
Wilheliniiia Burton Treasurer. Doroil ly Harper
the graduating class
They were followed
Class Myskania, t h e
the Sophomore Class,
to Page Hall.
by the J u n i o r
J u n i o r Class,
and the fresh-
Class Speakers
Following a welcome by J o h n Y a ger, S t u d e n t Association President,
Ann Marie S u n d s t r a n d , S t e p h e n
Hoover, Palma Vivona, and Sheila
M o n a h a n presented their speeches
for t h e classes of 1961, '60, '59, and
'58, respectively.
Signum Laudis
Evan R. Collins, President of t h e
College, announced the r e m a i n d e r
of those elected to Signuin Laudis.
the scholastic honorary. They a r e :
Carol Andres, Beverly R a h n , Helen
Safford, Susan Shafarzek, Hollis
Tibbetts, Carl Wukits, G r a h a m Zeh,
Seniors; Peter Blomerly, M a r t i n
Cohen, Ellen Dosch, Mary F i t z p a t rick, Gail Hogan, Janice M a n n i n g ,
Joyce Sandidge, Juniors.
Potter Award
William Dumbleton, A s s i s t a n t
Professor of English, presented t h e
Edward Eldred Potter Award to
Robert Whalen '58.
Greek Scholarship Cups
David Hartley, Dean of Men, p r e sented the Inter-fraternity Scholarship Cup to Ronald Pryor, retiring
President of Sigma Lambda Sigma.
This is the second straight year SLS
has received the cup. Should they
retain the award again next year,
they will retire the cup from further
Second to SLS's 2.49 average was
Kappa Beta with 2.30. third. Alpha
Pi Alpha, 2 27; fourth. Potter Club
with 2.22 average.
Sigma Phi Sigma was presented
with the Inter-Sorority Scholarship
Cup by Ellen C. Stokes. Dean ot
Women. Their average was 2.910.
Second was Chi Sigma T h e t a . 2.822;
third, Psi Gamma, 2.751; f o u r t h .
Kappa Delta, 2.750; tilth. Phi Delta, 2.691; sixth. G a m m a Kappa Phi,
2.659. Seventh was Beta Zeta with
a 2.631 average.
Folli wing the announcement ol
th.' Residence Council members lor
next year, and the leaders of J u n i o r
Guides by Dean Stokes, Milton C.
Olson, Director ol Business Education, presented the United Business.
Kcnead award
Yager then introduced Patricia
Gearing '58, as ihe class's Alumni
Canterbury Club: President, William Turnball; Vice-President, Mary
Hastings. Secretary-Treasurer, J o h n Moving-Cp
Conway, Religious Council RepreFollowing the singing ol the Sensentative, J o h n Harrison
na farewell song, directed by Sally
Millet: President, Tnbey Gedukl. Harter. the lour classes moved up
Vice-President, Kleanore Sllverstein, iu ihe singing of the traditional
Corresponding Secretary.
Deanna "Where, o h Where."
Diamond; Recording Secretary, Diane Rosen; Treasurer. Myrnu Mlkel- Organization Announcements
Yager then presented the r e t i r berg.
ing or incumbent leaders of S l a t e
Inter - Varsity Christian Fellow- College organizations, who m a d e
ship: President, Austin N a u m a n ; known new officers and honors. I n Vice-President.
M a r s h ; cluded in these a n n o u n c e m e n t s was
Treasurer, Margaret Sherwood; Sec- the introduction of fraternity a n d
retary, Louise Armstrong; Prayer sorority officers for the first time
and Missions, J a m e s Brower, P u b - on the Page Hall stage.
licity, S a n d r a K a i l b o u r n e
on Payti H, Column Si
A JliUvuf. 0/ M112>
Moving-Up Day was founded in sented s t u n t s . T h e freshman a n d
1914 by t h e Senior Class. T h e first Sophomore s t u n t s were judged for
p r o g r a m included a n address by the points in the Rivalry program, which
President of t h e College, Dr. B r u - a t t h a t time r a n d u r i n g t h e entire
bacher, class speakers, moving-up, school year. I n 1916, the Senior
a n d t h e college sing.
s t u n t was an allegory, urging t h e
Mrs. Brimmer, class of 1900, re- s t u d e n t s to s t a r t a weekly n e w s p a p m e m b e r s t h a t they had a program er. T h e S t a t e College News was beheld in t h e chapel t h a t was similar gun t h e following year.
to our MUD, but it did not have Class Speakers
t h a t title. Only men were allowed
T.-e class speakers originated in
t o a p p e a r on t h e platform a t the 1918. T h a t year, representatives of
Minerva's Doin' I t
speeches on t h e "ideal Senior, J u n T h e r e is a discrepancy in dates. ior, and Sophomore." T h e tradition
I n t h e college literary magazine, t h e cf "step-singing" was begun in 1919
Echo, in 1912, appeared this com- with the Senior Farewell Song and
m e n t : "Moving-Up Day was a suc- t h e moving-up of t h e J u n i o r s a t
cess. It seems to be a custom which the step sing. T h e first mention of
is now p3rmanently established." t h e p l a n t i n g of t h e ivy was m a d e
Minerva was quoted in the same is- in a News issue in 1923.
sue as saying, "Everybody's doin' it Myskania Tapping
Doin' what? Movin' u p ! " In May,
Prom 1924 on, Myskania played a
1S13, a Letter Home described the major role in MUD. T h e tapping of
traditional dress for MUD, white t h e new members provided suspense,
dresses for girls and caps and gowns a n d was a good drawing card. This
for the Seniors.
year the class speakers have been
T h e traditions of MUD have been kept a secret from everyone. MUD
accumulated over a number of may not be w h a t it used to be, but
years. At first, all four classes pre- it is still MUD.
MAY 3 1 . 1 9 5 8
. . . t r u e blue. Ro who? R o
Santonicsila, She's responsible
for t h i s whole t h i n g , you know.
Actually, we i n t e n d t o be
quite serious. W h a t Ro did for
us this year is n o l a u g h i n g m a t ter. MUD, as most of you know,
was a " t e n t a t i v e " item o n our
college calendar for quite some
time. W h e n it w a s finally d e cided we would have one to
carry on tradition, Ro w a s chosen is c h a i r m a n . She did a tcrrif?a job, as you h a v e seen this
morning, and this evening.
T h e new officers of State's sororities and fraternities have been a n nounced by t h e various groups for
t h e coming year.
Council will be
headed by J a n e Cass, President;
Teresa Vitale, Vice-President; Sus i n GoLlfarb, T r e a s u r e r ; K a t h e r i n e
O'Connor, Secretary.
K a p p a Delta
T h e incoming officers of K a p p a
Delta include: R i t a Lisko, Presid e n t ; Corrine Marro, Vice-President 1 R o b e r t a Dosch, Corresponding Secretary; M a r i t Jentoft-Nilsen,
Recording S e c r e t a r y ; Christine B u r key, Alumni S e c r e t a r y ; Rose Carbone, T r e a s u r e r ; Anne Kin;,', P a r l i a m e n t a r i a n ; P a l m a Vivona. C h a p lain.
Also elected w e r e : Alene Rabe and
Linda Mandel, Historians; Nancy
McGown, R u s h C a p t a i n ;
Deiter and Mary J a n e Shepherd,
M a r s h a l s ; S h a r o n Robbins. Supplies
Leader: Shirley Stewart, S e r g e a n t a t - A r m s ; Arlene L u i c k ,
Phi Delta
Phi Delta's new officers include:
Saily Weeks, President;
Cornish, Vi .^-President;
Hastings, Marshal; J a n i s Clum,
Treasurer; Brita Rehrig, Recording
Secretary; Shirley Clark. Corresponding Secretary; Ann Marie S u n .'trand, Sports Director.
Lillian Meaders, Historian; Heidi
Bertary, Song Lecder; Donna Forer,
Alumni Secretary; Marion SilverhL'in, f.S.C. Representative; Donna
Harris. Co-Rush C a p t a i n ; Harriet
D_>nt, Publicity Director.
f-igma Phi Sigma
Sigma P h i Sigma h a s elected the
Sa, here's to Ro, she's true
following new officers: Susan GoldBlue, she's a
chairfarb. President; Donna Weshner,
man, through a n d t h r o u g h .
Vice-President; Eleanor Schwartz,
Treasurer; Anita Rosenblum, ReWhile we're t h a n k i n g folks,
cording S e . r e t a r y ; Sheila Eckhaus,
t h a n k s to A n n s King, R h o d a
Corresponding Secretary;
Levin, and J o h n Yager for t'icir
Lashjr. Alumni Secretary: J u d i t h
help with this issue.
Calvin, Assistant Treasurer.
Frances Offrivht, Rush C a p t a i n ;
Elizabeth Wager, I.S.C. R e p r e s e n t a tive; Elaine B u d o f f , Historian:
Helen Beall, P a r l i a m e n t a r i a n ; C a r o Psi G a m m a
lvn Heineman, Ritualist; Eleanor
T l v newl • elected oli'icers of Psi Silverstein, Activities Director; MarG a m m a a r e : J a n e Cass, President; jorie Slesinger, Song Leader; Toby
Mildred Pasek. Vice-President; J o - Geduld, Social C h a i r m a n .
' Who are the fou/ class speak- bounced back into t h e thick of a m e m b e r of Music Council, a n d sephine P i e t r u c h , Recording Secreer;!?" No one seems to know! In things. Next year, Sunny will be a Secretary of the J u n i o r Class. We'll tary; Linda Cross, Corresponding Si?ma Alpha
past years, we always knew a t least F r o s h Weekend Counselor.
all remember t h e fine work she did Secretary: B a r b a r a Thiele, T r e a s Sigma Alpha's new directors ina week before Moving-Up Day. Why
Tc represent the class of '60, S e n - while en the
Basketball-Sendoff urer; Audrey Hurd, Assistant T r e a s - clude: Irene Pogonowski, President;
t h e change? This year, the Senators ate chose Steve Hoover who lives in Commitlee this year.
Nellie Hemingway.
Social Donalee Anderson, Vice-President;
chose the four class speakers but Altamont. On the theatrical side,
Sheila M o n a h a n oi Utica will C h a i r m a n ; Delores S g a m b a t i , C h a p - S a n d r a Perreira, Secretary; Mary
t h e ballots were counted by our SA Steve was in t h e M U D Skit last speak lor the Seniors. Sheila served lain.
Montville, Treasurer; J a n e G r a n g President. Even the Senators don't year and the Boyfriend this year. on S t u d e n t Council a n d S t u d e n t
O t h e r s were: S u s a n Carmichael, er. Alumni Secretary; Marlene Ferknow.
You'll see him again tonight in the Senate. Her e n t h u s i a s m during Riv- P a r l i a m e n t a r i a n ; J e a n K n a p p , I.S.C. ner, Corresponding Secretary; ElizWe thought you'd like a short MUD Skit. He is a member of the alry was outstanding.
has Representative; Mary Closs and abeth Browne, I.S.C. R e p r e s e n t a sketch of our four class speakers. Collegiate Singers and the S t a t e s - worked on Press Bureau a n d P e d a - Christine Noring, M a r s h a l s ; B a r - tive; Frances Wnuk and Marie MiLet's s t a r t off with the frosh. W h e n men. He has been very active in gogue.
bara Rutenber, S p o r t s C a p t a i n .
randa, Rush C a p t a i n s ; R u t h T r i m S e n a t e was picking the frosh speak- Rivalry the past two years. This
ble, P a r l i a m e n t a r i a n ; S a n d r a ZitDick Bartholomew will be this
ei. they looked for someone who year, he is publicity c h a i r m a n of year's Ivy speaker. Dick lives in Chi Sigma T h e t a
Chi Sigma T h e t a ' s new officers ko, Song Leader; Dolores Van Valwould .surely represent the class. the class. On campus, Steve is North Creek. His a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s
: Carol S t a n t o n , President; T e r - kenburgh, Sports C a p t a i n : Mildred
S u n n y S u n d s t r a n d was their choice. known as the "College Linen Serv- here have been m a n y . We always
Kerwin, Vice-President: J o a n Vojtek. Ritualist; Agnes Gonsalves,
S u n n y lives in Poughkeepsie, New ice" m a n .
saw him at class m e e t i n g s and Cali, S e c r e t a r y ; Nancy Lou R y a n , Historian.
Ycrk and ever since she c a m e to
Palma Vivona of Endicott will events. Dick was one of D a n d A's
State, she's been in there fighting. speak for the Jolly Juniors. In a d d i - best workers, and this year serves T r e a s u r e r ; K a t h e r i n e O ' C o n n o r , I n t e r - F r a t e r n i t y Council
You saw her at all the rivalry events tion to Rivalry, Pal was Vice-Presi- as Co-Author of t h e Senior Torch I.S.C. R e p r e s e n t a t i v e ; Gail Rogers,
Henry Boehning will lead I n t e r F a c t o t u m ; Louise T o r n a t o r e , Alumni
and even after her injury, she d e n t of Brubacher this year. She is Night Skit.
Secretary; Lucille Jacobsen, His- Fraternity Council during 1958-59.
torian; Rosemarie Sepe, Song LeadEdward Eldred Potter Club
T h e new officers of Edward Eldred
Camilla K a p p a P h i
Potter Club are: Donald McClain,
Heading G a m m a K a p p a Phi next President; Peter Barbagelata, Viceyear a r c : J o a n Anderson, President; President; Jack Lewis, Secretary;
Valerie B u r n s ,
Vic e- President; Alan Hayes, T r e a s u r e r ;
Grace Nesbitt, T r e a s u r e r ; Yolanda Willis, I.F.C. Representative; P a t Secretary:
Dolores Havens, representing the Frieda B a c h m a n , Psi G a m m a ; S h e - Palmer, Recording Secretary ; C a t h - rick Sciallo, Alumni
Phi Delta sorority house, i.s Presi- ila E j k h a u s , Sigma Phi S i g m a ; erine Solovey, Corresponding Secre- Robert Gebhart, Potter Post; Erictary; Marcella Van Leuven, Rose- Kafka, Athletic Director; Douglas
d e n t of Residence Council for 1958T h e following organizations a n - 59, according to Ellen C. Stokes, and J o a n n e Lahtiner, Western Ave- mary Kverek. Rush C a p t a i n s ; B a r - Penfield, Song Leader;
nounce these officers lor the next Dean of Women. Representatives In nue Residence Hall.
bara Swarts, Alumni
S e c r e t a r y . Eou.'i.nan, Historian; J a m e s Mccollege year:
Officers to serve u n d e r Miss H a v Frances Liston and J o a n McGuire, G r a t h , House Manager.
the Council Include:
D c i a t e : J a m e s Watson, President;
m s will be elected a t Residence M a r s h a l s ; S u s a n Palenik, Clerk;
BarJ u d y Brodsky, Vice-President; Joel
Council's first meeting in the fall. Marcia Marion, Historian; Margaret Kappa Beta
Nadel, Treasurer;
freshmen. i.aia Dressier, Brubacher Hall; RosKappa Beta will be headed by:
Wei timer a n d J o A n n Butt'.'h, Ediann
J o h n Yager, President of S t u d e n t
J o a n n e Sloat 59 will be Secretary.
tor ; Nancv Rishel, Song Leader; Joseph Foscgan, President; William
Grace En i d s , S p o r t s Director; Rita Hi r.-hlield, Vice-President: Donald
J o h n Cocca '59;
Vice-President, M a r g a r e t Neil, Kappa Delta; Tlie- pointments made bv S t u d e n t S e n a t e D( : a rs. P a r l i a m e n t a r i a n ;
J o y c e Reinfurt, Secretary; Arthur Hackett,
to the S t u d e n t Faculty Activities
F r a n c e s Greenberg; Secretary, M a n lesa Ciricillo, Lake House.
Pei.nucci, J o a n n e Simons. Anne Treasurer; S t u a r t Nock. I.F.C. SenMontville; Treasurer, Michael S a b Also, Marguerite Aleide, Madison Committee and to Athletic Advisory- O'Connor, P a r l i a m e n t a r y Commit- ior Representative; Phillip S h e p ini, Sophomores, T h e Board of Poli- House; Angela Montebello, Park Board.
herd, Junior I.F.C. Representative;
tics is composed ol Richard True, House Frances Wallace, Partridge
Appointed lo S t u d e n t - F a c u l t y AcCharles Niles, Historian;
Daniel Bresnan, Jack Conway, Cyn- House, Dorothy Davis. Pierre Hall; tivities Committee were:
Bolender, Member at Large.
thia S u g a r m a n , J o a n n e Batten, DeS.lver.stein and Charles Huntress,
borah G o r m a n , and Margaret RobSophomon s. Donald Reinfurt, F r a n - Vitale, will be assisted by: Marcia Sigma Lambda Sigma
ces Li t n. and Frances Paluinbo, Cogley, Vice-President; Phyllis Malerts. Associates are Francis Carrier)
J o h n Cocca, Sigma Lambda Siglory. S e c r e t a r y ; J a n e Showerman, ma's new President will be assisted
a n d Barbara Greenleld.
Commerce Club: President, Ralph
by: Arnold RothsLcin, Vice-PresiAppointees to Athletic Advisory C a p t a i n ;
S m i t h '59; Vice-President, Doris
Board: Joan Nole and Sally Weeks, Secretary; Virginia Dehnert, Assist- dent; Herbert Walthers, Secretary;
Hlsch; Treasurer, Gary
George Plummcr and Stanley MysJ u n i o r ; Eric Kafka, Clark Baker, ant Alumni Secretary.
linskl, I.F.C. Representatives; Daami Nancy McGowan, Sophomores.
Lewick; Publicity Director, Lucille
vid Mead, Corresponding S e i e t a r y ;
York .State College
Jacobson, freshmen.
Alexander Capasso, Alumni CoTeachers lias thirty members ol the
S e r g e a u t s - a l - A r m s ; Karen Master- ordinator,
Outing Club; Charlotte Miers, giaduatllM la;,, ol 1953 appearing
President; J a m e s Ely, Secretary - in Who's Who Among S t u d e n t s in
'treasurer. Both are Juniors.
David Murphy, Historian. (Talk
Am rlcan I'niversities and Colleges. I Continued from fai/e I, ('uluinn BJ Heart i n . . Song Leader; Sally K.sSmiles: President, Gail Van Sly Ice T h e annual publication i.s due to
Baker, Athletic Director;
Doctor Collins t h e n addressed the I e\, Sports C a p t a i n
'59; Vice-President,
K a t h e r i n e come oil the press in earl.v July.
C a s s u h , House Manager;
assembled classes
O'Connor; Secretary, Rosalie iMinCani/i i. Pledge Master; Paul Harniei Walsh; Treasurer
Elizabeth Nominated By SA
ris, A.-, 1st nil Pledge Master; G a r Siatcim-ii
Wager, Sophomores; Publicity DirIISOII Lewis, Song Leader.
T i Statesmen, under Hie direcThe
ector, Joseph Foscgan '50; Cn-ordlnSludeni Association to be consider- tion ol Karl A B. Petersen, AssociAlpha Pi Alpha
alors, Beverly Sharpe '00, ami Roseed lor the honor by the Who's Who ate Prolessor ol Music, concluded
f r a n k K n v o is the new President
m a r y Kverek '01
the I'age H a | | ceremonies Delores
'.I Alpha Pi Alpha
Also elected
Music Council: President, F r a n k
who have
were Henry Boehning. Vice-PresiF a v a t '59; Vice-President, Phillip
Ann • King
'59, Minister
ol oeiil. Charles Newman,
Foley, awarded the honor are: Ronald Al- the recession .1 Following t h e forSpecial Days, a n n o u n c e s the a p - Manager, Nell Jurinskl, Pledge MasBishop.
Sophomores; Secretary, Palma Viv- exander, Robert
Bosoinworth, Mary Bradley, Frieda mation ol the class n u m e r a l s on p intment ol the following chair- ter, Martin Goodrich, Social Chairo n a '59.
Lag;' Field, Richard Bartholomew men lor 19)11-50:
Association; Cohen, Paul Dammer, Barbara De- presented the Ivy Speech, and SalAll-College
Theresa J a m e s Kelly, Recording Secretary;
President, Delores Giglio;
Vice- I'ranci.s, Marie Detlmer,
ly Hurter planted the ivy for the Kerwin; Activities Day, Rhoda Lev- J a m e s Flore, Coorrespondlng SecreD
President, Sally Weeks, Juniors;
class ol 10511 T h e singing of the in; Homecoming Weekend, K a t h e r - tary.
T r e a s u r e r , D o n n a H a r r i s '60; Secre- ricia Gearing, Wlllard Gillette, Ron- national a n t h e m
this ine O'Connor a n d Herb W a l t h e r s ;
ald Graves, Sally Harter, Richard
Roger Steward, Custodian; Edtary Eleanor Silverstein '(;!
morning's activities
Campus Chest, C a t h y
Anlonucci ward
Kendall, Robert Kopecek.
Jones, Alumni
C a m p u s Commission: G r a n d M a r and Nancy McGowan; I n a u g u r a t i o n Richard Cox, I.F.C. Representative;
shal, Dolores RusselJ;
Also, Lorraine Kozlowski, Eileen Traditional Sing
Day, Grace Nesbitt; S t a t e Fair, Ma- Robert B a k e r ,
C a t h e r i n e d i n g e r ; Treasurer, R o n - Lalley Purcell, Marilyn
Following tonight's skit in Page rion Silverstein and Arnold R o t h ald Short, Juniors.
Carlton Maxson, Sheila M o n a h a n , Hall, the four classes will assemble stem; P a r e n t s ' Day, J o a n Cali. All Robert Tillman, Athletic Director;
Henry Zygadlo, Publicity Director;
C o m m u t e r s ' Club: President, Mi- Nancy Monteau, Donald Rice, S u s - in front of Draper Hall lor the are Sophomores.
Russell Gritsch, S e r g e a n t - a t - A r i n s ;
chael D e B o n i s ;
Vice-President, a n n e Russell, Lloyd Seymour, J o h n traditional Sing, under the direcKenneth. S m i t h '59 lias been se- David Youst, C h a p l a i n ; J a m e s W a t R a l p h Spanswiek; Secretary, Doro- S t e l a n o , F i a n k Swi.skey,
Joseph tion of Roscmarie Sepe '59, SA lected to head t h e 1060 production
son, Historian; Royal Nudeau, Song
thy Whaler; Treasurer, Doris Joy.
Szarek, J a c k 'fate, Dukcne Zervas. Songleadcr.
of the S t a t e College Revue,
Sundstrand, Hoover, Vivona, Bartholomew,
Monahan Deliver Class Speeches In Page
Clubs Release Organizations Release Names
New Leaders Of Student Representatives
For Activities
Who's Who'
Selects Thirty
MUD Activities . . .
King Appoints
Day Chairmen