Col lege Reduces I
Traditions, Frosh Weekend Gym Program
Stimulate Cabinet Discussion For Freshmen
T r a d i t i o n s and Rivalry were t h e
topics discussed a t the meeting of
t h e C a b i n e t with t h e A d m i n i s t r a tion last Monday. Connie Olivo grave
h e r report o n the present plans for
next year's Freshman Weekend,
which promises to be a very effective program. B o t h men and women
will be on Campus, and all 650 frosh
will be there. I t is hoped t h a t t h e
frosh will get t h e feeling of t h e
m a n y traditions while t h e weekend
How Rivalry c a n keep the ball
rolling is still the unanswered question. First of all, w h a t are t r a d i tions? Is rivalry p a r t of traditions
or is it something completely different? C a n the new Rivalry plan r e organize a n d interest the freshmen?
Don McClain as Minister of T r a d itions will now have to draw up a
list of traditions as they now exist
a t S t a t e . It was suggested t h a t some
new traditions could be started to
give new life to our traditions. But,
there m u s t be m a n y old traditions
lying a r o u n d t h a t we don't know
about or trouble ourselves to learn.
T h e r e are m a n y subtle traditions,
such as the proper way to address
professors. All of these points led
the C a b i n e t to t h e conclusion t h a t
it m u s t learn these things a n d pass
t h e m on to t h e upperclassmen before it c a n expert the freshmen to
pick t h e m up.
Socializing At S t a t e
T h e P r o g r a m of Rivalry brought
up m a n y questions. How many
d a n : e s should be held during Rivalry? Is d a n c i n g such a good instrum e n t for meeting people and d e veloping class spirit? I t still m u s t
be decided when the Beanie Ball
will be held.
And Rivalry Again . . .
Is t h e K a n g a r o o Court a good
idea? C a n such a creation, even in
a n informal setting, keep the fresh-
m e n support, or should it j u s t be
a n all out three-week c a m p a i g n by
t h e Sophomores? Of course, this is
t h e essential element in a n y Rivalry
program . . .
t h e upperclassmen
m u s t support this p r o g r a m a n d keep
a positive a t t i t u d e , a n d keep t h e
l r e s h m e n jumping, o r t h e whole
t h i n g will fail as i t did this year.
After all, it's only t h r e e weeks long.
T h a t should be long e n o u g h to m e e t
the frosh without developing a Rivalry of bitterness r a t h e r t h a n one
of friendliness.
Religious Clubs
Slote Activities
C h a r m i n g Club h a s scheduled a
meeting S u n d a y evening a t 7 p.m. in
C h a r m i n g Hall of the U n i t a r i a n
C h u r c h (across W a s h i n g t o n Avenue
from D r a p e r A n n e x ) . Dr. J o s e p h R.
Sander, Executive S e c r e t a r y of the
S t a t e Board of E x a m i n e r s of Psychologists, will speak on "The P h i l osophy of H u m a n i s m . " At 8 p.m.
t h e group will p a r t i c i p a t e in a m e e t ing of t h e Albany H u m a n i s t C h a p ter, Albert Camus's book " T h e F a l l "
will be discussed.
A lox and bagel breakfast is
p l a n n e d for S u n d a y m o r n i n g , a n nounced Amelia Podber '59, P r e s i dent of Hillel. T h e b r e a k f a s t will be
held a t Ohav Sholom Synagogue
•rom 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. I t will comm e m o r a t e Israel's t e n t h a n n i v e r sary.
I n t e r - V a r s i t y Christian Fellowship
Inter-Varsity C h r i s t i a n Fellowship
will meet T h u r s d a y in B r u b a c h e r
Hall a t 7:30 p.m. This meeting will
be u n d e r the direction of Ellen McLaughlin '58. Miss J a n e t Traver, a
bio-chemist a t S t e r l i n g - W i n t h r o p
Research Institute, will speak on the
topic of "The Tabernacle."
Here is a little p e r t i n e n t piece stay . . . Oh well, apologies to those
of information from t h e Bucknel- who read newspapers for news, but
lian, "A w h a l e b r e a t h e s t h r o u g h the a job is a job.
top of its h e a d . " S o r t a m a k e s you
All freshmen should be delighted stop and think.
to learn of t h e decision from Oscar
From t h e s a m e p a p e r : "Whoever
B. Lanford, D e a n of the College,
said 'gasoline a n d alcohol d o n ' t
concerning p h y s i c a l
mix?' He m u s t h a v e been real
stupid. W h o would p o u r alcohol in
No Soph Classes
his gas t a n k ? " Yeah, a t a t least $3.75
I t will b e impossible t o offer
a fifth.
Pi G a m m a Mu, Social Studies
S o p h o m o r e physical education
courses n e x t year because if limitThis is a little n o t e from The Honor Society, will hold its initiaations of both staff a n d facilities. H.-acon, Lansing-burgh High paper. tion banquet Tuesday, according to
Therefore t h e requirement for the "A T e x a n visiting A u s t r a l i a saw a Robert Kopecek '58, President. T h e
Class of 1961 will consist of two kangaroo for t h e first time and banquet will take place at the Unisemesters of physical education if drawled, 'Ah'll g r a n t you one thing versity Club a t 6:30 p.m.
satisfactorily completed.
lor sure; your g r a s s h o p p e r s are big- Tickets
J u n i o r s Exempt
ger t h a n o u r s ' ! " P r e t t y cute for
Tickets can be purchased from
S t u d e n t s i n t h e present J u n i o r high school kids, h u h ? Well I M a r g a r e t McNeill '58. Treasurer, or
class who have not completed r e - t h o u g h t so.
from C a t h e r i n e Newbold, Assistant
quired courses in Sophomore gym as
And finally, h e r e is a late scoop! Professor of History. T h e price of
of y e t will be excused from it. HowGene Cassidy, R a r y Fitzpatrick's t h e tickets are $3.00. New members
ever they m u s t have completed two fiance
(she s a y s ) , from
Union, should pick up their tickets a t Miss
semesters of f r e s h m a n physical ed- (College, t h a t is) h a s recently been Newbold's ofiice.
ucation unless excused by the Med- elected t h e P r e s i d e n t of t h e S t u d e n t
Morris Berger, Associate Profesical Office or as a result of veterans' Body there. S h e said t h a t I had to
sor of Education, will be the main
s t a t u s before g r a d u a t i o n .
put this in the p a p e r a n d after all speaker. After d i n n e r new m e m No s t a t e m e n t c a n be m a d e for she is the editor a n d if I w a n t to
bers will be formally initiated.
m e m b e r s of the Class of 1960 who
have not completed Sophomore gym
except t h a t these s t u d e n t s will not
be able to take these courses next
Honor Society
Plans Banquet
Picnics In Park
C o m m u t e r s ' Club is p l a n n i n g a
picnic a t T h a c h e r Park, Sunday,
May 18. This will be their m a i n
spring event, a n n o u n c e s Michael
DeBonis '59, President. C h a i r m a n of
the affair is P a u l i n e O a t h o u t '61.
T h e cost, one dollar, covers food.
Car Pools
T r a n s p o r t a t i o n will be provided in
t h e form of car pools. T h e y will
leave a t 1 p.m. from Albany, Schenectady, a n d Troy.
S i g n - u p s h e e t s for working on
committees are posted on the club
bulletin board.
p6*uHf 0ae* Vke CxcJtanye
Director of Swimming: Camp Experience and Red Cross
Instructor Certificate Required.
Arts and Crafts Director: College Senior or Graduate
only. Camp Experience Required.
111 Nash Avenue, Albany
Phone 3-3183
Hie One That
\Gfot Away
State College News
U L.
College. If the curious desire proof, all they need do is go
This may be a d i s a p p o i n t m e n t to we challenge the Senate to keep the
Corsages, favors and late p e n n l s some of our readers, but this week results a secret: . . . yes, Virginia. 5>on are In ordei once again Alp ha
we shall return to a n old tradition .here will be a MUD skit . . . both P> Ahjfoa Imterrlity is celeb, atlng
on the 8Uta
N « ^ o « t oi Myskanias w,n be there .
reporting lirst, and then comment-
ing on the situation.
ii „,v « „ „ « .
to P a g e Hall tonight at 8 p.m. There the Music Council
j j p r e s e n t jts A n n u a l S p r i n g C o n c e r t , a c c o r d i n g to Bai'M c G o U g h '53, President.
instructors to Direct Evening
will oe tneie, out 101 tne i n s t time, » i u i n n i Meeting
* •
* «~n_
not on stage . . . yes. Ro. we did * l u i n n i '" iei '»e
The concert is under the direction ol Charles F. Stokes,
r e n t o u r t,al)S i,nd
sowns. so win Tomorrow at 12 p.m. the return- p r o f e s s o r of Music; a n d Karl A. B. Peterson, Associate
Money .Money, Money
M u g c | y gf m ,
W Q r k i nE d u c n _
i I l g a l t m n i will be welcomed back
P r n f p c < s n v nt- M i , « i p
In the spring, a young S e n a t o r s ^ ( j n 0 2 , ,
fraternity - T l O i e s s O l 01 M U S I C .
w i t h a l u n c h e o n a Ll h e
fancy t u r n s lightly to t h o u g h t s ol
. , Io,lln_.
house. At 2 p.m. a meeting for the A l l I n v i t e d T o A t t e n d
r S : t t « " a t e m £ ^^rai^the
C a m p u s Commission rules were »lumni and the brothers will be
S t a t e College S t u d e n t s , their friends
foreign students twenty-five' dollars read and approved. That's nice, but
Albany public are invited to attend the Spring Concert
for a dance they p l a n ' t o hold May they'll neve, work!
Formal At Normanside
a s t h e g u e s t s of M u s i c C o u n c i l .
,,'. .
A fnrnvil dinner mil dunce will
P r o g r a m Announced
Economics 3 s t u d e n t s on the SenWe will have new Identification
A o n n . d i n . id d. mce v.
T h e program fcr the evening of
ate will have their t u r n very shortly. Cards next year, u n l a m i n a t e d and £e » « d ^ N w m a n s de Lou Uj ^JQy^^ KeCC VeS
music is as follows:
lu J
SA organization budgets are now in with no pictures. Distribution will ^
- u i n m i win uegn ai I p.m
^ »- " •* » * > - * - > - 1 r * . ~
the h i n d s of various sub-commit- still be a problem. Where, oh where. Following t l ^ d i n n e r the new ol.
. .
tees of Finance Committee. Looks is dear old S t u d e n t Board of F i n - " « r s of the fraternity will be a n - CQ IJfY)HlO PT/ ZC M a r c h Slave -•."••--•
ol Ji I n„ „. „ ,. „.in „,. .,„,„•;
nounced. At 9 p.m. dancing, with \m*\JIU
111 UI\J
I I I A . V. T h r e e Modern Moods .. Harry Sosnik
like S t u d e n t Tax next year will av- anc c>
e r a s e somewhere around U e n t y hla bund, will be held! Chaperones C n r
C / r c *
D / r i r P
T a n g o Chino
seven dollais.
i r^r\n
Thn/1 + rC*
for t h e evening will be, Edward P. l U l
I / / 0 /
r / U L C
Turquoise Waltz
Camp Chatter
Cowley, Assistant Professor of Art,
p| t ,, n v l t HpW jrrtitnr in rhlef Ballet Parisien
Also in line with budgets, it is
M a i j F t / p a U l k^ E d i t o i - i n - C l
o v e r t u r e - Waltz - Galop
d R o b e r t
L u ll d A s s l s t a n t
plainly evident t h a t there are ru.nb- Q
C +. . J ^ ^ +^
Professor of M a t h e m a t i c s . Women " ' .
. ^
' £ ^
^ ' J ^ d
t z - Finale
lings among the S e n a t o r s over dear ^QQ^S JlUUentS
will have 2 a.m. hours for the event.
; ' " \ e ^ , ^ ^ 1 re critical a t
old Dipp.kill. An open hearing on ^ W W
^ I U U I . 1
a n d second place c n t i c a l a t lst
the Camp Board Budget will be held
Picnic At T h a c h e r
£ a w a r d s Horn the Columbia
next Friday a t 1 p.m. in Page Hall f Q ( P rr\H UCt \OnS
At 11 a.m. a picnic is scheduled f t * a a a s l i c P ^ s s Association and the
Let's see some ol you Commons and I VI riUUUK.IIUIIO
Collegiate P.ess, lespec- T L o v e T h e e
Ul b(j h e l d a l T h a ' c h e r P a l . k . R , l r e s h Grieg
cafeteria folks up on your soapbox
s u m m e r merits will be provided.
First Semester Awards
Women's Chorus
T n e g t a t e C o l l e y e M.ena
for this o n e ! ! !
T h e a t r e is now accepting applica.
T h » 0 ».»r,i« , W o i » w i h» iii» , » u , t Soldiers' Chorus from
Film Folk
tions from t h e S t a t e College stuWilliam Bird '59, Social C h a i r T h e a w a . d s eceived by t h e news, . p ^ r
Our little Cecil B. DeMille's, I n - d e n l , s , according to Paul Bruce P e t - mun, Is in eharge ol the entire papei ea 1lei in t n t week tovei em T ) ) e B c U . M a n
ternational Film Group, gave a U t , Associate Professor of English weekend. Assisting him a r e : Lloyd " o n a 1^WlfclKa d u n n g tne Hist S i u F e v e r
cinemascopic reading of their new a ] l d Director ol Arena T h e a t r e .
Murdock and Charles Newman, J u n - ^ ' " ^ ol this yeai, unde t , e coTh(j
s t a t c s m e n
constitution - w i t h stereophonic
iors, and J a m e s Dougherty and e a l t o i s h i p u M a n Dettmei and
sound naturally To get more to A r e » a Courses
K e i t h Kempton, freshmen.
J o s e p h Szarek, Seniors.
^Z ,;,i
fl , I v ' w m , , , • • , ,
T h i s .summer the Arena T h e a t r e
Schools of Education R a t i n g
Waters Ripple and Flow
v ••' . ' n o hndu f
,' •„ za i» "fiering two courses to interestT h e first place awarded by CoiCzecho-Slovak Folksong). Taylor
in' n'ul r th "SA C o r s t k u t i o n i n - t'd students. They may also work C
lumbla is in the schools of educa- Sea Moods
n I
H .
with the A r e n a ' o n a non-credit SODllS
tion category. CSPA considers con- Kitty of
b e o n e o ' t n e e7t i i Z
h have - s i s . S t u d e n t s may lake one or ^ h " ' * '
' ' " * "
t e n t , writing and editing, m a k e - u p
'Traditional I r i ^ ,
u n d
,,,,M,.,,»H i „ o f . l t » rv,u..pp
hire both ol these courses.
r» /
r\ '
general considerations m deChoralettes
appened l » S t u t t College ..met
VflPilll P P/m/f
t e n n i n i n g its rating. Out ol a pos- Quintet in G Minor.
they ve been around.
jCfltJUU/e rlLfllL
s.ble m a x i m u m of one thousand
Rivalry F a r m
Application blanks may be obtain,
, „
Herbert Howard, T h o m a s Norton.
T h e Rivalry bill came up again, ed m Draper 105. the S u m m e r Ses,Yt, " * , " " , " ' ^ ' ,
' i.jved 857 uolnts (
Leon Sterle, Christine Berkey,
i, ,, i ,, ,, ,,. ,
, ,,, „i'fi,„r ii,,, Diiiiiuir'ir't n i i i r f
combined class pie- ' ' " i i O-M POUILS.
... . ,
and a l t e r >ome discussion, it wast .- ions ollice. the Registi.u s Olflct.
Editorials a|)pearing in the paper
William Kleuihomer
decided to have a Fed. or Kangaroo, and in Pe tit's Richardson
« , ' Mu> 17
, n 10 a n r o p
or Penguin Court included in the 289. T h e "General I n l o r m a t i o n a n - ^ 1 , ' ' n " H ' " K l l u ' J 1 K l l s " n l > , ,.,„ A w a | . ( i i n d k . a l i n „ t h a l U l , , v Creator ol the S t a r s
n l
Rivalry program next year. The n o u i u e m e n t lor 1958 is also avail- '•'
v . (i] . ( , ,., I H I U ( ,' l l U J b e s t l l p „ e t i n n • in
Court will be comprised ol h u m a n able at tins Line in these ollices.
t e a c h e r s ' c o l l e g e newspapers
Prayer from "Cavalleria
beings, and not animals.
Buses will be provided both to ACP R a t i n g"
I ' is hoped t h a t a large number , m d l n j m | | u ,
I n competition
Violin obbhgato by
k i S t u d , , m s llllLSl
No c m i m e i i t a r v . Just facts.
ol State College s t u d e n t s will take ^ . ^ s | J t , t . ] l i c . l l l v l l r i l t h e y w a u t ,, t h r o u g h o u t the nation, the Slate
Herbert S. Howard
Y i n a m .Sanderson will lead the a d v a n t a g e of the opportunity t ° l i c | t . wVien thyv "buy'their tickets
College News received a second How Lovely Are the Messengers
procession . . class speakers to be work with one of the area's major
place r a t i n g Iroin the Associated
"'om "-'t. P a u l "
^ Mendelssohn
elected next week by S e n a t e . . . .summer Arena T h e a t r e s .
Rosalie Walsh '(it) is heading the Collegiate Press, T h e newspaper is
Collegiate Singers
Sophomore c . m m i t t e e s which are ruled with other colleges having a Onward, Ye Peoples!
taking cure of refreshments and two to lour thousand student enFestival Chorus and Orchestra
Ii w.skl,
Alpha Pi Alpha Performance To Take Place
Senate Passes "Ped" Court, s / a f e s Annuaj
\n p a g e H a | | Auditorium
Campus Commission Rules Spring Weekend , w i S ^ ™ n y ° ! *%££ & ^ M 1 . 5
Senior Week
Ronald Alexander
P n s u l i n l (ii lieral C h a i r m a n for tile
llu,) u n k in he sp'iit by lhe Class
ol Itlali at HI.lie College is Warren
I ii oh.i,II. Vice-President
H a n . | U ,.(
1 hui sil.i'. e\einng. Seniors will
coo re,oilr at Jack's Restaiirald lor
He i la , ii,in |iiei ' l h e all'air, under
Ihe II ,IIIIII..ii,hip ol Lorraine Koz-
Music Council Presents Annual Spring Concert Tonight;
Statesmen, Collegiate Singers, Choralettes To Perform
H . J . R E r N O L D S TOBACCO CO.,
transportation. Frosh, under Donald
Donato '01, are handling publicity
and tickets. Publicity is being done
by Heidi Berbary, Judy Clot'gh, and
the girls of Partridge House.
'he MgagMWMBWMriMfeMM|
At it p m . . the traditional Senior ^BBBBBBBTaBBBBBBBBBmaBl
'I i.rchnigh: Skit will be held in Page
Hull under tile general co-ehall'nialishlp ol Marilyn Leach
Hii liui'il Hal lliiiloiiK w
'lurch Ceremonies
' l h e Class ol 1058 will lorinally
oe inducted into the Alumni Assoelation ol the College following lhe
II her Senior Week
will be
on ; ,ale in l.owei Draper beginning
T u e s d a \ , Mn) 27
Th;' annual Senior Hall will be
heal thi' following evening, Friday,
at the Aurania Club. Bids ure priced ill $3.01) per couple, und dance
m u s i : will be lurnished by Francis
Miirjihy and his Orchestra from 10
until 2 a m.
T o
I \J
I I I v l U v J v
W!l! I
Draiicr H
Hall under
direction ol Leonard
Friedluiider, Presidenl ol the Alumin A.ssoclutlon Hullj Hurler, Class
Songleiider. will conduct the Seniors
hi the singing ul the traditional
Torch Night
Sun.lay. Seniors and their guests
will a t t e n d a b r e a k l a s t in the main
dining room at Hrubacher Hall. AI
a m , Coinmencemenf Exercises
• ^W . J*
# ^
t ^ ^ T • ,.' & >*' i
^ R
T h i s ; ear, the News was rated by
G u n t h D. Hiebert, columnist and
i, rmer assistant City Editor of the
St. Paul Dispatch. '
i Bfe/.XaBaBBBBBt -
f ^i«aB«aB«BB
Accompanists For Evening
'1 he accompanists for the evening
a r e : B a r b a r a Sampler, Marceline
Waggoner, and George Harris, J u n lors.
•« *• •
••i •
k^ B k ^
• w*
the Palace T h e a t r e . ^ ^
3::i0 p.m., President and Mrs. ColAlexander a n n o u n c e s t h a t grudulins will hold u reception in the ution tickets will be distributed to
ONE AND TWO AND THREE • • • T h e S t a t e Cullege orchestra rehearses for Music Council's Annual
Brubiicher Lower Lounge for Sen- class members in the near future.
Spring Concert. Lawrence Weill says It's wonderful. (Mrs. Welk lives at 292 State Street in Albany.)
The Last Blast...
Cigarettes are piling up in the ashtray . . . what do
you say to the readers of the State College News in your J a n e t Hood, College Physician,
last editorial? . . . do you review the events t h a t have a n n o u n c e s t h a t there are approximately 170 Juniors who have n o t
occurred at State since you were a freshman in 1954? . . . had
their physical examinations
or do you write a philosophical critique of your own college this year.
No J u n i o r will be allowed to do
career? . . . You light another cigarette.
practice teaching unless he h a s
Do you get up from your desk in the corner, walk his
hud the examination.
over to the file cabinet and pick up past issues of the J u n i o r s can make an a p p o i n t m e n t
paper in hopes of getting an idea for this, your last edi- in the Medical Office immediately.
torial? . . . or do you still want to write t h a t editorial ask- If they fail to do so they m u s t h a v e
an examination from their private
ing why the Cabinet legislates and the Senate rubber- physicians
a t their own expense.
stamps? . . . You light another cigarette.
And then something horrible happens to you! You
realize you're smoking your last cigarette . . . you've put
it off long enough . . . you have to write something, and
By Barbagelata & Gebhardt
it has to be your best. Not only have you smoked all of
your cigarettes, but you've also missed a deadline. The A look to the left, we turn back fast,
look to the right, we'd like to blast,
staff drifts out of the News office, but before they leave, A
But Rary says no, there's no room
Who cares if nobody likes our p a p e r ? We got a first place rating:
you manage to grub three more cigarettes. . . .
for debate,
You make a decision. Since you have no topic, you So write on confusing Common
—Alfred E. Neuman
decide to just write anything that comes into your head. State.
No profound writing . . . just write the thoughts that are STRAND
Macabre — All people with bad
whirling in your head as fast as the smoke is rising from hearts, consumption, diabetes and
the cigarette dangling in your mouth. . . .
tired blood are warned not to see
You're all set to write. You're interrupted. Dukene
the A's beat the B's into the blood
Zervas, another editor on campus, walks in. She reads your stream.
In our opinion it is nothing
first page, and offers this comment . . . "Who knows, it more t h a n a cheap Hollywood trick,
Familiarity breeds contempt—and children. Mark Twain
might be a fitting end to four years at State College." designed to compete with the late,
. .. she might be right. . . don't say anything . . . probably late
While trying to stand the s t r a n g e stench of stain and wondering
the best thing to do.
The Long Haul — D i a n a Dors is about the screams from the stacks—Shades of Blackboard Jungle- we
But you can't . . . you've been bitten by the journalism back in town with another class devised this m a p t h a t is guaranteed to unlock the library's treasure:bug, and you won't quit . . . you get back to your thoughts Z sex-opera. "Send this girl to W i t h it, you will be able to discover just, how to heist Hawley.
Second flop is Escape
"Proceed from upper floor down spiral staircase. Surviving this, take
again, and finally you write them . . . but first, you light Dippi-kill".
From San Quentin. T h e escape one 10-foot window pole and vault across balcony, landing in front ol
another cigarette.
scenes for this flick were actually new selves. Proceed to desk where there a r e various and sun-dry librariTHE COLLEGE CAMP: Talk of trying to sell it is filmed in Milne during change of ans. Wait while a librarian spins circular Tile. If three "Overdues" conic
up, you hit jackpot and she will try to find desired book. T h r e e years
gathering momentum . . . you are inclined to agree with classes.
later, she will return to tell you t h a t t i t It is being bound. i2i It, is
the would-be-sellers . . . of course, if we could borrow money PALACE
T h e Long Hot Summer—You saw being found, t3> It has been stolen by one of the other librarians. . 4
and build it up in one fell swoop, it would probably be Peyton Place go to hell, well go I t is being unbound. Or she may not like your sunny lace, sonny b'
a different story . . . basic problem: no interest.
South and see a repetition of the cause you made the 3-ring sign when she said "What'll you have?'' In
MYSKANIA: People have been poking a little fun at same plot. Starring Academy award t h a t case, she simply will not give you t h e book. Proceed to S t a t e Ed fur
J o a n n e Woodward and Paul results."
the body of thirteen lately. Let 'em, Myskies, people always winner
Newman (no relation to Alfred E.i. ADS O F THE WEEK
poke fun at something they don't understand. Some of j a n e Powell and cliff Robertson
We've noticed t h a t " A p a r t m e n t H u n t i n g " seems to be the problem
the very people who are so interested in building up our romp through a pacific paradise, of the day, so if you choose to play h u n t e r or huntress, here are some
in t n e s e c o n d t r i t e
traditions are among the jokers. What is a tradition? dution, The GUM Most
pro helpful ads. . . . Everything reasonable but the landlord; 23rd .Street
Likely????? Two funfurnished rooms. Adults only! Two roms near school, all home
It's Minerva, and it's Myskania . . . incidentally, how do TELEVISION
privileges, with widow! Would you like to have a young teacher bunk
you legislate on tradition?
Unannounced by the Gillette Peo- with you for 3 months? A p a r t m e n t preferred
Phone after (i1
STUDENT GOVERNMENT: Lately synonymous with ple the Wednesday night fight was IT'S A LONG, LONG TIME . . .
a t Brubacher Lower Arena.
. . . From May to November, t h a t is. Isn't it a s h a m e that a l m
the word Cabinet. Senators, you are the policymakers. .staged
Be sure to tune in next week, t h e h a v e to suffer because a rule dating from H a m m u r a b i ' s Code is hit
You are elected by SA. The Cabinet is not.
main attraction may feature your lying around to be unnecessarily and unjustly used! T h i s code ;-tit in
AMIA: Don't sweat it. Trouble with AMIA and its roommate.
cuneiform was m a d e long before S t a t e s t u d e n t s were forced to becoiix
inventory is nothing unusual. Say, this might be tradition. To end this year on a final note s e m i - c o m m u t e r s and live in a p a r t m e n t s . Therefore, it should've gum
we would like to add this P.S. Girls, out with card-playing on Sunday and other Blue Laws.
be the first in your block to own a
Not only is this an archaic article, it. is a rule completely disobevo:
STATE UNIVERSITY: A President and a central cam- real live movie critic.
or merely not. known. Of course, most s t u d e n t s haven't used "it in war:
pus for our "animal without a head."
When compared to off-campus fiat weekends, going to apartment.- i
strictly tame. But. still, the former is allowed Let's nut, be more liyjx
MISS NEW YORK STATE: Congratulations now, and
critical t h a n necessary! Even if a girl goes home-home, technicall'.
once again when you get to Atlantic City!
she still cannot go into an a p a r t m e n t . Obviously, the letter ol ti.'
THE ADMINISTRATION: A new bottle of Bufferin,
law needs changing, maybe even the spirit of the law. II is impractical
and a better understanding from the student body.
Miice every girl leaving a dorm cannot be followed, and it is uitlaii
Dear Editor:
THE STATE COLLEGE NEWS: A telephone, some I ardi n me for stepping out of It is HID hue now to lock the barndoor, but u is not too late to ,.u
t h a t no more horsos are led oil to ••Solitary s t a b l e " . Let's wake u;.
new fiourescent lights, a bigger staff, free cigarettes, and i;ie, but I have a bit of donkey dust an
I change!
."or p .i.iiciitiun, I would juH like to
an office in the WT.
i 1 Mr i i) a .slate,tit nl mad,' in the DID VOl EVER REALIZE THAT
FRATERNITIES, SORORITIES: Something b e t t e r April 2:i, 1958 issue of the News in
Our very own Draper Hall houses the only square rotunda e\ei
iclerence to who til•• most famous rotunded. While you're mulling over t h a t a r c h i t e c t u r a l atrocity, UIUM
than Winterlude, and money.
HA. President was. After due con- with us for a moment over our second feature peristyles beneath pen
SENIORS: What a weekend that one is going to be!
and buried somewhere amid these s u b t e r r a n e a n tunnels i
sideration, many people feel t h a t styles
You really didn't say much, you know . . . somebody our current "behind the scenes" re- S t a t e ' s glossiest, tradition friendliness. Now. the Rotunda may nimbi
else could have done better . . . but don't change it . . . end porter or the S.A. Senate has e a r n - and the peristyles may perish, bill w h a t of the last heretofore inei
item? Do we trade infantile barbarism tor traditional civih/i
it with something sensational . . . something you really ed more lame than Chuck Beckwith. tioned
After serving in government for eorrtesies? tBut as sombudy said . . . T h e r e
BOOK bum e\ei
want to say more than anything else right now
t i m e years, "without making too minute.i
Anybody got a cigarette?
many mistakes," the noted Presi- STAND I I ' AND CHEER—MIRIAM'S IIERI
- Stati
dent then turned to journalism, is
now "winning friends and influencing people" by the baker's dozen.
Last year there was a Senate.
T h a t S e n a t e also met in Brubacher.
Id h a r d Hinek, or was it Kendall,
was President. Only .Senators could
speak. Quotas were established for
elections. And then they were esFirst Place CSPA
Second Place ACP tablished again Maybe the
colMay 0, lOoB
Vol X L I I I
No 14 umnist" will clue lite student butty
in i,n just what he i, ti\ nig in say
M e m b e r s ol till' NEWS -.tul!
illtl We
A.i ;
from l i o II |i in m 2-3326, Ext
a-7ii:«i. Kumrif
Kvery;,ody else says sunn I lung. Hi
lunii; He is tunny
Unite College
ol the New York
T e a c h e r s . tolumiiK are
is our legislative body
imljliihril every
year U) the N E W S Board lor the
Bludeni .Senate
H ;iielliite.s It is tunny iSoinellliies
i pusses important bills Oltenti'iies
these bills never appeal in our papE
M a n a g i n g Editor tr. Oftentimes quite a bit of news
Ilunlne** A d v e r t i s i n g
Editor in tor appears in our paper
Uuslneiih A d v e r t i s i n g
C o n s u l t a n t fanANN HITCHCOCK
results didn't Miss RensseAssociate Editor
laer didn't, but Miss New York will.
A s s o c i a t e Cdiloi
Editor 1( ih, rah, Tulip Queen candidates,
JAMKS M c l l I K i l l
A s s o c i a t e Edltor where are you?
K I . I / A l t M T I KI'fcNCKIl
And as T h e Open Mind receives
e l a t i o n s Editor
E e a t u r c Editor lilt
lines, Senate's Donkey Dust
A H T f i l ' K Ht.OTNIK
C o - S p o r t s Editor only gels 101. T h e fight lor space
Editor continues.
- C o n s u l t a n t Spurls Editor I' KAMI'F
Someday reporters will be reportO K A C g KNOKIvS •
- Circulation-Exchange
Editor ers and not wait for news. I don't
S l a t e College P h o t o Service have a column any more, but I have
All c o m m u n i c a t i o n s s h o u l d be uridretM-'d to the e d i t o r a n d m u s t be s i g n e d .
N a m e s a by-line. S e n a t e news has a bywill be w i t h h e l d on request
T h e S T A T E COEI.EOE N E W S a s s u m e s n o responjilblllty
lor o p i n i o n * e x p r e s s e d In Its c o l u m n s or c o m m u n i c a t i o n s , au such e x p r e s s i o n s do n o t line too. Why not give Senate news
a box head column in which to
necees&rlly reflect Ha view*
carry its donkey dust? T h a t way
the S e n a t e news would look pretty
Robert Kampf '59
Wedged within this shifty city,
Nestles our nook of knowledge
Hitherto unsung completely,
Now proclaimed State College,
Eur une among our multitude
Has reached a goal first rate,
And cupped the crown thai many've wished
As this year's Mis New York S t a t e 1
? O l T i l l WEEK
How tlu you read the e.\am schedule
Lot) p i n . Junior Class meeting D i l l .
Freshman Class meeting, Pagi Hall
Varsity Club meeting.
:< 30 p u t
Baseball game, Bleekei, S t a t e vs New P all/.
Tennis Match, Washington Ave S t a l e
\ s New P a l l /
it DO p i n Spring Concert, Page Hull
10:00 a.m. Slate vs. Potsdam, Hldgelield YMCA
iM p.m. state vs. WillimanUc, Rlduefleld
7:00 p i n . APA Dinner Dance
5:00 p.m. L u t h e r a n S t u d e n t Association Meeting, St. John', Church
Oh ^ h
*> | l> Meeting, Trinity Methodist
M4V a i3 Beta ° 0 f f e e H ° U 1 ' ""' C1 " ' SlB " m ' , " , H "
•?«ws*'v •.. S . ( ? i o r Cllit"s Meeting, Brubacher.
1:00 p.m.
Open hearing on the College Camp, Page Hall.
Miriam Sanderson To Represent Apartment Dweller Reports
New York In Miss America Pageant C a s e o f ^ ± i i a n d l a c l y
F a m e a t last has come to S t a t e
College in the n a m e of Miriam Dorothy Sanderson. Last S a t u r d a y night
around midnight Miriam was elected Miss New York State, o u t s h i n ing 16 other beauty queens to e n chant the pageant judges.
At School
Miriam is a Junior, majoring in
English and minoring in Speech.
Last November Miriam was one of
the r u n n e r s - u p for J u n i o r P r o m
Queen. A member of Beta Zeta sorority, she was also a n u m b e r of
Lie Tulip Queen Court last May.
Miss Rensselaer
Miriam, representing Rensselaer,
was .surprise;! beyond "her wildest
upon winning
contest. "It's the biggest thrill of
my liic," she said when last year's
Miss New Yurk Slate, J a n e t C o r r i gan. placed the crown on her head.
According to the judges, it was
dluk'Ull to select the state's ideal
girl from the five finalists. A l t e r
the final phase of the pageant competition the judges announced t h a t
there was a tie and t h a t each girl
would have lo answer a '.surprise"
According to Miriam. I was certainly surprised when answering t h e
question, tor I felt I didn't know
what I was talking about,"
Talented Too!
In the talent finals of t h e contest. Miriam, a lyric soprano, c h a r m ed t h e judges with her version in
French of "Serenade" from " T h e
S t u d e n t Prince." T h e pageant was
based on three competitions t h a t
also included swim suit ant! evening
gown linals.
Miriam Extends T h a n k s !
"I would like to take tins opportunity to t h a n k my friends, classmates, and professors who have extended their congratulations to me
by way of h a n d clasps, letters, a n d
telegrams. These good wishes h a v e
been the nicest reward for winning
I he Miss New York S t a t e ' title;
I am deeply grateful."
Allmny State Helped
Miriam continues, "It may come
as a surprise to some of you, but I
owe the greatest part of the victory
Three ol the Religious Clubs un
; tinpiis plan to hold meetings tills
Inlcr-VarsHy Christian Fellowship
Sandra Kailbourne 'til. Publicilj
Director ol IVCF, slates that the
group will meet Thursday at 7.1f>
p i n in Brubacher Hall, to go to
Nui in .nski.l lo In ar Revert mi Di nui . Kiinan speak. Reverend Kinlan
is the minister ol the Luudonville
f u n • nullity Church.
to mv training in courses hero a t
Albany S t a t e . T h e majority of the
wonderful girls in the p a g e a n t were
a Is j from New York S t a t e Univers.ty T e a c h e r s ' Colleges. T h e various
portions of the contest are a challenge as well as enjoyable. Since I
owe so much to the m a n y people
h e r s who have helped me, I hope
t at I may do my p a r t in the future to make Albany S t a t e one of
t h e most famous institutions of
' t u r n i n g in the country."
Miss New York S t a t e says t h a t
she plans to use t h e $500 scholar-
A p a r t m e n t dwellers a r e a hardy
for obtaining her
Miriam is especi- lot. They've learned to cope with
a career in educa- cramped q u a r t e r s , 25c pound h a m burger, and leaky stoves. But there's
speech therapy.
cne t h i n g t h e college d i d n ' t w a r n
Personal Feelings
us about—the necessity for choosing
"My personal feelings a r e mix- your land-lady carefully.
ture of excitement and an ImpendWe t h o u g h t a five room a p a r t ing realization of responsibility. I m e n t with a deaf land-lady would
hope to be able to live up to the be ideal. Nothing we did could
title which makes me a representa- bother her. We set up housekeeping.
tive of the greatest State in AmerNow you've taken my keys. Really,
ica." September, Miriam leaves for
A l l r n t i c City for "The Miss Amer- Candy. I h i s is too m u c h ; this is
ica" finals. Lest of luck and success too much for me.
from all of State College!
Have you ever been awakened out
t f a sound sleep at 2:30 a.m. by the
two hugest cops in Albany? They
apologized and all t h a t but at three
in the morning the last thing you
want to do is have a kaffee klatch
with two of Albany's finest. We
didn't mind the night sticks-• it was
the ,45's.
ship she received
Master's Degree.
ally interested in
tion a n d possibly
She was almost stone deaf. But
she heard things. Not, real things,
you u n d e r s t a n d , but things in her
head. She heard wild parties after
we'd been asleep for hours. One
night she woke us up banging on
the stairs in an effort to quiet us
clown. S h e t h o u g h t we had male
Loardeis. She accused us of stealing
her cat.
You know he likes lo go out at
3:30 a.m. sometimes. I didn't think
you'll want to get up t h a t early.
He's got an aliscess on his jaw a n y way. Oh, there you are, Tom.
She also h e a r d us singing—Old
Black Joe, Reuben, Reuben and Let
Me Call You Sweethart, to cannibalistic accompaniment.
1 hen she began to talk to herself. She'd s t a r t out by reading the
paper aloud, singing the articles to
herself. She'd stand a t the foot ol
the stairs shouting.
Well, I guess she did get him to
propose. I was never too anxious to
gel married. (She's 80.1
But she was deaf, really deal. Like
MIRIAM SANDERSON smiles the smile t h a t helped her win the the time she was talking to her
coveted Miss New York State beauty contest.
friend. T h e friend shouted, " T h a t ' s
a nice little couch!" And t h e l a n d lady said, "Oh yes, my cat." Hcnrnm.
T h e n there was the time she
drained all the hot water from t h e
tank a n d screeched up t h e stairs,
S k u n k s ! P l a n n i n g crimes, m u r d e r
at m i d n i g h t ! You taks those t r a n quilizers a n d don't t h i n k anyone
else wants to rest!" We got hold of
a tape recorder the other day. U n fortunately, she h a s n ' t opened her
t r a p since. We think her doctor h a s
given her tranquilizers.
I> U
• ;\r srM
si>r ^
Travel by Train
mans low fares cares!
save each person in your group
of 25 or more 2 8 % of regular
round-trip fare.
Special for Married Students
Use The Fumily Fare Plan —
wive* ride one w a y free.
I.t Uii'iMii Student Association
l.utneran Student Association will
hold a suppei meeting Sunday at f>
p in in SI J o h n ' s Lutheran C h u r c h
C Mli-nl
l i l l l l o l l l l c •Luis
will s p e a k
un "All
I cliiiMsliip
Methodlsl Student Fellowship
College Calendar
meet al 'I runty Methodist < aiurch
Hundat al li p in tor a bill let stlpp i Alter thi I ullet the group will
shuW the movie 'John Wesley "
Have a " p a i l y " while you
t i a v e l l Enjoy fine f o o d . . .
d e l i g h t f u l r e f i e s h in e n I s . . ,
h a p p y talk, Avoid w o n y about
t r a f f i c congestion, highway
hazards, and wealhoi conditions.
DIAL 4-1125
('ollose Florist for Years
A t k your local lickul ot Navel
OBOIII NOW about t h u m great
money-saving, plans.
Jfaude J+cuuli
c h a i r m e n for Senior b a n q u e t to be
held M a y 29 a t Jack's, as follows:
P r o g r a m C h a i r m e n for t h e four
classes a r e P a l m a Longo '58, G r a c e
Barbieri a n d Ellen Murray, Sophomores, B r e n d a Caswell '60; I r m a
Tognola '59, Gifts; Frances O r g a n K a p p a Delta
isciak, Invitations;
Gail Rogers,
K a p p a Delta initiated its officers Flowers; Leilani Schoff,
for t h e school year 1958-1959 M o n - Cards, freshmen.
day, a n n o u n c e s C h a i i o t e Norton '58,
P h i Delta
Trie sorority will hold a picnic
New officers were installed a t t h e
May 19 a t t h e house for their fac- Monday night meeting of P h i Delta,
ulty a n d t h e families of t h e faculty. s t a t e s Patricia Gearing '58, PresiC h a i r m a n of Invitations is B a r b a r a d e n t .
Dosh '60. Food C h a i r m a n is Ellen
Pitzpatrick '59.
Sigma Alpha
T h e members of Sigma Alpha a t Psi G a m m a
C h a i r m a n Linda Cross '60, of Psi tended a n a l u m n a e dinner a n d busiG a m m a , a n n o u n c e s Faculty Picnic ness meeting a t t h e Women's Club
will be held a t t h e house May 18. May 3, reports Marlene F e r n e r '58.
New faculty members will be pledg- I n s t a l l a t i o n of officers was held a t
the Monday n i g h t meeting.
ed a t this time.
T h e Greeks h a d a busy week it
seems, for they were either electing
or installing
them. To
c h a n g e t h e pace of things several of
t h e m h a d coffee hours, p l a n n e d
Senior banquets, a n d faculty picnics.
Initiations will be held for B a r - K a p p a B e t a
bara Clapp '61 a n d Constance O r o J a m e s Loricchio '58, President of
pallo '60.
K a p p a Beta, states t h a t a r r a n g e m e n t s have been m a d e for a coffee
Chi Sig:ma T h e t a
P a t r i c i a Corcoran '58, P r e s i d e n t h o u r with Chi Sigma T h e t a a t t h e
of Chi Sigma T h e t a , a n n o u n c e s t h e K a p p a Beta house Monday evening.
Hawaiian Tour State College Film Group
Offers Students Schedules Next Year's Hits
30—"Que Viva Mexico"
Nov. 13—"Ugetsu"
1—"Magic Horse" (Russiai
Study, Travel
An opportunity to earn extra
credits a t t h e University of Hawaii
t u m m e r session, is available a t a n
economical package price for college
students this summer.
Economical Price
The low price of $499 for 54 days
includes transportation, housing, all
social events, tours a n d other special activities. In addition to a c a d emic studies, there will be island
(ours, Wakiki beach parties, formal
dinner dances, a Pearl Harbour
cruise. There will be three d e p a r t ures, J u n e 19 through J u n e 21.
T h e tcurs and guides will be provided under t h e direction of Dr. Edwin J. Staley, Executive Secretary
of t h e California Association for
Health, Physical Education, a n d
Those interested should write to
Dr. Edwin J. Staley,
Teachers' Association, 693 S u t t e r
Street, S a n Francisco, California.
You'll have to be multi-lingual
when you go to t h e foreign films
t h a t will be presented next year by
the I n t e r n a t i o n a l Film Group.
T h e schedule is as follows:
Sept. 18—"Genevieve" (British)
2—"Open City" (Italian i
16—"Drole de D r a m a "
5—"Alexander Nevsky"
19—"Murderers Among Us"
5—"Midsummer Night's
19—"Beauty and the Beasi
Apr. 9—'Odd Man Out"
23—"Duck Soup"
Tli e following is the program
be ID resented by the State Colic
Film Group:
Sept. 19 -"On the Riviera"
3--"On the Waterfront"
Connie Olivo a n d David, Oct.
17—"Carmen Jones"
Juniors, Directors
21 "Desert Fox"
Weekend, a n n o u n c e t h a t
W e e k e n d Heads
Disclose Officers
K a u f m a n h a s been chosen to a c t
as treasurer for F r e s h m a n Weekend.
Marcy Van Leuvan will serve as
Secretary. Both a r c Sophomores.
T h e counselors lor t h e Weekend
have been chosen a n d notified. If
for a n y reason those chosen will
not be able to a t t e n d t h e Weekend,
they should contact t h e directors as
soon as possible.
:-.l—"Teahouse of the AUUM
7—"East of Eden"
14—"Glenn Miller Story"
5—"Seven Year Itch"
9—"Stranger on the Tram
16 "Bus Stop"
6—"Love Is a Many Splcn
dc-red Tiling"
13—"Great Man"
2D- "Desk Set"
27—"Treasure of Sierra
Mar. 6 -"Captain's Paradise"
13—"The Day the Earth
Stood Still"
Apr. 10—"The King and I"
17—"The Bad Seed"
24 -"The Solid Gold Cadiliai
A 7*dute
For most S t a t e College students, t h e 1957 S t a t e Fair was
over t h a t S a t u r d a y night, lint
for two s t u d e n t s , it was t h e beginning. This is because State
Fair h a s a two-fold purpose:
having a good time a n d raising
money to bring a s t u d e n t from
a n o t h e r country to our college.
Stickled by now, you may never gsl the chance again! Sticklers
are simple riddles with two-word r h y m i n g answers. B o t h
words m u s t have t h e same number of syllables. ( D o n ' t d o
drawings.) Send s t a c k s of 'em with your n a m e , address, college
and class to H a p p y - J o e - L u c k y , Box 67A, M t . Vernon, N . Y .
P. x3
So, K a a r i n a a n d Bent, thank
you for helping us learn what
i n t e r n a t i o n a l friendship can be.
Two Classes
Meet Today
J E I I N I M H HI i <
li * l) I i n 11
Hi" I' Trill
Last year, we were doubly fortunate—we had enough m o n o
to bring two s t u d e n t s here. And
so Bent Ilyldkrog a n d Kaarina
Koskincn came to S l a t e College.
It would not be true to sa.\
t h a t all of us have gained in
friendship a n d understanding
from liaving t h e m here, Many
have n o t taken a d v a n t a g e of the
opportunity. Some of these a r e
beginning to realize w h a t they
really have missed; t h e way is
paved for next year.
GRADUATION PRESENTS? You may gel a (Groan!) 6-cylinder European spuria
car or a (Yawn!) 6-monl.h European vacation. These silly baubles jusl prove
thai parents don't understand the college generation. What every senior really wants
(C'mon now, admit it! is a generous supply of l.uckies! I.uckics, as everyone knows,
are the besl-lasling cigarettes on earth. They're packed will) rich, good-lasling
tobacco, loasled lo taste even bet tor. So I he senior who doesn't receive 'em is bound
lo be a Sad (Irud! Why lei parents spoil commencement it only happens 'Sob! once.
Tell 'em lo gift-wrap those Luekies right now!
W I I A I 'j A CROUP 0 1
190 IB
IS AN OSIRAC l / l l l
Bit '
A J u n i o r class meeting will be held
this afternoon a t 1 p.m. in Drapei
111. Don McClain '58, President
a n n o u n c e s t h a t final plans fur the
J u n i o r class ban<|uct will be mail'
at t h e meeting.
The ring salesman will be ,ii tin
i'i liege on May 22 in Lower Drap i
J u n i o r s should pay t h e linlaiii e i il
their rings at, this tinit•
F r e s h m a n ( h i s s .Meeting
1 )i 'k Robinson '(il, President an
liotlliccs there Will lie a Iresh
mail class ineel win this alii i lio'iii
111 P a g e
*JUe Open Mind
Today m a r k s t h e very probable
end of a l a n d m a r k a t S t a t e College. This is t h e last "Open Mind"
you will ever read, for I a m quite
t h r o u g h with it, a n d I would p u t
a quick stop to a n y lesser person
with t h e audiu'ity to take my place.
Todny I a m writing about you—
a n d m e . I t would be foolish of you
not to read t h e entire column.
Etate College is a n unusual place
admirable academically-- b u t with
a n unusual personality. As any s t u dent talks with you, he will tell you
that except for you a n d him, there
isn't a person worth expectorating
i p o n in t h e entire school. I've spoken with m a n y people other t h a n
and h i m " and strangely
enough, they do consider themselves,
at t h e very least, a worthy target,
of expectoration. Where, oh where,
I say. a r e t h e unworthy ones? I've
yet to h e a r anyone say, "Yes, 1 a m
i n e of those who make S t a t e College miserable." I t is little wonder,
then, t h a t when I count t h e people
here I get two-thousand, and yet
when I count faces I get twice t h a t
Heavy Neuy
li M l HA HA
I't I I O W ,
/.<mr Drone
Tin Km
T. Ct-t
Product of isn* Jv»wu»am
FRIDAY, MAY 9 , 1 9 5 8
Democrats Plan
Summer Institute
At Syracuse U.
Lexicography h a s been a t a l e n t chased a new suit of a r m o r which
t h a t h a s b r o u g h t much of t h e h u m - was greatly a d m i r e d by t h e m e m or into this weary old world. I t bers of t h e Round Table a n d especlseems t h a t everybody h a s h i s own ally K i n g A r t h u r . "Launce," h e a s k particular way of defining terms ed, "how m u c h d i d you p a y for t h e
to suit h i s own needs a n d m i n y a s u i t ? " " T h r e e cents a n ounce," r e smile h a s been t h e result of a n e a t - plied t h e knight. " I s n ' t t h a t e x p e n ly worded definition.
slve?", asked t h e sovereign. " O h n o , "
Even when Samuel J o h n s o n first replied Launcelot, "this is first-class
brought o u t h i s dictionary m a n y of mail."
T h e other p u n refers to a r m o r
his definitions were n o t exactly of
the s t a n d a r d variety. We h a v e seme also.
A midget came to a costume p a r t y
definitions t h a t have ample application a m o n g t h e students a t old Ni- dressed in a suit of a r m o r a n d r i d ing a huge G r e a t D a n e . Not having
agara University.
Egotist — a conceited fool who an invitation h e was summarily u s h thinks h e knows as much as you do. ered to t h e exit b u t t h e host r e l e n t T a c t — w h a t a guy h a s w h e n h e ed a n d permitted t h e midget to stay
won't c h a n g e his mind, b u t c a n after t h e midget h a d inquired—
change t h e subject.
P a r e n t — t h e kin you love to touch. T U R N A K N I G H T O U T O N A D O G
Chivalry—the a t t i t u d e of a col- L I K E T H I S ? ' "
G e t t h e Point!
lege boy to someone else's steady.
Don't ask m e for a fountain pen,
Tomorrow—today's greatest laborI h a v e n ' t got one.
saving device.
Or a m a t c h ,
Pedestrian—a m a n whose son beat
( T h a t ' s a h o t one!)
him to the garage.
Don't a s k m e for a s t a m p ,
Balanced Budget—when t h e days
Or t h e time,
of t h e m o n t h a n d your money r u n
Or two nickels
out a t t h e same time.
For a dime.
Again from N, U.
Before our friendship
"We made a trip to Europe during
Ends in woe,
the Easter vacation and were fortuI think perhaps
n a t e enough to pick up a few puns
It's best you know
from avid column readers who were
T h a t w h a t you need
touring t h e C o n t i n e n t a t t h e time.
You'd b e t t e r bring,
We m u s t credit t h e first column to
a poverty stricken lord who related
I never have
it to us while sitting in his castle
in Lancastershire.
F r o m T h e Beacon.
Sir Launcelot h a d recently p u r -
TTio Bo/ Air 4-Dooi Sedan-brimming wild bold new beauty/
Come try the quickest combination on the road!
Fraternity Jewelry
Slope Dope
Such notables as Governor Avertorted o p e n - m i n d e d n e s s a n d indiv- ell H a r r i m a n , M r s . Franklin D.
idualism. F r o m l i t e r a t u r e I learned Roosevelt, L t . Governor George B.
t h e beauty of t h e true individual. De Luca a n d S t a t e C h a i r m a n MiAnd most i m p o r t a n t , from t h e q u e s - chael H. P r e n d e r g a s t will be t h e
tioning of my own soul, I discovered principal speakers a t a Political I n the need to release with sincere ex- stitute sponsored by t h e New York
pression t h e jumbled, twisted, com- S t a t e Young D e m o c r a t s Division of
plex, m a c a b r e t a n g l e t h a t is one's the Democratic S t a t e Committee on
Sell. And this is w h a t I s t a n d for— Syracuse University campus, J u n e
the release of t h e Self by m e a n d 13 a n d J u n e 14.
by you, a n d t h e reception of one
a n o t h e r ' s selves, as u n d e r s t a n d i n g Two-Day I n s t i t u t e
and complete as it can be. T h i s
T h e two-day I n s t i t u t e which will
stand is as old as time, for essentifeature classroom lectures, panels,
ally it is—truth.
Generally, a l t h o u g h you have mis- a n d symposiums on state governinterpreted my columns, you have m e n t a n d state politics will open
enjoyed t h e m , a n d given me pleas- at 4:30 p.m., Friday, J u n e 13.
ure in t h e knowledge of such. Your Flea nor Roosevelt
patience with my bad columns —
Mrs, Roosevelt will speak a t t h e
a n d t h e r e were many—was more
t h a n generous. Your interest in t h e luncheon sessions S a t u r d a y , and
columns a n d t h e individual behind Governor H a r r i m a n will make a
them—even if misdirected—was e n - m a j o r speech a t t h e closing b a n quet in his honor, S a t u r d a y evening.
As a group s c r e a m i n g its head off
about n o t h i n g in p a r t i c u l a r in t h e Legislative Forum
T h e highlight of Friday evening's
union, t h e commons, or t h e cafeteria, S t a t e College is a r a t h e r h o r - agenda will be a legislative forum
rible thing. B u t w h e n I consider for a b e h i n d - t h e - s c e n e s report on
t h e s a m e entity m a n for m a n : wo- t h e 1958 Session.
m a n for woman, I realize more
w a r m t h , friendship, a n d i a t t e m p t e d i Registration Fee
Registration fees, room and meals
u n d e r s t a n d i n g t h a n I have realized
or ever will realize in any other will cost $13 per s t u d e n t for t h e full
large group in t h e world.
two-day program.
S t a t e College is a place with a
d i s p e r a t e need for someone like
myself—and I say t h a t with u n abashed pride. It is much like a
child who, having been (|iienehed
with drinks of artificial color a n d
flavor all of his life, feels a need
for something real, something fresh,
s o m e t h i n g stimulating, something
as bright a n d inviting as a n orange
ready to burst in t h e s u n . B u t
when t h e child learns t h a t oranges
cost more t h a n a nickel, h e r e t u r n s
to h i s rose-colored liquids with an
u n c a n n y a n t a g o n i s m for oranges.
And thus I came to S t a t e a n d
wrote columns t h a t were oranges,
and behaved in a m a n n e r I t h o u g h t
was true, and grew beards, a n d
played noisy piano, and said dirty
things, and painted weird picturesall because I wanted to tell t h e
i ruth about myself.
how meaningless that term became when I learned after t h r e e
years t h a t my t r u t h was a drink
that was more t h a n a nickel, and
more t h a n anyone save t h e worldripened faculty and t h r e e - d i m e n sional people could afford.
came back to me second-hand, r a t h er consistently, perhaps trom fiveh u n d r e d different people at twot h o u s a n d different limes, each install,"!' making me sick to t h e cure.
I h a i ed for t h e first time that I
was perverted, insane, hypocritical,
s i r i t i a l l y unclean, atheistic, insecure, unhappy, and many things u n lit to print even in this column.
Let. uie once-and-for-all, and as
briefly us I can, give a first-hand
account ol what i am and what I
ist more than a
s t a n d for. II wil
Hit t r u t h is alnickel to believi
ways expensive, ii vou can afford
it, then buv it!
I was raised in a middle-class
lainily in an uppc i - . i a s s cominunilv unique in its bn lad-liundediless.
liv tin' tune 1 was , i senior in h u h
rliiiul. there were lui-holds-bai'i'ed
in inv Mielal circles but there was
restraint anil goi il lasle nil olll'
n\\ n eyes i From lllclids in ( i n enwleh Village and similar colonies 1
li al ned w hal
Uoheillianisiii and
pseiulo-Iiiihellilanisi ii were Kroiii ine\ liable ai qilaintal! es I learned t h e
horrors ol ultimate iiarrnw-iniiidcdni s
From experience in Hi verly
Hills and Ihe S a n F e r n a n d o Valley
1 learned t lie worse horn is ol ills-
FRIDAY. MAY 9 , 1 9 5 8
— Jvviuuco- is our middle nam*
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r»AGE 6
All In The Game:
Look Back
And Remember
Pogo's WinTwoToLead Loop;
Hoop Star
Witnesses Lock EEP And Vets Threaten KB
0 / Followers
League Commissioner, Potter stopped APA, 17-5. Over in
Bob Backer h a s been singing the the S t a t e League, the K a p p a Beta
Letter to the Sports Editors:
blues this v/eek as the wet Albany squad continued on i t s winning
By J A C K L E W I S
Watching the S t a t e - S i e n a game w e a t h e r continues t o upset t h e ways with a 20-16 t r i u m p h over t h e
conT h i s being the last issue of the Xews, we would like to review quickly
schedule. T h e r a i n h a s already Rousers. Elsewhere i n t h e circuit,
a n d sentimentally t h e events t h a t m a d e t h e sports headlines in t h e t r a s t of the crowd t o the S t a t e - forced t h e postponement of four E E P topped t h e Vets, 15-7, while
Siena basketball game. T h i s is cer- contests and at the r a t e the drops two other tilts were thrown to t h e
recent seasons.
tainly a n insult to Coach Sauers are falling, the slate will probably weather conditions,
November brought t h e close of a spirited and hard-played soccer and his Peds. T h e Statesmen were u r n into e x a m week.
Teachers League Action
season by the Peds as we gave our farewells to Paul D a m m e r , t h e undefeated a t the time of the Siena Pogos, Again
T h e T e a c h e r s League squads saw
season's high scorer, Carl Maxson, Bob Backer, Wendell Fowler, W a r r e n tilt and you would imagine t h a t the
T e n games were played, however, t h e majority of action t h i s week as
D u n h a m , a n d Ed Jones, all who contributed untiringly for four years. students would w a n t to get o u t a n d as the w e a t h e r m a n cleared the skys Ridge served notice it is going to be
We saw the rise of promising freshmen like P r a n k Fallace, Bob W a r n see the game. This school has been to let the Pogos chalk up two more, h a r d t o stop. The d i a m o n d m e n
a n d D a n n y McNeil and the election of Lou Delsignore a n d G u s Till- OTL for so long t h a t the students 6-0 over SLS, and 10-5 over Potter, from Ridge stopped the Jokers, 16-9,
m a n as new captains. On the i n t r a m u r a l scene we saw P o t t e r Club don't know a good thing w h e n they
have one. By far this year's State I n a n o t h e r Albany League game, and t h e n m a d e it three in a row
again lay claim to the football title, to reign as undisputed c h a m p s .
with a 7-6 victory over the same
baseball team is the best i n its
outfit later in the week. T h e vicJ a n u a r y brought basketball headlines as the Sauersmen rolled u p history and the student support is \ A / A A C L _ / /
* ' yy / \ / \ ^CneClUleS t o r i e s g a v e R i d £ e undisputed posa 15-3 record to close the season with t h e Ryder game in contest for nil.
session of first plate as Union
the NAIA t o u r n a m e n t bid, . . . t h e first time State was considered for
Another thing, since there are so
Heights went down to defeat, 21-14,
t h e tourney. We will r e m e m b e r the Siena game where s t u d e n t spirit few issues of the News in the month , {*,
n tt n e
Snr/D/Tf S/")rPP
h a n d s of the Finks. In other
was p a r a m o u n t as t h e Peds trounced t h e I n d i a n s by 19 points to avenge of May, the headlines should be d e >JfJI * - * games, the Jokers squeeked by the
the previous defeats. O u r t h a n k s went out to Dick Causey a n d Don voted t o the baseball team. T h e *jyj' " ' y
Leftovers, 7-6, and then the LeftMayer, g r a d u a t i n g co-captains a n d our congratulations to G a r y Holway, team's next game, by the way, is this
newly elected captain, who earned All S t a t e honors for his brilliant play. afternoon a t Ridgefield a s t h e Extensive plans are being made o v e r s turned a Softball game into a
Statesmen play host to New Paltz. for the coming WAA weekend, aptly football finale by besting Union
named "Spring Spree," scheduled Heights, 28-15.
As we recall, Coach Garcia's grapplers closed up shop with a n Let's have some vocal support.
ior May 17. T h e day's events Cancellations
admirable 7-3 record as Charlie K a n e scored his undefeated season a n d
Don Mayer
uromise fun and frolic for all girls
T n e
f o u r 'cancelled games. APAfreshman Dave Pause turned in a brilliant record. Best regards w e n t
i.ttendlng the C a m p Johnson site. S I S p KB-Apaches, Vets-KB. and
with senior captains Bob Bosomv/orth and Wayne Harvey, m a i n s t a y s
T h e n u m b e r ol those participating Leftovers-Kobras will not be able to
of t h e team for four years whose spots were assumed by K a n e a n d Joe
is unlimited, and as an added lea- b u p l a v e d d u e t 0 limitations on
ture, overnight permission can be t i m e T h e U n i o n
Finally we see Coach Sauers' d i a m o n d m e n on the way to one of
obtained for a Friday night t a m p - c o n t e s t h a s b e e l l postponed to a
their most promising campaigns due largely to the talents of freshman
This week three d i a m o n d m e n are over. Camp J o h n s o n h a s adequate < u t u r e c |ate
pitcher, Pete Spina. . . . An enjoyable s u m m e r to all from both of u s !
laciMties for overnights, and the '
„. '
in the Sports Spotlight.
Sue ^,''"m^s:, ,r»ri,,
Howie Caldwell, all around base- girls are urged to join the fun of
i v. <;B
ball plaver, paced the Sauersmen to the camp-over. Sign-up sheets will
d „ '_'
an 8-3 victory over Plattsburg. His be posted .shortly on the WAA p
, ., .,
home r u n ir the second inning pro- bulletin board. W a t c h for posters *p°ft°; .
vided a lead t h a t was never re- with further information.
I 2 "'
T h e Softball league reports two ^.•PJ.
,, 7, ~,/
A r A
Softball Pitchers Shine
new results: BZ over Phi Delta,
4 P.M. - 8 P.M.
T\v.) pitchers in the I n t r a m u r a l 21-5; and K D over P a r t r i d g e by
4 0
League t u r n e d in very commendable forfeit.
Volleyball gaining m o m e n t u m a t E E P
- ' ' ' •-•
1 1 2
pitched Potter Club to a 17-5 vic- the first night's scores show:
BZ 34, Partridge 19
0 1 2',
tory over APA. Lou's fast ballin:1,
Phi Delta 40, Lake 14
0 4 4
and curves were too much for t h e
Partridge 25, Bru 11
Madison Avenue .raternity. T h e
209 Central Ave.
K a p p a Delta 29, Sigma Alpha 19 Ridge
Pogo's Pete Telfer beat SLS 6-0
If you haven't as yet signed your Jokers
2 2l ' j
and took Potter 10-5 to lead the
volleyball team up, please do i t Finks
1 1 I1-..
league in pitching with 4 wins.
immediately a s there is still a Union Heights
1 2 2
chance to complete your round of Leftovers
1 2 2
0 1 2
be placed by May 24. Cash in Advance.
Peds Face New Paltz In Return Game This Afternoon
Entertain Potsdam And Wiliimantic In Double Header
Spina Backs 8 -3 Trouncing Of Plattsburg;
Drop Contest To Siena In Final Inning, 4-0
From This Vantage Point:
Tennis Returns After
return of t h e s a m e a t New Paltz
Rain ngain played havoc with the where the Sauersmen administered
Albany schedule, forcing postpone- a 16-2 trouncing behind lefty Pete
m e n t of Wednesday's game with Spina. Spina will go either against
Potsdam to the unique hour of 10 New Paltz or Potsdam.
a.m. S a t u r d a y morning on t h eThe story of the last week's
Ridgefield YMCA p a r k . T h e game action was one of a good showing
forms the first p a r t of a m o r n i n g - at the plate (against Plattsburg)
afternoon doubleheader
featuring and a taste of their own medicine
Wiliimantic at 2 p.m. on t h e same against Siena. The starting nine
went all t h e way t o win their
New Paltz Today
third against P i t t s b u r g h by an 8-3
T h e pair of games tomorrow will count, backing the three-hit, fifm a r k the seventh and eighth of the ten strikeout performance of Spina
season and will see t h e Peds g u n - with eight bingles including a home
ning for at least their fourth and iv. n by Howie Caldwell, before
fifth wins of the season. Today t h e dropping a hcartbreaker to Siena,
winning squad (now 3-1 on the 4-3 on Monday. The Indians and
seasoni plays New Palz o n the Peds had been locked in a scoreless
Blecker field a t 3:30 p.m. in a duel until the bottom of the eighth
Ten Year Interim
This year through the efforts of Athletic Director
Merlin Hathaway, tennis has returned to this campus after
a ten year lapse. The last season that State competed in
intercollegiate tennis was in 1948. The reason for this
lapse is not completely known; however,
the lack of facilities seems to be the main
reason. The opening of the new courts on
Washington Avenue has certainly influenced the decision to revive the sport. With
enough student interest and a couple of
winning season State could become a power
in tennis circles. This year's team looks
like it might be able to pave the way to a winning streak
for this college. Other Ped teams in basketball, wrestling
and baseball are always up among the leaders and tennis
is to be no exception. The members of the team are working hard and would sincerely appreciate all the help they
can get from the student body. The best way anyone could
help would be to attend their meets and give them your
support and show that you really want tennis on this
campus. The squad has plenty of potential and some of
the players have already proved their ability in other
tournaments around the state and in the service.
From Tho Sports Desk: Intramural Softball games
might have to be included in exam schedule if rain doesn't
subside . . . Pogo's should walk away with crown unless
something drastic happens . . . Wes Brown did afinejob
of pitching against Siena . . . Dick Lewis is State's "Babe
Ruth . . . Pete Spina will return to the mound soon. . . .
Caps and Gowns and Hats and Canes for
pion while m service. J u n i o r Bub
Kampf also has plenty of experience with the racquet. Bob played
four years in hiuh school and was
Suffolk County Doubles C h a m p i o n
in 1955. He was also a member of
the USLTA Jr. Circuit.
Ed Vosnrske, Bob Austin, Lou
Roy-ton and
winner, Jj oo nh nn uoy.-ion
a n a tsui
Austin round out the squad. Ves
ncske is a junior unci the other
are all freshmen.
According to reliable .sources tin
should be the only year t h a t tennis
will be on a club basis. Next season
the State netters will most likely
receive varsity s t a t u s and join tli.
ranks of oui .expanding
intercoll e g a t e varsity program
when a pair of errors, a single,
and a walk put Wes Brown in
trouble and ruined a beautifully
pitched game. Brown had given up
only four hits but the Peds were
handcuffed a t the plate by the
Siena J a : k Weaver, a classy thrower
who struck out eight Albanys while
allowing only two hits over the nine
inning route.
Haver Shines
Coming in for praise in the
P i t t s b u r g h game was Ray Haver,
who h i t two for three including a
long triple, and Larry G u n d e r m a n ,
who doubled and singled to drive in
one r u n and score once himself. T h e
big m a n in the R B I d e p a r t m e n t ,
however, was Howie Caldwell, who
drove in t h r e e runs, two with his
t i g hornerun bat and one by way
of a sacrifice.
It was Connie Schmidt, whose
kleptomaniac tendencies came out
in the form of a prolific d e m o n s t r a tion of base stealing, who stole two
consecutive bases and eventually
a me home to score the first Albany
run of the game after the Peds had
been spotted by t h r e e in t h e first
inning. He later pulled the same
s t u n t but died on third.
Ped Netters To Host New Paltz;
Seek Revenge Against Siena Tuesday
This afternoon a t 3 p.m. the
S t a t e College tennis team will a l ii nipt in return to the win column.
T h u s far t i n y have compiled a 1-1
record with a 9-0 win a t New Paltz
; lid a K-l setback at the h a n d s of
the Siena Indians.
The opposition will again be prowiled by Mic men from New Paltz.
Tuesday, the Hathawayuien seek
revenge a :aiiist Siena at Home.
Seniors Livid .Attack
Rob •-.•( Engels and Tom Sullivan
will : .iin be leading the Peds on the
i our .. Engles. a transfer
I'll on, has two years of Varsity
ix) ciit-nc e. Tom Sullivan played
three years in high school and was
Fleet Marine Force Singles C h a m -
Orders for Graduation Caps and Gowns must
a I)
it a Luke
Photo by Don Blndrim
across home plate with one of
Albany's eight runs, Ken Brett
raises the dust as the Peds beat
Plattsburg, 8-3, Friday a t Bleeeker.
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Ministers Discuss Dippikill;
Total Budget Jumps $ 4 0 0 0
Moving-up Day is still a n u n s e t tied issue. I t opened a g a i n a t last
Monday's Cabinet m e e t i n g : Should
we wear h a t s a n d carry canes? M c c l a i n will bring the whole issue up
oO a class meeting. T o be or not
to be an issue of t h e S t a t e College
News for MUD?
Higher Budgets
Budgets are now ready to be
presented to t h e S e n a t e . As proposed, n e x t year's budget will be
$39,481, compared to last year's
$35,000. I t is interesting to n o t e
t h a t with the additional g r a n t s
from surplus, last year's total costs
were around $38,000. Noteable increases were allotted to Music
Council Guest Artists, $1500; S t a t e
College News, $400;
$1100. T h e Senate will probably
come down quite a bit, as t h e controversy over the c a m p grows.
Ditch Dippe
T h e same question—Do we need
a college c a m p ? Should we hold
off on appropriations for a while?
Should we tiy to sell? T h e longr a n g e plans not yet p u t into motion
were cited. DeNike, Yager and Cass
were very sure it can be built up
and interest the students, but they
were aware of t h e distance factor.
Yager felt there too m u c h of a
negative attitude toward the camp.
No one realizes t h e potentialities,
nor will they enjoy this realization
because it is too far in the future.
If we don't keep going we'll lose
w h a t tax we've already paid.
T h e r e was still a question as to
whether or not there wasn't a better use for the money. Therefore,
t h e budget is being held and a large
meeting will be called n e x t Friday
to deal with the problem. Myskania,
t h e Cabinet, t h e Presidents of t h e
sororities and t h e fraternities and
Commerce Club, S e n a t e and the ad-
ministration will all meet in the
New Budget
T h e appropriations which were
taken from surplus for special occasions are now under a Special
Days Budget of $1200, a time saving
Foreign Students
Foreign students in this whole
a r e a will gather at a dance here
next Friday, with e n t e r t a i n m e n t , a
movie on Venezuela, etc. About 100
are expected from SCT. Let's hope
more show up.
From T h e Crow's Nest
J u n i o r Class E a n q u e t will be on
May 24. F r e s h m a n Class B a n q u e t ?
Soph Class Banquet?
Where's the bomb shelter? Do
you have a l a m i n a t e d I D card?
Save it. There will be no more.
On £einf Pinned Dramatics & Arts Council
To Present 'The Marriage
Buy a carton of milk, pour it
on your ulcer, s t r a i g h t e n your
h o r n rims, a n d sit down and
read this bitter article.
Wellington Weekends a r e in
full swing, and scraps of brass
a n d glass a r e being t h r o w n
a r o u n d like so m a n y scraps of
brass a n d glass. Little girls get
carried away a n d suddenly find
themselves linked to guys who
they t r a p p e d into paying for
their rooms. Of course t h e converse is also true, a n d u n s u s pecting males occasionally wake
up minus one piece of jewelry.
Somtimes it all works out, but
usually the girl gets sick of
wearing black sweaters and the
guy just plain forgets. Sooner
or later, rarely never, t h e safety
c a t t h slips and the girl goes
back to wearing white blouses
and the guy tosses the trinket
back into his already cluttered
dresser drawer.
All in all, it's quite a game.
Some win, some lose.
T h e D r a m a t i c s a n d A r t Council
will present t h e S t a t e
T h e a t r e production of Nikolai G o gol's bright comedy, T h e M a r r i a g e
May 16 and 17 in P a g e Hall at 8:30
p.m. Under t h e direction of J a m e s
M. Leonard, Assistant Professor of
English, the cast a n d crews h a v e
created a n e v e n i n g of t h e a t r i c a l
tomfoolery in t h e t r a d i t i o n of farce
and burlesque.
The plot is concerned with the
m a n i p u l a t i o n s of a
m a t c h m a k e r named M a d a m Fyokla,
played by Adriana W a r n e r '58, and
a self-nppointed m a t c h m a k e r , K o t chkarev, played by C h a r l e s Weed
'60. Both are concerned with getting
their respective c a n d i d a t e s to the
"blissful" state.
M a d a m Fyokki's client is Miss
Agafya, played by Robin Roy '58.
T h e delightfully ambiguous C o u r t
Councillor Podkolyossin, a c a n d i d a t e
Editors Offer
Frosh Names Song Group; Essay Awards
Call Them The Ascots' Now!
F r a n c i s Fleck, '61 h a s earned five
dollars with her winning n a m e " T h e
Ascots" in the q u a r t e t - i n - a - q u a n dary contest.
T h e new q u a r t e t was featured two
weeks ago in the News as a singing
group of S t a t e students in search
of a n a m e and willing to pay five
dollars to obtain one.
Pourguoi Ascots
T h e n a m e "Ascots" abbreviates
Albany S t a t e College for T e a c h e r s
in a pronouncable, p l e a s a n t - s o u n d ing m a n n e r . In the way of information, as ascot is a wide, napkin-like
tie (usually with a diamond stickpin), and the Ascot Racing Downs
in England is a n elite g a t h e r i n g
place as well as the subject of a
t u n e in "My Fair Lady."
The Group
T h e group, reviewed last week by
Art Plotnik in "The Open Mind," is
led by Richard Robinson, '61. I t
includes Joseph K a h n l e , '59, Donald
Loopman, and Robert Helwig, Sophomores.
T h e Award Ceremony!?)
Miss F l e c k , a flaming - haired
young lady, defeated over thirty
competitors for the five - d o l l a r
award. She will be awarded the
money in an informal ceremony
taking place when s h e m a n a g e s to
c a t c h one of the members of t h e
group with five-dollars in his possession.
" T h e Ascots" rehearse continually
and with much e n t h u s i a s m , a n d are
now ready for any job offered them.
T h e editors of T h e New Republic
are offering $1000 in a w a r d s for t h e
best essays on the s t a t e of American
fiction, considered e i t h e r in general,
or in terms of a single novelist;
also for the best essays on a n y a s pect of present day television as a
medium for e n l i g h t m e n t or e n t e r tainment.
Ten Awards
T h e r e will be ten a w a r d s of $1000
each; five prizes will be distributed
in each category. T h e competition
is open to all writers a m o n g students a n d faculty who are u n d e r
twenty-seven years of age.
October Deadline
T h e essays should be 1,500 to
3,000 words in length a n d should
be submitted by October 1, to
Awards D e p a r t m e n t , T h e New R e public, 1244 N i n e t e e n t h Street, N.W.,
W a s h i n g t o n 6, D.C.
for m a r r i a g e to Miss Agafya, is
played by Robert Helwig '60.
O t h e r gentlemen in pursuit of t h e
h a n d of Agafya are L i e u t e n a n t
Zevakin, "a m a n of parts," played
by G r a n t Duffrin '61; Mr. Omelet,
"a prepossessing person, t h o u g h fat",
by F r a n k Ireland '60; and A n u t c h kin, whose "legs are as slender as
a girl's arms", by Robert M o n t gomery '61. Arina, a u n t to Agafya.
and champion of the m e r c h a n t
class, is played by Arleen Emery '61.
T h e servants in t h e households are
played by Donnalee Anderson '60
and David Oakleaf '59.
T h e play itself is a study in a t t i tudes of ambivalence and vacillation toward getting married. The
point seems to be t h a t m a r r i a g e is.
both a greater and a lesser decision
t h a n anyone knows. T h e acting
emphasizes broad characterization
and "bits" of physical action of an
improvisatory n a t u r e .
S t a t e Crews
T h e imaginative setting for T h e
.Marriage were designed by the S t a t e
College T h e a t r e S t a g e Manager,
J o h n Lucas '61, who m a k e s striking
use of line, color, and space. Under
his supervision, the m e m b e r s of Mr.
Leonards stagecrafts class m a k e up
t h e crews t h a t construct t h e sets
and assist in lighting.
T h e h e a d s of t h e various t e c h n i cal d e p a r t m e n t s a r e d r a w n from the
membership of D r a m a t i c s a n d A r t
Council. Charles H u n t r e s s h e a d s
t h e lighting d e p a r t m e n t ; Shirley
Stone, Sophomores, costumes; J u d i t h Dalvin '59, m a k e - u p ; K e n n e t h
S m i t h '58, sound; and Mary J a n e
Trzpis '60, properties.
Serving as assistant to t h e director is Rosemarie Sepe '59.
After two performances in Page
hall the 16 and 17 of May, the company and crews will travel to New
Paltz S t a t e Teachers College w h e r e
they will present T h e M a r r i a g e
May 19. Admission for the Albany
performance will be $1 or by s t u d e n t tax. Tickets will go on sale today in lower Huested.
A new idea in smoking...
refreshes your t a s t e
W Wte
Chairman Announces Schedule
For Moving Up Day Program
Rosemary Santonicola '58, Chairman of MUD announces that the traditional
day will take place on May 21st. The day will begin at 8 a.m. with a Junior and
Senior breakfast at the Boulevard Cafeteria. The class lines will form at 9 a.m. The
Seniors will form double lines, beginning at Minerva and ending in the peristyle leading to the library. Juniors will meet by the Registrar's office and their lines extend
into the peristyle of Huested. Sophomore lines will start in the Annex area at the foot
of the steps of Huested and end at the Co-Op. Freshmen double lines will start behind
the Sophs at the girls' locker room in lower Draper and will extend to the lower library.
Processional—The processional will be led by the Grand Marshall of Campus Commission, Barbara MacDonald, '58, followed by Miss New York State, Miriam Sanderson
and Campust Queen, Sally Harter. Opening CeremonyAfter the classes have assembled in Page Hall, Rosemarie
Sepe, '59, SA Song Leader, will open the program by directing the Alma Mater. Welcome—SA President John Yager
will extend the welcome and then introduce the four class
speakers. Annual Awards — Evan R. Collin, President
of the College, will announce the new members of Signum
In the past few weeks we have
Laudis. The Edward Eldred Potter Club Award will be
noted the lack of interest on the
presented by William Dumbleton, Assistant Professor
p a r t of t h e Sophomores and freshmen in their class banquets. Donald of English. David Hartley, Dean of Men, will present the
McClain, President of t h e Junior Fraternity Scholarship Award. Ellen C. Stokes, Dean of
Juniors Plan
Class Banquet
To these six Seniors, State College, you owe a debt of gratitude for class, a n n o u n c e s t h e scheduling of
t h e NEWS you now hold.
the J u n i o r class b a n q u e t for t o morrow n i g h t a t Jack's R e s t a u r a n t .
A turkey dinner will be served to
class m e m b e r s and their spouses
for only $1.75.
Women will announce the Inter-Sorority Council Scholarship Award, and Residence Council
a p p o i n t m e n t s . T h e U.B.E.A. Soiead
Award will be presented by Milton
C. Olson, C h a i r m a n of t h e Commerce D e p a r t m e n t . Y a g e r
a n n o u n c e t h e Alumni Counselor.
Moving up of Classes; T h e classes
T h e new and different Frosh will t h e n move up u n d e r t h e direc"Bradley! You can't print t h a t ! " ed Wednesday night. I t was no
One of t h e major events of the Weekend promises to be a change ticn of the new G r a n d M a r s h a l , Do"Lonkwood, can't you type faster?" trouble getting Seniors to write
will be the presentation of from previous years, hard.y recog- lores Russell '59. Miss Sepe will lead
this issue—the Dean m a d e it re"McGough, T H I S is a typewriter!"
the singing of "Arm in Arm." Anquired for graduation.
t h e class rings by Evan R. Collins, nizable, in fact.
n o u n c e m e n t s ; T h e p r e s i d e n t s of t h e
"No, F o t h e r i n g h a m , you can't
Well, to get back to t h e tale, Ro President of the College. O t h e r
write an editorial."
various organizations on c a m p u s
Santonicola s a t quietly behind one
Women's C a m p
guests of t h e class will be: Mr.
"Sneaking out, D u n h a m ? "
will be announced by J o h n Yager.
of the filing cabinets pecking out
Carolyn OUvo '59, Director of WAA and AMIA will m a k e a pres"You mean you can't n a m e the with her t h u m b a story on Moving- Spector, Assistant Professor of HisWomen's
Up Day. . . . Mary Shelton ( Busi- tory, and Mrs. Spector, Mr. Price,
entation of trophies followed by the
t h a t other officers serving with her
. . . and this is but a brief ac- ness M a j o n m a n a g e d to mummify
Direccount of w h a t h a p p e n e d in the herself as she a t t e m p t e d to change
counselors. F r a t e r n i t i e s a n d SororNews Office this p a s t week. You a ribbon in h e r typewriter. . . , Mrs. Price, and Mr. Carrino, Assist- tor, and C a t h e r i n e Rosso, Marion
see, dear reader, this literary m a s - Dave F o t h e r i n g h a m mumbled to a n t Professor of Modern Languages, Silverstein. Treasurer will be Estelle ities; Ex-fraternity
Kaufman, and Secretary, Marcella presidents will t h e n each present
terpiece you're holding in your himself as he tried to dislodge his and Mrs. Carrino.
Van Leuven. All are Sophomores. their gavel to the newly elected
grubby little paws was written by little linger from under the roller.
E.irline Merrill '61 is freshman ad- presidents. S t a t e s m e n ; T h e S t a t e s the Seniors . . . well, mostly by Sen- . . . Marilyn Leach. ex-Myskanla Reminders
men, under the direction of Mr.
iors. T h e r e are a few "guest" col- c h a i r m a n , reported t h a t she was
Juniors—Don't forget your PedaKarl Peter.-.on, Associate Professor
u m n s written by Scnilin' J a c k thrown out of a meeting. . . . n a t u r - gogue pictures; we wouldn't w a n t to
(Ormsbee), Mrs. Egelston of the So- ally, it was a Myskania meeting. miss your beautiful faces. Be sure Men's C a m p
of Musi:, will sing several selections.
cial Studies Department, and even . . . Sue Russell t h o u g h t her trip to attend Moving-Up Day. R e m e m David Youst '59 is directing Men's Recessional; Miss Russell will diMinerva of R o t u n d a fame.
to Florida would have m a d e inter- ber
take your
pre-practice Frosh Camp. He will be assisted by rect the recessional after which t h e
esting copy. . . well, it would have, teaching h e a l t h exam. T h i s college Alan Jaquays, Robert Helwig, F r a n k program will end with t h e formaBedlam
But, let us give you a vivid de- you know. . . . but not for the not only puts out good teachers but Krivo and Stanley Myslmski, Soph- tion of class numerals, the ivy
healthy ones too.
scription of w h a t actually h a p p e n - SC News. . . .
sLeech and p l a n t i n g of it and t h e
Ross Mills 'lil is F r e s h m a n Ad- National Anthem led by Miss Sepe.
visi.r to thi' camp
Evening P r o g r a m ; "Play Ball," a
skit, written two years ago by Dick
Feldman, will appear again in Page
T h e c a m p will be entirely on Auditorium. T h e skit is bigger and
campus this year and will be a joint better with a larger cast a n d more
weekend. Approximately 210 men music. T o score a second hit, J u n e
will be housed in Pierce and Sayles Alexander '59, T h o m a s W a l t h e w s '58,
Seniors will have their last u n - Friday, J u n e 13, 1958
directorship of Marilyn Leach and
Halls, while 440 women will occupy
dergrad fling ut the host of activiFrancis Murphy will provide the Richard Bartholomew, will be a preBrubacher and the Western Avenue and Grace Nesbitt '59 will lake the
ties on t h e a g e n d a of the four day music lor the Senior Ball Friday sentation of a musical satire on
leads. T h e skit will be presented at
weekend beginning J u n e 12.
night to the theme cl "Bye Bye college life here a t State. T h e show
li p m . Traditional Sing; I m m e d i Blues," announces W a r r e n Dunham, will start at 8 p.m. It promises to Who?
ately alter t h e skit Miss Sepe will
Thursday, J u n e 12, 1958
c h a i r m a n of t h e event. T h e dance be the best yet, of course, as one
Jack's R e s t a u r a n t will lie the scene will be held at the Aiirania Club ol the best classes at S t a t e College
The counselors for both weekends lead tiie traditional sing on the
of t h e Senior Class Banquet. Lor- between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 prepares to make its exit the next will be announced Movmg-Up D.;y. steps of Diaper Hall. T h e MovinffGeneral
raine Ko/Jowski, General Chairman, a.m. T h e bid is only $3.00, a nom- day.
T h e ratio of staff to freshmen is l'p Day Committees;
promises a gay feast at only $1.50 inal lee lor the
Sally B a r t e r will lead the G r a n d
Programs Rhoda Levin, A r r a n g e a plate. Mr. and Mrs. Skldmore and Chaperones will be Mr. and Mrs ( Id Seniors in singing as a throng
Mr. Dumbleton will be Chaperones. Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Leidel.
Donald Gladstone, Faculty
ut clinked throats make their way Who Comes?
All lreshuien except veterans and Arrangements Anne Fleming, Skit
Saturday, J u n e 14, 1958
out lor the Torch Ceremonies T h e
Saturday is also Alumni Day, anil Class of 1958 will be iormally in- married students will be required to P r o g r a m s -Joseph Szarek, Publicity
ill '.i:'M p.m., President anil .Mrs. ducted into t h e Alumni Association a l t i n d this weekend, which will be11 and
• Ben Willard, Annouceinenls
Collins will hold a reception In the ol the College ut this lime on the gin September
Joyce Arihurton
Hrubacher Hull Lounge lor Seniors, steps of Draper Hall under the di- through the fourteenth.
alumni, and members of the college rectorship of Leonard Friedlander,
President of the Alumni Association.
Page Hall will ruck, and maybe
Sunday, J u n e 15, 1958
loll, as the Senior Skit, under the
If they can live through the gay
Girls. White skirts and blouses or
celebrations of the night before, the
dresses, white socks, while
Seniors will gather for breakfast
sneakers and beanies.
Sunday morning at 8 a.m. BruSeven new Initiates in the class 195J honorary includes Peter BlomBoys: White shirts
bacher Hall will provide the facili- of 1958, and the top four per cent tTly, Martin Cohen, Ellen Dosch,
Dark slacks
ties under the c h a i r m a n s h i p of of the class of 1958 will be a d m i t - Mary Filipalrick, Gail Hogan, J a n Bennies
Rosemarie Santonicola. T h e price is ted to Signum Laudis slates Donald ice Manning, and Joyce Sandidge.
A meeting ol Varslt> Club has
Rice '58, President of the honorary.
Girls: White skirts, yellow sweaters, been announced for 1 p i n today by $1.00.
Also admitted were F r a n c e s SkinSeniors
white socks, white sneakers.
ner, T h o r n t o n S m i t h , A n n e Sweet,
T h a n k s To . . .
Wendell Fowler, President
Boys: White shirts
Barbara Thiele, Doris W a r m u t h ,
T h e sometimes tedious job of
A banquet sponsored by Athletic
Dark slacks
Board will be held Wednesday handling p r o g r a m s will be done by initiates are Carol Andres, Beverly Margaret Weilzuer, and Robert WigJ unloru
a t 7 p.m., ut Brubacher
Hall. J u d i t h S w a n and J a m e s Lorricluo. Rahn, Helen Sallord, Susan S h a l a r - gen.
Girls: White dresses
Tickets are $2.50 and only $1.00 for In charge of chaperones will be zek, Hollis Tibbetts, Carol Wukifs,
V a n i t y and J u n i o r Varsity mem- Suzanne Russell. Mary Shelton will and G r a h a m Zeh.
These people represent the last
Initiation took place Wednesday
bers. T h e guest speaker will be Nat take care of decorations. Charlotte
Boys. Dark suits
Hats and canes will be on sale for Hohnaii, Coach at St. J o h n ' s Uni- Norton will see to the flowers and two per cent of the class of 1958 lo night at the Annual B a n q u e t of
Signum Laudis. Edwin Lawson, Asversity. Varsity and J u n i o r Varsity the making of t h e punch. Publicity join Signum Laudis.
the Jolly Juiriors m Co-Op.
sociate Professor
awards, i n t r a m u r a l awards and tro- will be promoted by Lloyd Seymour Juniors
and T h o m a s Wulthews.
phies will be given.
Caps and gowns.
T h e first four per cent of the sp;;ke to the group.
Seniors Publish SC News (?)
What Will Columbia Say!
Directors List
Camp Officers
Senior Class To Schedule Final Festivities;
Senior Ball, Torch Night Highlight Week
Classes State
MUD Dress
Awards Trophies
• menthol (res
• rich tobacco taste
• most modern filter
Mcfri'sliing! Y e s , ihi' s m o k e of a S a l e m is a s reliesliiiijj; In y o u r la»le a» a ilewb p a i k l e i l S|iiinji m o r n i n g is to y o u ! Now y d (lie r i c h l o l i a e e n U u t e you love, w i t h
a new s u r m i s e s o f t n e s s a m i e a s y c o m f o r t , T h r o u g h S a l e m ' s p u r e - w h i t e m o d e r n
filter flows tilt; freshest l a s l e in c i g a r e t t e s . Y o u l a k e a puff
. . it's S p r i n g t i m e !
Smoke refreshed... Smoke Salem
Signum Laudis Initiates New Members,
Hears Professor At Annual Banquet
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