News Views:
Israeli Decision Results In
Threat Of Violence, Revolt
Last week the Israeli government
indicated that she would favor
troop withdrawal from the Gulf of
Aqaba and the Gaza Strip areas.
The United States was quite pleased
to hear this good news. Underlying
this good news are several problems.
The announcement has brought
serious repurcussions within Israel.
The government of Premier David
Ben-Gurion is faced with political
revolt and the threat of violence by
the opposition. Ben-Gurion's decision to act without the immediate
approval of the Israeli parliament
has created serious opposition. Earlier this week, additional provincial
police have been moved to Jerusalem in order to prevent any possible rioting in the streets of the Holy
City. A short time after the announcement, one could see signs
saying "Ben-Gurion, your time is
up." The walls of the city's buildings have become billboards for the
opposition's wrath.
Bargaining Power
Opponents of the Premier's move
feel that Israel's bargaining power
would be much greater if she had
held her Sinai Desert positions.
These aforementioned positions were
only 10 miles from the Suez Canal.
The Premier's latest decision has led
many Par.iament deputies to regard
the last four months of negotiations
as a complete waste. The situation
in Israel bears watching.
The United Nations has voiced no
opposition to -he temporary occu-
Union Downs
State Bowlers
The State College keglers took it
on the chin this week after several
weeks of keeping pace with the
league leaders.
After easing out an 805-778 initial game win, the Teachers were
humiliated by a "close" 900-712 defeat by the power of the Union College quintet. Embarrassed by the
poor middle contest showing the
Peds bounced back and came within 4 pins of victory in the finale.
The fourth point of the evening
easily went to the aggregation from
the Electric City as a result of the
outstanding second contest showing.
Pardee, Peterson Pace Peds
After Decker Pardee and Irv
Peterson combined games of 191
and 189 to capture State's lone win,
the big college team combined efforts of 202, 201, 193, 192 and 122
(122?) for a neat 900 pin tally.
Union Victor
In the night's closer, Tom Sullivan's 182 mark was erased by Plummer's 190 and Union rode home on
the third point of the week.
Peterson and Pardee put 520 and
525 scores back to back to pace the
Albanians. Stine paced the tri-city
foes with 552.
pation of the withdrawal area by
the United Nations Emergency
Forces (U.N.E.F.). The problem
areas are (1) The right to fair passage through the Strait of Tiran
into the Gulf of Aqaba. This stipulation is forwarded by Israel and is
upheld by the U.S. and other maritime powers. Countries backing this
proposition contend that the Strait
ol Tiran is an international passageway through which Israeli and other
shipping is entitled to free shipping;
(2) The eventual administration of
the Gaza Strip and 300,000 Arabs, a
majority of them Palestine refugees
living on United Nations relief allotments. These are two problems
which the United Nations must resolve before any final decision is
Civilian Direction
Meanwhile Dr. Ralph Bunche, winner of the Nobel Peace Price in 1950
for his Palestine activities, is expected to take charge of the U.N.E.F.
in Egypt. Dr. Bunche is presently
an Assistant Secretary General of
the United Nations. This move
would put the U.N.E.F. under civilian direction at the very pinnacle
News from State College Greek
ot its activities.
houses centers on announcements
of pledging, election, and a social
If Israel does go ahead and with- event this week.
draws her troops, then Egypt must
Joan Van Dusen '57, President of
stay out. Ben-Gurion told Israeli Phi Delta, announces the pledging
political leaders that if Egyptians of Jean Graziano '60. Phi Delta
returned to the Gaza Strip "we will hold their faculty tea this
have it in our powers to send them Thursday.
back into their own territory in one
Thomas Thompson '59 has been
day." The fuse on the powder keg elected to the post of pledge-capis being dampened. Let no nation tain, announces Edward Jones '57,
President of Alpha Pi Alpha.
strike a match.
Greeks Pledge;
Elect New Officer
RetUeut > > >
Rosemary Clooney
Rosemary C l o o n e y (remember
her?) has just released a new calypso-type "Come On A My House"
single for Columbia called "Mangoos". This one will surely be well
received by the Dee-Jay circuit.
With enough plugging, it could become Miss Clooney's first big hit in
many a day-o.
Pat Boone
A two-sided hit is in the making
once again for Pat Boone. His
brand new recording "Why Baby
Why", backed with "I'm Waiting
For You", is already starting to
hit the best selling chorts. Our
preference goes to the latter side.
Practice Cruise
Open To Men
Applications for men interested in
participating in the Practice Cruise
of the Maritime College are now
available in the Student Personnel
Office. All applications are to be
accompanied with an essay of not
less than 750 words on "Why I Am
Interested in Making This Trip."
The cruise, which is being sponsored by the Maritime College of
the State University is open to men
who will complete their Sophomore
or Junior year by June, 1957. The
selection of a representative and
two alternates to represent Albany
State will be made by a Committee
of Students and Faculty consisting
of Dr. Mauritz, Associate Professor
of Education, Frank G. Carrino, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, and Marilyn DeSanta and
John Rookwood, Seniors.
The cruise runs from June 13 to
August 21, and is estimated to cost
$140.00 for maintenance and $25.00
for clothing and additional personal
It's a sweet ballad done with full
justice by Boone. "Why Baby Why"
is a rather cliche ridden piece of
material which won't wear too well
with the older music fans.
Frankie Lane
Frankie Laine says, "Love Is A
Golden Ring" on his latest Columbia release. This tune is an excellent followup to his million seller,
"Moonlight Gambler". As usual,
Laine exhibits his dramatic styling.
This disk might best be described
as a calypso type western tune
having Gypsy flavorings. It is highly reminiscent of Dean Martin's
.smash "Memories Are Made Of '
This". An interesting sidelight is
that the Easy Riders, who helped
Terry Gilkyson rocket "Marianne"
to the top, supply the vocal group
backing for Laine here.
Fats Domino
"I'm Walkin'" is Fats Domino's
new release for Imperial. This one
features the usual keyboard banging, pie plate bashing, etc. Domino
completely butchers the oldy, "I'm
In The Mood For Love", on the Hip
side. Domino is still very hot, so
this one should gather a lot of coins
for him.
Tab Hunter
Tab Hunter has completely outdone himself on his new Dot etching. This platter contains two
third-rate attempts at vocalizing.
The tunes are "99 Ways" and "Don't
Get Around Much Anymore". Don't
be surprised if Tab has another
gold mine here, though; he's just
that popular.
The Hi Los
"Suddenly It's The Hi Los" is the
title of the group's new album for
Columbia. This quartet is top-rate
and they really deliver terrific versions of such old standards as "Blue
Skies" and "Stormy Weather". Besides being a great package, it's a
very collegiate one.
Anew idea in smoking...all-new S
Created In, It- •'• Reynolda Tobacco Company.
There will be a compulsory legislative assembly this morning at 10
a.m. in Page Auditorium, announces
Marilyn Leach '58, Chairman of
Convocations Committee. The agenda includes presentation of Who's
Who certificates, discussion of budgets to be presented by Student
Board of Finance, and a three minute preview of the State College
Certificates to twenty-six Seniors
who were selected by the Student
Association to represent State College in the 1956-57 edition of Who's
Who Among: Students in American
Universities and Colleges will be
presented by Ellen C. Stokes, Dean
of Women.
Those honored are: Joseph Anderson, Robert Backer, Beth Beehler,
Robert Burns, Marie Carbone, Dom
inic DeCecco, Marilyn DeSanta,
Sara Jane Duffy, Richard Feldman,
Tito Guglielmone, Lenore Hughes,
Barbara Hungerford, Alan Hutchinson, David Kleinke, Mary Knight,
Marcia Lawrence, Sheila Lister,
James Lockhart, Clyde Payne, Bruno
Rodgers, John Rookwood, Nancy
Schnelder P'iula Segal Elizabeth
Stapleton,' Joseph Swieriowski, and
Betty Van Vlaok
VOL. X L I I NO. 6
Parents' Day, a new social function at State, will be
inaugurated tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. in Page Auditorium with a welcoming address by Evan R. Collins, President of the College, announces Florine Skutnik '58,
Chairman of the Parents' Day Committee. Clyde Payne
'57, President of Student Association, will speak at that
time. Oscar E. Lanford, David Hartley, and Ellen C.
Stokes, Deans of the College, Men and Women, respectively,
will be introduced.
A tour of the college and the television set-up in
Richardson Hall will be conducted by Alan Stephenson,
Technical Director of the television
Dormitories, Group Houses, Fraternities and Sororities will hold
open house from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
The houses will be decorated and
OUR PARENTS have a busy day, according: to the plans of the
a $25.00 cash prize will be awarded
Parents' Day Committee. Pictured above, left to right are: Florine Skutthe group showing the most orignik, Chairman; Richard Feldman, Mary LaPorte, and William DeGroat.
inality, work, and quality. The
judges in this competition are Edward Cowley, Associate Professor of
The following is the breakdown Art, Karl Peterson, Associate Proof the receipts of the organizations fessor of Music, and the Parents'
which participated in State Fair, Day Committee.
states Donald Rice '58, State FailTreasurer. The figures listed here do Music, Drama Festival
... and Drama Festival will
not include expenses.
orgr.nA Music
Nominations for class officers and in the spring elections. It is hoped Nation paid for half of its ex- take place in Brubacher Upper
Student Association ot fleers lor the that the student body will become p e nses; the other half was deducted Lounge from 2 until 3:15 p.m. Pet1957-58 school year will open pre- better acquainted with the candi- f r o m t h e receipts.
erscn, Dean Stokes, and Agnes Futvious to the Easter recess this year dates and their issues by using this
terer, Professor of English, are din
' order to allow sufficient time for method.
F««t Group
recting the Festival.
Veterans, $24.36; Edward Eldred
campaigning, announces Jack Tate
'58, Chairman of Election Commis- \ oting On April 26
P o t t e r Club, $75.64; American
The program includes lour songs
Actual voting will begin on April Chemistry Society, $39.05; Canter- by"the 'choraTette's acc'o'mpanieTby
26 and will be by absentee ballot, bury Club, $3.75; Student Union Marceline Waggoner '59 a reading
C|M> Nominations
Votes may be cast starting at 12 Board, $7.56; Phi Delta, $19.21; o f " C r e s Delahanty" by'Betty'Van
C.ass officer
nominations will noon In the school on Friday Student Christian Association, $5.84; vi'irk '^7 m d qpWtinvxs hv tho
open Tuesday in class meetings at a n d a t U l e S n a c k B a r i n Brubacher Brubacher Hall, $15.50; M u s i c woodwind Q u a r t e t w h o s e members
Treasurer Lists
Total Receipts
For State Fair
I Nominations For School Offices
Open At Tuesday Meetings
Myskania has interpreted the
budgetary procedure as set down
in the constitution, Article VIII,
Section 1, Number 9, a and c as
As it is written, that each organ
izational budget total will be voted
upon separately, and that a motion
to delete or change will be recognized as calls for discussion, and
that, in order for a person to discuss a line in the budget, a motion
must read "to change or delete."
_ , . , , . . , . ,,„,.„„J •„ ,-,,„,
That the budgets be read in Convocation by totals rather than I e
Z ^ ^ S ^ C t ^ ^ X
Student Association prior to the
presentation of the budget in Convocation.
Members of Uie cast of the State
College Revue production of "Plain
and Fancy" will present a preview
of the show at the close of the business meeting.
It is requested that .students look
for these notices and list possible
hours for appointments as indicated. They should be returned as soon
as possible.
S a l e m refreshes your taste
Welcoming Address Opens
First Annual Parents' Day
Medical interviews with each student in the Senior class an; p aimed
before graduation, announces Janet
Hood, College Physician.
menthol fresh
. rich tobacco taste
. most modern filter
SA To Vote
On Budgets
In Assembly
Office Lists
Senior Exams
Think of a Spring breeze blowing over fresh, green grass and you'll have a
good idea how refreshing all-new SALHM Cigarettes taste. The freshest taste
i„ cigarettes flows through SALKM'S pure white filter, Rich tobacco taste with
new surprise softness. ..menthol-fresh comfort. Try S A L E M - you'll love 'em.
Parents Day Features Reception, Open Houses, Revue;
State University President Speaks A t Brubacher Hall
A representative fr om Student
Board of Finance will present these
budgets for SA approval: Press
.,.,._„,., ._„
_ — Forum
Student., Council,
Smiles, and Student Board of Fin-
You s m o k e refreshed
State College
The medical office will then make
definite appointments. All Seniors
will be notified of these through
student mail. Appointments will ulsu
be posted on the bu letin board
across from the Medical Office,
Draper 107.
Seniors should look for notices. It is important to keep all
T h e C0Un U
o^low]nKT1]ocrtions-eSf^ nrin'class ^ \ °J! S a T d a y " J * *"$*?
f ' * M B : Ch' Sigma ^
S S S ^ S T t e n S T w ^ n
™ S
f ^ J l f o ^ So ° P
Z n ol mto ^ e E
L ^Athletic
W ^ Association,
l S t e £$23.16;
5 ^ Anderson,
W LindaPogonowski,
SophMonday, April 29, from 9 a.m. to Women's
omores, and
Nagel and Nancy
Draper 111; and Junior 4 „ m in school
Kappa Beta, $13.15; International jjjcitson freshmen
meeting, Draper, 349, announce
Film Group, $17.80; Newman Club,
Robert Helwig, Donald McClain, Moving-Up Day
aJ1 d John Stefano, class presidents
Results of the elections will be
The Statesmen, accompanied by
Nominations for class officers will reV ealed on Moving-Up Day which h e r c * n d ^ r o u , ?
„ , t.
„ „
oeor ge Harris '59 will also sing
close March 22. Nominations for i s Saturday, May 4 Moving-Up Day h ^ I ^ L
r ° " fever
eral selections and Joan GinsStudent
will open i s t h e c l l l n a x 0 ' f t h e co itege year. ^ i p . $5.00; Myskan a $4852; Gam- «ver. Graduate, will give the hummu
March 22 in legislative
legislative convocation The new Mvsknnin is "tanned" and lege Kappa
News, $26.50;'Beta'Zeta,
Phi, $35.74; State$32.43;
Col- buig
"o us reading:, "Gertrude the Govand will close on March 26. Declin- y l e n e w officers of the various or- Alpha Pi Alpha, $28.90; Commerce erness."
ations for both class and Student ganizations on campus are an- Cub, $9.71; West' House, $11.26;
William Carlson, President of
Association offices will close on nounced.
are F o r u m o l P o »tics, $36.20; Lake State University of New York, will
thP Mill!
skit qnri
Wednesday, April 3
highlighted by the MUD skit and H
council, give a short talk following the pro$675
. M A T o.
„ ' ,,,.„ m
Campaign Procedures Open
the traditional Sing on the steps . . . . . i „u
^7 1 0 ' V ^ a l ^i a ^ r «£'
£ reports that restrictions for ol Draper Hail. At the close, the »
iors cede their Lplaces on the %*"*• i
: ™ n ? ™ ' *****> Coffe
fee Hour
Umiu.d Seniors cede lhelr
Camp Board, $11.01;
Pierce Hall,
From 3:15 until 5 p.m., a coffee
» * ™ . J £ same campaign pro- front steps to_ the_ Juniors, lu.d the $5.95; Sigma Lambda Sigma, $55.24;
cedures which were used in the re- Sophomores and freshmen move up 011*1, ; Club, $6.05; Kappa Delta, hour will be held in conjunction
placement elections will be followed as the Seniors march away.
' ' Television exhibition, $11.70; with Student Union Board in the
Brubacher Lower Lounge where parand Boosters, $100.25.
ents may meet the college's faculty
Financial lie port
i.nd administration. Patricia ColThe gross receipts for this year's way '57 and Richard Ronconi '59 are
State Fair were $1,245.14. The total 1 Continued on Payc 3, Column 1)
expenses were $125.48. This leaves
$1,119.66 as the net receipts.
Edward Eldred Potter Club led all
other organizations by accumulating
'Today people of Mars, 'Were You over there. Why is it that their $75.64 for the evening. Potter Club
was also voted the best show. This
There?' presents, a look at our most heads arc all so large?"
means that this fraternity will piefamous center of learning, the
"Ve einvasise culture."
Ynabla Blp. We hope to show you
"I see. Well Professor, tell us, sent tlie opening show at next year's
"The Insect Comedy" will be preJust a little of this great institu- what arc those men doing down State Fair.
sented by the State College Theatre
tion's life.
there on that Martian surfboard?"
111 Page Hall Auditorium on the eve"You will notice, as we walk tonings of March 29 and 30. The di"Dot I.SS not a surfboard. Dot IS.S
wards Its chestnut covered walls
rector of the production is Jarka
that a projected image of our na- our basketball court."
Burian, Assistant Professor of Eng"Professor, I notice that your athtlonal hero, Avrenim stands as
lish. Dr. Burian has made a new
guardian of the central portals. Ex- letes' legs are not as well-formed as
translation of tills Czechoslovakian
c u , s e n ie, that's Professor pon Hand- most athletes. Why?"
play e.-pecially for this production.
"Veil, you see, dey don't liaf to
ler who was to meet us. Hello there
run too much. They choost ehoomp
Compulsory Legislative Convutm
This theatre production is a social
frctn vone end to der odder."
satire, depicting the sometimes
"Veil, goot efnlug."
"Professor, were you wailing here
"Vhy . . . I mean why is that stu
Presentation of Who's Who Certif comic, sometimes tragic characterfor us?"
dent dragging his chin on the (nates by Ellen C. Stokes, Dean ot istics of civilization by presenting
varoius aspects of society in the
"No, I vas looking for shtudenls ground?"
Vone or two veren't able to show up
'Oil, dot's iss vhat is known as
Discussion of budgets to be up- form of insect life
today. Ve vere looking for sonic der Ynabla Flop. Dey get dot vay proved by Student Association:
"The Insect Comedy" is a fantasy
mental midsliets to turn into from too much vacations. Dot iss Press Bureau, Student Council, in which a philosphlcal vagrant falls
bad for der system. Veil, dot is about Forum, Smiles, and Student Board asleep in a forest and observes hu"l'ui sorry to hear that. Are all you vill see here."
of Finance.
manistic insects there. In this large
they siok?"
'Thank you very much, ProlesThree minute preview of the State production with a cast of thirty
"Oil no, malnutrition. Nodding sor. And now, Were You There' re- College Revue, "Plain and Fancy," people, highly elaborate costuming
turns you to our studios for Now which will be presented both this will be used to portray the insect
'Professor, I see several students You're Back'."
e\ening and tomorrow night.
Odd Center Of Learning
Forms Cultured Creatures
College Theater
Presents Satire
A i,enaa
Progress Is
Time and time again we have been critical of many iacets of life at State College.
Now, we would like to take the opportunity
to indicate some of the more important
advances that have been made this year.
State Fair this past weekend was a fine
example of cooperation between the two
State - minded parties — faculty and students. Much criticism has been heaped upon
student-faculty relalions. We have two facts
for you to consider before you condemn
State in this respect. We have been given
much freedom in our college affairs that
has instilled in us an independency that
does not allow for faculty participation.
We, ourselves, have declared many activities "off limits" for the faculty. For this
we would consider their participa./?et*fc*s
tion an unwarranted intrusion, and for this
"And these, Mother and Dad, are my friends
reason the faculty does not wish to enter
many fields of activity.
Today the last section of this year's
Pedagogue was sent to the publisher. The
staff has given unselfishly of its time and
energy to one State activity that receives
little a c k n o w l e d g m e n t but a gigantic
amount of criticism. For once when this
book reaches our hands in June let's say
Recommended? Suggested'' SA Nominates?
Besides these two major improvements
"There's small choice in ro.icn .ijiples."
we have seen appear on our campus—a
Parents' Day, a humor magazine, a BroadGEE MA, LET'S GO!
Tomorrow night, Page will see the iiiitj;.' i<-n of something new . . . a way show, open campaigns, a successful
Broadway show. For years SA has been '>c :.-.% for this; now the boneWinterlude and Junior Prom, and a winhas been thrown. Everyone .should come 'o ,;ee if $1,000 of your money ning basketball and wrestling team.
was worth it. We mink the show itself will be a success, but whether or
not it's monetarily successful depends upon yen, • :. student 'Judy—that
means, go to see J.J'ai:I and Fancy."
"What is 'college '•) "'.' pop 9 "
"College biead r; 'i four-year loaf made froi.i the flavor o. youth,
and the old man''? dough"
Tuesday and Wednesday nights we'll see the performances of two
so fans, go
.'.D Plays. One is bein^ directed by one of yours truly*
jtind here to
go . . . go! The opportunity doesn't come too often
see modern plays, F^ " T ' S your chance.
We congratulate i.'-.,|,aine and her crew on a verj line State Fair.
We only thank God, however that we won't be her* another year to
be bored with some of the organizations who present the same booths
year after year. Potter Club set a perfect example of varietj with ingenuity, originality, and a darn funny show. Maybe more groups
ought to follow along.
P.S. Myskania was rea.iy all wet that night. We hope they've dried
out for Convocation today!
Henry Ward Beechcr once said. "There is no friendship, no love,
like that of the parent foi the child." This might sound sentimental, but
it's true and we lgree with it. What about the parents who haven't
been personally invited?
It's been said that many courses around this institution are "for the
birds." We never took this literally until several of our fine feathered
friends came to classes this week.
The long awaited "Penguin" finally made its grand entrance much
to our disappointment. We agree witli many other opinions that it was
not representative <f State. Aside from a lew exceptions, the material
was mediocre and it looked more like a weak attempt at an intellectual
newsletter than a college humor magazine. We suggest more humor,
some advertisements, find stories of quality. Page should be enraged.
Minerva should blush, and the Penguin should change color if drastic
revision isn't accomplished before the next issue. . . . We did think the
letter to the editor was very well taken.
If all the speakers in the world were laid out end to end, it would be
a darn good thing
Myskania keeps everything they do a secret. We respect their right
to do so. Student Council has only one tiling a year they keep a secret,
and that's Moving-Up Day speakers. Well, Monday night, after a three
hour hashing session, the speakers were chosen, Tuesday morning,
at least a half dozen non-Council members knew who these chosen few
were. This is secrecy?
How many will run.'
College Colendoi
10:00 a.m. Compulsory Legislative Convocation, Page Hail.
8:00 p.m. State Colhje Revue, Plain and Fancy, Page Hall.
2:00 p.m Chess Club Meeting, Brubacher Hall.
7:00 p.m. Hillel, Megilh.h Reading at Congregation Ohav Sholom.
8:00 p.m State College Revue, Plain and Fancy, Page Hall
3:00 p.m. Psl Gamma Open House (or Statesmen.
5:00 p.m Lutheran Student Association Supper Meeting, St. John's
Lutheran Church
7:00 p.m. Hillei P u r m Party, Congregation Ohav Sholom.
10:00 a.m. Class Meetings, freshmen. Page; Sophomores, Draper 111;
Juniors, Draper 340.
7:30 p.m Music Council's Movie on the life of Paganinl, "The Magic
BOW," Richardson 300.
7:30 pin. Newman Club Meeting, Brubaeher Hall.
.Student Christian Association Meeting, Brubacher Upper
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Meeting, Brubacher Hall.
FRIDAY. M A T C H 15, 1 9 5 7
Myskie isn't frisky anymore. In the past,
the Senior honorary has been held in high
esteem by the student body as a whole,
not merely by the Sophomores and freshmen, as it is p r e s e n t l y . Myskania's
prestige has sunk to a low ebb since the
present Junior Class entered this college.
Supposedly, the thirteen act as the judicial branch of our government. Actually,
what judicial powers does Myskania possess
that don't cease to exist at the end of
Rivalry? Should it serve as a branch of
our government, or should it be limited in
such a way that it becomes a resting place
for those Seniors who have earned such a
reward for active participation in student
These are questions we would like answered, and by the people who should know,
Myskania. In a few weeks we are to elect
your successors. How shall we elect them—
for their governmental abilities, their entertaining abilities, or shall we elect them
because we like them, and that's all?
In short, are we to elect an honor society, or a branch of our government?
We'd like to know, Myskania, and you can
supply the answers. You have served a
full year—what are your ideas on the society of the thirteen chairs? You know
its strong and weak points. Does it need
a change in function, and if so, what?
We're asking, Myskies, you supply us with
the answers!
- - - One Man'i Opinion
-- -
For uonths now we have argued be. a great many students just over from the feudal system? Does
student government. Changes are DON'T care about student govern- it do more than count votes? Should
effected which are, in turn, changed, ment?
it be primarily a governing body, an
until a", we have is a complex, nebPerhaps one of the basic things honorary body, a glory body, or
ulous, and inefficient system which wrong here is the misplacement of what? Its place now is certainly
very few individuals really under- emphasis. Student government, so ambiguous. If it is primarily a govstand. We try to correct the out- obviously not a concern of much of erning body, why should being a
ernppings of this outdated set-up, the school, is greatly emphasized, good entertainer or head of a cleane.g. poor elections, instead of going while other tilings, just as import- up committee be a prerequisite for
to the heart of the matter; what ant, take a back seat. On entering it? If Myskania were removed, (he
we need to do is critically examine State, the freshman sees student people on Senate would then be
cnery basic part of our government government held up and glorified in those who were sincerely interested
to sec if it is really that basic and Mys riia; the ultimate achieve- in the running of our government:
necessary. We should look at State in study—Signum Laudis—is scarce- Senate would not be a steppingas if it were founded only yester- ly known about by the frosh. There- stone, since nothing would be gainday and act accordingly. Tradition fore, government should be de- ed from being on it except the satis fine, but let's not remain in the emphasized. Then the supposedly isfaction of helping to run the school
time of the original Minerva. We inconsequential aspects of college well.
have to shake off our antiquated life — studies, activities, sororities,
inertia and wake up to reality.
Since a great many students do
fraternities — could be brought to
The problem is always apath.\. the fore. These Important elements not care how their school is run, it
What is done to correct it? People could then attain the place they would definitely be most advantageare forced to go to Convocation ta merit, without their efforts being ous for everyone to let the entire
student body be represented by a
high-sounding, but lew-resulting, sapped by student government.
smaller, more interested, and more
renaming of Assembly), thus changAt, this point you must think I capable body, namely, a Senate.
ing students' apathetic attitudes into
negative ones. Political parties are want to do away with all student This strong nucleus—the Senate
forced upon the students simply be- government. Nothing is farther from would carry on SA business — the
cause they are something new and my mind; student government is an basic work, not the extraneous matdifferent. Tlvse are excellent ways essential part of our college. The ter that now wastes so much tune
to corn. t ,i '..thy. Did anyone ever point is that It is a part of the These secondary affairs could be
stop to thu . that maybe, just may- whole -not the whole. Therefore, it treated by two or three major subshould be set up on a minimum committees, working in conjunction
basis, including only essentials. Do with the Senate. Tire exact set-up
we need a Convocation? Couldn't a of this Senate is a problem for conSenate handle matters sufficiently, sideration. Its need is definite;
an SA petition provided? Do we what remains is the realization ol
need a Myskania? Is it a carry- this theory.
To the Editors:
I read the first issue ot the I'enKuin and m general found it enjoyable reading. Being a first venSTATE COLLEGE NEWS
ture it naturally had its share ol
shortcomings, .nine of which I
E S T A B L I S H E D MAY 1 9 1 6
heartily disapprnr e ol; e.g., too much
BY T H E C L A S S O F 1 9 1 8
swearing just loi the sake ol swearing. However, o'.e ol our students
took it upon I imselt to write a First Place CSPA
Second Place ACP
vitriolic letter to the editor con- VOL. XLII
M a r c h 15, 1057
No. 6
demning just ..bout everything in
d h, NEWS -,0,1! muy bu reuelied MOIHIIH illld We li, ,,l,i \ 1 n u n V lii
the magazine < xcept the quality of II ()Members
in. and TueMluy Irom 3 U) fl p in in 2-TS'iti Ext 11 I'honei D e l I m i r M M ) 111).
the paper the omission probably S/.uri-k a-0871). H i t c h c o c k 2 - 7 6 3 0 , K u i l i p l l li-DMO
being an oversight on his part. Just
The iindeno luluule newspaper ol Ihe New York Hiuie Ou liege for Tfuf)nT»
what is it, fellow Statesman, that published every l-'ridin ul ihe College year by ine NKWS Bourd lur I hi Bludriit
jou want in a college humor maga- Association
( ii lidllur in Iliiel
zine? You obviously have an axe to JOSICI'H s/.Utl K
Cil-ICdllol ill-Clilcl
grind .but whatever it. is, you've MAItCIA LAWRENCE
Executive Editor
safely cloaked it in vague gener- OCOIUli: (iltAIIAM
I'ulilie Relations Killtui
alities. The very fact that the edi- JOYCE MKYKKMANN
Circulation Editor
tors saw fit to publish this strong M.Utl.lM: ACKI'.II.M.AN
Associate Editor
condemnation of their efforts has MARY riTZl'A'J'Klt'K Associate Editor
Associate Editor
increased my admiration for them. INANCY
Associate Editor
Fellow Statesman, if you are dis- AKTIII'll I'UITNIK
Feature Editor
Sports Editor
satisfied with the Penguin, you have ROBERT HA.MI'F
Consultant I'ulilie Relations Editor
two alternatives open to you: H) KEITH
consultant Business Advertising Editor
boycott future issues, or '2i edit a .lOSEI'il StVllll/.OVVSKI
Consultant Sports Editor
literary magazine of your own, em- (VIM.AKII (iilXETTE • "•"?""
ploying Hemmingway, Gallico and All communications should be addressed to the editor unci must be slaned Name*
other established writers, with illor opinions expressed In its columns or communications, as such expressions do not
lustrations by John Groth and Pi- necessarily
relied Its views.
casso. You wouldn't expect a baby
eagle to soar over mountains, so
(Continiud on Pago H, Column I)
F R I D A Y , M A R C H 15, 1 9 5 7
Original Broadway Musical Features Student Cast;
'Plain And Fancy' To Highlight Weekend Activities
Tonight and tomorrow night at 8
p.m. in Page Hall tl e State College
Revue will present "Plain and
Fancy," announces John Yager '59,
Co-ordinator. Genen 1 admission is
$1.00 and reserved seats are $1.25.
Charles Weed '60 will direct the
musical, Richard Feldman '57 will
be in charge of choreography, and
Richard Erbacher '57 and Oeor-j,^
Harris '59 will provide the music
The Cast
The cast of "Plain and Fancy
includes: Barbara Hungerford as
Ruth Winters, Morton Hess as
Isaac Miller, Seniors; Veronica Davis as Katie Yoder, Marion Sciortino
as Hilda Miller, Carolyn Ollvo as
Emma Miller, Sophomores; Robert
Helwig as Peter Reber, Robert
D'Andrea as Dan King, Joseph IIlardo as Papa Yoder, freshmen.
The Finance Committee includes:
Joseph Flynn, Lloyd Seymour, Marilyn Leach, Mary Bradley and Sally
SOME PLAIN, SOME FANCY. Members of the State College Revue cast take time out from their ^ J ^ ^ ^ ™ 8 ^ 1 ^ ! ®
Wednesday night rehearsal to give NEWS photographer Willard Gillette a visual expression of how they feel Paul Gorman and Ella Mizzell,
Bevabout the show,
erly Burke, freshmen.
Tire Publicity Committee is divided into: Sororities and Fraternities,
Edna Reger; Schools, Jack Kiehle;
Radio, Nancy Monteau; Clubs, Margaret Darzano, Juniors; Colleges,
Jane S h o w e r m a n ; Newspapers,
Nancy Richards, Sophomores; Perisyles, Marion Silverstein '60.
At its Tuesday morning meeting, and Camp Board.
Behind the scenes of the Revue
Student Board of Finance approved The Procedure
following people will be workthe budget: ol the State College
Following Student Board of Pin- ithe
n :
anee action on organizational bud8
. Donald Jackson 'SO,
The State University has reached News and the typewriter pool,
an agreement with the Albany cording to Ann Sheldon '59, Sec
B u r n s 51
Association in convocation for its
' - Lights, Richard ErbachCatholic Diocese to buy the residence tary.
approval. The Student Association e r '57, Director; Make-up, Kenneth
of the Most Rev. William A. Scully
budget i. based primarily on the Kadet, Chairman.
o n Thurlow Terrace for the sum of
A tentative schedule has been total of organizational budgets. The Faculty Aids
drawn up by the board of its budget yearly Student Tax is then deA. B. Peterson, Associate
hearings. Any members of Student tenr.ined.
Professor of Music, Paul B. Pettit,
Future Expaasion
Association interested in any par- :,A Approval
Associate Professor of English,
A g r e e m e n t on the prlce was dls.
Up to this date, SCAGS, the James Leonard and Jarka Burian,
closed by state officials, who said ticular organization's budget may
negotiations were underway to pur- attend Student Board of Finance Graduate Student association has Assistant Professors of English, and
in order to acquaint them- been submitted and approved by the Josiah T. Phinney, Chairman of the
chase all other property on Thur smeetings
st-ioent body It has been deleted Social Studies Department, are the
low Terrace, a short street off West- e l v e s w i t h t n e budget's content.
from the SA budget.
faculty consultants for the produce r n Avenue facln
8 t h e State College
T h e s c h e d u l e : week of March 19,
The budgets of Press Bureau, tion.
Mj skan a
a Z ^ t h e s ^ r e ^ t h e n rese n t ' c S e o f ^ f ? ? ' ,
j : ^ f £
' Student "Council, Forum, Smiles;
There will be a dress rehearsal of
he doubled,
rioohleri a
i ? ? , ^ d e i ^ . S n i ° n £™!?i £ ? * ! ! . P 0 1 ^ ? Student Board of Finance, Outing "Plain and Fancy" for the students
could be
unicil; April 2, Dramatics and Ai" c l u b | Music Council, Campus Com- of the Milne School this afternoon
versity spokesman said.
Council, Penguin; April 9, Women's mission, and the two listed above at 2 p.m. in Page Hall.
The bishop's home will be remodAssociation, International n a v e b e e n p a s s e d by the finance
"Plain and Fancy" ran successF lh
G r o L p ; A p r i l 30
' **??£ a " o n board and await SA action. These fully in New York for 461 performe l e d f01 . u s e ^ ft temporary adminf "
c>leci f o i . u s e ^ a temporary
ol Mens i n t r a m u r a l Athletics, budgets appropriate funds of $9,675, ances or over a year. It was writistration building for the State University, which Is now housed in the Primer; May 7, College Handbook, a decrease of $1,270 for the same ten by Joseph Stein and Will Glickcapitoi
budgets last year.
Universities In
Spain Offer
Study Programs
Spanish universities will ofTer
American students a program of
study and travel during the months
of July and August. College and
professional growth credits will be
alloted for the special course which
will be given at the Universities of
Barcelona, Burgos, Cadiz, Madrid,
Oviedo, Pamplona, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia, Seville, Valladolid, and Zaragoza.
The program is one of low-cost
and in addition to this courtesy,
cards are issued to American students which allow them reduced
rates on books, travel, medical care,
theatres, museums, student restaurants, and hotels.
A highlight of the program will
be a study offered by the Institute
of Hispanic Culture, an official
agency of the Spanish government.
The extent of the course will be
from July 1 to 31 and will be repeated from August 1 to 31- Included in a blanket fee of $150 will be
tuition, diploma, board and lodge
at Colegios Mayores in Madrid, and
sightseeing and excursions to near
by "Art Towns." Spanish language
history, culture, literature, art, and
music courses will be conducted by
professors from the University of
The termination of both sessions
will provide an optional opportunity
to tour Andalucia, including visits
to Seville, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, and Cadiz. Tire cost of this
lour will be $90. To apply for the
Institutes program write the Educational 7 ravel Association, 554 Fifth
Avenue, New York.
In Madrid a similar course of
r u study
suuuy will
vwn be
re given
• ivcu by
„, the
Department of Cultural Relations
from July 1 to August 11. A $90 fee
will cover tuition and lodging at
the University hall for the six
Organization of courses in otner
follow a similar procedure. will
additional information on these
courses students should contact the
Cultural Relations Office, Embassy Bond Issue
of Spain, Washington 9, D. C.
A constitutional amendment authorizing the State of New York to
create a debt of up to $250,000,000
for the capital development of State
Friday, March B, Dramatics and
University has been approved by
the legislatures of 1956 and 1957. Arts Affiliates and D&A Council
The amendment has also been rec- m e r g e d l 0 f o r m o n e organization,
Harry Belafonte
One of the three B s, as one re- ommended by the Governor, the _„ . _
porter puts it, has a brand new B o a i . d ot Regents, and the Associa- D & A C o U n c U ' announces Barbara
record out for Victor. His name is, U o n OI colleges and Universities of Hungeriord '57, President. The new
ol course, Harry Belafonte. The t t l e state of New York. It must now constitution was approved Tuesday
plug side is titled "Mania Look At m e e t w l t h llM , a p U r o v a i 0f the peo- by D&A Council and will now go
The Boo-boo". As we see it, this is p i e o r y i e s t, u t e . The proposal will
the liist big boo-boo Belefonte has g 0 before the voters in the Novem- to the Constitutional Review Commiide since his recording debut. It's b e r elections.
hard to imagine that even the most
Preparations are now being made
loyal of Belafonte fans will approve
If the proposal is passed, the luc, ,
til' this hunk of low grade wax. The ilities gained by State College in
disk features!?) a slew of offensive the future will include: land acquis- or the guest college production,
slang designed to appeal to those ition, play fields, library, health She Stoops to Cony ler," which will
having an I Q. ol about -—70.
and physical education building, be presented April 10 by New Paltz
Meduire Sisters
education and school of practice state Teachers College
Coral records gives the McGuire teaching building, conversion of the
Sisters another opportunity to score present library to a day student
high mi the best selling list with center, conversion of Milne School
the issuance ol their new one called to tt college laboratory building, a
He's (lot Time." This is a lilting science building, residence halls lor iContinued /rum Pityr I, Column
tune sting in appropriate fashion (JOO students, and a dining hall to Uo-Chairnien
'o-Chairnien of the aaffaii
by the group. The lyrics are In the s( .at 300 persons. The total amount
At 8 p.m. the State College Revue
light religious vein. The Sisters t 0 be appropriated to State would PI.,i,, .,,,,! i.'.mrv" uiii i„. i,i,..,>n
and Fancy will be piestntwould have easily had a hit on this be $13,637,333.
ed n Page Hall. The production is
one in "the good old day.s of the
under the direction ol Charles
ballad " However, it now appears
Weed '60. Choreographer for t he
that it Will be lost in the shuffle
show is Richard Feldman '57, and
since most songs bearing quality
George Harris '59 is Music Director.
are today.
Two weeks ago, invitations were
Jo Stafford
sent 1 out to the parents of all stuJo Stafford subbed for the vacaSix members of the American dei.t ' attending the college by the
tioning Perry Como last Saturday
night. Her performance included Chemical Society Chapter at this P;.. in Is Day Committee. The mem
many standards sung in her inimit- college will attend a convention at ben if the tommltte e Include Mary
I.aPorte '59
'59, Williaml DeGroat '5«,
able best. Miss Stafford's new re- G e o r g e Washington University, taPorte
lease on the Columbia label isn't a Washington, D. C, this weekend. Feldman,
p e ldmun, Miss Skutnik, and Peterstandard but it certainly ranks as Those attending are: Gary Adelson, 6 o n
oneof the r^st r S s o f our day Audrey Briggs, Robert Davidson,
The two songs are "The King of Margaret Hamilton, Seniors; and
Although the various activities
Pans" and "Wind In The Willow" David Champagne and R o b e r t are to afford parents, relatives and
Both are sung with much feeling Woodrow, Graduate students,
friends an opportunity to visit the
Yoti have to hear them to really
Dr. Eugene McLaren, Associate college aud to meet the admlnistraappreciate the fact that good popu- Professor of Chemistry, is accom- Hon, everyone is invited to attend
ltlr music is still being recorded.
panying the group.
the scheduled affair.
State Purchases Student Board Of Finance
Bishops Home Holds Open Budget Hearing
; For Expansion
Drama Clubs
Reooid Review
Parent's Day . . .
Six Students To
Attend Convention
7I4e Onen
STUDENT ONE' Oloryosky Zero,
what are we going to do? Huh?
A play in less than one act.
What? What?
Scene one, the commons
STUDENT ONE: My parents ire STUDENT TWO: Get smashed,
coming up tomorrow and I wish Bombed. Blotto.
they weren't.
Scene two, in the dorm
STUDENT TWO: Why is that, stu- PARENT ONE: Now what did you
dent one?
say your marks were, mine little
STUDENT ONE: Well, you know jewel?
how it is, two, this school is such STUDENT ONE: One-point-seven,
a drag and I'm on probation.
oh honorable parent number one.
STUDENT TWO: Drag? Probation PARENT ONE: That's very good,
Speak, my son, that I may know ] ltt ],, blossom. That's even better
thy thoughts.
t) l a l l [ b e one hundred what you got
S T U D E N T ONE: Aren't you a- i n spelling when a little frog you
shamed of them crazy colors in the vvere.
hall, the garbage cans in the peri- STUDENT ONE: t b r i g h t e n i n g )
style, the characters with the Aren't those hull colors pretty that
beards, the dirty city, and your y o u s u w tonight, most devoted
creator? So pretty like our socks
Yes, yes. Yes I yuL1
you vwash''
And the little uarha!re
H T U D E N T T W O :
,.„. I n r t w r i ,.,„.
,, Y l l l l Y,.„
" l M 1 : n' u U1L m u , c . Haroage
b u u am "i up. i t s ,lc oa mn es g 0 A] Ulcdl , l l k e m 0UJ . j j i ^ j , ^ a t
' ' anl'
"»' ^ n d s with the
_ . . ^ ; ^ c h « smart boy he is? And
£ j / / o f Submits Find
^ A ^ S f t L
r\i \/
The linal section of the 1957 Peda8<»Bue has been completed and subfitted to the publisher announces
B te t h
'tn Beehler '57, Editor-in-Chief,
People responsible for meeting
this deadline are: Willard Gillette
Photographer; Lawrence Mannion,
Literary Editor; Dukene Zervas,
Lay-Out Editor, Juniors; Edson
Travis, Advertising Manager; and
Mary Pagidas, Business Manager,
Lovel v
- - A u d for all these nice
HVnB? whut you have, you only
take half of Papa's salary. Yet on
your half so much nicer do you
live than Papa,
STUDENT ONE: Drunk again last
PARENT ONE: All the time, kiddo.
STUDENT ONE: So you really like
the school, huh Mama?
PARENT ONE: ttakes gun out of
purse) Why you little phony I Trying to con the old lady, huh? Take
that! (shoots through head) And
Students Should Understand State University M y s k a n i a A n n o u n c e s
Government-Then Revise Opens College R
e s u | t s Of Meeting
Each week State College students lated on by a lesser group if cir- On Long Island
make statements in and out of print cumstances warrant such action.
to the effect that the present form
of student government is outmoded,
it doesn't work and it cannot work.
They further argue that some new
plan is needed. As a result individuals and groups are spending hours
of work developing a plan of representative government, a student
senate, or any new twist that might
replace the status quo.
Two weeks ago the State College from anyone at all; one person
The State University of New York
has recently announced plans to News printed a letter from Myskania, mentioned to us what she woulr
open a new teachers' college next telling of our forthcoming meeting like discussed at a meeting of this
fall. The college, to be called State with the administration. We asked type. We had this meeting las'
University College of Long Island, for questions, ideas and criticism Monday and plan to meet again
next week.
will be temporarily located at Planting Field, near Oyster Bay, L. I.
'Pure Democracy'
Broken Ice
The new college will open with a
An immediate reaction to this student body of about 150 students.
This first meeting accomplished
suggestion might be—"If we elim- Future freshman classes will be
several very important things.
inate budgets and constitutional about the same size.
Is Change Necessary?
1. It was one of the few attemp;,
Work is soon to begin on a new
to exchange ideas between adminisDo we need a radical change in amendments from the legislative
permanent campus which will be
tration and students. We found thai
the government or do we need a few
discussion was free—"the ice can
less impulsive modifications in the business to conduct." True, there ready for occupancy in 1962. This
campus is to be developed at Stony
be broken."
present convocation system, modifiThis year's State College Revue
cations which will iron out some of that SA members continually express Brook, L. I., and will have entering
2. It was discovered that more
may be the beginning of a new
the trouble spots that anyone might
wouldn't be more than two or three classes of about 600. The campus trend here—one that many feel is communication is needed between
expect to find in any new plan?
legislative convocations a year where will cover 340 acres.
The present temporary campus an improvement. For the first time the administration and students, n
How many of you reading this major items of business might be
article (both interested in govern- debated, or where SA might use its was donated to SUNY by the late in its four-year history, the Revue this communication did exist there
would be answers to such questions
Wil iam Coe. The college will be will be a professional play.
ment and disinterested) actually re- power of check.
as "What is the Student Faculty
alize the philosophy of the convocahoused in a 60-room mansion. AdCorporation?"; "Why isn't cafeteria
tion as it was set up last year?
I agree with those who are dis- joining buildings will be converted Long Broadway Run
The musical hit "Plain and food better?"; "Where is the Public
Those responsible for developing the satisfied with the present status of into dormitories and dining halls.
present convocation plan sought to student government at State ColState University College on Long Fancy" opened on Broadway in Relations Department of this coldetermine the things about the as- lege. I agree that '"pure democracy" Island's program is designed to train January, 1955, and enjoyed a fifteen lege?"; "Do students have to approsembly (as SA legislative meetings just won't work in a college of this science and mathematics teachers month run. State College Revue will priate funds to advertise for State
were then called) that the student size. I disagree that we need a new for high school and community present this play on Friday and College?"; "Why can't the Education courses be reorganized?";
body found uninteresting. They form of government — just a few colleges. It will provide a broad Saturday evenings.
tried to remove the less important minor changes could presumably foundation with specialization in
The action centers around Bird- "Why don't students help to plan
items of business which could be left correct the situation.
mathematics, physics, chemistry, In-Hand, an Amish community in the curriculum?" It may surprise
to other units of the government to
and biology, and will lead to the Pennsylvania, where life is more some students to know that the administration is just as anxious to
be handled more expeditiously. In
"plain" than "fancy."
degree of Bachelor of Science.
meet with the students as students
essence then, the plan attempted to
The proposed Dean of the College
bring to convocation only business
are to meet with the administrais Leonard K. Olsen. Olsen received People You Know
that would be of interest and imYou will enjoy the performance tion.
his A.B. from the University of Chiportance to the student body as a
cago in 1936. Since receiving his de- of Bob D'Andrea '60 as Dan King, Cinemascope
gree he has been in the navy as a and Barbara Hungerford '57 as Ruth
Lt. Commander, has worked as a Winters, New York sophisticates who
3. Student Government should inRight Approach
The Albany Junior Chamber of research associate for the Encyclo- find themselves in the middle of crease its scope. Rather than limit
What are the reasons for unrest
pedia Britannica, and until two preparations for an Amish wedding. itself to special interests groups, it.
and dissatisfaction with government Commerce announces that it is years ago was a Director of Special
Of course, the wedding is com- should in its revision appeal to tinseeking
Amo.^sthis year? Could it be that students
Projects and Associate Professor of plicated by the "eternal triangle," whole student body. Our philosopln
are clearly not interested in much
Humanities at the University oi which is further complicated by a of government needs to be changed.
of the business taken up in legis- Applications are available at the Chicago. Last year he joined the lovable but despotic father.
lative convocations? Is it possible Chamber of Commerce Office, 74 SUNY Central Administration Staff.
This meeting served to lay the
Sweet Katie Yoder will be ably
that this situation could be cor- Chapel Street and must be submitportrayed by Veronica Davis '59. Her ground work for future meeting.
rected by perhaps further eliminatsuitors, Ezra and Peter Reber—Ken- We have openly stated our probing business from the legislative
Applicants must be between the
neth Smith '59 and Robert Helwig lems; the ensuing meetings will atconvocation, thereby making them ages of 18 and 30 and must live,
'60—vie for Papa Yoder's favor. Joe tempt to solve these problems.
fewer in number and of the type work or attend school in Albany.
Ilardo '60 will be charming as well Help Wanted
that might draw interest because of They must be able to spend from
as convincing as the heavy handed
the topic of discussion itself? Is it ten to twelve weeks away between
If you have any ideas, questions,
possible that many of the issues June 15 and September 15.
or viewpoints that you would like to
which the group last year felt to
Plain and Fancy with an all star
The person who is chosen will
as Hilda Miller, the would-be see brought to the administration
be of sufficient importance to SA serve as Albany's Community Am- cast. Colorful! Gay! Musical! See cast
Amish femme fatale, and Carolyn please let a Myskania member know
as a whole are not really consider- basador until the following spring talent you never thought your Olivo '59 promises to be delightful them.
ed to be such this year?
and must be available during that friends had! Stay away from the as the sentimental, Pennsylvania
Before people spend many hours time to speak to local groups about, movies this weekend and see a real loving Emma. Morton Hess '57 is
in developing something new, why his experiences abroad and life in Broadway production!
amusing and sincere as the marriage
not attempt to understand the plan the country he has visited. He will PALACE.
promoting Isaac Miller.
now in effect. If budgets and con- be required to furnish no money exBattle Hymn with Rock Hudson.
stitutional amendments are items cept what he wishes to take for
Meanwhile, Backstage
of business which should be taken personal expenses. Prior to May 15, Dan Duryea and Martha Hyer. The
The director, Charles Weed '60, is
out of convocation, do so and leave a group of prominent Albany citidoing a splendid job, as befits his
the association with the power to zens will select the person to serve jet-jockey chaplain in Korea. In theatrical background.
Cinemascope and Technicolor. Also
check, to review the business legis- as Ambassador.
Pledging, open houses, and lunThe combined talents of George cheons
showing is The Night Runner, "the
are the news from the Greek
motion picture that tells the truth Harris '60, music director, and Dick houses this week.
about today's most shocking prob- Feldman '57, choreographer, are
lem!"—or, how to find a parking sure to produce music and dancing Psi Gamma
by Chester Field
rivaling that of the Broadway cast,
place in Albany.
Mary Lou Meiser '57, President ot
to say nothing of the efforts of the
Psi Gamma, announces the pledgperformers they have chosen.
The True Story of Jesse James
State College's claim to fame ing of Mildred Pasek '60. Psi Gamwith Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hun- won't be strictly academic after ma will hold open house for Statester and Agnes Moorhead, In color you've witnessed the spectacular men Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m.
and Cinemascope. "Bolder than his carnival scene, complete with bumps
They will have a coffee hour for
legends." POW! POW! "Mightier and grinds!
Sigma Lambda Sigma Monday at
than the law!" TWANNG! (That
Don Jackson '60 has done an ex- 8:15 p.m.
last sound Is a bullet ricocheting off ceptional job with scenery design.
a boulder,) The second feature is Be sure to check the proscenium- (hi Sigma Theta
The Women of Pitcairn Island with sized road map for Bird-In-Hand
Chi Sigma Theta will have open
James Craig and Lynn Bari. "Love and particularly the three .sur- house for parents Saturday lrom
paradise of ihe South Seas!"
10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., announce;rounding towns!
Mary Furner '57, President. The folDELAWARE
lowing are in charge of committees
The Wild Oats. Fernandal is back Raise the Roof!
A thousand curses on that slim,
for the event: Marcia Levine, DecoThe
Incendiary she
one yet. It's a Frenchie import with fied and are all equally intriguing. rations; Lenore Hughes, Reception.
Who—calculating shrewdly my
For you skeptics who ask, "How do Seniors; Shirley Palmer '59, Food.
English subtitles.
You Raise a Barn?" the "Plain and
Enflamed me with her eyes and let
Fancy" cast will show you when Sigma Phi Sigma
1<M)0 Years From Now si airing they do just that on stage in three
me burn so merrily
Sigma Phi Sigma will hold open
Ron Randell, iphonetic iii what? 1 minutes!
That when the fire was out she'd made
house for parents Saturday lrom
unci Gloria Saunders. 'See men and
"This Is All Very New To Me" 12 to 3 p.m., announces Paula
A perfect ash of me.
women in a world beyond our com- is true of this type ol production Lehrer '57, President. Leila Levme
prehensions!" Also exploding on the at State, and "It Wonders Me" that is in charge of refreshments and
MORAL: Where there's fire—there's
screen Is Invasion 1'SA whl"h is these "Young and Foolish" collegians Barbara Schwartebulg is m charge
smoke. So pull yourself together,
probably just as incomprehensiole, aie doing such a splendid Job.
of decorations, Sophomores 'Die
chum, and put a flame to the end of
theme for the- open will be
your Chesterfield King. Ah-h-h-h—
"Big Phi Babyland."
that feels better. Take comfort in
Try to realize the purpose of the
convocation as originally constituted—a place where major issues would
be taken up and a place for meetings of the association with an entertaining or educational intent.
Musical Hit
Amazes State
Albany Seeks
City Delegate
Greeks Hold
Open Houses
that regal, royal length. Enjoy the
smoothest natural tobacco filter.
Savor the smoothest tasting smoke
today—packed more smoothly
Like your pUasur* HOT
Ch»*t«rfi«M King hat i v r y t h l n y l
'f60 met to Daniel J, Buliiwn, Holy Crott Colli$t.
lor hit Chatter Field potm.
$60 for each pkilotopkicui vert* accepted lor publication.ChetttrfieU, PXt. Bo* «/, New York 46, N. Y.
O Mw«u * Uim TttacwO*.
—for Faculty, Students and (iraduates—
The Association of Private Camps
. . Comprising 250 outstanding Boys' Girls', Brother-Sister and
Co-Ed Camps, located throughout the New England, Middle Atlantic States and Canada.
. . INVITES YOUR INQUIRIES concerning summer employment as Counsellors, Instructors or Administrators.
. . . POSITIONS in children's camps, In all areas of activities
are available.
55 West 42nd Streut, Kooin 743
New York 36, N. Y.
Beta Zeta
Nancy Louprette '57, President ol
Beta Zeta, announces a bullet luncheon for the parents Saturday
from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. at the sorority house.
SpottiaUt On State
53-A No. Lake Ave.
• Near Washington Ave.i
"JIMMY" Huir Stylist
Telephone 3-8749
Class Officers
Choose Editor
For Handbook
POfUna 6m*, *}Jte SxcUanae
You sit either smoking a cigarette ranging in age from seven to sevenFrom the McGill Daily come the Clever Clues
or chewing your fingernails, and teen) live on a farm outside of Alfollowing steps on how to be a more
finally the secretary nods. You enter bany. This farm has become a
Some useful tips: Use the stem
impressive pipesmoker:
the Inner Sanctum with mildly strange sort of hobby, not directly
of the pipe as a forefinger to strike
shaking knees to see a stern-look- connected with his work, yet not enhome your point. This adds force to
Due to the resignation last week Step One
ing man staring at his desk. You tirely separated from it. As he says,
your argument. Draw slowly so as
personalquake as he begins to look up—sud- "Aside from the pleasure gamed in
to eliminate burnt tongue. Pack
denly he smiles and you feel as watching things grow, it (farming) tor, Art Plotnik '59, and the lack of ity. If not sure which pipe to buy, your tobacco into the bowl loose on
though something very nice has has tied in well with my work in sufficient time for a re-election, ask the clerk and take his advice. It the bottom, denser in the middle,
happened to you. You say to your- Chemistry . . . it's simply a matter Myskania gave the Sophomore Class may be that he will sell you the and thickest at the top. Use your
self, "Who and what actually is this of which element goes where, and President, Donald McClain, the most expensive pipe in the store, but pen (the same one you use to stir
power to name the new Editor. The this merely Indicates a rich perman?"
Editor was to be named from the sonality. Smoking a corn-cob shows your coffee) to push down the ashes.
Os:ar E. Lanford was born in 1914 Appointed Dean
defeated candidates. This decision guts.
There are also pipes for girls,
in Louisa County, Virginia, where
In 1952, he was appointed Dean on the part of the Judicial Body
and it won't be long now when both
he attended public schools. He
of you sit for the rest of your life,
studied Chemistry at Virginia Mili- of the College and feels that in ad- situation in the future.
Use a tobacco that lets everyone together, dreamy, comfortable, Intary Academy and received his ministration, as in most any field,
in the room know of your presence. active, enveloped in a cloud of
Bachelors' Degree in 1934. At this there are headaches, but the re- Board Elects
This is a new dimension, for now soma. Put that in your pipe and
time, although jobs were at a pre- wards of working with individual
mium, he became a commercial re- students are many and often come of the class should have some voice you will be recognized by smell as smoke it.
search chemist for the Golddust when least expected—as do discov- in the matter, the class president well as sight. There are many new
Corporation in Indianapolis. The c ries of mistakes. When I spoke of called a meeting of the Board to tobaccos on the market. Here I sugfollowing year he entered Columbia the most unnerving experience of elect the Editor. As a result of the gest a few: "I Smell,"*"Come HithGraduate School and worked as a goin'j; Into his office and seeing him meeting held Tuesday, the Board er," "You Smell," "Tonight Is the
teaching assistant. He received his turned to his desk, his brows knit, ejected Lauretta McGuirk, Editor of Night," "We All Smell." But the
smell is not everything. Choose a
M.A. in Chemistry in 1937, and be- he blushed a little, then grinned and the Handbook.
gaily-colored package.
came a full-time instructor. He fin- said, "I do? . . . Weil, I suppose I'm
ished his grad work "on the side," full of excuses, but if there were just Associate Editors
Today is the last day to submit
The following persons were named Step Three
and in 1939 was awarded his Ph.D. another thirty seconds to finish one
thing before you start another . . . as Associate Editors by Miss Mcfame to Albany in 1940
The right way to fill a pipe is entries for the State College News
Anyway, it's a bad habit, and I'll Guirk: Jane Cass, Mary Fitzpatrick, to place the pipe in the tobacco
In 1940. he came to Albany State try and break it!"
contest seeking State College's bestSuzette Goodrich, Corrine Marro, pouch and fill it with the forefinger,
as a chemistry instructor. In 1951,
dressed co - ed, announce Marie
Marwhile on Sabbatical, he wrote a
and Joseph Szarek, Juniors,
high school chemistry textbook,
;ee you. Sneak into the nearest co-editors of the News.
which is being widely used in this weighed by other qualities which Robert Fox, Sophomores.
Men's Room, close the door behind
area and California particularly. He make him respected by faculty and Purpose of the Handbook
has worked on research with va- students alike. Being able to admit
The writing and publication of j or, and fill the pipe in any way Entries
nadium, a metal important in pro- an error is only one of these. The the Freshman Handbook is tradi- jou please.
Entries should be depoisted in the
ducing different types of shock-re- stability of his decisions and his tionally the job of the Sophomore
ballot box located in lower Draper
sistant steel and in 1951, through word is another. It is a comforting class. The book is published in Step Four
Lighting the pipe is an art in it- Hall Nomination blanks are availthe work of he and another instruc- thing in the turmoil of college life order to acquaint the prospective
tor, the college was given a research to know that you may run around freshman with both the academic self. No lighters allowed. Strike a able in last week's issue of the
contract with the U. S. Atomic En- like the proverbial headless chicken and extra-curricular phases of Al- match and hold it in front of you. paper, or they may be written on
ergy Commission. The research in- for days, but if you go to him and bany State College life. It attempts At the same time continue talking a plain slip of paper, including this
volved the separation of the iso- his answer is "yes," you may be to answer any questions the fresh- casually. Right now your compan- information: the name of the nomtopes of nitrogen, to the end that if sure that it's yes; if it is "no," for- men might have concerning the ions are excited. Will the match inee, her address, class, and your
burn his fingers? Will he see it in name.
low-cost Nitrogen 15 tone of the get it.
college before he arrives, and to
isotopes i can be isolated and proAs I was leaving he said, "Watch- serve as a guide to the organizations time? Has he forgotten? Should I
warn him? The suspense is mountThe News Board will select from
duced in large quantities, they can ing students grow and develop over and activities of the school.
ing. DO NOT LOOK AT THE the finalists nominated by Student
make a new and improved atomic four years, and making friends like Handbook Plans
MATCH! Look at your friends' eyes Association a candidate who will
reactor. The work was so successful some of you are what make a man
The budget for the Handbook is and when the suspense and tension compete aainst co-eds from all parts
that the AEC has made cost-esti- glad to stay in college work." I smilmates on the construction of a ed with a knot in my throat and under preparation to be presented have almost reached a peak, light of the nation in Qlatnour magaplant to attempt this production.
could not help feeling how much I in the near future to Student Board your pipe. Remember to gage the zine's search for the ten "bestHobby Connected with Work
had admired him as a Dean when of Finance and Student Association time of lighting by their excite- dressed co-eds" in American colfor approval.
ment. Beware of dull friends.
Dean Lanford, his wife and five I went in, and how enormously I
children (three boys and two girls,
News Contest
Closes Today
Myskania Committee Plans
Display Of College History
The Traditions Committee oi Myskania has prepared a display on
"State College Through the Ages."
announces Betty Van Vlack, Chairman. Members of the committee aie
Robert Burns and Dommick DeCceco, Seniors. The committee has made
plans to present features of State
College, its faculty, alumni, and
history, to the students with the
hope that our history will serve as
a guide to future action. Plans are
now in progress lor the revision of
the history of the college in the
college catalogue of the Song Book,
and of regular articles on State in
the State College News. Long range
plans Include revision of College of
the Empire State, our centennial
history, naming of the new dorms,
cornerstone laying ceremony, and
displays of past presidents' portraits.
In the upper library display case.
an attempt has been made to portray the evolution of State lrom a
normal school to a college. Many
interesting pictures have been loaned for display through the cooperation ol Miss Hastings, College I iIjiaiian The first building ol the
Normal school Is on display a.s well
as Wlllctt Street school. The Normal school was first located at
.state and Maiden Lane in a converted railroad depot. Later, it moved to State and Lodge Street. Willi
an appropriation from the legislature a new building was built on
Willett Street. This was destroyed
by fire and for a time the students
used the facilities of various halls
and churches until the new buildings were built on the present site.
One can see the evolution into a
larger institution with more laclllties for offering a broad educational
Also on display are some ot the
rooms of the Willett Street school.
Can you imagine attending assembly in this baroque type room complete with statuary and flora? The
Handbooks past and present reflect,
a change in the program and functions of the college. Some samples
ol student endeavors in the model
school in 1900 show the change in
high school curriculum which has
evolved. The group portrait ol the
class of '88 shows change in tl>e
style of clothes and the type of student attending State. The Pedagogue's of '38 and '56 were shown to
portray the shift from the traditional to the modern.
We fee) that the display would
be of definite Interest to the student body because these are pictures
and items which are historic and
probably never seen by the present
college generation. You might enjoy bringing your parents into the
.lbrary on Parents' Day to show
them where we study and explain
the history ol .State by looking al
the pictures in the display ease.
209 Central Avenue
Felicia's Beauty Salon
Try Our "WIIIMI'Y"
2 Hamburgers, Melted Cheese, Lettuce,
Tomato and Mayonnaise, on toasted bun
WE'RE BLUSHING! (But we like it!)
Somebody likes us after all!
The president of the American Textbook Publishers Institute — that's the association of most of the textbook
publishing companies — says
that we are "essential to our
whole system of higher education". We're glad someone
else said it, for we would be
immodest if we said it.
This authority goes on to say
that, "Running a college
store is a vexatious and often
thankless effort. But without
the college store, the professor and the student would be
without the tools of teaching
and learning. If textbooks
and supplies had to be sold
directly to individuals or
small groups, this more expensive system of distribution would greatly increase
prices to all students. Tin;
college store is an integral
part of the educational system, performing essential
jervices and, for the most
part, performing them well.
The store management deserves the thanks of students, faculty and administration."
I UBHA*7"|
Sure, we're blushing at those
words, but we like them!
Now we would like to say
something about the publishers and their books, Penny
for penny, page for page,
books are the best "buy" of
your college career. Come in
and see for yourself.
Harvey, Bosomworth To Lead Ridge Ties For Bowling Lead;
Eight Keglers Top "500" Circle
'58 Peas; Leahy Most Valuable
R i c e Alleys was t h e scene of t h e
h o t t e s t I n t r a m u r a l bowling day i n
quite a spell Tuesday a s 8 bowlers
topped t h e 500 m a r k , 4 slipped over
the 200 circle, a new h i g h team
triple was set a n d t h e h i g h individual single was equalled.
T o add to t h e interest t h e loop
tightened up w i t h only four g a m e s
s e p a r a t i n g t h e top five teams.
T h e league leading G u t t e r d u s t e r s
took it on t h e chin this week as
they were victims to a red h o t APA
team. T h e Madison Avenue quintet
climbed into fourth slot a s they
tossed t h e new high triple 2425 a n d
swept by t h e front runners,
S t e p h e n s o n paced the APA m e n
who now a r e only 3 games out.
T o m a k e m a t t e r s worse for t h e
A t r i u m p h a n t season for S t a t e Bob Bosomworth a n d W a y n e H a r - almost 1500 on t h e h o m e m a t this
G u t t e r d u s t e r s they became forced
c a m e to a n end for t h e grapplers vey to t h e i m p o r t a n t post.
season) a n d t h e 214 point total of
to s h a r e the loop lead with Ridge.
a week after it did for t h e fans
T h e Most Valuable Wrestler Hon t h e t e a m is surpassed.
B o t h now sport 27-13 records. D e w h e n t h e grapplers n o m i n a t e d their or went t o t h e injured c a p t a i n for
Not all t h e records below a r e winspite R a l p h Adams 212 single a n d
inspirational captain for most val- h i s inspiring leadership d u r i n g t h e
n i n g ones, b u t t h e n e x t edition of
531 triple, t h e Rousers suffered t h e
uable wrestler of t h e season. I n t h e entire season m o r e t h a n for h i s 20
Coach J o e Garcia's Peds will be
loss—thanks mostly to the efforts
same post season conclave t h e P e d s point total. T h e Ped senior who
better t h a n h i s 7-2-1 aggregation
of Ridge's ace Decker Pardee. T h e
elected t h e c a p t a i n s who will s u c - wrestled his last m a t c h for S t a t e a t
of this year. Don Bindrlm, who is
big kegler rolled a 526 triple.
ceed Ozzie Leahy, when they n a m e d Army JV a n d received a trio of
a m u c h better wrestler t h a n his
broken ribs for his trouble was a record shows, was a tremendous
T h i r d place SLS dropped two o u t
great influence in bringing along influence on t h e team a n d will be
of four points when one of their
the grapplers who will be t h e back- a great asset n e x t year. Joel S m i t h
newly initiated brothers threw a
bone of t h e t e a m for years to come- promises to provide the m u c h n e e d 232 single against them.
S p a n n b a u e r not only wasted h i s
T h e n a m i n g of t h e Malone, New ed s t r e n g t h in the heavyweight difoes but also notched himself half
York senior came j u s t before t h e vision, with Joe Hill ready to take
a claim to the loops high single.
n a m i n g of Bosomworth and Harvey up t h e 123 slot should T o m m y F a r T h e Hilltop kegler shares the honor
to t h e co-captaln posts. Theirs will rell move up a weight bracket. T h e
Al S t e p h e n s o n gets the nod for with Decker Pardee.
be an i m p o r t a n t job n e x t year, for final statistics for t h e t e a m follow:
besides filling t h e big shoes of Ozzie Wrestler
Won Lost Decisions Pins Sport Spotlight this week as a reK B quietly kept themselves in t h e
sult of his clutch bowling last T h u r s Leahy, the only d e p a r t i n g team
r u n n i n g as they threw a s h u t o u t
day. By rolling a 561 triple, Al not
member, they will be faced with the Far re 11
4 only came within three pins of the a g a i n stth e the
task of guiding t h e G a r c i a m e n Kane
wood to the tune of 507
4 high wood for t h e day, but more split
through an even tougher schedule Leahy
including a 203 single.
i m p o r t a n t he helped his APA keg3
t h a n t h e one they faced this year. Harvey
T h e color in the last m a t c h was
Leave Mark on S t a t e M a t s
1 leading G u t t e r d u s t e r s . By knocking provided by Tom Digesare a.s h e
So the t u m u l t and the shouting Goldberg
the Dusters off for four, APA climb- wound up with the day's high triple.
are over, Some of t h e m a r k s m a d e Tuttle
4 ed to within 3 g a m e s of the league T o m ' s 203 single was also the best
single game effort in the 4-0 win
by t h e 56-57 Peds will s t a n d for a Snyder
t h e Vets captured over EEP.
long, long time; included in these Jaquays
R u n n e r - u p slot for t h e week goes
a r e Tommy Parrell's perfect season Bindrlm
O t h e r 500 talles for t h e day were
to Doug S p a n n b a u e r . By merely
with an average of only two m i n u t e s Gremmer
bowling 232 in h i s middle game, tossed by J o h n Yager (510) T o m
per pin, and t h e 25 second "quickie" Miano
(509) and Irv Peterson
0 Doug helped Hilltop take t h e game,
Pictured in deep thought a r e Bob of Al Tuttle . . . a n d some will fall Raynor
knockBosomworth and Wayne Harvey, when even bigger crowds will pack S m i t h
ed S L S out of t h e potential loop
co-captains for wrestling next year. Page gym ( t h e Peds played before Hill
Outterd usters
27-13 Vets
Rid KG
Writers Pick
District Stars
Chevy is
America's "hot"car
G a r y Holway h a s been included
on the first team of the Capital District Ail-Star College basketball
team, which was selected by t h e
Northeastern New York sportswriters a t their weekly meeting this
T h e first team also includes J o h n
Obermayer of Siena, Armund Westerlund from ABC, Don DeLuca of
R P I and Drew Lawson of Union
College. T h e team averages over six
feet in height.
Minon On Second Team
T h e captain of the Peds, J a c k
Mlnon is included on the second
team. T h e second team selections
include players from the some
.schools with the exception of ABC.
Included along with Minon were the
captain of Siena, F r a n k Connelly,
Gordon Dailey of P h a r m a c y College,
F r a n k C r u m of Union, and Rudy
Nessel from RPI.
These players were selected bv
sportswriters from Albany, .Schenectady and Troy newspapers. All ot
the players selected were upperclassmen with the exception of
Westcrluncl of ABC.
•**s** .•**;..
Chevrolet Wins Coveted
.Miinul'uetiirei's' T r o p h y a I
D a y t o i i a ricueh as '"best
p e r f o r m i n g I . S. u i i t o m o i i i l c " !
W a n t facts about
T h e n look at t h e official figures from
N A S C A K ' B * internationally famous
D a y t o n a Beach c o m p e t i t i o n for s t o c k
cars, Here's w h a t you'll find: C h e v rolet, in two weeks of blistering competition, proved itself as A m e r i c a ' s
N u m b e r One performance car. N o t h i n g
in t h e low-price field could t o u c h it.
N o o t h e r car, regardless of />rice,
scored such a sweep. And C h e v y
walked a w a y with t h e famous M a n u facturers' T r o p h y , h a n d s d o w n !
T h e ll>o7 Chevrolet is, by all o d d s ,
t h e most astonishing performer ever
produced in t h e low-price held. Best
of all, this superiority isn't limited to
just a few extra-cost h i g h - p e r f o r m a n c e
models. E v e r y t y p e of C h e v y —from
t h e six-cylinder models right u p to t h e
28.'5-horse|X)wer " S u p e r T u r b o - F i r e "
VH's, from the single-carburetor VK's
with I'owerghde to t h e stick-shift
" 2 7 0 ' s " — i s a c h a m p i o n s h i p car.
^National As&i/cmtioti Jut Slack Cat Aula Kucmg.
Only jmnchiaed Chevrolet dealers /j&
See Your Authorized
display this famous
lis:'"**.' t
'87 CH6Vf»P.USJ#
T h e annual AMIA
t o u r n a m e n t will K<'t under way a.s
.soon as intramural basketball is
finished. The basketball
.should finish action during the
forthcoming week.
A.s soon a.s the bulletin boards arc
returned to their proper places in
lower Draper, sign-up .sheets will be
posted lor the tournaments m .angles and doubles. Mutches will be
played on Monday and Wednesday
By looking over the modern record books, which include the seasons from 1946 on, we found that this seacon was by far the best that State College has had since
that time.
The best record any previous State team was able to
muster was in the 1953-54 season when the Peds of that
year ran up a 13-7 season. From 1946-1951, Albany never
had a winning season. Then for three years, the tables
turned and the Peds racked up seasons of 11-7 and 12-9
to go along with the 1953 campaign. The roof fell in during the '54-55 season season as the Penguins were able to
take but two games, one from Potsdam and the other from
New Paltz.
Sauers Arrives On The Scene
After that dismal season, Coach Richard Sauers took
over. In his freshman year, the Peds had a winning season of 11-9. As we all know now, in the now concluded
campaign, the Peds ran up a 17-5 record.
Some of the new records set this year as well as records
tied are as follows: This was the first year that a State
team was undefeated in Page . . . the eight game winning
streak in the beginning of the year tied the longest winning streak set by the 1953-54 team . . . the 82.18 average
per game this year is the highest ever accumulated by a
State team, breaking the previous record set by the 1953-54
squad . . . Hartwick, Brooklyn Poly and RPI were all beaten
for the first time since 1946.
Individual Marks Set
Gary Holway's 486 points along with his 497 of last
year equals more than Bill Walker's four-year total of
868. . . . Another Holway mark is his 40 points against
Utica, highest for a State player. . . . Page Gym record is
held by Karl Luebbert of Utica (1951), 41 points. . . . Gary
has also broken the single season field goals scored, total
field goals scored, single season foul shots scored and total
fouls scored records. . . . Previous records in order were
held by John Centra, 132; Bill Walker, 316; Sig Smith, 94;
and Bill Walker, 236. . . . John Rookwood's 345 points
makes him the second highest State scorer since 1946.
Standing Room Only
A final note on Page (to clear up doubts), the gym is
36 feet wide and 68 feet long. The seating capacity is 800,
which means only 1200 of you will have to stand if Page
is still around next year.
Pardee, Lorrichio Pace State
Keglers To Conquest Of RPI
840-776 victory over the Engineers
in this one. T h e win came despite
Barker's 209 effort for the Tri-city
T h e second Mame proved to be the
only mistake the Teachers made all
night as they let a 71)1-749 conquest
rum a perfect night for themselves.
Davis threw a 208 monkeywrench
into State's kegling machine. Rezek
also added a 180 to the dismay of
the Peds.
Jim J a r s Engineers
T h e final match saw Jim Lorrichio level the woods for 213 to
trounce over the Rennselaer boys
by 92 maples and to give the Peds
the m a r k e r for total wood.
Looking back over the
games Decker Pardee had biggest
r i a s o n to smile with a 546 thirty
Irani! tally liorrichio was only 11
pins behind this sum while Tom S u l livan used a final staggering maple
in tin last frame to hit the 500
223 151 172
mi Ml 213 535
134 127
1 72 157 17)
173 124
To go along with the various other
honors lie h a s received this year,
Gary Holway h a s recently been selected to the Utica Collegi
allopponent team. T h i s was, announced
by Tom Huggins, UC Athletic Director.
O t h e r s on the team include J o h n
Gle/.en ot Hamilton College, Hon
Davis ol Oswego, Al Marsh of I t h aca and Paul DelGobbo from New
Haven State.
Holway's .selection came mainly
lor his o u t s t a n d i n g performance in
the U t i c a - S t a t e game in Page when
he scored -10 points and for his efforts in Stale's 65-63 loss earlier in Total
lhe season,
53 N. Lake Ave,
Near Washington Ave.
We Aim Tit
217 Western Ave.
Albany, N. V.
J'lione 0-3010
Peds Finish Season
With RPI Conquest
Six men hit double figures last Friday
night as the Peds closed the 1956-57 season in good order by dropping RPI, 89-71.
The win gave the Sauersmen a 17-5 record for the year, and a perfect home season
of eleven straight victories.
As was usual during first halves, the
Peds took an opening advantage, 6-2. Gary
Holway hit for four of the first six points.
However, the Engineers rallied to knot the
count at 20-20 at the 10 minute mark.
Shifting into an all court press, the RPI
Don Mayer a n d Dick Causey, co-captains of t h e
1957-58 basketball team, review p r o g r a m of past
WAA Lists
A A Board
Hoop Playday Seeks Sport
On March 23
. , ,. „
WAA will sponsor a basketball
playday on Saturday, M a r c h 23 for
area high schools. Committees for
the event are Sheila Lister, Greeting; Sally Weeks, Equipment; J a n
Vormevik, Food; Alice Lockwood,
Guides; J e a n Nicolai, Clean Up; P a t
Gearing, Invitations.
Sally Weeks Honored
w *». a
To t h e Sports Editor:
W i t h t h e elimination of T r a c k
from t h e Varsity scene a t S t a t e
college, we are left with but one
spring s p o r t ^ - t h a t of baseball.
W i t h i n a very s h o r t period of
time, Athletic Advisory Board will
begin a study to find a new sport
t h a t will replace T r a c k a n d Field.
Although t h e Board a t this i m mediate time is n o t ready to delve
into t h e problem h e a d - o n t h e time
is now ripe for discussion to begm
by those interested in any particular spring sport. P r e l i m i n a r y plans
Sally Weeks was elected conference President of the New York w iul 1d e s h o r t l y b e m a d e to f e e l o u t
«tnf„ A T ? , " . ' , T ^ P " f.i„n n( rv!i_ ^
" ' opinion and bring t h e probS t a t e Athletic Federation of Col lem to a head.
lege Women which will be held a t
ll' any individual or group wishes
S t a t e next fall.
to see any particular spring sport
Phi Delt On Top Of KcKling Loop added to the intercollegiate pro,.,.,, ..
gi'am the procedure to do so could
With the bowling season coming p e r h a p s f o l l o w a p a U e m s i m l l n r l 0
close veiy snoitiy, tne TOI
l h i s : ]. Begin discussion of the posDclLs have gained a secure clasp s ibilitv with those people known to
on first place in the Wednesday have
• - shown
••• ••interest
in "t h- e- sport.
loop. They lead Beta Zeta by ten
2. A t t e m p t to determine somewhat
^ ! L J l t „ l h r e .,,?, rese „"l'. • 1 ™ e ; „ „ ° a lh'c foilo"wing'of"paa^icipants"such"a
Wednesday of this week, t h e West- sport would a t t r a c t .
ern Avenue sorority took total pin3. Acting as a unified group a p nage from BZ to gain a 1-1 split. proach t h e Board so t h a t they may
In other matches, Pierce took two listen, discuss and make a recompoints from Psi Gam, and G a m m a m e n d a t i o n in regards to t h e findK a p and Kappa Delta split points.
4. At any time feel free to quesWednesday Standings
lion members of the Board or seek
their advice on any such matters,
It is only by t h e interest and ac41
P h i Delta
lion of t h e interested themselves
Beta Zeta
t h a t AA Board may have any basis
Gamma Kap
lor the recommendation of a new
Psi G a m
spring sport.
Kappa Delta
Members of AA Board
Anderson, Joe
Burmeistcr, Ken
Causey, Dick
Holway, Gary
Hoppey, Tom
Mayer, Don
McDonough, John
Minon, Jack
Rookwood, J o h n
Bearden, Don
Field Goals Free T h r o w s
Atts. Scored Atts. Scored
Team Totals
Team Totals incl de live points
Tom Baiighan'.s.
it J e r r j
ST A ri<:
/.xsuR.ixcti MAX"
A L L T Y P E S of
squad hampered t h e S t a t e scoring
for the remainder of t h e half, and
took a 47-38 advantage a t half-time.
State Steps l i p
R P I relaxed their press somewhat
in the second half, and t h e S a u e r s men began to dig into their lead.
After five minutes, t h e Peds h a d
c u t t h e [ e a d t Q 5 1 . 4 6 ftnd g o o n
were just two points down, 56-64.
Before t h e game was t h r e e - q u a r ters gone, Dick Causey h i t on a set
shot to put the Teachers in t h e
lead, 59-58. Prom this point on, R P I
could never regain their first half
T e n - M i n u t e Spree
s t a t e went on a r a m p a g e in the
i n s t ten minutes, outscoring t h e
Trojans, 26-8. Coach Sauers gave
every man a chance to play in the
final minutes, as the Engineers could
not cope with the final spree.
Gal V H o l w a y l e d t h e P e d s w i t h 2 6
'points, followed by J o h n Rookwood
with 13, and Don Mayer, J a c k Minon, Don Bearden and Dick Causey
with 10 each. Game scoring honors
went to Rudy Nessel of R P I with 28.
Fjnaj p o r p0ur
, a s t fm. C a p .
Thfi gftme W M ^
tain Jack Minon, J o h n Rookwood,
Tom Hoppev, and Joe Anderson. In
"— •--»
his three years of* -varsity
ball, «-•
Minon scored 499 points, Rookwood in
four "years had"an' ~even"66b7and"
Anderson had 376. Tom Hoppey,
who played two years of varsity belore taking time to serve Uncle Sam,
had 92 points in the l a s t two seasons.
Immediately after the R P I game,
the Peds elected Don Mayer and
Dick Causey to serve a.s Co-Captains next year.
, y . s |..|1(j g e a s o n
' T h e ' j u n i o r varsity ended its seathe Albany Business
college JV on Friday night also,
T h e Junior Peds completely outclassed the ABC's, and walked off
with a one-sided victory.
For the JV, they ended the season with a dismal 4-14 record.
. . •
p a }•• T
11) II 28 lliimho
ft 3 13 DeLuca
ft 0 111 Nessel
2 1) 10 Unijelier
4 •1 10 Uesliu
3 II II Uii.seiuhiU3 1 10 Chun
1 11 1 MoHii
I) II 0
8 'JO
1 1
12 28
II 4
0 10
(I 2
that the
OFFICE of the
L G.Balfour Company
near and far
just to go to State's
No. Ave.
82 18
Davie's and twenty-one of
Parents come from
Gerald Drug Co.
The Best Years
Of Our Lives
Utica Honors
Gary Holway
15, 1 9 5 7
Basketball Squad Elects Causey,
Mayer As Next Year's Captains
Kampf Komments:
The S t a t e Varsity Club bowlers
called upon high single game efforts
this week to c a p t u r e three out of
four points from t h e R P I quintet.
Decker Pardee, whose tremendous
bowling is now beginning to be expected by kegling followers, led the
Peds to victory No. 1 as he rolled
a neat 223 opener. A 181 backing
by Lorrichio gave the Albanians a
Fraternity Jewelers
is located In
The University Post Office
2nd Floor - 171 Marshall St.
Syracuse 75-7837
Headquarters for
Fraternity Pins - Kings - Gifts
Favors - Plaques - Cups - Medals
Stationery - Program*
Carl Sorensen, Manager
Syracuse "39
75 Stale Street
Albany, N. V.
Write or call
or visit us a n d see
for information complete display
and catalogue Open daily 10 to 5
I S , 1037
News Views:
Council Chooses Religious Clubs Slate Party,
UN Forces Occupy Gaza; Speakers; Hears Supper, Meetings, Speakers
Weinberg '58, President Brubacher Main Dining Room,
Nassar Violates Agreement Calendarkeport of Jeannette
Hillel, announces a Purim party Newman Club will present the last
Student Council convened at 7:15 to be n e l d Sunday a t 7 p.m. at the in a series of four lectures on marThe Gaza Strip dominates the was solved with the help of the p . m . M o n d a y with R i c h a r d Congregation Ohav Sholom on nor
Bernice CConPresident,toReverend
news again this week. Since the U.S. This week, the problem isjnore Hinck '58, Vice-President of Stu- Washington
Avenue. a t 7:30 p.m. in Gabel, L.F.M. of the Siena College
Thursday evening
Israelis moved out of the Gaza area complex. President Nasser of Egypt dent Association, presiding in the
faculty, will speak on the "Sanctity
and the United Nations Emergency has again thrown a monkey-wrench absence of Clyde Payne. The agenda
of Marriage." Everyone is invited.
Forces moved in, the peace that we in the wheel of world peace. He included committee reports, election
had all hoped for in this area has seems to make a habit of it. He 0 f Moving-TJp Day speakers, and
Student Christian Association
not come about. President Nasser wasn't satisfied with taking over the discussion of the Social Calendar,
violated an understanding between Suez Canal. He wasn't satisfied with
Before the meeting was called to
Miss Catherine Newbold, Assistant
UN Secretary General Dag Ham- his commando raids on Israel. He order, Payne suggested to Council
Professor of History, will speak before Student Christian Association
marskjold and Foreign Minister wasn't satisfied when World War for their consideration the idea of
_, , Thursday evening a t 7:30 p.m. in
Mahmoud Fawzi of Egypt by order- III almost broke out. Now he wants hiring a professional auditor to keep
The formation of: a Chess
Club Brubacher, according to Arlene
ing a civil administration into the the Gaza area too.
the class books. He felt that such
Gaza area. This order caused a dip- x\ 0 Way Out
a move would insure a uniform and at State College is anticipated. The M u r p h y . 5 8 ^
Newbold's topic
lomatic uproar in the UN.
How long does he think he can orderly system of bookkeeping.
meeting will be held a t Bru- w i l l ^ , . T h e y o u t h of the NetherThe Question
act like a world dictator? It is In the last twenty minutes of the bacher Hall tomorrow at 2 p.m. Any- i a n c j s . " Refreshments will be served.
One of the big questions of the a b o u t time for the United Nations meeting, the College Calendar and o n e interested in learning how to
week is "What will Israel do now?" t 0 c a m p d o w n o n n i m a n d h a r t i suggestions for its centralization P' a y <=hess l s invited to attend. Dr. Lutheran Student Association
The Israelis withdrew from the Gaza with so many people questioning the v,ere discussed. A committee out of Arnold Grava, Professor of Modern
Student AssoclnT n e Lutheran
area on the assumption that the usefulness of the UN, here would Council was set up to see Presi- Languages, will explain the funda- t i o n w m hold a supper meeting
Egyptian forces would not be allow- b e a g00^ time for the UN to show dent Collins to ascertain what ex- mentals and correct chess openings Sunday at 5 p.m. in St. John's Lued to return. The Egyptians had i t s v a l u e I t c a n ' t afford to let the actly can be done to consolidate the a t t n e f i r s t meeting.
theran Church. According to Doropreviously used Gaza as a base for Egyptians assume civil control over Calendar. The members of the coinThose who would be interested in thy Davis '59, Publicity Director, the
their attacks on Israel and the the Gaza area. An agreement was mittee include Suzanne Liberman starting a competitive college chess program will include a St. Patrick's
Israelis are afraid that they will do made and should be maintained, and Ronald Alexander, Juniors, and team are asked to contact Hugh Day party and the election oi ofthe same thing again.
There is no backing down.
Lauretta McGuirk '59.
Farley '58 through Student Mail.
The world is waiting to see who
makes the first move. Thousands of
Arabs have been demonstrating in
the Gaza area. Israel has charged
that Egypt is using paid rioters to
stir up anti-Israeli feelings. The
UNEF force fired tear gas over the
heads of an angry Arab mob on
Sunday. Egypt has protested to the
UN over the incident.
Red Sea Base
On Wednesday, reliable sources
reported that the United States
has asked Ethiopia for a military
base on the Red Sea. If the United
States obtained the use of this
base, it would have a protective covering to Egypt's southern flank.
When Emperor Haile Selassie was
asked about the possibilities of a
U.S. base in Ethiopia, he replied,
"Ethiopia desires to collaborate
with the United States but only on
an equal footing." Many approve
the request providing the United
States agrees to give Ethiopia more
economic and military aid. There
have been reports that even Russia
has gotten into the act by advising
Ethiopia that the U.S. wants the
base in order to store up atomic and
hydrogen bombs.
When the talk turns to tactics, rememThe Gaza Strip crisis is far from
being over. Last week, Israel was
this: troops who don't get a Lucky
hesitant over removing her troops
from the Gaza area. Tills problem
break soon become a Solemn Column!
Chess Players
To Organize
Mu Lambda Alpha, national modern language honorary fraternity,
is holding a banquet Thursday a t
Jack's Restaurant at 6:30 p.m. for
its newly initiated members, announces Mildred Ahlers '57, Secretary.
The new members are Barbara
Baum, Carol Greenhill, Carol Keysey, Marilyn Cohen, Marilyn Kriedemann, Rosemarie Sollecito, Elizabeth Steifeld, Seniors; Mary Picciano, Donald Rice, Janet Senez, Duckene Zervas, Judith Ambrosino,
Mary Crawford, Phyllis Hurd, Suzanne Llberman. and Charlotte Norton, Juniors.
Go4H*n <n
Parrot Garret
(Continued from Page i, Column 3)
why expect it from a fledgling publication? "To err is human . . . " to
criticize sublime,
Art Palazzolo '58
Dear Editors,
Last weekend, State College suw
its most successful State Fair. This
was due to inuny factors. Chief
anion',' these were the hard work
done by committee members, the
enthusiastic support of participating
organizations, an appropriate opening show, and the kind patronage of
the school at large
I'd like to thank all who helped
make State Fair the success It was:
the booster sellers and buyers, my
committee, the concession chairmen,
and all the crowd who came. I'd
also like to thank the faculty for
their enthusiasm and support. Apathy? What does that word mean?
Lorraine Kozlowski '58
Room sHoss
Sloppy Poppy
U. O f O R E 0 O N
Rocker Hocker
Vipvr Typer
UINL' Mrtus
Su/ili Junk
Luckies Taste Better
<JS/A. I . C o .
Ullliui 1 Of ( / % i^/iM<JKJ« o W W W ^ U ' / y W W
AMKK K ' A S 1 . B A D 1 N U
Myskania has recommended the
following Juniors: Mary Bradley,
Marilyn Leach, John Stefano, and
Jack Tate.
Myskania has suggested the following Juniors: Ronald Alexander,
Marie Dettmer, Warren Dunham,
Sally Harter, Richard Hinck, Rob- Z 4 6 2
ert Kopecek, Lorraine Kozlowski,
Eileen Lalley, Donald Rice, and Joseph Szarek.
The following budgets will be disNominations
Nominations for Student Associa- cussed this morning: Smiles, Outing
tion President, Vice-President, Sec- Club, Student Board of Finance,
retary, and Songleader will be tak- Typewriter Pool, State College News,
iincl Campus Commission. They will
be presented in Convocation by
Donald Rice '58, Chairman of Student Board of Finance.
FRIDAY, M A R C H 2 2 .
Spotlight Of Weekend Centers
On Brubacher, Pierce Formals
Class Presents
Announcements from the chair
Oral Readings will follow the business meeting.
An evening of readings from literature will be presented Tuesday in
Draper 349 by the Oral Interpretation of Literature Class, announces
Richard Beaudin '57, Chairman of
the evening. The program will begin
at 8 p.m.
Dorms Slate
This weekend the social calendar
v/ill be highlighted by the Pierce
and Brubacher formals on Saturday
evening from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
'News' Receives
Press Award
Marie Dettmer and Joseph Szarek,
Juniors and Co-Editors of the State
College News, slate that the paper
has gained a first-place rating in
the schools of education printed
newspaper class ratings, as anA selection from "Miss Brill" by nounced by the Columbia Scholastic
Katherine Mansfield, will be read
by Jean Thomas '58 who is coach- Press Association.
ed by Adriana Bosna '58.
The publications are graded withEmmett TenBroeck '58 will present in groups, and rated as medalist,
readings from Shakespeare's "Rich- "publications of distinction," and
ard the Second." Barbara Maaloe, first, second, third or fourth place.
LET'S TALK. Above, Joyce Meyermann and Suzanne Lieberman,
Graduate student, is coaching him. The Rating:
vice-presidents of Brubacher and Pierce Halls respectively, talk over
Included in the program is "The The rating received by this news- their formal dances to be held tomorrow night.
Little Prince" by Antoine de Sainte paper was earned under the editorExeuperey. This will be read by John ship of Marcia Lawrence '57, for
Reiners '57 who is coached by Carol the first semester of the present
school year.
Cloos '57.
Barbara Dutton '58 will read a
selection from "After Apple Picking"
and "The Fear," by Robert Frost.
She is coached by Agnes Futterer,
Professor of English.
Outing Club Sponsors Dance;
The final selection will be preThe News and the Rambler, a
sented by Dorothy Lindsay, Grad- literary magazine printed by theSchedules Trip To Adirondacks
uate student, and Adriana Bosna College of Saint Rose, were the only
Brubacher Formal
"Enchanted Garden" will be the
theme of the Brubacher formal and
music will be provided by Harry
Vincent, his trumpet, and orchestra.
Joyce Meyerman '58 is General
Chairman for the affair, announces
Ann Ridley '58, House Vice-President. Her committee heads a r e :
Decorations, Dolores Shimandle and
Carol Schew; Refreshments, Myrna
Cohen; Hospitality, Joan Anderson,
Sophomores; P u b l i c i t y , Rosalie
Walsh '60; Arrangements, Barbara
DeFrancis; Programs and Bids, Dukene Zervas, Juniors. Chaperones
for the Brubacher affair will be
Violet Larney, Associate Professor
of Mathematics, and Mr. Larney,
and Frank Carrino, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, and
Mrs. Carrino.
Pierce Hall Formal
Suzanne Lieberman '58, Vice-PresGordon Hill and his band will Outing Club bulletin board in Lower ident of Pierce Hall and General
Chairman of the Formal, announces
provide music for Outing Club's Husted.
that "Cotillion" has been selected as
first Square Dance tonight, a n its theme. Clyde Payne and his ornounces Dolores Peck '58, Chairman Bicycles
chestra will furnish the music for
of the event.
The English traveling bicycles dancing. Spearing the various comBrubacher Dance
purchased last year by Outing Club mittees are: Decorations, Marlene
Kunego; Band, Anne King; ProThe dance will be held tonight in will be available to Student Associ- grams, Marcellne Waggoner; Rethe main Brubacher Dining Room ation as soon as the weather per- freshments, Helen Mansar, Sophofrom 8 p.m. to midnight. Admission
mores; Publicity, Shea Allen '60;
The Distributive Education and smaller groups. One group will visit is by presentation of a Student Tax mits. The sign-out system for theand Flowers and Coronation, Miss
locatCommerce Clubs are sponsoring
issue of the News,
their annual field trip to New York ed at 18 Pine Street; the other group
City Wednesday, announce Lewis will visit Saks Fifth Avenue located
Chaperones for the evening are
Acting in the capacity of chaperCarr '57 and Robert Bishop '58, re- at 611 Fifth Avenue. There will be Paul Lemon, Professor of Biology,
ones will be Mrs. G. Rand, Director
spective organization
presidents. guided tours conducted at both and Mrs. Lemon.
of Pierce Hall; Edward Shaw, Professor of Modern Languages, and
The one day visit will include tours places. During the two hour tours,
Mrs. Shaw; and Roswell Fairbank,
of the New York Stock Exchange, the students will be taken behind Future Events
Associate Professor of Education,
the Chase Manhattan Bank, and the .scenes to view the internal opAmong coming Outing Club events
and Mrs. Fairbank.
Salts Fifth Avenue.
is a hiking trip to the northern
Featured during the festivities will
The entire group will visit the The students will travel to New mountain region, according to Da- Legislative and Compulsory Convobe the crowning of a queen which
Stock Exchange which is located at York by bus under the direction of vid Kleinke '57, President. The trip
will take place at 11 p.m. Last year's
11 Wall Street and 18 Broad Street. Reno S. Knouse, Professor of Mer is scheduled for March 29 through
The students will be given the op- chandising. Besides Knouse, Carr, 31, and hikers will travel to theOpening of Nominations tor Student queen, Marion Keane '58, will have
the honor of crowning her successor.
portunity to view the activities on and Bishop, arrangements were Mount Marcy region of the AdironAssociation Offices: President,
handled by Robert Schultheis, Sam- dacks.
the floor of the exchange.
uel Sklar, and Margaret Rochford,
Vice-President, Secretary, SongAfter the Stock Exchange tour, Juniors; George Murphy '57, and Students interested in participatleader, Student Hoard of Fining in the trip should consult the
the group will divide into two Kathleen Coessens 'GO.
ance, and Student Council at
Large. Also Suggestions for
'58 who will do the recognition scene Aibany area
from "Anastasia."
to receive
Do you like to shirk work? Here's some easy money
—start Stickling! We'll pay $25 for every Stickler
we print—and for hundreds more that never get
used. Sticklers are simple riddles with two-word rhyming answers.
Both words must have the same number of syllables. (Don't do
drawings.) Send your Sticklers with your name, address, college
and class to Happy-Joe-Lucky, Box 67A, Mount Vernon, N. Y.
New Attendance System
A new system will be used in taking attendance. All freshmen will
sit upstairs. Sophomores will fill in
the left hand section, beginning
with the rows nearest the stage.
Juniors will fill in the right hand
section, beginning with the rows
nearest the stage. Seniors will fill
in the middle section. Attendance
slips will be passed out when all
are seated. They will be collected
during the Convocation.
A. E U G E N E
Marilyn Leach '58, Chairman of en. Candidates for Student Board
Convocations Committee, announces of Finance and Student Council a t
that there will be a compulsory Con- large will be nominated. Nominavocation this morning a t 10 a.m. in tions are to be taken for Myskania
Page Hall.
from Student Association.
Clubs Sponsor Annual Trip
To New York Wednesday
Why? Any private can tell you: Luckies
outrank 'em all when it comes to taste.
You see, a Lucky is all cigarette . . .
nothing but i'ine, mild, good-tasting
tobacco that's TOASTED to taste even
better. On the double, now! Light up a
Lucky. You'll say it's the best-tasting
cigarette you ever smoked!
Honorary Lists
New Members
SA To Nominate Today;
Attendance Plan Changes
O F I'lIiAIIK I T | |
Board Lists
Coed Finalists
Chosen Few Witness Competitive Feets
House Mothers Sight Strapless Charges
Tomorrow night the first round
ol the elimination trials for the 1900
Olympic Dance Team begins. After
training in the Bru game room
since September, the young hopefuls will be given the chain e to
show their stuff at last. These trials
will continue until the finals sometime in April. Those who have survived at that tune will qualify either
or Olympic entrants, financial wizards, or both.
Tomorrow night's trials promise
to be real thri.lers, with the ladies
of Pierce pitting their wiles against
the women of Brubacher. Unfortunately, the trials are closed to the
general public, Only a specially
Discussion o( Budgets: Smiles, OutThe finalists nominated by Stuing Club, SBF, Typewriter Pool dent Association for the State Coland State College News.
legs News contest seeking Stale
College's best-dressed co-ed have
been selected, announce Mane Dettmer and Joseph Szarek, Juniors, Cochosen few will be allowed to Wit- solute truth you can get, with the
ness the competition. Imagine the exception of a recommended sugEditors of the News.
scene. Arthur Murray turning green gestion, which is the absolute truth,
with envy at the sight of steps which also brings us to the next
The top nominees include Betty
never before seen in the outside point. The next point is, simply, that
King '57, Marcia Levine, Suzanne
world; John D. Rockefeller turning
Lieberman, Gretchen Hurd, Junwhite with envy at the sight of these dance trials do have a recMembers of the Class of 1957 will iors; Lynn Becraft, Barbara Neville,
money flowing out the bottomless
meet at 7:00 p.m. Tuseday. an- Gail Klienman, Marion Sciorlino,
well, otherwise known as the male Vyskie Plow has recommended in nounces Joseph Anderson, president. Roberta Devlin, Sophomores; and
wallet; and, housemothers turning his latest article, "Recommended
Christine Mazur '60.
The Senior meeting, to be held
grey with envy at the sight of eve- (suggestions and Vice-Versa on ForThe News will select from these
ning gowns staying up without mal Dunce Tryuuts," that attend- in the B r u b a c h e r Government
Room, will include a discussion of finalists the candidate who will
ance be encouraged.
plans for Senior weekend, which compete against co-eds from all
For those who cannot go, don't precedes the annaul Commencement parts of the nation in Glamour
If at all possible, it lias been suggested that attendance at these worry, there will be others. For Exercises of the Class. Senior magazine's search for the ten best
trials be highly recommended. A those who can, be careful. Some Weekend includes the annual class dressed co-eds in American colsuggested rcommendation is, ofpeople have been in their rooms banquet, the Senior Ball, and the leges. The winner will be chosen at
traditional Torch Night.
the next board meeting.
course, the closest thing to the ab- since September.
Seniors Discuss
Class Weekend
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