116 8
Plans are in progress for the establishment of an educational organization on campus which will attempt to coordinate the activities
of students interested in the field
of education. The organization,
when chartered, will be open to all
those who have interest in the field
which goes beyond their college
A meeting will be held during this
week for the purpose of discussing
the intent and organization of the
group. Interested students, regardless of any educational group with
which they may now be affiliated,
are asked to watch for notices as to
time and place and to be present at
the meeting. The committee which
has been working on the organization thus far includes: Walter Decker, Edward Lehman, Ralph Moot,
Robert Reigle, and Kurt Rosenbaum, Juniors, and Bradford Miller
P*ofUH*l Budqmt
QoavL oj
Television Set
Dish Cloths
2 Dozen Ashtrays
Ping Pong Table
1 Dozen Paddles
1 Doz. Sets Balls
3 Nets with Brackets
6 Card Tables
2 Movable Black Boards ....
Dart Board
3 Checker Boards
2 Chess Sets
6 Decks Plastic Cards
Radio-Phonograph Console
—floor model
Phonograph— 3 speed
Semi - Classical & Popular
Record Cabinet
Reading Rack
Contingency Fund
introduced the element of corruption."
Talk about glaring mistakes, next
time you're poring through the Exchange, note page two of the October 30 issue of the McOill Dally,
newspaper of McOill University,
Montreal, Canada. Under the headline, "Through the U.S. Election" is
a picture of Ike and one of Stevenson. The caption below Ike's picture reads "Democrat" and under
Stevenson's, that's right, "Republican."
Prom the University of Detroit
Varsity News: All his girl friend does
is talk diamonds and look at more
State has its compensations. One of
the dorms is now housing students
of both sexes. Oldtlme students
"they never had it so gooa. ;
A South Dakota State College Coed tells of her experience during
registration. It seems things were
going smoothly until she arbitrarily
chose to join one of two equally
long lines. After a two hour wait,
she reached—the men's washroom.
Prom Canisius student paper "The
Griffin": Judge: "You're charged
with beating your wife for the second time this month. Liquor again?"
Defendant: "No, your honor. She
licked me this time."
0ol mn
The following is a list of persons
who donated blood: Colleen O'Grady, Ruth Poole, Ann Yananella,
Linda Hopkins, Betty Piatt, Pearl
Mintzer, Edna Sherber and Paul
Ward, Seniors. Earl Hars, Dolores
Donnelly, Barbara Cumber, Shirley
Nellis, Doris Emens, Faith Hanson,
Barbara Rfempel, Walter Render,
Barbara Wolslegel, Juniors.
Also Robert Lundergan, Madeline
Chini, Ann Keegan, Beverly Demarest and Prances Giannuzzi, Sophomores. Catherine McCann and Walter Curren '56, and Joseph Dolan,
An English comedy of the
latter part of the nineteenth century
is Miss Smith's choice of production.
The thesplans in this dramatic endeavor are Elaine Stryker, and Herbert Safran, Sophomores. Supporting committees are: technical director, Doris Hagen; lights, Frederick
Crumb; props, Jo Ar.r.e ^ovle;
make-up, Madeleine Payne; special
effects, John Laing; house, John
Jacobus, Juniors; publicity, Kay
Wright; and costumes, Marietta
Wiles, Seniors.
and Accessory Organs not Adversely
Affected by Smoking Chesterfields
medical specialist and his assistants. The exam-
competent medical specialist and his staff on the
ination covered the sinuses as well as the nose,
effects of smoking Chesterfield cigarettes.
ears and throat.
A g r o u p Of p e o p l e from various walks of life
T h e m e d i c a l S p e c i a l i s t , after a thorough exam-
was organized to smoke only Chesterfields. For six
ination of every member of the group, stated:
months this group of men and women smoked their
" I t is my opinion that the ears, nose, throat and
L. G. Balfour Co.
normal amount of Chesterfields— 10 to 40 a day.
accessory organs of all participating subjects ex-
4 5 % of the group have smoked Chesterfields con-
amined by me were not adversely affected in the
Club Pins
tinually from one to thirty years for an average of
six-months period by smoking the
10 years each.
Write or Call
30 Murray Ave. Waterford, N.Y.
At t h e b e g i n n i n g and at the end of the six-
pictures, by
No. 510
months period each smoker was given a thorough
Telphone Troy — Adams 82563
Wie Gehts!
i Buenos Dias!
No mutter how you say
it there is a 1 w a y a a
friendly welcome at
UOSIII t Mrim toi*cco co.
Unit Schedules
Tryout Auditions
For Entertainment
State Students Receive
Beginning Swimmers,
First Aid Certificates
Nearly 30 acts have tried out for
the Red Cross entertainment group,
reports Marie DeSeve '53, President.
The acts are mainly composed of
singers, and more novelty, dance,
and instrumental acts are needed,
states Miss DeSeve. Another audition is tentatively scheduled for a
Saturday morning; the date to be
announced later. If anyone has a
short skit prepared he is requested
to present it.
Schedule X-Itays
Any student interested in having
a chest x-ray for tuberculosis taken
should report to the County Court
House via the Lodge Street entrance.
Hours are Monday, Wednesday, and
Thursday, 1 to 4 p.m. and Friday,
after 6:30 p.m.
Penniless Blues
To Leave State
Are you penniless? Do you
go 'round singin' those I'venothin'-but-holes-in-my-pockets
Blues? Did you ever think of
(excuse the expression) workin'
for a livin*?
The bulletin board in Draper
that you usually walk quickly
by, has notifications of a job
for YOU, experienced or inexperienced.
Do you like gardening? In
this weather, you can always
burn leaves, If you're proficient
in bookmaklng, there are lots
of openings for you. And if
you're one of those rare people
who likes kids, there are loads
of baby sitting positions. If
you're a brain, you can even tutor. All these are guaranteed to
pay in good U. S. rash.
Don't try to get out of it.
'Tain't so bud, really. And after
all, yen have only 34 more shopping days in which to make
some Christmas money.
Buy C H E S T E R F I E L D . ^ Milder
Copyright 1952, LlGCHTT & MYBRS TOBACCO Co.
Annual Commuters Club Soc-Hop
Will Take Place In Pa3e Hall Gym
Dance Features
SfoJces, Peterson Will Perform
Blocfi, Prank, Purcell Selections Tex Ray s Band
Page Hall Auditorium will be
transformed into a concert hall
Friday night, November 21, when
Music Council presents their annual Faculty Concert. The recital
will feature Dr. Charles F. Stokes,
Professor of Music, Mrs. Margaret
A. Stokes and Karl A. B. Peterson,
Instructor in Music.
The program will include the A
Major Sonata for violin and piano
by Cesar Franck. This sonata appears on the program this year by
request. It is the first repetition of
a work in this series of programs
since the inception of the series in
1944. The sonata is characterized by
many unorthodox characteristics
that arc dominant in its four movements. Franck's chromaticism and
use of the cyclic form to give coherence to the work are examples.
Dr. Stokes will perform the violin
part with Mrs. Stokes playing the
piano. The vioiln that Dr. Stokes
will use Is a 1780 Antonio Testore,
and is listed in the catalogs of
Italian instruments.
Alto on the program are five selections by Henry Purcell, to be
sung by Mr. Peterson. A bass-baritone, Mr. Peterson studied at the
Ju.n.ard Institute of Musical Art
and Columbia University. During
his study at Columbia, he was a
member of the University Male
Quarle; and was soloist with the
Columbia Choir. Later, he directed
the choir.
The Purcoll selections, taken
from his miniature operas, borrow
their settings from the imaginations of Shakespeare, Spenser. Dry-
SA Will Meet
Honorary Initiates
Pi Omega Pi
Initiates Members
Ask Students Check
Commons Mailboxes
F R I D A Y , NOVEMBER 14. 1 9 9 2
Award Certificates
Standard first aid certificates have
teen awarded to 11 students. Twenty-two hours of classes were required to complete the course. Those
who earned certificates include
Marjorie Alguire, Louise Daley, Marie DeSeve, Patricia Gehrt, Norma
Kerper, and Helene Zimmerman,
Seniors; Konrad Maier, Betty Rose,
Dr. J. Christy Wilson, an interand Barbara Wolslegel, Juniors;
Carolyn Sisson and Patricia Theo- national authority on the Near East,
will address the annual Tri-City
bald, Sophoomres.
IVCF missionary banquet at Hale
Red Cross certificates for having House, Union Co'lege, Schenectady,
successfully completed the begin- announces William Whitwer '53,
ner's swimming course requirements President of IVCF at Slate. The
have been awarded to Hazel Jones banquet will take place tomorrow
'53, Jean Labouseur '54, Edna Stand- evening at 6:30 p. m.
ley o'o, and Joan Schultz '56.
Dr. Wilson has recently returned
Certificates for having completed
an extended visit in Afganlsthe intermediate swimming course from
where, at the reque t of the
were presented to Marie DeSeve and tan
government, he instituted an eduLorraine Migliaccio, Seniors; Kon- cational
literary program with Dr.
rad Maier and Barbara Wolslegel,
Luitbach. Prior to this, he
Juniors; and Virginia Bruce, Betty Frank
traveled extensively in France.
Gundrum, and Arnold Newman, has
Egypt. Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Syfreshmen.
ria and Russia. He has appeared
Red Cross is trying to keep a rec- several times on the air with Lowell
ord of blood donors from State. All Thomas in the hitter's broadcasts
Introductions of the new members
students who have donated blood concerning the Near and Middle of Signum Laudis, discussion of the
are asked to send their name to Bar- East.
Student Finance Board budget and
Wolslegel '54, through student mail.
a vote on the Constitutional amendDr. Wilson lias recently written ment are on the agenda for today's
Anyone wishing to donate blood
Mohamshould also contact Miss Wolslegel.
Faculty members are invited to be- maden faith: 'i'hc Christian Mesnew members of Sigma Laudsage to Islam, and Introducing is, The
come blood donors.
the honorary scholastic fraterniIslam.
ty, will be Introduced in assembly
At the present time he is Profes- today. This organization is compossor of Mission; ut Princeton The- ed of those Seniors who rank among
o'ogical Seminary. Dr. Wilson has the highest ten percent of their
been one of the main contributors class In academic standing.
of articles to the New Collier's EnA discussion of the Student Ficyclopedia,
nnnce Board's budget, which was
Pi Omega Pi, the National Honorstarted several weeks ago, will be
In addition to Dr. Wilson's ad- continued
ary Society in Business Education dress,
this week,
at .stale, has released the names of Tongues, will be shown at the banThe student assembly will vote on
its new members, announces Peter quet. The picture takes place In a proposed amendment to the ConTeller '53, President. Eighteen peo- South
today. The amendment
and depicts the dif- stitution
ple have been admitted to the Beta ficultiesAmerica
concerns the shortening of the hours
Eta Chapter of Pi Omega Pi. Two into native Mexican and Peruvian for absentee bulletin.
of the new members are Seniors dialects.
If time is available, apologies will
and sixteen are Juniors.
be given by three freshmen.
This banquet is jointly sponsored
Formal Initiation of the members
was held last night In Brubacher by IVCF Chapters at Union, RPI,
tes Announces
Hull ut 7:3J p.m. Informal Initia- Cneonta, State and Albany State.
tion was held Thursday, November
to .Schenectady unci all those Inter- New D & A Members
ested should contact either WhitIncluded among the new lnltlnnts wer or Marlon Menzel '55.
New members who have been acare Alice Cohen and Ethel Martin,
cepted Into the Dramatics and Art
Seniors. The rest of the new memAffiliates have been announced by
bers, all from the Class ol 1954, inLeunore ICotch '54, Chairman of the
clude: Norma Bunflekl, Joan Bolz.
Affiliates. The new members are:
John Dillon, Kenneth Everard.
Frances Ciliberti and Frederick
Phyllis Ferber, Edith Hausman,
Crumb, Juniors.
Henry Hull, Robert Johnson, EdAlso included are Nancy Li'Uithall,
The Student Mail Boxes are now
Mayer, permanently located in the new Nancy Evans, Ronald Koster, MarCharles Milhiun, Joan Olenyk, Commons. Therefore, all .students garet Watson, Helen Goldu, Doris
Frank Shepherd, Kenneth Smith, are urged to visit the boxes at least Mehan and Ann Tobey, Sophomores.
.June Staples, and Evelyn TeUen.
The D&A Affiliates wus instionce a day ami to chuck for any
Dr. Albert c. Mossin, Assistant messages. Important messages such tuted, during the year 1950-'51, to
Professor of Commerce, was admit- as the Insurance policies have been augment the activities of the D&A
ted as the new futility member. One leit in tlie boxes for a long period Council and to provide a larger
faculty member is admitted to the of time. II these articles are not sphere of operation for those stusociety each year. Dr. Edward L. claimed shortly, Campus Commis- dents who were Interested In theuCooper, Professor of Commerce, is sion will be forced to remove and ter and line urts. Membership in the
the sponsor of the chapter,
Affiliates is open to anyone.
discard them.
IVCF To Hear
East Authority
At Union Meet
reported the results of a continuing study by a
Hagen; publicity, Frances Hopkins,
examination, including X-ray
"Number Racket"
(Continued from Page 1, Column S)
A responsible consulting organization has
4> *&s
Smith Names Casts,
Production Committees
Students To Form
POiiMf Om* *IU Z*cUa*up
DeSeve Lists
Education Group,
Blood Donors
"When you lure an athlete to a
or university for any other inTeThe'ad ' *** **" ^
' < * » * • • « * tnm **** > *
Desire Workers college
reason than education, you have
The housing shortage at Michigan to perform, rercrtf Miss DeSeve.
den and Sir Robert Howard. Mr.
Peterson will also sing selections by
Verdi, Pergolesl, Denza and Tosti.
Ernest Bloch's Suite for Viola and
Piano will be performed by Dr. and
Mrs. Stokes. I'or the performance
of this work, Dr. Stokes will use a
contemporary viola made by Harry
Schnicke of Cincinnati. Dr. Stokes
is a graduate of both the Cincinnati
Conservatory of Music and the University of Cincinnati. The unique
motives of the composition to be
performed find their origins in representations of four phases of the
developments of human civilization.
This series of annual concerts is
being welcomed back after a lapse
of one year. The recital is open to
the public and no admission price
will be charged.
Student Attire To Include
Colorful Socks, Dungaries
The annual Soc-Hop sponsored by
Commuter's Club will take place this
evening in Page Gymnasium, according to Joy Longo '54, General
Chairman of the event. There will
be round and square dancing from
8 until 11:30 p.m. Cider and doughnuts will be oerved as refreshments.
Tex Ray Will Provide Music
Tex Ray's five-piece band will provide music for round, square and
folk dancing. The theme of the
decorations will center around corn
stalks and socks. Bright colors will
dominate the affair. Skirts and dungarees, plaid shirts and socks, will
be the accepted attire for the evening. To emphasize the bright socks
of the dancers, shoes will be checked at the door.
Longo Announces Chairmen
Committee chairmen, as announced by Miss Longo, are: Decorations,
Beverly Dodge; Refreshments, Emily Fletcher; Tickets and Door, Paul
Saimond and Frances Bethea, all
Juniors; Publicity, Sophie Kosek '55.
Chaperoning this affair will be
Frank G. Carrlno, Instructor in
Modern Languages, and Mrs. Carrino, Instructor in English, Clifton
Thorne, Instructor in Commerce and
Mrs. Thorne.
To Request Donation
A donation of $.65 is requested
from each person attending, according to Miss Longo. Tickets may be
purchased at the door. That participants may come stag or drag is
To Award Prizes
Highlighting the evening's activities will be the awarding of various
prizes. The owners of the biggest
feet, the smallest feet and the flashiest socks will be the recipients of
these prizes. Commuter's Club extends an invitation to all State College students to attend this annual
Juniors, Frosh
Pick Committees
Appointments to committees and
the selection of the Junior class
rings comprise the class news this
The Junior Class has formed a
committee for the Junior-Frosh
Revue. Members of the committee
are: Walter Barbash, Dolores Donnelly, John Laing, Donald Voell.nger, Sylvia Semmler and George
A Junior ring committee has been
formed with John Wilson as its
chairman. A representative from
the G.eason Company will be here
on November 19, December 4, and
December 5 to take orders for class
rings. The rings will be delivered
aiojnd Moving-Up Day, reports
Marvin Chernoff, President of the
Jun.or Class.
Appointments of various committee chairmen have been announced
by William Small, President of the
Class of '56. They are: Linda Niles.
Sonj Committee; Ronald Petty,
"Pep" Committee; Anita McKeon,
Poster Committee; Ross Hack, Rev.ew; and Mary Brezney, FroshJunior Party committee.
The Freshman Class has intentions of meeting monthly at night
Campus Chest will have a booth
with dancing and entertainment
in the Commons every day next week
for the uprpose of collecting donations that were pledged during their
recent drive, as announced by Madeleine Payne and Joy Longo, Juniors, co-chairmen of Campus Chest
drive. The booth will be open from
12 noon until 12:30 p.m. from MonSororities this week have released day to Thursday.
names of several pledges. Plans
have been formulated for a Faculty
All persons who pledged to conTea, and the procedure for being tribute to the drive before Thanksadmitted to formal dinners and giving vacation are requested to do
buffet suppers outlined In Inter- so at this booth at their earliest
Sorority council.
convenience. Any students who have
Pledged to Kappa Delta recently not yet contributed to the drive may
were Uemza Salem, Marilyn Dinarcl. do so at the times stated above,
and Madeleine Chini, Sophomores, states Misses Payne and Longo.
announces Elizabeth Piatt '53, President.
Phi Delta has planned a Faculty Frosh, Transfer Students
Tea for Sunday between the hours
of 3 p. in. and 5 p. in. Jane Staples W i l l Receive Grades
'54, Is chairman of the tea, accordDavid Hartley, Dean of Men, aning tj Ruth Poole '53, President.
Freshman girls are to check their nounces that all freshmen and
student mailboxes Monday for no- transfer students should check with
tices from sororities, Katherine their faculty advisers beginning
Sinclair '53, President of Inter- Wednesday, November 19 order to
Sorority Council advises. If they receive their mid-semester grades.
receive such notes they are to pick
The faculty's schedule cards are
up Invitations to sorority formal now in the Registrar's office and
dinners and buffet suppers in Dean should be consulted for convenient
Stokes' office before 5 p. m. These times when your adviser will be in
d.nners are to be held on Friday his office and available for conferand Saturday, November 21 and 22. ence.
Chest To Collect
Students Pledges
KD Names Pledges
Phi Delta Plans Tea;
STATE C O L L K O I N l W t ,
The Home Stretch
Minnie'* Kick
As the sorority women of State move into the
final week of rushing, the tempo of their activities
quickens as they attempt to win frosh women to
their respective organizations. With bids being issued a month earlier this year, the pressure is
doubly apparent, both on the frosh women as they
endeavor to evaluate the attributes of the various
sororities, and on the members themselves as they
attempt to get to know the women of the Class
of '56.
For several years now, sorority rushing regulations have been in a state of change as InterSorority Council continues its efforts to find a
workable system. The fact that this year's rules
have evoked complaints is nothing new, nothing
unusual. There will always be those who are hurt
by the application of a rule set up to govern their
rushing activities. However, let's not lose sight of
the fact that it's not the rules which make the
rushing atmosphere. It's the attitude of rushers.
No regulations will control attitudes.
The freshmen women are at present in a state
of concern and confusion, and well they should be,
for the joining of a sorority can be an important
factor in later college life, especially if the wrong
choice is made.
Sororities must engage in rushing if they wish
their organizations to continue in existence on campus. We feel that, basically, all sororities would
prefer to rush on a basis of friendship and mutual
and his initials are in it so 1 won't j or get who he is I
interest, rather than for quantity alone, but we
realize that many sororities are forced to look for
members in order to insure maintaining their
houses. Just don't let numbers come first. Base
your numbers on your individual needs and desires,
For nearly four years, I have can't be all we need If our turnout,
not on how many someone else is getting, There's h e a r d c o n s t a n t gripes about corn- is so poor. P e r h a p s uppevclassmen
little honor in quantity when the quality lies else- pulsory assembly, sports (or lack of are a t fault for n o t m a k i n g t h e i r
where. Lastly, don't be caught up in the last min- t h e m ) , c u t systems, Myskania, pop- activities sound a t t r a c t i v e enough
ularlty contests, infrequent partici- to draw in prospective m e m b e r s or
ute rush to get frosh women at any cost or to join pation
in a n y conceivable activity, participants. P e r h a p s Activities Day
any sorority which offers a bid.
" a r t y " factions, dirty r u s h i n g a n d is held too soon for prospective s u p No sorority is better than one which you will strong groups making a conserted porters t o know which activities
later regret having joined; fewer members who are effort t o u n d e r m i n e t h e less strong, they wish to join; however, how a r e
griping is essential, but as yet, the frosh to get in t h a t a l l - i m p o r attributes to your organization are better than a Well,
the only t h i n g we've been success- tant year of activity testing a n d i n houseful you will later Tegret having pledged. ful in as a result of t h e griping is terest centralization if they do n o t
Most of you will agree to this, but now is the time a small time s m e a r campaign.
begin until m i d - y e a r or later?
to consider these facts, not after bids have been Lack of I n t e r e s t ?
Only about 40% of our s t u d e n t s
One t h i n g appears completely 11 participate extra-currtoularly a n d
issued. If you're not sure, it's better to wait.
Spirit Or Spite?
T h e r e s e e m s t o b e s o m e t h i n g in t h e c o m p e t i t i v e
s p i r i t w h i c h unifies classes, a n d , on this basis, s t r o n g
a r g u m e n t s m a y b e a d v a n c e d for t h e existence of
R i v a l r y on o u r c a m p u s . H o w e v e r , this spirit of
c o m p e t i t i o n also s e e m s t o d e v e l o p n a t u r a l l y a split
of v a r y i n g i n t e n s i t y b e t w e e n t h e t w o lower classes.
I t is n o t t h i s n a t u r a l split w h i c h evolves from c o m p e t i t i o n in o r g a n i z e d r i v a l r y e v e n t s with w h i c h we
t a k e issue h e r e . R a t h e r , w e q u e s t i o n such p e r f o r m a n c e s as were seen a n d h e a r d in last w e e k ' s a s s e m b l y . B e a n i e s n a t c h i n g , booing, a n d hissing a r e
n o t e v i d e n c e s of a h e a l t h y c o m p e t i t i v e s p i r i t . If
t h e s e o c c u r r e n c e s a r e a n y indication of t h e feeling
w h i c h h a s g r o w n u p b e t w e e n t h e t w o classes, we
call u p o n y o u , S o p h s a n d frosh alike, t o r e - e x a m i n e
y o u r a c t i o n s . W o r d s will d o little if y o u a r e h a p p y
w i t h such g o i n g s - o n , b u t we c a n n o t help b u t wond e r if t h e s t r o n g - a r m s w h o c o n d u c t e d w r e s t l i n g
m a t c h e s over frosh b e a n i e s last week really e n j o y e d t h e r e a c t i o n s t h e y g o t ; if those w h o led t h e
b o o i n g a n d h i s s i n g s e c t i o n s were pleased w i t h t h e
a t m o s p h e r e t h e y c r e a t e d . R i v a l r y , as an i n s t i t u tion p r e s u p p o s e s c o m p e t i t i o n , a g r e e d ; h o w e v e r , we
believe t h a t if t h a t i n s t i t u t i o n is w o r t h y of t h e
i m p o r t a n c e p l a c e d u p o n it, it also o u g h t t o p r e s u p p o s e a n a t t i t u d e of friendliness, a n a t m o s p h e r e
of s p o r t s m a n - l i k e c o n d u c t .
November 14, 1952
No. 8
nf I In1 MOWN ntit rr limy IMI roiii'liml TUI'HIIM.V
ami Wuilnua'ilii)' frnm 7 Ui II p.m. in '.' IIK'JU, Bxl. II
I'IIIIIIOK: IVni'c li-.TOi; Itltiiiiiniu, '.' 117-111; Kimiti'Wtikl, II-8IW7 ;
Mil.vukla, SU-naiSi; llivisliisky, (ia-0873,; I' lit 11. 2-n.YI.V
'I'liu uiiilortfriiiJiiuto iiiivw»im|nir of llm NuwYork Sum. i <il •
li-Ko fur iVurlii-M: imlilUliuil uvory Friday" of Un> (Nil uye
your liy iIn- N'KWH Muunl I'm- ttic .Student AHHIH'IIIIIUU
- - - < O-Mltnuglllg Killtor
- - - ( <i-Miiiuitfliitf Killtor
P.Hi'HKII MAVAKIH Co-Public KuliillniiH Ktlltor
( u - l ' u b l l v ItnliitluiiH Killtor
KI.I&WIF.i II ri.A'lT S|iurl» Killtor
AHKI. Hl.ATTMAN - H.nlor HIIIII-U M«ml»«r
. K i i i K i M : »HWV
- - • Clrriiliiliiin MiimiKt'i
HXPlianVD I'lilltor
VI KIM. WIHII»MAN Ii-iiliiri- Killtor
IKKNK IH.IIKKO - - - - - .-VfcMM'liilx Killtor
•ALLY OKIIHJ - - Annorlulti
lm inlilri'HNi'il lo llm eilltur iiml
All .'iililllllllllral I.HIrt
inii»I In- KIBIIHI
KHIIIOM will hu wlililicld upon rt'tiuow
Tin- ST A T10 COI,I.KUK NK1W8 imiiiiiiirH mi runpouillulllty
f„r opinion* i-xprfHuiMl In l u common or CMIIIIIIIUIIU'IUIUUS
a. »I»WI »*pnj»»iiin» Uo nut uucumiurlly reflect lit vluw.
PRi&AY, N O V E M B E R 1 4 , 1 9 9 2
logical—very few constructive re- of those, about 6% a r e leaders. You
sults have come from this seeming- ask why this is a n d people tell you
ly exceptional displeasure, T h e big they h a v e n ' t h a d a chance, cliques
question t h a t comes to my mind is f o l ' m a n d r u n everything.
—why so little conserted action cne helluva'n excuse!
Still o t h e r
about affairs t h a t cause unrest? ex uses a r e : 'We don't have time,"
The only answer I can find is lack "why p o t h e r ? " , "This Is high school
of interest a n d more definitely, lack stuff,"
of interest in our college life as it Professional vs. Liberal Arts?
is set up.
This last remark recurs too often
T h e Class of '56 Is thought
to l ° fce overlooked. F o r a n u m b e r of
have a g r e a t deal of spirit, pep, In- years, all through high school, we
terest. Why, t h e n do a s m a n y as hear stories about colleges t h a t dwell
60 freshman women leave campus on the social r a t h e r t h a n t h e a c a each weekend? Whv were there onlv demlc phase of college life. N a t u r 50 frosh spectators a t the rivalry ally, when we arrive, we find t h a t
football game? Why a r e there so °..r college s e t - u p Is a far cry from
few t r e s h m e n tryouts for organiza- Cornell, Syracuse, etc. Maybe this
tions. Since these things have been Is why we lose Interest in our colevidenced in each f r e s h m a n class, le e life or non-college life, as you
the fault, not being peculiar to just will. Maybe it would be wise to have
one class, m u s t be something broad- women allowed in men's group
er t h a n class—perhaps school.
houses, to have beer served a t f r a Calendar, Friendliness?
ternity houses, to have
m e n in
First, we have a full social cal- women's r a o m s a t a p p r o p r i a t e time'4
endar, but apparently the social to have television in women's group
doesn't include t h e a t - houses. These t h i n g s seem orthodox
tractive types of events t h a t will even if we are a professlnal school
draw people out. Maybe It's too full and liberal arts school combined,
now a n d we should allow for more
However, we should
Anyway, t h a t as a State supported institum a n y '56'ers go home on woekends tion, there are some ivy league d o Another answer to this mass mlgra- ings t h a t we cannot enjoy,
tton would seem to be lack of
This article p e r h a p s seems to be
friendliness on the p a r t of t h e u p - so much gripe! I don't mean It to
per classmen. T h e sorority rushliv, be. I just would like to have an
system would certainly add to this Inkling of an idea as to WHY t h e
unfriendly idea. Sure, we're beaming lack of interest or perhaps somenil over t h e place till 7 or until thing even more basic,
some afternoon from 3 to 5 when Do They
some Greek group Is having a sit
It Is my opinion that these a r c
to. Why c a n ' t you mix with fresh- some of t h e problems of our colmen then if they're not a t the af- lege community. If there is not. suffnir? It m u s t be confusing a n d dis- ficlent belief t h a t these problems
h e a r t e n i n g to some one eager to exist a n d sufficient Interest In solvadjust a n d lead as nearly average a Ing them, then nothing can be
life a t college as he or she did at done. But, if there Is interest-—let's
see it I
Not I.nounh Variety?
A group of interested people is a l Another answer to our sporadic- ready anxious to look into these
ally a t t e n d e d e x t r a - c u r r i c u l a r events problems which they believe to exist.
problem m i g h t be t h a t not enough However, if they continue to h e a r
variety is provided. A ski club, cy- nothing from the student body,
cling group,
t.v. club might be I hey will be forced to assume t h a t
some additions. Then too, we have students do not believe we have any
Activities Day as a facility provided solvable problems, that they a r e
primarily for freshmen a n d t r a n s - satisfied with t h e existing s i t u a t i o n *
fers to Join e x t r a - c u r r i c u l a r activi- and to drop t h e m a t t e r . T h r o u g h
tills group, the opportunity for c o n ties.
structive griping Is offered
Lack of Information?
On behalf of the organizations, more. If anyone h a s an Idea or a
I would like to offer this argument. partial answer or Is just Interested
please, please drop me a note or
Prosit camp, Orientation, a n d teas
provide t h e freshmen with p e r t i n u n t the NEWS a n d let's see if we c a n ' t
Information on the extra-curricular lake a step in t h e proverblul right
life of t h e college.
However, this direction.
By J . K O R B A & B . H U G H E S .
Is someone offering a course in sign l a n g u a g e ? ? ?
I t ' s a s u r e bet t h a t it would be a m o n e y m a k e r a t t h e
m o m e n t . Beginning S u n d a y a n d lasting for t e n days,
sorority gals will be snubbing (for official reasons
only) you frosh. T h i s is open r u s h i n g ? ? ? ? (Somebody
h a s g o t t e n fouled-up s o m e w h e r e ) . B u t , d o n ' t give u p
" G r e e k s , " you c a n always resort t o smoke signals.
I t looks as t h o u g h t h e m o v e m e n t is o n to change
our S t u d e n t G o v e r n m e n t a n d M y s k a n i a h a s bowed
to t h e will of t h e masses. Next T u e s d a y t h e rapping
of t h e gavel m a y m a r k t h e beginning of a new era.
a t S t a t e College. Myskania h a s d o n e a good thing irt
trying to bring these criticisms t o t h e foreground, b u t
we t h i n k t h a t they will find few people w h o would b e
willing to back u p their criticisms with a little work.
I t seems quite evident t o us t h a t t h e m a i n reason
people w a n t t o c h a n g e is t h a t t h e y a r e too lazy t o
go to assembly on Fridays. T h u s , t h e conclusion m a y
be d r a w n t h a t those w h o w a n t a c h a n g e a r e t h o s e
who d o n ' t care about w h a t is going o n r e g a r d i n g
Student. G o v e r n m e n t . T h e n , w h e n we d o c h a n g e i t
will be t h e s e s a m e people w h o a r e t h e first to squawk
w h e n t h i n g s don't seem to be going r i g h t . Therefore,
we say, if we sincerely w a n t t o c h a n g e our governm e n t , let's reorganize it completely a n d n o t add a
few t h i n g s here a n d s u b t r a c t a few t h e r e . T o those
who would c h a n g e for t h e good of t h e school, we say t
good luck in your endeavors.
T h e c u r t a i n goes up tomorrow n i g h t o n t h e Mtlne
Senior play, "You C a n ' t T a k e I t W i t h You." directed
by WftUy Qoodell . . . Wonder w h e t h e r t h e a d m i n i s t r a t i o n believes in legal holidays . . . I s C a m p u s Commission going literary on us? Note t h e lilting rhymes
in t h e C o m m o n s . . . H a t s off to S U B for their fine
job on " A u t u m n Whirl." Suggestion is t h a t next year
it be held on C a m p u s D a y W e e k e n d . . . W h e r e diet
t h e clock go t h a t was in t h e cafeteria? Speaking of
clocks, t h e D r a p e r G r a n d f a t h e r Clock h a s been telling us t h a t it's 11:23'/.: ever since school began. Ah,
to have time on your h a n d s . . . At last, here's a
c h a n c e to prove t h a t a n honor system would work.
T h e S t u d e n t Union h a s been given 100 books by t h e
American Association of University Women. They're
yours, read t h e m ; but r e t u r n t h e m . . . Debate Council h a s gone one step ahead in improving i n t e r n a t i o n a l
relations by a r r a n g i n g t o have B r i t i s h D e b a t e r s c o m ing to our C a m p u s December 9 . . . Let's have a
remodeling of t h e Recovery Room so t h a t t h e girls
can come out feeling better t h a n when they went in
. . . T h e Co-op is going all out for t h e C h r i s t m a s season . . . We wish someone would get busy a n d get
rid of t h e furniture t h a t will soon be rotting away
in t h e lower peristyle between Husted a n d R i c h a r l son . . . C a n ' t something be done t o m a k e the Comm o n s a little easier to get i n t o from t h e Husted
peristyle? Open t h e door into t h e lower Richardson,
mcve t h e coke machine, or both, so we c a n a t least
get i n t o O u r Commons without being crushed . . .
Soon t h e call will be out for help o n t h e All-College
Revue. Now !<• the time for all w h o w a n t the n a m e
of S t a t e In lights to get busy a n d do s o m e t h i n g to,
m a k e it so. You wanted it, now you have to support,
it or it will fall Hat . . . T h e frosh a n d Sophs deserve
a big h a n d for their overwhelming spirit shown in t h e
Rivalry events. More power to t h e m ! ! ! . . . We see
t h a t some p:o;:le do read this column—You can now
pick up your extra copy of t h e Times. T h a n k you, Coop . . . Don't forget to d a r n your socks a n d attend
t h e S o c - H o p tonight. See ya! . . . Don't forget, dolls,
only a casual greeting . . .
Who h a s the largest feet in S t a t e College???????
p.m. Soc Hop, Page G y m n a s i u m .
12:30 p.m. Rivalry B a n n e r Hunt.
p.m. Phi Delta Faculty T e a .
3:30 p.m. Brubacher Faculty T e a .
p.m. S M I L E S Meeting, B r u b a c h e r ,
3:30 p.m. Wrestling Club Meeting, Page O y m n u .sium.
3:30 p.m. Tryouts for malec h o r u s p a r t s In " M j k a do," Richardson 28.
4:30 p.m. Tryouts for men's leads In "Mikado,"
Richardson 28.
Grinell Requests
Original Scripts
T h e Grinnell College radio players, directed by Prescott, plan a series of 13 shows under t h e ae^is of
a National Association of Educational Broadcasters, F u n d for Adult Education, grant. In t h e past few year.;,
t h e group h a s world - premiere 1
nearly 50 original scripts, m a n y of
which a r e contained in t h r e e commercially published books under
Prescott's editorship.
Scripts should be submitted in
s t a n d a r d form a n d m a y be in prose
or poetry. Those sending scripts
should enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with their submission. All materials in proper form
will be carefully read, a n d rejected
scripts will be accompanied by a
check-form appraisal.
*. .1
1 ' • i •:•
: •"
• . ' . ' • !
If •
: |
''"••' «*.*:<*?"
[ l; > |
I fi
For jazz tans, t h e Jazz Appreciation Society is bringing R a l p h S u t ton a n d the Eddie Condon B a n d to
the Jazz Band Ball in t h e Ball Room
of t h e Hotel Ten Eyck November 16
from 3 until 7 p.m. Tickets are $1.80
a t the door.
T h e shadows of t h e College of St.
Rose will e n t e r t a i n you with t h e
comedy, " T h e Wild Goose C h a s e " to
be presented in the St. Rose Auditoi'i'um a t 3:15 p.m. S u n d a y a n d a t
8:15 p.m. on November 17, 18, and
19. Student, tickets a r e $.50.
Spanish Group
Will Hear Talk
P a n Amigos will have a meeting
Wednesday, November 19, from 7:30
until 10 p.m. in B r u b a c h e r Hall, a n nounces Irene Brezinski '53, P r e s i dent. T h e main feature of t h e m e e t ing will be a n address by J o h n Ha!!
B l a ' k b u m , a resident of Albany,
will speak about his recent travels
in Europe. At present, he h a s a r a dio program on station W O K O a t
7 p.m., Monday t h r o u g h F r i d a y . T h e
program is called " T h e Voyager,"
and is mainly a n a c c o u n t of Blackburn's travels. P a n Amigos will h e a r
about his personal experiences a n d
general impressions during His stay
on t h e island of Mnllorca in t h e
M e d i t e r r a n e a n . A s h o r t business
meeting will precede t h e lecture.
Vincent Price will enact t h e Devil
in Bernard Shaw's "Don J u a n in
Hell" November 18 a t t h e R P I Field
House. Charles Laughton will not
a p p e a r because of illness.
Since the Q u a r t e t t e h a s memorized the text, they will a p p e a r to be Art Department Reveals
reading Shaw's prose directly when Deadline For Exhibition
actually music stands are before
T h e deadline for s t u d e n t s t,o s u b According to producer Paul Greg- mit photographs for t h e p h o t o ory the principals play their parts graphic show is December 1, a n "as musician-actors in a symphony nounces R u t h H u t c h i n s , Assistant.
Professor of Art. Entries should be
of cascading ideas."
placed in drawer 54 of t h e cabinet
Opening night a t t h e new Colon- outside Room 208, D r a p e r Hall.
ial Playhouse is November 19 with Photos should be no smaller t h a n
the first performance of " T h e Af- three Inches square. Pictures a r e to
fairs of State." S t u d e n t reductions be placed in a n envelope with t h e
will not be given opening night.
name, address a n d class of t h e e x At 1400 on your dial tomorrow you hibitor. Photos m a y be s u b m i t t e d in
will hear music a n d p a t t e r about six different categories: landscape,
Jerome Kern when Radio Council people, animals, industrial, l a b o r a presents "Musically Speaking," from tory, .spoils, a n d news.
2:30 until 3 p.m.
The current a r t exhibit will be
T h e Danish National O r c h e s t r a on display until Monday, November
under the baton of T h o m a s Jensen 24, states Miss Hutchins. T h e exhibit,
will perform at the R P I Field House consists of reproductions of n i n e November 23 at 3 p.m. in t h e second teenth and twentieth c e n t u r y p a i n t concert of the season.
ln'js. Representatives of c o n t e m p o "Never Take No For An Answer" rary French. Spanish, a n d Ameriwill show ut the Delaware starting can Art Include Broque, Vlamink,
tonight and running through No- Duly,
Roulat, Cezanne,
vember 20. Dennis O'Deay a n d Vlt- Gropper, Brook, Marin, a n d O'Keefe.
terlo Manunlii will star in P IUI G a l - T h e paintings are done in oil a n d
ileo's story taking place in t h e Vati- water colors a n d range from realism
to abstraction.
7:30 p.m. P a n Amigos Meeting, B r u b a c h e r .
noon CASDA Meeting, B r u b a c h e r Lounge
7:30 p.m. Sociul Calendar Meeting, Room 1, S t u dent Union.
(it'orgi' D. Juoney & Sons
198 Central Ave., Cor. Robin
Phone (52-0116
Albany (», N. Y.
T h e Civil Service D e p a r t m e n t of
t h e S t a t e of New York will be t a k ing applications for t h e 1953 college
series of examinations for e n t r a n c e
professional a n d t e c h n i c a l Jobs
accounting posts, a n d public a d m i n istration internships. College S e n iors a n d current college g r a d u a t e s
are t h e most sought after for t h e
openings, b u t all college g r a d u a t e s
with t h e proper qualifications m a y
B r u b a c h e r H a l l will hold • F a c ulty T e a this S u n d a y , November IS,
from 3:30 t o 5:30 p.m., s t a t e s M a r jorie Alquire '53, House President.
T h e affair will t a k e place in t h e
lower lounge. G e n e r a l C h a i r m a n of
t h e tea is G e r t r u d e S m i t h '54.
I n charge of Invitations is Zoe
Ann Laurie '55. A r r a n g e m e n t s c h a i r m a n is R u t h R i c h t e r '54. O t h e r
committee h e a d s a r e R e f r e s h m e n t s ,
Patricia G e h r t a n d Louise Daley,
Engineers a n d a c c o u n t a n t s will Seniors; Hostess, J e a n e t t e Robinson
find t h e most openings. T h e r e a r e '54; C l e a n - u p , Beverly Wales a n d
also vacancies in t h e fields of biol- J a n e Ide, freshmen.
ogy, chemistry, m a t h e m a t i c s , economics, statistics, library science,
law, a n d psychology.
? * - . . ' ' •••', ' ' •
One Manb. Opinion
Public administration i n t e r n s h i p s
'.n S t a t e service are also available.
T h e s e positions offer an excellent
e n t r a n c e opportunity for young m e n
women w h o have been t r a i n e d or
h a d work experience fitting t h e m for
a n d who want careers in public a d ministration. T h e applications will
be acepted up to December 5. T h e
d a t e for t h e written e x a m i n a t i o n s
is J a n u a r y 10, 1953.
Classes To Vie
In Banner Hunt
Beginning w i t h a n I r i s h t r a g l fantasy directed bv Lee Kotch,
Tuesday's o n e - a c t plays got off t o
a good s t a r t . T h o u g h t h e AD s t a g e
is not, it is t r u e , i n t e n d e d for " s t a r "
performances, we believe t h a t t h e r e
is sufficient interest in t h e varying
quality of individual performances
to justify m e n t i o n i n g t h e m . T h e r e fore . . .
was t h e question on t h e m i n d s of
t h e dancers as they waltzed around
the lounge waiting foi t h e coronation to take place. Everyone wondered who woutd have t h e honor of
Second warnings from M y s k a n i a
reigning from t h e green throne
banked by baskets of pompons.
and tho b a n n e r h u n t comprise t h e
Finally t h e big m o m e n t arrived. rivalry news this week.
Down the stairway between t h e lines
The C h a i r m a n of t h e W a r n i n g
of dancers came t h e queen robed in
green—none other t h a n B a r b a r a Committee, Elizabeth P i a t t '53, h a s
Law who was "nervous but proud." released t h e names of those freshKing for t h e day was Dean Strick- men w h o have received their secland, co-captain of t h e soccer team. ond warnings for offenses. They a r e :
Miss Law felt t h e most difficult B a r b a r a Dezendorf, B a r b a r a Gitlow,
p a r t of being t h e first soccer queen Arllne Grier a n d William U r q u h a r t .
rf there Is time this week in a s was keeping t h e news secret for a
whole week preceding t h e corona- sembly, apologies will be given by:
Samuel Kurchniak, Robert S m i t h
and Arnold Schonberg.
Miss Byrne, o u t s t a n d i n g t h r o u g h out, was especially good a t mood
Miss S t e i n c a m e forth
with t h e best d a n c i n g we've seen
on S t a t e College s t a g e ; Miss S h e c ter gave a n u n e v e n b u t highly p r o m ising p e r f o r m a n c e ; w h i l e
K n i g h t was a d e q u a t e for h e r s u p porting role. T h o u g h characterized
by two exceptional individual p e r formances, those of Misses B y r n e
and Stein, t h e p e r f o r m a n c e a s a
whole did n o t effectively c o m m u n i cate t h e h e i g h t e n e d h o r r o r upon
which t h e play d e p e n d s ; t h e actors
were not always moving in a common direction. T h i s failure m a y be
partly a t t r i b u t e d t o t h e play Itself
and its steadily lessening appeal for
modern American audiences a n d
partly t o t h e directing.
T h e B a n n e r H u n t h a s been schedu b d for Saturday from 12:30 to 4:30
p.m., reports Joseph Lombardi '53,
Kids To See Santa
C h a i r m a n of t h e Rivalry Committee. T h e Sophomores are leading
A meeting of all SMILES m e m rivalry t h u s far with 7 points to t h e
bers will be held in B r u b a c h e r Hall
lrcshinens' 3 points, Lombardi says.
Sunday evening a t 8 p.m., according
to Doris Doherty '53, C h a i r m a n of
Phys Ed Clerks To Issue
Two things troubled us specially: one was a n occasional difficulty
with movement, giving a statlo effect; a n d t h e o t h e r was t h e lack
of real emotion a t t h e climax—we
simply weren't very terrorized. Both
the setting a n d t h e lighting a r e
deserving of special praise.
Smiles To Take
S M I L E S is taking children to see
the arrival of S a n t a Claus a t t h e Gymnasium Equipment
Whitney's P a r a d e S a t u r d a y m o r n There will be Physical Education
ing a t 9 a.m. Interested people are
requested to accompany
t h e m . clerks on duty for t h e issuing a n d
Those who w a n t to go are advised receiving o' equipment, a n d for a t tending tc, lockers a n d locker busito contact Douglas Nielson '53.
ners. They will be found a t the floor
or balcony end of the gym in Page
Committee Seeks Scripts Hall,
or In t h e Physical Education
For All-College Revue
J a n i c e S m i t h ' s play, t h e second
of t h e evening, was a British light
comedy ably acted by H e r b Saffrom
and Elaine Stryker. As t h e young
man, Mr. Saffron was generally
good, In spite of his tendency t o
be overly conscious of h ' s movement. Miss Stryker, too, was excellent; we And h e r stage presence
and fine pacing a pleasure to watch.
Both players, however, were a little weak on volume.
T h e clerks are Joseph Stella '54,
This play achieved quite well
T h e All-College Revue Committee
lias requested t h a t people begin sub- rind Ralph Morgan '56. They will be what t h e other did less successfully—unity of effect.
mitting .scripts for this forlhcom-* on d u t y :
ing production. T h e only requireDaily—12:10 to 1 p.m. (except
m e n t s are t h a t they provide two
Tuesday—11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)
hours of e n t e r t a i n m e n t with a
Daily—2:35 to 5:30 p.m., Monday,
I bread of plot or a d o m i n a n t theme.
Wednesday and Friday.
T h e committee would like as m a n y
scripts as possible, a n d urges evDnlly—2:35 to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday
eryone to s t a r t writing. Questions and Thursday.
arc referred to F r a n c e s Hopkins '54.
Saturday—9 a,m, to 12 noon.
a member of t h e committee.
Capitol Press
H. F. taikel & Son
Founded 1905
Phone 4-2036
157 Central Ave.
L. G. Balfour Co.
a.m. CASDA meeting, B r u b a c h e r Lounge
noun Music Council Record Hour, Richardson
12 7:30 p.m. Coed Tumbling, Page G y m n a s i u m .
p.m. Varsltv " S " Club Meeting, Brubacher.
" %WLfc?KsJ^^B
Excitement a n d e a g e r n e s s filled
the air a t t h e " A u t u m n W h i r l " last
a t u r d a y evening. After rugs h a d
luttln' OH 7he *1oum Sbeen
rolled up a n d f u r n i t u r e h a d
been moved, B r u b a c h e r Lounge b e By SY SEMMLER
came the scene of t h e first a n n u a l
soccer dance.
Billy Eckstein, Count Basie, and
"Who would be t h e soccer q u e e n ? "
George Shearing, blind pianist, are
scheduled a t t h e Mid City skating
rink tonight a t 9 p.m.
"You Can't Take I t W i t h You"
will be presented by t h e Milne Senior class tomorrow in Page Hall at
8 p.m. T h e Seniors are selling the
tickets a t $.75.
JgL -~_ ,- „ $ | " C
• P I i Imf Hi
H d
Civil Service
Brubacher Halt
Schedules Tests Arranges Tea
In College Series For State Faculty
The Royal Couple
College Program Plans
Series O f 13 Shows
Students a n d faculty members are
invited t o submit 15-mlnute radio
scripts "of an Intelligently patriotic
motif," With those selected t o be
paid for at $100 per script, to Herb e r t Prescott, Director of Public R e lations, Grlnnell College, Grinnell,
Iowa. This information h a s been r e leased by Edward J. Sabol, Coordina t o r of Field Services.
FRIDAY, N O V E M B E R 1 4 , 1 9 8 8
Club Pins
Write or Call
30 Murray Ave. Waterford, N.Y.
Telphone Troy
Adams 825(13
GeraSd Drug Co.
217 Western Ave.
Albany, N. Y.
T E L E P H O N E 4-9701
170 South P e a r l Street
Albany, New York
Phone 6-8610
You May Still Purchase
State Debaters Survey Reveals Frosh Knowledge Mikado Chorus Coonc'' W« Feature
Will Collaborate Of Domestic, International Events Hold, Tryout. The Jweekly
^ Council
° ± lRecord
£our WJ"/*at"e
T0We r S u e
,o "
er 8 a t
Tryouts for the male leads In OH"
A survey of 320 members of the 45% believed to the contrary, and
Tuesday, NovemClass of 1956 has disclosed some in- one girl had no opinion either way. bert and Sullivan's famous work
J "' , announced t h e
teresting statistics concerning frosh Of the 160 boys interviewed, 132 "The Mikado", the annual operetta ° i
P a t e n t of Music Council, Joan
Monday evening, November 17, knowledge of current affairs.
were In favor of the privilege, 26 presentation by the music depart- De
Vinney. The "Manhattan Tower"
Robert Berkhofer '53, and Richard
The poll was taken just preceding voted negatively, and two had no ment, will be held Monday at 4:30 ct>m
P°sition will be played by its
Shaper '54 will appear on radio election day, November 4, and the opinion. This means 82.5% were for, p. m., announces Dr Charles F
composer Gordon Jenkins and his
station WHAZ, Troy, on the pro- following are some of the findings, and 16.2 Vi were against. Although Stokes, Professor of Music, The au- Orchestra. The program will be held
Of the 160 girls polled, 87 of 54.4% 263 of those polled said they were ditions will be held in Richardson
gram "RPI Panel of The Air".
in Richardson 28.
Along with two RPI students and felt that 18 year olds should be interested in the campaign, only 219 28. The operetta is scheduled to be
This afternoon in Richardson 28,
presented in March, 1953.
Moderator Julian Wasserman, the
there will be a short meeting of
State students will discuss "Fair
r»„i„ KA P„«„,,i» =i„v.+l r M
- I . o«rf
ny niale student interested in any Music Council tryouts who
Employment Practices," r e p o r t s
" ! "or f«°S£
S 2 Participating in the chorus parts of would be interested in operating
46° men,
16.9% ^ofJ .thoseL 5polled
the operetta should report to RichMrs. Elnora Carrino, Instructor in
knew that the Democrats were run- ardson 28 a t 3:30 p. m., Monday, the victrola for the Tuesday noon
ning John Cashmore for U. S. Sen- states Dr. Stokes. Male voices are recording hours, says Miss DeVinator from N. Y. On the other hand, needed to balance the tenor and ney.
Next Wednesday evening the Dealmost 50% knew the Republican bass sections of the operetta chorbate team from State will journey
All of those who have purchased candidate, Irving Ives.
us. Cooperation in these requests
to Union College for two encounThe frosh were also questioned
ters. JoAnne Doyle and Ronald tickets through the D & A Affili- about t h e following issues: Tide- will assure the success of the proFerguson, Juniors, will uphold the ates for the performance of the lands Oil, FEPC, Mutual Security duction, says Stokes.
affirmative. Speaking for the neg- First Drama Quartet are advised, System, Korea and McCarthyism.
ative will be Richard Shaper and by Leanore Kotch '54, President of Less than 50%, in each case, knew
The financial status of t h e four
Affiliates, that the bus for the RPI
Mysk •nia Announces classes
Edward Lehman, Juniors.
as of November 7 1952 has
Fieldhouse will leave from the front something about these issues. Even
The weekend of November 21, 22, of Draper on November 18, at 7:00 though, in the case of McCarthy, Forum O n Government been released by Joan Stocker '53,
Auditor of the Class Board of F i the percentage tended to rise great23, says Mrs. Carrino, will be thep. m.
nance. The Class of 1952 h a s
Tuesday, November 18, a meet- $387.49 in its treasury. 1953 holds
The First Drama Quartet is pre- ly immediately after McCarthy's
biggest Debate Tourney of this se
last pre-campalgn speech, the per- ing will be held in the Government
mester. I t will include a Thursday sentlng "Don Juan In Hell.'
$1055.17. The Class of 1954 has a
The members of the Quartet are: centage did not rise above 50%.
Room at Brubacher for the sub- treasury of $1372.08. The treasury oi
night debate at Champlain College.
AH day Friday and Saturday will be
the Sophomores holds $709.59. The
spentd ebating at the University of Sir C'edric Hardwick and Vincent in knowledge pf the issues of thethe Student Association, Myskania freshmen have $829 in their treacampaign,
Vermont with 125 other college Price, who is taking the place of
sury. The Class Board of Finance
about the personalities connected
Charles Laughton who is HI.
Open forums will be held and holds $4.75 at their disposal. This
with it,
written plans for the revision of the makes a total of $4353.08.
student governmental body may be
Class money is used by the class
submitted at this time.
for various projects upon which the
Because this meeting affects all members of the class votes. Among
students, it is open to anyone who these are financing the care of war
is interested in the government of orphans, and publishing class newsbecause there aren't any ashtrays
To the Edtor:
the college, Myskania publishes,
Recently charges have appeared in
"Teaching Behavior Change" will
the Common-Stater Column that
Forum was politically biased. With won't even have that resort much be the subject of a meeting of
the heat of the campaign over, I longer. The only thing that I would CASDA, Tuesday at 10 a.m. in Bruthink a sensible reply is necessary. like to clean up in the Commons is bacher Lounge states William Wiley,
the person who doesn't have the in- Grad- Dr, Morris Eson, Assistant
Being Speaker of Forum last year, testinal fortitude to sign "its'' name. Professor of Education, will be the
and maintaining an interest in it
Sincerely (and apologetically) group leader of the meeting. Princithis year, I can personally state
pal consultant will be Dr. Helen Hall
that there is not one iota of politiShirley McPherson, 1956
Jennings, Consulting Psychologist
cal bias in Forum. I cite as examand Associate Professor of Brooklyn
ple that its general meetings have An Open Letter to the Editor:
sponsored Democrat as well as ReLast year, we sent letters to your
An administrative seminar on
publican speakers. The two Forum Student
Council president asking "The Administrator and Group Dybulletin boards were equally divid- him for your
school's support in our namics" will be held next Thursday
ed between the two parties tor cam- attempt to save
Champlain College. noon in the Brubtu'her Lounge. Dr.
paign data. Also, the Soapbox neith- Now that this idea
is impossible, we Daniel Griffiths will direct this
er directly nor indirectly endorsed are now campaigning
for the Relo- meeting; Dr. Ernest O, Melby, Dean
any candidates. It reported the news cation of Champlain College,
of New York University, and Dr.
—accurately. Where is the bias? we'd like to call upon your Again,
school Leland P, Bradford, Director of the
Answer that!
for aid, but in a different manner. ^dult Education Service of NEA,
It is clearly apparent that the On the weekend of November twen- will be the principal consultants.
. . . for the Common Stater was ty-flrst, and twenty-third, our Colelther ignorant of the facts and thus i e g e l s presenting "The Champlain
drew an ignorant conclusion, or else Mysteria" weekend featuring The New Library Opens
that knowing the facts she deliber- Crystal Ball on Saturday night, Noately stated a falsehood. Either of vember 22, 1952, The Crystal Ball In Brubacher Lounge
the above mistakes are a cardinal stars Charlie Splvak and his orsin in newspaper reporting, and are chestra, The price for the dance and
Beginning today students from
most damaging to the reputation weekend is $5.50.
State will be able to borrow books
d the State College News.
Other activities scheduled will be from a library which has been sec
A public apology or explanation a bon-flre rally on Friday night fol- up in the lower lounge of Brubacher
lowed by a Monte Carlo night. On Hall, advises Rudolph DeSantolo
is mandatory.
Saturday we plan to have the fol- '53, Chairman of the Student Union
Glen N. Armitagc, Grad
lowing: a float parade, guest speak- Board.
ers to speak on the relocation of our
The Library will be made up of
To the Edtor:
College, a bnrbecue, and then the some 100-odd books which have been
It hurts me deeply, but I have to semi-formal dance, On Sunday we donated by the American Associaapologize to the Sophomore Class, are planning a musical concert fol- tion of University Women.
in the first issue of the frosh news- lowed by a tea dance. All of this for
There will be no specific time
paper, I sounded off on the New $5.50.
limit placed on the reading of the
tommons and in.sua^d the SophoI would like to extend an open in- books borrowed from the Library.
I. _re Class in a mud way.
vitation to you and the student body
"*DdE»y 1 was informed that I of your College to attend our weekt:nould have checked my information end and add to its success.
by a helpful but anonymous person
If anyone would like more inforALBANY
(Sophomore, perhaps?) that first of mation concerning our Pall Weekall, the Campus Commission takes end, please do not hesitate in writJoseph Cotton - Theresa Wright
care of the Commons not the Soph- ing to me.
omore Class.
Secondly, someday we will have
Richard M. Shane
noontime dancing, because the Vic
Publicity Chairman
is being repaired—I quote my unSuite "C", Clinton Hall
known assistant — with "New recChamplain College
Plattsburg, New York
Thirdly, although no one can ever (Continued on Page t>, Column 1)
find one, my "friend" says there are
pew ash trays and some more com1.85
ing. Cheers! We frosh won't have
to use our beanies anymore,
Finally my shy "helpmate" asks
the question, "Why don't the frosh
show their desire to improve the
Commons by keeping It clean?" The
150 Central Ave.
Dial 4-1125
only thing that we can do to make
Open Evenings Until 9
it dirty Is Hick ashes on the floor,
In Radio Series
Affiliates Slate
Bus Departure
CBF Submits Status
Of Class Finances
Group Meeting
Blue Note Shop
a ) IM V IIa d w a A
No matter how you loo k lit it
College Florists Cor Years
it's .still
Special Attention
T A V K It N
T E IM I'E R A N ( K
Fur food and 'un 1
Sororities and Fraternities
Plus U. S. Tax. Big EXTRA Savings on Round Trips.
PHONE: 4-6165
* * ' « * * * » Hortowcv cute A P A Beats KB For Final Spot;
A P A , Potter Play Second Time
Co-managers of hockey Zo Ann
Laurie and Marilyn Wittschen,
have picked a team to go on a playday at Green Mountain Junior College in Vermont tomorrow. Besides
pld stand-bys, Edie Titterton, Buzcie and Marilyn Burke, Donna
Hughes, and Alikl Apostilides, they
have selected Edna Standley. Bea
Englehart (a frosh), Lorraine Voepel, Joan Burguere (another freshman), and Ann Vigilante.
To turn to another sport, last
Wednesday night's volleyball games
proved to be exciting, fast-moving,
and skillfully played matches. The
first contest between Chi Slg and
Pierce B got off to a slow start, but
picked up considerably in tempo as
the game progressed.
Kay Oberst stood out as the star
of the winning Chi Slg team with
her long, powerful serve, especially
notable in a slight girl. On the other
side of the net, Anna Wong, playing for Pierce, scored a goodly number of points with an unusual onehanded volley.
Beta Zeta and Kappa Delta played a spirited game that was a real
pleasure to watch. BZ's reliables,
Marge Llddell, Angle Kavanaugh,
and Gladys Smith led their team
to two fairly easy victories.
Two teams composed mostly of
freshmen, Brubacher and Pierce A,
faced each other for the third game
of the evening. We thought that
this match was the best played of
the three, because of the long volleys and tricky, close-to-the-net returns. Pierce took the first two
games; the first, 13-3, and the second, 8-7.
I ©OfT)
Coach Merlin Hathaway has made
the Varsity Basketball cut and is in
the process of working his elevenman squad into shape for a possible
opening game November 25 against
the Alumni. Hathaway has been
drilling the team on plays in an
attempt to develop teamwork and
The APA five continued to roll
coordination among the players.
along in League A of the Men's
Intramural Bowling, while SLS and
Varsity Experienced
The Varsity is made up of seven Patter Club pulled into a first place
returnees from last year's team and tie and the K-Bobbles dropped to
four newcomers. Those who have third place in the B League standhad at least a year's experience on ings in the action at the Rice Bowlthe State Varsity are Captain Bob ing Alleys on Tuesday afternoon.
APA had little trouble in extendTabor, Walker, McDonald, Prout,
Allassio, Centra, and Zongrone. The ing their unbeaten skein as they
new members, Krug, Gillespie, Tel- rolled over the Rousers 2207-1886.
ler, and LaRoe, have all had plenty Ken Rutley and Bob Sinkeldam
of experience on other teams and were high for the APA aggregation
furnish rebounding power to the with 482 and 465 respectively. Tom
Shumanski, with a triple of 505,
State team.
led Thurlow Hall to a 2020-1950 vicJ.V. To Be Cut
tory over Kappa Beta. Summit
There are still about fifteen can- House, who has yet to gain a win,
didates out for the Junior Varsity forfeited to Van Derzee.
team. Hathaway will probably post Summit House Withdraws
the J.V. cut list next week. This
Tuesday, after the forfeit. Sumteam will be composed of twelve mit House withdrew from the leamen, including about six or seven [ ue. Bowling manager Ralph Moot
frosh. Many veterans of last year's '54, announced that since no team
Junior Varsity are returning to fight can be formed at this late date, a
for their positions. Smith, DeMi- meeting would be held early next
chiell, McKay, Sage, and Combs week to decide what to do about
have the experience of a year's play the points won from Summit by
to give them an advantage over the Van Derzee. Thurlow and the Rousfrosh candidates.
e s . It is thought that the points
Contrary to a .statement in last t arnered by these three teams will
week's News, Joe Garcia is not be deducted from their total and
coaching the J.V.'s. Hathaway, as- the rest of the League A season will
sisted by John McCormick '54, isbe played out with only five teams.
coaching them.
SLS And Potter Tie For Lead
APA Team Remains Undefeated; Scoreless Tie
Shumanski Bowls High Triple, 505 Again Invades
In the B League battles, SLS League
knocked off the K-Bobbles 21281851 with Carmen Corsi rolling a
APA gained entrance to the IM
501 for the winners. Potter, led by football finals last Thursday by
Giammatteo with 457, walked over squeezing out a 7 to 6 victory over
the Finks 2023-1679. In the final KB. The game was a hard-fought
match, Wilson and McCormick battle all the way. In the first pehelped the Misfits eke out a win riod APA took a 7-0 lead as Bob
over the Commuters 2057-2024.
Hausner scored from the five-yard
Shumanski's 505 Is High Triple
line on a quarterback sneak, and
Tom Shumanski rolled the high then passed to Fox for the extra
triple for the week with 505 and point.
Carmen Corsi was right behind with
Early in the second half, Abel
501. Carrall Judd and Ken Rutley Blattman hit Bob Sturm with a spot
had the high singles with 203 and pass in the end zone for six points.
198 respectively.
ihe attempt for the extra point was
Thus far this season, Joe Duran blocked and the rest of the game
of Van Derzee holds the high aver- was played around the mid-field
age for League B with 170. Mean- stripe, as neither team could start
while, Carmen Corsi of SLS is top Another scoring drive. KB was the
man in A League as he boasts a 167. first team to score on the fine APA
defense all season.
APA, EEP Play Scoreless Tie
League A
Again on Monday the scoreless tie
4 "bug" hit the IM football loop. APA
Kappa Beta
4 and Potter Club battled to a scoreVan Derzee
3 less deadlock in what should have
1 been the final game of the year
Neither team could dent the deLeague B
8 fense of the other. The forward
Potter Club
8 walls of each team played terrific
6 games, while the highy-touted backK-Bobbles
6 field combinations looked harmless.
4 Both APA and EEP had scoring opFinks
0 portunities but neither could capitalize on them.
Schaertle, Carlo, and Egert played standout football for Potter,
while Bennett, Lucas, and Stanford sparked the Alpha Pi Alpha
eleven. Potter Club sorely missed
the services of their two fine baokfield men, Morrissey and ChampUn. Champlin has missed the last
few games with a bag leg, while
Morrissey, the club's ace passer,
sustained an injured wrist in the
Potter-Steelers semi-final playoff.
Final Game Set For Nov. 17
James Fox '54, announced that
the final game will be played on
Monday, November 17, at 4 p. m.
Fox asks that the participating
teams be ready to play at 4 sharp,
so the game can be completed before dark.
Stite s Soccer Squad End Season With Impressive 3-0 Win Over Geneseo,
Garcia Moulds Freshmen, Returning Veterans Into Winning Combination
Varsity S , Mat Clubs
Schedule Initial Meets
Varsity "S" Club, Tumbling Club
and Wrestling Club have scheduled
meetings for the coming week.
Coach Garcia has announced that
there will be a meeting of all men
interested in a wrestling program
on Monday afternoon in Page Gym.
At this time the program will be
discussed and times assigned for
Tuesday evening at 8 p. m. there
will be a meeting of Varsity "S"
Club in Brubacher Hall. The purpose of the meeting is to award the
new members of the organization
with their letters. Immediately following this there will be a business
Pictured above arc the men who compiled a 6-4, won-lost record for State this year against tough opposition. From left to ri^ht standing meeting to discuss the future of
arc: Joe Garcia, Coach; Doug Neilson, Manager; Don Canonica, Joe Stella, Al Cannon, Pete Telfer, Henry Nadig, Bill Adams, Don Snyder, Al Dash- the Club here at State. The officers
er, manager; Tom Bcncnatl, trainer; kneeling; Dave McKay, Joe McDowell, Will Bosch, Ben Button, Jack Hughes, "Red" McCormick, Dean of Varsity "S" Club are: President,
Strickland, and Ed Steele.
Joe Stella; Vice-President, Al Cannon; Treasurer, Bill Adams; and
A thrilling 3-0 victory by State ent to balance the veterans remain- goals for the season while their Snyder
Sergeant-at-Arms, Bill "Red" Mcover Geneseo brought down the in o' from last year and by mid-opposition could onlv muster u to- A d , l m s
., cormick
had moulded a winning
curtain on tilt' soccer season for season
tal of 16 goals. Ai Cnn-cr led the W o o c ,
A l s o o n Tuesday night there will
this year and added to the already
offense with 7 goals, while Tom Stella
1 be a meeting of all students InterKing, who m issed the lust three Strickland
Impressive record compiled ny theFreshmen Add Strength
1 ested in a co-ed tumbling team,
Jack Hughes, a freshman, filled ames because of injury, was a close
Peds. In winning State notched
— Coach Hathaway announced this
their sixth victory of the season, one of the fullback positions very second with 5 pointers,
23 week.
and fifth straight at home, as capably and was a key man in
Following is a list oi goals scored
against only four defeats, The ma- State's defense all year. Little
jor part of the offense and defense "Rebel" Hockmuth, another frosh, by each player:
were supplied by only two men. took over, a
- position
, , , , on State's «•front
Goalie Telfer posted his third »ne and sparked them on offense cannon
shutout of the campaign, while Al throughout the year until injured
Cannon, repeating George Wood's in the Union contest. Don Snydei Kill"
feat of the previous week, booted
• • also
also a
a frosh,
frosh, ffilled in as a j r o n t line
home all three of State's goals.
reserve and many times he proved McCormick
to form a winning combination.
Garcia Moulds Winning Team,
Henry Nadig and Gerry Murray,
Under Joe Garela's great coach- freshmen, and Don Canonica, Sophing, State continued their yearly omore, didn't see much action this
53 N. Lake Ave,
rise as a soccer power. This year's year, but gained the experience
record alone is an Improvement, which will benefit them in win2 BARBERS
Also Coach Garcia was forced to ning a starting berth next year.
We Aim To Please
start the current season minus five Cannon Leading Scorer
of last year's front line men. But
Stale hooters scored a total of 23
Garcia came up with some new tal-
Joe's Barber Shop
«* ?
f AOE •
Helmer Releases
Honorary Data
- Kappa Phi Kappa has appointed
committees for the year of 1952-53,
states William Helmer, Grad. Helmer has also announced that t>.
Kappa Phi Kappa General Assembly will be held in New York November 14 So 16.
The teacher recruitment committee includes Robert Giamatteo,
Chairman, Howard Ahders '54, William Hawkins '53, and Robert Lanni, Grad. Members of the program
committee Include Thomas Benenati, ffhairrhan, Gilbert Waldman,
Paul Ward, and Richard Jacobson.
Seniors. The irembershl;. •ommittee includes . harles Abraham,
Chairman, Harolo. Smith, Seniors,
James Coles and Robert Barron,
members are: Harold Smith and
Joseph Lombard!, Seniors, and Robert Lanni and Donald Sonberg,
To the Editor:
I am the individual who wrote
the so called slanderous remarks
about Forum in the COMMON
STATER. Soapbox arrived at their
conclusion by maintaining that
there are 1301 students in oar student body. The Registrar reports
that the enrollmtnt for 1952-53 is
1606 students including the grads
and special students. Here is where,
I believe, our misunderstanding lies,
for I agree with the Registrar. Apparently, Soapbox disregarded the
votes of transfers, grads, and all
those who do not have assembly
The above letter states that equa'
space was given to both parties. I
noticed that Mr. Stephenson's picture (one that was noticeable from
more than a two feet distance) went
up on October 27 and vanished the
next day. Regardless of the fact
that a student may have removed
this poster, Forum, being "politically unbiased" should have replaced
it immediately.
In conclusion, I feel that the
statements I made in the COMMON
STATER still stand in that they
were arrived at through careful
consideration and truth. Therefore,
I do not feel that I drew an ignorant conclusion and above all I did
not deliberately state any falsehood.
I realize the privilege I have by
writing this column and expressing opinions and because of th:s
opportunity, I have never entertained for a moment any thouahts
of untruths. When I do, I feel I
should no longer be placed in such
a position.
Julie Korba
Calendar Committee
To Arrange Events
Faculty Footnotes
The formation of a new society
by the faculty has been announced
by Dr. Ralph Beaver, Professor of
Mathematics. The title of this organization is the Faculty Research
Society. The first meeting will be
held Monday at 8 p.m., in Brubacher
Hall. There will be two short papers
followed by adiscussion. Nura Turner, Instructor in Mathematics will
speak on "Application of Mathematics in Capital District Industry." Dr.
Watt Stewart, Professor of History,
will discuss "The Father of the
United Fruit Company,"
Dr. Minnie Scotland, Professor of
Biology, announces that Dr. Allen
Benton, representing the department will attend the meeting of the
National Audubon Saturday tomorrow and Sunday. The 48th National
Convention will be held in New York
City from November 15 to 18. Dr.
Benton's special interest is the Junior Education Progress of the National Audubon Society, because of
its connection with the school
Dr. Paul Lemon, Assistant Professor of Biology visited the Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School at
Hyde Park on November 10. Dr. Allen Benton, Instructor In Biology,
will visit the Newark-Lyons High
School Tuesday. Both teachers are
taking part in the Assistance in
Recruitment program.
Vjas; Friday, Dr. Shields Mcllwaine, Professor of English, went to
Buffalo as a representative of State
College to help with the planning
of the State University Symposium.
The conference which will be held
March 21, 1953, will have as its subThe Social Calendar Committee
ject "State University of New York:
Its Progress and Prospects." The will hold an important meeting
purpose of the symposium will be Thursday evening, announces Madeto acquaint the people of the state leine Payne '54, Chairman of the
more fully with the New State UniCommittee. The meeting will be held
in Activity Room 1, Student Union,
A Seminar on Municipal Governu
ment was held yesterday at the Jo- at 7:30 p.m.
seph Henry Memorial, reports Dr.
The purpose of this meeting, acTheodore Standing, Professor of So- cording to Miss Payne, is to arrange
ciology. Dr. Robert Rienow, Profes- the Social Calendar for second semsor of Social Studies, Dr. Standing
and Dr. Griffiths were on a panel ester. All the heads of organizations
to discuss the "Importance of the or their representatives are requestSuburban Movement for the Urban ed by Miss Payne to attend this
T' eting. The events of the various
that are being
Dr. Ruth Wooschlager, supervise." campus organizations
in the Milne School, was selected planned or second semester must
chairman of the Eastern Zone Busi- be arranged and placed on the calness Teachers meeting for next year. endar during this meeting.
and Accessory Organs not Adversely
Affected by Smoking Chesterfields
A responsible consulting organization has
examination, including
reported the results of a continuing study by a
medical specialist and his assistants. The exam-
competent medical specialist and his staff on the
ination covered the sinuses as well as the nose,
effects of smoking Chesterfield cigarettes.
ears and throat.
A g r o u p of p e o p l e from various walks of life
T h e m e d i c a l s p e c i a l i s t , after a thorough exam-
was organized to smoke only Chesterfields. For six
ination of every member of the group, stated:
months this group of men and women smoked their
" I t is my opinion that the ears, nose, throat and
normal amount of Chesterfields— 10 to 40 a day.
accessory organs of all participating subjects ex-
"Number Racket"
4 5 % of the group have smoked Chesterfields con-
amined by me were not adversely affected in the
No. 118
tinually from one to thirty years for an average of
six-months period by smoking the
10 years each.
pictures, by
A t t h e b e g i n n i n g and at the end of the six-
months period each smoker was given a thorough
'Portrait At Its Finest"
OPEN 8:00 to 5:30 DAILY
Copyright 1952, LIGGBTT & MVJIES TOBACCO Co.
The Monday Musical Club of Albany will present its winter concert
Tuesday, December 2, at Chancellors
Hall in Albany at 8:30 p.m. Dr. Elmer Tidmarsh will conduct, while
Elizabeth Riggs Conklin will be the
accompanist. Susan Yager, soprano,
a native Albanian who graduated
from State in 1945, will be the assisting artist with the Chorus. A
special student rate of $.75 on
tickets may be obtained by presenting the Student Tax ticket at the
Miss Yager, who was active in the
operetta productions of the Music
Department during her years at the
College, is now a prominent member
cf the Philadelphia Opera Company, and formerly toured with the
Liebling Singers. The concert will
include choral performances of a
group of Schubert songs, "The Lord
Is My Shephard," "The Young
Nun," and "Omnipotence," with
Miss Yager singing the latter with
the Chorus.
Also included on the program will
be a group of numbers in line with
the holiday spirit. The following
Christmas numbers will be performed: "Rejoice All Men," "I
Wonder As I Wander," and "As It
Fell Upon the Night."
State Charters
Vacation Train
A special student train to New
York City has been chartered for
Wednesday, November 26. This train
will leave Albany at 2:08 p.m. The
cost of a round trip ticket is $8.05,
announces Mary Ann Cossaboon '54
Chairman of the Train Committee.
Ticket money will be collected outside of the Commons until 3:30 p.m.
All students planning to take this
special train to New York must report to Phyllis MacCormack '54 by
1:30 p.m. on the day of departure,
Miss MacCormack will be near the
train announcer's desk where she
will distribute tickets and designate
the cars on which students will travel. An announcement will be made in
assembly if the bus for Binghamton
can be chartered.
Heads To Roll
Next Thursday
Arc you tired of dormitory
meals? Do you yearn for the
finer things from the freezer?
Arc you a frustrated gourmet?
Do not despair. Your day is
The big feast is only six
days away. Tasty roast turkey, luscious mince pies, candied sweet potatoes—oh, that
home cooking! Truly something
to be thankful for.
But we at State have more
than that to be thankful for.
Just think of those reduced
rate student trains, Milne, Silo's
on Monday mornings, term papers, portable mailboxes, feasibility, official notes in our
mailboxes Wednesday, A-Bomb
drills, Fridays, Al on the Juke
Box, two Commons, and of
course those trips to Hudson.
Best of all, once we're back
from Thanksgiving recess, only
19 days until our next parole!
Collins Names
Honored Seniors
Those students standing in the
second i'/, of the Senior Class will
be installed into Signum Laudis at
a ceremony to be held in the Upper
Lounge of Brubacher Thursday, December 4, at 7:30 p.m. Donald Stine,
highest ranking student in the Class
of '53 will automatically become
president of the honorary.
21. 1952
Music Faculty Presents
Annual Concert Tonight
Music Council
SA To Review
Finance Motion, W i l l Sponsor
Hear Apologies Evening Program
Today in Assembly, SA will continue discussion on the proposed
Student Facilities Board budget,
consider a financial motion, and
hear two frosh apologies. Voting will
also take place on a Constitutional
amendment concerning the hours
of absentee voting.
Wednesday night in Student
Council, Rivalry Committee reported that the girls' rivalry hockey
contest will take place tomorrow
at 10 a. m. Council voted to cancel
the December 5 Rivalry Sing and
defer it until some later date.
The Council also passed a ruling
to clarify the point that all organlzation board and council meetings
are open except those deemed closed
by the constitution, and recommended that organizations place in
their by-laws provision for written
recommendations to Incoming board
or council members.
Marvin Chernoff, Junior Class
President, announced that Mrs.
Gleason will be at the College Decemiber 4 from 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. to
take orders for class rings, and
that a $5 deposit must be made at
this time.
Performance Includes
Franck, Tosti Works
The annual Faculty Concert will
be held tonight in Page Hall Auditorium at 8:30 p.m. Dr. Charles F.
Stokes, Professor of Music, Karl A,
B. Peterson, Instructor in Music and
M r s . Margaret Anderson Stokes will
perform at this Music Council spons o r e d program, announces Joan Devinney '53, President,
T l i e ' p r o g ' r a m f0r the evening will
o p e n w l t h t h e performance of Cesar
Pranck's Sonata in A Major for Violin and Piano. Dr. Stokes will perform the violin part with Mrs.
Stokes playing the piano. This Sonata is written in four movements:
Allegretto ben Moderato, Allegro,
Recitative-Fantasia and Allegretto
poco mosso,
Next on the program will be five
selections by Henry Purcell, sung by
Mr. Peterson. They are from "The
Tempest," "The Fairy Queen," "New
Ayres and Dialogues," and "Lilliebulero."
After a short intermission, Mr.
and Mrs. Stokes will return to collaborate in performing E r n e s t
Bloch's Suite for Viola and Piano.
This piece was awarded first prize in
the Berkshire Chamber Music Festival Competition in 1919, and Is written in four movements that represent the progress of human civilization.
The program will end with Mr.
Peterson singing four Italian songs,
'Eri tu che macchiavi" by Verdi,
"Nina" by Pergolese, "Occhi di Fata" by Denza and "La Serenata" by
Tosti. The first number is from Act
n i of "Un Ballo in Maschera."
"Nina" is a song of a poet to his
beloved who has died. The last two
numbers are love songs.
The names of students thus honand as announced by Dr. Evan
R. Collins, President of the College,
last Friday in assembly, are as follows: Ifigenia Aliferis, Eli Ballin,
Catherine ~Castaldo, Mary Ann Coc
cetti, David Gardinier, Marion Horn,
Page Auditorium will be the set
Dena Kaplan, Martha Nevlezer, Tina ting Tuesday night for "two playsTo
Nicastro, Daniel Robinson, Joan be staged by members of the Adstocker, and Gilbert Waldman.
vanced Dramatics class.
A dramatization of the betrayal
Signum Laudis is an honorary of duty, love, and honor during the
scholastic fraternity composed of Italian Renaissance will be directthose Seniors who rank among the ed by Marietta Wiles '53. The cast
highest ten per cent of their class includes Murray
Lubliner '53;
in academic training. The names of Frances Hopkins, and Frances Cilithose students represented in the berti, Juniors; John Orser '55, and
initial 4 r ; were released last spring, Robert Betcha and Maurice Bouvier,
while the final 2'i, will be announc- freshmen.
ed this spring.
Committee heads include technical director, Frances Ciliberti;
Several State College students
Props, John Laing; Costumes, Margaret Eckert; Make-up, Joanne
have been volunteering their services
Doyle; Publicity, Doris Hagen, Junas Staff-Aides at the Albany Red
On Tuesday evening, December
Kathleen 2, at 8 p. m„ the first English EveCross Chapter House. The follow//
Wright '53.
ing have been working about twenty
ning of the year will be held in the
hours a week collectively: Betty
A special piano prelude will be Upper Lounge at Brubacher, anCerrone '54, Jane Herr, Ellen Baplayed by Priscilla Jones '53.
nounces Leanore Kotch '54.
Have you been wondering who's
rona.s, Louella Ptacek, Anne VigilThe second production, a college
This meeting of English faculty
ante, Marjorie Liddell, Rose LaBella, hastening the arrival of snow by George Smalling, General Chair- satire on athletics, fraternities, and and students will be devoted to
student government will be directed Charles Dickens. The main event of
and Patricia Theobold, Sophomores, allowing snowmen and snowballs to men.
and Ann Hamilton. Joan Newman, fall throughout the halls of S.C.T.?
Snowmen, snowballs, and silhou- by Richard Jacobson '53. The cast the evening will be the showing of
Barbara Rugen, Jean Sitterly, Juyne Well, you're wrong. It's not Jack ettes of snow scenes will decorate includes Richard Wood, Owen a full-length feature film based on
Struhle, and Mary Sylvester, fresh- Frost, but the publicity committee the ballroom of the Hotel Ten Kyck Smith, and Donald Collins, seniors; 0 ne of Dicken's novels. The film's
men. Miss Theobold. who is in for "Winterlude" headed by Faith which as
„ been
._ this af- Harry Mills, Grad; Stuart Macnof- title has not yet been released by
reserved for
charge of this group, requests more Hanson and Henry Koszewski.
fair. A wonderland complete with sky> J o n n Jacobus, Stanley Howlett the English Evening Committee, but
Better get those formats pressed dreamy lights and soft music will and Ann Caparis, Junior.'
and it is to be a J. Arthur Rank production. In addition to the motion picBlood donors are still urgently before you go home for Thanksgiv- set the mood as your feet glide Nancy Lighthall '55.
ture there will be various exhibits
needed according to Barbara Wols- ing vacation, girls, or the big night around the floor to the mellow melon the Victorian period and Dicklegel 54. Students may give blood will .sneak up on you. "Winterlude" odies of the Varsity Orchestra from
any Tuesday morning from 8 lo 10 is being held Saturday, December 6, Potsdam a Hi-piece band plus a Newman W i l l Hold
from 10 p. in. to 2 a. in. the first songstress!
All English majors are invited to
Holy Hour, Meeting
the evening, at which their annual
Auditions for the Red Cross en- weekend after we come back from
condues will be collected. Because of
tertainment unit will be held on "les vacances." When would be a sented to aL't as chaperones. They
Newman Club will hold a Holy the program's general interest, EngDecember (i. Students are asked to better time to earn the price of a include Joseph Garcia, Coach, and
sign up on the Red Cross bulletin bid, et cetera, than during the holi- Mrs. Gar .'la; Robert Luippold, In- Hour at the Vincentian Grotto, Sun- u s n minors are also welcome. A fee
board, announces Marie De Sevc '53, day so you can escort your favorite structor in Mathematics, and Mrs. day from 3 to 4 p.m. This service is 0f $.25 will be collected from them
date, fellows?
for Newman Club mem- l 0 help cover the expenses.
Chairman for Red Cross.
Luippold; and Joan Baden, Instruc- especially
bers, announces Patricia Butler '53,
Two snowmen holding crossed tor in English, and Mr. Baden.
Refreshments will be served.
President of Newman Club.
red-and-whlte striped candy canes
'skania Announces will welcome you to the ticket booth, Additional committee chairmen Miss Butler also advises that Newdesigned by Isabelle Martin and working to make the dance a suc- man Club will hold its next meet- Lanford Declares Rules
cess include Margaret Livingstone ing at Newman Hall on December 4,
Second Frosh W a rnmgs Richard Wood. Bids will go on sale
Monday under the direction of and Robert Giamatteo, decoration. at 7:30 p.m.
For Wednesday Classes
Two freshmen have received their Prances Allen and Henry Berleth. Robert Sturm and Joan ' Boiss,
The feature of the meeting will
Attendance regulations of the
second warnings, announces Eliza- Members of the several sororities tickets; Peggy Smith and John Zon- be the second in a series of group college require that all students be
beth Plni.i '53, Chnirman of the and fraternities will be on hand at grone, programs; Patricia Wilkerson discussions on the subject, "The in attendance at all their classes
Committee on Warnings.
the booth to collect your three dol- and Abel Blaltman, orchestra; San- Roman Catholic Church."
until noon Wednesday, November
The number two warnings were lars the cost of a bid. Tickets will dra Cohen and George Smalling,
Functions of Newman Club in- 26, and all day Monday, December
given to Jean Hageny and Joan Ne- be sold through Friday, December arrangements, Audrey Cahill and clude lectures, discussion s t u d y 1. Students whose absence at these
jman, Sophomores are advised that 5, or may be purchased at the door James Finnen, chaperones.
groups, Holy Hour services, and va- times is necessary are urged to sethey must tell freshmen when warn- it necessary. Everyone is invited to
"Winterlude" is an annual affair ried social activities such as dances. cure prior permission from the
ings arc given to them.
attend this winter wonderland and traditionally the first formal teas, and smokers. Currently the Dean's office, announces Dr. Oscar
Freshmen whose beanies have sponsored by Inter-Fraternity and dance of the college year open to Newman Club is sponsoring the say- Lanford, Dean of the College. This
reports all state College students who wish ing of the Rosary nightly in Brii- does~no't "apply "to"studeri'ts=on"thfr
been lost or stolen must be identi- Inter-Sorority
fied by their yellow class ribbons. Seniors Katherine Sinclair and to attend.
bacher at 6:45 p.m.
Dean's List.
Red Cross Lists
New Staff-Aides
Snowmen, Snowballs To Adorn
Scene Of Annual
U00II! 1 MViai TO»ACCO CO.
Evenings by appointment
This weekend will terminate this
semester's sorority rushing of freshmen women students. Each sorority
will hold a buffet supper tonight
from 5 to 8 p.m. and a formal dinner
tomorrow night from 7 to 11 p.m.,
reports Katherine Sinclair '53, President of Inter-Sorority Council.
From the Fraternities, Kappa Beta
announces its Open House and Inter-Fraternity Council advises about
Chi Sigma Theta's theme for its
buffet supper will be "Davy Jones'
Locker," announces Katherine Sinclair '53, President. Its theme for the
formal dinner will be "Chi Sig Castle." Susan Steward '54 is General
Chairman for the buffet supper,
while Shirley Edsnll and Eleanor
Balaskis, Juniors, are in charge of
the formal dinner.
New pledges for Chi Sigma Theta
are Patricia Ward '54 and Marie
Richardi '55.
Gamma Kappa Phi has chosen a
Paris Cafe theme for its buffet spuper and a Cinderella theme for the
formal dinner. Catherine Lynch '54,
is chairman of the buffet supper
and Mary Ann Frascatore '54, is in
charge of the formal dinner.
Noel Aivaz '55 lias been pledged
by Gamma Kappa Phi recently, according to Patricia Wilkerson '53,
"Come To The Circus" is the
theme of Beta Zeta's buffet supper.
The theme for the formal dinner is
"BZ Heaven." reports Patricia Butler '53, President of Beta Zeta. Joan
Stocker '53, is Chairman of the buffet supper and Margaret Livingstone
'54, is Chairman of the formal dinner.
Psi Gamma has a "Hillbilly Haven" as its buffet theme and "Arabian Nights" its formal theme, says
Irene Brezinsky '53, President. General Chairman for the buffet supper
(Continued on Paye ) , Columns)
Greeks Release Albany Musical
Formal Weekend Club To Present
Themes, Events Winter Concert
Chi Sig, Gamma Kap
Name Recent Pledges
'* *
AD To Enact
Drama, Satire
English Evening
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